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Turret punch press

AE-255 NT
AE-2510 NT

Pantone DS 3-5 C
CMYK 0/0/70/15


Pantone DS 36-2 C
CMYK 0/50/85/0


Pantone DS 98-1 C
CMYK 0/100/70/10

Punching technology

Pantone 287 C
CMYK 100/93/0/0


Pantone DS 232-1 C
CMYK 100/0/0/0


Pantone DS 254-6 C
CMYK 40/0/20/0


Pantone DS 298-3 C
CMYK 30/0/70/0


Pantone DS 5-3 C
CMYK 0/15/75/0


Pantone DS 281-5 C
CMYK 45/0/50/30


Pantone DS 5-3 C
CMYK 0/15/75/0



AE series
Intelligence & Innovation at its highest level

punching technology
more than 40 years experience
more than four decades, AMADA has
stood for the highest quality and efficiency
in the field of machine tools. During this
time, we have consequently integrated
our theoretical knowledge and practical
into all of our constructions.

Our innovations have always been exactly

suited to the needs and requirements of

our customers. Therefore, the AE series

represents another milestone in CNC
punching technology.
The AE models the economical
introduction to AMADA punching
technology at delivering the highest level
of performance. Its trend-setting, servoelectric motor combines all advantages

of mechanical punching technology with

the speed and flexibility of hydraulic highspeed punching machines. The proven
AMNC controller ensures maximum
precision while being easy to operate. In
addition, the standard specifications of
the AE-255 NT and the AE-2510 NT hardly
leave anything more to be desired.

Efficiency & effectiveness

for your success
The AE series high performance
for medium format
The servo-electric driven AE series CNC
punching machine opens up a completely
new perspective for sheet metal processing.
Two models are available, the AE-255 NT and
the AE-2510 NT, which distinguish themselves
by an exceptional price-performance ratio.
Thanks to the AE series, you can increase
production speed and profit from the
precision and functionality of reduced
setup times and costs. Once again, this
expands the economic, meaningful range of
application for CNC punching technology.

State-of-the-art technology
ensures the best functionality and
productivity. The AE series as already
successfully proven itself under
difficult practical conditions.

Easy operation
by menu-guided user-friendly technology.
The easy operation considerably increases
the entire productivity.

Excellent features
are already part of the standard
specification of the AE punching machine.
For even more flexibility, additional
optional functions are available to deal
with all sheet metal requirements.

Maximum cost-efficiency
Among other things, the very good priceperformance-ratio is a result of the low
acquisition costs and the absence of
maintenance costs and the resulting costs
caused by downtimes. The considerably
increased range of application in terms of
forming and complete processing also
contributes to the high cost-effectiveness
of the AE series.

Highly economic CNC

punching machines with
maximum convenience
of operation
Together with the highly accurate servoelectrical drive, the proven bridge frame
is an essential construction feature
for guaranteeing high-quality results,
even after years of operation.

Servo-electric drive

for saving energy
The servo-electric drive combines the
highest productivity with the lowest
operating costs. This drive has proven
itself during tests with 100 million load
cycles. In contrast to the already familiar
problems of conventional punching
processes, the servo-electric punching
operation only has advantages there
are no known disadvantages.

On average, the power requirement of

the drive is 3.5 kW respectively 0.7 kW in
standby mode and therefore considerably
less than the power requirements of a
comparable hydraulic punching machine.
One of the largest savings factors is
the innovative power recovery concept.
Surplus energy from the braking process
is buffered and used for re-acceleration.

40 mm thick bridge frame

Eccentric drive


Maximum robustness
Easy handling
High operation reliability
High availability

Hydraulic drive
High speed
Freely programmable ram stroke
Low noise emission

Volume (sometimes
High maintenance intensity
more than 92 dBA)
Low speed
Inflexible forming processes High operating costs

AMADA servo drive

Easy handling
High operation reliability
High availability
Low noise emission
Extremely low power requirements
Lowest operating costs
No known disadvantages
Hydraulic punching machine

AMADA AE series

Punching stroke/min

Tool change position with

large 51-station tool turret

Easy precise

Time saving process

The cross-technology, seamless, multimedia

AMNC controller enables convenient, userfriendly operation on almost all AMADA
machines. A speciality of multiple-machine
operation is the easy handling which therefore
ensures error-free processing. The user can
activate the so-called high accuracy mode
for the production of parts to very high quality
requirements. If desired, this function further
increases the accuracy of the machine.

The tool turret with its patented 3-track

construction reduces setup times to a
minimum, while providing a maximum
of possibilities with 51 stations.
A large selection of tools is available for
forming tasks and the insertion of threads.

AMNC controller with graphical parts display

Repositioning cylinder and sheet deformation sensor

Punch slug removal

Processing reliability
with system

Reliable scratch-free

Two systems are available for punch slug

removal. They ensure higher process

The AMADA AE series is equipped with

a brush table and a lifting brush table
for scratch-free, high-quality processing
that can be programme-controlled
to avoid scratching the workpiece.
This function even enables reliable
processing of downward-direction
forming such as threaded nozzles.

Power vacuum and the central vacuum

removal for punch slugs. In particularly,
slugs are ejected reliably from the process
during high-speed punching and damage
to the work piece is therefore avoided.

Height-adjustable lifting brush table

Power vacuum

Lifting brush table for low-scratch processing

Extended functionality

Excellent equipment
Possible features

Work chute tool

Work chute tool

very effective small part processing
with subsequent ejection via the die
Slotting tool
smooth punching from any angle
Marking function
alphanumeric part marking
with up to 900 strokes/min
Inch bend tool
complete production of smaller formed
parts without additional work cycles

Brush table
Lifting brush table
Sheet deformation sensors
Tool lift
Power vacuum and punch slug removal
Work chute 300 x 300 mm
Interface for conveyer belt control
Interface for automation

Illustration above shows without, below with slotting tool

Marking function

Inch bend tool

Part example of an inch bend tool

2082 (2082)
4165 (4100)

5120 (2560)

Dimensions of AE-2510 NT (in brackets AE-255 NT)

AE-255 NT

AE-2510 NT

Punching force

200 kN

Memory capacity

Machine movement range

Axis travel (Y/X)

1270 x 1270 mm

1270 x 2500 mm

With automatic repositioning

1270 x 2500 mm

1270 x 5000 mm

Max. material thickness* normal steel

Table loading weight
Positioning speed

Up to 3,2 mm = standard brush table

Up to 6,4 mm = optional havy duty brush table

100 m/min

Approach zero point

Possible features

Max. hit rate



With 25.4 mm pitch



In marking mode



Machine frame

Bridge frame

Punching drive

AC servomotors


400 V/50 Hz (+ 6 %, - 10 %)
0.7 kW in standby
3.5 kW average
500 l/min including air blow

Power vacuum

250 l/min
12,000 kg

13,000 kg

Tel. +49 2104 2126-0

Fax +49 2104 2126-999

Manual or by
programming command

51 stations, 4 of which are rotatable

Number of punching strokes

Machine weight

0.01 mm

X-, Y- axis 80/60 m/min

0.1 mm

Machine air requirement

Input resolution


Turret rotation speed

Amada GmbH
Amada Allee 1
42781 Haan


+/- 99999.999

0.07 mm

Electrical consumption

Number of controlled

Max. input value

In high accuracy mode*

Electrical connection

10 MB

150 kg (F4) 50 kg (F1)

Position accuracy (without repositioning)*

Turret/table drive


During rotation

Simultaneous axis speed

Turret bore


Technical modifications reserved. Information on accuracy according to VDI/DGQ 3441.

Workpiece precision and material thickness to be processed are also dependent on production conditions,
material, type of workpiece, its pretreatment, table size as well as the location of the work area.

Work chute 300 x 300 mm

Sheet deformation sensors
Heavy duty brush table
Lifting brush table
Tool lift
Air blow tool lubrication
Punch slug removal
Side tables
Adjusting tools
Punch slugs and workpiece conveyer belts,
tool grinding machine

Loading and unloading systems

Programming software

Amada GmbH AE_1.000-Pr_EN-DE / 07-2011/1

Technical data