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Metaphysics Self Study Programme

Metaphysics Self Study Programme
D Nel
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New Age 101
Metaphysics and Art
01 September 2010
Metaphysics Self Study Programme

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D Nel


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What is Metaphysics?
Metaphysics Introduction
What is Metaphysics?
Why should I care about Metaphysics?
What does Metaphysics actually cover?
What are the basics of Metaphysics?
What should I do now?
Metaphysics and Reality
How do I create my reality
How to harness the power of beliefs
The brain: where reality emerges
Religion and Metaphysics
Do good luck symbols really work?
What is Reality?
Laws of Metaphysics
Universal law
Metaphysics and God
Who am I?
What is my purpose?
Natural Abundance
Chinese Taosim
Know yourself as eternal
Universal secrets of turning adversity
into possibilities
Secrets and the afterlife
Spiritual Physics
Practical Metaphysics
The struggle
Allowing change
Natural abundance
Power of silence
Small steps against a prevailing wind
Visualise and affirm
Eight days of peace
The power of thought
New Age
Coming down to earth
Everything you need to know about
new age series
Year 2012




New age children

The shift to new reality
Masculine energy vs feminine energy
Another new age
Metaphysical Science
What is quantum physics?
The basics of quantum physics
Where physics and metaphysics merge
Scientific view of reality
Science and God
Why study quantum physics
Quantum field of possibilities


Metaphysics Introduction
What is Metaphysics?
Why should I care about Metaphysics?
What does Metaphysics actually cover?
What should I do now?


How do I create my reality?

How to harness the power of beliefs
The brain: where reality emerges
Religion and Metaphysics
Do good luck symbols really work?
What is reality?


Universal law
Metaphysics and God
Who am I?
What is my purpose?
Natural Abundance
Chinese Taoism
Know yourself as eternal
Universal secrets of turning adversity into possibilities
Secrets and the afterlife
Spiritual Physics


The struggle
Allowing change
Natural abundance
Power of silence
Small steps against a prevailing wind
Visualise and affirm
Eight days of peace
The power of thought

Coming down to earth

Everything you need to know about new age series

Year 2012
New age children
The shift to new reality
Masculine energy vs feminine energy
Another new age


What is quantum physics?

The basics of quantum physics
Where physics and metaphysics merge
Scientific view of reality
Science and God
Why study quantum physics
Quantum field of possibilities

Metaphysics Introduction
Obtain Ultimate Peace of Mind Through the Philosophy of Metaphysics and
Spiritual Metaphysics...
Metaphysics Introduction...
What is the meaning of Life?
What is my purpose?
What is God?
What is reality?
Why am I here?
How did I get here?
Who and What am I?
What will happen when I die?
How can I experience abundance in the areas of health, wealth and happiness?...
If you knew, without a doubt in your mind, the answer to each of these questions would
you enjoy every moment of your life?
Would you also experience ultimate peace of mind?
Metaphysics has an infinite array of possible answers to all of these questions.
It is only through a very personal experience of inner discovery that you will find
ultimate peace of mind. Although you may find that following a particular religion or
taking part in a particular metaphysical practice will guide you through this process of
Through this metaphysics introduction you will learn what is metaphysics, the philosophy
of metaphysics, spiritual metaphysics, practical metaphysics and much more.
What Is Metaphysics?
Metaphysics is defined as the branch of philosophy that examines the true nature of
reality, whether visible or invisible. Metaphysics includes the relationship between mind
and matter, substance and attribute, and, fact and value. Basically, metaphysics is the
philosophical study of being and knowing. It is very closely related to spirituality, but it is
not a religion.
The confusing thing about the word metaphysics is that it has been used to cover any
one or a combination of the following subjects: Philosophy, Religion, Parapsychology,
Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help
Studies, Positive Thinking, Life after Death, Reincarnation, etc A metaphysics
introduction must mention each of these topics to be complete as, they are each
important parts of metaphysics.
This wide range of subjects that can fall under metaphysics all have a common
denominator, which is that they deal with the exploration and understanding of Reality.

All of the above subjects fall into two categories, the philosophy of metaphysics and
spiritual metaphysics, which I will be covering throughout this website.
What exactly is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the

fundamental nature of all reality, whether physical or non-physical. It seeks a description
so basic, so essentially simple, and so all-inclusive, that it applies to everything.
A metaphysician is someone who studies the true nature of reality, or someone who is
simply interested in discovering what underlies everything.
People are always getting confused between spirituality, metaphysics, and quantum
physics. Spirituality is the process of becoming closer to the God that you are, whether
you realize you are that God or not. Spirituality is all about becoming closer to your soul,
that spark of consciousness, or piece of the One that is within all of us. The downside of
the word spirituality is it is closely associated with religions. Religions can be very
limiting, because they have a set system of beliefs which you are not to question or
expand upon. Dont get me wrong, they can also be empowering, it really depends on
the person. Metaphysics is very closely related to spirituality, but it has nothing to do with
any religion. It is more to develop you own set of personal beliefs, which resonate with
you, then to follow somebody elses beliefs. Therefore metaphysics does not have all the
limits and associations that spirituality has.
Metaphysics is not really a science, but the science most closely related to metaphysics
is quantum physics. Quantum physics is the leading edge science that is scientifically
proving timeless metaphysical principles. Quantum physics is the physics of
possibilities. It is believed that quantum physics is where metaphysics and physics will
Lastly, it is believed that the word metaphysics is based on the organization of some of
Aristotles books in the Library of Alexandria. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle
produced a number of works, which together were called the Physics. In the Library of
Alexandria, the works of Aristotle were organized in such a way that another set of
Aristotles works was placed right after the Physics. These books seemed to concern a
basic, fundamental area of philosophical inquiry, which Aristotle, himself, called first
philosophy. So early Aristotelian scholars called those books ta meta ta physika biblia,
which means the books that come after the (books about) physics. This is simply
where the word came from, but the timeless principles studied in metaphysics
originate back before history even, as you will soon come to learn.

Why Should I Care About Metaphysics?

There could be many different answers to this question, why should I study metaphysics.
I have written about the main ones below, and this leads me to todays action step.
Todays action step is for you to discover your reason for studying metaphysics.
Maybe your reason is some deep question you need answered or you need to help
someone else. Whatever your reason, it must be definite, it must be valid, and it must
resonate with your heart. Only then, will you enjoy metaphysics and then you will be able
to uncover the desired outcome to your quest for knowledge.

When Jon Roe was asked, this question, why study metaphysics? He replied, If life is
going great, youre healthy, happy and content, you dont need it. If you have a solid
belief system that will support you through the bad times, you dont need it. If you have
good self-esteem and you unconditionally love yourself, you dont need it. If you find
peace and support your religion and spirituality you dont need it.
As you may have probably guessed, since I directly quoted him, I completely agree with
So the main reasons, listed in no particular order, why people study metaphysics are:
to obtain a strong, belief system that completely resonates with you
to gain comfort in trying/challenging times in your life
to have no more fears, in other words, to obtain peace of mind (as you will be able to
understand the true nature of reality)
to find an answer to those tough, life-transforming questions that are in the back of
everyones mind, such as, What is the meaning of life? How did I get here? Where did I
come from? What is my purpose? Etc
to understand and experience God
to enjoy the health, wealth, and happiness applying this knowledge can give you
to gain a new perspective on the world and life, that you may have never considered, it
is a new way to think outside the box
to begin to fulfill your unlimited potential

Study this list, and discover the one that fits for you. If none of these does, than you can
come up with your own

What Does Metaphysics Actually Cover

Metaphysics usually refers to two seemingly separate, even contradicting areas:
1. Mysticism- refers to experiences of unity with God or All-That-Is
2. Occultism- refers to the extension of knowing (ESP, which is telepathy,
clairvoyance, channeling, etc.) beyond the usually recognized fields of human

For a more in depth view of what metaphysics entails, there are five basic sub
disciplines that make up metaphysics:
1. Natural Philosophy which is a term applied to the objective study of nature
and the physical universe, as it was before the development of modern science.
2.Ontology which is the study of being and existence. In other words, ontology is
the study of reality. This is one of the most fundamental branches of
metaphysics. Its purpose is to define entities and types of entities within its

3.Philosophy of Religion which is the rational study of the meaning and

justification of fundamental religious claims, particularly about the nature and
existence of God.
4.Philosophy of Mind which is the philosophical study of the nature of the mind,
mental events, mental functions, mental properties, and consciousness. Also,
this includes the mind-body connection, which is the relationship with the
physical body and the things listed above. The mind refers to the collective
aspects of intellectual and consciousness, which are manifest in some
combination of thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination.
Currently, the majority of scientists believe that the mind is a result of the brain.
But metaphysicians would argue that the brain is actually a result of the mind.
5.Philosophy of Perception which concerns how mental processes and
symbols depend on the world internal and external to the perceiver. Metaphysics
and even science (quantum physics) has proven that what is experienced or
observed is always confined to the beliefs and limits of the observer.
I know todays lesson was very technical, but I believe it is important for you to
understand what makes up metaphysics.
What Are the Basics of Metaphysics
We discussed what the broad range of topics was, that is covered by metaphysics. We
will be talking about metaphysics position on each of these topics.
First of all, we will discuss the concept of God. Metaphysics states that God is energy
(light). God and energy mean the same thing. If you ask a metaphysician about God, he
or she will say God is omnipotent, eternal, moving through form, into form, and out of
form. If you ask a scientist what makes up the Universe, they will say, energy. When
you ask them what energy is, they will answer with omnipotent, eternal, moving through
form, into form, and out of form. As you can see, it is the same thing; the difference is
only in the terminology.
But we are all made up of Energy, therefore we are God, and also everything else is
God (since everything else is made up of energy). If you break down anything, from
humans to the computer you are reading this with, you will find it is made up of
molecules. If you break the molecules down, you will get atoms. If you break atoms
down, you will find a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons. But, the nucleus is not
even solid, because if you break this down you will get protons and neutrons. These are
surrounded by energy. Therefore no matter what you break down, you will find it to
eventually be composed of energy. Therefore energy is everything and everywhere. This
is why some people say, God is everything and everywhere. Also, soon you will learn
that the God you search for is you, but more on that later.
In the area of occultism, it is a common belief among metaphysicians that ESP (extra
sensory perception) abilities are natural. As I covered before, ESP includes such things
as telepathy, clairvoyance, channeling, psychokinesis, and prophesizing the future. It
has been said that we use less than 5% of our brain. Once we tap into the unlimited
potential of the mind, these abilities will become natural.

To develop your own metaphysical abilities you must begin to believe such things are
possible and allow yourself to develop your powers. Once you believe it is possible, just
begin to practice these abilities. As you practice do not give up, just keep working
harder, and you will begin to develop these abilities. Also, you should believe that its
easy to do, because then it will become easy. I found it is very helpful to keep affirming
to yourself, either in your head or out loud: ________ is very easy to do. But you can fill
in the blank with whichever ability you wish to develop.
In the area of natural philosophy, metaphysics states that the view of nature and the
physical universe, as it was before modern science, was correct. Science has made us
think that we are separate from nature; this is why we exploit it, but actually we are
deeply interconnected with it. Plants and animals do not think that they are separate
from nature, they realize it is a part of them and they are a part of it. This is why they
dont exploit nature, but rather live in harmony it.
In the area of religion, metaphysicians can belong to all types of religions. As I have said
many times before, the purpose of metaphysics is to compliment your current beliefs,
and expand the limits of your limiting beliefs.
What Should/ Can I Do Now
You should have learned:
Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing.
Spirituality is the process of becoming, knowing, or coming closer to God
Quantum physics is the leading edge science that is scientifically proving timeless
metaphysical principles. Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities.
Metaphysics will allow you to experience health, wealth, happiness, peace of mind,
and unconditional love for yourself and others. Metaphysics will develop your belief
system to a point where it becomes unbreakable and totally supportive in tough times.
Metaphysics is mainly composed of natural philosophy, ontology, philosophy of
religion, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of perception.
The purpose of metaphysics is to compliment your current beliefs, and expand the
limits of your limiting beliefs.
You are the God you search for.
ESP abilities are natural
You are a part of nature, nature is a part of you. We are all interconnected.
There are only three truisms to reality: You create your reality, You are a piece of the
One, You cannot fail. Everything else is illusionary.
Reality is a subjective perception of surroundings
The understanding of metaphysics will absolutely lead you to health, wealth, and
Your reality is a reflection of your beliefs
If what Ive said resonates with you, keep going on this path. If nothing I have said
resonates with you, then I express gratitude towards you for your time, but please do not
feel obligated to continue on this path. Let go of this and try something else.


How do I create my reality?
Author: Jason Randhawa
First of all, you must realize that you do create your own reality! This has been said by every
great spiritual leader, metaphysician, leading-edge scientist, and non-physical entity. Also, you
must realize that nobody can do it for you, only you can create your reality! This is an essential
metaphysical principle.
Once you understand this, the first thing you'll want to know is how you can consciously create a
"better" reality for yourself. The answer is through the law of attraction. The Law of attraction is
the Universal Law through which you create your reality. It is the same for everyone, it doesn't
matter what race you are or what your current financial status is. If an average rich person and an
average poor person both jump off a building, they will both hit the ground. This is the law of
gravity. The law of attraction works the same way.
I've come to understand the Law of Attraction as thoughts are very powerful things, and every
thought attracts to you that thing which you are thinking about. It doesn't matter whether
you consciously want that thing or not. Another way to put this is you become what you think
about, or thoughts become reality. If this is your first time hearing this, it may come as a shock.
But the law of attraction is evident everywhere. For example, the people who speak most about
abundance of money are usually wealthy, the people who speak most of health and wellness are
usually healthy.
The law of attraction only attracts things, it does not repel what you do not want. So if you are
constantly thinking about what you do not want, you are still attracting that. So if you are
focusing on preventing illness, you are actually attracting illness. Instead focus on health and
wellness, since this is what you really want.
Now you may be thinking why thoughts dont manifest instantly. This is actually a very good thing,
it is a buffering effect. You would not want to be in a reality where your thoughts manifest
instantly. If you were watching a scary movie then you would instantly manifest that thing into
your life. This is why the Law of Attraction only attracts what you focus on over a period of time.
You may also be thinking that it is going to be very hard to monitor and control all your thoughts.
The beautiful thing is that you do not have to, because we are born with a wonderful guidance
system called emotions. Your emotions are created by your thoughts and beliefs (we will get into
these a little later). There are only really two types of emotions: good ones and bad ones. We
give these all sorts of names, but they can be classified as either good or bad. If you are
experiencing a good emotion then you are attracting that which is in line with what you want. If
you are experiencing bad emotions, then you are attracting that which you do not want. So
basically, to create the life of your dreams all you must do is feel good, and you will attract
the perfect life for you!
To immediately put this law to work for you:

y exactly what you want (be clear about it)

not create the strategy to achieve your goal, instead let the Universe bring it to you
received what you wanted

Remember, if you follow these steps correctly, the Universe/God/Spirit must bring that
which you wanted into your life, it is LAW!
Now you can begin to consciously create your reality!

How to Harness The Power of Beliefs

First of all, we must be clear about what a belief is. A belief is pretty much a thought you keep
thinking. If you understand the Law of Attraction then you will understand how powerful beliefs
are in creating your reality. Your beliefs determine the way you act and respond to every event in
your life. It has been said that your outer world is simply a reflection of your beliefs.
Throughout this article I will be directly quoting Seth, a very wise entity as channeled through
Jane Roberts in their book, "The Nature of Personal Reality." If you would like to read this, or any
of their other books I will give you more information about how you can do this, at the end of this
Another very powerful definition of a belief, as dictated by Jane Roberts for Seth is "anything
that you think of as absolute truth is a belief that you hold." Seth goes on to say, "Your
beliefs form your reality, your body and its condition, your personal relationships, your
environment, and en masse your civilization and world."
Remember, you must always keep an open mind! As Seth says, "You form the fabric of your
experience through your own beliefs and expectations. You take your beliefs about reality as
truth, and often do not question them. They are not recognized as beliefs about reality, but
instead considered characteristics of reality itself. Frequently such ideas appear indisputable,
so a part of you that it does not occur to you to speculate about their validity. They become
invisible assumptions, but they nevertheless color and form your personal experience. Some
people, for example, do not question their religious beliefs but accept them as fact. Others find it
comparatively easy to recognize such inner assumptions when they appear in a religious context,
but are quite blind to them in other areas."
You must never forget what Seth says next, "Your conscious mind is always trying to give
you a clear picture, but you often allow preconceived ideas to block out this intelligence"
But don't worry, Seth goes on to explain that you can change your limiting beliefs and how to go
about doing it. "Your beliefs can be like fences that surround you. You must first recognize the
existence of such barriersyou must see them or you will not even realize that you are not free,
simply because you will not see beyond the fence. They will represent the boundaries of your
experience. There is one belief, however, that destroys artificial barriers to perception, an
expanding belief that automatically pierces false inhibiting ideas:
The Self Is Not Limited.
There are No Boundaries or Separations of the Self.
You Make Your Own Reality."
This is the most powerful belief you can have. This one belief will do more for you than any
positive thinking, meditation, yoga, or any other practice.

Personally when I first read this I wrote out this belief, in capital letters, on a large piece of paper.
Then I hung this on my bedroom door. Everytime I entered or left my room, I would repeat this
belief to myself. It is very empowering, and I recommend you make it one of your beliefs too.
You must begin to remove all your limiting beliefs and replace them with true, expanding beliefs
(such as the one above). Remember, nobody can change your beliefs for you; ou must change
them for yourself. Also, nobody can force beliefs on you, unless you allow them to (consciously or
unconsciously). But you must be absolutely certain that you can change your beliefs and
you must be willing to try!
"You are not your ideas, nor even your thoughts. You are the self who experiences them."
-Seth (In "Nature of Personal Reality" by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts)
I have used many excerpts from the book "The Nature of Personal Reality" by Jane Roberts and
Robert Butts, because their books (called the Seth books) are one of the most powerful sources
for knowledge on any metaphysics topic.

To learn more about beliefs, and how they shape our reality read the following free article:
Believe it or Don't: How Your Beliefs Shape Your Results and Experience of Life, and What You
Can Do About It This article was written by Bill Harris the President and Director of the
Centerpointe Research Institute, which is the home of the Holosync Solution (a recommended
The Brain -- Where Reality Emerges
Author: Jason Randhawa
Our world and everything in it, including the stars, your body, the chair you are sitting on, and the
atoms that make everything up are all ghostly images. They are projections from a reality so
beyond our own that it is literally beyond both space and time.
Quantum physics clearly shows that time and space are not real. Just like most of what we
consider to be real, time and space are an illusion.
How then is time and space brought into experience, i.e. how is time-space perceived as
being real?
I believe that time and space are integrated into experience through the brain. It seems that the
brain is the "editor" for our reality. It puts together certain pieces of incoming sensory
information and forms what we call our reality.
In order for us to exist in this 3-D plane of existence, we must have our experience processed into
time and space by our brain. This is what allows us to reside effortlessly in this level of being. The
editing process of the brain is also what keeps us believing that reality is solid.
The chair you are sitting on, the computer you are looking at, and the ground you have your feet
on are all made up of mostly nothing. If you are knowledgeable about basic science you know
that these things are composed of atoms, but when you get down to the core all objects and
pretty much anything we consider to be real is made up of mostly empty space. They just seem
solid because of how our brain perceives these things and translates them into time-space

Although this censoring/editing process that happens in the brain is what allows us to reside in
this level of being so effortlessly, it is also what limits us to this plane of existence. It is this factor
that keeps us on one side of the veil.
Reality is a bit plastic, and we tend to put a structure on it, a formOur brains take information
in, and sometimes give it a formIts not that the picture is out there; its that were getting data
that were turning into a picture according to our own belief systems. Michael Talbot, author
The Holographic Universe
I recently read about an interesting study that was done at Washington University where
researchers pinpointed the areas of the brain that process reality.
Quoting directly from that study:
The researchers have identified areas of the brain where what we're actually doing (reality) and
what we think we're doing (illusion, or perception) are processed.
The research shows how the mind creates its sense of order in the world and then
adjusts on the fly to eliminate distortions.
In conclusion, the brain is really a remarkable sensory organ. It takes in an unbelievable amount
of information, but we are aware of only parts of it. The brain is amazing at tying the strings of
reality together. It seems to put the final touches on what we call reality, and in essence it makes
reality seem so real.

Metaphysical Religion -- Where Does Religion Fit In With Metaphysics?

Author: Jason Randhawa
The words 'Metaphysical Religion' almost seem to be an oxymoron. They are like opposites.
Since, traditionally, religions have been more close-minded, and metaphysics is very openminded.
Personally, I follow certain beliefs/practices from various religions, but I do not belong to any one
particular religion. I call this, metaphysical religion. Two people could belong to the metaphysical
religion and have completely opposite belief systems. Traditionally, a religion is basically a set of
beliefs that you are expected to follow. Personally I'd rather pick and choose which beliefs
and ideas resonate with me. Therefore my heart is not with any particular religion.
But in no way am I telling you that religions are bad. If a certain religion resonates with you,
then you must belong to that particular religion. If this is the case, you should be very happy
that you have found a religion that totally resonates with your heart. In the end, this is what we all
must find. Personally, I am still working on developing a set of beliefs that totally resonate with my
As I have said before, metaphysics role in religion, is not to completely change your
beliefs. Rather it is more to expand upon your current beliefs. Metaphysics is important in
eliminating all your limiting beliefs, and making your empowering beliefs stronger.
Everyone has a set of beliefs, starting from a young age. It is best to consciously understand your
beliefs, because as you will learn your beliefs create your reality. To consciously understand your

current beliefs you must begin to observe yourself. Watch how you react to situations, people,
and ideas. This will allow you to learn about any subconscious beliefs, that you are unaware of.
This is very important, because your beliefs determine the way you act. Therefore, if you know
how you act, then you must know your beliefs.
You must have a strong, expanding belief system, because your beliefs are continuously
determining the reality you perceive and the experiences you have.
If you are consciously picking and choosing beliefs that completely resonate with you, then you
are following the metaphysical religion model.
To develop my beliefs, I have read various scriptures and sacred text. I recommend you go
through some religious text, and obtain any wisdom or knowledge that resonates with you. Since I
do not know that much about all the religious scriptures and holy texts, I have found an amazing
site, with all the free scriptures and sacred text you could ever need. I recommend you pick out
the metaphysical subject that feels good to you. Then study all of the free religious texts under
that subject. Please enjoy this amazing site!
If you would like to learn more about metaphysical religion, then go to the article talking about
new age (which is one of the closest things to metaphysical religion).

Do Good Luck Symbols, Charms, Talismans & Amulets Really Work?

Author: Janarrdhana Guptha
Symbols and symbolism are popular in almost every civilisation, culture and religion that has
evolved on Earth. They are deeply ingrained in the way of our life itself. Symbols impact our
subconscious mind and if their influences are strong enough, then they could stimulate
confidence, effort and good outcomes. Whether we realize or not paintings, pictures, jewelry,
statues, birds, animals and so forth have meanings and effect on us.
Mankind, after closely watching nature, events and environmental life over a period of centuries,
has developed a vast and time tested database of Positive Symbols. When the geometric shape,
size, meaning and their other nuances are properly understood and activated, it results in
transmission/amplification of "energy" - the vital life force that governs everything in the Universe.
Some classical examples are Crystals, Pyramids, Vedic Yantras, Sacred Geometry, Maha Meru,
Pancha Boodha Stupa, Vajra, Viswa Vajra, Rahu (Dorje Phurba), Fengshui Objects, etc.
Usage of positive symbols can alter energy flow and enhance the surrounding space. It is the
easiest way to introduce positivism in our environment. They are normally categorised into 2
types : to remedy/cure a problem, to heal a situation; to act as a booster or enhancer to bring
about harmony and prosperity. There are symbols (like Crystals) that when placed (after
processing), can dissolve negative energy and also stream out purpose-solving, high positive
energy. These symbols, when processed and positioned correctly, will definitely yield results.
By creating an environment rich with positive symbolism that elicit positive thinking, focused
minds, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity will result. We will then become
aware of the life force in the environment in which the energy had been altered by us, thus
enabling us to empower it. This powerful symbolism will reinforce our energy levels to benefit in
every aspect of our lives.

For example, a Black Tourmalene Crystal Pendant can balance the emotions and calm the mind;
a pair of Pink Mandarin Duck statuettes can bond a couple more strongly; a Viswa Vajra can
protect one from negative entities; a Five Element Stupa can balance the five elements of nature
and correct the vaastu/fengshui energy of land and building; a set of Sailing Ship Coins can
instigate cash flow in Business; a Pyramid can accumulate Positive Energy; a Shri Yantra can
remove financial blocks, a custom built Crystal Energy Field can bring in Health, Wealth,
Harmony & Happiness, etc.
But how can merely the statue of a Phoenix bird bring motivation and new opportunities?
The shape and design of the gadget determines the nature of the energy that the remedy can
receive and transmit. (2) The raw material and size decide the storage capacity and life of the
remedy, when energised. (3) Programming of the remedy defines the problem to be solved or the
purpose to be realised and the Programming only fully dedicates the energy of the remedy to the
purpose and binds it to the person.
It is thus important to realise that the remedy by itself is only the hardware part (like a computer).
You have to supply the electricity (energising) to switch it on and keep it running. But ultimately
you have to supply the proper software (programming) to make it work. Appropriate placement
then completes the circle.
There are some who would argue that the "shape" of the talisman or remedy itself does signify a
specific energy and hence does not require any other processing. Sure it does : that's why it has
been selected as an energy tool. For example, the shape of a majestic Elephant does signify the
energies related to strength, shrewdness and long memory - but that alone is not sufficient. The
image or statue should definitely be energised in ways where it stores enough to last for a few
years, not weeks. Then the stored energy should be programmed as to whom and for what
purpose it should work. The programming also helps the remedy from being corrupted from the
onslaught of negative energies that it surely has to face (on behalf of it's owner), once activated.
This way, if and when the vital positive energy of the remedy is critically overwhelmed by
negativity at one stage, the remedy simply breaks and declares it's inability to serve (it's owner)
further, rather than damage it's owner.
Will a Laughing Buddha or a Crystal or a Yantra bought off the shelf give results?
The simple answer is a firm "no", if it has not been programmed and energised. Merely energising
will not help. The energy needs to be stabilised, sealed and then directed through "specialised"
In fact, the source of the energy remedies play an important role in determining the effectiveness.
Many who buy the same Fengshui product from two different sources will find that one is working
so well and the other may not. But they never bother to ask why that happens. The answer is
subtle, the source determines the "root energy" stored in the products.
(1) It is a key element (the root energy) that the qualified expert (who is going the sell/channel the
remedies) checks before selecting. Then the products are (2) cleansed (of negativities that arise
during manufacturing/changing hands), (3) instilled with auspicious and positive energy and (4)
kept in proper storage area that has a strong positive energy belt before being sold. Finally, when
sold, (5) the expert programs the remedy to the purpose and the user and explains the (6) ideal
placement of the energy tool in his/her place.
Then and only then will these remedial tools yield results.

In modern living, where the environment at macro level is highly influenced by many factors
beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively
bring in and retain Health, Wealth, Harmony and Happiness.
What is Reality?

Now, between you and I, is it really real out there? Do objects, you, me, and the cat really exist
outside our minds? Are objects, or even our thoughts an illusion?
Have you ever thought you heard something, but there was nothing there? Have you ever
thought you saw someone in the corner of your eye, and when you looked there was no person
there? Have you ever looked at an illusion and been deceived that one line was longer than the
other, but really it wasn't? When you look down from a high building on people, do they appear
small like ants? Aren't there thousands of occasions when we do misperceive?
If we are wrong on some occasions, for example, from a height people look the size of ants, is it
not possible that we are always deceived? Logical necessity requires the answer: Yes, to this
question. It is possible that things as we perceive them are not that way at all!
If we are concerned with:
The purpose of life.
What we should be doing on Earth.
The meaning of life and death.
then the issue of reality and the true nature of our existence is crucial. If things are different from
how they are presented to us conventionally, then this is very basic to our quest.
Let's say they do, and let's be scientific. How do you know something is really out there?
Now ...
We know things are there because

Light hits the retina of the eye.

And this changes the chemical composition of the eye. Right?
And this makes electricity travel along a nerve, the Optic Nerve.
And this goes to a part of the brain.
And then something happens and we see the thing.

That's what happens according to science.

So, do we really respond to a thing? Don't we respond' only the electrical and chemical events
that occur in the brain and nerves, and not to the alleged real object? Therefore, it is not things
we are experiencing but chemical and electrical reactions. We don't see things directly. We see
via chemical and electrical reactions in eyes, nerves and bits of brain. This appears to be true
Without eyes, we don't see.
Without Optic Nerves we don't see.
Without certain bits of the brain, we don't see.

So we never directly see what is out there, according to science.

How do we know that what we see is real?
Suppose someone were to put electrodes in our brains and stimulate the visual part of our brains
mimicking the impulses we normally receive. Would we see? Definitely we would. But we
wouldn't be seeing what is there outside. We wouldn't be seeing what is real. We'd be seeing
because some electricity was put in our brain, and it would look the same as our real objects!
How do we know the science is true? Of course we can observe, but science tells us that we
don't directly experience objects .. and just as we could be deceived by a wicked scientist putting
electrodes in our brains, we could be deceived, in the same way, into thinking that science was
Is science self contradictory?
Therefore, isn't it true that if we accept this scientific account then we cannot be certain that
anything exists out there because we can never directly perceive it. Strangely, if this scientific
theory is true we cannot prove it, because we can never perceive anything directly, so we do not
know how and from where the experience came into our minds. Even our knowledge of eyes,
nerves, bits of brain, is not direct but via electrical and chemical events in our brain!
In the olden days, we thought that there were objects, material things, such as bricks, trees,
mountains and goats, which were themselves real and constant in a way independent of our
looking and otherwise perceiving them. These were things that had primary qualities which did
not change and other qualities, sometimes called secondary qualities, which were our reaction to
the primary object, and which did change depending on. These secondary qualities were colour,
shape, etc. No thinker suggested that the actual object had these qualities. They were qualities
we gave to objects.
For example, a rose might look red to us, but if no one was looking at it, we couldn't really say it
was red. We might have said it had the power to elicit the colour red in our minds, but this primary
quality of being able to elicit the red sensation was not 'red.' The colour was our reaction to the
object. So we assume there was something out there, say next door's cat, which was a real
object. However our experiences of it, blackness, meowing, shape, etc, were largely our reaction
to the real object and not the real object itself.
Have you ever been in a shop to buy something, say curtains, where the colour is very important?
Have you heard these stories of people getting home only to find the colour looked different? The
curtains were the same curtains in the shop. Their primary qualities hadn't changed, but our
experience of them, the secondary qualities, changed when we viewed them under different
lighting conditions. Because the length and weight, for example, remain the same, we may be
tempted to think these are the primary qualities, and colour is just subjective.

What does a thing look like when no one is looking at it?

Science rushed off to discover these primary qualities and developed concepts like mass which
were supposed to describe the real object. However, pretty soon, we realised that the so called
primary qualities were just as much secondary as colour and the rest! Although we can specify
conditions and measuring instruments which largely give us consistent results, it is a human
being who is perceiving the measuring instruments and their reaction on him or her. We cannot
know the real object apart from our perception of it. A question like, 'What does something look
like when no one is looking at it?' is clearly nonsense, and unanswerable.

What Is My Purpose?
Author: Jason Randhawa
Ever since I was born, I was raised to believe that I was born with some important purpose or
mission in life. I was raised to believe that if I wasn't fulfilling that purpose, God would be angry
with me. So I began to study spirituality and metaphysics to discover my mission in life. But when
I began to research timeless metaphysical teachings, I learned that there was no specific purpose
created for me by God. Therefore I really struggled with the question, what is my purpose, from a
young age. The main reason for this was, that I didn't understand who and what I really was, and
why I was here.
Once you understand these things it is very easy to understand the meaning of life and you will
be able to understand that All-That-Is/God has not set up a specific purpose for you. Your
purpose is whatever purpose you give yourself, your mission in life is the mission you
choose for yourself! Remember, you are always in complete control, but help is always there.
Therefore, there is nothing you can do that does not serve your purpose. Whatever you are doing
at this exact moment is completely serving your purpose. Let me repeat, everything you do
serves your purpose!
So all you should do (notice I said "should do", not "have to to do") is enjoy your life. Once you
understand the Law of Attraction, you will realize this is the most important thing you can do for
yourself. Also doing what you naturally love/enjoy is important because it is believed that what
you love to do is what you were meant to do. I know this may sound contradicting, but it won't be,
once you understand it. Before you came into this reality you chose your personality traits and
what you wanted yourself to do. Then when you were physically born into this world, you naturally
loved those things. Therefore it is best for you to do what you love, but it is not necessary. You
always choose!
In the Seth book, "Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment" by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts,
Seth outlines everyones purpose. I will directly quote him from that book. "Physically speaking,
man's "purpose" is to help enrich the quality of existence in all of its dimensions. Spiritually
speaking, his "purpose" is to understand the qualities of love and creativity, to intellectually and
psychically understand the sources of his being, and to lovingly create other dimensions of reality
of which he is presently unaware.'
For more information on the Seth books go to

Natural Abundance
Abundance of all good things is natural. Again, natural abundance is everywhere we look. For
example, Nature is full of abundance, and nature is lavishly extravagant. You can tell because
every seed that grows yields thousands of more seeds. Nature is Infinite, and since you are
deeply connected to nature, so are You.
It is natural for you to be rich, happy, joyful and healthy. Because there is only a stream of
wellness that flows through you, and you are either allowing it (when you feel wealthy, healthy,
and happy) or you are blocking it (when you feel poor, unhealthy, and miserable). This depends
on your current beliefs (especially about abundance) and the Law of Attraction

So the key to experiencing natural abundance is not in creating that abundance, it is in allowing
that abundance to come to you. The four best ways I have found to do this are:
Using Powerful Manifestation Techniques
Law of Attraction
To learn more how you can experience abundance in the area wealth, read this fascinating
article about how to manifest more wealth into your life. But most importantly, Never forget, You
are a limitless being!
Unlock The Spiritual Secrets to Wealth
Author: Jason Randhawa
The greatest spiritual secret to wealth that you can use to become very wealthy is through
conscious application of the Law of Attraction. The main reason for this is because through the
Law of Attraction you will be able to directly ask The Universe/ All-That-Is/ Higher Self (or
whatever name you choose) for whatever it is that you are wanting. As I have said before God
(use which name you choose) always knows the best, fastest, most perfect way for you to
become wealthy (or achieve any other goal).
The use and power of the subconscious mind is another spiritual secret to wealth. Your
subconscious mind is a link between your physical Self and your non-physical Self. Therefore
another way to directly ask The Universe is through the power of hypnosis
The best part of all, about attracting wealth into your life is there is absolutely no limit to the
amount of money you can obtain. The only limits you will experience are the limits you put on
yourself, through your beliefs. All limits are illusionary, you are a limitless being! But in the
physical world you will only experience being limitless if you eliminate all of your false, limiting
beliefs that you have acquired and you obtain the true, empowering beliefs that you have
Remember when you take something from infinity, infinity remains. There is an infinite supply of
money/ well being for everyone. I know it's obvious but it is worth repeating, infinite supplies
never run out! All that matters is how much of the stream of infinite money you are allowing into
your life.
When most people think about manifesting money, they think about spontaneously creating
money. Although I do believe this is possible, depending on your belief system, it would probably
be a lot of work. Manifesting money into your life means creating huge money-making
opportunities in your life and then taking advantage of them. When the opportunity presents itself
you must be grateful and realize that you manifested it. Many people don't realize this, and go on
to become wealthy from this opportunity. Then once they are rich, they think the opportunity had
nothing to do with them or Higher Guidance. They usually believe it was just pure luck. This
lessens their belief in the power of manifestation, and this will only hurt themselves. You must
never fall into that trap.
Instead, always express gratitude for everything that comes into your life. You can do this
either out loud or in your head. Just say, "I'm so grateful for..." and add on whatever it is that has
come into your life.
The worst thing you could do is acquire this knowledge but not take action. You will not become
wealthy by reading this article, but you will become wealthy by applying this information.
1. Create a definite goal, and phrase the goal as if you had already achieved it. In this
case, "I got $197 (to purchase the course) from an unexpected source with very little
work on my part." ( Tips on Goal-Setting )
2. Write out your goal and post it up in a place where you will see it at least twice a day.
Also, fully expect The Universe/Higher Self to bring you the money

3. Each time you see your goal (At least twice a day) say to yourself, either out loud or in
your head, "Thank-You God (whatever name you prefer) for bringing the $197 into my
life, so I could purchase the powerful course, Know How To Be Rich. I am so grateful that
I obtained this money in such a way, that it came from an unexpected source and it
recquired very little work from me."
4. Everyday, go into a silent meditation (for about five minutes) and feel the emotions/
feelings you would feel if you had already manifested the $197 and purchased the
course. This will align you with the money. Basically, you are allowing it to flow to you.
5. When the money comes in you must realize that it was you who manifested it. It may
come to you in a strange way, but that was the best way for you. Express gratitude for
the money once it flows to you.
6. Take this powerful, free E-Course: The Million Dollar Secret the Can Change Your Life
by Dr. Robert Anthony
Now must begin to apply these action steps to unlock the spiritual secrets to wealth. This
may seem like a lot of work, but this is just where the fun begins. Also you should enjoy
doing this, if the action steps (listed above) become like a chore to you, immediately stop
doing them and move on to something else. When you feel ready, you can always come
back and begin again.

Chinese Taoism
Chinese Taoism - Author Jason Randhawa
A Definition of Chinese Taoism
Chinese Taoism is basically a principal philosophy and system of religion of China. Chinese
Taoism advocates a life of complete simplicity and naturalness and of noninterference with the
course of natural events, in order to attain a happy existence in harmony with the Tao.
A Brief History of Taoism
The history of Taoism is relatively unknown. According to Wikipedia, the history of Taoism
depends on how it is defined, Taoism's origins may be traced to the prehistoric Chinese religion;
to the composition of the "Tao Te Ching" (3rd or 4th century BCE); or to the activity of Zhang
Daoling (2nd century CE). Alternatively, one could argue that "Taoism" as a religious identity only
arose later, by way of contrast with the newly-arrived religion of Buddhism, or with the fourthcentury codification of the Shangching and Lingbao texts.
Other accounts credit Laozi (reputed author of the Tao Te Ching/Dao de Jing) as the teacher of
both Buddha, and Confucius. They describe early Taoism (Daoism) to ancient picture writing,
mysticism, and indigenous Ancestor worship. Symbology on tortoise shells predates early
Chinese calligraphy and is the basis of written Chinese from artifacts dated from prior to 1600
Lao Tzu and Taoism
Lao Tzu is credited with writing the sacred Taoist book Tao Te Ching. Here is an excerpt from
the Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching as translated by JH McDonald (Part 41):
When a superior person hears of the Tao,
She diligently puts it into practice.
When an average person hears of the Tao,

he believes half of it, and doubts the other half.

When a foolish person hears of the Tao,
he laughs out loud at the very idea.
If he didn't laugh,
it wouldn't be the Tao.
Thus it is said:
The brightness of the Tao seems like darkness,
the advancement of the Tao seems like retreat,
the level path seems rough,
the superior path seem empty,
the pure seems to be tarnished,
and true virtue doesn't seem to be enough.
The virtue of caution seems like cowardice,
the pure seems to be polluted,
the true square seems to have no corners,
the best vessels take the most time to finish,
the greatest sounds cannot be heard,
and the greatest image has no form.
The Tao hides in the unnamed,
Yet it alone nourishes and completes all things.
As you can see, the Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching is a very powerful text, regardless of the history of
Are you interested in learning more about Taoism and the Tao Te Chingfor free! Jason
Randhawa, the author of this article, has also created a Tao Te Ching E-Course. And the next,
crucial step on your journey could be to read the Tao Te Ching credited by Lao Tzu. This is one
of the most widely read sacred books because of its inspiring content and true simplicity. To sign
up now, for your free Tao Te Ching E-Course, click here: Chinese Taoism

Know Yourself as Eternal, Non-changing and Absolute

By: George Lockett
As we walk through life we see the constant change around us as everything follows its natural
life cycle. Our body is no exception; it is constantly changing growing and evolving. Yet the
person within the body, that silent witness to all we experience, has an eternal quality of
something much greater and more permanent that who or what we think we are.
In our quite moments when we are walking or sitting with nature, our feelings reach out and
connect and touch a deeper layer of our heart and soul. We become in union with that hidden
force that orders the whole of creation. We can be one with this field of love, this presence of the
divine, which is within us and surrounding us in each moment of our lives.
All we need to do is just be present and our awareness will naturally settle and become one with
its divine nature. We leave behind our physical nature and connect with that presence of love that
underlies the physical. We connect with our true Self the silent witness to our life and
That which was never born can never die. Our true self is the eternal continuum of life itself. What
happens in our life is here just for a few moments; we are connected to the whole of life. We can

choose any experience we wish to have in each moment, just by choosing that experience with
the next breath we take.
You have come to earth for a divine purpose, to have an experience and to create your dreams
with your imagination. Next time you are out in nature take the time to reflect on what your dream
is? What you have chosen to create in this lifetime. Ask yourself what your true nature is? Like
any plant in the garden we are all unique. We have come into this world with a specific DNA a
blue print for life. A rose can only grow into a rose, a daisy a daisy. What is your nature?
We surround ourselves with a loving nurturing atmosphere. We are here to grow and develop just
like the plants in the garden. We have been allocated a life cycle, just like the plants. This is not a
dress rehearsal it is life itself.
What is your dream? What is your passion? What difference do you want to create and express
in this lifetime? We are all different we all have a different nature and a different dream to live.
We are not here to copy anyone, we are here to express our nature and live our dream and be
the finest example of who and what we wish to create in this lifetime.
So next time you are feeling connected to your soul and at peace with the whole Universe. Allow
your higher Self to guide you, on your path to your true destiny. Dream your dream, and live your
life expressing your joy and blossoming into your full nature.
Spiritual Metaphysics

Universal Secrets of Turning Adversity Into Possibilities

by Stephen Hopson
The secret is this: Napoleon Hill once said "Every adversity carries within it the seed of equal or
greater benefit."
If in the midst of great pain, discouragement or heartbreak you seek that seed and fertilize it, you
will eventually overcome adversity and turn it into a university of possibilities.
Think about it. The universe is governed by laws. It is knowledge of these laws and using them to
your advantage to achieve your dreams that will determine your life's path.
One of my favorite universal laws is the law of giving. This lends credence to the idea of asking
others, "how may I be of service to you?" When we give and expect nothing in return, the
universal law of giving operates in a way that you get something in return. There is a constant
exchange of energy between you and the universe. When you give, you get.
One word of caution; Universal laws are not meant to be manipulated. If you simply give to get,
you cause the flow to stop. When you give with your heart and with no expectations, you will
receive much more. What goes out must come back. Such is the dynamic energy that defines life.
Deepak Chopra said in his book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" that in every seed is the
promise of a thousand forests. But the seed must not be hoarded; it must give its intelligence to
the fertile ground."

The same thing can be said of sharing our knowledge and talents with others so that they may
benefit. Perhaps your knowledge and experience will help others shave some time off the
learning curve.
Perhaps you have money to give away. Money is a form of energy. If you hoard it, it will not
circulate for you. If you want to make more money, give away some of what you have now and
watch your abundance grow!
The return is dependent on the amount you give from the heart without any strings attached. Give
with joy. Give with faith. Give with confidence that you are not losing anything.
The universal law of giving also covers receiving. Be open to receiving as well as giving. It
doesn't have to be anything materialistic. When someone pays you a compliment, thank that
person from the bottom of your heart. If you're outside and the birds are singing, be thankful for
the divine gift of hearing.
Be in a grateful frame of mind and open to receiving gifts. It may not come in the form you expect
but they are gifts nevertheless. Accept them graciously.
When you give and receive graciously and with gratitude, you allow the universe to keep the
circulation flowing.
Food for thought: Where ever you walk today, give someone a gift. It could be a prayer, flower, a
compliment. You could send an email to someone you've been mentoring with a valuable tip.
Provide others with value - find a way to enrich their lives. It could be a statement of confidence in
them. It could be a quote you read in a book that would help someone at that moment. When you
receive a gift, accept it with gratitude. Keep the cycle flowing.

Secrets And The Afterlife In Our Worlds Beyond

by Bob Daulby
I tell you what one of the best parts about communicating with Our Worlds Beyond is. It is
learning of secrets, things and events in other people's lives without their knowledge. The insights
that we gain from such knowledge is often riveting and reveal so much more about people than if
people actually told you themselves.
Allow me to explain. In the first place, our other place of existence - the place we call 'heaven' or
'The Astral Plains' - have very little need for lies, misdirection or pointless silence. Those on the
other side (and do remember that you and I *will* become one of them ourselves in due course)
know far better than we, the true value of *The Truth*. One cannot grow in the shadow of lies and
so, in being just slightly nearer The Great Light than when they were here and, in being a part of
that truth themselves, the truth is everything. And they will stick by that truth too, no matter what!
Meantime, when truth is everything then, understand, no 'secret' of any description exists over
When we are faced with the light of The Truth, we are *all* naked and laid bare so that *all* may
see who and what we are *all* the time.
However, what many of us don't realize is that, we are laid bare in this way, not only then - but
right now too! We do not have to die or be dead to then be 'in soul' for our secrets to be revealed.

What many of us also forget is that, inside these shells we call 'bodies' our *soul* exists. And so,
where the soul exists, so too, does the truth also exist through it. This truth is then reflected
through our souls to our Auras - for all to see at a glance - who and what we truly are deep down.
In short, our auras are - in all seriousness - open books in which, every single moment of our
lives have been faithfully recorded and that each page - and even each line within each page can be viewed by any sentient being anywhere in any dimension of existence. None of us can
hide this truth at any time from anyone. And so, in being so freely available to all and sundry
anytime day or night, what many of us also do not realise is that, in being sentient beings
ourselves, we too can tap into this information any time we like.
So, for example, if we needed to know if someone close to us has had - or is having - say, a
'secret' affair then, this information can be accessed.
If someone is having problems that they wont share (for whatever reason) then this information
can be accessed. If someone is ill but doesn't know it themselves then, this information can also
be accessed.
If someone is pregnant and is not aware of it (it happens) then, this information can also be
But, we can go deeper with this - and a LOT deeper too. If someone we knew was say, a 'secret'
pedophile, this too can be accessed (and yes, even if it was *years* ago too!) If someone
murdered or harmed someone but was never caught then this too can be accessed. (In many
cases, the harmed or murdered person will show up to verify this now, very public knowledge likewise with pedophiles too!).
In now being able to access any information on any level with each person we meet, it is also
common to discover new and often riveting information about people and their pasts too, say,
when they were children or youths - how they got on with their parents and other relatives etc as
well as what all this entails?
***Oh My Goodness!***
Upon first inspection, of course, to realise that such information can be accessed by *any*
sentient being anywhere will cause some trepidation. But, you must understand that, such
information about anyone is not used in nearly the same way there, in our afterlife, as it is used
here on this - very greedy, power-hungry, materialistic, small-minded world. When a body or
group learn something about us here on Earth then, nine times out of ten, it is used *against* us.
The Data Protection Act was invented because of misappropriation, misuse and, generally,
unlawful practices - as it still is. So, in this sense, being nervous about having so much known
about us by all and sundry is understandable and, in my view, absolutely necessary.
You see, to me, it is not enough to say that we 'shouldn't fear it if we have nothing to hide'. Whilst
a lot of law-abiding citizens hide behind this common statement yet, it is not good enough for me.
My view is, "Why do you need so much information about me when there is nothing to *reveal*?"
- "Why is it necessary to *know so much about me if you do NOT intend to use it against me
someday?" At the moment, we have the right to protect our identities. But, I promise you that, one
day (and soon at that) this privilege will be completely lost and that ID cards are only the
beginning. Then we will pay for it I'm sure (oh, only through the nose over and over again that's

Be that as it may yet, such information is, most certainly, NOT used in the same way in Our
Worlds Beyond. In fact, it is not even viewed the same way either but is (often) utilised for exactly
the *opposite* reasons and that these reasons are always, always, always about *growth*.
When we pass over to the great afterlife beyond, suddenly, all is revealed - not to 'them' - those
we meet - but to US. The only 'secrets' that we ever possess over there are those that *we* may
have specifically kept from ourselves. That's the first thing. The second thing is that, when we do
come to discover any - let's say - 'aberrations' then, it is not through 'punishment' that our 'secrets'
are resolved but through facing them and then *understanding* how they came about and what
we did with them. You see, the 'currency' on the other side (Heaven - The Afterlife or whatever) is
all about understanding and not punishment. Through understanding, we grow. Through
understanding, we come closer to The Truth and 'All That Is'. The closer we come to 'All That Is'
the less our chances of repeating past mistakes. (And, be assured, we ALL want that like you
wouldn't believe you know?) And so, as you can see, that 'currency' is worth a lot isn't it? And so
it is.
So, let us say, for example, that you feel that your spouse/ lover is having a secret affair and you
need to know.
Well, firstly, my advice would be that, before you even set out to ask the question then, I would
suggest that you prepare for the worst case scenario. Live it in your mind. Make it true. And
*then* decide upon a course of action (or no action at all - as *you* decided or see it) that you
know is right for you and that you can live with it for all your life. Remember, life is all about the
things we DO and not so much the things we 'say' we'll do. 'By Your *Actions* Be Ye Known' - is
a great and very wise parable. I would take it very seriously indeed and heed it. Then, when
you're ready, go to my Spirit Contact Board(c) 2006-7, speak to someone you know you love and
trust and then ask them this 'dreaded' question. I promise you that, whatever the truth is, you will
be told. From that point, you must decide what happens next for, by then, the ball will be stuck
very firmly in *your* court. Thus, whatever follows becomes just *your* responsibility alone and no
one else's Ok? (No pointing of fingers now. No matter how good it may feel at the time yet,
pointing fingers at someone *else* and *not* oneself never works).
I have had this happen. I have had someone around my SCB(c) 2006-7 with me whereby, to my
utter surprise, this student's first question was, "Did my husband have sex with my sister all those
years ago?" (I nearly jumped out of my skin when she asked this. I would have liked some
warning you know?). And the reply? Well, she wasn't happy with it. What did she do about it?
Well, after the fireworks - which went on for weeks of course, he (finally) admitted his failings. But,
to their credit, they have remained steadfast. However, the bad news is, neither have spoken to
her sister since. (Shame isn't it? What a loss! And, what for eh?).
However, this is but one example of what may be gleaned through interacting with and
communicating with those from our afterlife worlds. But, I have to add that, not all secrets are like
this. There are *many* secrets to be revealed that are extremely positive that, once revealed that,
in themselves, can change worlds.
Supposing you're a healer and don't know it? How many people do you think need you?
Supposing you're a very creative person but don't know it or have ever tapped into it properly
even if you did?
More importantly...
Supposing... are *not* the 'little thing' you think you are or have been led to 'believe' but are, in fact, a
*great* being deep inside?
You think you could DO something with that kind of knowledge about yourself? I know I could.
So, as you can see, some secrets need to be told. However, from the afterlife, they *all* do.
Why do they?
Oh, that's another story for another time... (And it's a whopper I promise you)
I thank you for your time.
Spiritual Physics
The Foundational Laws of Spiritual Physics
By Soni Pitts
Over the past years, I have undergone a life-altering transition from living on autopilot to
recreating my life as a spiritual calling and a force for good. One aspect of this transition has been
the acknowledgement of what I call the "Foundational Laws of Spiritual Physics", detailed below.
Basically, these laws state that any action that does not promote the overall betterment of
mankind (or soul-kind, for that matter) is a waste of energy at best, and a horrifically destructive
force at worst. Any person, life-path, or civilization that tries to deny these laws suffers the same
fate as any material object that tries to deny the laws of material physics - it will be inherently
unstable, unsupportable and destructive to itself (and probably to anything around it, as well).
We can see clear evidence of this anywhere we care to look. Indifference and emptiness are
becoming a national pastimes, abuse begets further abuse, crime creates more crime (and
increasingly more martial law enforcement in which mistakes are simultaneously costlier and less
accountable for), communal violence that is not only tolerated, but actually glorified as
entertainment, escalating nuclear "deterrence", retributive wars giving way to preemptive
wars...the list goes unrelentingly on.
In fact, this unrelenting spiral of dispirited behavior is often so overwhelming that we sometimes
just give up and quit looking altogether - out of fear, social pressures and the frustration that
stems from the belief that nothing we could possibly do would help. We even go so far as to stifle
our own divine nature as children of God - abandon our gifts, our purpose and our dreams - in
order not to be denounced as selfish, egocentric or over-reaching by those who stand to benefit
from our self-imposed impotence. Like the biblical servant who hid his gold talents rather than risk
losing them in investment, we not only squander the potential God gave us to grow in this world,
but, by refusing to stick our necks out and do something with ourselves, we are essentially
returning our gifts unopened and saying that we just don't trust God to know what s/he was doing
when we were created in the first place.
For our own good and for the good of all creation, we must stop our present descent into apathy.
In the words of the Episcopalian Bishop, Phillip Brooks, we must each seek to, "Be such a
[person], and live such a life, that if every [person] were such as you, and every life a life like
yours, this earth would be God's Paradise." Remember the parable of the unfruitful servant, and
commit to using your talents more wisely.
The Foundational Laws of Spiritual Physics

God is real
God is love - A lot of people go to a lot of trouble to convince others that God is spiteful, jealous,
bigoted, discriminatory and even arbitrarily cruel - mainly to justify their own un-Godly behavior.
Bullhockey! Remember - if it isn't good, it isn't God.
The opposite of love is fear - What we see as anger, hatred, indifference, bigotry, etc., is actually
the manifestation of some fear - fear of loss, fear of insufficiency (love, food, money, status, etc),
fear of exposure (hypocrisy, wrong-doing or even just imperfection) and so on. By focusing on
eliminating the root causes of the fear, rather than simply dealing with the symptoms, we are able
to treat and prevent problems as opposed to simply punishing them after the fact.
We are all children of God, and we are all one through God - There is no "you" separate from
"me". All separateness is an illusion created by the limited perceptions of the material bodies
(what I like to call our naked-ape suits) that our souls inhabit during their journeys.
You cannot affect the part without affecting the whole - Holding something back from
another, or hurting another to protect or advance oneself, makes about as much sense as
keeping all your money in your left pocket so that your right hand can't get to it, or cutting the
fingers off of one glove and using them to double-insulate the other hand from the biting cold.
Built into this law is the reality that what comes around, goes around.
Good, bad, indifferent or just downright strange, the truth is, if you deal it at some point, you'll feel
it at another. So behave. It's for your own good.
We are here for three reasons: to love each other, to learn from the world around us, and
to grow and advance as spiritual beings - "Stuff happens!" is often God's way of accomplishing
this. If you don't pay attention and fail to learn these lessons, stuff happens over and over until
you get it right. (God apparently doesn't go in for social promotion - you've got to make a passing
grade in order to move on.)
We each have our own unique Light - We each have special gifts, talents and abilities that,
when cultivated, enable us to love, learn and grow with a richer enjoyment, deeper understanding
and greater impact than "living on autopilot" alone could accomplish. We often feel this Light as
an emotional pull towards a certain behavior or activity, a surge of energy and loss of time-sense
when engaging in a certain activity or a feeling of some sort of purpose or destiny. When we
follow this route, much less unpleasant stuff happens, and we "get" the rest of the stuff faster.
All strife and pain in the material world is caused by denial of these laws - 'Nuff said.


Universal Law
Author: Tony Davies
Have you ever had one of those days when absolutely everything goes wrong? Have you ever
wondered why some people are successful, while others spend their entire lives struggling? Do
you ever get the feeling that someone is out to get you because everything you touch goes
If youre like most people, these thoughts do occur to you from time to time. But what is the
answer to these questions? Is it a question of luck, could it be fate or is there something else
going on here of which most people are unaware?
The answer is both all around us and within us, and is called Universal Law. Just like there are
Natural Laws that govern nature (such as gravity), there are other Laws which govern all that
happens in the universe. From the spiritual to the physical to the mental, everything that happens
does so according to Law.
You see, the Universe around us is a very orderly place in which nothing occurs by chance. Even
though one cannot see the Laws, or hear them, smell them or taste them, they are there. They
apply to everything and everyone nothing is exempt. Whether one is aware of these Laws or
not, they still apply - just like the Law of Gravity. Even though one may not be aware of or
understand Gravity, it always works. No matter who you are, if you decide to step off the top of a
tall building, you will fall at an increasing rate of speed until you reach terminal velocity or until
you impact the ground.
So what are these Laws and how do they work? There are literally dozens of Universal Laws that
exist, but for ease of understanding, they can be distilled down to a main seven:
1. Law of Control
2. Law of Accident
3. Law of Cause & Effect
4. Law of Belief
5. Law of Expectation
6. Law of Attraction
7. Law of Correspondence
From these seven, everything else flows. The beauty of the Laws is that once one understands
and lives in accordance with them, life becomes extremely simple.
Law of Control

The Law of Control simply states that we have high self-esteem and feel good about ourselves to
the exact degree that we feel we are in control of our lives. Unfortunately, the majority of the
population does not live according to the Law of Control, but rather by its inverse, the Law of
Accident. The truth of the matter is that every one of us is in total control of our life, but until one
takes the step to determine that they are personally responsible for what happens to them, then
they cannot help but live by Accident.
Law of Accident
This Law states that we feel badly about ourselves and have low self-esteem to the degree that
we feel events and circumstances control our lives. In other words, we are the victims of whatever
else happens around us. If good things happen, then we benefit, but if bad things happen, we
play the victim.
Law of Cause & Effect
This Law is also known as the Iron Law of Human Destiny because it is so profound and
powerful. Simply stated, the Law of Cause & Effect says that everything happens for a reason. All
actions have consequences, as do all inactions. Distilled down to the simplest possible terms, this
law states that for every effect in ones life, there is a specific cause. The law can also be applied
in the physical sense through examination of Sir Isaac Newtons third Law of Motion, which states
that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If, for example, you were to hold
your hand over a candles flame (the cause) the effect would be that your hand would burn and it
would hurt!
The truly wonderful thing about this law is that by definition then, we should be able to manifest
that which we truly want (the effect), simply by exerting the same causes that others before us
have exerted and been successful.
Law of Belief
The Law of Belief states that whatever you believe with feeling and conviction becomes your
reality. It is not until you change your beliefs that you can begin to change your reality and your
You have heard the doubters and the naysayers out there who always proclaim Ill believe it
when I see it! In reality, it is the other way around; it is not until you believe it, that you will see it
(no matter what it is)! Self-limiting beliefs are perhaps the most detrimental of all thoughts, since
they absolutely will keep you from the success that you may want, but dont believe you can
attain. There is an old saying that goes whether you think you can or you cant, your right! This
saying is completely congruent with the Law of Belief.
Law of Expectation
Simply stated, the Law of Expectations tells us that whatever one expects, with confidence,
becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When one expects with confidence that good things will
happen, they usually will. If, on the other hand, one expects a negative outcome to a situation,
then the outcome will usually be negative.
Our expectations play a key role in our own outcomes and they also have a remarkable effect on
the people around us. What we expect from those around us determines our attitude toward them
more than any other factor. In turn, the people around us tend to reflect our attitudes right back at
us - whether the expectations and attitudes are positive or negative, good or bad.

Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives, that which we focus our thoughts upon.
If your thoughts are constantly on positive outcomes and good results, then that is what we will
manifest. If, on the other hand, your predominant thoughts are on negative outcomes and poor
results, then that is what you will attract. This is based on the fact that the Universe is simply
vibrational energy in motion. Emotions, thoughts, feelings and objects absolutely everything has
a vibrational frequency. Since like attracts like, it is only logical that the vibrational frequency of
your predominant thoughts will attract results that have a similar vibrational frequency. We know
that emotions that are love-based (love, desire, happiness, wonder, joy etc.) have a very high
vibrational frequency, whereas emotions that are fear-based (anger, hatred, intolerance, fear,
sadness etc.) vibrate at a very low frequency.
Law of Correspondence
As within, so without is an old saying that perfectly describes the Law of Correspondence. This
simply means that what happens on the outside is merely a reflection of what is happening on the
inside. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. An individual that is unhappy and living
in conflict with themselves, will always exhibit negative behaviors on the outside. Sometimes, one
can mask these negative behaviors and thoughts, but the true feelings will eventually reveal
themselves. Everything in our lives is a mirror of what is happening within us. If you want to make
your outside life better, the only way to accomplish this is to change what is happening on the
In order to live the successful, happy life we all deserve, it is necessary to understand and live by
Universal Law. The best way to do this is to first and foremost, take control over your thoughts
and to stay in the present moment. Ask yourself constantly; "What am I thinking about right now?"
If the answer is something negative, then take the opportunity to change your thoughts. This will
start to put you back in control of your life which is the first step to lasting happiness and peace of

Metaphysics and God

What Is God?
Metaphysics and God have a very close relationship. And it is through this relationship, between
metaphysics and God, that I am able to answer the "unanswerable" question, What is God? The
information that comes from metaphysics and God does not go against any ancient wisdom or
major religion. Instead, in my opinion, it is able to compliment them.
It is through my own experiences, guidance from all kinds of beings (physical and non-physical),
and the theories from metaphysics/spirituality/religion about God that I am able to answer the
"unanswerable" question, what is God? Once again, the information that comes from
metaphysics (which is the philosophical study of being and knowing) does not go against any
ancient wisdom or major religion.
Metaphysics and God are very closely related
There are three key aspects pertaining to God that have been passed down in all sacred texts
and major religions in some form, although they may have become distorted over time:

1. God is One
2. God is Everywhere and Everything
3. You are a part of God (or you have a soul)
Although an infinite concept such as "God" cannot possibly be put into words, since all words
have a limiting effect. God is an infinite concept. Regardless I will attempt to provide you with a
comprehensive view of God through this article.
But before I begin, I want to let you know that in no way am I forcing my concept of God on you.
Instead I would like to simply provide you with an alternative view of metaphysics and God; that
perhaps you may have never considered. It is my hope that you will explore these ideas, about
metaphysics and God, to see if they resonate with you. If they do not, please don't force yourself
to hold them, instead let them go, maybe you will come back to them and maybe you won't. Only
do what is right for you. I can not tell you what will work for you; I can only tell you what has
worked for me. And in explaining how I have come to understand God, I sincerely hope you find
what is right for you!
Okay, here we go...
There are many names for God including, but not limited to, Higher Self, All-That-Is, One, etc
Personally, I normally don't use the word "God", but I will for this article. The terminology is never
important, no matter what word you use; it will not live up to the concept of God. Every word, no
matter how empowering has limits, even though God is limitless. Therefore, do not worry about
the word, instead think about the idea.
What Is Gods Role?
Firstly, we must have a common understanding of Gods role, before we can begin to elaborate
upon the concept of God. God is the ultimate creator and has complete control over our realities.
God creates the entire Earth and all physical life. God is an infinite being.
What Is God Made Of?
In relating metaphysics and God, understanding what God is made of is critical. Both science and
metaphysics/spirituality have come to the same conclusion about what God is made of. If you ask
a metaphysician, what is God? they will answer, God is everywhere and everything, God is
moving through form, into form, and out of form.
If you ask a quantum physicist, what is everything made of? They will respond, "energy". If you
ask them, what is energy? they will reply energy is everywhere and everything, and that it is
moving through form, into form and out of form. So it is all the same thing, just a difference in
terminology. The conclusion we come to is that God is energy.
God is also consciousness (consciousness is basically awareness). This brings us to the next
How are You a Part of God?
You are a spark of consciousness, a spiritual being that is having a physical experience, which is
part of God. Whether you like to call that part of God that you are, your Soul, Inner Self, True Self,

etc you must simply recognize its existence. Remember, the terminology does not matter; only
the idea behind it matters.
This is what a fellow journeyer had to say about metaphysics and God:
Choose again.
Pretend that you are enlightened.
Pretend that you are loved by God.
Pretend that you are perfect just the way you are.
Take a deep breath now and PRETEND WHAT IS TRUE.
Then everything will make sense.
When you pretend something that is true, then you immediately become that Truth. First the
energy of God descends upon the Earth, then it pretends whatever it wants to be, then it ascends
back to its source.
You are God pretending to be whatever you are right now.
Do you understand what this means?
You have allowed yourself to descend, but by pretending to be less than what you are, you have
not ascended back to God."
-Thomas (Indigo Child)
If We Are All God, Then How Can God Be One?
The easy answer is that we are all interconnected, but that is not the whole truth
It is very misleading to say that you are a part of God, because you are actually the Whole God.
This is a timeless principle of metaphysics. You must grasp the idea that you are the God, you
search for. At least for this article, open your mind, and try on this idea for 5 minutes. It will not
hurt you. Explore the possibility that you are the Ultimate Creator.
But now, how can we all be One? Metaphysics and God states that God is All-That-Is. We are
each All-That-Is focused in on part of the whole picture. There are really no divisions between us,
it is all an illusion. It is as if you are one point of a painting. When you look around you see other
parts of the painting, which you believe are separate from you. But if you could see the whole
painting you would realize that you are all the same.
So basically, you are the awareness of All-That-Is completely focused in your physical body, and
it is the same with everyone else. You see, we each experience our own body and dont
realize that we are all the same Being, just focused on different experiences (or physical
The other points of All-That-Is are non-physical and what you call your Higher Self. I do not like
this word, because calling that part of yourself "higher" makes it seem better than you, and it also
separates Yourself. You are both the same being, just focused on different aspects of reality.
Your Higher Self is not higher than you, nor is your Higher Self lower. You are just on different
vibrational levels; there is no better or worse. Metaphysics and God reminds you that you are
your Higher Self!
So We Are God, But What About Everything Else? How Can God be Everything and

You/God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, but how? In every atom there is an energy
field. This energy field contains a spark of consciousness (God), just as every cell in your body
contains. Each cell has a part of God, as well as the whole God. This may seem confusing
initially; however, once you explore it thoroughly you will be able to understand it.
Let me address this in another way; the house you live in, the car you drive, the computer you are
looking at, the chair you are sitting in are all God. The Infinite Being focuses on everything, not
just what we consider to be alive. Therefore, everything has energy and awareness
To end your confusion, you should realize that God did not create that chair you are sitting
on, instead God became it. You may be wondering why God would do this, and the answer, in
short, is to experience it. You are all about experiencing and expanding the limitless energy that
is God. God is always growing and expanding because It is always having new experiences and
producing more energy.
Final Thoughts
Metaphysics and God can be a complicated subject since, much of this seems to get lost in
translation, since it is something that you must experience in order to fully comprehend.
Once you experience All-That-Is, everything in this article will make sense.
I even recommend you save this article and come back to it a year from now, after you have
played around with these concepts. Then you will understand this much more.
If you would like to experience your True Being, and become All-That-Is there are many
ways to do this. Personally, I achieved this through applying metaphysics with meditation and
other metaphysical practices. I have heard of other people doing it through dreams, yoga, drugs
(not recommended), walking in nature, and contemplative prayer. I am sure there are many more
ways. But you do whatever feels good for you.
You do not have to worry about how you will do it. If you sincerely put out a conscious intent to
experience All-That-Is, you will attract that experience towards you. All you have to do is ask, the
answers are always there.
To summarize metaphysics and God:

u are a part of God

-expanding, infinite being
That is all there is to metaphysics and God, you can make it more complicated if you wish.
Eventually you will realize that you are God; however, only if you dont want to (you absolutely do
not have to). You are God; you can do whatever it is that you want. Nobody can stop you. You
are an eternal, limitless being. The only limits you will ever experience are those you choose. The
only external Gods you will experience are ones that you chose to believe in and give power to. It
is always your choice, for you are All-That-Is.

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? How Did I Get Here?

Author: Jason Randhawa
Such thought-provoking questions as Who am I?, Why am I here? and How did I get here? have
all been answered by metaphysics. The understanding of the answers to these questions are
essential to understanding any part of metaphysics, and in obtaining true peace of mind.
I have come to understand the answers to such seemingly impossible questions as follows:
Who Am I?
I am an omnipotent, spiritual being experiencing physical reality. I am a Piece of the One,
basically a spark of consciousness. But that statement in itself is misleading, because not only
am I a Piece of the One, but I am the Whole One. (In answering these questions I use the word
"I", but the answer is the same for you as it is for me. So when I say "I", I am talking about all
Many people like to say they have a Higher Self, but the truth is you are your Higher Self. If this
is your first time hearing this it may sound strange and confusing. But take some time to digest it,
maybe meditate upon it. And I am sure you will come to know it as truth. You are not just the part
of your Higher Self that is experiencing physical existence, you are your Whole Higher Self. It just
seems like you are separated from your Higher Self because your awareness is completely
focused into physical reality. So that seemingly distant part of you, that you call your Higher Self,
is just You. Again, the only difference is your "Higher Self's" awareness is not completely
focused on physical reality.
How Did I Get Here? & Why Am I Here?
I believe Abraham has wonderfully answered these questions in the book, "Ask and It Is Given"
by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Directly from the book, "You are eternal Beings, who have chosen to
participate in this specific physical life experience for many wonderful reasons. And this timespace-reality on Planet Earth serves as a platform in which you are able to focus your perspective
for the purpose of specific creation.
You are eternal Consciousness, currently in this wonderful physical body for the thrill and
exhilaration of specific focus and creation. The physical being that you define as "you" stands on
the Leading Edge of thought, while Consciousness, which is really your Source, pours through
you." As Abraham said above, you chose to experience physical reality. Nobody made you
experience this. There are many reasons why you would desire to experience this space-time
reality. Such as an exciting opportunity to exist seemingly separate from other parts of yourself.
Also in this reality you are able to experience what it is like to not know that you are the Creator.
This allows for us to experience what we call negative emotions. It seems very strange to us that
we would want to experience "negative" emotions, but it is really just an experience. This is what
consciousness is all about; creating new possibilities, and then gaining experience. Therefore,
you are simply here to experience this time-space reality
In summary:
You are an Eternal Spark of Consciousness
You are your Higher Self
You are experiencing physical reality because you chose to
You are here to gain experience and expand Consciousness


The Struggle
What do butterflies have in common with the human spirit? Meet Maggie, a middle aged wife and
mother who was about to find out.
Maggie wasnt rich like a millionaire or poor in a manner of being homeless. She was living an
average comfortable life. It was made even better when a beautiful baby girl came her way. Her
and her husband made sure their daughter had her needs met and they were still able to take a
yearly vacation by the beach.
Maggie was a partner in her husbands business. They both had a different set of duties which
kept everything in balance. One day a devastating blow came to her husbands business, and
over a three year period the business dropped out of site. Her husband had to totally reinvent
himself and was yearning to fulfill a dream with a new vocation. She was happy for him and
supported him fully, but still the money was not coming in.
Maggie began to feel guilty that she wasnt contributing with any kind of income. It had been a
long time since she had worked outside the home and had to work for someone else. Needless to
say she was scared but still had faith that everything would be OK. She began job hunting and
found it somewhat difficult in filling out applications, especially the part asking for job references.
Keep in mind that she was self-employed with her husband for almost 20 years. It felt as though
that didnt count for anything as she was never called for an interview.
At the time she was job hunting her mom became more ill than she had been and ended up in the
hospital for a week. Once Maggies mom returned home she became her moms helper one day
a week. She did the shopping, changed sheets, vacuumed and did other things that her mother
was not able to do anymore. Of course her mom would pay her for her time and labor but she still
felt she needed to find another source of income.
One of the first applications she had filled out finally came through. She passed the interview with
flying colors and was told she was exactly what they were looking for. Although it was only part
time it was exactly what she wanted. It was important for her to be home when her daughter
arrived home from school. She was told they would be in touch when the schedule was ready.
Knowing she had the job made her feel contented and productive again.
Within a few weeks though, she received an e-mail saying that the company had changed the job
into a full time position and she was not qualified. Maggie was devastated. She felt betrayed and
felt she had been lied to. That evening she was alone as her husband and daughter had gone out
for the night. She welcomed the aloneness and wanted to drown her sorrows in a hot tub of
As she knew she would, she began to cry, softly at first just from the sheer pain of being rejected.
Three long years of struggle had finally caught up with her. Then she became angry; angry at
everything from the circumstances that got her there, to God himself. She cried harder and yelled,
What do you want me to do? She really felt that God had abandoned her.
When she was able to cry no more, she became exhausted and gave up. It was at that moment
that a silent idea came to her to offer other elderly people home care assistance.

Using another talent for computers she printed off some flyers and cards and distributed them to
her church, grocery stores and even placed a small ad in the newspaper. Within a week she had
procured two new clients.
Now, even though shes not a CEO of a major company or a power player she feels happy and
productive again. So, had God really abandoned her? Lets look at nature for the lessons and the
Before a butterfly can emerge out of its chrysalis it has to go through a lot of struggling. Yes,
struggling. Each time it lunges out to escape, acids are being removed from its wings. If someone
were to come along and break the chrysalis open for it then the butterfly would die from those
acids. In essence the struggle is necessary for the butterfly to survive. Then in the stillness, when
the struggle is over, the butterfly can come out and share its beauty with the world.
We as humans are not any different. There are times that we need to struggle, to rid ourselves of
the acids that make up sadness, fear, and anger. It is only at this time when we are exhausted
and still that we begin to hear the Universe whisper to us.
Tony Masiello 2006 Tony Masiello Speaker, Author, and Consultant Author of the e-book,
Whispers from the Universe, For more information about this amazing e-book, click here.

Reassuring Reasons Why Hypnosis Is Your Friend

Believe the hype or think for yourself
For too long hypnosis has had a bad or 'difficult' press. If a person doesn't understand something
they have 3 options open to them.
1) They might be skeptical and therefore save the trouble of looking further and possibly
2) They may conclude it is dangerous and to be avoided at all costs.
3) They may spend time discovering the truth behind the hype.
If you don't know much about a topic it's easy to be suspicious. Some people assume hypnosis is
akin to a carnival side show, others consider it mystic mumbo jumbo or 'mind control.' For those
who look beyond the hype the truth is far more illuminating.
The most powerful tool you possess
There are potentially huge benefits for those who use hypnosis as part of everyday life. When you
understand hypnosis you start to see its potential to improve human performance in the physical,
emotional and intellectual realms. For me, rumour, gossip and suspicion weren't good enough.
I determined to learn all I could about hypnosis - I learned every fact and practiced every
technique under the sun. I took several training courses - some good, some terrible. I invested
thousands of hours of devoted study to hypnosis and discovered just what is possible. I
hypnotised friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Hypnosis greatly changed things for me on
a personal level
How hypnosis helped me

I used to be shy. Thanks to hypnosis I can now talk to thousands at a time and can approach
anybody calmly and confidently.
I used to have poor concentration and procrastinate; thanks to hypnosis I can instantly motivate
I used to find physical work outs and exercise exhausting but because of hypnosis I am now in
the best shape of my life.
Incidentally I also stopped myself blushing with hypnosis. Now if ever I have a difficult call or
conversation coming up, something I may naturally feel reluctant to do (you know the kind of
thing) I spontaneously self hypnotise and rehearse the upcoming situation feeling good, with
myself remaining calm. In this way I habitually set my own emotional 'blue prints' for upcoming
situations. Having said that it's naturally that some people have concerns or half digested 'hand
me down' ideas regarding hypnosis. A common one is the one about 'mind control.' However
what does this really mean?
Why you are more in control of yourself in hypnosis
If someone expresses concerns about being 'controlled' in hypnosis what they mean is they don't
want to be like a robot, an automaton that is forced to obey the every whim of the hypnotist. We
can't help but influence others but we don't control them. To understand why you need to
understand hypnosis better.
So what is hypnosis like?
Hypnosis isn't like a coma. It's not unconsciousness - more a subtle shifting of consciousness. In
hypnosis, you can still think logically but you also have access to the 'software' of your mind so
that you can update instinctive emotional and physical responses. In fact the hypnotised subject
(not the hypnotist) calls the shots. When I hypnotise someone I need to go at their speed and
respond to their needs and expectations. Hypnosis will give you more control in your own life
because of what it enables you to do.
How can I be so sure?
Because over the decades I've seen all kinds of people, all ages and from all backgrounds turn
their lives around thanks to hypnosis. When you use hypnosis for yourself it improves confidence
in all kinds of ways. When you use it to change other's lives it just blows you away. This is what I
When I first hypnotised someone to feel no sensation in a painful arthritic arm it was an incredible
feeling. When I first cured life long phobias quickly and comfortably I was astounded. When I
stopped hardened alcoholics from drinking and even got a heroin addict off the stuff and back into
mainstream life again I started to feel angry that people could just associate hypnosis with
With the aid of hypnosis I (and many people I have trained and worked with) have helped
severely depressed people feel strong and positive again. The rewards and satisfactions are hard
to describe. I'm going to take a stand against ignorance and short sightedness around hypnosis
and here's why.

Why you need to reclaim hypnosis for yourself

Hypnosis is your birthright. It's nature's optimum learning tool. In fact to learn and perform
anything well you need to experience a natural focusing of attention, a natural kind of hypnosis.
To be successful hypnosis needs to be your companion and friend.
Successful people use it naturally all the time because hypnosis is natural. It's the way we learn
new responses. Unlike medications its side effects are purely positive - one expectant mother I
worked with to feel relaxed during child birth later reported that she was also more relaxed when
Hypnosis is easy to learn and everyone can benefit. Hypnosis is a safe environment to 'try out'
new behaviours and emotional patterns before you experience them for real. So the young man
can ask a woman out for a date many times in calm relaxed hypnosis so that by the time he does
it for real it feels real and natural and relaxed. Sports people who use hypnosis learn new quicker
and more accurately. So hypnosis gives you more control of yourself and your life, it's natural and
gives you instant benefits and it's a way of 'trying on' and establishing new patterns of emotional
response and behaviour, Hypnosis enables you to develop yourself as a human being.

Allowing Change
Author: Jorj Elprehzleinn
Why The Conscious Art and Science of Manifesting What You Want Can Make You Feel
Like You Are Having a Nervous Breakdown.
The past few days I counted some powerful results in my own life. I reached some financial goals
that I had set for myself only a week or two ago, and I also reached some other goals, one of
which is to speed up my manifesting.
So did I throw a party to celebrate? Yes, I am happy about my results. Yet my strongest reaction
to my success felt like a nervous breakdown. Like a panic attack.
I remember once in 1990 I was manifesting for a "beautiful good looking girlfriend". I had sat
down to talk to a couple of girls on the beach about a project I was working. A little while later
they walked by where I was playing volleyball and they smiled and waved and said, "hey, its the
miracle man".
Ok, so that was my dream come true right? What actually happened is that I literally fell down and
started to get so sick I had to find a bathroom. True story. And I never saw those girls again.
I have successfully manifested a lot of things. However today I decided to write when my "panic
attack" started again, because I desire to help you and me to better allow and receive the positive
changes and success that we imagine for ourselves, when they arrive in reality.
To receive them more gracefully.
Having a nervous breakdown when you manifest what you want is normal. The actual patterns in
our nervous system that were generating our previous reality are broken down by the new

The breakdown of a nervous system patterning is a "nervous breakdown". It is part of the process
of allowing change. To let the old go, as the new comes in.
My answer for myself, and for you, how to handle this, is to stay fixed on your intentions. Go into
your own universe, and imagine how it is right now. For myself, getting sick in the bathroom back
in 1990, I would have advised myself to imagine that I ended up having a great afternoon with
those girls, ( or one of them anyways) and to trust and have faith that was a step in the right
direction. ( It was).
My physical body is wired to manifest the life I currently have. By using techniques to consciously
create a new and better life, my body goes through changes in my nervous system. The same
thing happens to you.
I know that I want to instantly step into a new and better reality, exactly like my best imagination.
At the same time, it seems like the path to a new reality is sometimes made of many steps, even
though the things we desire at times do drop in rapidly all of a sudden.
Find as many ways as you can to receive and accept your results as they show up in life, and be
aware that any fears or concerns or panic or nervous breakdown feeling that you have in
coincidence with getting good results may be part of the process too. I know there is a way to
make that part happen easier and easier, and I want to find it, and for you to find it.
In my own universe, massive life improvement is pleasant, happy, joyful and fun. I relax and
appreciate all the good things that are coming to me each day, and I allow the changes to be
exciting, and stimulating. I allow my past to release comfortably, including the nervous system
patterns that used to be so familiar, which are now dissolving, and gone, replaced with something
better on the inside, and on the outside.
Yours Truly,
Jorj Elprehzleinn 1-619-819-8774

Natural Abundance: see previous article

The Magic of Five Seconds of Silenceby Linda Miller

You have heard that "silence is golden," right?
There are many teachers of the power of silence and you can buy books about the benefits of
Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, "See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see
the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch

Many of us spend our lives waiting to speak, forming our words, anxious to respond, ready to
answer instantly when another stops speaking.
Today, as I was talking with one of my beloved spiritual partners, I suddenly felt a prompting to
purposefully practice five seconds of silence before responding to my partner's statements. I
suggested this to my partner and we both began to observe the five second rule.
The results were profoundly amazing - so amazing that we both became giddy with joy.
During those five seconds of silence, we experienced peace and a connectedness to spirit that I
had not experienced before. Those five seconds of silence felt like pure consciousness, an
acute awareness of my spiritual self.
We both became the Observers of ourselves, watching as our consciousness shifted and our
energy vibrations were raised.
We began to giggle as we talked about how others would react to us if we began to exercise our
new power of silence by pausing for just five seconds before responding to another's words.
Just five seconds.
We realized that during those five seconds of silence, we were in a state of allowing, receptive to
Divine guidance, without the necessity of racing to be ready to speak immediately.
It is so simple, yet not easy to do. Can you imagine?
If you observe just five seconds of silence in a conversation on the telephone, others will respond
with, "Are you still there?"
And if we practice our five seconds of silence with friends and family, they will say, "Did you hear
And we can respond with, "Yes, I am here... Yes, I hear you... I am simply observing five seconds
of silence before I respond."
Perhaps they will hear the peace in your voice or see the joy in your face as you begin to practice
the art of truly listening, knowing that in your five seconds of silence you are in a state of
receiving, trusting that your next words will be perfect and Divinely guided.
Try it! Simply pause to observe five seconds of silence before speaking in any conversation.
Watch the shift in your consciousness and observe the peace that washes over you.
That is the magic of five seconds of silence.

Small Steps Against a Prevailing Wind

The Dynamics of Making Progress Creating Your Own Reality
Author: Jorj Elprehzleinn
There are two universes that you have to work with when you are creating your own
reality. There are detailed methods of how to do this. Once you know how, and you are
doing it, the more experience you have about what actually happens, the better you can
enjoy your life.
One of the phenomena that occurs is that the outside world resists the force of your intentions.
This can be perceived as a force going against you, or some people just take it as a challenge. In
either case, if you try and make something that exists in your own imagination, come to life in the
ordinary world, which is also called, "The Universe", that something meets with a force.
The universe is more dense than your thoughts and imaginations. So when you project your
imagination it can be like trying to get something to go through a brick wall. You might even find
that the brick wall starts to push back!
Let me give you an example. One classic wish or imagination is to have a million dollars. Most
people have this wish. You probably do also. Personally, I have other financial goals. For this
example, if you have this wish, then you can answer the question, how is that going for you?
Have you got the million dollars yet? What I want to do is see if you can feel that resistance. If
you can feel it then you can understand how to move through it and work with it. Because if that is
your wish, I want you to have it.
It is not necessarily, "not working" when you feel that resistance. That is normal. Your thoughts,
your mind power, is strong vibrationally speaking, against that force. So if you know about this
you can keep on taking steps just like someone walking into a strong wind. There is resistance
but you still get there.
Your thoughts are less dense than the things of the outer world, and then there are the
thoughtforms in the outer world which can be just as strong as your own thoughts. Your thoughts
may be less dense, more refined vibrationally speaking than say the actual million dollars which is
more tangible.
However your thoughts are more INTENSE. The force of a thought, sustained and maintained
like a goal or dream, is more powerful, in my opinion, than anything that is materially against it.
You can strengthen your thoughts by various techniques, including using sound, or other
methods to make them more pure and clear.
What is most important that I am writing to convey today, is that the effect of your thoughts is like
a jackhammer on concrete. The jackhammer is very small compared to the hard rock that it is
breaking through, however the jackhammer takes small yet forceful steps at a fast vibratory rate
which break up the things that it is working on.
I think that is how your thoughts and my thoughts find the way to fulfilling our hearts desires as
they penetrate out from our imaginations into the ordinary world. When you feel the resistance to
what you desire and imagine, remember your thoughts have power, yet at the same time that

power is like the jackhammer it has to penetrate to breakthrough into full manifestation of your
hearts desire.
And that is another feeling I would like you to feel the feeling when something that you once only
imagined that you want, is now a reality. That is a very specific feeling, and the reason I
recommend to people who are using mind power to write down all the things that show up that
they once only desired, so you can know that feeling and get better at it.
Yours Truly,
Jorj Elprehzleinn 1-619-819-8774

Visualize and Affirm Your Desired Outcomes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Jack Canfield
You have within you an awesome power that most of us have never been taught to use. Elite
athletes use it. The super rich use it. And peak performers in all fields are now starting to use it.
That power is called visualization. The daily practice of visualizing your dreams as already
complete can rapidly accelerate your achievement of those dreams. Visualization of your goals
and desires accomplishes four very important things.
1. It activates your creative subconscious which will start generating creative ideas to achieve
your goal.
2. It programs your brain to more readily perceive and recognize the resources you will need to
achieve your dreams.
3. It activates the law of attraction, thereby drawing into your life the people, resources, and
circumstances you will need to achieve your goals.
4. It builds your internal motivation to take the necessary actions to achieve your dreams.
Visualization is really quite simple. You sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine
in as vivid detail as you can what you would be looking at if the dream you have were
already realized. Imagine being inside of yourself, looking out through your eyes at the ideal
Mental Rehearsal
Athletes call this visualization process mental rehearsal, and they have been using it since the
1960s when we learned about it from the Russians. All you have to do is set aside a few minutes
a day. The best times are when you first wake up, after meditation or prayer, and right before you
go to bed. These are the times you are most relaxed. Go through the following three steps:
1. Imagine sitting in a movie theater, the lights dim, and then the movie starts. It is a movie of you
doing perfectly whatever it is that you want to do better. See as much detail as you can create,
including your clothing, the expression on your face, small body movements, the environment and
any other people that might be around. Add in any sounds you would be hearing traffic, music,
other people talking, cheering. And finally, recreate in your body any feelings you think you would
be experiencing as you engage in this activity.

2. Get out of your chair, walk up to the screen, open a door in the screen and enter into the
movie. Now experience the whole thing again from inside of yourself, looking out through your
eyes. This is called an embodied image rather than a distant image. It will deepen the impact
of the experience. Again, see everything in vivid detail, hear the sounds you would hear, and feel
the feelings you would feel.
3. Finally, walk back out of the screen that is still showing the picture of you performing perfectly,
return to your seat in the theater, reach out and grab the screen and shrink it down to the size of
a cracker. Then, bring this miniature screen up to your mouth, chew it up and swallow it. Imagine
that each tiny piece just like a hologram contains the full picture of you performing well.
Imagine all these little screens traveling down into your stomach and out through the bloodstream
into every cell of your body. Then imagine that every cell of your body is lit up with a movie of you
performing perfectly. Its like one of those appliance store windows where 50 televisions are all
tuned to the same channel.
When you have finished this process it should take less than five minutes you can open
your eyes and go about your business. If you make this part of your daily routine, you will be
amazed at how much improvement you will see in your life.
Create Goal Pictures
Another powerful technique is to create a photograph or picture of yourself with your goal, as if it
were already completed. If one of your goals is to own a new car, take your camera down to your
local auto dealer and have a picture taken of yourself sitting behind the wheel of your dream car.
If your goal is to visit Paris, find a picture or poster of the Eiffel Tower and cut out a picture of
yourself and place it into the picture. With todays technology, you could probably make an even
more convincing image using your computer.
Create a Visual Picture and an Affirmation for Each Goal
We recommend that you find or create a picture of every aspect of your dream life. Create a
picture or a visual representation for every goal you have financial, career, recreation, new
skills and abilities, things you want to purchase, and so on. When we were writing the very first
Chicken Soup for the Soul book, we took a copy of the New York Times best seller list, scanned
it into our computer, and using the same font as the newspaper, typed Chicken Soup for the Soul
into the number one position in the Paperback Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous category. We
printed several copies and hung them up around the office. Less than two years later, our book
was the number one book in that category and stayed there for over a year!
Index Cards
We practice a similar discipline every day. We each have a list of about 30-40 goals we are
currently working on. We write each goal on a 3x5 index card and keep those cards near our bed
and take them with us when we travel. Each morning and each night we go through the stack of
cards, one at a time, read the card, close our eyes, see the completion of that goal in its perfect
desired state for about 15 seconds, open our eyes and repeat the process with the next card.
Use Affirmations to Support Your Visualization
An affirmation is a statement that evokes not only a picture, but the experience of already having
what you want. Heres an example of an affirmation:

I am happily vacationing 2 months out of the year in a tropical paradise, and working just four
days a week owning my own business.
Repeating an affirmation several times a day keeps you focused on your goal, strengthens your
motivation, and programs your subconscious by sending an order to your crew to do whatever it
takes to make that goal happen.
Expect Results
Through writing down your goals, using the power of visualization and repeating your
affirmations, you can achieve amazing results. Visualization and affirmations allow you to change
your beliefs, assumptions, and opinions about the most important person in your life YOU!
They allow you to harness the 18 billion brain cells in your brain and get them all working in a
singular and purposeful direction.
Your subconscious will become engaged in a process that transforms you forever. The process is
invisible and doesnt take a long time. It just happens over time, as long as you put in the time to
visualize and affirm, surround yourself with positive people, read uplifting books and listen to
audio programs that flood your mind with positive, life-affirming messages.
Repeat your affirmations every morning and night for a month and they will become an automatic
part of your thinking they will become woven into the very fabric of your being.
2006 Jack Canfield, Americas Success Coach, is the founder and co-creator of the billiondollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul and the nation's leading authority on Peak
Performance. If you're ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and
joy in all that you do, get your FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at

Eight Days of Peace

Author: Dr. Alexandra Gayek
You're walking down the aisles of a grocery store, looking at the menu in a restaurant, walking
through a food court or down a street with shops selling tempting goodies.
What attracts you?
Do you routinely tell yourself "no, that's not good for me," or "I'd like that but it's fattening"?
Do you choose the lowest-priced item regardless of your desire?
Do you stick to a list of what you can and can't eat and drink?
Do you rebel against that same list?
What if you abandoned this restrictive, suppressive routine and let your true desire run the show?
Before you jump to the conclusion that you'd gain 20 pounds a week, or be sick from allergies or
things your body wouldn't tolerate, consider this:

Is it possible that your deepest desire is for peace?

Take a long, slow breath and imagine yourself at peace. What images come to mind?
If peace were your goal, would you continue to pit the desires of your taste buds against the rules
you've been carrying around? Would you hate your body's appearance and then carry on the very
actions you associate with creating that appearance?
If you were committed to peace, would you expose yourself to advertising that would create
conflict between what would be loving behavior toward yourself and what would be punishment?
Here's an experiment for you. Imagine that your goal is mental, physical, and emotional peace.
Imagine that your food and drink are measured in units of peace. Not flavor, not calories, not
vitamins, not energy, not cholesterol, not chemicals, not dollars. Peace.
Imagine that as you consider what to buy or eat you are considering what will give you the most
peace and cost the least peace.
What do you suppose would happen in your life?
Author: Roy Klienwachter
It was my intention to explain the word "simple," and by the time I put the thoughts into words it
became more difficult. I am sometimes at odds with others when I say that something is simple,
and I must remind them that I did not say easy, there is a big distinction between the two terms.
Life is simple and it is as it was meant to be. As we set out to explain "simple," we give it meaning
and then it becomes "difficult." It is our meaning that is difficult, not the word itself.
A newly born baby is simple. It is born into nothing, it is nothing and it knows nothing at a
conscious level. Everything that it sees, hears, feels, tastes and smells is nothing. A baby can
only experience the five senses as nothing and how it interprets these sensations and defines
them later on will be unique to this one individual.
Life was meant to be experienced and we are not here to learn anything and Life has no meaning
except for the meaning that you give it. The learning is secondary and is a result of experiencing
or expressing life, (which is the prime directive). Nothing is "simple," and it is our definitions that
make "simple," difficult.
There are only two words that apply to you when you are born, "I AM." The awareness of your
physical life begins with these two words only, and is all that is necessary for life. As we begin to
mature in the awareness of "I AM," we add our personal identity to the words and life begins to
become more difficult. "I AM Roy," "I AM male," "I AM brother to, son to
As I was contemplating the essence of this essay while resting in bed this morning, I wanted only
to create a one page explanation of "simple," and by the time I got up and started writing I was
half-way to creating a new book on "simple." The farther I move into these paragraphs the more
complicated it is becoming and I see no end. It would be very difficult to go back and start over

now because I have gone beyond "simple," and have given it life and it is moving in a different
direction than what I originally thought.
I wanted to say that life is "simple," and that the secrets to life are "simple." But it cannot be
explained simply. As soon as I give the words birth, they demand expression and self
actualization. If I gave you the secrets of life now, they would be too simple for you to understand.
I would have to make the explanations difficult in order for you to find your way back to "simple."
You would have to define "simplicity," in your own terms before you could understand it. For
example, these are a few of life's greatest secrets in simple words.
I am.
We are not here to learn anything.
We are all one.
God does not exist.
Life is an illusion.
These are but a sample of "simple," truths that demand human explanation and complexity, they
cry out to be defined in terms that we can accept, so it is our responsibility to give life definition
and life has no meaning other than what we give it individually. You are a simple being; you are "I
AM," what comes after that makes it more complex and difficult.
If you think about what I have written, I have really said nothing. The idea was complete before I
started writing and what I am doing now is taking it apart piece by piece to give it some meaning
as a whole. I am going backwards. My thoughts were complete while I was contemplating a future
article. I had to physically go into the past to recreate the thoughts on paper, and as I try to
recreate them they get more complicated as they create their own life. And if this isn't
complicated enough well then maybe it is a good place to stop, because it does not end here.
All things are simple until we try to understand them, and once the process of understanding has
commenced the thought is never the same thing again.

The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought Exposed...
The Power Of Your Thoughts
Author: Robert Williams
Throughout the ages mankind has attempted to control his world around him by many different
means. In the physical world we have invented all kinds of ways to make our lives better. If you
believe the bible then in the beginning everything was perfect, mankind was in need of nothing.
God took care of everything, He provided food and not much else because there was no need for
much else. Mankind did not even need clothes.
Can you imagine that, everybody going around totally naked!

Anyway if we are to believe the bible, and I do by the way , I am a Christian, mankind began to
look out for themselves after the story of thru fist sin. The first item they made was clothes.
Thereafter we have been constantly inventing and making anything that will make life easier for
ourselves, from houses to cars, boats, airplanes, microwave etc, etc. Look around you, with every
glance of the eye you will see something that mankind has made in an attempt to better out lives.
That is unless you are in the middle of some untouched part of the world where man has yet to
disturb and even then you are probably not naked. We must admit that as far as material things
go we have come a long way. The question is, with all that we have done materially to make life
better, why is it that so many people are unhappy, feel that they are not loved, many do not see
any purpose in life and tragically some reach the point of ending it all in suicide. This is the
question, why?
There must be another aspect, another dimension to our lives that we need to be mindful of. This
other realm is the spiritual, or the supernatural or whatever you want to call it, the realm of the
mind. More and more we are beginning to realize that this world, this spiritual world, is what really
controls us and all that we do is a result of whats going on in the mind. The wisdom literature of
the ages all point to this fact that it is not what you have on the outside that really matters, but
what you have on the inside.
Eastern religions do meditation and things like yoga exercises all intended to improve your state
of mind. Christians believe in a life changing power coming from God that manifests itself from
the inside out through prayer and meditation and a study of the bible. We can see that all of these
religions seek to bring about change in our lives by changing our thoughts, what goes on in our
minds. Quite recently I have come upon what is a new subject to me and that is the power of
manifesting. This is where one zeroes in on our thought processes and literally attempts to bring
about something, be it a physical item or an intangible such as wisdom for example, by using the
power of our minds. Christians would call it a prayer of faith, where they believe for something
and that God would bring it to pass. It is a very interesting topic and one in which we might all
benefit if we can approach this it with an open mind. No matter your religion, or your prior spiritual
beliefs there may be something in manifesting for all of us.
Thought Control of the Weather
Author: Jeffry Palmer
Recent natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Pakistan, hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in
Indonesia and others have caused measureless devastation and suffering.
Can such disasters be avoided or diminished in strength and destructiveness?
Can the collective thought energy of a large group of people have an affect on the weather?
A study carried out in 1993 demonstrated the power of collective thought energy. A large group of
people skilled in the practice of transcendental meditation focused their collective minds on the
problem of crime in Washington D.C. The results were impressive, to say the least. Crime rates
fell 25 percent during the weeks of focused meditation. This test of the power of thought energy
was scientifically validated and shown to affect an entire city.
Can similar results be achieved in controlling or diminishing the strength of natural disasters? Is it
possible for a large group of people sharing the same intentions and focus of will power to have
the power necessary to control the weather? Is this idea a dangerous one? Could such an
attempt backfire and cause even more damage to the human race?
Is such an exercise a complete waste of time? Perhaps it is possible for a thought collective to
control weather patterns but fear of success or fear of failure deters the modern mind from

making such attempts. It is possible that such things are happening right now and we just havent
being informed.
Our understanding of the power of the human mind is incredibly limited, our understanding of the
subtle energies which compose the universe and all that it contains are even less understood.
Weather modification by means of collaborative mental effort does not seem at all unreasonable
to me.
There are numerous historical references to mental weather control. Sahaja Yogis, for instance,
claim to be able to control the weather by means of collective intent and focused meditation;
Tribes among the Yoruba Nation of South West Africa indulge in the shamanistic practice of Ifa or
wisdom of nature to control weather conditions; Hopi Indians of North America practice
ceremonial dances to evoke rainfall during times of need.
The purposeful control of weather is common to every culture on the planet. Embodied within
these various belief systems human beings are viewed as one part of the complex, living whole of
Nature, connected to all other living things and to the Universe itself.
It is my personal belief that a careful, deliberate and concentrated group of individuals,
experienced in focused meditation techniques can have a positive affect on controlling the
damage caused by natural disasters. I would like to invite anyone interested in answering these
questions to join the debate and see which way the wind will blow.
Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D. - Author, Thought Energy Consultant and Syndicated Columnist, Is the
author of "Judo for the Soul - The Art of Psychic Self Defense", as well as numerous articles and
papers relating to metaphysics and the study of paranormal phenomena. Further information
about Mr. Palmer, his books and articles can be found at
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New Age Movement

Coming Down to Earth: A New Direction for the New Age
New Age Movement article 2002 Author: James Endredy
The New Age movement needs a new direction, and that direction is down. Down to Earth. In
order to have a significantly positive impact on this new millennium the New Age movement, in all
of it's myriad manifestations, will be required to acknowledge that health and happiness begins
with our grounded connection to the entity that provides the source our very lives: Earth.
While a broad spectrum of New Age interests certainly have value to a huge number of people,
many of these activities are by and large actually helping to promote Western civilization's
continued degradation of Earth's habitats and species by simply neglecting the spiritual essences
of our planet's ecology. In this sense, a majority of New Age practices have joined the world's
major religions in failing to adequately promote the sacredness of the very environments that
provide us with life. The fact that decent, hardworking people throughout the globe can continue
to engage in "spiritual" activities while at the same time continuing the lifestyles of an industrial
growth society that contributes directly to global destruction, mass species extinction, as well as
escalating threats to human health and well being has to be one of the most tragic circumstances
of the split between humans, nature, and spirit. The spirituality of today, whether in New Age or
traditional form, must encourage healthy spiritual practices in a healthy environment so that all of
Earth's creatures can live in peace, health, and happiness.
Loving the Source
To encourage this we need to begin by honestly critiquing our personal religious and spiritual
practices to see whether we are neglecting to honor the sacred interconnectedness of all life, or
even contributing to a spiritual-ethical pathology based on reality denying beliefs. So many of the
current New Age spiritual practices, as well as many of the world's major religions, promote the
belief that we can be magically rescued from not only the chaos of our daily lives but also from
our human planetary devastation by God or some other-worldly being, entity, or power. In the
case of major religions this is often the result of the desperate clinging and defending of old belief
systems that are no longer adequate to respond to current life situations. The New Age
movement, although mostly supported by those who are truly searching for spiritual growth,
provides many activities of spiritual escapism or even spiritual lifelessness by placing spirituality
in the realm of beyond or above the biosphere. This prevents the true celebration of the incredible
gift of life and the spiritual awareness of organically interacting with our dynamic living planet. The
healing of spiritual escapism and lifelessness involves experiencing a spiritual bonding with the
Source of our lives: Mother Earth. When a love of life, and a love for the Source of our life, are
both felt in a profound way, we are then compelled to respond to the continuing destruction of our
natural spiritual home.
Many of our contemporary mind/body/spirit activities, whether ancient or brand new, have been
lumped under the heading New Age and also must respond. The mind/body/spirit practices and
the many therapies that have sprung from them have been a major step towards a holistic
consciousness where life and health are viewed in terms of a whole system, in contrast to the

fragmented view that evolved with mechanistic science. The validity and need for mind/body/spirit
practices has allowed them to grow into one of the new major tools available to both health care
professionals and the general public, and the popularity of these practices and concepts can
readily be seen by the plethora of services, magazines, and books now available on these
However, for all the validity and genuine healing brought about by the mind/body/spirit awareness
there is something seriously missing. Where are our natural and man-made environments in this
equation? I see mind, I see body, and I see spirit, but what about Earth, the very entity that
provides for our life? What about the ecologically disastrous condition of our massive cities and
the complete lack of aesthetic beauty in our urban and suburban living spaces? Can you really
heal the separation between mind, body, and spirit while still exploiting and destroying the natural
environment? The glaring absence of "environment" in these new mind/body/spirit movements is
a major tragedy in the beginning of this new millennium. People are flocking to resources of
mind/body/spirit practices because they have lost faith in traditional psychological and scientific
procedures and because these resources and practitioners are viewed as being on the cutting
edge of healing technologies, as they supposedly understand that true healing must affect the
total human organism to be truly effective. But the total human organism encompasses
mind/body/environment/spirit. We are just as much a part of our environment as we are our
minds, bodies, and spirits. Healing the whole naturally leads to healing ourselves, just as healing
ourselves naturally heals the whole.
New Age movement offers hope
We live in an era when the magnitude and complexity of human caused environmental disasters
can be overwhelming to the point that we are simply frozen into inaction. While at the same time
spiritually oriented ethical concerns relating to the Earth are often simply dismissed as primitive
"nature worship". But it doesn't have to be this way. Expanding our spiritual and ethical horizons
to include the environment offers us the life-enriching possibility of being co-creators who love
and respect the whole world and everything in it.
The New Age movement has never been bashful to explore new territory or worry about what
others may think. Freedom of thought and experience are hallmarks of this movement, and if
sung by enough people it has the power to change the world for the better. This fact, coupled with
the undeniable sincerity and unpretentious good humor displayed by many of its members, offers
hope that the New Age movement can evolve and contribute significantly to bringing spirituality
back down to Earth where it is truly needed.

What Is New Age?

New Age 101 Report - Your Gateway to Infinite Possibilities
See attached Annexure

Year 2012, The Most Important Year We Will Live Through Is Finally Exposed!
Year 2012 is a very mysterious year. Nobody knows for sure what will happen in year 2012. But,
the year 2012 has been included in many prophecies and is very important spiritually. Here is the
latest information and most informative articles and resources on the year 2012:

The Year 2012 by Adrian Cooper

Our Ultimate Reality
First and foremost we still do not know if anything at all will happen on December 21 2012, or at
any time in 2012, or indeed at all. We will examine that more closely in just a moment.
But quite simply, if, and only if the prophesies are true, then one of three fundamental situations
will likely result immediately before, during and after the 2012 event based upon what we know to
1. Human beings will undergo a massive Spiritual evolutionary transition whereby true, Divine,
Spiritual reality will be realised and experienced. Focus and abilities will no longer be materially
based, but rather Spiritually based.
If this comes to pass, humans will still inhabit a physical body, but the body will assume its true
identity as a vehicle of learning. Material things will be seen for the illusion they truly are, and the
emphasis will be on "service to others before service to self", and the building of the biblical
"kingdom of heaven on Earth", a paradise where selfishness, war and disharmony will be a thing
of the past.
2. The Planet Earth, a great, living planetary Spirit, will evolve or "graduate" to the 4th density, the
next evolutionary level on His/Her own path of return to The Prime Creator. In this case all
organic life on Earth will cease to exist, and will also transition to the 4th or 5th density, the Astral
or Spiritual worlds, where life will continue as ever in the Astral or Spiritual body, depending on
Spiritual progress.
3. Earth will experience some massive cataclysmic physical trauma which will destroy most if not
everything on the planet. If this happens the result will be the same as in possibility 2. above but
will happen in a different way. It is likely that all life will transition to the 4th or 5th densities, again
depending on Spiritual evolution, before this cataclysm strikes, so there will be no suffering.
We are not intended by the Universe to suffer; all suffering is a direct result of the actions and
thoughts of humans.
The most important potential outcome is the evolution of present day human beings; Homo
Sapiens, to the next level: "Homo Spiritus".
So the big question is; will 2012 actually happen? Do we really only have just over 6 years left on
this planet? If so, what do we need to do in those 6 years?
Regarding the "if"; I have personally carried out considerable and ongoing research into this.
My research has so far resulted in at least 50 significant to extremely compelling pieces of
evidence that point to varying degrees to a major event in 2012, specifically December 21, 2012.

For more information on the year 2012 and 2012 prophecies read this article: 2012 Prophecies
This powerful article explains everything about the year 2012 and how it relates to the Mayan
Calendar. It explains various 2012 prophecies and the significance of the year 2012.
You may also enjoy the article "2012 Problem" by Ralph Miller. It is more of a shamanic view of
the year 2012 and the 2012 prophecies. It combines the ancient wisdom of the sacred plant
"ayahuasca". You can read this fascinating article on the year 2012 here: 2012 Problem

Indigo Child
Indigo Child is a term that is has recently been used by the media, without the proper
understanding of indigo children and their implications. For those of you who are totally unfamiliar
with indigo children or need a quick review of indigo children, Wikipedia has done an amazing job
explaining the indigo child basics. You can access it here: Indigo Child
Indigo Children By Ines Mi
An Indigo child is a trailblazer. They are here to set the path for the new world, and they have a
mission to break down old barriers and patterns in the world. Indigos are children that are here on
earth with a spiritual purpose, and it is not always easy on them or their families.
Indigo's have been coming into the world for some time, but only recently have we had an influx
of this very rare energy. Indigo scouts started arriving in the 1950s and it was very difficult for
these children to find a footing in a world unaccustomed to such a child. A huge wave of Indigos
came through in the 70s, 80's and 90's.
These children have an insatiable appetite for learning, but not so much in the academic world,
as in the world in general. They want to know what makes things tick, including individuals. Many
of these children do not have issues with self worth, as they know who they are. They do have
difficulty with authority when there is no explanation or choice when told to listen to their elders.
They know that the world is not where it should be and if people have been here for years, they
seldom turn to them for advice. They would rather find out for themselves what works and what
does not.
Indigo children and adults alike become frustrated with anything relating to ritualistic systems
such as politics and religion. They find these subjects interesting but they do not adhere to old
patterns and would rather find new solutions to old problems. They do not believe in status quo.
They are nonconformists with a flair toward creativity that startles, and rocks the boat of the old
systems now in place. Schools have not allowed children to think outside the box and Indigo
children do nothing but look outside the obvious. These children are very unique in so many
aspects. When many of us are looking to fit in with one group or another, you will find the Indigo
children isolating themselves unless they find a kindred spirit. They speak from their heart and
seldom are shy when letting you know their needs. One of the most problematic and irritating
characteristics to many parents and teachers is that the Indigo child will not respond to guilt as a
disciplinary tool. No one can make them feel anything, much less use guilt to win a battle to make
this child conform.
Ines is a psychic reader and an intuitive counselor who assists her clients in finding clarity and
reconnecting with the truth that resides within them. For more information or a chance to win a
FREE reading visit her website at

The best, most-informative, free resource is the website, they have a huge
collection of articles on indigo children, you can access it by clicking here: Indigo Children
Also, if you would like to read articles, poetry, resources, and advice by Indigos, Click Here.
Crystal Child
Crystal Child? What is a crystal child? Do I have a crystal child? Am I a crystal child? What are
the implications and importance of crystal children? How do I properly feed and care for a crystal
child? All of these questions (and the many other questions that may be running through your
head) will be answered through this page! For a quick review of the basics of crystal children read
the following article:
Crystal Children By Ines Mi
The Crystal Children...
Towards the end of 1990 we began seeing a different energy emerging. This Crystalline energy,
also known as Crystal children, use their telepathic abilities from the moment they appear on this
planet. Because of this natural telepathic ability they have delayed speech patterns. Some Crystal
children have delayed their speech until the age of 3 or 4.
If parents identify with their own telepathic abilities, and use this method of communication, their
Crystal child will feel comfortable adapting to the world around them and speak.
Because of this delay many physicians have diagnosed these children with autism. In these
situations we must ask if the child is communicating through a form of sign language and song.
Sound is very important to Crystal children and they love to sing. There is no coincidence that as
this multitude of Crystal children are born, that the number of diagnoses for autism will rise to
record levels.
In the new world that the Indigos are ushering in, we will all be more aware of our intuitive
thoughts and feelings. We will no longer rely upon the spoken or written word. Communication
will be clear, direct, honest, and mind-to-mind. Already increasing numbers of us are getting in
touch with our psychic abilities. Our interest in the paranormal is at an all-time high, accompanied
by books, television, and movies on the topic.
So, it is not surprising that the generations following the trailblazers, known as Indigos, are
incredibly telepathic.
These children are among the most connected, communicative, and caring. Crystal children are
the way of the new world, and they bring to us a level of kindness and sensitivity we have never
experienced. Both the Indigo and Crystal children/adults are here to assist the world as we evolve
to a higher vibration where love and empathy become the norm rather than the exception.
Ines is a psychic reader and an intuitive counselor who assists her clients in finding clarity and
reconnecting with the truth that resides within them. For more information or a chance to win a
FREE reading visit her website at

For a more in-depth coverage of crystal children, check out the huge collection of "crystal child"
articles, by clicking here: Crystal Child Each of these articles covers a different aspect of crystal

children (and in many cases other new age children). Please take the time to go through these
insightful crystal child articles.
I believe that although the main influx of Indigo children came in around 20-25 years ago, there
were those who came before them to lay the path - the early Indigos. These souls found life
difficult, were often placed in difficult family situations, were often seen as odd or different
because basically, they were. Many of them still struggle with life circumstances today - many
more of them didnt make it through to today- the suicide rate for early Indigos is high.
The crystal children are still finding their way- many diagonsed as autistic- they are in reality,
super dooper sensitive to our world, energies, senses, foods, toxins etc..... they are incredibly
psychic & aware of , what to us, is the unseen world.
The Blue Star Children
There are many differing theories on the kids being born now. This is mine and is based on the
messages I have received from Lord Michael. The children born between the years of 2000 and
2010 are what Michael refers to as the "blue star children." These children are a mixture of old
souls and of brand new souls, bought forward to inhabit the earth at this time.
Although the new souls would normally start with a 'clean slate' ( for want of a better term), these
children differ in that they are born with a level of knowing quite accelerated and unseen before in
this earth history. They are born at a level that in past times would have taken many incarnations
to achieve- basically, all kids born between 2000-10, are born spiritually, psychically and intuitivly
advanced. The children born at this time, who have in fact, 'been here before' are born retaining
past life knowledge and wisdom of lessons learnt. They retain this knowledge up until the age of 6
years when the 'amnesia' effect (that is usually applied at birth ) starts to kick in.
Ok.....with me so far......... ......?
In a nutshell ( as opposed to a NUTHOUSE, where Marc thinks I should be)- what we have
coming through now are an extremely psychic and advanced line of children. This applies to all
children born in the period of 2000-10 regardless of new soul or returning soul- if you have a child
born within this period, they will definitely be one of the blue star children.
When I questioned the 'blue star' aspect, I was told that all souls entering the earth realm
between 2000-10 were ' marked' while still on high ( in the soul state) with a blue 5 pointed star(
pentacle) in the place of their brow/ 3rd eye chakra. This is symbolic of their connection with the
Divine and also their connection with the earth and her elements. The blue is in fact, the colour of
Lord Michael and his healing rays and because at this time in the earths evolution, Lord Michael
is seen as the leader of the archangel hierarchy- these children are working for Him, with Him and
through Him and his place on the 1st ray.
Not surprisingly, the 'blue star' children resonate to blue. Ideally, they would love to be
surrounded by shades of blue and will be pulled towards the colour at all times, it calms them,
heals them and connects them. Blue crystals - angelite, blue lace agate etc are ideal placed in
the sleeping areas of these children. They will be articulate children in words and precise in
deeds. Being as they are children of Lord Michael's realm, his association with the throat chakra

and communication - (again , blue) will be very obvious. Illnesses relating to chest and throat will
be seen in blue star children when they are feeling 'overwhelmed' with life.
These kids are able to pick up a rock and hear its soul- touch a tree and feel its pain- stand at the
ocean and understand the message of the tides. Their closeness with animals and plants comes
from the knowledge they carry within them, the truth, that there is NO difference between
human/animal/ plant/mineral realms and that in truth, all are one. These are highly enlightened
kids and with their special gifts and personality traits comes special needs and responsibilities for
their parents and caregivers.
It is by no chance or co incidence ( is anything ?) that these children have been born at this time
to these parents. In truth, the parents of the 'blue star' children were especially selected to be
born when they were so as to be the parents of these special kids. I would imagine this has also
been the case for the indigo's and crystals before them. Again, it is also by no chance that
wonderful early learning schools such as Motasorri and Steiner have become so very popular in
the last 5-10 year periods- these schools and the environment they provide for children are based
in the foundations of allowing children to 'evolve' rather than to be 'educated.' The work of these
establishments and of the people who founded and guide them is overseen by guidance from on
high. Basically, if you are the parent of a blue star, you will know what I am talking about here.
You have been selected as being a parent who can guide and love but who can also allow true
growth and _expression. It is expected that you are more open to things of a spiritual nature than
say, your own parents were.
You can expect your children to be bright, sensitive, articulate, precise yet very, very deep and
profound. They are open to things at different levels to what we are, so dont be surprised at the
amount of imaginary friends and deceased relatives that will show up for dinner.
Your children, like all kids will challenge you and your ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Believe in
them- open your mind to them and their words. They possess 'wisdom' that is obvious from the
first moment of life and by the time they reach puberty, in many cases will be equal to you in
intelligence and understanding of the world. Most probably, they will surpass you on spiritual and
psychic levels. They are natural earth healers, being able to lay hands on anything at all and
impart healing energies. They are drawn to people or animals in pain and will 'touch' to take away
pain. Basically, they are born to heal on all levels.
The other side of all this I guess is the fact that these kids are sensitive to harshness on all levels
- bright lights, preservatives, loud noise, cruelty, anger, extremes of climate and temperature
amongst other things. Food/feeding can cause headaches for all concerned. Allow them to eat
when hungry where possible. Their reaction to harshness is to withdraw- to pull their powers
inwards to the centre. Illness is also a reaction to unease in their environment. Throat and chest
illness seems to dominate.
One main thing I have noticed is that the 'new souls' of the 'blue stars' are ACTIVE little creatures
!! It is very obvious that the earth environment and physical incarnation is new to them and this
makes it a very exciting place to be. Expect a child who wants to touch, climb, sample, hear, feel,
taste everything he/she can get their hands on- a real little dare devil seeking to experience all life
has to offer. Get the bandaids ready! Remember your first time in a new exciting situation? This is
life for the new souls in the blue star kids.
The reincarnated 'blue stars' are more reserved and having experienced physical reality before,
will be less likely to be found swinging from the light fittings in the lounge room. ( been there,
done that!) I am of course, open to questions on this subject- PLEASE keep in mind that I am
only a Messenger relaying to you what information I am given from my Divine Guides. Take what

resonates with you and leave the rest. I leave you with love & blue light, Elizabeth Ballico ( Raihn)
Elizabeth Ballico ( Raihn) * Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia http://raihndrops. blogspot.
com/ http://tarotclassroom.blogspot. com/ To contact the author send an email to
elizabethbrowne12@, also checkout the Rose Cottage Website:

The Shift to New Reality

The Shift- Part 1 The Shift Unfolds
The Shift to New Reality by Owen Waters
The Shift is the mass awakening of humanitys heart. This transformation of consciousness, the
greatest one ever recorded, first became apparent in the mid-1960s and has been building
momentum ever since.
The Shift is a collective transformation consisting of the sum of each individuals step forward into
the New Reality. Each person, in their own time, is moving forward into a new stage of
consciousness, one which brings a wider vista and an awareness that springs from the heart.
In the early 1960s, just one in fifty adults had reached this new awareness. Today, according to
extensive surveys, more than one in four adults in the United States and Europe have moved into
the heart space which forms the nucleus of The Shift.
The New Reality is not something vague. It is as real as the notes on a piano keyboard. It has a
specific frequency, as this book will reveal. Each stage of human consciousness resonates to a
specific note within the musical octave. This new stage of consciousness resonates to the note F
sharp. When a persons consciousness reaches a frequency that resonates with F sharp, then and not before then - they discover unconditional love and the ability to envision a future filled
with hope and peace.
The New Reality is about discovering your true potential, about living your highest joy and serving
others in the way that best fulfils your highest purpose. Its about cooperation instead of
competition. Its about becoming a whole person in mind, body and spirit.
The Shift to the New Reality brings to each individual a sense of greater freedom, greater joy and
personal fulfillment.
The Shift to the New Reality is all about heart-powered consciousness.
Are You A Cultural Creative?
Over fifty million Americans fit the definition of a newly emerging type of humanity, a culture that
hardly existed prior to the 1960s.
In a 1990s study of more than 100,000 adults in the United States, Paul Ray and Sherry
Anderson reveal that a huge 26 percent of these adults have made a comprehensive shift in their
worldview, values and way of life.

In Europe, the story is very much the same. A 1997 survey conducted in fifteen European
countries shows figures that are very similar to the United States.
In their book, The Cultural Creatives, Ray and Anderson summarize the typical values of this
new, leading-edge group of people that they call Cultural Creatives. The Cultural Creatives are
people who love nature, respect the Earth and are deeply concerned about the environment.
They like to develop close relationships with each other, and to help and encourage other people
to develop their abilities. They care about personal and spiritual development, and want more
equality for women and all cultural groups.
Cultural Creatives would like to develop a new way of life. They are cynical of media-fed
information, and want to find a new political philosophy that works in todays reality. They are not
materialistically driven, and typically have their finances and spending under control. They like
traveling to other countries to get to know new cultures and they want to develop a sense of
community where they live. Authenticity is important to Cultural Creatives - their actions have to
be consistent with their words and inner beliefs.
This means that if you are searching for better quality of life, less stress, better health, and a
simpler lifestyle that includes more spirituality, then you are one of a growing number of people
who have already become a part of the greatest social transformation of all time.
[Chapter continued in the book...]
The Dawning of the New Reality
The Shift into the New Reality is a consciousness revolution. It dwarfs all previous and current
revolutions, including the Industrial Revolution, which swept through Britain in the eighteenth
century bringing massive social and technological changes. Todays information revolution, made
possible by computers and telecommunications, is transforming the face of society at an even
more dizzying rate.
However, these changes pale in significance when compared with the consciousness revolution,
which is transforming our very perception of the nature of the universe.
Identifying Trends In Thought
A keenly insightful social scientist, Clare W. Graves (1914-86), identified the historical phases of
social progress within civilization. He came to the realization that, today, mankind is preparing for
a momentous leap. This leap, he said, would be a mega-change within society which would dwarf
all previous changes.
[Chapter continued in the book...]
The Shift into the Second Tier of Consciousness
The Shift is the mass migration of humanity into the second tier of consciousness. Millions of trail
blazers have already made The Shift. More follow them every day. The second tier is the New
Reality. When you understand the nature of the second tier, you will understand tomorrows
The first tier develops intellectual skills and emotional contrast. The second tier changes the
focus of personal growth to a spiritual context, expanding the vision of what can be achieved
through reaching ever greater heights of human potential.

In the second tier we become less personally identified with the thought and emotions which pass
through our awareness. We see emotions more as things that hold our attention, rather than as
things that identify who we are. This opens up the doorway to the enjoyment of an unconditionally
accepting view of life and of other people.
With the new, second tier of consciousness comes freedom from all of the fears of the prior
stages, and, finally, the freedom for human cognition to focus upon its true possibilities in the
Clare Graves identified and cataloged two of six memes of the second tier. [Memes are the social
equivalent of genes, cultural units of information which self-replicate from mind to mind on a vast
scale, appearing within society as new trends of thought.]
Meme 7. Responsible freedom.
This meme is about flexible flow, about adapting to a world full of change. With it come big-picture
views and the discovery of self-accountable, personal freedom.
[Chapter continued in the book...]
A Meme-Related Definition of Spirituality
Basic consciousness is associated with the first tier of six memes. Its function is to provide
learning from the diversity of experience in the world and to gain definition as an individual. In
particular, it explores duality; the idea that opposites are separate from each other, rather than
facets of an underlying whole.
The duality of good versus evil, for example, is made possible by a belief in the existence of an
opposite pole to goodness and wholeness. This belief, or expectation, creates the possibility that
evil can exist and manifest in a world of duality. Evil cannot be conquered via conflict, as the act
of conflict only adds power to the illusion which generates its existence. It can only be resolved by
adopting a consciousness of unity rather than separation. Then, lasting solutions to the illusion of
duality become possible.
Spiritual consciousness is associated with the second tier of six memes. With it comes the
developing awareness of the oneness of all life.
Spiritual consciousness starts with an appreciation that all people are facets of the one underlying
consciousness of the universe. Along with this comes an understanding that we each have our
own unique viewpoint of the universe. It is through our individual diversity that the whole
consciousness of humanity gains an infinite range of experience of all facets of life.
As a person becomes more at one with all of existence, they do not lose any sense of
individuality. In all of Creation, diversity is the rule. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each
The Mystery Meme
The authors of Spiral Dynamics have identified the existence of the next, new meme. This ninth
meme, which they call coral, has not yet been observed in large quantities of people, so they
have been unable yet to summarize its characteristics.

Before we examine how to successfully operate within the New Reality, which begins primarily
with meme number seven, lets look ahead and examine what discoveries await us within the
mysterious ninth meme.
Second tier memes are reminiscent of their first tier cousins. The first tier of six memes is a basic,
or physically-oriented, set while the second tier is creatively or spiritually-oriented. The second
tier, being of a higher frequency band of consciousness than the first tier, will exert considerably
more influence in the world as its activation becomes more widespread. As the popular use of the
second tier of memes only began in earnest in the mid-1960s, we have yet to see much of its
influence manifest in the world.
Meme number seven (responsible freedom) is related to its first tier equivalent, meme number
one (basic, personal survival). Meme number seven means having a viewpoint from a much
wider vista of consciousness than meme one. It deals with flexible flow and with adapting to a
world full of change. Meme number seven is like learning to survive all over again, but this time
through a global viewpoint. It is the starting point, and the orientation course, for the entire second
tier of memes.
[Chapter continued in the book...]
The Nature of the Mystery Meme
The new meme - number nine - will be like meme number three (courage, survival of the fittest),
only in a higher form of manifestation. Meme number threes courage brought about adventure,
exploration and mastery of the physical environment. As the second tier memes all have a
creative or spiritual orientation, this means that the new meme number nine will bring about
adventure, exploration and mastery of the holistic environment of mind, body and spirit. It will do
this while encompassing a global scale of awareness.
The new, ninth meme will bring exploration of the spiritually-inspired use of the power of the mind
to transform reality for the better. It will create a strong demand for spiritual and creative freedom
on a global basis.
This far-ranging, inspiring meme has the power, quite simply, to transform the entire world as we
know it.
The keywords of the ninth meme will be Powerful creativity.
This is not just the type of creativity that uses the imagination to create new ideas, inventions and
works of art. When this meme eventually unfolds on planet Earth, its higher form of creativity will
come fully-primed with spiritual power - enough power to transform life on this planet into a whole
new level of joy and harmony.
[Chapter continued in the book...]
Maslow Predicted The Shift
Abraham Maslow (1908-70) was a psychologist who became famous for his hierarchy of human
needs. When he developed his theory in the 1950s, he predicted the transformation of humanity
into a realm of spiritual transcendence, but he had no idea just how soon this would develop into
a major movement. Little did he know that, in the mid-1960s, the shift towards transcendence
would suddenly take off and never look back?

Maslows hierarchy of human needs shows that basic human needs have to be fulfilled before
people can attend to higher needs and values.
First, the basic physiological needs of food and shelter must be met in order to ensure survival.
Second, once food and shelter are obtained, safety and security must be achieved.
Third, acceptance by others is sought, in both the social and romantic sense. To fulfill this
belonging need, people become part of a group, a tribe, an extended family or a community.
When these outer-directed needs are satisfied, then the individual works to acquire self-respect.
Recognition by others produces self-esteem.
[Chapter continued in the book...]
The Cosmic Calendar
Why should society be rushing headlong into a New Reality of awareness at this particular point
in history? The sudden awakening of holistic, spiritual thought in the 1960s affected the younger
generation of that era. Those who were impressed and changed by, for example, the Summer of
Love in the year 1967 will be at the peak of their economic and political influence by the year
2010. They will, by then, be the Elders of society, the wise ones that younger generations look to
for guidance when things go wrong.
If society is ready to start moving en masse into The Shift after the year 2010, you have to
wonder what cosmic events might be in synchronicity with such timing. Could there be some
grand, cosmic event about to occur? How about an imminent event which occurs just once every
26,000 years? Would that pique your curiosity?
The ancient Mayan civilization existed up until 830 A.D., when they suddenly disappeared from
their cities, leaving no traces behind as to where they may have moved. Despite an apparent lack
of precision instruments, the astronomical knowledge of the Mayan culture exceeded todays
level of knowledge in many ways. They not only knew the precise orbits of the planets in our solar
system, but also the orbits of the stars in our galaxy. They had even cataloged major cosmic
events going back more than 400 million years. The Mayan calendars are masterpieces which
illustrate the repeating time-spirals of cosmic cycles within cycles within cycles.
The Mayans spoke of waves of influence which pass through the galaxy; waves which are so
influential that they are capable of triggering the formation of suns from collections of gases. They
also spoke of waves of galactic influence which have a profound effect upon human history on
planet Earth.
One such critical point is a major galactic synchronization which is due to occur in the very near
future, on December 21st, 2012. This date marks the end of a 26,000 year cycle of a style of
human experience, as well as the end of a 5,200 year cycle within that, and also the end of many
more sub-cycles, all in synchronicity with each other.
On December 21st, 2012, when the Mayan calendar again resets to zero, a new 26,000 year
cycle begins. Now, 26,000-year cycles dont suddenly change from an old cycle to a new cycle in
the blink of an eye. Such a huge cycle influences a period of overlap, both before and after the
exact date of the change to a new cycle. The overlap period before the year 2012 would have
included its early influence upon culture in the 1960s, when the current transformation in
consciousness began in earnest.

The question is, when future generations look back on our current era, will they see the year 2012
as the pivotal point within The Shift? Could the year 2012 mark a turning point where the old type
of humanity, Homo sapiens (knowing man), shifts into wholeness as the second tier of
consciousness begins to reach popularity? Will the second tier be seen, in retrospect, as a new
phase of human evolution, a kind of Homo holisticus?
One thing that is certain at this point is that The Shift is a real phenomenon and, as the Cultural
Creatives and memes studies demonstrate, it is happening today. The Shift is not a temporary
by-product of the baby boom generation or of any other generation in modern society. It is not a
passing fad and it is not going away.
The Shift is the result of a cosmic cycle which is unfolding and, slowly but steadily, increasing the
frequency of all consciousness upon the planet.
The Shift is, to put it simply, the most wonderful transformation in recorded history. This is where
humanity gets to build, literally, Heaven on Earth.
Masculine Energy versus Feminine Energy
Masculine Energy versus Feminine Energy Author: Skye Thomas
I have been reading a lot lately about the concepts of masculine and feminine energy. It all sort of
goes along with the yin and yang definitions of masculine and feminine. I do not think I need to
define the differences for you. The ideas I feel called to address today have more to do with the
finger pointing and blame going on in the spiritual communities. Some religions believe in a
masculine god and others in a feminine goddess. There is this snobbish assumption that only one
is correct and that the other belief is foolish and misguided. Each believes that if everyone would
subscribe to their particular vision of power, then all would be right with the world.
There is a lot of talk among the new age communities about a return to feminine energy and a
return to feminine leadership. Somehow, it is believed that with women in charge we will
somehow clean up all of the world's problems and magically bring civilization back to a place of
beauty and harmony living off the land in a peaceful nurturing way. I even read an article recently
written by a new age man asking where we women were and when would we be coming back to
fix the mess that he feels the men have made of our planet. Wow! What a big responsibility!
My first response to reading this man's well written essay about how men had really screwed
things up with their greed and testosterone filled war like natures, was to say "It's not my job to fix
your mess! Where do you get off making a mess and then asking when someone else is going to
clean up? Why not ask the men when they're going to clean up after themselves?" Once I calmed
down though, I got to thinking about the feminine energy and how it works. I rethought my
answers and thought that I should say, "Feminine energy by definition is gentle and nurturing,
healing and loving. You won't see us come charging in like warriors gone to battle. Our effects will
be subtle and beautiful like the breeze blowing the leaves of a tree."
Having stewed over the topic for a few more weeks, I have some more enlightened thoughts to
share. Why is it even referred to as masculine or feminine? Have you never seen a female fight to
the death to protect her family? Have you never seen a man cry for the magic of seeing his child
born? Do you think that women aren't capable of being greedy and selfish? Do you really believe
that men aren't capable of being healers? Whatever happened to the belief that both energies lie
within all of us? Men didn't create these problems anymore then women did. It takes one to agree
to be victimized. If women truly wanted to take power, they're smart enough to overcome the
physical strength differences. The truth is, we agreed to a philosophical view that men were
smarter, stronger, and closer to god then we are. We chose to subscribe to that just like they did.

Perhaps the deity in charge is better than us and is a perfect blend of all energies, masculine and
feminine. Perhaps it doesn't require an immature split of energies and a need to blame the other
for the state of things. Perhaps 'god' is more grown up than that and understands that we all have
free will to screw things up or fix them however we choose. Perhaps the 'goddess' is waiting for
us all to figure out how to play nice together.
If we are completely honest, we have no proof whatsoever that there is a male god or a female
goddess. We have no proof that there is a husband and wife team either. And atheists have no
proof that there is no higher power in charge either. None of us can prove anything other than the
history of our belief systems and even that we screw up and argue over them. All we have are
millions of miracles that have happened in the name of every deity ever known to mankind and
we have a lot of stories passed down through the generations. Other than that, we don't know
squat about who or what god is. It's beyond us and probably ought to stay that way. I suspect the
answers to god and the heavens is hidden in the answers to who we are and why we are here.
Until we know for sure that we are absolutely positively right, we have no business fighting. I
believe that when we do find out for sure what is going on, that we won't need to fight over all of
the 'what if?'s anymore.
I for one, refuse to blame the men for where we are at this point in history. For every story of a
rape, there is a story of a woman taking a man's children from him. For every story of a man
treating a woman like she is stupid, there's a gold digger proving that women are just as vicious
and deceitful.
For every Dali Lama, there is a Mother Theresa. For every Gandhi, there is a Joan of Arc. Gender
does not make you more or less spiritual. You make yourself spiritual.
There is nothing holy about a holy war and there is nothing spiritual about blaming one gender
over another for the problems we face. It takes both genders to create life and it takes both
genders to make it holy and sacred. The solution is in taking a 'we' and 'us' type of an approach.
We screwed our planet up. We created this dynamic and we have to fix it. All of us need to work
together, regardless of gender and regardless of whichever form of godlike energy we have
chosen to favor. The root of every religion is that god is love. So, love one another.
Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow's Edge
Another New Age
Look! It's Another New Age! Author: Lois Grant-Holland
There's nothing new about "the new age" except the attitude of the souls participating in it. I bet
every soul who chose to incarnate into this particular historical era shook their little energy heads
and said, "Oh, no! Not again!"
Spiritual enlightenment is the very purpose of life as thinking, feeling human beings here on the
planet Earth. The path to spiritual enlightenment is different for every soul, in every lifetime,
depending on what lessons they've already learned in other lifetimes and what lessons they hope
to accomplish by being alive in this one.
In some lifetimes, for some souls, enlightenment is a very quiet and personal process - so quiet
and so personal that hardly anyone (including the soul in question) realizes that spiritual growth is
taking place at all. We choose lifetimes in certain historical eras or within certain cultures where
spiritual truth is not an obvious issue so that we can focus our learning energies on the more
subtle aspects of truth.

When we choose lifetimes in which we are comfortable with the spiritual or religious beliefs of the
culture that we are born into, and we have no inner drive to question or go against that truth, we
know that confirming the 'dogma' of our spiritual truth is not on our learning agenda.
When we choose lifetimes and/or cultures that put us right in the middle of religious (or spiritual)
dissent, we know that confirming our denying our inner truth is a priority in that lifetime, since we
are forced to choose between expressing what we really think and feel and/or going against the
majority, which is usually not a healthy thing to do. Participation in these cultural learning
experiences is a major aspect of soul level planning for spiritual growth.
Just as we might decide, on a conscious level, that we want to take a pottery class, so our soul
might decide that we want to be a part of The Inquisition, or The Crusades, or The Salem Witch
Hunts, for the experience and life lessons inherent to it. Sometimes we're looking for something
new to believe in; sometimes we're looking for confirmation of what we already believe is truth.
Always, we are seeking to find God's truth within us. We've all lived enough lifetimes to know that
a new New Age begins each time Man as a species finds something, or someone, new to
I don't imagine that early Man (Flintstone era) worshipped much of anything. Every ounce of his
energy was required just to survive in his animal-level world. He probably wasn't very aware of
what he was feeling at any given point, and - even if he was - he probably didn't have the brain
power to give it a name or think about what it meant to his life to be feeling that way. Early Man
wasn't much of a thinking, feeling human being at all, but he was certainly an important step in
the right direction.
The right direction, of course, is the one that takes us ever closer to reaching our full potential as
what we intended to be on this particular level of existence: thinking, feeling human beings. We
choose life on this level to experience the power of thought and emotions; karmic repercussions
ensure that, by the time we're done, we are fully aware that we create our own reality by the way
we respond to the people, and events and situations that make up our day-to-day lives. The way
we think determines what we feel, and the way we feel determines how we respond. How we
respond determines our present-moment reality.
This New Age is definitively different from the New Ages that have come before. Modern
technology has made the world a smaller place than it used to be. In a lifetime in medieval
England , we might never have traveled more than five miles from home, or known more than two
hundred people in our lifetime. Our opportunities for enlightenment were definitely limited to the
present moment here and now. With modern technology, our opportunities for enlightenment
become as infinite as life itself; our generation has more opportunities for spiritual awareness on
all levels than any other generation before us.
What makes this New Age different is the high-tech, fast-paced environment that offers each soul
unprecedented opportunity for spiritual growth. Lifetimes of accumulated karmic debt can be
brought into balance by the high volume of personal interactions we experience every day; in fact,
if we're a telemarketer, we may talk to more people in a single day in this lifetime than we've
talked to in an entire lifetime in a quieter lifetime in a quieter era.
Our high-tech, fast paced world offers us easy access to everything we need to come in touch the
purpose of our existence: we are here to live our lives as spiritual beings in physical bodies, with
the potential to create our own "Heaven on Earth" through the way we think and the way we feel.
And there's nothing new about that.

What Is Quantum Physics Author:
Jason Randhawa
Alexandra Bruce, in her book "Beyond the Bleep" defines quantum physics as a set of theories
that are described by mathematical equations, which explain and predict events that occur at
atomic and subatomic levels. The subatomic proofs of quantum mechanics do not reconcile with
observations on the familiar macroscopic level of the human scale of reality, in which the bulk
(quite literally) of our activity is perceived to take place. In other words, quantum physics is just
the physics of the incredibly small. The importance of this is, that on small scales the common
laws of physics begin to deteriorate. Things become very mysterious, and ancient spiritual /
metaphysical teachings begin to become scientifically proven.
This branch of science began with Max Planks theory of quanta in 1900 and Albert Einsteins
special theory of relativity in 1905. Even today, quantum physics is not complete. The math
seems to be complete, but the theory includes absolutely nothing that would tie the math to a
physical reality we could imagine. The beauty of this science is that it has left us with rather large,
open questions; mainly: what is reality?
Amit Goswami, Ph.D., is quoted as saying, Quantum physics, very succinctly speaking, is the
physics of possibilities. Quantum physics tries to explain the behavior of very small particles, by
doing this, scientists are provided with clues as to the true, fundamental nature of the universe.
And then scientists are able to understand what makes up the universe and how it behaves. Gary
Zukav, in his book: "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" , says the statistical predictions of quantum
mechanics area always correct. Quantum mechanics is the theory. It has explained everything
from subatomic particles to transistors to stellar energy. It has never failed. It has no competition.
As you can see, quantum physics can be very powerful.
It is also important to understand what the word quantum means. Gary Zukav takes you through
the answer in his book, "The Dancing Wu Li Masters," by saying According to the dictionary, a
quantum is a quantity of something. The question is of what? A quantum is a piece of action (a
piece of action?). The problem is that a quantum can be like a wave, and then again it can be like
a particle, which is everything that a wave isnt. Furthermore, when a quantum is like a particle, it
is not like a particle in the ordinary sense of the word. A subatomic particle is not a thing. (We
cannot determine simultaneously its position and momentum.) A subatomic particle
(quantum) is a set of relationships, or an intermediate state. It can be broken up, but out of
the breaking come more particles as elementary as the original. As you can see the
quantum world can be very exciting, and similar to the metaphysical world. Since, in the end,
there is only really one world being perceived through different eyes.
In conclusion, Quantum physicsconsists of a well-defined set of rules which work in a
universal way. Yet what it predicts about the world is not how the world appears. It predicts,
among other things, strange overlaps of reality, parallel realities, and objects being in two or more
places at the same time.
Provides new metaphors to understand lifes experiences.
Can change your life.
- Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., in his book: Dr Quantum's Little Book of Big Ideas

The Basics of Quantum Physics

The Main Theories Proposed by Quantum Physics
Author: Jason Randhawa
Even the basics of quantum physics can seem confusing at first. But, if you understand ancient
metaphysical / spiritual teachings, you will be able to quickly absorb and understand the theories
proposed by quantum physics. This article is more about the main ideas proposed by quantum
physics, rather than the basics of quantum physics.
The ideas that quantum physics are revealing do not seem to be something that would come from
science. Such things as:

could be in up to 3,000 places!)

out over space and time.
Subatomic particles seem to travel instantaneously over any expanse of space (even though
Einstein said that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light)
conditions. But in quantum physics, you can never know with absolute certainty how a specific
thing will turn out (deals with probabilities).
And this is just the beginning of the basics of quantum physics. I have included an in-depth view
on the some of the most interesting, main ideas of quantum physics.
1. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

observed from a state/wave of probability to a particle of experience

physicists to comprehend the data, they need to focus on the observer, rather than
the data

ng has the ability to observe and change subatomic reality

until it is being observed.
2. Principle of Wave-Particle Duality
to have a dual nature. Depending upon how we look at them, they
can be a particle or a wave.
hand, is not a solid or localized. Instead, a wave is spread out, like a wave in water.
waves. They have no precise location, but exist as probability fields. But, when you are
observing or measuring, they become a particle. When you take these actions, the probability
field collapses into a solid object locatable in a specific place and time.

3. Quantum Jump

space the way we would think, instead they move instantaneously

appear, or when they would jump. The best they can do is formulate the probabilities through
Schrdingers wave equation.
4. Parallel Universes

scientists even speculate an infinite number of parallel universes.

alternate `you' in the other universe makes the opposite decision

These are just the main ideas/ basics of quantum physics, which I feel are important and
interesting. There is still much more to the basics of quantum physics, but by now you should
have a good idea of what this remarkable science is all about. A great overview of the basics of
quantum physics and how it contrasts with the old science (Newtonian Physics, which is the
science you learned in school), is contained in the book The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary

Dancing Lessons for Newtonian Physics:

Can picture it
Based on ordinary sense perceptions
Describes things, individual objects in space and their changes in time.
Predicts events
Assumes an objective reality out there
We can observe something without changing it.
Claims to be based on absolute truth; the way that nature really is behind the scenes.
Dancing Lessons for Quantum Mechanics:
Cannot picture it.
Based on behavior of subatomic particles and systems not directly observable.
Describes statistical behavior of systems
Predicts probabilities
Does not assume an objective reality apart from our experience
We cannot observe something without changing it
Claims only to correlate experience correctly"
So there you have it. If you enjoyed the contrast between classic physics and quantum physics,
you can check out Gary Zukavs wonderful book by clicking on the following link so you can learm
more about the basics of quantum physics.
By now, if you understand the basics of quantum physics, you are probably beginning to see how
and why physics and metaphysics are about to merge. For more information on this you should
check out another article I wrote, by clicking on the title, called: Where Physics and Metaphysics
Merge--Quantum Physics Jason Randhawa 2006

Where Physics and Metaphysics Merge

The Convergence of Science and Spirituality
Before you can understand why, how, and where physics and metaphysics will converge, you
must understand exactly what is meant by physics and metaphysics. Metaphysics is basically the
philosophical study of being and knowing. Metaphysics is very closely related to spirituality, but it
is not religious. On the other hand, when I talk about physics I am not really talking about the old
Newtonian physics that many of us were taught in school. Instead, I am talking more about the
leading edge sciences that are, in my opinion, currently expanding the previous limits of science,
mainly quantum physics (the science where physics and metaphysics merge)
Why / Where Metaphysics and Physics are about to Merge?
Science and spirituality have a very close relationship. Metaphysics / spirituality and science are
really two complimentary ways of looking at reality. Therefore as we get closer to the truth,
physics and metaphysics must merge, or in other words, science will meet spirit.
The main difference between science and spirituality was:
true spirituality you look within
external sources
But now, scientists are beginning to look within, to solve external scientific problems, because
almost every day new information is coming out that does not make sense under the old science
(such as psychic phenomenon). Scientists are now beginning to go straight to the real source,
which is the same source that supplies metaphysics. Therefore, it is inevitable that physics and
metaphysics merge.
It was very important that, a long time ago, we made the decision to separate spirit from science.
And so we were able to learn how to do science. But now weve learned, and we can take on the
richer task of learning to do science when consciousness is part of the experiment. -William
Tiller, Ph.D.
Sciences approach to The Truth
The initial goal of science was, of course, not to separate science and spirit, but instead to
understand nature. In early/ancient civilizations science and spirituality were meant to compliment
each other and nature. Scientists wanted to understand nature, so they could live in harmony with
it, not so they could dominate it. Only until the middle of the 16th century did this really change.
Materialism, which is the theory that physical matter is the only reality and that everything,
including thought, feeling, mind, and will, can be explained in terms of matter and physical
phenomena brought about the separation between science and spirit. Since, under this way of
thinking, physical well-being and worldly possessions became the greatest good and had the
highest value in life. The world was thought of as a machine, and there was no need for God or
metaphysics / spirituality.
Then in the early 20th century, scientist like Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrdinger and other
founders of quantum theory proved that it was not a material world at all. Many of the founders of
quantum even had an interest in spiritual matters. They discovered that the physical universe is
essentially non-physical. It seems to arise from a field that is even more subtle than energy, a
field that seems to be more like intelligence or consciousness than matter. As you may know,

these are ancient metaphysical teachings, and metaphysicians have no problems with these
ideas. Even though, much of the scientific community does. And, once materialism is gone, the
convergence of science and spirituality can begin again.
How Physics and Metaphysics Will Merge?
Although, it is not certain exactly how the convergence of science and spirit will take place, there
are many ideas as to how and when this might happen. Some people believe that there will be a
complete blending of one into the other. Others believe that they will continue to overlap and
expand each other. Personally, I believe that through quantum physics, science will prove many
of the ancient metaphysical / spiritual teachings (as it is already doing) and in the process we will
see the convergence to science and spirit.
Or as Fred Allan Wolf, Ph.D. said:
It isnt a question of science bringing spirituality in. Its more a question of expanding the circle
within which both science and spirituality lie, so that the kind of question we can ask can be
looked at from the different points of view that both science and spirituality bring to the table. Its
important to realize that the subject, the inner space, is worthy of great exploration. Its important
to realize that the ways we explore the inner space may not be the same ways that we explore
outer space. But the ways that we understand inner space may be greatly assisted by the ways
that we understand the quantum nature of the physical world.
In conclusion, every day we are coming closer to seeing physics and metaphysics merge. I look
forward to watching this, just as much as you do.
What Is Reality?--The Leading Edge Scientific View of Reality
Author: Jason Randhawa
If you were to ask a group of scientists, what is reality? You would get some mixed answers.
There are many scientific views of reality. Some are, in my opinion, very conservative and some
would be termed very radical. In the following article, when I answer this question, what is
reality? I will be using the more radical, leading-edge answers. So by no means will all scientists
accept this scientific view of reality, even though it has been scientifically supported by quantum
What I thought was unreal now, for me, seems in some ways to be more real than what I think to
be real, which seems now to be unreal. -Fred Allan Wolf, Ph.D.
What Is Reality Made of?
The only thing that is solid about reality is your perception of it. Quantum physics has been very
clear about this. For centuries, metaphysicians believed that nothing was real, except for thoughts
and ideas, which they believed was what everything was made of. Finally, now, science is
proving this. As Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., has said, There is essentially nothing to matter
whatsoeverits completely insubstantial. The most solid thing you could say about all this
insubstantial matter is that its more like a thought; its like a concentrated bit of information.
Quantum mechanics states that reality is only an absolute rock-solid existence when you are
interacting with it. But, when you are not interacting with it, it becomes fuzzy. Therefore reality is
both a rock-solid experience and a fuzzy, non-physical probability. This is very similar to the

Wave-Particle Theory, which is basically; When you are looking/measuring, it will be a particle
of experience; when you are not looking/measuring, it will be a wave of possibility.
You may be thinking how can reality be both. I believe that reality is really the broad range of nonphysical possibilities. We have simply been trained to perceive the physical reality, which we are
currently experiencing. Therefore when we are interacting with reality it becomes that which we
have trained it to become. When we are not interacting with reality, it goes back to its real, natural
state. Through your beliefs and ideas you have been trained to only perceive this. It has been
scientifically proven that, as the observer, our beliefs and ideas affect the reality we experience.
The Role of the Observer
The bottom line of quantum physics is: We create the world we perceive. Whenever you open
your eyes and look around, you are not seeing reality, you are only seeing what your human
senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight) are allowing you to see, through your belief system.
Science has found out that you are aware of only 2000 bits of information out of the 400 Billion
bits of information your brain is processing per second. Think about that for a moment
Where does that other information go?
What is around you right now, that you are not aware of?
What are you not perceiving, that you could be?
Is everyone aware of the same 2000 bits of information, or do we each perceive a slightly
different reality?
The role of the observer becomes very important in the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This
scientifically proven principle states that the conscious act of observation is a key factor in the
formation of our reality. When you observe something, you affect it. Everyday, you are affecting
your reality. Although, you dont really change reality, since reality is absolute. Instead you
change how you perceive reality.
As Fred Allan Wolf, Ph.D. says in his book, Dr. Quantum's Little Book of Big Ideas, Reality is not
just the physical world; its the relationship of the mind with the physical world that creates the
perception of reality. There is no reality without a perception of reality.
This All Sounds Good, but What Should I Do About This?
This question was best answered by the brilliant quantum physicist, Amit Goswami, Ph.D. when
he said,
Instead of thinking of thing as thingswe all have a habit of thinking that everything around us is
already a thing, existing without my input, without my choice. You have to banish that kind of
thinking. Instead, you really have to recognize that even the material world around us; the chairs,
the tables, the carpetcamera includedall of these are nothing but possible movements of
consciousness. And I am choosing, moment-to-moment, out of those movements, to bring my
actual experience into manifestation. This is the only radical thinking you need to do. But it is so
radical; it is so difficult because our tendency is that the world is already out there, independent of
my experience. It is not. Quantum physics has been so clear about it. Heisenberg (1901-1976),
himself, core discoverer of quantum physics, said atoms are not things, theyre only tendencies,
so instead of things, you have to think possibilities. Theyre all possibilities of consciousness.

By now you should have a good idea of what reality is, as defined by quantum physics. But, you
may be wondering what the importance of knowing this is. And I will leave you with the answer:
Who we are? Where we come from? What is possible? and almost every other question is
based on what we think is real.

Science and God

Science and God are not as closely related as many of us would like.
This will be a brief article, because, as many of you know, science has been having a tough time
going over the subject of God. Since they find it very difficult, they to keep going over "smaller",
and in my opinion, less important things. Now, the ideas of science and God seem like opposites.
Many people believe that currently science doesn't have the framework to understand "God".
But it is pretty easy to understand the kind of difficulty, the scientists must be going through. As
Fred Allan Wolf, in his book, Dr. Quantum's Little Book of Big Ideas, points out "Asking a human
being to explain what God is is similar to asking a fish to explain the water in which the fish
A few scientists have made some conclusions about God, such as God is consciousness, and we
all have it. They go on to conclude consciousness is always with consciousness. Some scientists
have also realized that consciousness is the only real constant in our lives.
As you probably know, consciousness can be very hard to describe, it is something that you must
experience. Also, consciousness is always there, so sometimes it is taken for granted.
Scientists stuck in the old paradigm, dismiss consciousness as a product of the brain. This old
paradigm suggests evolution, and no life after death.
Some leading-edge scientists (mainly quantum physicists) believe that we need to consider the
alternative worldview put forth by metaphysical / spiritual teachings in which consciousness is
held as a fundamental component of reality.
Many, are even beginning to accept the metaphysical belief that everything springs from the
underlying well of consciousness. Everyday, science and God are becoming closer. It is only a
matter of time till they meet again.

Why Study Quantum Physics -- Quantum Physics and Life (achieving health, wealth, and
Author:Jason Randhawa
The only answer you need to the question, "why study quantum physics?" is because you can
learn how to consciously create your reality. Quantum physics is the only science that takes you
(as the observer) into consideration. It is, in my opinion, the most empowering science.
When you apply the theories of quantum physics to your life, you will experience health, wealth,
and happiness. Quantum physics teaches us that our observations bring the world into existence
and therefore provides us with the opportunity to change both us and the world.

Your reality is in the form of possiblities laying out in front of you. Those possibilities remain as
such, awaiting consciousness to choose from among them and bring the actual events into
experience. This is what you are doing on a constant basis. Even right now, you are choosing the
event of reading this, out of the infinite possiblities of things you could be doing right now. The
important thing, that you should realize, is that you choose!
Many quantum physicists explain that we choose our reality, through our thoughts. The best
scientific experiment done on this was what Dr. Emoto did with water. If you don't already know,
he developed a technique using a very powerful microscope in a very cold room along with highspeed photography, to photograph newly formed crystals of frozen water samples. With this
technology, Dr. Emoto then produced different focused intentions through written and spoken
words and literally presented it to the same water samples, the water appeared to "change its
Dr. Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific,
concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and
water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake
patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete,
asymmetrical patterns with dull colors.
You can check out some pictures of these water crystals at
More scientific evidence of the power of thoughts in creating reality comes from a recent study
done at Harvard by Ellen Langer and Rebecca Levy. They compared memory loss of elderly
people from different cultures. Their findings were that Americans, who live in a culture that fears
old age and believes that our powers decline as we age, had substantial memory loss. Compared
to elderly Chinese, whose culture holds older people in high esteem, showed almost no memory
As you can see, our beliefs and ideas that we take for granted are constantly affecting our reality.
To be able to use quantum physics to better your life, which is the best reason why you should
study quantum physics, you must realize that you do create your own reality. This puts you in a
point of power. From here, you must simply think thoughts that will attract whatever it is that you
want from life (health, wealth, and happiness).
"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we
become." -Buddha
It is really that simple. You can make this more complicated if you wish, but I am going to keep it
Quantum Field of Possibilities
Quantum Field of Possibilities...
Do Affirmations Influence the Quantum Field?
Author: Thomas Herold
Infecting the Quantum field by starting the day with an intention of what you want to create
(experience). Is this similar or aligned with a primary? A primary is single specific of what you
want to create. Where as the method of how he creates his day seems less specific. Are doing
affirmations similar? Does all this contribute to infecting the quantum field?

What is the Quantum Field?

The quantum field is basically the sum of all waves of possibilities. Everthing consists of energy
and therefore produces a wave. All these waves together interfere with each other and create
new combinations of waves. Sometimes particular waves increase in their amplitude (getting
bigger) and sometimes waves completely disappear.
Therefore yes, everything contributes to infecting the quantum field. Actually, there is nothing you
can do, not to influence it. Every thought, every feeling and every action has its effect in the
quantum field.
What Are Affirmations?
Affirmations are frequently repeated spoken words. For example I say to myself every day "I am
healthy and fit". What effect does this have on the quantum field? I think the result depends on
the state of consciousness.
Imagine you are standing on a lake and there is no wind or any other influence whatsoever. If you
observe the surface of the lake you will see it absolutely calm. Then throw in a small stone and
you will see the waves it creates. If you look closely you could see the waves spreading out over
the complete lake. Now imagine that the lake is filled with hundreds of boats, there is wind and
you throw the same stone into it.
Can you even recognize the ripple it makes?
Probably the same is going on in your consciousness. If you have too many thoughts, feelings
and other things going on the extra little wave you create will immediately dissapear.
What is a Creation?
In quantum physics terms a creation is the collapse of a wave function into a particle. Out of
infinite possibilities you are focusing on one single wave and this wave is collapsing into a particle
and appears therefore in space and time. Consciousness creates a subject and a object at the
same time. It is the birth of duality. As you can see on one level you create and on the other level
you just observe something that was always present as a possibility. However, the domain in
which you create depends again on the state of consciousness you are in.
What is Attention, Intention & Focus?
Attention roots in the Greek word attendere which means towards something. You could
compare this to a radio. You tune in on one channel, on one frequency. There are all frequencies
simultaneously present, but using your attention selects one frequency out of many.
In quantum physics attention is the observer! That means your attention already collapses the
wave function of possibilities and creates reality.
Intention refers to ones motivation; it in no way implies force, or involving your will in the
outcome. Two important variables are attention and attitude.
Focus refers to be fully engaging in the present moment. The ability to observe without
attachment contributes to the outcome. In quantum physics, we know nothing happens that isnt
first observed. From my experience I would say intention works best when it comes from a natural

place. What do I mean by that? A natural place would be a unique quality or gift you have. It is
something that interests you without forcing yourself.
So focusing your intention on what you can do with your gift would work far better then focusing
on getting rich. There is nothing wrong with getting rich of course, but for most of us this intention
would come more from fear and not having enough. Therefore, it would be driven by force and
not by power. Power is natural, force is artificial.
Power is always there, force needs to be created constantly to be effective.
By Thomas Herold
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Spirituality; How Your Beliefs Affect The Quantum Field Of Possibilities
Author: Nick Arrizza, M.D.
Let's face it; every morning when you wake up aren't you confronted with new and unexpected
challenges that tax your resources, your energy, your self confidence, and your feelings of
personal adequacy? Well if you're honest with yourself I think the answer will be an obvious yes.
Whether it's your fellow human being, the rapid pace of technological progress, the environment,
or the limitations of your own physical body there always seems to be something that needs to be
overcome. Well that makes for a harsh reality doesn't it?
Yes, I know that you may be asking yourself, what point is he trying to make? After all what he's
saying is a fact, so why belabor the point?
Well the point is that we all seem to take this "fact" for granted don't we? That is we never ask
ourselves for instance: "Why is it this way?", "Does it necessarily have to be this way?", "Who
decided that this is the way it must be?,"Is there another way for us to structure our reality that is
more supportive of who we are and what we desire?"
Well we already know the common answer to the first part: "It's a fact, and facts are facts!
The answer to the second part is likely something like: "We don't have a choice."
The common answer to the third part is: "God or it's just the nature of the universal design."
The last part however may challenge, perhaps annoy, or frustrate some of you because the first
thought might be: Who said that we had any choice in the matter?"
Well you see it is my view that this very belief is the key to the problem. The belief that we have
no say in the matter.
According to my work over the last 10 years I have been showing individuals how their
fundamental beliefs structure their personal and interpersonal realities and by making changes in
these beliefs their realties shift in ways that they could never have imagined.
Believe it or not our reality, that is our collective reality, that which we all call "life on this planet
and the planetary experience itself" is also based on fundamental beliefs that we all hold onto and
have stored deep with the consciousness of our minds and bodies.

Quantum physics is showing us how we as observers through our observations of what is called
the "multi-potential universe" collapse the so called "wave function" into our defined reality.
Well my question then is "Why this one, why not another one more aligned with our personal and
collective desires?"
Well likely because we've never bothered to look at this. You see most of my work seems to bear
out the theoretical implications of quantum physics in that our beliefs are key principles
determining which reality the wave function collapses into. That is because our beliefs structure
the filters of our perception of the reality we choose to recognize.
For instance, if you believe that a particular outcome is impossible or improbable how do you
think this is going to affect such an outcome from manifesting itself in your perception? Highly
unlikely that it will, correct?
So my question to you is what would you like your new reality to look like? Paint yourself a visual
picture of it and see yourself there for a moment. As you do notice how you start to feel inside.
If it doesn't make you feel quite the way you would like to feel then simply change one small
element and notice how that shifts your feelings. Attempt to include things that bring your inner
feelings more into alignment with how you would love to feel inside.
Once you have made a sincere effort at this then create an intention by "seeing yourself" in this
new reality for a few moments. You may extend this part of the visualization for as long as you
wish. The longer the better.
As you do this please do not be afraid to "think big"!
That is imagine that you are a science fiction writer who is creating an entirely new universe using
all of your own desired rules. Don't be afraid to use your imagination to the fullest.
After all there is really nothing you can't imagine.
I ask that you imagine transmitting, in whatever manner makes sense to you, this intention to the
consciousness of the entire human race, alive and dead. By doing so you will be making a major
contribution to changing the fundamental structure of our reality.

Metaphysics in Art
Author: Claire Barker
Word Count: 773
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Metaphysics in Art
Meta is Greek for after or beyond and physics is Greek for nature. Metaphysics is defined as the
branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including such concepts as
being, knowing, substance, essence, cause, identity, time and space. In relation to art, the
metaphysical exists in art because a painting is a product of the mind, it is the creation of ones
desire to paint. In the translation from inner to outer we give form and visual existence to things
which have no substance within our minds and bodies- thoughts, emotions, ideas and desires.
The English philoshopher R.G. Collingwood stressed that in making works of Art an artist is at the
same time making clear the exact nature of his or her emotional condition. (Lowenfeld 2003 p 5)
Art is what now sustains the metaphysical condition which has become viable only by means of
art: this being the only non-illusory alternative after the advent of nihilism, that is to say, the
impossibility of theological metaphysics. Thereby, the non-illusory (art as viable reality) becomes
tautologous with the illusion (of metaphysics) par excellence. I think Nietzsche makes it clearer
when he almost identifies the metaphysics of art with truth: The will to illusion counts as more
profound.., metaphysical than the will to truth art is worth more than truth.(Hollingdale 1973
p155) An attempt to rationalize the above statement is by claiming that the metaphysical in art
rests in its ability to create new forms, thereby signaling the possibility of the non-existent.
Immanual Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason, attempts to rationalise the existence of the
mind/body/soul connection, the cosmos and god by arguing that as in the Descartes philosophy I
think therefore I am we give substance to the afore mentioned ideas by simply believing them,
we hypostasise, value it as an enduring entity despite having no proof of its actual existence.
(Holmes) Art is the integral way to prove the existence of our emotional and perhaps spiritual
substance. I believe this is where sensing integrity becomes apart of aesthetic experience. As a
viewer, qualities such as ease and urgency sign post that a picture was created in direct
correlation to inner guidance, thus is apparently an honest representation of something, even if it
is an abstract work, and therefore an artwork of integrity.
In 1917 an Italian art movement titled Pittura Metaphysica was founded by Carlo Carra and
Giorgio de Chirico. Another affiliate of this group was Giorgio Morandi, George Richardsons
favourite artist. Metaphysical painting sprang from their urge to explore the imagined inner life of
familiar objects when represented out of their explanatory contexts: their solidity, their
separateness in the space allotted to them, the secret dialogue that may take place between
them. (wikipedia) This alertness to the simplicity of ordinary things which points to a higher, more
hidden state of being (Carra) Their main slogan was following: the essence of things can be
conceived not by reason but only using intuition. (wikipedia) The members of Pittura Metaphysica
movement all had fairly surrealist styles; however the reasons why Giorgio Morandis art could be
seen as metaphysical were a lot more subtle than the other artists in this group.
Morandi painted still lives, his paintings of humble arrangements of jars and bottles, painted in
muted pallid colours are some of modernisms most emotional and communicative works of art. In

the forward for his touring exhibition Giorgio Morandi: The Dimensions of Inner Space that
visited the Art Gallery of New South Wales in July 1990, Edmund Capon write;
Silence, stillness, and the solemn eternity of time and space echo through the rich but humbling
images of Morandis Art. His subjects are disarmingly mundane and prosaic, but in his distinctive
view they become emblems that dwell, in the most coherent and powerful way, at the very heart
of human sensibility. This extraordinary ability to express a calm and kind of pervasive morality
imbues his art with a scope and a reality that far exceeds the limits imposed by his subject
This is why his art is metaphysical; he created a new essence out of paint and a simple subject
matter. An essence that was once simply the ideas and emotions running through his mind and
body but were transformed into this new substance; a painting.
This type of transformation is viable in all means of art creation, regardless of style and subject
matter, but like George I am adamant that art should not be a scheduled planned occurrence, and
is definitely not mere imitation of nature or artistic styles.




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