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Guidelines on F&F settlement for Staff who have resigned from rolls

Clearance certificate to be submitted in the prescribed form to the respective Cluster/Regional HR (Form
enclosed Annexure 1), after getting the necessary clearances from the concerned department on the
last day of work.
Your Email ID & Address for correspondence has to be updated in SSC portal.
F&F due amount due to you shall be transferred to your Bank account through NEFT and Service
Certificate will be sent to your communication address.
If the amount is payable by you to the company, you will get a communication from SSC to your mail id.
You have to send a DD in favour of LARSEN & TOUBRO LTD payable at Mumbai to Mr. Prakash
Jamsandekar in SSC Mumbai. (Address details given overleaf).
1. Permanent staff should make the claim for PF settlement ONLINE in SSC portal. Payment will be
done through NEFT after statutory waiting period of 60 days.
2. Contract / Trainee staff can get PF withdrawal application from respective HR (Annex 3).
3. Claim for Gratuity settlement should be applied ONLINE in SSC portal Eligibility: At the time of
retirement/resignation, an employee should have rendered continuous service of not less than 5
4. EPS withdrawal form Payment will be effected through NEFT to the individuals bank account
from PF office. Forms enclosed (Annex 4).


1. Employees should submit the claim ONLINE in SSC portal for settlement of PF/Gratuity amount.
The procedure to fill the details ONLINE are given below.
2. Click Retirement Benefits >>>RBS Employee>>>RBS submit forms>>>Benefit Type>>>Provident
3. Click Form Type, Select Settlement Form and then click New Form.

4. Fill up the required details, save it. Tick on the list of documents to be submitted, proceed to
save and submit the form to SSC.

5. Please ensure that the following information is updated while filling & submitting PF Settlement

Communication Address
Mobile No.
Personal E-mail ID
Provide/Ensure correctness of PAN No.
Select the correct Reason for withdrawal among the available options
Ensure Form is submitted after you save Form

6. In case PF membership is less than 5 years, TDS will be deducted on PF.

7. Take a print out of the duly filled up PF/Gratuity settlement form, sign it, attach the following
documents and forward it to SSC.
Cancelled Cheque leaf (employee name should be there in the cheque leaf)
Copy of the relieving letter or retirement letter for both PF & Gratuity,
In case the PAN number is not updated in SSC portal, a copy of the PAN card should be
8. Ensure that you have signed in all places wherever required in the form
9. SSC will process the forms only after receiving duly signed copy with necessary documents
10. Please note that SSC portal will be kept open up to one year from the last day of leaving the
11. Please note that separated / retired employees have to raise their queries through SSC
Helpdesk or dial help line no. 022 6123 2222
12. You may send the PF / Gratuity settlement Form to :

Larsen & Toubro Limited,

Retirement Benefit Section
Shared Services Centre (SSC)
4th Floor, Krislon House,
Off. Saki Vihar Road,
Saki Naka, Andheri- East,
Mumbai - 400 072.


1. Keep us updated about any change in your residential address, telephone / mobile no.
2. Form 16 will be issued after the closure of the financial year say by end of May/June.
3. Settle your Car Account (under Car Scheme) Take the terminal value from HQ Accounts
Department. Give a cheque in favour of LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED for the terminal value and
close the car scheme account.
4. Settle your Personal Computer Account (under PC Scheme). Take the residual Value from HQ
Accounts Department. Give a cheque in favour of LARSEN & TOUBRO LTD to close the PC
5. Settle your leasing deposit amount if on self-lease. Take the deposit balance from SSC and give
a cheque in favour of LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED to close the lease deposit account.
6. Settle your Housing loan - Take the loan balance from SSC and give a cheque in favour of LARSEN
7. Settle your Furniture loan - Take the loan balance from SSC. Give a cheque in favour of LARSEN &
8. Settle your Mobile Phone / PDA and Data Card dues.
9. Return Corporate Credit Card, Corporate Club Membership, Office Laptop, etc.
10. Settle your Credit Society Account & get no due certificate.
11. SSC portal EBC Module will kept open for 1 month from the date of leaving service to claim the
pending EBC Claims

12. Contact details of Team members In-charge of full and final settlement :


Mr.Praksh Jamsandekar


022 67701579




Please note that separated/retired employees will be able to login SSC portal for one year from their
date of leaving. They can call on SSC Helpdesk on Tel no. 022 6123 2222 for any queries related to the

Larsen & Toubro Limited,

Full & final settlement Section
Shared Services Centre (SSC)
4th Floor, Krislon House,
Off. Saki Vihar Road,
Saki Naka, Andheri- East,
Mumbai - 400 072.

General rules for withdrawal of EPS (Form 10 C) (Annexure 4)

Any employee who is a member of EPS can withdraw the EPS accumulations, if his total membership is
less than 9 years & 6 months.
An employee who has completed more than 9 years & 6 months of service but less than 50 years of age
should opt for Scheme Certificate which can be submitted by the employee to the Regional Provident
Fund Commissioner Office (RPFC) for claiming pension any time after attaining the age of 50 years.
General instructions for filling the EPS Application form (Form 10 C)
Statement details
1. Code No. & Account No.
2 Address
3. Scheme Certificate

4. Particulars of Family

3. Bank A/c details

4. Proof

Requisite to be filled up in the form

You can know your EPS account number from your earlier PF Statement given to you.
Complete permanent postal address where the details of EPS settlement need to be
dispatched directly from RPFC.
Based on the above information you can declare whether to withdraw the amount or
Family members for this purpose will include your Spouse, Children & nominees. In
addition to the family particulars, you need to declare the nominee name separately for
verification by RPFC.
Mention your complete bank particulars (including full postal address of the Bank)
where the EPS amount to be deposited. Kindly ensure that the bank account is kept
1. DOB proof Xerox copy is mandatory. (Passport / +10std certificate)
2. Bank Account details - Original cancelled cheque leaf copy duly signed is mandatory.

Also, note that if the service is more than 9 years and 6 months the form should also be accompanied by
Birth Certificate / School Leaving Certificate of spouse / children for further action
For EPS Settlement, contact persons are :Ms.Judith N Fernandes


In-Charge of Section

Mr Nitin B Kulkarni


EPS Forms to be sent to the following address:

Larsen & Toubro Limited (ECC Division), Landmark A, II & III Floor,
Suren Road,Off. Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093

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