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Be our guest and step up to the Kenworth model range.

See for yourself how Australian Made,

Worlds Best application engineering defines tomorrow for the road transport professional. Kenworth have
raised the bar again, defining productivity, reliability, durability and quality in a stunning model range.








ADR 80/03: EGR with DPF & SCR Technology

There are two emissions solutions employed to meet ADR 80/03 for the Kenworth range, depending upon the engine specified Selective
Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system.

Kenworth has built an extensive truck dealer

network across Australia, New Zealand and
Papua New Guinea that is renowned for its
professionalism and excellence in the heavy
duty truck industry.

Our dedicated 1800 Roadside Assistance

Service covers Australia 24-7. Simply call
1800 4 PACCAR (1800 472 222) to be
connected to your nearest PACCAR Dealer.

Whichever road you take regarding engine emission technology, rest assured youll make the right choice with Kenworth who offer you the best
of both worlds with the heavy duty Cummins ISXe5 to complement the Gen II ISX EGR engine. The PACCAR MX-13 and Cummins ISLe5 engine
options both utilise SCR technology.

For more information contact your local Kenworth

Dealer or go to
PACCAR Australia Pty Ltd, 64 Canterbury Road,
Bayswater, Victoria 3153
Telephone (03) 9721 1500
Facsimile (03) 9720 4144

Kenworths application engineering process has delivered optimised solutions to integrate both EGR and SCR as required, seamlessly across
our engine range. So as well as being highly efficient and low maintenance, for the Kenworth range, both cooled EGR with DPF and SCR have little
or no impact on payload and efficiency. Kenworth customers get the emission compliance they need with the proven performance and reliability of
engines they know and trust - all with the back up of our renowned local design and manufacturing capability and Australia wide support network.

Find us at:
IMPORTANT: The vehicles shown in this brochure are for illustrative purposes only and may include some
non-standard optional equipment. All weights and measurements should be regarded as approximate only.
For full details contact your Kenworth Dealer. In the interests of product improvement, Kenworth reserves the
right to change these specifications without prior notice.


The Kenworth K200 cab-over is the perfect
choice when it comes to maximising your
bottom line for B-Double applications.
The K200 provides operators with
exceptional productivity through application
engineering, power and versatility. Simply
put you can haul bigger loads with greater
ease and efficiency.
Suited to most Australian applications the
K200 is ideal for up to 26m B-Double and
B-Triple applications.

For the driver, the K200 redefines interior

space and comfort, delivering easy sleeper
access and room to move with a near flat floor.
A suite of safety features with the Kenworth
Electronic Brake System delivers great
peace of mind and on road confidence.








The T609 is primarily suited to

on-highway application and offers a
range of engine options up to 615 peak
horsepower, with excellent cooling
capacity and all the in-cab luxuries.

The T409 has been developed as a

flexible and aerodynamic solution for
maximum-length on-highway operation.
With its athletic stance and sweeping
aerodynamic features, the T409 is ideal for
general freight or tanker operations.

The T409SAR is specifically designed to

provide maximum payload under Australian
regulations for 19m B-Double and most
19m Quad Dog applications. It also fits the
26m envelope B-Double with 36 sleeper.

With its tight turning circle, short bumper

to back of cab measurement, carrying
capacity and range of axle configurations,
the T359 defines the perfect solution for
many applications. The T359 has a level
of manoeuvrability and visibility rare in a
bonneted truck.

The T659 has the versatility and power to

operate in applications ranging from
general freight to logging, mining or
livestock haulage, on or off the highway in
single or multiple configurations.

Kenworths tradition of classic styling

continues with the T909, but it offers
much more than rugged long-bonneted
good looks. With the capacity to handle
615 peak horsepower engines, the T909
is versatile enough to operate in almost
any application from logging to livestock,
pulling a single trailer or a triple road train,
where the front axle weight is critical.

With features primarily designed to provide

years of trouble free service the Kenworth
C509 proves itself daily in some of the
roughest and toughest environments on
earth. The C509 can be configured for very
high GCM mining and off road application
including remote road train, heavy haulage
and mining service operations.

The T609 is well suited to multiple trailer

combinations including B-Double and road
trains. The T609 stands out for outright
versatility and road presence.
With stunning looks and perfect road
manners its no wonder the T609 turns heads
on the highways and looks equally impressive
when it comes to performance figures.

The T409 is powered by the PACCAR MX-13

engine rated up to 510 horsepower, or up to
550 horsepower with the optional Cummins
ISXe5 or ISX EGR engine.

The tough workhorse T409SAR is powered

by the PACCAR MX-13 engine rated up to
510 horsepower, or up to 600 horsepower
is available as an option with Cummins
ISXe5 engine.

Where access is difficult and moving in and

out of tight spaces is the norm, the T359
excels. The T359 redefines confidence and
safety for the operator with the availability
of the full suite of Electronic Brake Safety
System including ESP, minimising the
possibility of a vehicle rollover.

Supreme performance combined with

comfort and safety make the T659 one of
the most versatile trucks on or off the road.

Whether in single trailer or multi-trailer

road train configuration, on highway or the
roughest outback track, the T909 has been
designed and built in Australia to deliver
unmatched performance in the harshest
possible conditions.