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01-07-2010 01:38 AM

Al-Qaida General Command: The Expedition of Abu Dujannah Al Khoursani

 ‫ ا ا

‫   ة اد‬

‫ا دة ا‬

‫ن‬0/.‫ن ا‬-, ‫&' ا ( ()*اق‬% "$‫ا‬#‫ ن 

) وة أ د!" ا‬

{[207/‫ة‬%‫ِد{ ]ا‬%َِِْ ‫ف‬

ٌ ‫&'ُ َرُءو‬3‫&'ِ وَا‬3‫<ِة ا‬
َ َْ ‫َء‬:َ*ِْ‫'ُ ا‬
َ 8ْ"َ ‫ ِي‬6
ْ /َ ْ
َ ِ‫ س‬3‫وَِ
َ ا‬


ُ ‫ٍ و"ٍة و‬%L ‫ و‬،R    ٍQ  ‫ٍر‬P/‫ وإ‬،'"‫ا‬-<‫ٍ @ ر‬O! ٍ%‫ ور‬،B!‫'  و‬N M‫قٍ إ‬-I‫ و‬،‫ ا‬M& ٍB‫آ‬- ‫ و‬،‫ار‬L‫ نٍ و مٍ وإ‬/‫ " ه وإ‬3B ٍI @‫ و‬،‫ َرآ اُ وأ ه‬، E$D‫"*ن ا‬:@‫ إرة أ‬BA @
U‫ا‬- ‫ ا‬M& ‫ ر‬-6 ‫ اا  ا‬Q 0‫ل( ا‬E -‫  أ‬O B &) ‫" )ه م‬$‫ا‬#‫ د!" ا‬-‫( أ‬Q %Z) ‫ر‬-*‫ُ اآ‬BS%‫ ا هُ ا‬Yَ& ،) ُ‫ ب‬O‫ وا‬،(0/‫ ردن وأ‬.‫@ )ا‬0‫رات اوّ ا‬%#*$( ‫دٍة‬3 ٍ‫ ِ ا)*اق‬O&‫   و‬Uِ/‫ و‬T S#

* ‫ ا‬U/%‫ ا‬a$ ‫ ًا اَ' ا‬
ّ 8 /‫د‬6*$(‫  ا‬$ :"(‫`ًا  & *' ا‬8_  ‫ًا‬6%*    E% ‫ وأم‬،' ُ' ُ‫ء‬E‫ف ا & ' وآ‬
ُ S‫ و ]ْ أ‬Rِ!
ُ ‫ ذروََة‬-Y&- '‫' و‬8  ُ‫ ا ! وا ه‬، -& ‫ ا‬0%6‫ @ ا‬/‫اد‬
@ Q*‫) ر آ  آ‬. ‫  ا‬N‫ا‬6 ‫ رًا‬dh ‫م‬2009  % /‫د‬31 : g@‫ا‬- ‫هـ ا‬1431 ‫ّم‬O14 e #‫  & ا‬،‫"*ن‬:@d ]$-) @ ، "‫رد‬.‫  وا‬0/.‫رات ا‬%#*$(‫ 
ر!ل ا‬Uٍ ! @ ‫)ة‬c ‫ن‬- b/ (
ا‬-* ‫ا‬
.‫ا" ر  ا‬-)‫ وإ‬% &‫  ا‬$ ‫ ا‬%‫ و‬-,‫ ا‬iL ‫
أ‬/N&‫د و‬-O ‫   ] ا‬.‫ ا‬N& ً*"‫ ا‬: ‫ *' ر ' ا‬L‫و‬

j& ّO ‫ ُك و!ُدك و‬%L ‫ @&&' دّرك و‬،

&N‫ وا‬jN‫

ورا‬% 0‫]َ ا‬% ‫ وأ‬،‫ل‬8ِ ‫ال‬-.‫] ا‬3L‫ و‬،‫ل‬P.‫ و<]َ ا‬،َ‫]َ ورت‬L‫ و‬،‫ء ا‬I ‫ إن‬،M&  ‫ أ‬/ ِ%0‫ @ تَ ورب_ ا‬،
& @ j*!‫ در‬U@‫ أ د!" ور‬/ ‫ ا‬j @
Q %O‫ ا‬/‫ء ا أ‬I ‫ إن‬M&.‫دوس ا‬8‫ @ ا‬M*& ‫(ك و  ا ا‬- ‫ وا‬،‫ ا أ!ُك‬M&‫ و‬،j ! ‫ و‬j ُ‫ا‬-&) ‫ و‬،j ُ O‫ و دؤك وإ‬،‫ ا‬B %$ @ ‫ذى‬.‫ا‬.

.j*  B‫ رك و@ أه‬hn M& ‫رك‬%/ ‫ل ا أن‬d"

.0Pd ‫م‬E$D‫ْ أُ ا‬#8*‫ و‬d *‫ و‬..‫ذن ا‬o j*8‫ ا‬Q‫ا  أ وأ‬-0*8/ M* ‫ن‬0/.‫اَد ا‬-$ ‫اُده‬-$ ‫رق‬8/
‫أ  لٌ و‬/
‫ون و‬N$ j/Z M& j"‫ا‬-)‫وإن إ‬

. O‫ و ا‬%‫وا أآ‬

.‫ن ا‬- ٍQ$  ‫اٍر‬L‫*' ر ' ا @ إ‬, ,*# ‫  ا‬ED‫ ا ا‬6 *$‫ه`ا و‬
.‫ن‬o %
‫' و‬%OL‫' و‬n‫ ٍ و‬O  %" M& ‫ ا‬M&L‫و‬
‫ا دة ا *   ة اد‬
(/ ‫ ا‬-‫ أ‬M8S,  )

‫م‬2/1/2010 ‫هـ ـ‬1431 ‫م‬O16 ‫"*ن ـ‬:@‫أ‬

‫م‬Ep 8‫ )آ ا‬:‫ر‬, ‫)ا‬

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01-07-2010 02:18 AM

google translation

A statement on the (Battle of Abu Dujana Khorasani accepted by Allah) to penetrate the defenses of American

Under the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, God blessed and glorified, and in a rare courage and faith, determination and tenacity, and trust in God,
and longing to meet him Almighty, and a blind desire for pleasure, and preference because of his strange, after suffering and patience and good
planning and management of Badia and epic breakthrough outstanding for the enemy intelligence Infidel (Jordan and America), and "War is deceit,
the struggling hero, Dr. (Doctor) Dujana Khorasani (Hammam Khalil Mohammed Abu-Mellal) By calling the famous sites of jihadist web, immigrant
and a fighter himself and his money - Report - the height of his effort and was Altaf Allaah be upon him and Claeth him, and I flew planes
jubilantly declared outlet operation Alangmasip martyrdom suicide squad detonated his explosives belt hidden Badi masterly from the eyes of
those who do not believe in the Hereafter in the collection of intelligence agents of America and Jordan, in Khost, Afghanistan, on the night of

Retrieved 091417UTC Jan 10

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Ansar Al-Mujahideen - Al-Qaida General Command: The Expedition of A... - Military News for Canadians
Thursday, 14 January 1431 H corresponding to: December 31, 2009 in revenge for our good guys also wrote in his will God's mercy: in retaliation
for the commander Baitullah Mehsud, Prince and the Somali commanders Abu Saleh Abdullah Saeed al-Libi and their brothers mercy of God.

Farahmk Allah, O Abu Dujana and raise your degree in Illiyun, I won a Lord of the Kaaba, Abu Laila, God willing, and ratified and justified, and hit
the Proverbs, and ratified Balfal words, and exhausted from the writers behind you and those who say, Harun Yahya the Gendarmerie and the
patience and God will take you Jhadk harm for God's sake, all your prayer and Ilhag, all Khaluatc and Mnajatk, and the reward of God, and God
your Lord and God in the highest paradise forum, God willing, Beloved.

We ask God to bless the people in your tracks on your home.

The brothers are moving on your way will not have peace and will not die until the Americans Swadhm blackness Evtkoa their greatest lethality
and was impressed with the permission of God .. And congratulated the proud Nation of Islam Bomthalkm.

God is the greatest praise.

The relevant information will be published the story Allah's mercy in a corresponding help of God.
May Allaah bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and followed them in truth.
The overall leadership of al Qaeda
(Mustafa Abu al-Yazid released)

Afghanistan 16 February 1431 H 2/1/2010

(Source: Fajr Media Center)

01-07-2010 02:30 AM

Insha'Allah we shall see official English done up soon of this and the Fallujah statement.

01-07-2010 03:30 AM

Assalaamu alaykum,

Here is a photo of this brother:

All of his Internet postings can be found here:

Fallujah Forums issued a statement too:

01-07-2010 04:50 AM

The Satan Of America Falled Down

May Allah Disgrace It

The Blood Of Our Shuhada Are Very Expensive And America Will See The Truth

May Allah Accept My Brother As Shaheed Ameen

01-07-2010 05:08 AM

poem in tribute

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

In memory of the shaheed Abu Dujannah Al Khoursani, may God accept him from amongst the Shuhada and grant the the highest ranks of Jannat
Al Firdaws and bless him with palaces and the Hoor Al Ayn in a garden where the flowers never wilt. Ameen.

By Asadullah Alshishani

Our James Bond, who is he?

He is Abu Dujannah!
His motto: Let me die or live free!

Our James Bond, what is he like?

A roaring lion, a stinging bee,
Not a cowardly kike.

Our James Bond, what did he seek?

Not power or money,
But justice for the weak.

Retrieved 091417UTC Jan 10

2 of 5 10-01-2010 09:16
Ansar Al-Mujahideen - Al-Qaida General Command: The Expedition of A... - Military News for Canadians
Our James Bond, what drove his abmition?
It was love for Allah and a longing for Jannah
That motivated his mission.


01-07-2010 05:09 AM

nasheed tribute

ور  ا وآ‬

:‫ا واة وام  رل ا و‬

‫ هم‬#‫ ا‬0/‫ وا‬.‫ا‬-, +‫()دة اا‬$‫ة ا ام ه&' ا‬%$‫ ا‬#"‫أه"


 - ‫ وا‬.&‫  آ‬- ( (‫ل‬E -‫  أ‬O B &) ‫" )ه م‬$‫ا‬#‫ د!" ا‬-‫( أ‬Q %Z) ‫ر‬-*‫ُ اآ‬BS%‫ا هُ ا‬ 2%‫د ا‬#)/‫ ا‬-2 .‫وذ‬
34‫ و‬0 2/" $ ‫&"= و > ?ء ا ان‬/‫ ال ل ;اء ا‬3:‫ ا‬9 ‫ن‬7  06 ‫ هم‬2%‫د ا‬#)/‫ ا‬-2 ‫ ا"م‬5-4 #"‫ ه‬32‫آ‬

#/4‫ن ;ء و‬$‫وا‬

[ ‫ هـم‬- ‫()دة‬,‫] آت ا‬

( C
72‫ـ ا‬C‫ وأ هـ‬.. (CB‫ ا‬/%6 ‫م‬4 ‫هم‬
(‫ آ= اه‬4 ‫ و‬#C‫د‬26 .. 0‫ ا‬C‫د‬2C 06 >‫و راه‬
(2‫ ا‬6 ‫ أ‬G( 06 ‫ ى‬.. "(‫ى ا‬#" $ ED2‫آ"
( /‫ دة و ا‬M .. ٍ‫اد‬L6 >C ‫ف‬
ٍ I H2‫ ا‬0;B" ‫و‬
(‫ا‬#‫ ا‬P" $ ‫ ا‬# ‫ و‬.. ‫ي‬# .‫اد إ‬LD‫ ا‬E(‫أ" أ‬
(%‫ إ‬0‫> د دا‬C  ‫ و‬.. 0‫ اواه‬06 .2" R‫ن أ‬Q

(V% =‫ ا‬C‫ ه‬0 .. / =‫ض ا‬T( ‫ك "ي‬#6

(‫ ا‬5‫
ا‬7(‫رك أ‬- .. ٍ7C ‫ح‬I (%‫> إ‬C W2( ‫و‬

.. ( 2DY 4 0#‫إ‬

(27‫ ا‬2D‫ و أز‬2C‫آ‬Q6 ..

روا[ ه&' ا‬

>" ‫\ ا ا‬D

 \D ‫> و‬
0 >C ‫زة‬/C ‫;دة‬

W4‫ > ا  اا‬C  "‫;دة د‬

‫ه&ا و(

‫دة‬3-A+‫< =>ا?@ ا‬,634 ;:32/ 9+36‫ ا‬98 7/36 54 3210/‫ ا‬.-,+‫ا‬

‫اء‬#) ‫ ا‬06  -R
‫ ااء‬WC ') ‫وا‬
‫اء‬#)‫> وا‬R"‫> وا‬-2‫ ا‬WC > 06 /;‫ در‬W6‫وار‬
‫ واان‬-‫غ  أه ا‬6‫
‫ ء‬5‫
آ‬#2 ‫ف‬I‫ وا‬.^D /"‫\ ذر‬D ‫


01-07-2010 05:58 AM

Retrieved 091417UTC Jan 10

3 of 5 10-01-2010 09:16
Ansar Al-Mujahideen - Al-Qaida General Command: The Expedition of A... - Military News for Canadians
Al-Qaedah::The Invasion of Abu Dujanah Al-Khurasani

In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Global Islamic Media Front

Language and Translation Department


The Invasion of Abu Dujanah Al-Khurasani

– May Allah have mercy on him –
Infiltration into a US Forwarding Base

“And there are those of men who sell their souls, seeking the Pleasure of Allah. And Allah is Most Kind to His Slaves” (Al-Baqarah: 207)

Under the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, may Allah bless and honor it, and in an unmatchable act of courage, faith, resolve, reliance upon Allah,
longing to meet Him (U), strong urge to please Him, and preference to what Allah has prepared for him; after patience and hardship, creative and
innovative planning, and a successful double infiltration of the infidel enemy intelligence of Jordon and America, while war is ruse, the courageous
Mujahid, the medical doctor, Abu Dujanah Al-Khurasani, Humam Khaleel Muhammad Abu Mallal, the famous preacher and writer on Jihadi
websites on the internet, a Muhajir and Mujahid in Allah’s Cause with his life and wealth, reached the peak of his efforts, and through the perfect
kindness and protection of Allah, he set off towards the enemy, never turning his back, seek glad tidings from Allah. He plunged into the midst of
the enemy and carried out a martyrdom operation, detonating his creative and perfect explosive belt which was hidden from eyes of those who do
not believe in the Last Day, in the midst of American and Jordanian agents in Khost, Afghanistan, at night time on Thursday, Muharram 14, 1431
H (31-12-2009), avenging our good martyrs, as he himself wrote in his will: “In revenge of the commander Baitullah Mehsud, the commanders
Abu Salih Al-Somali and Abdullah Saeed Al-Libi and others of our brothers, may Allah have mercy on them
May Allah have mercy on you, our dear Abu Dujanah, and may He raise your ranks in register of the inhabitants of Paradise. By the Lord of the
Ka’bah, indeed you have succeeded, our dear Abu Lailah, Allah willing. You were truthful, and you became known. You set an example, and you
were truthful in word and deed. You followed the speakers and writers before you. May Allah be pleased with you . Your patience, Jihad, and
tolerance of hardships were in Allah’s Cause. Your prayers and insistency was for Allah, and was your solitude and secret conversation. Thus, your
reward is with Allah. Allah is your Lord and Protector, and Allah willing, our next meeting will be in Al-Firdaws Al-A’la, our dear beloved brother.
We ask Allah to bless what you left behind and your family.

Indeed your brothers continue on the path you took. They will never be neglectful, and they will never leave fighting the Americans, until they
cause even worse destruction in the most amazing of ways. Let the Ummah be congratulated, and let them be proud of your likes.

Allah is the Greatest, and all praise is for Him.

The concerned media center will tell of his story in a suitable media release, by the Help of Allah.
May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions and all others who follow them in goodness.

The General Command of Al-Qaedah

Mustafa Abul-Yazid

Retrieved 091417UTC Jan 10

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Ansar Al-Mujahideen - Al-Qaida General Command: The Expedition of A... - Military News for Canadians

Muharram 16, 1431

Source: Al-Fajr Media Center
Translated by:
Global Islamic Media Front



Don't Forget Us in Your Sincere Prayers

Your Brothers at

Language and Translation Department

Global Islamic Media Front

Observing the Mujahideen News and Inciting the Believers

01-08-2010 04:50 AM

As Salam Aleykum

With the attack attempt of brother Umar Faruk, it's the 2nd major setback of US intelligence in a short period of time...

CIA = Central Idiot Agency

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