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This Agreement is made between



, the birthparent of a child to be

, and
, the prospective adoptive

A. We understand the law views adoption as the irrevocable severance of all legal parental
rights of the birthparents with respect to the adopted child.
B. We understand that to all legal purposes the adopted child shall be the child of the adoptive
parents the same as if born to them.
C. The parties share a commitment to a relationship that is supportive and nurturing of the
child's needs, now and in the future, and understand these needs to be dynamic.
We understand that while this Agreement is enforceable by law in Oregon, no court will
uphold execution of any provision of this Open Adoption Agreement that in any way or at any
time is contrary to the best interest of the child. Therefore, we mutually agree to
communicate openly about the affect of the visitation and communication afforded by the
agreement upon the child.
Recognizing the above, and in consideration of the birthparent's freely given consent to
adoption, the parties agree and commit as follows:
visitation with the minor child:

shall have the right to the following

1.1 At least _____ visits each year at the option and request of the adoptive parents and birth
parent, at a mutually agreeable time and location.
1.2 An election to forego any visitation does not act as a waiver of any future visitation, nor
does it entitle the party to any additional or substitute visitations.
agree to maintain the following communication while the child is a minor:
2.1 Each party shall keep each other and the Agency informed of their current addresses.
agree to provide
letters and pictures at least _______ times per year for the first _____years, and ______
times per year thereafter. The child will be allowed to send and receive letters, pictures and
gifts from

agree to keep
informed of serious illness or accident, or death of the minor child.
2.4 All parties agree to inform each other of significant events occurring in their lives (e.g.
marriage, divorce, death, etc.).
3.0 CONTINGENCY ARRANGEMENTS: The possibility that the adoptive parents may
predecease the minor child is provided for as follows:
agree to appoint a guardian for the minor child
with the requirement that the guardian abide by the terms of this Open Adoption Agreement.
4.0 INCORPORATION INTO DECREE: The parties agree to incorporate this Agreement into
the Decree of Adoption of this minor child.
5.0 EFFECTIVE DATE: This agreement shall become binding on the party upon the date signed
by that party.
6.0 MODIFICATION: The parties recognize they may make informal alterations to this
Agreement by mutual agreement but that this agreement cannot be modified except in writing
signed by all parties. In the event that an adversarial relationship occurs, both parties agree to
enter mediation in order to take steps to resolve their differences.
7.0 SEVERABILITY: If any part of this Agreement shall be found to be of no force and effect, the
remainder of the Agreement shall nevertheless remain in force binding all parties.
This agreement will be submitted to the Court for approval as required by ORS 109.305 and
incorporated into the General Judgment of Adoption of this minor child. Adoptive parents
(insert names) promise to seek General Judgment of the Adoption which does not contradict
or conflict with any of the terms of this Agreement.

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