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The six miracles of Calvary William Nicholson

(updated in todays language by Dan Schaeffer)

1) 3 hrs darkness
- not solar eclipse:

lasts only minutes

during Passover = new moon eclipse cannot happen
- like darkness in Egypt, only then Gods people had light!
- usually darkness gives way to light here the opposite happens
- also: opposite of His birth: bright light shone in the darkness (angels and star)

2) curtain torn in two

- right before the earthquake (so not because of it!)
both immediately after Jesus last cry
- there was no longer any function for the veil to separate: the way is now open
veil had been needed to show
that God cannot communicate with sinful men
the Real High Priest had carried His own blood
inside the Real Holy of Holies
- it took place at 3 PM = time of the evening sacrifice
so there were priests in the Holy, they must have seen it happen!
Historians didnt contradict it, nor used the claim to mock the Christians


Jesus flesh/deity

blue - red

between heaven - earth


torn to admit
top to bottom

torn at the cross

by God, so also from above

3) earthquake
- coincided with Jesusshout of victory
not because of changes underground,
but by a heavenly event from above
- force caused some graves to open, but not all
only those of saints
- Sinai shook when the law was given
sign of Gods holiness and abhorrence of sin
Calvary showed recovery/blessedness = fulfillment
- and earth itself rejoiced over redemption from curse
and sign of hope for final fulfillment

4) opened graves
- rocks split
- tombs broken open
separate issues, evidence of force c.q. design
Graves opened at the moment of Christs death, the bodies didnt arise until AFTER the
Jesus had already left the grave before the stone was rolled away
But these saints couldnt: their resurrection was like Lazarus, still in the earthly body
Their souls couldnt have left Hades any earlier than they did:
Their return to the corrupt bodies was also a sign that the OT saints could now receive
their glorified body
Jesus carried them with Him on His resurrection
and those dying after that day would no longer have to go to Hades
[cf thief on the cross: today youll be with Me in paradise?]
This was proof that the obstacles had been moved away and death was conquered
Jesus death opened Hades,
His resurrection emptied Hades
5) Grave clothes undisturbed (lying by themselves, as if collapsed in on themselves)
as if the body had fled them
clear enough for John to see and believe
Unlike Lazarus (untie him), who died again
Jesus rose in newness of life!!
no need for doors
This is proof that He was indeed victorious: paid the price and it was accepted
So He cant have been taken away (who would remove the cloths!)
or regained consciousness (He would have come outside with them on)
His resurrected body is as similar to His earthly body as a plant is to the seed:
made from it, but different characteristics
This was the culmination of His recarnation at that time He became man as He will
forever remain
6) Saints rose
Restraint in description of this event is proof of historicity
inventions are elaborate
Bodies cannot have been the resurrection bodies
because Christ was the First
(so even Elijah and Enoch still live in their natural bodies
no-one will rise until when He comes back (the whole Body at once!)
1 Cor 15:23