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Watery Eyes? Runny Nose?



AhhhhhhhSpringtime. The time of year when the circle of life

reaffirms itself and hope springs eternal. Blooms and blossoms are in
evidence, even in our South Florida landscape. AhhhhhhCHOO! In
the northern climes, people are itching to get outside. Here, some of us
are just plain itching. And sneezing. And reaching for over-the-counter
or prescribed medications to treat our allergies. Sure, these meds more
often than not have uncomfortable side effects and are somewhat
pricey, but what alternative do we have?
In the spirit of educating rather than prescribing, I would like to share
some of the amazing successes I have experienced with allergies by
treating the body's energy system. I first heard about energy therapy
from my friend Gloria, who found total relief from her cat allergy in
one session. I thank Gloria for opening up a whole new world for me
and for introducing me to a valuable tool that we can all use in our
daily lifes.
With energy techniques, I have seen many people heal a variety of
emotional, physical, mental and spiritual problems. Some successes
are the "one-minute wonder" type and completely erase the problem.
Other successes are smaller, showing a reduction in the emotional or
physical pain in the first session, then taking more sessions along with
personal commitment and daily practice until real progress is made.
In treating allergies, however, I have seen instant success on more
than one occasion.
One of the most amazing, to me, was being able to help a gentleman
(I'll call him Jim) who was in the middle of an asthma attack. He had
been painting, using thinners and solvents, and developed the asthma
as a result of not wearing his usual facemask. After about 10 minutes
of Jim following my instructions, his asthma was completely gone and
he could take a deep breath. Normally, it would take hours for his
breathing to return to normal after such an attack. He was quite
astonished, and so was I! A couple of hours later, his breathing was
still normal and the asthma had not returned! And he learned a new
tool to help control these attacks in the future.

Another quite interesting event involved my brother-in-law. We often

go bicycle riding together in the mornings, at least once a week on his
day off. One morning, he happened to be sneezing almost
continuously as we set off on our bikes. He blamed it on being allergic
to something in the air. I asked him if he would let me treat him for his
allergy. He was perplexed because we were riding our bikes, but gave
me permission anyway (between sneezes). So I did some simple
energy techniques while we rode down the street. Even though we
didn't know specifically what was causing his allergy, he stopped
sneezing less than 5 minutes after I began treating him! We continued
our ride, and about 15 minutes later he remarked that not only had he
not sneezed since the treatment, his sinuses had cleared and his eyes
were no longer teary! He remained clear for the rest of our ride, and
the allergy symptoms never came back!
How were these allergy symptoms cleared? In both cases, I employed
EFT* (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a meridian-based energy
procedure that balances the energy system of the body and allows it to
heal itself. If you are familiar with EFT, you can use it to easily treat
any allergy or allergic symptom. Even if you are not familiar with EFT,
some simple exercises involving the Triple Warmer meridian (a
meridian is a pathway of energy in the body) are sometimes effective
in relieving allergy symptoms.
The Triple Warmer is the meridian that activates the immune system.
An imbalance in this meridian can cause the immune system to
overreact. This causes an allergic reaction to a substance that poses no
real danger to the body, such as dust, pet dander, or pollen. By
balancing the energy flowing through the Triple Warmer, the body will
no longer treat that substance as such an enemy.
When the Triple Warmer is on guard fighting a perceived enemy and
creating an allergic reaction, there is an overload of energy flowing
through it and it needs to be sedated. The following exercise
accomplishes this in a minute or two by tracing a portion of the
meridian backwards.
1 Rest your face in your hands with your chin in the palms and your
fingers at the temples. Take two deep breaths.
2 Breathe in deeply again, this time using your fingers to smooth the

skin from your temples to above your ears.

3 Exhale, circle your fingers around the back of your ears, trace down
the sides of your neck, and place your hands on the back of your
shoulders. Press your fingers into your shoulders.
4 Hold this position and take at least two deep breaths. Then, using
pressure, slowly drag your fingers over the top of your shoulders
towards your chest until they reach your collarbone. Then release
them and let them drop to your sides.
5 Using the fingerpads of two fingers, tap between the little finger
knuckle and the ring finger knuckle on the back of either hand.
Do this while taking a few deep breaths to help further balance
the Triple Warmer meridian.
To be most effective, repeat this exercise once a day for at least 30
days. Otherwise, the Triple Warmer may stay balanced for a few days
but return to its habitual pattern and react to the allergen again. Of
course, you can always treat the symptoms as they arise. But using
EFT or the above exercise may reprogram the Triple Warmer to stay
balanced when faced with the allergen in the future.
The beauty of these techniques is that we can treat the symptoms
without identifying the substance that is causing the allergic reaction.
However, if we do know specifically what that substance is, a whole
new level of healing can occur. Next month, I will share how EFT is
very effective in clearing up allergies or sensitivities to specific
substances, even foods!
This one-minute exercise works best on headaches caused by pollution
or allergens.
1 With your mouth closed, close off one nostril with a finger.
2 Take four or five slow breaths through the open nostril.
3 Switch sides and repeat.
PUBLISHED Natural Awakenings (Broward Edition) March 2001.
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Published MIRACLE JOURNEYS Nov/Dec 2000,