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Sipnas College of Engineering and Technology, Amravati

Department of Computer science & Engineering and Information Technology

Year/Semester : Final year / VII
: Computer science and Engineering
: Advance Microprocessor and Interfacing
Subject Teacher: Dr. P.R. Deshmukh
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question Bank
1. Differentiate between Microprocessor and Microcontroller?
2. Describe the Pin configuration of 8051?
3. Draw and Explain the Block Diagram of 8051?
4. What are different ways for classifying the Microcontroller?
5. List the various types of Microcontroller and their family members?
6. Describe the port structure of Microcontroller?
7. Define the Input port and Output port?
8. Explain 8051 signals which has different meaning at different instances?
9. When should EPROM to be used and when to be flash to be used?
10. Describe Internal Structure of Data Memory?
11. List the benefits of EPROM and Flash memory?
12. What is the value of TH1 in serial communication mode for generating of
baud rate of 9600, 4800,2400 and 1200?
13. Describe the Time/counter section of 8051?
14. Describe PSW SFR?
15. Describe the TCON, TMOD SFR?
16. Assume XTAL=22 MHz, WAP to generate the pulse train of 2 seconds
period on P2.4, Use time-1 in mode-1?
17. W.A.P to generate a Square wave of 50 % duty cycle on P1.5. Time-0 is
used to generate the delay?
18. W.A.P to generate an interrupt after 2 ms using timer-1. Assume crystal
clock frequency of 11.0592 MHz?
19. Describe the register bank concept in 8051?
20. Interface a memory of 8KB RAM with 8051? Give its address map?
21. Describe the use of Program and Data memory?
22. Describe the timing diagram of external memory for accessing its
23. Describe the external Program and External data memory/
24. How do use timer-0 as external counter to count event?
25. How do you program timer-0 in Mode-2?
26. How you will generate a pulse after every 2 ms using 12 MHz Crystal
27. Explain the various addressing modes of 8051?
28. Describe the Instruction DJNZ,SETB,CLR, RL?
29. W.A.P. to add two 8 bit numbers kept in internal memory?

30. W.A.P. to multiply two 8-bit kept in the External data memory addressed
by 5000H and 5001H respectively. Store the result in the Memory
addressed by 5002H.
31. Describe various bit level instructions available in 8051?
32. W.A.P. to compliments the lower nibble of Ram location FFH?
33. W.A.P. to move bit 4 of RAM location to bit 2 of Accumulator?
34. W.A.P. to divide one 8-bit number by another 8-bit number?
35. Describe the concept of stack in 8051?
36. W.A.P. to find largest number among two 8-bit number?
37. W.A.P. to load any random number in R4 and R6. Increment R4 and
Decrement R6 until they are equal?
38. Describe the classification of instruction set of 8051?
39. Describe the various flow controls instructions?
40. Describe the instructions (all instructions)?
41. Explain the difference between MOC, MOVX, and MOVC?
42. Explain all addressing modes available to move byte to direct address?
43. Describe the difference between LJMP, AJMP and SJMP? Explain how
CJNE is useful for implement if and Case statements?
44. Explain the use of rotate instructions?
45. Why PUSH and POP instructions are useful for serving to an interrupt?
46. Compare program, routine, interrupt service routine?
47. Ho do you find execution time for set of instructions in the program?
48. WAP for writing odd bits at port P2=1s and even bits =0s. Toggle the bit
0,3,7 at port P2?
49. WAP to set clear all the byte of four banks?
50. WAP to load 98H into accumulator and execute RRC three times and then
add 70H. What will be the results in A and Flags? Assume CF=0?
51. Create a Square wave of 50% duty cycle over Port 0.0?
52. WAP perform a) keep monitoring the P0.1 until it becomes high b) When
P0.1 become high, read data from Port 1 and c) send a low to high pulse
on P0.2 indicate that data has been read?
53. WAP to toggle P1.3, P1.7, P.15 continuously without disturbing other pins
of port?
54. Sate the Bit address of various ports and SFRS?
55. WAP to find the number of zeros in register R2of bank-0 ?
56. Explain the difference between MOV 80H, #99H and MOV @R0, #99H if
57. If A=90H and CY=1, what is the value A after execution of a) RR A b)
58. Describe the interrupt structure of 8051?
59. Describe IE, IP SFR?
60. Define the Interrupt latency and Dead line?
61. How enabling and disabling of interrupt can be carried out?
62. What is the role of polling to determine the interrupt sources?
63. Describe the action of processor to call interrupt subroutine?

64. List the flags for each interrupt source in 8051?

65. Describe the multiple interrupt sources in 8051?
66. How do you disable all the interrupts?
67. How you will set the priorities of interrupt?
68. Describe the Block diagram of 8259?
69. Describe ICW1, ICW2, ICW3, and ICW4?
70. Describe OCW1, OCW2 and OCW3?
71. Draw the interfacing of 8259 with 8051?
72. Write a Program to addition when INT0 Interrupt occurs?
73. List interrupts supported by 8051, with their priority and vector location?
74. Describe the serial communication feature of 8051 with various operating
75. List the programmable features of 8251?
76. Differentiate between synchronous and asynchronous communication?
77. Describe the SCON, PCON SFR?
78. Describe the block diagram of 8251?
79. Describe the Mode/Command/Status register format of 8051?
80. W.A.P. to transmit letter Y continuously over TxD pin with baud rate
64th of clock frequency with even parity enabled, 2 stop bit, character
length of 8-bit?
81. WAP to receive the data which has been send in serial form and send it
out to port-0 in parallel form and also save the data in memory location
82. Interface ADC0816 with 8051 with Port 0 and Port 1? W.A.P. to read the
analog sample and store into memory addressed by 20H?
83. Interface DAC 0800 with 8051? W.A.P. to generate a square wave
through it?
84. Describe the IC ADC0816? List it specification?
85. Interface LCD display with 8051? W.A.P. to display 10 characters whose
ASCII code is stored in internal memory addressed by 20H?
86. Design Temperature controlled system using 8051 where system is sensed
temperature of furnace at a regular interval. If it exceeds the desired level
(assume) then Heater control should be turn off otherwise it remains On?
87. Describe the Ideal and Power down mode of 8051?
88. List the various LCD command codes?
Note: Prepare all the programs taken in class.
All the Best ************* 10/10/2009 **************** Dr. P.R. Deshmukh