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thegazette ... functioning as alcoholics since 1906


Thinking About Drinking

By Stuart A. Thompson report. law student, said he wouldn’t
Gazette Staff Western is the first school in change his drinking habits if he
Ontario to participate in the pilot knew yearly calorie counts, but
Western has launched a drinking project. Researchers hope the pro- would if he knew how much it cost.
survey for students to check up on ject will spread to other universities, “I don’t watch calories but I
their booze habits. creating a database of first-hand watch my money,” Hamilton said.
Unlike other surveys, Check accounts about drinking. Fournier said, if anything, the
Your Drinking University gives alco- The report also compares drink- tool gives context to the habits of
hol consumption some context by ing patterns to other university stu- other students in Canadian univer-
comparing it to calories consumed dents to give context into how sities.
or money spent. After students fin- much students really consume. “I think people overestimate
ish the questionnaire, they receive “We’ve got some good data how much their peers are drinking.
a four-page report showing calories showing problem drinkers will Once they have that information
represented as equivalent pizza reduce their drinking after taking they’re able to act on it.”
slices and lost money as laptops the screener,” said Rachel Fournier, Visit
and vacations. vice-president of Evolution Health to get your customized report, then
“By simply doing the [question- Systems, which developed the tool. share your thoughts about drinking
naire], it reduces problem drinking The survey may also make its with other students at www.west-
with people because you become way to high schools, where Western
more aware,” Bob law professor, Robert Solomon, said
Gough, assistant drinking patterns begin.
director of residence “The earlier you begin drinking,
education at West- the more likely it is you’ll face alco-
What is binge drinking?
ern, said. “[Drink- hol-related injury and have alcohol
ing] is so much a problems later in life,” he said.
In one sitting, consuming five drinks
part of our culture Solomon was not involved with for men and four drinks for women
that we don’t think the project but researches cases of is considered binge drinking.
about it as a toxin alcohol-related trauma deaths. He
Source: Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada
and a drug.” criticized some alcohol informa-
Gough helped tion programs for not being effec-
bring the tool to tive. Campus drinking over a year
Western and hopes “There [are] other programs 85.7% used alcohol
students will find it that are primarily about awareness, 16.1% were heavy-frequent
informative. phrased in general terms like the drinkers
The tool has alcohol industry’s ‘drink responsi- 32.0% were hazardous/harmful
already been used bly’ and it means nothing,” he said. drinkers
in residences dur- “It purports to provide information 9.8% reported alcohol-related
ing floor meetings. and advice on drinking but it in fact
sexual harassment
Students were has no impact on drinking habits.”
14.1% reported unplanned sexual
asked to leave the He also questioned the empha-
room to complete sis on calorie counts in Check Your relations due to alcohol
the survey, then Drinking University, saying the risk Source: Canadian Campus Survey 2004 by the
had the option to of injury is more important than Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
share their looking good in a bathing suit.
thoughts about the Stephen Hamilton, a third-year

Photo Illustration by Stuart A. Thompson/Gazette

Laid off workers facing academic hurdles

By Cheryl Stone ing in the past, and the criteria for obtaining Funding is not the only difficulty facing
Gazette Staff funding has tightened. mature students who wish to return to %
“People who might not have other school.
Laid off workers hoping to return to school options are funded through [Second “[Going back to school] is also very diffi-
are facing many unforeseen difficulties. With Career],” Patrick O’Gorman, spokesperson cult for mature workers,” McQuillan said.
more people applying for funding through with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and “Normally we wouldn’t hesitate admitting
financial assistance programs, some mature Universities, said. [a mature student] on a part-time basis to get
students who need the funds are left out of “We’re [now] focused on the people who their feet wet,” Lori Gribbon, director of
the classroom. need [funding] the most,” he said. O’Gorman undergraduate recruitment and admissions
“People recovering from plant closures explained there was an influx of applicants at Western, said. “It’s a very different transi-
really need support to go back to school,” this September, and the provincial govern- tion for them.”
Nancy McQuillan, executive director of the ment has placed more money into the pro- “In some cases we don’t have a lot to work
London Employment Help Centre said. “The gram. Also the criteria which applicants are with,” Gribbon added, in reference to mature
Source: London Economic Development Corporation
educational requirements keep getting considered on have changed. students’ qualifications.
higher.” “What we know is that there are people She also explained some applicants need “There’s a place for everyone but the
McQuillan explained her service helps who want or need additional training […] to obtain current high school prerequisites. path might be different because of per-
workers who lose their jobs find new work who are not getting it,” Emily Marcoccia, “If they don’t have the prerequisites, we set sonal circumstances,” Marcoccia said,
and offer opportunities for workers to director of marketing and communications them up for failure,” Gribbon explained. adding Fanshawe offers transitional pro-
upgrade their skills. at Fanshawe College, said. Both Western and Fanshawe have transi- grams to reintroduce subjects and pro-
One program they offer is Second Career, “It’s up to the government if the program tion programs for mature students. At West- grams for students to finish their high
which provides up to $28,000 per individual continues,” O’Gorman explained. “This is ern, a program known as “Are You Ready For school diplomas.
to educate laid off workers. McQuillan just one option […] there are other options University?” discusses balancing life and the “[Students] need to come in and talk to us
explained Second Career has run out of fund- through Employment Ontario.” changes students will face. about other options,” Marcoccia said.
P2 ➤ news theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010


Corey Stanford/Gazette
WHY DOES FOOT PATROL HAVE A VEHICLE? Campus safety appears to be at an all-time high as people stroll
around un-accompanied between Stevenson Lawson and Somerville House yesterday afternoon. Seriously
though, if you do want a safe escort for a late-night walk on campus, give these folks a call at 519-661-3650
or stop by room 47 in the UCC to volunteer.

University of Victoria evicts housing,” Kim Hart Wensley, the eral initiatives in the coming
19-year resident University’s associate vice-presi- months in the hopes of increasing
Alkis Gerd’son will be forced to dent of faculty relations noted in First Nations enrollment and on-
vacate his student housing at the the Canadian Press. campus support. Among these are
University of Victoria after almost “Those offers and attempts have the appointment of an aboriginal
two decades of residency. been resisted. I think the University recruiting officer to inform poten-
Gerd’son has lived on campus at has attempted to be as compas- tial students about their post-sec-
UVic since 1991, although he has sionate and supportive and patient ondary options and the installation
not completed a course for credit as it could be in a difficult situa- of an aboriginal elder-in-residence
since 1997. tion,” Hart Wensley said. to work with the University’s Mi’k-
The man challenged the univer- He added officials are doing maq Maliseet Institute.
sity eviction notice, claiming he was their best to help Gerd’son find UNB will also offer a bachelor’s
being persecuted for his disability, housing after he leaves residence. degree in First Nations governance
which the Globe and Mail has —Meagan Kashty and management, the first of its
reported as severe obsessive com- kind in Canada.
pulsive disorder. In the end, howev- East Coast initiatives “The provincial government has
er, the British Columbia Supreme encourage First Nations a real appreciation for Aboriginal
Court sided with UVic, saying the enrollment people in New Brunswick, and have
University has the right to termi- The New Brunswick Department of taken some innovative, courageous
nate the lease. Post-Secondary Education, Train- steps that have long been needed,”
“I can tell you that the Universi- ing, and Labour is launching a $1 Lynda Doige, director of the Mi’k-
ty has, over the years, made various million program that will make maq Maliseet institute, said.
efforts to work with Mr. Gerd’son on aboriginal educational affairs a Similar efforts will be executed at
a co-operative basis to try and assist main concern at provincial univer- the campuses of St. Thomas Univer-
him and has offered to provide him sities sity, Université de Moncton and New
with support to transition to com- The University of New Brunswick Community College.
munity services and to off-campus Brunswick plans to undertake sev- —Gloria Dickie

Tues. Jan, 12 students will have the opportunity to
• University Students’ Council Clubs receive on-the-spot blood typing.
Week Two • Classes Without Quizzes
puzzle solution from When: Jan. 12-15, 10 a.m. — 3 p.m. When: 6:30 p.m.
Where: University Community Centre Where: Thames Valley District School
page 9 Atrium and Gym Board Education Centre, 1250 Dun-
What: Another opportunity for stu- das St.
dents to explore and register for What: A free lecture series for the
clubs. community, with each lecture taking
• Challenge Rallies Students to place in different London locations
Donate Blood through to Spring 2010. In this lec-
When: 12 p.m. — 4 p.m. ture, Western’s dean of education
Where: Basement of the UCC, near will explore the “golden ticket” for
Student Health Services school success.
What: Students at Western are Wed. Jan, 13
encouraged to donate for the Cana- • Acoustic Lunch
dian Blood Services Blood 101 chal- When: 12:30 p.m.
lenge. Any student who donates will Where: Busker Alley in the UCC
be entered in a draw for a chance to (Basement level, by the back stairs)
win a prize. On Monday and Tuesday, What: The USC will be hosting week-
ly acoustic lunch specials, with this
Wednesday featuring Randy Rektor.
Thurs. Jan, 14
Trois-Pistoles • “Land as Story: a road broken and
the tragic undoing of the Cherokee

Paid Internships Nation”

When: 4:30 p.m. — 6:00 p.m.
Where: Middlesex College, Room 110
What: Melissa Hardy will read from
her novel, Broken Road — a story of The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X
Put your French language skills to work after how the forces that shaped one equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apos-
trophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error.
Intersession in Trois-Pistoles, Québec. nation destroyed another … and the © 2002 by Kings Features Syndicate, Inc.
land that sustained it.


Earn another French language credit while • Religious Life Lecture Series
When: 7:30 p.m. — 9 p.m.
working and learning in a paid position. Where: Elizabeth A. “Bessie” Labatt

Apply for the Explore Bursary

Hall, King’s University College
What: Dr. Paul Werstine will present ONLY 49¢
-Deadline is February 28. a lecture called, “Shakespeare on Restrictions Apply, 5pm to Close WEDNESDAYS • Bowling• Billiards
• Wood oven cuisine
Beauty: The lovely gaze where eye

doth dwell.” The lecture will be devot- Adelaide & Oxford 519-645-7164 Wonderland & Southdale 519-685-1390
For more information, contact ed to Shakespeare’s exploration of
the Trois-Pistoles French Immersion School office beauty in his plays and poems. 3-DAY WEATHER FORECAST
Western Student Services 3100, Tel: 519-661-3637 If you have an event you would like to Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Email: share please send your information Variable cloudiness Variable cloudiness Variable cloudiness
to High -7ºC High -4ºC High 0ºC
100112 Low -11ºC Low -11ºC Low -3ºC
theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010 news ➤ P3







Brett Higgs/Gazette
“SMOKERS ARE JOKERS.” The London Public Library wants people to stop smoking in front of its entrances. West-
ern doesn’t have the same concerns, evidenced by this picture taken outside of Weldon yesterday afternoon.

Library wants City to help

make smokers butt out

NEW 20% off all hair services Jan - Mar*

By Meagan Kashty
Gazette Staff
However, the library is unable to
deal with the complaints without
the City’s help. Although the library
sometimes complain [or] get
annoyed that they’re cornered by
people who do smoke.”
locks on Richmond Hair Salon
owns its own building and land, the Bortolin cited no specific com-
Library officials are asking the City sidewalk entrance is public proper- plaints or demands for change.
for help when it comes to smokers. ty and owned by the City. Currently, Western has a smok- * Not valid with any other offer or Neo
extensions, and must mention ad. Located beside Sebastian’s Market
David Winninger, city councillor “The library has a canopy that ing policy that deals specifically 100112

and former chair of the library juts over Dundas Street and this is with workplace smoking as well as a 1135 Richmond St. • Lower Level • 519-642-HAIR (4247)
board, is looking for a solution to where many smokers congregate,” policy not permitting smoking
the growing number of smokers Winninger explained. within 10 metres of any building.
outside the entrance of the Central While the “While the indoor one has
Library on Dundas Street.
“The problem is two-fold,”
library contin-
ues to rectify the
the teeth of the law and act
behind it, the outdoor policy is
ONE FREE Session*
explained Winninger. “First, is peo- complaints of its just the University saying, ‘We
Completely Renovated With New Beds
To Enhance Your Tanning Experience!

ple having trouble getting by them, patrons, it seems don’t want you to do this,’”
and second, [people] were forced to Western has no Bortolin said.
inhale second-hand smoke around need to take any Were students to com-
Western Rd.

Richmond St.
the entrance.” similar action. plain, Bortolin noted he 205 Oxford St.

He wrote to both the City of Lon- “In my capaci- would sit down with the Uni- X

don as well as the Middlesex-Lon- ty as [University versity to explore different Vibrant Sun
don Health Unit to request help. Students’ Council options, with the most prac-
The problem is not new — in an vice-president] tical being increased cam- (corner of Richmond & Oxford)
effort to dissuade people from campus issues, I pus police enforcement.
519-645-6052 205 Oxford St. E.

smoking near the library, “No haven’t heard any- However, he added the FREE Underground Parking
Smoking” signs have been put up thing this year,” Will University is presently EXPIRES Jan. 26/10 One per Customer *New customers only
and there has been increased secu- Bortolin said. “In my doing what they can from a
rity at the entrance. experience as a student policy perspective.
Margaret Mitchell, director of though, it’s something “I don’t mind [the smok-
quality improvement for the Lon- that would come ing], said Kathleen Mercier,
don Public Library, noted it’s some- up occasional- third-year linguistics student.
thing the library has dealt with for ly. People “[I guess] you need to
years. who don’t smoke somewhere,” con-
“It has been an ongoing prob- smoke firmed Wilna Garon, first-
lem at the Central Library,” Mitchell year arts and humanities
said. “We’ve gotten maybe eight student.
complaints a week to our secu-
rity staff, plus others to our reg-
ular staff.”


Interested Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
in journalism? - 12:00 to 4:00 pm -
Gazette News has openings for

writers and interns. Make an appointment to

Visit Rm. 263 and talk to donate blood today by calling
managing editor Jaela Bernstien. 1-888-2-DONATE
P4 ➤ opinions theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010

thegazette Volume 103, issue 59

“You can’t catch fish unless you put your line in the water.”

Ryan Hendrick Carly Conway Jaela Bernstien

Editor-In-Chief Deputy Editor Managing Editor

Editor -
Deputy -
Managing -
website at
University Community Centre Rm. 263
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, CANADA. N6A 3K7
Editorial Offices: (519) 661-3580
Advertising Dept.: (519) 661-3579

The Gazette is owned and published by the University Students’ Council.

The Modern
Face of
Motivation Mature students most at HEY YOU!
We know you have opinions
and we want to hear them.

This year, local artist Kevin Van Lierop has put together
risk as strike vote nears Send your letters to
Or check us out online at
an interesting project called Fifty-two Weeks, where he already so recently suffered such hard-
pledges to share with the online community as he does ships are being thrown into further diffi-
something new every week for all of 2010. He told the Hayes’d & culties. And really, one has to wonder if LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Gazette the public motivation and feedback he gains Confused there is a sufficient cause for it.
from blogging helps him complete goals that he other-
wise might abandon. Mike Hayes
The Gazette reported the chair of the
faculty bargaining team for the Ontario
Don’t start
Van Lierop’s project follows a similar vein as other
online personalities, including those who spent a year liv-
Senior Editor Public Services Employees Union as say-
ing the current process by which colleges chewing, just
ing according to the teachings of Oprah, or following the Tomorrow, college teachers across the select programs is focused more on
recipes of Julia Child. Is this shameless self-promotion?
Or are we seeing people merely taking advantage of a new
province will vote on striking, with most
indicators pointing to a likely “yes” vote.
money than what instructors want. But
is this really a bad thing?
stop smoking
way to motivate themselves? Much of the commentary surround- Though many college instructors Re: “Stop Smoking, Chew Tobacco” Jan. 6,
Every day, hundreds of new blogs pop up on websites ing this vote has focused on the impact a may not want to acknowledge it, colleges 2010
like Blogspot, only to be abandoned after a few brief posts. job action would have on the majority of and universities in Canada fulfill two
Though many may start as a get-rich quick idea, others college students — young adults in their very separate roles. Though one should To the editor:
can be aimed at genuinely achieving a personal goal, late teens and early twenties. But unfor- avoid attempting to claim either as being The Gazette suggested students chew
feeding off of the peer pressure found online as a source tunately such an examination overlooks superior, the fact remains universities tobacco instead of quit smoking because
of motivation. a growing segment in most college class- often fulfill a more abstract role in edu- the latter is unrealistic. It is shocking to
Many of the most popular blog ideas started off with rooms: the mature student. cation while colleges represent practical see such a suggestion being made in a
an accomplishment in mind — Colin Beavan, creator of According to the Canadian Press, col- application. university newspaper.
“No Impact Man,” found an outlet for his environmental leges and universities across the country University professors are hired in part Chewing tobacco has been shown to
views online, and now has a book and movie deal to announced they will not give priority to because they are experts in their respec- cause oral and throat cancer according
accompany his original idea. Beavan’s success story is Grade 12 students for admission, and tive fields, with the expectation they will to research. Why not suggest smokers
remarkably similar to others who started off blogging and chances are if you look around your class continue to research and publish over cut down on the number of cigarettes
grew to enjoy a large audience and all the perks of inter- you’ll manage to find at least a couple of the course of their tenure. But without they smoke instead?
national acclaim. older students. wanting to take anything away from Quitting smoking is not impossible,
Of course, there’s always a narcissistic angle to the When the economy was sent into a instructors, beyond constructing a nor is it a ridiculous New Year’s resolu-
increasing use of social networking sites. Many may try tailspin, many of those who lost their course (which can often be reused), col- tion. There are so many resources on
to break into celebrity culture by posting their projects jobs found themselves in a place where lege instructors, with only a few excep- campus to help students quit smoking.
and rants online instead of trying to act in a way that ben- they needed to obtain more marketable tions, have none of these requirements. Leave the Pack Behind is running a con-
efits society at large. skills to remain competitive candidates In the event a college strike actually test soon. This can be an amazing
With that being said, a greater sharing of information for the reduced number of available jobs. happens, one can only hope it will be a opportunity and can provide excellent
is something to be desired in society. Twitter, Facebook Though many still have families to sup- short one. It’s bad enough when young motivation for smokers to quit or cut
and the sheer variety of online blogging tools make it easy port, the potential opportunities opened people have to put their lives on hold, down on smoking since the grand prize
for people to stay in touch and can provide an excellent up by getting more technical skills at a but for many of the mature students who is a $1,000 tuition waiver.
venue for those looking for extra encouragement — be it college offset the loss of income these have mortgages, unemployment and To all the smokers out there, quitting
on an art project or a political agenda. families can ill–afford. families to think of, a strike can have smoking is not impossible. There are
There’s nothing wrong with looking to the public for Once again these people who have more dire consequences. many resources out there if you look
help with keeping our personal goals. The Internet offers [but] chewing tobacco is not a smart
many new tools, so why not take advantage? The many PONDER THIS alternative.
failed blogs are evidence that some self-motivation is —Angel Fu

required as well, but for times when we need that extra Biology II
boost of willpower, loyal followers or Tweeters will be
there for support. Any time there’s a work stoppage, students Ed note: Usually the Gazette avoids using
As with any technology, the users will determine typically get the short end of the stick. sarcasm in print, since it can be difficult
the success of the adoption of social networking as a to pick up without voice intonation. We
force of motivation. While many blogs are picked up —Jabari Cooper, thought we were safe when we outra-
president of the Fanshawe Student Union,
and quickly forgotten by both the fame-hungry and regarding the possibility of Ontario college
geously recommended students chew
the noble-minded, they can also represent a spring- instructors walking off the job tobacco. Apparently not. Thank goodness

board for already artistic individuals to further express for biology students.

Editorials appearing under the ‘opinions’ heading are decided upon

by a majority of the editorial board and are written by a member of the
Section Editors 2009-2010 e-mail Gazette Staff 2009-2010
editorial board but are not necessarily the expressed opinion of each News Senior News - Elana Abramovitch, Ryan Abreu, Fadesola Adedayo,
editorial board member. All other opinions are strictly those of the Sports -
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In the wake of fizzling New Year’s resolutions,
people are turning to the Internet to help
motivate and inspire their creativity in 2010
By Stuart A. Thompson day. And about a month into it I habits. But if you commit to 365
Gazette Staff thought, ‘This is going to suck,’” he things, then you have to do it until
recalled. “I was trying to do differ- next New Year’s.”
Having trouble sticking to your ent expressions or wear a different Devlin is ahead of schedule right
New Year’s resolution? hat but it gets old after a while.” now but said the toughest chal-
You’ve got nothing on Kevin Van He still finished the project — lenge is a way to find enough
Lierop. 365 pictures strong — but said he movies and watch them without
For each week in 2010 the Lon- relied on online followers to keep breaking the bank. His blog will
don artist will be doing something work like a journal where he can
he’s never done before as his latest keep track of his thoughts. If people
project, Fifty-Two Weeks. Writing an use it to keep tabs on his progress,
erotic story, directing a movie and so be it, he says.
wearing a full-body tape suit are on
“I get really comfort- Van Lierop is following in the
his list.
“Any resolution I’ve ever made
able with anything I steps of New York photographer Bill
Wadman, who completed a 365-
I’ve broken,” the 26-year-old West- do in life. I enjoy day challenge and 52-week chal-
ern graduate student said. “So I’m lenge.
not looking at it that way anymore.” doing stuff that’s out- Wadman’s projects included
Some of the wilder ideas include writing songs, taking photos and
PARK(ing) Day, where an side of it, but this is writing an owner’s guide for him-
impromptu park is created inside a self.
parking space with some turf and a pushing it to an “Bill Wadman likes to attempt
bench. Another involves putting new challenges, so don’t be afraid
100 notes in 100 balloons and set-
extreme.” to test his limits,” he wrote in the
ting them free. The notes would —Kevin Van Lierop third-person manual. “Especially if
have a question and his email so London artist the task is creativity related.”
people could reply if they find it. Creativity — or a lack of it — is
He’s also letting the public keep what motivated Van Lierop to take
tabs on his progress, posting each up the challenge.
week’s mission online and asking him motivated. “I get really comfortable with
for ideas through his Twitter It’s not only Van Lierop taking to anything I do in life. I enjoy doing
account. the Internet for public yearlong stuff that’s outside of it, but this is
“I wouldn’t have the motivation challenges as a solution to the half- pushing it to an extreme,” he says.
to stay on top of it if I didn’t have hearted New Year’s resolutions that While Van Lierop still searches
people checking on me,” he said. “I quickly fade. Matt Devlin, a third- for his passion, he hopes others will
don’t want to look like a hack or that year student in film and media, take on a similar challenge to push
I can’t complete anything.” information and technoculture, is their limits beyond their creative
Fifty-two weeks may seem like a determined to watch 365 movies in comfort zones.
small number, but Van Lierop 365 days and post about them “If you don’t know what you
knows from experience these pro- online. want to do, just try a bunch of
jects become more demanding as “When you put that kind of everything. Because you’ll find out
the year goes on. term on it, it keeps you focused,” what you don’t have any interest in
In 2008, Van Lierop took a pic- he said. “If you want to change doing, and you’ll find out what your
ture of himself every day and post- something about your life, you do passion is.”
ed them online. that for a few weeks maybe, then What’s on your list? Go to west-
“I thought I could do it every you fall back into your normal and share your ideas.

Kevin Van Lierop’s online log of his 52-week experiment
Matt Devlin’s blog about watching 365 films in 365 days
New York artist Bill Wadman’s 52-week project

on your
Tell us at
Courtesy of Kevin Van Lierop
photographer Kevin Van Lierop took 365 pictures of himself in 2009.
This year, he’s taking on a new project every week for the next 52 weeks.
P6 ➤ arts&entertainment theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010

Cera does double duty in Youth in Revolt

Canadian actor brings the laughs playing two different roles
By Hailey Dedominicis expressions, because the plot of smoking, moustache sporting alter
Gazette Writer Youth in Revolt revolves around his ego Francois get themselves
teenaged character Nick Twispt. involved in outrageous situations
The future looks grim for Nick and hilarity ensues. If Nick and
Youth in Revolt — after an untimely threat by the Francois agree on one thing, it’s
Directed by: Miguel Arteta navy Nick and his trailer trash that nothing can keep Sheeni
Starring: Michael Cera, Portia Dou- mother and her boyfriend flee to Saunders from their grasp.
bleday, Zach Galifianakis surrounding cottage country Youth in Revolt, based on the
and Nick’s dull world begins to novel by C.D. Payne, is a treat for
Some people might groan at the crumble. generation-Y moviegoers. The film
thought of seeing Canadian actor In cottage country Nick meets is equally smart and witty while
Michael Cera in yet another awk- Sheeni Saunders (Doubleday), the simultaneously inappropriate. The
wardly funny role. However, in his woman he believes will free him typical awkward and shifty eyed
newest flick, Youth in Revolt, he from his sexual fate of dying a vir- delivery by Cera is back in full force
changes things up and tries a new gin. The only way Nick can fulfill and fully encapsulated in the char-
character on for size. Diehard Cera his destiny — and win the love of acter of Nick Twispt. Cera does,
fans can breathe easy though, his life — is to channel a new per- however, spice up his regular per-
because his trademark quirky sona — Francois Dillinger — who sona through the personality of
humour still shines through. is bold, contemptuous to authority Francois, and it’s refreshing to see
It’s fortunate 21-year-old Cera and irresistible to women. him take on a different role.
still has his baby face and innocent Together, Nick and his cigarette Not only does Nick’s alter ego
come complete with white linen
pants, Dockers and a moustache,
Now Playing Jan 8-14 he also exudes a confidence nor-
mally absent from Cera’s usual
4 24 $3 00
admission Tuesdays
roles. Newcomer Doubleday does-
n’t do badly herself, complementing
Cera well and setting him up to
shine. Galifianakis (The Hangover)

BROTHERS ZOMBIELAND and Justin Long (the Apple guy) play

minor, but irreplaceable roles that
add greatly to the offbeat comedy
and complete a side-splitting cast.
Loaded with angst, rebellion
Rated 14A 114 minutes Rated 14A 91 minutes
and sexual innuendos, Youth in
7:00 NIGHTLY 9:10 NIGHTLY Revolt is hysterical. For those out
there who haven’t had the oppor-
tunity to fulfill their New Year’s
University of Western Ontario, UCC, 2nd floor (McKellar Room) resolution, skip the gym and go see Gazette File Photo
Youth in Revolt for a 90-minute ab BADASS ENOUGH FOR YOU? Cera tries a new, suave character on for 519-661-3616 workout. size in his new flick Youth in Revolt.

The Master of Management of Innovation tune the degree to their individual career demands.
(MMI), University of Toronto, is an accelerated Classes are led by leading researchers in direct
twelve-month masters program designed to contact with students through very small and selective
complement students with a science or engineering class sizes of no more than 24 students. Combine all
background by providing a focused learning this with our focused team building and leadership
experience in management and economics and industry retreat, multiple career development seminars,
exposure through a Group Project. The curriculum (winning resume strategy, bio-writing, networking
provides a strong foundation in economic analysis, skills and dressing for success), with industry
technology management, business strategy, finance, consultants and many networking opportunities,
accounting, marketing and policy. That, combined with successful MMI graduates are well prepared to fast
the option of taking graduate electives from within the track their careers. Talented leaders are needed to
University of Toronto allows the student to fine manage the innovation process – are you interested?

MMI Info Session (pizza & pop provided) - January 19, 2010
Start time: 12:30p.m. – University Community Centre (UCC) Rm. 210
RSVP to:
February 3, 2010 we are hosting an Online Info Session at 1p.m. See our website for details
theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010 arts&entertainment ➤ P7

Sam Chang Gardner/Gazette

SIMON SAYS: EVERYBODY LOOK IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION. Members of the band Wild Domestic put on a well received set at the Blackshire Pub Friday night in an effort to raise
funds for the visual arts department’s gallery practices class.

Wild Domestic gets rowdy

Fundraiser show a success for visual art class

than lyrically heavy, the band
showed they were skilled enough to
arrange a wide variety of pieces.
Wild Domestic’s set was certain-
ly not repetitive, and the crowd
Performance: Set List: enjoyed the musical variety. A
Openers: Worth the $$$: crowd favourite was “You,” a song
Crowd: that can be heard on the band’s
MySpace profile.
A major highlight of the evening
By Drew Whitson Although the show didn’t quite was an amazing Radiohead rendi-
Gazette Staff start on time, there was hardly tion that had fans jumping in
enough standing room when Wild delight. Wild Domestic was defi-
Playing to a packed house at the nitely worth the $5 cover charge.
Black Shire Pub Friday night, the
seven-piece indie collective Wild
Domestic rocked both an enter-
taining and engaging set.
The concert was held as a
“ Wild Domestic
showcased their
talent using multiple
The event finished late with DJ
Brian Jesney mixing some original
material for those who remained.
Unfortunately, likely due to the late
start time of the evening, most of
fundraiser for the visual arts the crowd had already left and
department at Western’s gallery
instruments and missed out on hearing what Jesney
practices class. The goal of the layering their sounds brought to the table.
evening was to raise money to sup- creatively. Among The evening was a great success
port its March 4 art exhibition, for the gallery practices class, with a
Curating the Curatorial. With
those used were great turnout and solid musical
music, food and a silent auction, cowbells, multiple lineup.
the fundraiser was carefully drum sets, an effects
planned and well executed.
keyboard and
The event started out with Karyn

Roantree, a gifted singer, songwriter trumpet.
and pianist. She showcased her
wide variety of original material,
which successfully kicked off the Domestic began their set — tables
evening with a calm and mellow had to be removed to allow for
atmosphere. more standing room near the front
A student in the gallery practices of the stage.
class, Roantree addressed the heart Originally from Sarnia, the band
of the evening of raising money to showcased their talent using multi-
help the students in their final year- ple instruments and layering their
end show. Nearing the end of her sounds creatively. Among those
set she even sang a few duet songs used were cowbells, multiple drum
with a member of Wild Domestic, sets, an effects keyboard and trum-
playing on some wonderful falset- pet. Although many of the songs
to. were instrumentally driven rather


No Appointment Required
Flu Shots are Now Availalbe!
Traveling? We do Vaccinations
Hrs. Mon. to Fri. 9:00am to 8:00pm
Sat. 9:00am to 4:00pm , Sun 10:00am to 5:00pm
Conveniently located just minutes from campus at
240 Wharncliffe Rd. N
at Oxford St. West Suite 201
519-435-0111 on-site
P8 ➤ arts&entertainment theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010

has garnered the band newcomer violin to complement the soft Leno returns to late night? NBC and appears to be returning to
praise. Although relatively vocals as opposed to generic, over- his original late night slot.
unknown to many indie-savvy powering guitar. Talk show host and veteran come- The Jay Leno Show currently airs
music fiends, the new tunes are Along with unusual instrumen- dian Jay Leno is giving up his cur- at 10 p.m. on weeknights and will
reminiscent of familiar musicians tal choices, the band opts for rent prime-time television show on continue to do so until Feb. 12
–– resembling bands like Of Mon- organic background tracks such as when the Olympics begin. Leno will
treal, with energetic, slightly repet- a moving train, integrated seam- then move to the 11:35 p.m. spot on
itive but catchy beats. lessly into the first track “I’m a NBC.
Because of the music’s vigorous Pilot.” A top executive for the television
nature, it is optimal running mate- Their cryptic lyrics can be com- station cited a 30 per cent drop in
rial. The song “Finish Line” hastens pared to those of Vampire Week- ratings for the show in the prime
as it progresses, concluding with end. “If I stay in this room, you’ll time spot.
the line “I know somewhere there’s remember me for my youth” is one The network has not yet final-
the finish line.” of their unexplained, evasive lines. ized how Jimmy Fallon and Conan
Despite the diversity of the The confusing lyrics, however, are O’Brien’s shows will be shuffled
Fanfarlo album’s sound, escalation with a not detrimental, serving to make around in order to bring Leno back
Reservoir rather emphatic ending seems to Fanfarlo that much more fascinat- to late night, but it expects to have
Atlantic be a trend. Furthermore, the UK- ing. the line-up sorted out by the
native folk band maintains their –– Marie-France Roche Olympics.
Fanfarlo’s debut album, Reservoir, originality, preferring piano and —Maddie Leznoff

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3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS for rent. Live on Rich- other areas that are popular with UWO students. Safe,
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4,5 AND 6 Bedroom units, close to Gates and down- problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look after all sides of campus. All places have free parking, free
3 BEDROOM BESIDE Perth Hall. So close to cam- town, large bedrooms, dishwasher, parking. Brand
all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519-670- maintenance and full time property management.
2,3,4 BEDROOMS available at Varsity Commons, pus. Three really large bedrooms, and large living new, Rents from $425-$500, Call 519-643-6014.
0327. Units are rented on a first come first serve basis. Call
London’s best student community for fall 2009. Enjoy room /kitchen. Very new, clean, utility efficient. All ap- Check them out at Will rent fast!
great amenities such as our cardio centre, movie the- pliances and pre-wired for internet. Live in style! Call 4 BDRM BEST house. Many locations and great lay- Zach at 519-854-0505,
4-6 BDRM HOUSES and town homes for rent. Units
atre, and game room. Free uncovered parking, on-site Jon anytime 519-852-7993. outs. We offer everything. Just call us519-933-9331 5 BEDROOM Town Home living at Varsity Mills. Amen-
are modern, clean and close to campus. Get every-
management. For more information please call and we pick you up for free and you will find someth- ities include: on-site laundry and air conditioning. From
3 BEDROOM REDBRICK townhomes on Richmond thing you could ask for, with 5 appliances, free parking,
519.858.2525 or go to ing! $495 per room plus $85 utility package (including long
near Masonville. 10 minute walk to campus, right on spacious bedrooms and common rooms and full time
3 AND 4 bedroom apartments and townhomes. These 4 BDRM BRAND new red brick townhouses, apart- maintenance. Bedrooms are network for internet. Call distance in Canada). All students. 1 Beaufort St., easy
bus route to campus and downtown. Great location,
are the awesome red brick ones. Newly built, very spa- ments and single homes for rent. Most feature 5 brand Zach anytime at 519-854-0505. walk to class and bus routes, roommate matching
near all amenities. All new appliances including wash-
cious, and so close to campus. All appliances, very new appliances, huge rooms and closets, open con- services available. For more information, please call
er/dryer and dishwasher. Call John any time (519) 859- 5 ADMIRABLE BEDROOM home available May
cept kitchen/ living room, free parking and networked 519.858.2525 or go to
clean and well maintained. For more information or 5563 to book a tour or 2010. $460 all-inclusive. Bus #2 every 5 minutes, 10
for high speed internet! Located in great student ar- 5 BEDROOM, POPULAR red brick buildings in many
showing please call Jon anytime 519-852-7993 email minute walk. Bedrooms accommodate double
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call Zach at 519-854-0505. bed.Dishwasher, laundry, parking, 519-380-0644, co-

exclusive Won’t last! kitchens. Live in the finest student housing in London!
4 BDRM HOMES around the university in various lo- Call Jon anytime 519-852-7993.
cations. Well maintained, many newly renovated with 5 AND 4 Bedroom houses and apartments right on
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mie 519-860-5777. 5 AND 6 Bedroom houses, close to Gates and down-
5, 5 BEDROOM red brick apartment styles to choose

GREAT LOCATIONS 4 BDRM TOWNHOUSES near all amenities. These 4 town, large bedrooms, dishwasher, parking. Brand
new, Rents from $425-$500, Call now 519-643-6014. from. Our accommodations were recently constructed

bedroom townhouses are 3 floors and 2 washrooms to fit the discerning taste of UWO students. These

Free pi off
for 4 people! Bedrooms are spacious, bright and have Check them out at Don’t miss out!
large, open-concept apartments feature laundry, dish-
huge closets. Free parking and property management. 5 BDRM ALL prime locations, steps away from UWO.
p- washer, free parking, oversized closets, and full time

and dro PRIME RENTALS Call Zach anytime
at 519-854-0505.

4 BDRM. LONDON’S Best Student Rentals. Beautiful

3 levels, 2 bathrooms, hardwood floors, 2 kitchens,
dishwasher, laundry, all-inclusive deal. Free pick-
up/drop-off! Call 519-933-9331,
property management. All of our newly built red brick
buildings are located either right next to campus, or in
other areas that are popular with UWO students. Safe,

519 933-9331
red brick apartments and townhouses minutes from 5 BDRM APARTMENTS, houses and townhouses. 2 new, comfortable, and reasonably priced, these apart-
campus! All include washer, dryer, and dishwasher. full baths, large rooms, open concept layout with ments will give you the finest off campus experience
CALL Large living area and rooms. Parking is included. Live in
style! Call Graham at (519) 719-1848 for more details.
fridge, stove, washer /dryer and dishwasher. Call Jon
anytime 519-852-7993.
available. Call Bill anytime 519-670-0327.
theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010 sports ➤ P9

Hunt stones high scoring Thunderwolves Game 2 Box Score

1st Period
1. Killing (Aarssen, Martinelli) 13:25 (PP)
CONTINUED FROM P12 Midway through the second, our job up front,” Turkiewicz added. knew we had to keep our streak 2. Turkiewicz (Snow, Baker) 14:13 (PP)
Lakehead winger Scott Dobben Overall, Scherban felt his team going. This was a big four points 3. Piva (Aarssen, Lamb) 18:22 (PP)
Lee, Joe McCann and a second by buried a slap shot short side on the put forth a poor effort all weekend. against a good Lakehead team.” 2nd Period
Turkiewicz, chasing rookie goal- power play, thwarting goalie Key- “We were terrible at just about The Mustangs now find them- 4. Lee (Swit, Lamb) 3:58
tender Alex Dupuis from the net. van Hunt’s shutout bid. Forwards everything. We made numerous selves with a four-point lead in the 5. McCann (Piva, Baker) 4:19
“That was a pretty important Ryan McDonald and Andrew mistakes with a lot of turnovers, los- Ontario University Athletics West 6. Turkiewicz (Snow, Killing) 4:57
minute to the game. We definitely Wilkins also tallied for the Thun- ing battles and not playing our sys- division with a game in hand. They 7. Dobben (Caria, Speer) 11:05 (PP)
caught a few breaks [as we] got a derwolves in the third. tems,” he said. “We have to look will look to keep the winning streak 8. Baker 19:42 (SH)
goal off of a broken play. But we had For the majority of the game, inside ourselves and find a better going next weekend when they host 3rd Period
a pretty solid effort,” Singer said. Hunt managed to stymie Lake- effort.” the last placed University of 9. McDonald (Wilkins, Caria) 5:18
Second-year star Kevin Baker head’s forwards, making 29 stops. The solid effort for the Mustangs Ontario Institute of Technology 10. Snow (Turkiewicz, Ouellet) 12:39 (PP)
rounded out the scoring for the “Keyvan was great. He had a great was a big change from their long Ridgebacks and the York Lions next 11. Wilkins (Dobben) 16:00 (PP)
Mustangs in the second when he six periods [this weekend],” Singer and disappointing break, which weekend at Thompson arena. UWO LKD
forced a neutral zone turnover and said. “We are going to need him to featured two consecutive exhibi- “We will continue to prepare the Goals 8 3
streaked in on goal to bury a short- keep it up for the rest of the year.” tion losses to Guelph and Brock. same way every game, no matter PP 4/13 2/11
handed marker. Snow added the “Keyvan was making the big “The exhibition games didn’t who we play,” Singer said. “Our Shots 46 32
eighth goal on another two-man saves, the [defencemen] worked it mean much, but we were lazy [in focus is on the playoffs and getting PIM 22 44
advantage in the third. up to us and that allowed us to do those games],” Snow said. “We a little bit better each week.”

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P10 ➤ sports theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010

Women’s hockey conquers

Lancers at Rock the Rink Chris Bosh knocked off — the oft-injured,
Remember when Chris Bosh first rarely motivated Carter, who held
Mustangs split home and home series joined the Toronto Raptors in 2003
as a lanky teenager — Bosh stood a
the franchise mark previously with
9,420 points.
towering 6-11 but weighed just 215 Carter is undoubtedly a great
By Margot Smith up 1-0 heading into the first inter- tant coach John Hunter said. “We pounds —and was forced to play player and was the face of the Rap-
Gazette Writer mission. fought near the end, but it was just out of position at centre and con- tors franchise for years. However,
“We didn’t have the best first too little too late.” stantly battle NBA vets who often his poor attitude, outlandish
The hard work of Western’s period [of ] our lives. We kind of The Mustangs are currently outweighed him by more than 50 demands (like a personal parking
women’s hockey team over the hol- struggled, but we regrouped, ranked sixth in the Ontario Univer- pounds? space at the arena for his mother)
idays helped start their new year off changed a couple of things and sity Athletics and are fighting to What about when former Raptor and admission that he did not
right as they managed to knock off played strong in the second peri- hold onto the last playoff position. Vince Carter complained about always give his all on the court
the Windsor Lancers 5-3 this past od,” Western head coach Paul Cook Western travelled to Windsor on having to carry the team and quickly turned him into one of the
Saturday at Thompson arena. said. Sunday for the second game of a claimed he was no longer going to most abhorred heels in Raptors his-
The game served as a perfect The Western squad stayed doubleheader weekend. The four dunk the basketball in games? tory.
prelude to the Rock the Rink festiv- focused, despite the one goal points up for grabs were important A week ago Sunday, Bosh — who Bosh, on the other hand, has
ities at Thompson on Saturday deficit, and returned to the ice look- for establishing each team’s bid to now tips the scales at 265 pounds — been a consummate professional
evening, drawing an unusually ing like a different team. secure a valuable post-season spot. surpassed Carter as the Raptors all- during his tenure in Toronto —
large crowd, much to the apprecia- After Windsor scored an early “Both of these games are impor- time franchise leader in scoring never once complaining about the
tion of the players from both teams. power play goal in the second, tant for us. We are at the bottom when he racked up 22 points in a 91- fans, management or his team-
“The atmosphere here today Western found their offence in the fighting for one of the last playoff 86 win over the San Antonio Spurs. mates. Bosh will undoubtedly earn
was good. It was good to have a second period posting goals from spots,” Hunter said. “The outcome Being the franchise leader of a a maximum contract this off-sea-
crowd and good to see people from Chantal Morais, Lindsay Repath of [Saturday’s] game makes [Sun- team that has only existed for 15 son — whether it’s in Hogtown or
the community coming out to see and Aoife Cox. day’s] game that much more years is a nice accolade — but this elsewhere remains to be seen.
both the men’s and women’s “We didn’t panic. We still had 40 important.” isn’t the Lakers or the Celtics. Rap- Despite his tenuous future, the all-
events,” Windsor forward Jodilyn minutes left so we just went out Western, meanwhile, didn’t tors records aren’t remarkably hard star has conducted himself hon-
Brown said. there and turned it around,” West- waste much time celebrating their to come by — for instance, fifth- ourably — unlike Carter who
“It is so great to have so many ern captain Veronica Johnston said. win. Cook made it clear they had a year guard Jose Calderon holds the demanded a trade twice while with
people here. We usually don’t have The first half of the third period tough game against Windsor ahead record for assists. the Raptors.
very many people come out to our saw each team serving penalties, of them. What is more notable about Raptors fans finally have a fran-
games,” Western’s goaltender Lind- but neither team prepared to con- “We need to get ready to go Bosh’s achievement is who he chise leader to be proud of.
sey Martin added. “Being able to pull cede an important two points for tomorrow,” Cook said before Sun-
out a win today on home ice in front the win. day’s game. “It is going to be a pret-
of all of those people was great.” However, 10 minutes in, a shot ty good game tomorrow, because
Western may have pulled out from the point by Johnston was there is no doubt [Windsor] played
the win for the eager home crowd, tipped in front by Tawn Rellinger, hard today too. There was some
but the opening 20 minutes of the finding its way to the back of the fairly significant intensity in the
game was a one-sided affair with net. Just five minutes later Windsor game and I think it is going to be
Windsor dominating the play. goaltender, Jamie Tessier, mishan- like that tomorrow.”
“We started off slowly in the first dled a weak shot by Katie Dillon, In the back end of a home-and-
period, but we came back in the creating a three-goal lead for West- home against Windsor, the Mus-
second and third and were able to ern. Though Windsor’s Kelly Cal- tangs fell 3-2 in a shootout, after giv-
win,” Western defenceman Kailey houn responded by slipping the ing up a two-goal lead in the third
Hooker said. puck past Martin, the Mustangs period. Cox and Dillon tallied for
In the first period, the Mustangs were able to hold on. Western and Martin stopped 24
struggled to keep the puck out of “We came out at a good pace shots in the shootout loss. The team
their end. The time spent inside the [and] we took the first period. Then resumes its schedule next weekend
Gazette File Photo

Mustangs blueline finally paid off in the second period we came back when they host the fourth-place
for the Lancers in the last minute of and just watched [the game], and Guelph Gryphons and the Brock
play, with Manon Davis burying a gave them the opportunity to get Badgers at Thompson arena.
power play goal, putting Windsor back in the game,” Windsor’s assis-
Vince Carter and Chris Bosh

Peter Laviolette
his final seven games was the nail
A tip of the hat to Peter Laviolette in the coffin. He led his team to a

STUDIES for showing NHL coaches can actu-

ally lead a team to victory. After a
paltry 1-6 record in those games.
On top of that, his star players were
deep run in last year’s NHL playoffs, seriously underperforming, being

the Philadelphia Flyers were shut out in two consecutive games.

Thinkingg ab

expected to have a great season. Laviolette was hired on Dec. 4,

The off-season addition of all-star 2009. At first, the team struggled as

defenceman Chris Pronger only they adjusted to the new high-

G radua
ad ate S

added to the expectations. tempo system Laviolette tried to

Unfortunately for the Flyers, install. However, once the team
they stumbled out of the gate, bought into the system, and Lavio-
Attend this seminar series
Attend series to
to learn
learn about graduate
graduate student
studeent opportunities
opportunities at
at amassing a record of 13-11-1 for a lette made a goaltending switch to
chulich Medicine
Medicine & Dentistry,
Dentistry, our ZER
ZERO incentive
O TUITION inc en how
ntive and how yyou
ou can total of 27 points, well out of a play- Michael Leighton, the team has
ontribute to
to advancing
advancing medical
m research
research through
through a graduate
duate degree.
grad degree. off spot. While that would be a pos- gone 7-1-1 in their last nine games,
itive for the two Ontario teams, it putting them two points out of a
was a disappointment for this sup- playoff spot.
chulich Gradua
te SStudies
tudies SSeminar
eminar SSeries
e Jan 19 - FFeb
eries eb 23 posed Stanley Cup contender. With Laviolette behind the
January 19
January Structural
Structurral and M Molecular
olecular Biologyy For previous Flyer coach John bench, the Flyers are, once again, a
Stevens, his team’s performance in legitimate Stanley Cup threat.
Januaryy 26
Januar Virtual
V Reality
irtual R eality in Surgery
ebruary 2 Stem C
Stem e G
Cells one W
Gone ild: C
Wild: ellular IImmortality
Cellular m
mmor tality in
Health and
a Disease Peyton Manning Is Peyton Manning the best QB
Peyton Manning — after being of the decade?
ebruary 9 Healthy
Healthy Joints
Joints ffor Lifetime:
or a Lif etime: TThe
he Jointt M
e Join Motion
otion awarded his second consecutive From 2000 through 2009, the
Program m aatt W
estern and fourth total MVP award last future Hall of Famer has racked up
ebruary 23 Advanced
A dvanced Biomedical IImaging
maging R Research
esearch week — easily proved he was the the most completions (3,561), pass-
best QB in the NFL this season. ing yards (42,158) and TDs (314) of
Manning provided another banner any NFL QB to take the field. His
Allll lec
A lectures Dental
tures in D ental SSciences Building,, R
ciences Building Room
oom 1002
1 at
at 4:30 pm. year under centre for the Colts, 65.9 per cent completion rate in the
ollowed by by pizza/meet
pizza/meet and greet
greet with current
current students faculty.
students and facult y. completing 68.8 per cent of his Naughts is second only to Chad
passes for 4,500 yards and 33 TDs, Pennington’s mark of 66.1.
while throwing just 16 interceptions Still not convinced?
Pre-registration is pr
Pre-registration preferred
e redd but not required.
required. and being sacked only 10 times. Consider the fact that over the
But for now, let’s forget the fact last 10 years Manning threw 5.81
o register
register or for
or more
more information,
o mation, visit
he’s the only player in history to per cent of his passes for touch-
w ww.schulich
udies ever win four NFL MVP awards.
Forget the fact he’s started every
downs — tops amongst all QBs over
the decade. His 265.1 yards per
game in his career. Forget the fact game over the decade are also —
he’s just 33 and probably has at you guessed it — tops in the NFL.
least five more good years of play- Peyton Manning is the QB of the
ing ahead of him. decade.
theGazette • TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2010 sports ➤ P11

Gilbert Arenas $147,000 per game before being

Ever had a disagreement with a co- suspended indefinitely last week —
worker? Of course you have — it claims he brought the weapons to
happens. the Wizards locker room because
Ever felt the need to store a he did not want them at home after
cache of weapons in your desk and the birth of his child. Because, you
present them to said co-worker as know, safety was really the issue for
a means of conflict resolution? Arenas in this situation.
Maybe not so much. Arenas’ immediate response to
But you live in the real world, the incident was on Twitter where
where workplace conflicts are he joked about the situation and
resolved with, you know, words and tried to excuse his actions as playful
stuff. And Gilbert Arenas lives in the — and he didn’t stop there.
NBA world — one of bravado, almost Next, as if he were trying to
unlimited disposable income and a prove to everyone just how naive
constant, yet misplaced sense of and brainless he could actually be,
needing to protect oneself. Arenas mocked the incident last
Here’s how it played out. Arenas Tuesday night before a game in
and teammate Javaris Crittenton Philadelphia by pretending to shoot
got into an argument over a gam- his teammates in the pre-game
bling debt — rumoured to be in the warm up.
neighbourhood of $25,000 —on a Here’s hoping this over-com-
team flight. Crittenton allegedly pensated, under-competent knob Gazette File Photo
threatened to shoot Arenas in the loses his lucrative contract with the
knee, which prompted Arenas to Wizards — on which he stands to
place three unloaded guns on a make $80 million, by the way —
chair next to Crittenton’s locker and the league throws the book at Ron Wilson Despite boasting a .383 winning
with a note reading “pick one.”
Arenas — who made more than
Arenas, barring him for the rest of
the season.
With his team having lost 10 of their
past 13 games, Maple Leafs head
percentage and losing 79 of the 128
games the Leafs have played since LSAT MCAT
coach Ron Wilson publicly chas-
tised several of his troops last week,
giving extra verbal lashes to U.S.
he took the helm, Wilson never
takes a lick of responsibility for his
team’s failures.
Olympian Phil Kessel who is third The fact of the matter is two
Preparation Seminars
on the team in goal scoring, despite members of Wilson’s defence —
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season. arek —were NHL all-stars last year, • Convenient Weekend Schedule
One of the hallmarks of Wilson’s while Francois Beauchemin is a • Proven Test-Taking Strategies
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win and lump the blame on his best young defenders in the league. • Comprehensive Study Materials
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tradition Wilson has brought with defensive corps, the Leafs average • Limited Class Size
him to Toronto. 3.44 goals against per game, which
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Wilson’s next target? The very is dead last in the league. Not to
media he was using to lambaste his mention their league-worst 68.3 • Personal Tutoring Available
players. Wilson chastised the media per cent penalty killing percentage. • Thousands of Satisfied Students
Gazette File Photo for reporting on Leafs practices — If that number stands, the Leafs
read: doing their job —and said it will finish the season as the third
was unfair that media were granted worst penalty killing team in NHL OXFORD SEMINARS
NCAA Football Coaches came out and was fired days later. access to his practices. Providing history. 1-800-269-6719
It has been a bad month for the Early in January, the University the media access to practices is Sorry, Ron. You can’t blame the 416-924-3240
NCAA. In the past few weeks, two of South Florida found itself in a common amongst all 30 NHL media for that.
division one football head coaches similar situation. After a game teams, however Wilson is the first
have been fired for physically abus- against Louisville University, head coach to take issue with it.
ing their players.
At the end of December, allega-
coach Jim Leavitt grabbed sopho-
more Joel Miller by the throat and
Calling all medical, dental, rehab,

tions came out that Texas Tech Uni-

versity head coach Mike Leach
struck him across the face because
of a penalty he took on special
nursing and vet students!
abused a player with a concussion. teams. After an investigation, the
According to the accusation from university was forced to fire Leavitt. Career boosting summer job pays up to $6,000 for a one to three month
summer placement in a research lab working on arthritis-related projects.
wide receiver Adam James, Leach felt While both coaches have
he wasn’t truly injured and decided appealed their firing and attempt-
to “put [James] in the darkest, tight- ed to sue for wrongful termination, The Canadian Arthritis Network and
est spot. It was in an electrical closet, their actions have been an embar- Serving UWO for The Arthritis Society invite you to visit
with a guard posted outside.” Leach
supposedly forced James to do this
rassment for the NCAA, their school
and themselves.
over 25 years for more details.

twice, both times for two to three You’d think a coach getting paid Click on Training Programs or call
Domino’s Accepts 416-586-4800 Ext. 4798. Deadline
hours. The university suspended millions of dollars would be smart
Western One Meal Card for applications: January 29, 2010.
Leach immediately after the story enough not to hit their players.

Sports ON DECK:
Men’s and women’s basketball... Thursday


Men’s hockey returns with a full team effort

’Stangs defeat Lakehead in
game one of doubleheader
By Justin Duckett with goals from Jason Furlong and
Gazette Writer Yashar Farmanara, both capitaliz-
ing on rebounds in front of the net.
Western’s men’s hockey team proved “We’re trying to make up four
that a break away from the ice dur- points on Western and we didn’t
ing the holidays wasn’t enough to have anyone show up to play,”
put a damper on its winning streak. Lakehead coach Joel Scherban said.
In the first game of a double- Lakehead’s lacklustre play con-
header Friday night, the team tinued into the third period. Matt
soundly defeated Lakehead 7-2 at Piva scored early for Western and
Thompson arena. while Mitch Maunu replied quick-
Battling for the top spot in the ly for Lakehead, it wasn’t enough.
Ontario University Athletics West Farmanara scored his second of
division, the Mustangs used a the game, and Kevin Baker fin-
quick start to hold off the Thun- ished off the scoring on a well exe-
derwolves and extend their win- cuted two-on-one in the last
ning streak to 15. minute of the game.
“We were a little surprised by the “The effort was not there,”
score,” Mustangs assistant coach Scherban said. “We have to work Piotr Angiel/Gazette
Pat Powers said. “It was a very hard harder and be more competitive.” COME ON JASON FURLONG, IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO SCORE ON LAKEHEAD’S GOALIE. Though Furlong was
fought game. We had a really strong Coming off the break, both stopped here, he managed to score one of Western’s seven goals. Western’s offensive explosion led to a dom-
effort from our four lines, six teams have welcomed new players inating 7-2 victory over the visiting Thunderwolves.
defensemen and our goaltender.” to their lineups. Western acquired
Forward Patrick Lee opened the Piva and goaltender Josh Unice, game for Western, allowing only “They were one of the lines that “It was really big for us to come
scoring less than two minutes into who formerly played for the USA two goals on 33 shots. generated the most offence for us back from the break and start off
the game, with a wicked shot from World Junior team. Though Unice “Keyvan played a hell of a game tonight,” Scherban said. “They still with a win,” he said. “Our game plan
the top of the circle. Patrick Ouel- hasn’t started yet, he is expected to tonight, and he deserves the start have quite a bit of work to do to was to keep our feet moving and get
let added another on the power contribute due to an injury to start- again tomorrow,” Powers said. play the systems we want them to, all four lines going and that’s what
play before Lakehead finished the ing goalie Anthony Grieco. Lakehead also acquired three but for their first OUA game they we’ll have to do tomorrow.”
period with a goal from Ryan “He’s been off the ice for a while, new forwards over the break, played pretty well.” “It’s easy to lose focus when you
McDonald with a second remain- so we’ll try to break him in slowly,” adding to what is already a potent As for the second half of the come away with a 7-2 win,” Powers
ing on the clock. Powers said. lineup. They include former OHL doubleheader, Mustang captain added. “Realistically we shouldn’t
Despite the close first period, In the absence of Grieco, Keyvan players Matt Caria and Matt Dias, Luc Martin felt the team would just be beating Lakehead by a 7-2 score,
Western pulled away in the second Hunt stepped up and played a solid along with McDonald. have to keep working hard. so we need to refocus.”

Mustangs take winning streak to 16 games

Turkiewicz rocks the rink with strong three-point performance
Gazette Staff

In the second half of this weekend’s

doubleheader, the Western Mus-
tangs men’s hockey team took their YASHAR
win streak to 16 games with an 8-3 FARMANARA
hammering of the Lakehead Thun-
Position: Right Wing
derwolves in front of a raucous Height: 5’10”
crowd at Thompson arena. Team- Weight: 190
leading goal scorer Keaton Hometown: West Vancouver, BC
Turkiewicz led the way with two CHL Team: Medicine Hat Tigers
goals and an assist.
“I thought we played a great Game 1 Stats
game. We’ve got a lot of respect for G A PIM
these guys, but we were really look- 2 2 0
ing forward to getting back into [the Season Stats
schedule]. The guys were really
18 7 7 14 10
energized in practice and it trans-
lated into the game,” Mustangs
head coach Clarke Singer said.
Western certainly was the more Piotr Angiel/Gazette
intense team at the beginning of TURKIEWICZ TAPS IT IN. Keaton Turkiewicz pushes the puck past Lakehead Thunderwolves goalie Alex Dupuis KEATON
the game. They were able to control on Jan. 9 at Thompson arena, increasing his point total to 29. The ‘Stangs dominated Lakehead 8-3 and are TURKIEWICZ
the play in the Thunderwolves’ currently at the top of the OUA standings with a record of 16-2.
zone, leading to five power plays, Position: Right Wing
including two 5-on-3 opportuni- The Mustangs opened the scoring lot of practice. We worked on it all box. We gave them too many Height: 5’11”
ties. midway through the first on a man week. We read off what they were opportunities,” Lakehead head Weight: 185
“We wanted to come out strong, advantage when rookie Scott doing. We were able to find the coach Joel Scherban said. Hometown: Brantford, ON
play the puck down low and [do] Aarssen fed a cross-ice pass to seams and managed to put the Western came out firing in the CHL Team: Belleville Bulls
the little things,” Turkiewicz said. defenceman Geoff Killing, whose puck in the net,” forward Aaron first five minutes of the second peri-
Game 2 Stats
“We kept it simple, kept playing the one-time blast found the bottom Snow said. od to put the game out of reach. In a
team game and it worked out for us corner. Turkiewicz and rookie Matt The Mustangs finished the game span of 59 seconds, Western potted 2 1 1
early.” Piva also contributed power play scoring four goals on 13 power play three goals through forwards Patrick Season Stats
Success on the power play has goals in the opening stanza. opportunities. GP G A PTS PIM
been the key to Western’s hot streak. “[The power play] comes from a “We were continuously in the PLEASE SEE STORY P9 18 14 15 29 8