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Master of Science in Engineering Mechatronics

Master of Science in Engineering --- Innovation and Business.

Note: This is a separate application for scholarship application for

admission must be submitted separately!

Applicants must come from a

eligible to pay tuition fees.

Personal information:
First Name: ________________________________________________________
Surname: ________________________________________________________
Zip Code: ________ City: _____________________ Country of residence: __________________
Phone: ____________ Mobile: ______________ E---mail: ____________________
I wish to apply for scholarship for: (please prioritize if more than one study programme is chosen below)

Master of Science in Engineering Mechatronics

Master of Science in Engineering Innovation and Business

Qualifying exams

I have completed a bachelors degree year

I will complete a bachelors degree before study start and not later than 31 August 2015

I have another qualifying exam and apply for exemption state title of education, field of studies and

name of education institution:


Enclosures must be in pdf format.

You must enclose documentation for completed study activities. Documentation must be a
certified copy.
A motivated application (max 1 page A4)
If you apply for scholarship to Master of Science in Information Technology --- Product Design you


must also enclose and samples of previous work to help us assess your ability and creative talent.
Choose something you are proud of: a product sketch, essay, picture, analysis, web URL, etc. Please
try to limit it to a few pages, though.

Documentation of satisfactory English language skills in one of the following ways:

o TOEFL test with a score of min. 575/230/88
o IELTS test with a score of min. 6.5
o CAE with a minimum result of C or the CPE (the CAE or CPE are only accepted from a
Cambridge Network or from University of Michigan)
o It the test has not yet taken place, proof that you have registered for the test

Send the application and enclosures to:

Syddansk Universitet, Snderborg, Student Service

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