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Chapter One



The communications activities that make up promotion strategy inform people about products
and persuade the companys buyers, channel organizations and the public at large to purchase
brands. The objective is to combine the promotion components into an integrated strategy for
communicating with buyers and others who influence purchasing decisions.
Since each form of promotion has certain strengths and shortcomings, KDS accessories
integrated strategy incorporates the advantages of each component into a cost-effective
promotion mix.
KDS is one of the largest and most diversified business groups in Bangladesh and KDS
accessories division is one of these concerns. The accessories include Thread, Poly, Printing,
Label and Packaging etc. its facility at KDS is the only composite unit with all manufacturing
facilities in one complex. It has qualified professionals with expertise in its own line of business
that ensures that its entire product can fulfill international quality standards. The world-classes
supply chain management system ensures speedy and prompt delivery during most critical

1.2 Objectives of the study:

Objectives provide a frame of reference for strategy development. The main objective of the
study is to know the marketing strategy used by KDS Accessories and its effect on customer
satisfaction. Besides other supporting objectives are as follows:

To find the problems and limitations of marketing tools used by KDS Accessories.

To identify the problems and prospects regarding customer satisfaction

To suggest necessary measures to solve the identified problems relating customer service.

To gather information about the product of KDS Accessories.

1.3 Methodology of the Study:

This study has covered by gathering different information on different aspects to the assigned
topic. I have followed the following steps.
Organization and development of the report:

The report is organized, developed and formulated under a mixture of instructive,

evocative and logical framework.
Process of data collection:
The data sources used to prepare this report delineated as follows:
A. Primary data:
The primary data has been collected through a structured questionnaire survey. I have
interviewed a number of retailers and wholesalers through the questionnaire. Besides this, some
other sources were also applied. These are:

Practical deskwork
Face to face conversation with the officers.
Face to face conversation with the workers.

B. Secondary data:
I have collected the secondary data from the customer care Head who has given his full support
regarding the research topic. Data were also gathered from the following sources:

KDS gropes profile


Web site, textbooks, newspapers and magazines etc.


Articles and


Other related materials available in the office.

Data analysis:
Data is processed, analyzed and presented through the list of tables and graphical formulation
with proper reference.


Accessories industries play a pivotal role in the economic development of a country and can
from the core of the money market in an advanced country. At present the accessories sector over
the world has been undergoing a lot of changes due to deregulation, technological innovation,
globalization and hard competition etc. But Bangladesh accessories sectors are far behind in
adopting these changes. To thrive well in these changing environment, development of
appropriate infrastructure and infusion of professionalism into this sector is essential.
Successfully established accessories industries play a significant role to meet up the needs of the
society such as capital formulation, large-scale of production, industrialization, growth of trade
etc. KDS accessories are also such type of industry. From the title is clear that I have consulted

and discussed with the related managers and responsible officials to collect relevant information.
During internship I was concerned about their Supply Chain management system. KDS
accessories are fully export oriented manufacturing company. In my report, I tried to find out the
supply chain network of the KDS accessories. However it seems to me that this study will help
the organization to find out their problems that will lead to future improvement and prosperity of
the KDS accessories.
Every work can successfully be completed only when the reality matches to the expectation. The
study has been conducted on for three months. This shorter duration is inadequate for such a
comprehensive study. If adequate time can be allocated, the study would be more informative
and goal oriented. But, there exist some limitations, which are stated below:
1. Due to shortage of time, it was impossible for me to prepare a comprehensive report
as I intended.
2. Few of the selected personnel refused to give data. In the circumstances alternative
samples were taken.
3. It was not possible to collect, store and present all the information to prepare the
4. Every research study should require a lot of fund to complete. As I have not available
fund, the study was not finished as effectively as it should.
5. Information is a vital force for the competitive market. At present every industry has a
great interest on others secrets. As a result I could not gather all the required
information. Besides some information may be distorted due to the lack of my
capacity, catching power and lack of concentration of the respondents.
6. Most of the officials are too busy to provide me sufficient time.
7. They were very much reluctant to show all the documents.
8. Top management was very hard to reach.

1.5 Justification of the study

KDS accessories have operated its business from the very beginning with an admirable
reputation. It is very important to have competitive edge to avoid competitors threat. This edge
can be achieved through strategic implementation. KDS accessories are well known about its
competitors and have clear knowledge about their activities. However this study can justify
developing some applicable strategies, which may establish the new band strategy into the

market. Firstly the accessories market was good but in later, it cannot maintain its image because
of some reasons. Like, fail to fulfill the customers expectation, problems in product positioning
due to implementing wrong strategy and consumers unawareness about this product etc.
Finally in recent market KDS accessories conducted survey entitled market acceptability of
accessories product. The ultimate feedback of that survey was that It is the market leader in
terms of superior quality, innovation, efficiency and price of their product etc. therefore, my
study also justify that these leadership are also ahead in accordance with the consumers brand

1.6 Historical Background of KDS

KDSs history is one of innovation and adventure of risks taken and bold decisions made towards
a noble purpose building where our fellow customers can carry their business well. It believes
without proper understanding or exploration of what future might hold we lack the freedom to
make the most of our opportunities and to control our destinies in a fiercely competitive
accessories market both domestic and global.
The year 2006 was not an exception to this guiding principle. In 2006 KDS achieved a
significant growth over 2005 and it helped KDS advancement in strengthening a set of
differentiated capability namely, its manufacturing capability with several production units,
quality manufacturing process, their people, innovative sales and marketing capability in both
domestic and foreign markets, well recognized expertise and know how in meeting the stringent
regulatory requirements, and its capability in R&D. these differentiated capabilities have placed
KDS as a forerunner to take the advantage of accessories products.


KDS offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of apparel TRIM & Packaging products and
In Bangladesh they manufacture almost all the products meet global quality standards. Extensive
experience in the industry has helped as acquire knowledge and information to design products
and services that best suites their requirements of their clients. KDS offer flexibility,
competitiveness and sharper lead times to facilitate demanding sourcing requirements.
KDS regional network supported by a dynamic team of professionals allows us to serve our
clients as strong supply chain partner providing production, consolidation & solution based

KDS believe in working closely with their client to understand their core needs to design
services accordingly and align ourselves as a strategic partner, helping us realize their vision to
be The Preferred TRIMS & Packaging solution company globally
Getting to be one of the largest and most diversified business groups in Bangladesh was a long
and hard road to tread.
It is still continuing on a journey of growth, diversity and achievement.
This growth has been one of the most significant in each area of operation. This was made
possible by the strong drive of the management and continuous dedicated hard work of the rest
of the team.
At present KDS employees are more than 8000 in all its operations. This has been recognized as
one of the largest employer great for the socio economic development of the country.


Pioneering in backward linkage industries for the garments industry of Bangladesh, KDS set up
its Accessories manufacturing units.
The Accessories facility at KDS is one of the only composite units with all its manufacturing
units in one complex. Each factory installed in separate buildings makes each product
development independent in terms of quality control, yet it is distributed through one sales
source under KDS Accessories Division.
This makes the vendors beat comfort being able to source a wide range of products from just one
The quality of the wide range of products that KDS offers has always been setting standard for
our competitors to follow.
Step in and explore all that KDS Accessories can offer.


To be a globally preferred trims & packaging solution company.

Lead through innovation & excellence

Priorities customer satisfaction overall understand customer core benefits.
Maintain global quality standards
Economy, always
Maximize resource utility
Create environment that dives intelligence among all involved.

Chapter Two
Analysis of Findings
KDS Accessory figured out that providing this package solution to the garment manufacturer
holds immense prospect. It will unburden the garment player by obviating the need to look for
different accessories from different sources. This will free up resources in the garment sector and
leave the entire accessory sourcing to the more experienced player like us.
Also it saves cost as getting an entire set of accessories will be more cost-effective, which can be
shared across garment and trim solution provider, creating a win-win situation.
We developed trim solution road map after stitching together various strategies and working
plan. Consolidating oversees sourcing and building a subcontracting network featured
prominently in our plan. Sourcing the entire set of accessories was major challenge that we
figured out to be important for us to execute the concept. Also we concentrated sorting out
commercial and logistical hurdles across continents, getting insight into many other accessory
sources that are specializing products we are not making. Sourcing at competitive prices from
these sources in the beginning would not be easy as they used to sell already at competitive
prices to garment players.
However, instead of getting discouraged by these difficulties, we forwarded with optimism to
pursue this trim solution concept. We successfully overcame all these hurdles to make this
concept success. We already provided Trim Solution to several buyers and garment vendors,
who experienced significant benefit in getting supply of entire accessories in consolidated way
with price benefit.
Though the project has received encouraging feedback and generated business, however we still
need to cross miles before this objective fully materialize. The key milestones of becoming
preferred trim solution to garment cutter, and complete solution to garment cutter and finally
complete solution to retailer/ importer at global level are infested with many challenges we
need to overcome. However, wining the trust of garment players, who are habituated in sourcing
from many accessory players, will be most important to us.


Over the years the trust and reliability on KDS products has emerged as one of its core
competencies. Today the name KDS has been synonymous with trust and reliability inherent in

the term quality is its relentless passion. Quality is ingrained in our values and in all what it does.
Its business processes and the exception of its retailers and wholesalers through getting highest
quality products of achieving returns.
When the accessories comes to manufacturing, this guiding principle places even more social
responsibility of ensuring quality in terms of quality, purity, stability, safety, efficacy and overall
presentation of the products. KDS quality assurance system establishes control or checkpoint to
ensure the quality of the products during production and upon completion of production. It starts
with raw material and component testing and includes in-process quality control and finished
product testing as well as batch auditing and stability monitoring. Standard operating procedures
developed in accordance with the latest rules and regulations current good manufacturing
practices are being strictly followed in every step.
To ensure all these, a highly dedicated academically sound and professionally competent team is
using most Modern and sophisticated equipment and many other latest computer- aided control
instruments and accessories.
This passion to the total quality has helped KDS from its inception to create many block-bluster
brands in a fiercely competitive accessories market.
KDS has scaled the heights of success due to its dedication and commitment to quality. Its
success at KDS comes from the fact that it has always laid solid emphasis on quality control. In
fact quality is not merely a buzzword at KDS but is an inherent part of our work culture. Each
and every stage of the production process is monitored and checked by KDS quality control team
to ensure that its overseas counterpart gets noting but the best quality.
KDS has established an ongoing relationship with its clients providing them high quality
products. KDS are striving to elevate its standard of excellence for the benefit of its clients.
It is possible to ensure that material is strumming the right note in quality. When it comes to
trims solution, global retail giants like WALMART, TARGET, H&M, GEORGE and KMART
trust KDS accessories. One of the leading trims solutions companies in Bangladesh, KDS
Accessories has now woven a new standard in the trims industry. Thanks to its state-of-art supply
chain and extended manufacturing facilities, products from KDS Accessories are truly world
class. Moreover, Certificates from ISO and other international bodies justify the KDS clients
confidence in it. Any one can change the way used to look at trims solutions. Because when he
wants the very best, everything has to be possible.


KDS employs a significant part of its resources in R&D that makes KDS a forerunner in the
accessories industry in Bangladesh. The R&D comprises of academically sound and
professionally competent personal that have firm commitment to new product development.
R&D team of KDS is consistently striving towards
- Developing new formulation
- Simplifying manufacturing processes
- Bringing cost efficiency
The sincere and relentless effort of R&D team has taken the company a step further in by
developing different types of new accessories applying unique formulation technology for the
first time in Bangladesh. This new accessories added new momentum to the sales revenue of
A good number of people are also in the development pipeline to ensure availability of raw
materials in the accessories market. Many people of different classes have already been
developed and manufactured and some more accessories in the final development stage.
This reverse engineering capability of KDS R&D team would be an added advantage for KDS in
the accessories market.


Increased market complexity now a days places great demand on the sales and marketing
operations of accessories companies, making it even more difficult and costly to manage. But
KDS marketing and sales team was able to withstand competition successfully in 2006, which
enabled them not only to retain market leadership of all the key brands but also to grow in other
areas. Several new brands have already shown below potential to become future blockbuster
KDS is one of the first corrugators in Bangladesh and has excelled ever since. Its products has
been setting standards in quality that others followed and often a KDS carton box is used as a
bench mark! Its products range from heavy duty cartons for garment and seafood exports to the
fine boxes made of duplex board containing lingerie or boxes. The in house power generators to
ensure on time delivery every time back up our total supply. The packages are of 3 ply, 5 ply & 7
ply corrugated boards making the right box for the right job master cartons, inner cartons and all
other types back boards and neck boards from duplex board paper sources from Taiwan,
Australia, Korea etc. KDS packaging production capacity 20,000 cartoon per day.

KDS packaging established in 1994 in the following areas:

23000 sft area of operation

4 complete lines of semi automatic corrugating machines

more than 15000 carton boxes a day

4 sets of die cutting machines work force 230

self sufficient power supply

Sales offices in both Dhaka and Chittagong


KDS Thread was the second sewing thread manufacturing unit in Bangladesh, now having more
than 6 years of manufacturing experience. Its yarn sources has still remained the same thereby its
quality has been consistent ever since. It has stood out clearly in the market with the range of its
products and the quality which it sustained by using world class machines such as this for dyeing
and SSM for coning. Its delivery is very prompt based on the stock that it maintains and for new
shades a quick dye to match from its highly sophisticated lab and skilled technical team. KDS
Thread factory produces sewing thread. The grade of the thread is called count. It has worldclass machines for dyeing and for coning.
KDS Thread has two Product line:
Staple thread branded Lion
Continuous thread branded Ultra tex
Core spun Thread branded Ultra Core

12000 sft of operational area

2 pressure dying and 1 pressure dryer from Theis Germany

Soft package winders and coning machines from SSM, Switzerland

Lab equipments from data color, USA

Full water treatment plant for waste water

10000 cones a day

Work force 100

self sufficient power supply

Sales offices in both Dhaka and Chittagong

KDS has come a long way since manufacturing for other brands of hangers. With Wal-Mart,
Kmart approving KDS for global distribution, it has once again set an example in the industry by
being the only Asian company in the world to have this status. KDS has achieved this based on
consistency in quality, services and being competitive price. KDS has 13 injection molding
machines ranging from 130 to 300 tons capacity. And pantone color code size tab color matching
system. Production capacity of the Dominox (80,000-1, 00,000) hangers per day and KDS
hanger production capacity (70,000-80,000) hangers per day. The materials used for making
hangers are PP, GPPS, and HIPS etc. which is imported from Hong Kong, Thai wan, OMAN,
and SAUDI Arab.

7000 sft of operational area

13 injection molding machines ranging from 130 to 300 ton capacity

Pantone color code size tab color matching system

Hot stamp machine for imprints on plastic

Over 140,000 hangers day

Work force 100

Self sufficient power generation

Sales offices in both Dhaka and Chittagong and Hong Kong.


KDS elaborate printing facility adds to the range of products that offers in the pack age of
garment accessories. Having one of the most sophisticated set ups in Bangladesh, it has catered
to a wide variety of products like tags, art works, printed packaging and tickets with barcodes
and an extensive range of screen printing on all kinds of fabric.

2200 sft of operational area Heidelberg MO machine

Roland printing machine

Full set of paper cutting, die cutting and punching machines

Fully equipped pre- press process machines

Work force 12

Self sufficient power generation

Sales offices in both Dhaka and Chittagong.


The first few poly bag manufacturers, KDS has by far the biggest production capacities in
Chittagong and one of the largest in Bangladesh. The quality of its poly bags with respect to
strength and clarity keeps the customers satisfied and the competitors away. Vendors
manufacturing for high quality buyers JMS, Azim group apart from many more have used KDS
poly bags. It delivers with the shortest lead times due to high production capacity and self
generated power supply to back up the regular source eliminating production loss. Poly bags in
PP & LDPE in ranges from 0.03 mm up to 0.08 mm high transparency and clarity and durability
hanger / hook attachments and specialized bags.
It has established in 1994.

12000 sft of operational area

5 film extruders

3 flexor- graphic printers; prints up to 6 colors

7 high speed sealing and cutting machines

over 150,000 bags a day

Work force 120

Self sufficient power generation

Sales offices in both Dhaka and Chittagong

To further strengthen the port folio, KDS has recently brought stakes into one of the finest woven
label-producing units in the country. The set up is with a very high specification precision
quality, expected out of the state of the art machines. To complement the woven label machines,
KDS has its own printed label facility to make the package complete. All kinds of labels in
nylon, satin printed labels in satin and nylon paper center, meter and straight fold: 200 pcs per

2 computerized air jet weaving machine with loom speed of 800 and beating of 1000 ppm

2 computerized rapier weaving machine with loom speed of 600 and beating of 540 ppm


Auto cutting and folding machine from Willy, Italy

Over 300,000 average size woven labels a day

2 sets of label printing machines from Hong Kong printing in up to 5 colors

Sales offices in both Dhaka and Chittagong


One of the primary goals of KDS is to contribute to keep the earth clean. KDS is aware of its
responsibility of caring for the environment and the importance of reducing environmental
efforts of manufacturing activities to a practical minimum.
KDS is committed to a green operation and its facilities are carefully designed and operated to
prevent all forms of pollution. Discharge of conventional substances from the companys
manufacturing plant is subject to stringent controls. Regular environmental monitoring is carried
out. Effluent treatment plant reduces the hazardous impact of the emissions to a minimum.
Solvents used in the synthesis processes are recovered in efficient recovery plants. Wherever
practicable, KDS works to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. KDS
continuously strives to improve performance and optimize the use of all material and human
resources, thereby minimizing adverse impact on environments.


SWOT analysis stands for strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Every company has
faced some threats and exists some weakness, which are recognized as internal factors as well as
enjoy some strengths and opportunities are considered as external factors. However the SWOT
analysis of KDS accessories are as follows:
STRENTGHS: The major strengths of KDS accessories are as follows:
1. The company can provide quality products at affordable rate among all other rivals.
2. It is a widely recognized company with an attractive customer segment.
3. KDS has a strong supply chain network which helps them to get raw material at a
cheaper rate.
4. It has considerable financial resources to grow the business and sustain in the market.
5. All of its accessories have a brand identity in the local and some of foreign market.


6. They have a state of-art factory situated in Chittagong which helps them to achieve
economies of scale that lead them to produce cost effective products.
7. They have a very strong distribution channel both in home and host country.
8. KDS is continuously innovating and introducing new product into the market.
9. They have an effective and efficient inventory control system.
10. KDS has a very attractive remuneration package that keeps its employees highly
motivated and encouraged to work.
WEAKNESSES: The major weaknesses of KDS accessories are as follows:
1. KDS state-of-the-art factory and other operations are carried out in Chittagong whereas
their branch office is in Dhaka. This creates a communication gap
2. The new restructuring of the office and different departments are creating a problem.
3. Labor strikes at the factory can stop the whole process.
4. Bureaucratic organizational structure.
5. No clear strategic direction.
6. No effective cost management system.

OPPORTUNITY: The opportunities of KDS group are as follows:

1. Expanding the companys product line to meet the broader range of customer needs.
2. Target sand acquire untapped markets with new internationally brands.
3. Opportunity to increase the export.
4. Bangladesh government has imposed the taxes for imported accessories. This will help
KDS to serve the market than before.
5. Opportunity to expand the line of business.
THREATS: The threads that KDS accessories faced are as follows:

New government polices regarding foreign trade and investments are not in favor.


Sometimes the production cost (material cost) has increased.


Political instability.


Various types of Indian and Chinese accessories exist into the market with low cost and
poor quality.



Changing pattern of buyer needs.


Arising of new and potential companies may affect the reputation of existing



Promotion strategy of KDS Accessories consists of planning, implementing and controlling its
communications to its customers and other target audiences. The purpose of promotion in the
marketing program is to achieve managements desired communications objectives with each
customer. It is important to recognize that word-of mouth communications among accessories
buyers and the communications activities of other organizations may influence KDS Accessories
target customer.

2.7.1 Promotional tools used by KDS Accessories:

Advertising consists of any form of non personal communication concerning an organization,
product or idea that is paid for by a specific sponsor. The sponsor makes the payment for the
communication via one or more forms of media (e.g. television, radio, magazines, newspaper

2.7.2 KDS Accessories advertising

Print and broadcast ads:
The main customers of KDS Accessories are ready made garments manufacturers. Thats why,
they always provide ads in print and electronic media to attract the attention of garments owner.
Brochures and Booklets:
KDS Accessories has different types of brochures and booklets displaying the accessories
product and their quality and price.
Posters and leaflets:
KDS Accessories provides posters and leaflets to garment owners through merchandisers which
reflects all of the required information about the product.
KDS Accessories has established giant billboards of their companies at different very important
and crowd areas such as GEC circle, Agrabad, Chittagong airport etc.
Display signs:
KDS Accessories displays their products through large TV screen established at different point of
city which demonstrates different product category of their organization.
Symbols and logos:
KDS Accessories has a distinct and good looking logo what it applies to everywhere so that a
clear cut brand image can build in the mind of customers.


2.7.3 Sales promotion

Sales promotion consists of short term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of a product or
service. Whereas advertising offers reasons to buy a product or service, sales promotion offers
reason to buy now. KDS Accessories sales promotion consists of various promotional activities,
including- fair and trade shows, gifts, exhibits, demonstration, rebate, entertainment etc.

KDS Accessories sales promotion tools:

KDS Accessories provide a small amount of their product to garments owner for trial whether
the quality and price product are well matched with foreign buyers requirements.
Fair and Trade shows:
KDS Accessories always participate in different fair and trade shows such as BATEXPO,
CAPEXPO etc. to attract the target customers for long run.
Exhibits and Demonstration:
KDS Accessories often arrange exhibition of their products and they have a well organized show
room inside their factory where buyers can easily get information about the latest innovative
Rebate and Discounts:
KDS Accessories provide rebate and discount to their customers for bulk purchase and exceeding
certain volume of order.

2.7.4 Public Relation:

KDS Accessories is always very concerned in building good relations with companys various
publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a corporate image and handling or heading
off unfavorable rumors, stories and events.
KDS Accessories maintains good public relations to promote products, people, places, ideas,
activities, organizations and even nation to foreign buyers.

Public relation tools of KDS Accessories:

KDS Accessories often arrange seminars with readymade garments owners, merchandisers and
foreign buyers on constantly improving quality of product and changing requirements of end


Annual Report:
KDS Accessories is an ISO certified organization. Thats why; they always prepare their annual
report very accurately and efficiently so that everyone can be informed about their operation.
Charitable Donation:
KDS Accessories provides donations to many charity organizations such as Red Crescent
hospitals and Lions project for disable.
KDS Accessories has many publications related to their industry. Everyone can read and collect
those publications from their web address:
Company Magazine:
KDS Accessories publishes its own magazine named BLOOM after every three months. This
magazine consists all of the latest information about their organization.

2.7.5 Personal Selling:

Personal selling is the verbal communication between a salesperson or selling team with
prospective buyers with the objective of influencing a sale. KDS Accessories has a compact sales
team with object to interact the buyers to answer questions and overcome objections, to target
buyers and to accumulate market knowledge and provide feedback.
They also provide the following items to their customers to build internal relations:
1. Coffee Mug
2. Key Ring
3. Desk calendar
4. Wall calendar
5. Diary
Normally, desk, diary and wall calendar we are providing to all our clients Merchandiser's by the
end of the year. Our contact in the garments is mostly the merchandiser, but we also
provide diary and calendar to the Top Management (CEO, Directors, etc). We also make some
special gift for the top management and give them time to time.
Our calendars are very good and attractive and this is something that our clients look forward to
getting it every year. Other items, we give time to time as and when needed and for this we do
not have really a time frame.


Personal selling effort of KDS Accessories:

Sales meeting:
KDS Accessories arrange sales meetings with merchandisers to influence the garments owners. It
have distinct nomination of worldwide giant chain store Wall Mart, K-Mart, Levis, Nike etc. So,
sales meeting enables to articulate their creativity in operation.
Incentives Program:
KDS Accessories provides special incentives to their loyal customers and the buyers who always
purchase bulk amount of product. They always get priority services from KDS Accessories.
Sales Presentation:
The efficient sales team of KDS Accessories represents the particulars of their various products
including quality, price, installment terms etc. to garments owners to persuade them for KDS

2.7.6 Direct Marketing:

Direct marketing consists of direct connections with carefully targeted individual customers to
both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationship. KDS Accessories
also communicate directly with customers, often on one-to-one, interactive basis. Beyond brand
and image building, they usually seek a direct, immediate and measurable customer response.
Direct marketing effort of KDS Accessories:
The customers of KDS Accessories can easily get catalogs by log on to their website and can
directly place order for their products.
Fax mail:
The customers can put their order by fax mail and the customer care department responses
immediately to that order.
KDS Accessories has a large and complete database of their customers. Each and every
customers of their database can easily access to their website and can place order there. Now-a18

days, most orders of KDS Accessories are of that type. The organization has become totally
integrated with information technology. In near future, they will be totally automated in
receiving orders and processing that order swiftly so that communication can be very efficient.

2.7.7 Do these promotional items help them in increasing the business?

The answer is may not be directly, we already know the clients and this helps our relationship to
We need to understand the trade as we are in an industrial products business (not consumer
products), in our kind of business in general the price is the most priority to get the business. The
price needs to be cheaper than other supplier and then only they will buy. Though we are
building our Brand as KDS so in the long run customers will pay more, but then why
more because: We have better service, we say what we can do, we are committed, and practices
values. These all will contribute to the brand and once we have a strong brand we can sale but
the price is needed to have cheaper price.- Uzzal Leonard Baroi, Deputy Manager, Brand &


Customer responsiveness is a unique strength that allows a company to achieve superior
efficiency, quality, innovation or customer responsiveness. Customer responsiveness means
responding according to the customers need, want and demand. It is a process of identifying and
satisfying the needs of its customers faster than its competitors. Achieving superior quality and
innovation is an integral part of achieving superior customer responsiveness. Besides this design,
superior service and after sales service and support are the sources of customer responsiveness. It
requires company to customize goods services to the unique demand.
One important aspect of customer responsiveness is customer response time. Time is an
important phase of customer responsiveness. For customers goods must be delivered and service
to be performed on time. Otherwise it enables the company to charge premium price and build
brand loyalty. On the other hand slow response time is the source of customer dissatisfaction
To achieve the superior customer responsiveness a company must have a unique strength that is,
distinctive competencies.


A distinctive competency can create superior value and attain a competitive advantage. A firm
with distinctive competency can differentiate its products achieve substantially lower cost than
its rivals.
In this circumstance KDS group is highly customer responsive because I have found that they
conduct a market survey relating to this internally in every four months. After that they analyze,
process data in proper way. Then they get feedback. From that result the concerned authority can
understand how responsive their customers are about the KDS accessories.
However I have got an opportunity to conduct such type of survey for this organization.. In that
survey I have found that the customers of KDS group are very satisfied about their products and
others. According to customers of KDS group can deliver the products in time with its own
vehicles and charge minimum price for this. Besides these products are very much innovative,
good quality and design. The executives of the group are very much efficient, knowledgeable
and cordial in manner. Beside this, in my questionnaire there is a lot of question regarding this
issue and found the same result.

KDS accessories division has completed the audit for ISO Certification 9001:2000 for their
packaging factory recently.
KDS is the second among the packaging factories in the country to achieve such prestigious
KDS packaging is one of the very few corrugated carton manufacturing industries in the country
to introduce automated 5- ply board making plant. Achieving ISO certification will enable to
infuse the quality system into the operational platform of KDS group so that the entire
accessories business can become more customers friendly and cost effective. This endorses
commitment of top management toward sustainable quality initiatives.
One of the largest business groups in the country with an annual turnover of around $350
million, the KDS group has diversified business covering ready-made garments, accessories,
steel, CR coil, textile, information technology, banking and insurance.
They possess a well-equipped production unit and assembly shop. They possess hi tech machines
and sophisticated technology. They manufacture and assemble their own components to ensure


quality. It has a team of highly qualified professionals who have a vast experience in their sphere
of operations.

2.9.2 POLY:
Poly is one of the accessories items of KDS accessories division. The growth is increasing day
by day
When the local customers come to understand the opportunities of applying world-class
technologies in the KDS accessories and introduce institutional arrangements that permit
individual pursuit of self interest to serve. Once that happen the products able to grow at a rapid
rate, unless some political accident obstruct the process, until it catches up with best-practice
technology and therefore attains the living standards of the developed countries.

2.9.3 LABEL:
Label is one of the new innovative segments of the KDS accessories division. The main
objective behind this segment is to increase the present portfolio of the organization. KDS has
introduced a woven-label machine firstly in Bangladesh. This machine has fetched the
organization a step ahead in the label manufacturing industries. Already they have achieved
different kinds of label orders and execute these orders very fruitfully in the home and host


KDS has fully skilled to service the vendors with the most comprehensive services including
hanger manufacturing, product development and designing. They are nominated for TAC and KMart hanger manufacture and supplier. They have 28 machines and capacities are 200K per day.
They make their own molds. They have good establishment and infrastructure for hanger


KDS was the second sewing thread manufacturing unit in Bangladesh, now having more than 6
years of manufacturing experience. At present it serves into the whole market with an excellent
quality. It has world class European machines for dyeing and for coning. It delivers the product
very promptly to the ultimate customers.



During my internship program I have collected data from different type of customers. From that
data I have identified many problems lying in this sector. In this title discussion all are not be
Some of the problems are as follows:
1. Cost: It is the major problem for customers. Sometimes it is seen that customers are
unable to collect the payment to buy the preferred accessories. The government
policy is not also clear to the people. So there exists a chance of taking more
money than actual cost.
2. Lack of proper policy: Lack of proper policy is a great problem for the KDS accessories
division. On the contrary, a lot of country in this sub-continent has a well and
organized policy.
3. Information support: The collection of information about related matter is so poor that
it always makes a hesitation. On the other hand there is not any information in the
internet. In the web page few is mentioned about the accessories.
4. Small Budget: Sometimes the customers budget is very small

as a result they are

unable to purchase the required amount of accessories.

5. Delivery: Very often producers take more time to deliver the products because of the
internal problem.


During the three months of internship program in the accessories position on local and
worldwide in the KDS group, I have tried to find out the different types of major findings. In my
internship program there are many findings are perceived, which may be favorable and
unfavorable for the group. However the major findings can be described as under:


I. KDS is providing garment accessories product at reduced price than its competitors.
II. KDS accessories are presently competing in different product categories with excellent

The management is highly efficient and experienced in their

duties and

IV. Their huge promotional efforts help them to serve the market than before.
V. The company has a strong proprietary and important trademark.
I. KDS largely depends on direct sales and has less contribution in advertising and
public relations.
II. Their longer lead time and delayed delivery cause the sales decrease in last year.
III. Lack of proper training facilities for the employees to communicate effectively with
the customers.
IV. Inadequate use of proper tools and techniques for improving productivity.
V. They concentrate more on foreign nominated chain shops and not searching
alternative domestic market.


To overcome the problems that KDS is facing because of the hard competition etc the authority
can consider the following suggestions:

Searching alternative market especially in European Union countries or in the other

industrially developed countries.


KDS should try to use local raw materials produced at home to reduce the overall
production cost.


They have to influence the government to lessen bureaucratic procedure.


The BGMEA should pressurize government to get increased tax holiday and other
export facility to enhance export volume.


The authority should try to reduce shipping problems by negotiating with the
government authority to ensure timely delivery of finished goods.


Because of the technological advancement, the business environments are constantly changing.
Nothing is fixed except change. In a recent meeting of BATEXPO in the Hotel Sonargaon,
Dhaka; welcoming the new horizon in this connection; almost all the speakers raised their
There are a number of recommendations for the development of KDS accessories. It is expected
that the level of customer satisfaction of the company may be increased only if the management
takes into consideration to materialize the following suggestions:
1. Continuous customer contact monitoring is essential.
2. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) should be used.
3. Customer attraction and retention policy should be modified.
4. Identify new area where new product is not available and no competitors exist.
5. The area where the competitors position is in better KDS should offer attractive facilities
for the outlets and customers in that particular area.
6. Computerized cutting system must be implemented to avoid wastage of fabric and other
raw materials.
7. Planning and other process of accessories industries should be more flexible and easy in
comparison with India and Pakistans process.
8. KDS accessories should have to adopt online selling system
9. Job enlargement and job enrichment techniques should be used to make the job more
10. To increase the customer awareness of the group they should consider giving the
advertisements in printing and electronic media.
11. Government must work as facilitator of both promotion and regulation of accessories.
Any attempt at direct involvement of government in procurement or supply of different
accessories materials can jeopardize the trade to non-returnable situation. Past experience
in such effort through BATEXPO is pointer enough.


According to the modern marketing concept, consumers are the King and Queen. Marketers can
not earn profit or implement any technique without satisfying the customers. On the other hand,

the business organizations are facing huge competition in the market. So, right marketing
technique should be applied at the right time. In this regard, the market plays a pivotal role on the
business field specially to implement a new mechanism.
At present, no organization undertakes any fixed marketing policy and strategy. It is constantly
changed with the advancement of information and technology. The automation of sales is being
implemented by KDS as the pioneer in Bangladesh.
KDS Accessories is a well- established and favorable group in Bangladesh and worldwide. In
around the world, garment accessories industry has huge amounts of buyers and customers. In
fact, customer satisfaction is considered as a key valuable to attain the success of this industry. It
was an attempt to understand the level of customer satisfaction of KDS group through this study.
KDS has an opportunity to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. That is why, a number of
recommendations have been stated and the management of KDS can be benefited from it.
Finally I confess that mistakes may take place in my report because of the various limitations. In
the report I have presented many solutions and ways and these will be able to increase the overall
profitability and performance of the company. So at the end of my report, I can explicitly say
only motivation to the employees and consumers with the proper practicing of the
recommendations and suggestions should be applied by KDS accessories in the target field.
for this the can apply the operation research, time events like PERT, CPM, GANT chart, value
engineering, work simplification and quality control circle.

VI. The company can implement the total quality management system for getting more
customer satisfaction, fewer defects and less waste, reduced cost, improved
productivity and environment on which quality has high priority.


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