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Friday Dec 26, 2014



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Friday Dec 26, 2014

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Fiji News

Friday Dec 26, 2014

Fijian Students Doing Well Farmer Gets Six Years For

In India

The director for the Indian Cultural

Centre in Suva, Kishan Lal Kanojia,
says Fijian students studying in India
are doing well.
There are about 30 Fijian students
studying in India under Indian
government scholarships.
Mr Kanojia said they had not received
any complaints about Fijian students
studying in India.
I am proud to say that Fijian students
are really doing well in their studies,
he said.
When they left Fiji, it was clearly
instructed to them that study was
their main focus. There would be time
for everything, but when it comes to
studies, students were told not to take
it lightly.
Mr Kanojia said there was lot of
potential students from Fiji.
He said more scholarships would be
offered to Fijians to study in India from
next year.
We have sent some very good students
and we are looking forward to sending

A 44-year-old farmer of Labasa has

been jailed for six years after he was
convicted for manslaughter.
Surend Chand was found guilty of
hitting his brother, Jai Chand, with
an iron rod which later led to his
The court heard that in March 2013,
in Naleba, Labasa, the victim and the
accused had gone to a neighbours
place to drink some rice whisky.
When they returned to the accuseds
home for another bottle the victim
asked the accuseds wife to prepare
some appetizers to which she replied

some more next year, he said.

All we emphasise when we give out
scholarships to students is to study
hard and make their future a bright one.
If we have any problem with any
students report, we look into it
seriously and provide them with some
counselling. So far students from Fiji
have performed extremely well and we
are proud of them, he said.

Christmas Ruined
Landslide victims of Sasawira Squatter
Settlement in Davuilevu will not spend
their Christmas Day together.
Their three-bedroom home was
destroyed in a landslide at 11am last
Homeowner Baram Sen said this would
be the first time the family would be
apart during Christmas.
My wife and children now live at my
sister-in-laws house in Wainibuku
while Im living with my uncle, Mr
Sen said.
I did not expect this to happen to my
family at this time.
Mr Sen broke into tears when describing
what his family was going through.
Every Christmas I always surprise my

four children with gifts and this time I

just have no idea how to tell them that
I have not bought them anything, he
When our house was damaged on
Sunday they were crying and kept
asking me what happened to our house,
I didnt know what to tell them.
The father of four said his immediate
plan now was to try and rebuild a leanto-home just to house his family.
I have called my cousins to help me
build just a small house so I can bring
my family together again because at
the moment I have nothing left.
I also want to go to FNPF and see if I
can withdraw some money to assist my
family, he said.

that there was none left.

The victim then taunted his older
brother Surend saying he was afraid
of his wife and living under her skirt
which led to an argument and a fist
fight. In sentencing him, Justice Temo
said the act did not warrant a suspended
sentence as human life was not to be
played around with.
Those who intend to cause others
serious harm run the risk of a custodial
sentence and if they are found guilty of
manslaughter, Justice Temo said.
He said the case was a warning to
would be offenders.

Solomons Government
Committed To Resolve Air

The new Solomon Islands Government

says it recognises the long-drawn air
services impasse issue with the Fijian
Government and places it on priority
to be addressed and resolved amicably.
In a statement issued to the Solomon
Star, the country's Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and External Trade says any
meeting with the Fijian Government
on the issue will have to be properly
It has also denied reports published in
the Solomon Star that a government
delegation has been dispatched to Fiji
to resolve the impasse.
Neither the ministry nor authorities
in Fiji are aware of a meeting led by
the Minister of Communications nor
Aviation to have discussions with
Fiji authorities regarding the issue, as
referred to in the paper, it said in a

Any meetings to discuss the issue
will have to be channeled through the
ministry and the Solomon Islands High
Commission in Suva to inform the Fiji
side in good time.
A date has to be mutually agreed to
between the two sides.
The new government does recognise
this long-drawn air services impasse
issue and places on priority to be
addressed and resolved amicably with
It has been briefed on the issue, but it
has not dispatched any delegation yet
as reported, the statement said.
It added officials will undertake further
internal consultations during the
coming days before seeking a meeting
at an appropriate level with the Fiji
side after the New Year.

8 Years For Rape

The High Court in Labasa has sentenced
a man to eight years in prison for raping
a 23-year-old woman.
Rahul Ritesh Chands sentence by
Justice Salesi Temo has a non-parole
period of six years.
Justice Temo overruled the assessors
opinion that the accused was not guilty
and later convicted him as charged.
The court heard that the accused took
advantage of a situation that occurred
between the victim and her sister.

The victim was having an affair with

the sisters husband. She has two
children from the brother-in-law.
The sisters had an argument over the
children and the man asked Chand, to
look after his partner for the night to
relieve some pressure.
That night Chand raped her after a
kava session.
The victim later informed her sister
who told her husband before the matter
was reported to the Police.

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Friday Dec 26, 2014

Fiji News

Husband Jailed For 16Yrs Govt To Determine Travel

For Wife's

As he stabbed his wife 22 times, she

repeatedly apologised and begged him
to stop. Now he has been jailed for at
least 16 years.
A man who repeatedly stabbed his wife
to death while she pleaded with him to
stop has been sentenced to at least 16
years in prison.
Fijian born Adi Cavora Baleimalea
Boe Tavuki died at Narrabeen caravan
park in Sydney's northern beaches in
October 2012 after she was stabbed 22
times in the face, chest and abdomen
by her husband, Ratu Serutawake.
The Supreme Court heard that while
she was being attacked, the nursing
assistant repeatedly said she was sorry
and begged for him to stop.
But it was only when the handle of the
knife broke off that he did.
In sentencing him, Acting Justice
Jane Mathews said the murder was
completely out of character for
Serutawake, who now suffers from
post-traumatic stress as a result of what
he had done.
Serutawake told police he had killed
his wife after an argument broke out

between them early on October 21.

A REVIEW will be conducted soon by
She had started throwing things and the Government to determine whether
smashing things, had punched him and those under Fiji's travel blacklist will
at one point threatened to leave.
be allowed back into the country or
After a second argument in which she not.
smashed something else, Serutawake Minister for Defence Timoci Natuva
said he snapped.
confirmed the National Security
"I didn't plan it that way ... we were Council will conduct a review in early
supposed to celebrate her birthday 4 January.
today. I'm so sorry for what I've done," Members of the security council, he
he told police that afternoon.
said, include the Prime Minister Rear
He had pleaded not guilty to murder 4 Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama,
on the basis of self-defence and the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayedprovocation, but this was rejected by a Khaiyum, the RFMF Commander
jury who found him guilty in October Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga,
this year.
Acting Justice Mathews said his Groenewald and some other members
response was "completely out of of Fiji's security forces.
proportion" to his wife's actions.
"The review of Fiji's travel blacklist
"Far too many killings occur in a will be conducted maybe on first or
domestic setting such as this, and it is
incumbent upon the courts to impose
sentences which will hopefully operate
to deter others from behaving in a
similar way in the future."
She sentenced him to a minimum of
16 years and a maximum of 20. His
earliest date of release is October 2028.

second week of January depending on

the availability of the Prime Minister
who is part of it and everybody else
part of it.
"The council has never sat together
after the September general election
and this will be our first review. The
review will include everyone whose
name is under the blacklist."
Mr Natuva said names of those on
the blacklist were not there anyhow
and it should be noted that they were
noted under this list for reasons so the
review would determine whether they
would be allowed back into the country
anytime soon.
Those under Fiji's travel blacklist
include some foreign journalists, some
former newspaper publishers and

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Fiji News

Friday Dec 26, 2014

Bollywood Deal Set To Transform Fiji Into Hub For

Indian Film Productions

Fiji could be transformed into a

Bollywood production hub after a
six-film deal was struck by a Nadi
production house and a Bollywood
film studio.
Bollywood films are wildly popular in
Fiji, partly due to its large ethnic Indian
About 40 per cent of Fijians are of
Indian descent.
Promotions director Mohammed Khan
has established a partnership with
India's Once More Studios, which he
hopes will bring the world's biggest
film industry to Fiji for the long haul.
He says he has six productions in the
pipeline with a view for many more.
"Through our partnership with Once
More Studios, we can do a lot, we can
bring a lot more movies," he said.
"We've got some major productions
coming up soon, big banner movies."
Though Bollywood films have been
produced in Fiji before, Mr Khan says
this deal will establish a long-running
partnership between Bollywood and
Jaykishan Patel is making his next
three films in Fiji.
He said he had always dreamed of
filming in the island nation.
"One of my childhood dreams was to
visit Fiji, and Fiji is the perfect location
for our script and story," Mr Patel said.
Shooting on Mr Patel's film Desi
Dhamal - Pagal Panti began this week.
He was also planning a horror movie
and a romantic comedy in Fiji.
Bollywood is the world's biggest film
industry, producing hundreds of films
per year shot across the globe.
"Bollywood industry is going like
anything nowadays and more than 300
movies are made in Bollywood [per
year], with more than 1,000 movies

made in India," Mr Patel said.

He said Fiji's huge Indian population
made it a natural fit for Hindu directors.
"Indian population is there in Fiji so
that is also one of the good points that
many filmmakers, and I think many
talents from Fiji, extras and crew
members will get chance to work in
lots of movies," he said.
The deal is set give a huge boost to the
local industry. Mr Khan said Fijians
will make up 70 per cent of the cast
and crew.
"Actually we want to utilise [locals] as
much as possible, we want utilise our
Fiji people who have talents in these
things," he said.
"We are also planning to open an acting
school here soon, so later on we'll
have our own photographers, assistant
directors and stuff."
Bureaucracy creating hurdles for

Mr Khan said he has been greatly

supported by government film industry
body Film Fiji.
"The government has been very
supportive of what I'm doing, and they
know, they commend my work," he
But Mr Khan said some of his
producers had complained about the
project approval process.
"There are some hurdles in the
government, for example when these
people lodged their application for
rebate pre-approval, they had to submit
a lot of stuff," he said.
"To promote Fiji, the Fiji government
should do something to fast-track this
Film Fiji provides rebates and other tax
incentives for foreign filmmakers, but
these come with many requirements
and conditions.
Mr Khan said the process was taking

too long, and said it may deter foreign

filmmakers when they should be
"I gave them a lot of incentive, I had
to promote Fiji, to get them to Fiji to
shoot," he said.
"So [the government] needs to change
some legislation in Fiji as well to
promote Bollywood movies."
But Fiji Film CEO Dallas Foon
said Mr Khan had still not provided
sufficient documentation to approve
the projects, and had announced some
of the productions prematurely.
"It is generally ethical for AV agents
to not make announcements about
productions until they have received
approval to proceed to production," he
said in an email.
He believed it was in many ways easier
for foreign films to get approved, as
long as they met the requirements.
"Any approved production for Fiji
has to meet certain criteria and the
documentation submitted has to
provide sufficient credible detail to
support the application," he said.
"These requirements are actually not
anymore different from most other film
commissions, in fact it is much easier
in most respects.
"In Mohammed's case, he is a first time
audio visual agent and his applications
still had basic detail pending before
we could start evaluating. We are still
awaiting this information (eg. a budget
in Fiji dollars, etc)."
Mr Patel said the approval process
was standard procedure around the
world so he did not think it would deter
"No, I don't have any problem, there's
a legal procedure that's required," he
"It takes a bit of time but it takes in
everything. I don't think there's an
issue with the rebate scheme."

Mohammed Shaheed Khan charged

with one count of unlawful importation
of illicit drugs has been remanded in
custody by the Lautoka Magistrates
It is alleged that between the 1st and
21st December 2014, Khan imported
29.9 kilograms of illicit drugs namely
Heroin without lawful authority in
The case has been transferred to the
High Court for first call on 14th January
2015 before Justice De Silva.

A member of the public opened a

recently purchased 600g packed fruit
cake, with a 2015 expiry date, to find
maggots swarming over the cake.
The find has prompted the Consumer
Council of Fiji to urge the public to be
vigilant when buying fruit cakes over
the festive season.
The cake had an expiry date for July
next year.
Council chief executive (CEO) Premila
Kumar said market surveillance in
previous years show that during this
time of the year, some unscrupulous
traders engage in unethical practices by
selling expired, sub-standard and poor
quality food items and other products

to get rid of old stocks.

"Traders and retail outlets should
ensure that expired products are
removed from shelves and products are
well labeled with expiry/best before
dates," Kumar said.
"Consumers are advised to check
the expiry or use by date and the
information available on the product
content, especially for food items.
"Consumers are further advised to
check out specials and prices first before
deciding which supermarket to shop
from and most importantly consumers
are urged to lodge their complaints with
the Council if they are dissatisfied with
a particular product or trader."

Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan

Australian Man Remains Beware - Maggots In Fruit

In Custody For His Alleged
Involvement In $30M
Heroin Discovery

An Australian man remains in custody

for his alleged involvement where 30
million Fijian dollars worth of heroin
was discovered at the Lautoka Wharf
last Sunday.
Police said that the suspect is being
questioned as investigations continue.
The discovery of heroin was a joint
operation between the Fiji Police
Force and Fiji Revenue and Customs
Authority which was found inside the
tire of a quad bike.
Meanwhile, a 40-year-businessman,




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Fiji News

Friday Dec 26, 2014

Minister Tours Suva Streets To Meet Beggars


The Ministry for Women, Children

and Poverty Alleviation, along with
Fiji Police, has made a concerted
effort to identify street beggars who
will be assisted through the soon to be
opened Rehabilitation Centre for Street
Dwellers in Colo-i-Suva.
The National Beggars Taskforce lead
by the Hon. Minister for Women,
Children and Poverty Alleviation, Rosy
Sofia Akbar visited some of the street
beggars in Suva this week. Interviews
were conducted through which most of
the beggars have expressed interest to
join the new Rehabilitation Centre to
initiate change in their lives.
During her talk with the street beggars,
Minister Akbar tried to establish
information on individual beggars and
reasons for them being on the streets.
40 year old Mr Harish Narayan who sits
near Tappoo city said that he is disabled
and earns his living through begging.
Minister Akbar told Mr Narayan that
he could be assisted through a Poverty
Benefit Scheme instead of begging.
Mr Narayan says that he earns $15 a
day and spends most of it on his food,
however, once he starts to receive the
welfare assistance, he said he wont
have the need to beg.
Similarly, Ms Shiu Mati says she has

to beg in order to look after her two

granddaughters as their mother has
passed away.
Its been 10 years since I have been
begging on the streets of Suva and I am
able to earn from $60 to $100 a week.
I have to pay for water and electricity
bills and also buy the food for the
family. But if given the opportunity 6
to learn new skills to find a decent
job, I wouldnt hesitate to go to the
rehabilitation centre. Indeed its a 6
good opportunity for street beggars to
acquire new skills for us to work hard
and earn a dignified life, Ms Mati said.
During this exercise, there were
those who were found to be mentally
challenged and said that their families
dont want them anymore. Minister
Akbar said the Ministry would work
together with the Ministry of Health to
Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Rosy Sofia Akbar
provide care and medical treatment for while having conversation with Ms Shiu Mati who is a street beggar in Suva.
such cases.
For some of the cases identified, their for Street Beggars has been built in beggars who will be identified will also be
social applications have been processed partnership with Nazarene Church and provided the opportunity to benefit from
and will be assisted through the with the funding of $100,000 provided governments Welfare to Workfare
Ministrys social protection programs. by the Fijian Government. The new Programme that has a budgetary allocation
Through such assistance, the beggars facility is expected to open by the of $500,000 for 2015.
will receive a maximum amount of end of this month and will cater for The profiling exercise would continue
$120 for a household along with the more than 24 persons for training and in Suva as well as other cities and
$30 food vouchers.
towns in the coming weeks and would
Fijis First Rehabilitation Centre Minister Akbar says that the street be spearheaded by Minister Akbar.


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Friday Dec 26, 2014

Fiji News

Jetstar Says It Will Fly Gold Coast-Fiji Direct From

Next Year

Jetstar will become the first low-fares

airline to launch direct flights between
the Coast and the South Pacific island.
The new service, to fly three times
weekly from March 31, will offer more
than 50,000 seats a year between the
two destinations.
Fares will start from $199 one-way
during select travel periods.
Gold Coast Airport management
welcomed the announcement and
expected the route to be popular.
Jetstar Australia and New Zealand
chief executive David Hall said Fiji
was a great holiday destination loved
by many Australians.
Were really pleased to be the first
low-fares carrier to launch direct
services between the Gold Coast and
Fiji, Mr Hall said.
Fiji has consistently rated as one of the
Gold Coasts most sought-after leisure
destinations over the years and were
delighted to deliver this direct low-fares
link to the heart of the South Pacific.
These new flights closely follow
the successful launch of flights to

GOLD Coasters will be able to fly direct to Fiji next year.


Jetstar has announced it will fly Gold Coast-Fiji direct from March 31
Wellington and Queenstown earlier
this month and cement our position as
the leading international carrier in the
Gold Coast.

Jetstar Has Announced It

Will Fly Gold Coast-Fiji
Direct From March 31
A BA woman whose four-year-old
grandson passed away in September
says she is still waiting for an
explanation on his death.
Anand Laxeshni of Naidrodro, Ba,
is alleging negligence on the part of
medical authorities.
She said she also met with health
officials on three different occasions
with regards to her grandson's case.
"I am not at all satisfied with the
explanations and I want a thorough
investigation to be conducted in this
matter," she said.
"My grandson could have been saved
after he was operated on and I want
an explanation from the medical
According to the death certificate,
her grandson, Aryan Kumar, died as

a result of shock, infarction of small

bowel, adhesion and internal hemiation
of small bowel.
Upon enquiry, the Ministry of Health
confirmed receiving a complaint and
said they had liaised with their Lautoka
counterparts to solve the issue.
Ministry media liaison officer Sunil
Chandra said findings of the postmortem were mentioned in the death
"This was explained to the parents," he
"They can also obtain the report from
Lautoka Hospital after paying the fees.
The grandfather had signed for the
Mr Chandra also said the parents had to
file a written complaint to the ministry
if they wanted an inquiry.

The Gold Coast Airport has worked

closely with us in developing this route
and were grateful for their support in
making these flights possible.

The announcement of the new route

comes after Jetstars move to reinstate
its Gold Coast-Perth flights from
March next year.
Gold Coast Airport chief operating
officer David Collins said the
destination was great for couples
and families who were looking for a
relaxing getaway.
This announcement is good news for
our outbound market, demonstrating
that the Gold Coast continues to be an
attractive prospect for airlines in both
an inbound and an outbound sense,
Mr Collins said.
Jetstar has shown a great deal of
commitment to the Gold Coast
and this announcement comes in
quick succession from the airline
Wellington and Queenstown and
announcing the reinstatement of the
Perth service just over a week ago.
Flights will be operated by 180-seat
Airbus A320 aircraft in a single class
and will depart on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays.

President Thanks
Countries Loyal To Fiji

Fijian President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau

in his Christmas message thanked the
countries that stood by Fiji in the past
eight years.
Ratu Epeli acknowledged that with their
assistance the country has redefined
the foundations of nationhood and
returned to democracy for its people
via the 2014 General Election.
He challenged the nation further to
work towards elevating Fiji to be
among the greatest democratic nations
in the world, "a nation that promotes
true equality and justice, and the highest
level of respect and dignity towards all
her people, without exception."
This, he says is possible if everyone
continues to embrace a culture of
appreciation, respect and tolerance,
and devote every effort to making
Fiji a truly democratic, peaceful and
prosperous country.
"Fiji is not just our country. It is home

to us all. We are one people, and one

nation," Ratu Epeli said.
He urged everyone to love
unconditionally in the true spirit of
Christmas giving whether for the
elderly or the less fortunate including
those in hospitals and in prisons.
Doing so he says will also influence the
younger generation to emulate these
acts of kindness which will go a long
way towards strengthening the unity
everyone wants for Fiji.
"We all share a genuine desire to help
each other and create a new Fiji for
current and future generations."
He also took the time to reflect on
the achievements made as a nation
including but not limited to the return to
democracy, Fiji's leadership positions
in the international community
including the G77 Plus China, and the
release without harm of the country's
peacekeepers in Syria.

Psychiatric Hospital To Decentralize Its Services

The St.Giles hospital is planning to
take its services to other divisions by
next year.
The Medical Superintendent at the
institution Dr Peni Biukoto says this
will allow them to maximize their
reach to those in need.
The St.Giles Hospital has been having
a fluctuating number in the admission
of patients over the years.
Currently, an average number of twenty
out-patients visit the hospital daily for
treatment and medications.

We will have persons who will

suffer from depression we will have
persons who suffers from psychosis
and mood disturbances. On the other
hand, for in-patients, they mostly
suffer from psychosis, or severe mood
disturbances, said Dr Peni Biukoto,
the ST.Giles Medical Superintendent.
The hospital is now planning to
decentralize its services.
Our target eventually is to, for the
person in Vanua Levu will have the
same health care in terms of mental

health as the person in Lautoka, as well

as the person in Suva, thats our vision
because in the past, if one wants to have
quality care, in terms of psychiatry,
they have to come to Suva, he said.
Biukoto says while they are still in
need for more health workers and
medication, utilizing the available
resources is the best they can do.

Meanwhile, our focus right now is

looking at the system and the processes
that we have in place, what is the best
way we can utilise the resources and
we have found ways where we can
improve on that
While its budget for next year is yet
to be finalized, the hospitals have had
tremendous support so far.

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Friday Dec 26, 2014

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Fiji News

Drunk Doctor On Job


THE Ministry of Health will look into

claims that an intern doctor at a health
centre in the North arrived to work
Minister for Health Jone Usamate
though not aware of the case, assured
that concerns raised by patients would
be looked into.
The concerned patients, who wished to
remain anonymous told the media that
on Sunday last week, they waited from
2pm to 9pm to be seen by the doctor.
And while waiting, a patient who was
with her two-year-old child said the
doctor staggered into the health centre
and he struggled to keep his eyes open.
Another patient said the doctor stared
at them and the nurse and told her to
give the patients some medication.

Friday Dec 26, 2014

All Lost In Vuci Fire

Mr Usamate has called on health

workers to be professional.
"Of course we expect everybody in the
health sector to be professional," he
"We need to get to the truth of the matter
and when we do that then we will know
what to do and what not to do."
Other villagers in the area contacted
raised similar concerns saying they
have endured many problems with the
intern doctor this year.
One concerned patient said he had
made numerous complaints to the
ministry about the attitude of the intern
doctor and a team was dispatched to
the area this year to investigate.
But until then, he said there had been
no feedback.

Need To Lift The

Engineering Education In
The Country

A visiting Australian expert says it is

critical for Fiji to maintain the standard
of engineering education.
Dr. Marlene Kanga who was the first
female president of Engineers Australia
says Fiji can look up-to Australia and
New Zealand to improve on this area.
Role of engineers in a countrys
development can never be emphasized
In Australia we are signatories to a
global accord which recognizes the
standard of engineering and they
are working with Fiji to increase the
standard of engineering education to
those global standards. Because the
Fijians can be confident that engineers
when they graduate, they do the job,
said Dr. Marlene Kanga, the Past
President of Engineers Australia.
Dr. Kanga says some institutions
offering engineering education here
are performing better than others.
She adds Australia and New Zealand is
ever willing to assist Fiji in improving
its standard.
I think one of the main ways is to

gain accreditation, that recognition

that you have achieved that standard.
SO where institutions havent achieved
that standard, recommendations can be
made as to what improvements can
be done to achieve that. So its not an
impossible task. We have helped other
countries like Sri Lanka and Philippines
to get there and we are certainly there
to help Fiji
The former head of Engineers
Australia adds registration and ongoing
professional development of engineers
is also crucial.
Fiji has a lot of natural disaster
exposes with climate change. I think
its very important for Fiji and the
region to be represented at the World
Federation of Engineers Organization
because this gives a voice to United
Nations especially on climate change
matters, she said.
The World Federation of Engineering
Organization is currently coming up
with an anti- bribery standard which
Dr. Kanga hopes Fiji implements its

The first charter flight from the Chinese

mainland linking Shanghai and Nadi,
Fiji's capital, will begin in Feb. by Fiji
It will only take about 10 hours to reach
the island nation in the South Pacific
and the airline will provide special
celebrations for Chinese visitors during
Valentine's Day and the Spring Festival
holiday, Fiji's tourism authorities said.

The specific date of the maiden flight

has yet to be unveiled by the airline
Fiji Airways has already launched
direct flights to Hong Kong.
Chinese visitors to the tourist attraction
have continued to rise after Fiji offered
to waive visas. Some 23,000 Chinese
visited Fiji in 2013, data from a local
broadcast company in Fiji showed.

First Charter Flight

Between China, Fiji In

It was a bleak Christmas for a family

in Vuci South, Nausori, as their twobedroom house was completely
destroyed by fire.
Home owner, Siteri Teratera said they
were all away when the fire occurred.
Everything is gone, we are only left
with the clothes we have on,Mrs
Teratera said.
All our belongings were destroyed,

even our Christmas grocery,she said.

Her husband, Laisenia Teratera is
an electrician and operates his own
business named Laiz Electrical
Contractor in Nausori.
Luckily, my three children and I were
in town,Mrs Teratera said.
National Fire Authority chief executive
officer John OConnor urged all people
to take care during this festive season.

Friday Dec 26, 2014


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Keep Senior Citizens At Home Tourism Numbers Increase

Senior citizens deserve our love, care

and respect says Minister for Women,
Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation
Rosy Akbar.
Ms Akbar appealed to the members
of the public to keep their elders with
them and not leave them in elderly
They should be given the love and
respect they deserve, she said.
She celebrated Christmas with the
Senior Citizens Home in Samabula last
Saturday where she personally met and
spoke to the residents.
I urge families and members of the
public that we need to rekindle the
heart to take care of senior citizens
within our community.
This indeed is a special day for
the residents of this home, a day

of celebration, a day to mark our

commitment and support.
Their Christmas should be all year
around and not just this time, Ms
Akbar said.
She said her ministry would always be
there to support and care for the senior
citizens and it disturbed her and the
ministry to see them at elderly homes.
The appeal is to the public out there to
keep their loved ones at home.
The Minister has made a commitment
to work for the disadvantaged and the
underprivileged including the disabled.
We are happy to have dedicated
stakeholders that care for the residents
of the home, Ms Akbar said.
Our senior citizens deserve to be
visited all throughout the year and not
during the festive seasons.

The provisional number of visitor

arrivals for November this year shows
an increase compared to the same
period last year.
Visitor arrivals for last month totalled 55
thousand 493 which is an increase of 8.0
percent compared to November last year.
According to provisional numbers,
Australia has the most number of
visitors at 27 thousand 902 which is an
increase of 1.2 percent from last year.
Visitors arriving for holiday purposes

accounted for 75.0 percent of total

arrivals, 6.4 percent came to visit
friends and relatives, 4.9 percent for
business purpose travels while 13.7
percent were in Fiji for other reasons.
The Fiji Bureau of Statistics also
revealed that the total number of visitors
to Fiji from January to November this
year increased from 603 thousand
296 to 633 thousand 150 visitors an
increase of 4.9 percent compared to the
same period last year.

Tour Managers Invest

operator Tour Managers invests
between $150,000 to $200,000 in the
Chinese tourist market annually.
And managing director Damen
Gounder says more will be spent in a
bid to attract a bigger slice of the 100
million Chinese travel market.
"I have much pleasure in announcing
that Tour Managers has finalised the
opening of an office in Shanghai,
which will begin operations on January

1," he said.
Mr Gounder said an existing office in
Guangzhou would recruit additional
staff to man the new premises in
Shanghai. He said Tour Managers had
positioned itself as the premier Fijian
tour operator in China.
The company, he said, about to
completing its 10th year as an operator
and was expanding its fleet with new
22-seater coaches, a limousine and a
16-seater coach soon.

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Fiji News

Friday Dec 26, 2014

Cruise Ship Tourists Enjoy

Mahendra Shankar Is
Fijian Christmas
Airlines Millionth Passenger

869 passengers of the Cruise liner

Sea Princess flocked into Suva as it
berthed at the Suva wharf.
The tourists from Australia also got
to experience the Fijian Christmas as
the cruise ship was also berthed at Port
Denarau on Christmas day.
The Bula spirit was well and truly
alive when these Aussie tourists
flocked into the city today checking out
the local sites and what our shops had
on offer.
This is my first time in Fiji and Ive
been here about 10 minutes and I
absolutely love it, it beautiful said
Peter Thompson tourist
Holidaying in Fiji, these tourists said
its been a memorable one especially
experiencing the Fijian way of
celebrating Christmas.

It was awesome! We had a lovely

day yesterday, we went out to an island
and swam and snorkeled and had a
beautiful lunch, spoke to the staff and
the local people and it was the best
day said Helen Brunner tourist
I like the way all the families get
together and make a fire and cook
all the food and thats very different
from how we spend Christmas Steve
Walmsley - Tourist
Apart from tasting lovo, Walmsley also
got a taste of our national drink.
I did get to try the kava, Im now
able to speak, my tongue is not numb
Two more cruise ships from Australia
which will be the last cruise ships for
2014 are expected to berth at the Suva
wharf this weekend.

Price Of Yaqona Drops

The price of yaqona to middlemen
has dropped drastically in the market
during the festive season.
While this was a normal price routine for
some farmers, others are calling for the
formation of a farmers' association to fight
for the price of yaqona during this time.
Naitasiri yaqona farmer Epeli
Rodugutabua said there had been a fall
in the price of yaqona in the past two
weeks and this was attributed to the
middlemen's decision to decrease the
price per kilogram.
He usually sells a kilogram of yaqona
to middlemen for about $25 to $30 but

the price had dropped to about $16-$17

per kilogram.
"The decrease is up to the middlemen.
For us, we do not have a choice to sell it
at that price because of Christmas and
the new school year," Mr Rodugutabua
"This is why we need an association
for farmers to fight for us."
Another Naitasiri farmer Ratu Epeli
Draunimasi said they needed the
association to advocate for a standard
price to middlemen.
He said the decrease in price had
affected their income.

13 Drunk Drivers Spends

Christmas Night In Police
Thirteen drivers who were drinking
and driving spent their Christmas night
in police custody.
This has been confirmed by Director
Traffic, SSP Mahesh Mishra who said
that police will be vigilant on the road
throughout the New Year.
SSP Mishra also said that there were
no major road accidents and has urged
people to be responsible and to respect
other road users.

He added that they will now focus

on picnic spots and places where a
lot of gathering will be taking place
to ensure that the safety of people is
not compromised adding that their
statistics show that drink and drive and
speeding remains as a major causes of
road fatalities on our roads.
Meanwhile, he added that 300 cases
of speeding were also recorded around
the country.

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Christmas came early for Suva factory

employee Mahendra Shankar when he
discovered he was the one millionth
international passengers for Fiji
Airways in 2014.
Mr Shankar was leaving on Fiji
Airways flight FJ911 from Nadi to
Sydney with his family when he was
caught by surprise by the Fiji Airways
I have never won anything. I fly with Fiji
Airways once a year to travel to Sydney
to see my daughters and granddaughters
and spend Christmas & New Years with
them, Mr Shankar said.

Fiji Airways executive general

manager Sales & Marketing Otto
Gergye presented Mr Shankar with a
commemorative plaque, a free flight
anywhere on their network.
He also got one-year free membership
to the airlines Exclusive Membership
Programme, the Tabua Club.
Ill use my free flight most likely next
December again, thats the only time I
can take leave from work, Mr Shankar
This is the first time ever our national
carrier has recorded one million
international passengers in a year.

Online Scam - Woman Charged

Police have charged a woman, 22,

with nine counts of obtaining financial
advantage by deception for her alleged
involvement in an online scam.
The woman is alleged to have set up
an online shopping Facebook account,
Vakaviti Fashions, where she allegedly
received money from people who have
made deposits, but have allegedly
failed to receive their goods.

She appeared in a magistrate court

in Suva where she has been further
remanded in police custody till her case
is called again on January 7 next year.
The woman was charged after
complaints were received from people
in the western and northern divisions.
Police are also requesting the public to
be cautious about who they deal with
via social media.


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Fiji News

Attracting and retaining the best

international talent to fill skills
shortages in key occupations is critical
to Canadas economic success.

Friday Dec 26, 2014


Bainimarama - Person Of
The Year

- Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Employment and Social Development

Respond to
Canadas need
for immigrants.
Become a Regulated
Immigration Consultant

Apply online at or
contact a program adviser at 604.899.0803.

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we build careers

Its no contest. Voreqe Bainimarama

is our 2014 Fiji Sun Person of the
Year. Mr Bainimarama shone in a
momentous year for the nation.
The reason was clear: The Prime
Minister delivered. He did what he said
he would do. Mr Bainimaramas drive
to have a nation where all are equal
gained momentum as we geared up to
go to the polls in September.
His resounding victory in our first truly
democratic election was a victory for
all Fijians who wanted to move away
from the politics of the past.
Who wanted no more racial division,
hatred and inequality spawned by
opportunist politicians of the past.
His resounding win was also a
resounding defeat for all those
overseas critics who had questioned
his popularity in Fiji. Questions on
whether we would go to the polls and
whether Mr Bainimarama would have
the support were quickly answered.
It was a resounding defeat too for
those at home in the Social Democratic
Liberal Party (SODELPA) opposition.
Some in SODELPA tried to play the
divisive race and land cards of the past.
They thought this would win it for
them. Instead they were well beaten,
rejected by the electorate, left futilely
trying to bleat claims they were robbed.
They werent robbed. Their arguments
were washed away by the international
observers who said the elections were

free and fair.

The international observers endorsed
Mr Bainimaramas victory.
It was a victory for Mr Bainimarama
built on delivering.
Delivering equality.
Delivering security.
Delivering service.
Delivering a platform for economic
growth. Delivering to all Fijians no
matter who they were or where they
Then to cap all this Mr Bainimarama
climbed high on the world stage. He
hosted the powerful leaders of the
worlds two most populous nations,
India and China, within days of each
That captured the attention of many,
not the least in Washington, Tokyo,
Canberra and Wellington.
Where is this all leading?
The Lauan high chief Ratu Sir
Kamisese Mara is rightly hailed as
the prime minister who led Fiji to
But the military officer Mr Bainimarama
is the man who brought the nation true
democracy and true equality.
Mr Bainimaramas far- reaching
reforms are truly building a much
better Fiji.
If he keeps on the way hes going he might
achieve the greatness that finally eluded
Ratu Sir Kamisese. PM Bainimarama is
truly our Person of the Year.

Chilean Non-Resident
Ambassador Pays Courtesy
The Hon. Attorney General Aiyaz
Sayed-Khaiyum this week received
a courtesy call from the nonresident
Ambassador of the Republic of Chile
to Fiji, H.E Isauro Torres Negri.
In receiving the Chilean envoy on
behalf of the Fijian Government, the

Acting Prime Minister said that Fiji

intends to strengthen relations with
The two also discussed new areas of
cooperation between their two countries.
Fiji and Chile established relations in


Friday Dec 26, 2014

Friday Dec 26, 2014



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Canada News

Fijian Man Faces Possible

Deportation After Guilty Plea

A Surrey man who broke down in tears

while robbing a Kamloops store earlier
this year may be kicked out of Canada.
Feroz Kamahl Buksh pleaded guilty
in Kamloops provincial court to one
count each of robbery and use of an
imitation firearm stemming from an
incident in September.
Court heard Buksh, 44, walked into the
Tranquille Market store just before 2
p.m. on Sept. 19 and asked the clerk
for some hot food and 10 packs of
He tried to pay for the items with a prepaid Visa card, but the transaction was
not approved.
He then opened up his shirt and said,
Give me the money in the till I have
a gun and Im not afraid to use it, said
Crown prosecutor Chris Balison.
Then he began to cry. He said he was
going to use the money to pay for his
bills and that he was in the process of
a divorce.
Balison said Buksh took the money and
put the cigarettes and food into a bag.
He ran out of the store and his bag

actually broke, Balison said.

So, he was running out of the store
with things falling from his bag,
including the cigarettes.
Buksh, who had no prior criminal
record, was found by police a short
time later, hiding behind boxes in a
closet inside a home in which hed
been staying.
The Crown wants Buksh, a Fiji native
whose family emigrated to Canada
when he was 12, jailed for 18 months.
However, Kamloops provincial court
Judge Stephen Harrison asked lawyers
to look into the impact such a sentence
could have on Bukshs status as a
permanent Canadian resident.
Sometimes, matters in criminal
court can have a tremendous effect on
someone who is merely a permanent
resident, Harrison said.
It can have an impact on whether
or not someone is removed from the
Buksh, who is in custody, will be back
in court on Jan. 8 to fix a date for

Push For Minimum Wage

Hike Renewed In BC
South of the border, 20 US states will
be seeing increases to their minimum
wages on New Years Day, and here
in this province, the BC Federation of
Labour is making a push of its own for
our provinces minimum wage workers
to get a raise.
When former BC Teachers Federation
president Irene Lanzinger won last
months election to become the
president of the BC Fed, she stated
one of her main goals is to bump BCs
minimum wage to $15 an hour.
We know one of the ways that we
produce greater equity in our society
is to raise the minimum wage to get
better wages and benefits for workers,
says Lanzinger.

Thats up from the current $10.25

an hour wage for BCs lowest paid
There is no downside to raising the
minimum wage, Lanzinger says.
It lifts people out of poverty. It puts
money into the economy, because
people who earn $15 an hour generally
spend all of that money.
BCs current minimum wage was put
into place in May of 2012, but the BC
Fed argues that isnt high enough for
people to pay their bills.
Critics suggest a higher minimum wage
would put a strain on some businesses, and
could cause layoffs. Other say increasing
the minimum wage only results in an
increase in the price of goods.

The brother of a man who was found

guilty of first-degree murder in the
so-called Surrey Six case remains in
custody after his first court appearance.
Justin Haevischer, 28, appeared in B.C.
Supreme Court on Wednesday morning
on a charge of accessory after the fact
to the 2007 murders.
He was remanded in custody until
his next court date on Jan. 7 and was
advised to seek a lawyer and make a
bail application.
Haevischer was wanted on a Canada-

wide warrant and was arrested Tuesday

at Edmonton International Airport after
a passenger caused a disturbance on a
He's accused of helping his brother
Cody Haevischer and Matthew
Johnston escape after the pair killed six
men in a Surrey apartment.
Cody Haevischer and Johnston were
both found guilty of conspiracy and
six counts of first-degree murder
earlier this year and sentenced to life
in prison.

Friday Dec 26, 2014

Canadian Shot By U.S.

Border Guards

U.S. border officials said a Canadian man stopped his car before the
inspection booth at the Windsor-Detroit border early Sunday and started
walking towards officers while waving a gun.
The U.S. border agency says a
Canadian man was shot after allegedly
pointing a handgun at guards at the
Ambassador Bridge crossing between
Windsor, Ont., and Detroit.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
says in a statement the man stopped his
car before the U.S. inspection booth
around 3 a.m. Sunday and started
walking towards border officers while
waving a gun.
It says the officers ordered him to drop
the weapon but that he then pointed
it in the officers' direction, prompting
them to open fire.
The agency says the man, who it
hasn't been identified, was treated and
released from hospital before being
taken into custody.
It says the man has had previous
encounters with Canadian law
The statement says border and

Department of Homeland Security

officials are investigating along with
Detroit police.
Spokesman Kris Grogan says no
additional information will be released
at this time.
Windsor police says the man was seen
waving a handgun in the parking lot of
a local McDonald's some 20 minutes
before the incident at the border crossing.
They say that when police arrived he was
ordered to drop the weapon but refused,
and then pointed the gun at officers, who
were not aware of what was happening
as they were busy dealing with passersby
behind the man.
According to the police statement, the
man then told officers, Why haven't
you shot me yet? and that officers
tried to talk him down.
Police say the man then got back into
his SUV and drove off before officers
could get back to their cruisers.

Bell And Rogers Team

Up To Buy Wirelesswave,
Tbooth Wireless Chain

communications companies have
reached a deal to share control of a
chain of cellphone stores that includes
WirelessWave, TBooth Wireless and
Target Mobile.
Rogers Communications Inc. and BCE
Inc., the corporate parents of Rogers
and Bell Canada, respectively, say they
have reached a deal that would see each
company own 50 per cent of Burnaby,
B.C.-based Glentel Inc.
Although not a household name itself,
Glentel owns 494 retail locations
across Canada that operate under the
names WirelessWave, Tbooth wireless,
Wireless etc. and Target Mobile.
Glentel also operates 735 locations in

the U.S., and 147 in Australia and the

The company was already selling
both Rogers and Bell-linked phones
and plans, but also sold products from
feeder brands like Chatr, Fido, SaskTel
and Virgin Mobile.
Rogers had earlier filed a court
injunction trying to block BCE from
buying Glentel outright. As part of the
deal announced this week, Rogers will
drop that court proceeding and instead
buy half of Glentel itself.
Financial terms for the new Rogers/
Bell deal were not disclosed, but as part
of Bell's original deal for Glentel, BCE
would pay about $670 million in cash,
stock and debt to buy Glentel outright.

Brother Accused Of Helping

Surrey Six Killers Escape Latest Avian Flu Outbreak Could
Mean Even Tighter Restrictions
Remanded In Custody

The last time changes were made was in 2004

BC has some of the strictest biosecurity Ray Nickel with The BC Poultry
protocols in North America when it Association says they will be recomes to poultry but the industry says evaluating the current measures.
the latest avian flu outbreak could Producers will have a change of
prompt even more rules.
clothing when they move to the barn
There are now 12 infected sites in the where the birds are, so they change
Fraser Valley, including one backyard outer clothing and put coveralls on or
some sort of covering like that and
Standards have changed a lot in the change shoes.
province after the last major avian flu Nickel says, when things calm
outbreak in 2004, including gates that down, they will look for gaps and
now block people from getting on to consider what other changes could
the farm.
be made.

Canada News

Friday Dec 26, 2014


Canadian Found Guilty Of Murdering, Dismembering

Chinese Student Gets Life Sentence

A Canadian man who killed and

dismembered a Chinese student in
Montreal in 2012 has been found guilty
of first-degree murder, with the jury
delivering the verdict after more than a
week of deliberating the gruesome case.
Luka Magnotta, 32, had admitted to
killing and dismembering engineering
student Jun Lin, 33, but pleaded not
guilty on grounds of mental illness.
Magnotta was also found guilty of
committing an indignity to a human
body, publishing and mailing obscene
material, and criminally harassing
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen
Harper and other members of
The prosecution had argued that
Magnotta was "a man on a mission"
and had carefully planned his acts.
The verdict came on the eighth day of
jury deliberations.
Magnotta, standing in a glassed-in,
high-security prisoner's dock, showed
no emotion and only lowered his eyes
as the verdicts on each of the five
charges were read out.
A first-degree murder conviction
in Canada carries an automatic life
sentence with no possibility of parole
for 25 years.
The presiding judge, Justice Guy
Cournoyer, told the court the case "was

Luka Magnotta faces life in jail after a jury rejected his plea of insanity and
found him guilty of brutally killing a Chinese student.
by all standards unique" and praised representing him read the father's
the jury.
statement to the court after the verdict.
"We have asked a lot of you but you "The night Lin Jun died, parts of
rose to the occasion and indeed proved many other people died in one way
that real and substantive justice is a or another. His mother, his sister and
reality," he said.
me, his friends ... in one night, we lost
Victim's father 'satisfied' that justice a lifetime of hope," the statement said.
has been served
"I had come to see your trial system to
The victim's father, Diran Lin, travelled see justice done, and I leave satisfied
from China to attend the trial. A lawyer that you have not let my son down."

The jury had been shown a video of

Magnotta's acts that he had posted
The prosecution said that six months
before the killing, Magnotta had emailed
a British journalist to say he planned to
kill a human and make a movie of it.
evidence of
premeditation and that the crime
was planned and deliberate," Louis
Bouthillier, the prosecutor, said.
"There was never any doubt in my mind
that the jury would find Mr Magnotta
guilty of first-degree murder."
The jury heard that Magnotta, a gay
escort, had sought psychiatric help
about a month before Lin's death.
Magnotta's father, who testified at the
trial, also has a medical history of
The case gripped Canada in the spring
of 2012 after Mr Lin's body parts were
found in the trash behind a Montreal
apartment building and in packages
mailed to political parties in Ottawa
and to schools in Vancouver.
The mailed packages contained hands
and feet wrapped in pink tissue paper
as well as notes and poems.
Magnotta fled to Europe after the
killing and was arrested in a Berlin
internet cafe, where he was reading
about himself.

Canadian Man Finds Woman For Free Trip

A TORONTO man who made

headlines last month by offering a
free round-the-world air ticket to a
woman with the same name as his exgirlfriend has found Ms Right.
JORDAN Axani, 28, and his then
girlfriend, named Elizabeth Gallagher,
booked heavily discounted roundthe-world air tickets in May, but their
relationship ended and he didn't want
her ticket to go to waste.
The ticket had a strict no-transfer
policy, but since passport information
was not required when booking, it
can be used by any Canadian named
Elizabeth Gallagher.
Axani posted his offer last month on the
popular Reddit social media website,
and received thousands of emails,
including 18 from actual Elizabeth
Gallaghers with Canadian passports.
He's now chosen his travel mate,
Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher, a 23-yearold student and part-time office
administrator from Cole Harbour,
Nova Scotia.

A Canadian man has found a woman with the same name as his ex-girlfriend
for a round the world trip.

advertise on

"It's strictly a platonic trip. It's going to

be great," Axani said.
At first the new Elizabeth Gallagher
thought a trip with a stranger whose exgirlfriend's name is the same as hers was
"crazy" but she hit it off with Axani after
talking on the phone with him for hours.
"It definitely did seem a little bit
creepy at the beginning but now that I
talked to him it's less creepy and more
awesome," she said.
She already has a boyfriend though.
"This is totally sort of like as friends,"
she said.
"I have a pretty serious boyfriend.
We've been together for a while. We're
planning on buying a house and we
have a puppy, so yeah I'm not really
looking for anything at all."
She acknowledged her boyfriend isn't
"He understands that I've always
wanted to travel so while he's not
happy I'm taking off for nearly a month
at Christmas with a random guy he's
smiling through it," she said.


Friday Dec 26, 2014






GML Fraser Foods Ltd 604. 277. 0988

World News

Friday Dec 26, 2014


Six People Killed, Several Injured As Garbage Truck

Runs Into Glasgow Christmas Shoppers

Six people have been killed and several

injured in Glasgow after a rubbish truck
ploughed into Christmas shoppers in
the city centre, police say.
The accident happened on Queen Street
near George Square - the Scottish city's
main shopping hub - where shoppers
filled the streets just three days before
"Sadly, six people have died as a
result of the George Square major
road incident," Police Scotland said on
A police spokesman had earlier said
that at least seven people were seriously
injured and the number might rise.
One witness said the truck appeared
to have driven out of control along a
pavement in the city centre shopping
area, close to fairground attractions
and an ice rink set up for the Christmas
"A bin lorry did a run of about 70 to
80 metres on a pavement, mostly on a
pavement and knocked down people
because it was on a very busy crossing,"
said George Ieronymidis, 58, owner of

A rubbish truck (right) is seen wedged into the wall of the Millennium Hotel
in George Square in central Glasgow.
a nearby Greek restaurant.
Television images showed a large
green truck at a standstill by buildings
outside Queen Street train station.

Two witnesses on a tour bus said the

driver of the truck had been slumped
over the steering wheel as it moved
down the street, Mr Ieronymidis said.

The incident took place the day after

a driver in France ploughed into
pedestrians, injuring 11 and shouting
"Allahu Akbar", meaning God is
greatest in Arabic.
But a Scottish police spokesman
insisted there was nothing "sinister"
about the Glasgow incident.
"It is a road traffic collision with
multiple fatalities," the spokesman
said. "It does not look to be a criminal
or deliberate attack."
He said the driver was receiving
treatment in hospital. Some British
media reported that he may have
suffered a heart attack.
British Prime Minister David Cameron
said he was being briefed about the
"major incident" and Scotland's first
minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted:
"My thoughts with everyone involved
in dreadful George Square incident".
Just over a year ago, eight people
were killed and 14 others seriously
injured when a police helicopter
crashed into the roof of a packed
Glasgow pub.

Two Men Arrested In Sydney Counter-Terrorism

Investigation Into Alleged Terror Attack On Australian Soil

Two young men have been arrested by

police in Sydney as part of an ongoing
counter-terrorism investigation into the
alleged planning of a terrorist attack on
Australian soil and helping Australians
travel to Syria to fight.
The Australian Federal Police (AFP)
said members of the Joint Counter
Terrorism Team made the arrests with
New South Wales Police as part of
Operation Appleby.
Sulayman Khalid, 20, from Regent's
Park has been charged with
possession of documents designed
to facilitate a terrorist attack, while
a 21-year-old man from Marsfield
has been charged with breaching a
control order.
If found guilty, Khalid could face a
maximum 15 years in jail.
Security was stepped up outside
Parramatta Local Court ahead of court
appearances for both men.
Khalid did not apply for bail, and it was
formally refused when he appeared in
court via video link.
Federal police claimed they seized
documents from his home during
raids last week that detailed potential
government terror targets.
He will face court again in February.
The 21-year-old Marsfield man will
appear in court shortly.
AFP Deputy Commissioner National
Security Michael Phelan said there
was no evidence that a terror attack
was imminent.
"Certainly the documents talked a little
bit about potential government targets
and so on," he said.

"There is nothing that indicates any

specific targets or time frame in relation
to this particular activity at all.
"We just want to reassure the
community that as soon as any
information or activity comes before
us we will take swift action."
Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn
said their investigation was not over.
"We are very very confident in what we
have been able to achieve in making
sure we disrupt any activity, any threat
to the safety of any person in New
South Wales and this country," she
"This is all about disruption. We are
now faced with a new environment."
Commissioner Burn said there would
be more police in public places over
the holiday season.
"We have placed 11 people [since
September] before the court, some
of these are for serious terrorism
offences," she said.
"As we move into Christmas and
the new year that investigation will
"There will be a heightened police
presence in public places."
She said there would a large police
presence on New Year's Eve to ensure
"The reason for our success is because
people give us information," she said.
"It's really important when people
go about their daily activities if they
see anything suspicious [they let us
"Anything at all, we can put together,
fill a jigsaw puzzle and it may help."

Operation Appleby is a joint operation

involving NSW Police, AFP and ASIO.
In September, 15 people were detained
when up to 800 officers carried out
counter-terrorism raids across suburbs
in Sydney's west.
Properties were also raided in Brisbane,
involving a further 70 police officers.
At the time, police said the Sydney
raids foiled a plot to "commit violent
acts" in Australia, including a plan to
behead a member of the public.
Heightened level of 'terrorist chatter',
Abbott says
Prime Minister Tony Abbott on
Tuesday warned of a heightened level
of "terrorist chatter" in the aftermath of
the Martin Place siege and reminded
Australians that the national terrorism
alert level remained on "high", which
means an attack is "likely".
But the deputy chairman of Parliament's
Joint Committee on Intelligence and
Security, Anthony Byrne, said the
terror alert level should be raised.
"On the basis of recent events both
here in Australia and overseas, and
provided information that the Prime
Minister spoke about was sound and
accurate, there is a strong case to raise
the terror threat to extreme as quickly
as possible," he told Fairfax media.
Raising the alert level to extreme would
mean a "terrorist attack is imminent or
has occurred".
But the chairman of Parliament's
Joint Committee on Intelligence and
Security, Dan Tehan, rejected the view
of his deputy.
"What the Government needs to do

is take the advice of the experts," he

"I am absolutely certain that our
Australian Federal Police are
monitoring this and would advise the
Government if it did need to be raised
to a higher level."
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has
confirmed the latest advice is that the
official threat level should remain at
"Our security and intelligence agencies
have assessed that an attack is likely,"
she told Channel Seven.
"It's not at the next level 'extreme'
which means imminent, in other
words, they have details of an attack
that is likely to take place and where it
will take place. So we're just warning
people to be careful, be alert."
In France, up 300 extra soldiers have been
put on patrol in public places over the
holiday period following three seemingly
random attacks in as many days.
Ms Bishop said French authorities are
"obviously assessing that situation
very carefully."
"But I just want to stress in Australia
our law enforcement and intelligence
agencies are working very hard to
ensure that we are able to disrupt the
activities of people who might be
planning this kind of activity," she said.
"We're just warning people to be
careful, to be alert but of course
go about your everyday business
and of course over the Christmas
break we want people to be


World News

Friday Dec 26, 2014

'Sorry No Muslims' Sign Controversy Prompts Police

Warning About Threats To Longreach Restaurant

People threatening a restaurant owner

in Longreach who sparked controversy
by displaying a sign saying "sorry no
Muslims" may face legal consequences,
police have warned.
An image of the sign, displayed outside
Longreach's Eagles Nest Bar and Grill,
was posted to the restaurant's Facebook
page last Friday, triggering strong - and
mixed - reactions.
Owner of the restaurant John Hawkes
said he had received more than 200
phone calls as a result, some of which he
described as abusive and threatening.
Longreach Police Inspector Mark
Henderson said people sending
threatening messages may face
criminal charges.
"People who are threatening the owner
and his wife, especially if those threats
cross a certain threshold, may well face
criminal charges themselves," he said.
"Two wrongs don't make a right
and people need to understand that
freedom of speech is out there and
people are allowed to express those
views, providing that those views don't
breach the legislation of the state or
Mr Hawkes said on Monday the sign
was up for a total of nine hours.

A chalkboard displayed outside Eagles Nest Bar and Grill in Longreach,

December 19 2014
"Over the past 24 hours, my business apologise to my family.
and now my home has received more "I sincerely hope I don't end up
than 200 phone calls," Mr Hawkes said. sanitising my every thought to the
"While the great majority are in support robotic degree that is evident in
of free speech and are of patriotic commercial life around us.
sentiment, we have fielded too many "I did not encourage or envisage the
abusive and threatening calls. For this I social media response to this sign,

Teenager Drink Driving

Said She Was On A Driving
A NINETEEN-year-old woman, who was arrested with four times the legal
limit for alcohol, told police that she was on a driving lesson.

Ramarama Herene Tukaki-Watene was

stopped by police in Hamilton, New
Zealand, and said she was been taught
how to drive by her mother-in-law.
Watene pleaded guilty to driving with
an excess alcohol level of 1116mg on
December 6.
She originally sought a fine for her
crime but Community Magistrate
Susan Hovell sentenced her to 11
hours community work and banned

her from driving for seven months.

You were nearly three times the adult
limit, of what it was [previously]. It is
totally unacceptable to get in a vehicle
after youve got that much alcohol on
board. Youre just an accident waiting
to happen, Hovell said.
You were stopped at a police
checkpoint and theres no obvious
signs of driver error but the danger was

Being taught to drive by her mother-in-law ... Ramarama Herene TukakiWatene was stopped by police and found to be four times the legal limit.

but the story, if there is one, is in the

reaction, not the action."
He said the restaurant's message this
week would focus on Santa Claus and
a Samaritan.
Views 'ignorant and bigoted'
spokesman Ali Kadri said while Mr
Hawkes' actions were "ignorant and
bigoted", they were born from a lack of
cultural understanding.
"I think the reason this person has the
views he has is because there's not a
large Islamic population in Longreach,"
Mr Kadri said.
Mr Kadri said Muslims would be
discouraged from travelling to outback
Queensland towns.
"We've had sad incidents where
violence was used against Muslims ...
because unfortunately any violent idea
starts from the head and comes out in
the hands, so there will be fear," he said.
"We are all Australians, we want to
build a cohesive and peaceful society
and a successful nation for all of us,
and our children, so to do so we need
to communicate, we need to talk.
"If you have any fear, any misconceptions
about a community, go and talk to a
person from that community."

Mother Charged With

Eight Murders

Australian authorities have charged a

woman in the northern city of Cairns
with the murder of seven of her children
and her niece.
Mersane Warria, 37, was charged while
in hospital where she is being treated
under guard for self-inflicted knife
wounds, police say
The bodies of eight children were
found following what was believed to
be a multiple stabbing.
Four girls aged 14, 12, 11 and 2, and
four boys aged 9, 8, 6 and 5 were found
in Murray Street, Manoora, where the
woman, Mersane Warria, was also
Acting Assistant Commissioner Paul
Taylor said charges would be laid when
it was "appropriate and everything's
He said there were five fathers to the
children, and police had been in contact

with all five men.

"We had the forensic people in the
house. The deceased have been
removed from the house," Detective
Inspector Asnicar said.
Police found a number of weapons at
the scene, including knives, which are
being examined.
Officers said they were looking at
various possibilities for the deaths,
including suffocation.
The bodies were reportedly discovered
by the mother's 20-year-old son arriving
at the home on Friday morning.
Police have dismissed reports the family
had been investigated by social services
saying it was "not a problem house".
Australian Prime Minister Tony
Abbott said in a statement it was an
"unspeakable crime".
These were "trying days for our
country", he added.


Advantages Of Drinking
More Water

Water not only cleans your body from inside out but also improves the texture
of your skin and hair. We tell you why you should consume enough water.
1. Avoids putting on too much weight
If you are one of those people who
think that drinking more water causes
your body to bloat, you're wrong. It
only helps you eat lesser food by filling
up your tummy. If you have a huge
appetite and you're worried of putting
on weight due to eating in larger
quantities, water will help you out.
2. Cleans your body
Drinking water on an empty stomach,
first thing in the morning, helps flush
out any toxins in your colon. In a way,
your colon is ready to take in all the
good nutrients you plan to feed your
body for the day.
3. Creates new cells
Your body makes new cells everyday

and drinking water helps production

of these new cells. This allows your
muscles to grow and tone up faster
after exercising.
4. Boosts metabolism
Along with benefiting you in several
ways, water also boosts metabolism.
Drink 2 cups of cold water in the
morning and you are ready to go.
5. Cures headaches and infections
When you are ill, staying hydrated is a
must. Water not only fights infections
but helps you get better soon. Also,
when your headaches are caused due to
dehydration, water helps you get well
soon. So whenever you're not feeling
well, drink a glass or two of water
before you start popping pills.

Drinking Alcohol To Sleep

Can Lead To Insomnia In

A new study has revealed that alcohol

affects the body's sleep homeostasis
and can even cause insomnia over time.
Researchers from the University Of
Missouri School Of Medicine have
found that drinking alcohol to fall asleep
interferes with sleep homeostasis, the
body's sleep-regulating mechanism.
The researchers, led by Mahesh
Thakkar, PhD, associate professor
and director of research in the MU
School of Medicine's Department of
Neurology, who have studied alcohol's
effects on sleep for more than five
years, found that alcohol interferes
with the brain's built-in system for
regulating a person's need for sleep.
The researchers said that the prevailing
thought was that alcohol promotes
sleep by changing a person's circadian
rhythm the body's built-in 24-hour
clock, but they discovered that alcohol
actually promotes sleep by affecting a
person's sleep homeostasis the brain's
built-in mechanism that regulates your
sleepiness and wakefulness.
The investigators found that after
extended periods of frequent drinking,
subjects would fall asleep as expected,
but would wake within a few hours
and would be unable to fall back

asleep. When the subjects were not

given alcohol, the researchers found
that subjects showed symptomatic
Sleep homeostasis balances the body's
need for sleep in relation to how long a
person has been awake. If an individual
loses sleep, the body produces
adenosine, a naturally occurring sleepregulating substance that increases a
person's need for sleep. When a person
goes to sleep early, sleep homeostasis
is shifted and he or she may wake
up in the middle of the night or early
The researchers found that alcohol
alters the sleep homeostatic mechanism
and puts pressure on an individual to
sleep. When this happens, the sleep
period is shifted, and a person may
experience disrupted sleep.
While investigating the effect of
alcohol on sleep homeostasis, the
researchers found that during acute
alcohol withdrawal, subjects displayed
a significant increase in wakefulness
with a reduction in rapid eye movement
and non-rapid eye movement sleep,
causing insomnia-like symptoms
and suggests an impaired sleep

How Garlic And Broccoli

Help Fight Cancer

A new study has revealed that selenium

compound that is naturally found in
garlic and broccoli boosts immune
system to fight against cancer.
Researchers from the University of
Copenhagen found that certain selenium
compounds effectively block the special
immunostimulatory molecule that plays

a serious role for aggressive cancers

such as melanoma, prostate cancer and
certain types of leukaemia.
Professor Soren Skov said that
stimulating molecules over-activate
the immune system and cause it to
collapse, and they are interested in
blocking this mechanism.

Friday Dec 26, 2014


Lack Of Sleep May Lead

To Dementia

Scientists have found that people who

don't sleep much or are suffering from
sleep apnea were possibly likelier to
develop dementia.
According to the new study, people
who don't have as much oxygen in
their blood during sleep, which occurs
with sleep apnea and conditions such
as emphysema, were more likely to
have tiny abnormalities in brain tissue,
called micro infarcts, than people with
higher levels of oxygen in the blood.
These abnormalities are associated
with the development of dementia.
In addition, people who spent less time
in deep sleep, called slow wave sleep,
were more likely to have loss of brain
cells than people who spent more time
in slow wave sleep. Slow wave sleep is
important in processing new memories
and remembering facts. People tend to
spend less time in slow wave sleep as they
age. Loss of brain cells is also associated
with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
For the study, 167 Japanese American
men had sleep tests conducted in their
homes when they were an average age
of 84. All were followed until they
died an average of six years later, and
autopsies were conducted on their

brains to look for micro infarcts, loss

of brain cells, the plaques and tangles
associated with Alzheimer's disease
and Lewy bodies found in Lewy body
The participants were divided into 4
groups based on the percentage of the
night spent in slow wave sleep. Of the
37 men who spent the least time in
slow wave sleep, 17 had brain cell loss,
compared to seven of the 38 men who
spent the most time in slow wave sleep.
The results remained the same after
adjusting for factors such as smoking
and body mass index and after
excluding participants who had died
early in the follow-up period and those
who had low scores on cognitive tests
at the beginning of the study.
Study author Rebecca P. Gelber,
MD, DrPH, said that the findings
suggested that low blood oxygen levels
and reduced slow wave sleep may
contribute to the processes that lead to
cognitive decline and dementia. More
research was needed to determine how
slow wave sleep may play a restorative
role in brain function and whether
preventing low blood oxygen levels
may reduce the risk of dementia.

Scientists have, for the first time,

developed an ingredient, which when
added to foods can make one fell more
The ingredient devised by the
researchers at Imperial College London
and the University of Glasgow contains
propionate, which stimulates the gut
to release hormones that act on the
brain to reduce hunger. Propionate is
produced naturally when dietary fibre
is fermented by microbes in the gut,
but the new ingredient, called inulinpropionate ester (IPE), provides much
larger quantities of propionate than

people can acquire with a normal diet.

Professor Gary Frost, who led the study at
the Department of Medicine at Imperial
College London, said that molecules
like propionate stimulate the release of
gut hormones that control appetite, but
people need to eat huge amounts of fibre
to achieve a strong effect. They wanted
to find a more efficient way to deliver
propionate to the gut.
The small, proof-of-principle study
showed encouraging signs that
supplementing one's diet with the
ingredient they've developed prevented
weight gain in overweight people.

Eating at least two pieces of fruit

like apples daily helps in preventing
depression, especially in middle-aged
women, according to a study.
The study, in which some 6,000 people
participated, showed that fruit has
anti-inflammatory properties that help
increase the chemicals linked to the
production of sensations of well-being
in the body and the mind.
"Women who ate two or more pieces of
fruit per day were less likely to report
depressive symptoms," University of

Queensland professor Gita Mishra said.

Although the study concluded that
eating two apples a day helps keep
depression under control, it could
not determine the exact link between
vegetable intake and this condition.
"More research is needed on the
different effects of fruit and vegetables,
but this may be because fruit has higher
levels of anti-inflammatory compounds
and antioxidants, such as resveratrol,
which is not found in vegetables,"
Mishra said.

Now, A Food Ingredient

To Make You Feel 'Fuller'
Without Overeating

Two Pieces Of Fruit A Day

Help Fight Depression:



Friday Dec 26, 2014

Foods That Can Save Your Heart

Fresh Herbs
Fresh herbs can help make other foods
heart-healthy when they replace salt,
sugar, and trans fats. These flavor
powerhouses, along with nuts, berries even coffee - can be part of heart-wise
Fact: Rosemary, sage, oregano, and
thyme contain antioxidants.
Black Beans
Mild, tender black beans are packed
with nutrients including folate,
antioxidants, and magnesium, along
with fiber, which helps control both
cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Tip: Canned black beans are easy
to add to soups and salads. Rinse to
remove extra sodium.
Red Wine and Resveratrol
If you drink alcohol, a little red wine
may be a good choice. Resveratrol
and catechins, two antioxidants in red
wine, may help protect artery walls.
Alcohol can also boost HDL, the
"good" cholesterol.
Tip: Only drink in moderation: no
more than 1 glass a day for women
and 2 for men. Alcohol may cause
problems for people taking aspirin and
other medications. Too much alcohol is
bad for your heart.
Salmon: Super Food
A top food for heart health, it's rich in
the omega-3s EPA and DHA. Omega3s may lessen the risk of heart rhythm
disorders and lower blood pressure.
Salmon also lowers blood triglycerides
The American Heart Association
recommends two servings of salmon
or other naturally oily fish a week.
Tip: Bake in foil with herbs and
veggies. Toss extra cooked salmon into
fish tacos and salads.
Tuna for Omega-3s
Tuna is another good source of
omega-3s, and it generally costs less
than salmon. Albacore (white tuna)
has more omega-3s than other tuna
varieties. Reel in these other sources of
omega-3s, too: mackerel, herring, lake
trout, sardines, and anchovies.
Tips: Grill tuna steak with dill and
lemon. Choose tuna packed in water,
not oil.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This oil, made from the first press of
olives, is especially rich in antioxidants
called polyphenols, which can help
protect your blood vessels. It's also
a good source of monounsaturated
fats, which are a better choice than
saturated fats (such as butter) for your
Tips: Use a little bit for salads, on
cooked veggies, or with bread. Look
for cold-pressed and use within 6
A small handful of walnuts a day
may lower your cholesterol and ease
inflammation in your heart's arteries.
Walnuts are packed with omega-3s,
monounsaturated fats, and fiber. The

benefits come when walnuts replace

bad fats, those in chips and cookies.
Tip: Walnut oil has omega-3s, too; try
it in salad dressings.
Slivered almonds go well with
vegetables, fish, chicken, and desserts.
They're chock full of plant sterols,
fiber, and heart-healthy fats. Almonds
may help lower "bad" LDL cholesterol,
if you favor them over other fats. Grab
a small handful a day.
Tip: Toast almonds to enhance their
creamy, mild flavor.
These green soybeans have moved
beyond Japanese restaurants, where
they're a tasty appetizer. They're
packed with soy protein, which can
help lower blood triglyceride levels. A
half cup of edamame also has 9 grams
of cholesterol-lowering fiber -- equal
to four slices of whole wheat bread.
Tip: Try frozen edamame. Boil and
serve warm in the pod.
Serve up tofu, and you get a great
form of vegetarian soy protein with
its heart-healthy minerals, fiber, and
polyunsaturated fats. It can take on the
taste of the spices or sauces you use to
cook it.
Tips: Chop firm tofu, marinate, then
grill or stir-fry, going easy on the oil.
Add tofu to soups for protein with no
added fat.
Sweet Potatoes
Swap out white potatoes for sweet
potatoes. With a low glycemic index,
these spuds won't cause a quick spike
in blood sugar. They also have fiber,
vitamin A, and lycopene.
Tip: Boost their natural sweetness with
cinnamon and lime juice, rather than
sugary toppings.
This sweet, juicy fruit has the
cholesterol-fighting fiber pectin as
well as potassium, which helps control
blood pressure. Research shows that
OJ may make your blood vessels work
better and lower blood pressure a bit.
Tip: A medium orange averages 62
calories with 3 grams of fiber.
Swiss Chard
The dark green, leafy vegetable is rich
in potassium and magnesium, minerals
that help control blood pressure.
You'll also get fiber, vitamin A, and
the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin
from these greens.
Tip: Serve with grilled meats or as a
bed for fish. Saute with olive oil and
garlic until wilted; season with herbs
and pepper.
These sweet, crunchy veggies may
help control blood sugar levels and
make diabetes less likely. They may
also help your cholesterol levels,
since they're a source of soluble
fiber -- the kind of fiber also found
in oats.
Tip: Add shredded carrots to spaghetti

sauce and muffin batter.

Try this nutty whole grain in place of
rice with dinner, or simmer barley into
soups and stews. The fiber in barley
can help lower cholesterol levels and
may lower blood sugar levels, too.
Tip: Hulled or "whole grain" barley
is the most nutritious. Barley grits are
toasted and ground -- nice for cereal or
as a side dish. Pearl barley is quick, but
much of its fiber has been removed.
Oats in all forms can help your heart by
lowering LDL, the "bad" cholesterol. A
warm bowl of oatmeal fills you up for
hours, fights snack attacks, and helps
keep blood sugar levels stable over
time -- very useful for people with
Tips: Trade oats for one-third of the
flour in pancakes, muffins, and baked
goods. Use oats instead of bread
crumbs in cooking.
Low-Fat Yogurt
While low-fat dairy foods are often
touted for bone health, they can help
control high blood pressure, too. And
yogurt has twice as much calcium and
potassium as milk. To minimize fat,
choose low-fat or non-fat products.
Check the label to see how much sugar
you're getting -- it might be more than
you expected.
Tip: Use milk instead of water in
instant oatmeal, hot chocolate, and
dried soups.
Foods Fortified With Sterols
Some margarines, soy milks, almond
milks, and orange juices have
cholesterol-fighting sterols and stanols
added. These plant extracts block
cholesterol absorption in the gut and
can lower LDL levels by 10% without

affecting good cholesterol.

Tip: Eat or drink at least 2 grams of
sterols a day.
Coffee and tea may help protect your
heart -- even decaf coffee works!
Studies show that people who drink
3-4 cups a day may be less likely to
get diabetes, too. If you already have
high blood pressure, be careful, since
caffeine can make it worse.
Tip: Choose black coffee or a non-fat
latte to limit fat and calories.
Kosher Salt
It could be worth a try for people
with high blood pressure. The larger
kosher salt crystals have more flavor
than regular table salt, so you might
use less and end up with less sodium.
But measure carefully. A teaspoon
of kosher salt has 1,120-2,000 mg of
sodium, and the daily limit for people
with high blood pressure is 1,500 mg.
Cherries are packed with anthocyanin,
believed to help protect blood vessels.
Cherries in any form -- fresh sweet
cherries, the sour cherries used for
baking, as well as dried cherries and
cherry juice -- all have that antioxidant.
Tip: Sprinkle dried cherries into
cereal, muffin batter, green salads, and
wild rice.
Blueberries are simply brilliant when it
comes to nutrition. Their anthocyanins
give them their deep blue color and
support heart health. Blueberries also
have beta-carotene, lutein, vitamin C,
folate, magnesium, potassium, and
Tips: Add fresh or dried blueberries
to cereal, pancakes, or yogurt. Puree a
batch for a dessert sauce.

Must Eat Four White

If white coloured clothes have a
soothing effect on people, eating white
vegetables is beneficial too and you
should include more of cauliflower and
garlic in your diet.
Here's a list of healthy white vegetables
that you should consume more.
* Cauliflower: It contains sulfur
compounds that are associated with
fighting cancer, strengthening bone
tissue and maintaining healthy blood
* Mushroom: Mushrooms are low
in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free,
gluten-free, with barely any sodium,
and yet they carry a wealth of selenium,
potassium, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin

D. Mushrooms are also filling, so they

can help you control your weight.
* Garlic: It is believed to help in
growing hair, cause acne to disappear
and keep colds and flu at bay. Its
antioxidant properties can help boost
your immune system.
* Potatoes: The white potato provides
as much fiber as and more potassium
than other commonly consumed
vegetables or fruit. A medium skinon baked potato weighs in at just 163
calories, a whopping 941 milligrams
of potassium and 3.6 grams of fiber.
Potatoes also provide vitamin C, vitamin
B6 and magnesium in addition to small
amounts of high quality protein.

The Fiji Times e-directory

Friday Dec 26, 2014


Potty Training Your Child

Most children show signs of readiness
to begin using the toilet as toddlers,
usually between 18 months and 3 years
of age.
These signs include staying dry for
at least 2 hours at a time, having
regular bowel movements, being able
to follow simple instructions, being
uncomfortable with dirty diapers and
wanting them to be changed, asking to
use the potty chair, or asking to wear
regular underwear. You should also be
able to tell when your child is about to
urinate or have a bowel movement by
his facial expressions, posture or by
what he says. If your child has begun to
tell you about having a dirty diaper you
should praise him for telling you and
encourage him to tell you in advance
next time.
You should choose a potty chair once
your child has shown that he is ready to
begin toilet training. You can have him
decorate it with stickers and sit on it
with his clothes on to watch TV, etc. to
help him get used to it. Whenever your
child shows signs of needing to urinate
or have a bowel movement you should
ask him if he wants to use the potty or
take him to the chair and explain to him
what you want him to do.
Only keep him seated for a few minutes
at a time, don't insist and be prepared
to delay training if he shows resistance.
Until he is going in the potty, you can
try to empty his dirty diapers into his
potty chair to help demonstrate what
you want him to do.
Things to avoid when toilet training
your child are beginning during a
stressful time or period of change
in the family (moving, new baby,
etc.), pushing your child too fast, and
punishing mistakes (treat accidents
and mistakes lightly). Be sure to go
at your child's pace and show strong
encouragement and praise when he is
As children approach 2 years of age,
parents frequently start thinking about
toilet training. What is the "right" age?
Depending on whom you ask, the
"right" age may range from as young
as 6 months to 3 years. While age can
be used as a determining factor, there
are several others to address. The most
important factors are not necessarily
age, but rather physiologic, physical
and psychological readiness.
Before a child can be "toilet trained",
she must have attained a certain
amount of physiologically readiness,
namely "bladder readiness". In infancy,
babies frequently are unable to hold
large amounts of urine in their bladder
and void small amounts. As a child
grows older, her bladder becomes more
mature, and is able over time to hold
larger amounts of urine between voids.

This comes hand in hand then with the

additional ability to be able to increase
the interval between voids. When you
notice that your child is dry at longer
intervals (i.e. dry after a nap or for
at least 2 hours) and is voiding large
amounts at a time, then that is a sign
that your child may be physiologically
ready for toilet training.
Another component, which overlaps
with psychological readiness, is the
ability of your child to recognize that
she is voiding (i.e. if your child does
not recognize when she is voiding,
toilet training is virtually impossible).
Some children start showing some
signs of "bladder readiness" around
2 years of age. Most will attain it by
three years of age.
Another component of readiness is
physical readiness. This includes the
ability to walk well (to and from the
bathroom), to be able to pull pants
up and down, and the ability to get
on and off the toilet/potty chair fairly
independently. While this may seem
like a "given", think about grandmas
who claim their children were toilet
trained at 6 months or a year of age.
Some kids are not even walking at a
year, how could they be toilet trained?
The last component is probably the most
important: psychological readiness. Or
what I like to call willingness! If a child
is not bothered by a wet or dirty diaper,
if she is uninterested or unwilling to sit
on the potty, believe me, you are not
going to get very far. As the saying
goes, you can place a toddler on a potty,
but you can't make her pee. Toddlers
quickly learn that they can control their
bodily functions.
Once your child is showing all
these components of toilet training
readiness, most experts recommend
waiting at least three months before
you start toilet training to ensure that
all is set. This is a good time to "set
the stage" for toilet training as well
(letting her observe others using the
toilet, introducing books or videos on
the subject, starting to talk about them
using the potty soon).
Last but not least, look at yourself and
your family situation. In order for toilet
training to be as painless and smooth
as possible, make sure that you and
your child are ready. Some kids toilet
train quite easily, while for others it
becomes what seems like a long drawn
out battle. If you are incredibly busy at
work, moving to a new house or a new
baby is due soon, it's ok to wait a few
months to let things settle down. This
is probably one of the biggest steps for
your child and it's worth it to wait.
Just remember, all good things come
with time. Or as my then 3 and a half
year old son said "You have to be

patient, and then the pee will come".

You've been waiting for the signals.
Your child seems to recognize when
she is peeing or pooping. And,
miraculously, your child is actually
telling you from time to time! ("I
peed!" or "I pooped!"). She is dry after
naps and occasionally upon awakening
in the morning.
Now is the time to set the stage if you
haven't done so already. Discussing
using the toilet, reading about it,
and even watching videos is just as
important as the process itself. The
more your child understands the more
successful toilet training will be.
Discussions of using the toilet are just
that. If you haven't done so already, let
your child see you and other family
members using the toilet (modeling).
Let your child know that when she is
ready, she can do the same thing. If
she has a little friend that is about the
same age that is using the toilet, that
can also be mentioned (nothing like
some peer pressure!). If you notice
that she is peeing or pooping, remark
on it: "Are you peeing?"...especially if
she is in the tub or naked and both of
you are observing this act. Follow the
observational comment with something
positive, like "Let me know when you
are ready to try peeing/pooping in the
potty!" or "Next time we can try peeing
in the potty if you like". Ongoing
observational remarks and comments
of "when you are ready" let the child
know that there is no pressure to start,
and that the choice is hers.
Books and videos are wonderful
adjuncts to the discussions you have
with your child. They help reinforce
the ideas you have discussed. And,
they see other "kids" or "characters"
undergoing the same process, which
will help your child understand the
whole process.
If you haven't done so already, now is a
good time to get the potty "ready" (i.e.
purchase a potty chair or child sized
potty seat that fits over toilet seat) and
to buy some underwear or pull-ups.
Some things to consider regarding your
potty "set up" is that there are several
potty chairs out there. You needn't
spend a fortune on one, but:
make sure that it is sturdy. The last
thing you want is for it to collapse
while your child is sitting on it!
make sure the "pot" part (where the pee
and poop end up) of the chair is secure
and empties easily for easy cleaning
and minimal spilling.
It is also a nice idea, if your child is
interested, to have your child help pick
the potty chair. If there is something
about the potty chair your child does
not like (and believe me, you never
know what a 2-3 year old might find

fault in!), she may be resistant to using

it........and that's the last thing you need!
Most children do start out with a potty
chair, but if your child is older (around
3 years of age or older) or has an older
sibling, she may prefer to use the "real"
toilet first. In this case, a child-sized
seat which fits over the toilet would
be most helpful. Stability of the seat
is probably the most when picking a
potty seat. Find one that has the least
amount of "wiggle" and does not feel
like its going to collapse under the
weight of the child. Make sure also,
that there aren't any parts that may
pinch the child. If your child doesn't
feel secure on the potty seat, she may
not feel comfortable enough to pee or
poop in it.
The next consideration is pull-ups
vs. underwear vs. training pants.
Things to keep in mind:
Pull-ups are very convenient and
useful when first starting out. They
are great for bedtime and naps.
However, some children learn
quickly that it is just like a diaper,
and start using it as such. Similarly,
some children may not care if they
have peed/pooped in their pullup because it is as absorbent as a
diaper, and hence a wet/dirty pullup does not motivate the child to
use the potty. I would recommend
pull-ups when the child is showing
a lot of interest but not much
consistency. It is nice to use the
pull-up when they are running to
the bathroom frequently (as diaper
tabs generally start to wear out after
awhile) with or without success.
Not only are the pull-ups easier
when using the potty, but they are
"different" from diapers and the
child will feel more "grown-up".
Once your child gets the hang of it,
transitioning to underwear would
be the next step.
There is not too much difference
between training pants vs.
underwear. Training pants do
have a layer that is meant to
absorb more urine than regular
underwear, but I have found that
there is still a puddle on the floor
after an accident regardless of the
type of underwear. However, a
little help may be better than none.
The advantage that underwear
has over pull-ups, is that the child
definitely feels when she is wet/
dirty which can help encourage/
motivate a child to use the potty.
Also, cleaning up after an accident
takes longer and hence may serve
as a deterrent to further accidents.

Continued Next Week



Try Fruit Treatments For

Glowing, Healthy Skin

If bananas can help in maintaining

the elasticity of the skin, strawberries
provide exfoliation and cleansing.
In short, fruits can help in achieving
glowing skin if used religiously, says
an expert.
Below are some skin benefits of fruits
and how they help in making the skin
glow, said a statement.
Banana: It is a rich source of vitamin
and minerals including potassium,
manganese, biotin, vitamin C and B6.
The vitamins maintain the elasticity of
the skin and the antioxidants prevent
aging. It is also a natural moisturiser
and can be used in homemade scrubs
and masks.
Orange: Like most citrus fruits
it contains a high level of vitamin
C along with beta carotene, folic
acid, phosphates, iodides, iron,
phytonutrients and flavonoids. These
components help to treat dark spots
and blemishes. The orange peel can
be powdered and used as a scrub for
instant glow and skin whitening as it
acts as a natural bleach. It also acts as
a toner removing dirt, dead skin and
giving the skin a firmer feel.
Strawberry: It contains a higher level
of vitamin C and manganese which
helps to exfoliate and cleanse the

skin, lightens age spots and freckles.

Strawberries also prevent thinning of
hair and give it a glossy shine. It can
be used as an exfoliator in foot scrubs.
Tomato: It is rich in vitamin A, C & K.
it acts as an antioxidant in preventing
aging and is used widely as a whitening
and de-tanning agent.
Papaya: The fruit contains a rich
amount of antioxidants like carotenes
and vitamin B and C. It keeps your skin
hydrated, making it supple and smooth.
It also has exfoliation and anti-aging
Avocado: With a high concentration of
vitamin A and E, it gives your skin a
natural glow. It also helps to moisturise
and rejuvenate the scalp.
Grapes: They have phytochemicals
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
in nature helping regeneration and
healing of skin.
Apple: It contains vitamin C which
helps to boost collagen and tightens
the skin. It also has copper which is
important for melanin production and
vitamin A with other antioxidants
which control acne, decrease dark eye
pigmentation and increase hair growth.
It has also been shown to decrease the
dandruff in the scalp.

A PROFESSOR has shared his years of

research into what foods really keep off
the kilos, and the results may surprise
Eating unripe bananas, avoiding
mashed potatoes, skipping the tofu and
avoiding sweet smoothies can all help
dieters maintain a healthy weight.
Eat green bananas
Dieters should eat green, unripe
bananas, which are high in resistant
starch, which doesnt cause bloodsugar to spike, meaning it doesnt
trigger hunger. It also encourages the
release of hormone glucagon, which
makes us burn fat faster.
Skip the mashed potatoes
Avoiding sugar is key to losing weight.
And 25 per cent more sugar is released
from a potato when it is boiled and
mashed, compared to cutting it into
chips. The way we prepare food or
even how much we have to chew them,
can have a huge effect on the sugar
released into the blood. Heating and
mashing starches turns them into sugar.
Drink more water
Drinking water can help reduce
back pain and keep the weight off by
reducing dehydration.
Go easy on tofu

Tofu is made from soy beans that

contain phytic acid, which can block
the absorption of essential minerals.
Vegetarians who rely on tofu as a meat
substitute should follow the Japaneses
example and eat it with miso, which
contains bacteria that lowers the acid.
Dont be afraid to eat fat
Too many of us have shunned high
fat foods in favour of refined carbs
like rice, pasta and bread, which dont
leave people feeling sated. Instead,
meals that are high fat promote
hormone glucagon, which promotes
the breakdown of fat.
Skip sugary smoothies
Sugary drinks and treats like fruit
juices and smoothies contain high
levels of fructose, the sugar found in
high-fructose corn syrup. Unlike other
sugars, fructose slips past our insulin
system, which normally controls
sugar getting into the bloodstream and
control appetite. That means fat builds
up in the liver, causing obesity and
But controlling your hunger is far more
useful to dropping kilos than counting
calories. Eat foods high in protein and
fat, which are digested more slowly
and keep us feeling fuller for longer

What Foods Really Help

Shed Kilos

Friday Dec 26, 2014

Ways To Beat That


Sleep disorder, disturbed sleep pattern and insomnia are some of the most
common sleep-related issues that folks deal with today.
Blame it on a hurried lifestyle or on when you hit the sack is a good way to
exhausting work patterns, but the fact is, ensure long, undisturbed sleep. In fact,
many of us are faced with a lack of sound there are certain music, like Hindustani
sleep and lead their lives groggy-eyed. classical that is said to make for a
Here are five simple ways by which you good listen during bedtime. Albums
can beat stress and have a restful night.
comprising chants, notes and songs
Sweat it out
that are sleep-inducing are a good buy.
To ensure good sleep, it's important Count sheep
that you tire your body out. Exercising Yes, counting helps. The old wives'
four hours before your sleep time is tale about counting sheep putting you
advisable. However, don't wear yourself to sleep is actually true. Studies have
out. Keep the exercise pattern light. proved that cracking equations, solving
Opt for running, either outdoors or on math problems, counting numbers
a treadmill, cycling or a brisk walk. in your head slowly and backwards,
Weights and squats are best reserved for or rattling out names of things in a
the mornings. When you exercise, you particular category put you to sleep
use up your energy. And when you are much quicker. Such complicated tasks
tired, sleep doesn't evade you anymore. force your brain to work and you
Go for a jog in the evening, just before soon tire out. But, a better way is the
dinner. This way, they feel relaxed and 'relaxing imagery' method, where you
are also too tired to sit up in the night or focus on relaxing visuals, even if it
indulge in other activities.
is that of a sheep jumping the fence!
Refrain from these
This way, you focus on pleasant things
Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine have to be rather than the cause of your stress or
avoided during bedtime. Remember how worry, thereby helping you sleep better.
you survived on cups of coffee during The sleep psychology
the nights when you crammed for your Heard of the pink elephant dilemma?
exam? Caffeine is a stimulant, and it can You can't, not but think of a pink elephant
make us alert by temporarily blocking when you are asked not to think about it.
certain sleep-inducing chemicals in Same is the case with insomnia and sleep
the brain. It also increases adrenaline disorder as well. Don't think you are
production. So, avoid having anything going to be sleep-deprived for the rest of
caffeine in the night time. Wine is the night and this actually doubles your
relaxing and soothes your nerves; it goes chance of sleeping well that night.
well with your dinner. But, the alcohol Tips for a restful night
content in it breaks down after a few - Stick to a routine, and if you can, hit
hours and you end up compromising on the sack at the same time every night.
your sleep quality. Again, stop smoking - Rise early to sleep well in the night.
altogether, as it's bad for health. If not, at Avoid afternoon naps and sleep
least avoid it before bedtime.
overdose during weekends.
Music to the ears
- Try sleeping in a dark, noise-free
Why do mothers sing lullabies to put room with a comfortable temperature.
their children to sleep? That's because - Take a warm bath 30 minutes before
good music is associated with deep bedtime. Follow it up with a warm
slumber, and several studies have glass of milk or water.
proven that in the recent past as well. - To fall asleep quickly, focus on a point/
Good music blocks out other senses, object in the room and be overcome by
thereby putting your mind in a state slumber.
of rest. Listening to soothing tunes - If problem persists, consult a doctor.

Eat Oranges To Lose Weight

Sweet and juicy to taste, orange is one of
the most popular fruits. This nutritious fruit
will just not provide you with significant
amounts of vitamin C and folate, but it can
also be a good choice when you are on a
weight loss diet. It adds bulk to the food
and thus helps in lowering the overall
calorie intake, thereby aiding weight loss.
Besides, the natural sugars in an orange
offer a guilt-free way for you to satisfy
your sweet tooth.
Despite their sweet taste, oranges are
low in calories. Being rich in fibre, they
take longer to chew and digest slowly
in the stomach keeping you full for a

longer time. Also, consuming plenty

of vitamin C helps you burn more fat
during exercise than you burn if you
didnt consume enough of the nutrient.
Orange also exerts anti-obesity effects
by suppressing weight gain by the body
and forming adipose tissues.
If you are looking at losing weight,
make sure you consume whole or cut
oranges instead of drinking orange
juice as orange juice is high in sugars
as compared to whole oranges. Orange
juice is also less likely to keep you
feeling satisfied than a whole orange as
it lacks dietary fibre.

For Women/ Relationship

How To Get Rid Of Facial


There are many ways of removing

facial hair. The method should be
chosen according to quantity or
thickness, location and rate of growth.
Read on to find out more temporary
methods of facial hair removal.
This method involves the use of
tweezers and removes hair from the
follicles. Therefore, re-growth takes
time. Plucking is suitable for stray
hairs on the chin, between and under
the brows. It should not be used for
hair on the upper lip. The area should
be first wiped with cotton wool, soaked
in a mild antiseptic solution. One
should also take care not to pluck out
hair from a mole, before consulting a
It's the most common method of
removing facial hair. The disadvantage
is that the effect is temporary and
the procedure has to be repeated
periodically. It is useful for areas like
the upper lip and the eyebrows. In
fact, threading is done to shape the
eyebrows. Frequent
threading can cause skin irritations. On
sensitive skins, there can be redness
or a rash. Avoid threading on areas
with eruptions, like pimples or acne. A
zinc ointment or ice can be applied to
soothe the skin.
Many beauty salons offer "katori"
waxing for facial hair. Cold wax would
be safer for the face. Waxing strips are
available. However, large areas of the
face should not be waxed. It would be
good for smaller areas like the chin,
area above the lips or sideburns. For
excessive facial hair, many women
use a combination of methods, like
threading chin and area above lips
and bleaching the rest of the face.
Or, threading chin and upper lip and
waxing sideburns.
An epilator is a small gadget for hair
removal. Epilators for facial hair are
different from the ones for body hair.
The effect lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks.
Epilators pull out the hair by the roots.
It is said that the smallest hair can be
removed with an epilator. There is

some initial pain, which may decrease

Although this is said to be a permanent
method of hair removal, re-growth can
occur. In electrolysis, the diathermy
method was common. It involves the
use of fine needles, through which an
electric current is passed. But now a
new procedure is being used, known
as transdermal electrolysis, in which
needles are not used. Also, superfluous
hair can be removed from larger areas.
In the earlier method, needles were
introduced into the hair follicle to
cauterise the hair root. This checked
re-growth. It is extremely important to
make inquiries, as scarring can occur
in the hands of an unskilled operator.
This is the latest method of permanent
removal of facial hair. Laser produces
an intense beam of light, which is
absorbed by the hair follicles. The
laser disables the hair follicle's ability
to produce hair. Cooling devices are
used to prevent damage to the rest of
the skin. The advantage of laser over
electrolysis is that the laser light can
scan broader areas. Therefore, fewer
sessions are required. However, it
is more expensive than electrolysis.
Re-growth occurs in some cases,
but is slower and scantier. It is very
important to find a good laser clinic.
The temporary known side effects are
redness, swelling and itching. The main
risk in laser treatment is the possibility
of skin burns. So, before choosing
the clinic, it is essential to find out
its reputation, by making inquiries
and talking to people who have been
through the treatment.
Home remedies
For very fine hair, scrubs and exfoliation
can help. This would discourage hair
growth over a period of time, if used
regularly. Make a thick paste of sugar,
lemon juice and water and apply it in
the direction of hair growth. Wash off
when it dries. Apply it once or twice
a week. Apply a paste of turmeric
powder and milk and rub this on the
skin with a circular motion. It is said to
discourage facial hair, but it may leave
a yellowish tinge on the skin.

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Live Muscovy Ducks

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8:00 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday



Live In Relationships- Are

They Good For You

Live in relationships have been there for many years, only the focus has
shifted to them recently.
Live in relationships are more common socially acceptable in most parts of
than you might think. With the urban India. You will be frowned upon in
India becoming more open minded many social situations and that might
and the obvious western influence and take the toll, eventually. India is still
students moving out of their homes at not one of the most friendly places for
early age, live in relationships have singles and unmarried people, especially
become even more prevalent.
for women. And if you are living with
But is it really a good idea? Well, there a person of opposite sex outside of
are many positives for sure. There are marriage, things are even more difficult.
no complications compared to the It is a very personal and subjective
kinds you have in a marriage. You can matter which might or might not work
be in the relationship for as long as you for everyone. It can be a cause of
want, and this way you keep it fresh concern for women more so who might
and happy. The bondage of being their suffer harassment or insecurity being
with each other for the rest of your life in a relationship that guarantees very
might get heavy on your heart and the little in terms of security.
slightest provocation or disturbance It might have all the negatives and
can bring in that fear. This fear is not positives, but it also, like any other
there in live in relationships.
relationship, depends on the people
The downside is that they are still not involved in the relationship.

Dating Tips For Shy Guys

Most shy men think dating is not for them, but that's about to change.
Most shy men tend to take too much pressure conversation ideas. That happens with
of making too much of an effort when out on most introvert people. So you can think
a date. And most don't even think that they of some nice conversation ideas and work
can find a date because they are too unsure on them beforehand. But don't make them
of how it will go. But there are very simple like a speech. Take interest in all of them
tips that can change that for you.
and make sure she is interested as well.
Choose wisely. And by that we don't Drink a little. We all know that drinking
mean the girl, well of course you should, a little can make things more relaxed
but if you are asking out a girl, go to a and more open. So go for a couple of
place which you are comfortable and drinks, and only as much as you can
familiar with. A familiar setting will sincerely handle. Go for something light
help you be relaxed and more focused which will bring the best out of you.
on her. Also make sure it is an informal Take it easy. And the most important tip is to
setting so that you can be yourself.
take it really easy. When the right girl comes
Take conversation backups. It is okay across, everything will just simply flow and
if you find yourself out of words or you will not have to make extra efforts.

How To Be Friends With

Your Exs Family

So the two of you have broken up but you would like to maintain your
relationship with your ex's family. Here's how
Breaking up is hard and not only spoils mean that you move away from their lives
your equation with the person concerned entirely. During the time that you wish to
but with those the two of you have been have on your own, keep messaging them
close to as a couple. This could include or calling them every once in a while to
friends or his/her family.
find out how they've been and update on
Take some time
your situation as well.
Right after you've broken up; maintain Start with small gatherings
some distance not only from your ex One way to reunite with them once
but from his/her family as well. Do not again is by calling them over to your
worry about what the family would think place or by going over to their place to
about you, because if they have really meet them. But do this when your ex is
known you, they would understand that not at home (if you are very close to the
you require some time to be on your family and they are even comfortable
own before you meet them again.
chatting with you when he/she is not
But keep in touch
at home). This way you would avoid
Don't break your ties with his/her family bumping into your ex and landing up
altogether. Taking some time off does not in an awkward situation.

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Friday Dec 26, 2014

Bula Mai Fiji




Tour Packages, Cruises to all destinations

now available at :

Sunil Sharma

#152 - 12899 80th Avenue, Surrey BC V3W 0E6


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How To Roast A Turkey

The essential guide to making a turkey

Turkey is the centrepiece of the holiday
dinner table, and one of the most
anticipated flavours of the season. But
cooking a turkey with all the fixings
can be a daunting task. We've taken
the guesswork out of your celebration
this year with our complete guide to a
turkey feast. From preparing, roasting
and carving the bird, to stirring up tasty
stuffing and making rich gravy, we've
got each step covered.
1. Buying
Buy one pound per person. You may

want to buy a fresh turkey, as opposed

to frozen, to avoid days of thawing.
2. Thawing
Thaw turkey in unopened wrapper,
breast-side up, on a tray in the
refrigerator. For every four pounds of
turkey, allow one day of thawing.
3. Preparing
Remove neck and excess fat and giblets
from chest cavity. Rinse cavities and
outside of turkey with cold water. Blot
with paper towels.
Season cavity and area under the skin
with salt, pepper and herbs. Try poultry
seasoning, thyme, sage or marjoram.

Stuff the bird with prepared Stove Top

Stuffing Mix.
Help turkey cook evenly by making it
as compact as possible. Tuck legs into
ring of skin that they were originally
in when you unwrapped bird. Fold first
joint of wings underneath bird's back.
You can make gravy even more
flavourful by cooking turkey on a bed
of quartered carrots, celery and onions.
Brush skin with vegetable oil to prevent
it from drying out during roasting.
Insert a meat thermometer deep into the
thickest part of the thigh next to the body.
Make sure it does not touch the bone.
4. Cooking
Place in foil roasting pan and bake at
325F for required time. There's no
need to baste - the natural juices will
seal in tenderness.
Check bird after indicated cooking time.
The internal temperature should register
at least 170F on a meat thermometer.
Thigh juices should run clear, not pink,
when pierced with a fork, and leg joint
should move freely when cooked.
5. Resting
Remove turkey from oven. Place
on cutting board resting in a large
cafeteria-style tray with a lip or on a
flat aluminum foil tray.
Tent the cooked turkey with foil. Let
stand for 30-45 minutes. This resting

time allows the juices to saturate the

meat evenly for the most tender turkey.
6. Stuffing
Stove Top Stuffing is great prepared
on the side and you can make as much
as you need - you're not limited by the
size of your turkey.
Prepare Stove Top Stuffing mix
according to package directions.
Add in a few handfuls once the water
has boiled. Some add-ins to try: chopped
dried fruit, Kraft Shredded Cheese,
chopped toasted nuts, orange segments,
chopped cranberries, grated apples, pears,
carrots or zucchini, cooked sausage.
7. Carving
1. Start by removing the wings.
2. To remove legs, pull back leg to
expose the joint while you cut. Then
cut through the joinT.
3. Cut each breast off the turkey in
a whole piece. Make an incision on
either side of breast bone and cut along
ribs until the breast is free.
Remove any other large portions of
meat still attached to the bones.
The remaining carcass can be picked
apart the next day for use in sandwiches
or soups. Simply wrap up in aluminum
foil and refrigerate.
Choosing the right-sized turkey and
knowing exactly how much time you
need can be challenging.

Christmas Fruitcake (Eggless)

2 In a large pot mix the first 10
ingredients up to and including the
boiling water.
3 Stir well. Bring to boiling, and
simmer without a lid for 5 minutes.
4 Remove from heat and cool
5 Stir in the butter and baking soda,
and stir well to mix. The mixture will
fizz a little.
6 When it has cooled down some more,
scrape mixture into the bowl of your
electric mixture.
7 Using lowest speed, add the next 9
8 When everything has been

incorporated well, remove the bowl

from the mixer. Fold in the whole
cherries and roughly chopped nuts.
Use a wooden spoon.
9 Spoon the batter into the prepared tin,
and smooth the top.
10 Bake 2 hours, BUT lower heat to
350 deg F /180 deg C after the first
11 At the same time lay a double
thickness of foil over the cake to
prevent scorching.
12 Test with a skewer before removing!
13 Turn out gently on a wire rack
14 When cool, place on waxed paper in
an airtight cake tin.

3 large russet potatoes, peeled and cut
in half lengthwise
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup whole milk
salt and ground black pepper to taste
Place the potatoes into a large pot, and
cover with salted water. Bring to a boil,
reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and
simmer until tender, 20 to 25 minutes.
Drain, and return the potatoes to the
pot. Turn heat to high, and allow the
potatoes to dry for about 30 seconds.
Turn off the heat.
Mash the potatoes with a potato
masher twice around the pot, then add

the butter and milk. Continue to mash

until smooth and fluffy. Whisk in the
salt and black pepper until evenly
distributed, about 15 seconds.

Mashed Potatoes

1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup fresh seedless raisin
1 cup fresh golden raisin
1 cup fresh plump currant
1 cup dried mixed fruit, peel preserved
2 ounces pitted dates, chopped
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 lemon, zest of, only, grated
1 orange, zest of, only, grated
1 1/3 cups boiling water
1/2 lb butter, real, soft, in chunks
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons vanilla

2 teaspoons cinnamon, ground

2 teaspoons allspice, ground
2 teaspoons nutmeg, ground
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 cups self-rising flour
2 teaspoons salt
5 tablespoons cooking oil, generous
1 cup maraschino cherries
5 ounces pecans, roughly chopped
1 Grease and line a large square or
round cake tin with baking paper, and
grease the paper as well. Heat oven to
375 deg F or 190 deg Celsius.


Friday Dec 26, 2014



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Friday Dec 26, 2014


You will have a fortunate week ahead

when you will be sought by various
clients or organizations. You have been
putting in a lot of hard work and have
achieved excellent results. This has
certainly given a boost to your career
and you now have more responsibility
to maintain the image that you have
created for yourself. The surplus funds
at your disposal should be invested
wisely and not put into any speculative
deals. You may not be as fortunate with
a matter that doesn't come under your
field of expertise. Your personal life is
happy and full of good cheer. Romance
is more on your mind than in actuality
due to your inability to find time for
amorous sport.


You will be making good progress in

your career especially after handling
your current assignment to great
satisfaction. Financial benefits will
follow though a bit later. Independent
entrepreneurs will feel the need to
expand their workspace and may
either buy an additional premise or
move into a larger accommodation.
Some of you will travel this week to
sign a new agreement or to discuss a
fresh project in another town. Home
and family life is happy more so after
you get the good news of a youngster
doing exceptionally well in education
or sports.


Fresh opportunities appear on the

horizon but you will have to scrutinise
each and every offer before making
any commitment. You could well be on
way to achieving a major breakthrough
in your career if you play your cards
carefully. It is quite possible that
some of the new offer you get may be
tempting but may have a short tenure.
These should be rejected outright. You
need to make plans for a long-term
move in your job or business. Love
life begins to sparkle with the advent
of a new person in your life. The single
and eligible will receive a favorable
proposal for marriage that they are
likely to accept.


You are doing well in your work and it

should be your endeavor to keep up the
fast and efficient pace to maintain your
position. There will be others waiting
on the sidelines for you to falter and to
replace you in the company's hierarchy.
Don't press for financial advantage as
yet until you secure your position, for
pecuniary benefits are assured to you
in the following weeks. You love life is
quite exciting more due to the impish
and playful nature of your beloved
or mate. However, you too will be
sporting by participating in all the wild
plans made by your sweetheart. You
will have great times together.


You will have a period of hard work

when you are required to attend to

several new jobs and also complete

some pending work assignments. It
appears you have been taking things
rather easily and will now have to put
in extra efforts to catch up lost time.
You need to pay attention to your job
or work else you could be heading for
a minor setback. Don't make any fresh
investments in the coming week for
you are more likely than not to block
your money in bad bargains. Romance
is very exciting and you seemed to
be devoting more time and energy to
matters amour than to your work and
consequently suffering a slight setback
in your career.


You will find matters improve

rapidly at work and this gives you an
opportunity to increase your income
and profit. This is the right time to go
ahead with your past plans on which
you may have worked hard. If you let
others interfere by giving uncalled for
advice or suggestions you will only be
confusing yourself. Someone you met
a couple of months ago at an official
function will contact you with some
work or business proposal. You should
consider fresh offers dispassionately
for it is quite likely that someone may
have certain ulterior motives to work
with you. Love life seem to be getting
quite interesting with your mate or
beloved making exciting plans for most
evenings. Something sure is brewing in
matters of amour.


You will unexpectedly receive a

response for a proposal you may have
made a couple of weeks or months
back. You may receive an offer far
more than your expectations but with
a certain conditions attached. This
is the time to negotiate intelligently
and work out a more profitable and
long-term arrangement than lose the
opportunity by asking phenomenal
price. Matters at home remain happy
with elders supporting you in your
endeavours to bring about major
changes in the domestic environment.
The married will hardly find any time
to be with their mate with frequent
visitors coming home and renovations
being carried out.


You will need to work in co-operation

with others for by antagonizing a
colleague or a senior will jeopardize
your position in your job or business.
In fact you will benefit more through
the efforts of others than by your
enterprise. Your ingenuity lies in
getting others to work for you and
by maintaining good rapport with
government or other officials. Home
and family life is likely to get upset
due to your busy work schedule. You
may also get romantically drawn to
someone who is married or with whom
there can be no stable relationship. You
could be treading a dangerous path as
far as matters of the heart is concerned.


Let not an over confident approach

upset your business plans, for others
may suspect your motives. You need
to take others into confidence and
seek their indulgence right from
planning to the stage of executing the
deal. This will endear you to some
influential people who will later
delegate to you more important task
with prospects of handsome gains.
Your personal life takes an interesting
turn. Whereas the married will find
their mate in a charming and cheerful
mood throughout, the fancy free will
get more popular with members of the
opposite sex. Make most of fun times
while it lasts for you will soon set out
on a long journey on work.


You can look forward to some major

changes in your work as well as in
location. Any change or move that
takes place now will be for the better
and will have long term repercussions
on your career and personal life. Hence
even though all seem to be working out
fine, you need to remain extra cautious
not to make any mistake. One thing
that you must bear in mind is that not
to effect any change yourself, but let
matters come up by themselves. You
should only act as an observer and
when the time comes take the right
decision. Do not initiate any change
in job or location on your own. Your
personal life is quite satisfactory with
you getting full support from your
mate, family or beloved.



You need to rein in your enthusiasm

and work in co-operation with others.
This is the time to listen to the wise
counsel of those who may be more
experienced or those having special
qualifications for the type of work
you do. In fact this is the right time
to add to your qualification by taking
up a specialized study or a training
programmed. Students will be required
to work very hard before they are
given the clearance to appear for a test
or an interview. Domestic scene could
get a bit chaotic with lots happening
in the form of renovation, arrival of
guests and an elder not keeping well.
Housewives will find themselves on
their toes throughout this week with
something or the other cropping up
each time they plan to rest.


Travel figures strongly on your agenda

this week. You may have to undertake a
short journey to conclude an important
business deal. Some of you will make
a short trip to complete some paper
work in preparation for an overseas
journey that seems to come up quite
unexpectedly. Work related travel is
bound to bring positive results and you
will succeed in setting up something on
long term basis. The single and eligible
will receive proposal for marriage that
they will find suitable and give their
acceptance. Love ties forged this week
will prove happy and enduring. Hence
if you are in love now is the time to
make commitment.


Friday Dec 26, 2014

Did Sumona Quit Comedy Tejaswini's Bottled Ode To

Method Acting In 'Ugly'
Nights With Kapil
Tejaswini Kolhapure, the talented
but underused sibling of Padmini
Kolhapure, had a tough time playing
a troubled alcoholic wife-mother in
Anurag Kashyap's "Ugly".
To get to feel like a real alcoholic,
Tejaswini actually downed the hard
stuff on the sets. Though it isn't
unusual for male actors to drink on the
job while playing an alcoholic, it is still
pretty unusual for actresses to hit the
bottle to look in character.
Confirming this bottled ode to method
acting, Tejaswini said: "Yes, I did
consume drink to play the character,
but not as much as to lose my senses.
No matter how drunk the character got,
I had to be in-charge."
Tejaswini is very excited about the
release of "Ugly", which hits theatres

Apparently the rumours are making the

rounds that Manju aka Mrs Sharma aka
Sumona Chakrawarti has quit Comedy
Nights With Kapil !
In the last two weeks it has been
witnessed, that Sumona has not been
seen on the show. Earlier also, one of
the most popular character of CNWK,
Gutthi played by Sunil Grover walked
out of the show.
According tho the grapevine, Kapil
Sharma and Sunil Grover had some
ego issues as well as there were some
financial issues. Though, the duo soon

"Audiences and critics will finally see
my work in 'Ugly'. I'm very excited
because this is my second film with
Anurag Kashyap. I started my acting
career with Anurag in 'Paanch', which
never got released," she said.
Reactions to the film and to her
performance have so far been
"My family and friends have watched
'Ugly'. Their response is heartening. I
do hope Indian audiences accept and
like the film," she said.
Tejaswini thinks "Ugly" to be among
Kashyap's best works.
"The audience won't be able to move
from its seats. I owe my entire existence
as an actress to Anurag Kashyap," she

resolved their problem and Guthi made

a comeback on the show. And now the
abuzz is that Sumona Chakrawarti,
who plays Kapil Sharma's wife on the
show has gone missing!
But we would like to break the suspense
and inform you that, ostensibly,
Sumona has been traveling abroad.
Sumona informed the media that she
had been shooting for a film in London
followed by a vacation in Amsterdam
and Paris. However she is now back in
town and is ready to resume her shoot
for the show.

Sanjay Returns Home, Says He Lost 18 Kg

Actor Sanjay Dutt, who was released
on a two weeks' furlough by the
Yerwada Central Jail (YCJ) authorities
Wednesday, has returned home here.
He says he has lost a lot of weight.
Looking fit in a white shirt, the "Munna
Bhai M.B.B.S." star spoke to reporters
after reaching his residence here.
"I have lost 18 kg. Now if I lose any
more weight, I will vanish," he said.
He even quipped that he has an eightpack abs now, and that he can't remove
his shirt to show them off.
The incarcerated Bollywood actor is
currently serving a five-year jail term
since nearly 18 months.
Earlier, he had taken furlough on medical
grounds in October 2013 for 28 days,
followed by a similar leave for 28 days in
December 2013, to tend to his ailing wife
Manyata. The latter had sparked protests.
His wife's prolonged illness prompted
him to seek further parole in January
for another 28 days.
Time and again, his demand for a

parole has raised questions.

To that, Sanjay said: "I didn't get any
special treatment. I had applied for
furlough five months back, then later
it was sanctioned. Thanks for all your
Meanwhile, Sanjay is aware that his
filmmaker friend Rajkumar Hirani is
making a biopic on him, but said: "I
don't know what's the status. I will talk
to him about it."
While inside the jail, Sanjay says he
has "written 10 scripts and I will start
working on them soon".
Sanjay was convicted for illegal
possession and destruction of an AK56 army assault rifle during the 1993
Mumbai communal conflagration
before the March 12, 1993 serial bomb
blasts in the city.
Following a Supreme Court directive,
he had surrendered May 16, 2013, and
was shifted to the high-security YCJ
in Pune to serve the remainder of his
42-month sentence.


Friday Dec 26, 2014

Rafi's Tracks Will Be Remembered For A Thousand

Years: Lata

Remembering late playback singer

Mohammed Rafi on his 90th birth
anniversary Wednesday, melody queen
Lata Mangeshkar said that his heartwarming tracks are evergreen and will
continue to enjoy a fan following for
years to come.
"Greetings, today is renowned
singer Mohammed Rafi's 90th birth
anniversary. I am sure that his work
will be remembered for 1,000 years
to come and will keep entertaining
people," she tweeted.
The singer also posted a link of her
favourite song by the playback singer
"Dil ka bhanwar kare pukar". It starred

late actor Dev Anand.

Rafi was born Dec 24, 1924. He died
at the age of 55 on July 31, 1980,
following a massive heart attack,
leaving behind a wealth of over 5,000
songs, which he rendered during his
35-year-long singing career.
During his lifetime, Rafi was conferred
with the Padmashri, National Film
Award, Best National Singer Award,
and Filmfare Awards, besides many
other national and international
Lata has sung several hit duets with
Rafi like "Kitna pyara wada hai" and
"Chadti jawani meri chaal mastani".


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Friday Dec 26, 2014

At 58, Anil Kapoor Still

Feels 'Power Of Youth'

Anil Kapoor, who turned 58

Wednesday, has been roped in to
endorse Dabur Ratnaprash, a powerpacked formula that fights fatigue and
keeps people active all day long.
A new commercial, starring Anil, has
marked the launch of the latest offering
by fast moving consumer goods

company Dabur India Ltd. Its tagline

is 'Feel the Power of Youth'. It shows
Anil dancing to the tune of popular
song "Badtameez dil". The commercial
communicates the message that Dabur
Ratnaprash helps rebuild strength,
stamina, vigour, vitality and energy.
"This marks a first for Dabur and for the
healthcare industry in India. Consumers
have always sworn by the health benefits
of Dabur Chyawanprash," Dabur India
Ltd category head-health supplements
Ajay Parihar said in a statement.
"We are now offering the same
immunity and health benefits of Dabur
Chyawanprash while enriching it with
precious ingredients like Moti, Kesar,
Musali, amla and Brahmi to give you allday-long energy and vigour," he added.
Anil has two daughters Sonam and
Rhea and a son Harshvardhan.

Is Arbaaz Really Too

Lenient As Producer

Actor Arbaaz Khan has tasted success

as a film producer, but he now feels
he's too easy-going on his team when
he's on the job.
"I go along with my team, but I am too
lenient and not strict at all as a producer.
In fact, professionalism in my team
should increase," Arbaaz Khan said
while talking about how he handles
this crucial aspect of filmmaking.
"At times, I give lot of liberty and
facilities, but today filmmaking is
also a business. It's important to make
your film on a budget and on time. As
a producer, we have to be strict about

that," he added.
Arbaaz is currently busy promoting
his film "Dolly Ki Doli". Directed by
Abhishek Dogra, the film features
Sonam Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao in
key roles.
Arbaaz's wife Malaika Arora has coproduced their past films -- "Dabangg"
and "Dabangg 2".
Talking about the importance of her
presence, Arbaaz said: "Malaika is
like a sounding board, and I take her
opinion. Her opinion is unbiased...I
feel she is very honest. When I finalise
anything, I take her opinion."

After Nasty War, Mika And

Rakhi To Unite Again

Bollywood singer Mika Singh, who

scorched the headlines after his kissing
controversy with Rakhi Sawant in
2006, says he will soon do a song
featuring the item girl.
The duo, who parted ways after the
kissing controversy, are back together.
Mika and Rakhi were spotted together
at the trailer launch of upcoming movie
"Mumbai Can Dance Sala", which
stars Rakhi.

When asked about working with Rakhi

in the future, Mika said: "Yes, whenever
we get a chance, we would definitely do
a song together in future. But for now,
we both are busy in our work."
Apart from Rakhi, "Mumbai Can
Dance Saala" would also see Ashima
Sharma, Prashant Narayan, Aditya
Panscholi and Shakti Kapoor in its
cast. The film will hit the screens Jan
3, 2015.

Actor Anupam Kher, who has played

diverse roles in his over three-decadelong career, doesn't like stepping into
someone else's shoes on-screen, but
he would love to play iconic villain
Mogambo, if given a chance.
The actor is not new to negative roles
- in the beginning of his career he sent
shivers down the audience's spine as
Dr. Dang in "Karma".
When asked which of the iconic roles
in Bollywood he would like to portray,
he said: "I am not in favour of doing
any role of anybody on-screen again
because I think the roles I have played
so far were perfect, according to the
situation and the career that time.
"But if I get a chance and if 'Mr. India'
is made again, then I would like to do
Mogambo's role."
"Mr. India", directed by Shekhar
Kapur, was not only a hit but also had
numerous hit one-liners. This film is
best remembered for Amrish Puri's
portrayal of Mogambo and his famous
one liner - "Mogambo khush hua".
Although, Anupam feels it is impossible
to match the same dimension that late
Amrish Puri added to Mogambo's

character, he would like to interpret it

in his own way.
"I would love to do it with a different
dimension because I feel it is
impossible to give the same dimension
to the character as given by Amrish
Puriji," said the actor.

Playing Mogambo In
Anupam's Wish-List

Friday Dec 26, 2014



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Friday Dec 26, 2014

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Friday Dec 26, 2014

Devils Fire Head Coach Sydney FC Coach Wary Of


The New Jersey Devils have been on

a slide since going to the Stanley Cup
final in 2012, and coach Pete DeBoer
paid the price.
DeBoer, who took the Devils to the
championship round in his first season,
was fired today, with his aging and
short-handed team in danger of missing
the playoffs for a third straight season.
Lou Lamoriello, the Devils' president
and general manager, won't say who
will be the next coach until he speaks
Saturday with the players, who are
on a three-day Christmas break. The
Devils will have a pregame skate at the
Prudential Center on Saturday morning
before playing the Rangers in New
York that night.
There are a number of potential
candidates, including Adam Oates, a
former Devils assistant; Dallas Eakins,
who was fired earlier this month by
Edmonton; and former Penguins coach
Dan Bylsma.
Lamoriello has hired a couple of
former Montreal Canadiens coaches to
lead New Jersey, and Jacques Martin
has been in the press box to watch the
Devils in their last three home games.
He was an assistant under Bylsma last
season and was promoted to senior
adviser of hockey operations.
New Jersey has been hit with injuries
in a 12-17-7 season. It has not won
consecutive games since early last
month, going 3-8-5 in its last 16. The
Devils were missing six regulars to
either injury or illness Tuesday night
when they lost 2-1 in a shootout to
the Carolina Hurricanes, the NHL's
second-worst team.
"I know that no one wants to hear
excuses, and I am not going to make
any, but I am definitely not going to
throw our guys under the bus," DeBoer
said Tuesday. "Guys are trying."
The problem is the guys are not as
talented as they used to be, and it shows
in the standings. The Devils are 14th in

the Eastern Conference, nine points out

of a playoff berth and fading.
New Jersey has 15 players over the age
of 30 on the roster, including 42-yearold Jaromir Jagr, who is tied for the
team lead in scoring. Not only are they
old, but the Devils have not gotten
much help from their minor leagues
in recent years. Defenceman Adam
Larsson, the fourth pick overall in
2011, has been a disappointment, and
Stephane Matteau, the first-round pick
the following season, has one goal with
the Devils' top affiliate this season.
DeBoer is the third NHL coach to
be fired this season, following Paul
MacLean in Ottawa and Eakins.
DeBoer was 114-93-41 in his threeplus seasons with the Devils. Before
coming to New Jersey, he coached the
Florida Panthers for three years, never
making the playoffs.
The 46-year-old DeBoer was hired
in 2011-12 and immediately took the
Devils to the Stanley Cup final, where
they lost to the Los Angeles Kings.
The Devils, however, lost Zach Parise
to free agency after the season. They
took an unexpected blow after the
lockout-shortened 2012-13 season
when goal-scorer Ilya Kovalchuk left
to play in Russia. Those were the team's
two best players, and their losses were
keenly felt, especially in shootouts.
The Devils were 0-13 in shootouts last
season and 2-6 this season, their first
since not re-signing goaltender Martin
Brodeur, the longtime face of the threetime Stanley Cup champions.
DeBoer had provided some stability
to the Devils' coaching position. Since
winning their last Cup in 2003 under Pat
Burns, the Devils have changed coaches
nine times, with only Brent Sutter lasting
two full seasons until DeBoer came
along. During that span, Lamoriello has
twice filled in on an interim basis and
Jacques Lemaire has twice come out of
retirement to coach the team.

Krishna And Burns

Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold is

wary of Fijian striker Roy Krishna and
Nathan Burns's deadly combination
as his side prepare to host Wellington
Phoenix in the A-League tomorrow
Speaking to The Australia, Arnold said
they have been analysing Wellington
Phoenix closely and are aware of their
fine form.
They have a lot of mobility in midfield
and a lot of pace in attack with (Roy)
Krishna and (Nathan) Burns," he said.
Krishna has scored in all of Phoenix's

last four matches and will be a danger

man upfront.
Wellington Phoenix on the other hand
are hoping to topple their opponents
and surpass them on the A-League
The Phoenix are currently sitting in
fifth place on 16 points while Sydney
FC are one point ahead in fourth place.
Sydney FC have only won one out of
their past six games, but have only lost
once, with four draws in that period.
The all exciting match kicks off at 7pm
(Fiji Time) at the Allianz Stadium.

Fiji referee Finau Vulivul

FIFA Womens World Cup 2015 to be

held in Canada.
The five days of seminar will see the
Savusavu native going through various
sessions such as on field exercise with
football players, integrated exercise
such as technical and physical,
theoretical sessions, video and trivia.
Vulivuli will also go on a FIFA physical
test which includes target 35/30 seconds,
10 laps-35/35, Sprints: 6 x 40m, target
6.00 seconds (limit 6.40) and Yo Yo
dynamic exercise and will go on a weight
control and body fat composition.
She has officiated in the 2011 FIFA
Womens World Cup in Germany,
and three FIFA U-17 Womens World
Cups New Zealand 2008, Trinidad
and Tobago 2010 and Azerbaijan 2012.
She was also included among the
officials for the 2012 London Olympic
Games and has been a regular at OFC
tournaments over the years.
Vulivuli led a trio from Oceania,
completed by Jacqueline Stephenson and
Sarah Walker of New Zealand, at the FIFA
U-20 Womens World Cup in Canada.

Vulivuli To Attend Fifa

Seminar In Portugal

Fijis only female FIFA referee Finau

Vulivili has been invited to attend the
FIFA seminar for prospective referees
for the FIFA World Cup Canada 2015
in Algarve, Portugal.
Vulivuli will be attending the seminar
from February 23rd to 27th, 2015.
Following the FIFA seminar for
assistant referees held in Doha in
November, Vulivuli and 42 referees
have invited to the seminar for further
assessment and preparation for the

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