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PM asks Pepsi, Coke to

blend fruit juices in

fizzy drinks

Financial Inclusion, Politicising the flood

Literacy campaign disaster in Kashmir is
in bad taste

Vaishnodevi shrine
ready for Navratras



The Newspaper of Substance

Vol No: XIX

Vohra greets on

Issue No. 258

Srinagar, Sept. 24:

Governor, Mr. N. N. Vohra
has greeted the people on
the commencement of the
auspicious period of
Navratras and prayed for
progress and prosperity in
the State.
On this joyous occasion,
the Governor prayed for the
well-being of the people of
the State.

Sgr-Muzafrabad bus
service on 26th Sept

Srinagar, Sept. 24: As per

received from Regional
Passport Officer Srinagar, a
SrinagarMuzafrabad bus service has
been scheduled on 26th
September, to facilitate
stranded persons on either
side of the LoC.

IB staff
contributes Rs
1.75 Cr for J&K
flood relief

New Delhi, Sept. 24:

Intelligence Bureau has
contributed Rs 1.75 crore to
the Prime Minister's
National Relief Fund for
flood relief in Jammu and
Home Minister Rajnath
Singh has appreciated the
contribution of the IB
The Intelligence Bureau
functions under the Home
At least 280 people lost
their life and thousands of
houses were damaged
during the recent flood in
Jammu and Kashmir.
The flood in the state was
considered to be the worst
in 109 years.

Modi embarks on
US visit

New Delhi: Indian Prime

Minister Narendra Modi
will embark on a five-day
high profile visit from
tomorrow to the US during
which he will have a
power-packed schedule of
meetings - official, business
and public - apart from
addressing the UN General
Assembly on September 26
and bilateral talks with
President Barack Obama.

Ambassador Le
Yucheng meets
MEA officials

Ambassador Le Yucheng
today met senior officials in
the EAM here even as India
said it has raised the issue
of continued standoff in
Demchok & Chumar with

CCS discusses faceoff along LAC

New Delhi: The Cabinet

Committee on Security is
understood to have
discussed the face-off in
Ladakh along the Line of
Actual Control (LAC)
where Chinese troops have
intruded in the last 11 days.
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India scripts history, Mangalyaan enters Mars orbit

New Delhi | Sept. | 24
Creating history in space, India on
successfully placed its Mangalyaan
into the Martian orbit in a record time
of mere three hours.
Thus, India has become the first
Asian country to reach Mars and the
first in the world to enter Martian
orbit in its maiden attempt.
With the success of Mars Orbiter
Mission (MOM), India has joined the
United States, European Space
Agency and the former Soviet Union
in the elite club of Martian explorers.
ISRO scientists successfully
ignited the main 440 Newton Liquid
Apogee Motor (LAM) and eight small
thrusters that fired for 24-minutes
from 7.17 AM and slowed down the
speed of Mars spacecraft
'Mangalyaan' for it to slip into a
smooth orbit around the Red Planet
after almost a year-long voyage.
Scientists broke into wild cheers
and congratulated each other after the
1,350 kg spacecraft was maneuvered
into its designated place, capping a

666 million km journey that began on

November 5 last.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi,
who witnessed the historic moment,
congratulated the scientists for their
hard work terming it as a proud
moment for the country.
Interestingly, India's MOM is also
the world's cheapest inter-planetary
mission costing around Rs 450 crores

No Salaries to absent
employees; offers
alternate accommodation

NL Correspondent
Jammu | Sept. | 24

According to General
Administrative Department, the
employees of the State
Government who have not
resumed their duties till date are
directed to report back at their
respective places of postings
immediately, failing which they
shall be treated as absent from
duties and necessary action as
warranted under rules shall be
taken against such employees.
In this regard, the drawing
and disbursing officers are
asked not to draw the salaries
for the month of September,

2014 in favour of those

employees, who fail to report
for duties by or before 25th of
September, 2014.
Secretaries are requested to
furnish the details of delinquent
employees to the General
Administrative Department by
Monday i.e 29th of September,
2014 positively.
Meanwhile, the Estates
Department has claimed to have
made sufficient arrangements of
accommodation for move
employees whose allotted
accommodation has been
affected due to unprecedented
See Page 2...

or 74 million USD, which is a tenth of

NASA's Mars mission MAVEN that
entered the Martian orbit on
September 22.
It aims to study Mars' surface and
mineral composition, and scan its
atmosphere for methane with the help
of scientific instruments.
ISRO's Mars Orbiter is also now
active on Twitter and it has started

Apart from shortage in its availability in the

markets in the plains Kashmiri apples may
register an unprecedented price hike
following heavy damage caused to
the orchards in Kashmir's apple
basket of Baramulla, Sopore and
Handwara. Official sources said
that right from the third week
of September apple growers
get engaged in plucking the
precious fruit for exporting to
the mandis in the plains,
especially Delhi and Mumbai.
However, sprawling orchards in
the north and elsewhere are still
under flood water. In certain
areas the apple growers have
arranged boats for visiting their
orchards for plucking apples.
Majority of apple growers in the valley are
crestfallen because of huge losses they have
suffered owing to heavy floods. Some of them
said that since the flood waters continue to

New Delhi | Sept. | 24

The Supreme Court on

Wednesday appointed a fivemember committee headed by
Senior Registrar of Jammu and
Kashmir High Court to
ascertain the ground situation of
the flood-affected state and
asked it to file its report within
two weeks.
A bench headed by Chief
Justice R M Lodha expressed
satisfaction over the relief and
rehabilitation work done by the
state government and the
It questioned the petitioners
for taking differing stands on

pose problem for them they have no hope for

harvesting late season apples.
Rough estimates reveal that apple crop
worth over Rs.800 crores has been damaged
owing to floods. And one can imagine the
loss to apple exporters when they have
been exporting apples worth about
Rs.1000 crores per year.
A number of apple growers
were of the opinion that "we
may be able to produce
between 500 to 700 metric
tonnes of apples out of the
yearly production of over 1373
metric tonnes."They said part
of the damage could be averted
if the Government is able to
pump out flood waters from the
Reports said that losses to apple
growers in the Kashmir valley may
be a boon for the apple growers in
Himachal Pradesh. No wonder that apple
traders from Himachal may increase apple
prices when Kashmiri apple would not reach
the markets in the plains this year.

Kashmiri folk music at Delhi

concert for raising funds

New Delhi | Sept. | 24

Kashmiri folk and sufi music

dominated a concert led by
santoor players Pandit Bhajan
Sopori and son Abhay Sopori to
raise funds for those affected in
floods of Jammu and Kashmir.
Organised by German
Ambassador Michael Steiner on
the lawns of his residence here,
the concert late last evening
evoked sublime melodies with
typical Kashmiri instruments
like Tumbaknaer, clay pot
(matka), banjo and tabla among
others. Sufi singer Ragini Rainu
also gave a special performance.
"The purpose of this 'Ehsase-Kashmir' concert is to show

our solidarity with the people of

Kashmir," said Steiner, who
along with his wife Eliese
felicitated the concert.
"The events in Kashmir are
heartbreaking. These are worst
floods since 1904. The situation
there is still difficult and it is not
over because the water is
receding. In many respects, it
will become worse, it will
become cold and there is risk of
water-borne diseases," he said.
Efforts by the German
ambassador has so far mobilised
a total of Rs 75 lakhs and
Steiner said he has set himself
"a goal of Rs 1 crore."
"I have set myself a target of
Rs 1 crore for Kashmiris. Of
course, Kashmir and Kashmiris

2011. Earlier in 1998, the Japanese

mission ran out of fuel and was lost.
Given the high rate of failures -only
21 of the total of 51 missions sent to
Mars by various countries being
successful, the success of MOM has
given a boost to India's global
standing in Space.
"We have gone beyond the
boundaries of human enterprise and

SC appoints panel to ascertain

ground situation in J&K

J&K's orchard loss likely boon for Himachal

NL Correspondent
Jammu | Sept. | 24

tweeting soon the spacecraft glided

into the Martian orbit.
With the success of "Mangalyaan",
India has become the first country to
go to Mars in the very first try.
European, American and Russian
probes have managed to orbit or land
on the planet, but after several
attempts. The first Chinese mission to
Mars, called Yinghuo-1, failed in

need much more. It is a

devastating situation. It is only a
gesture we are talking about but
a gesture coming from the
heart," he said.
The funds thus collected, he
said, would go towards
supplying food rations, chlorine
tablets, cooking utilites,
syringes and warm clothing for
the flood victims.
The supplies would be
transported to Kashmir in three
trucks, the first of which was
flagged off by him yesterday.
"Of course, Kashmir and
Kashmiris need much more. It is
a devastating situation. It is only
a gesture we are talking about
but a gesture coming from the
See Page 2...

the issue as one of them said

that the state government is not
doing anything while the other
contended that National
Conference is taking all the
credit for work in the state as the
election is due.
"If an election is due in few
months then can you expect state
government to sit idle? It would
go an extra mile to reach the
people and to ensure that people
get relief," the bench said.
The state government also
assured the court that safe
drinking water would be made
to all flood-affected people
within three days and a reverse
osmosis plant will soon be set
up for the purpose.

We have navigated our craft
through a route known to very few,"
Modi said in a speech in Hindi and
English, congratulating the scientists
and "all my fellow Indians on this
historic occasion."
An elated Prime Minister patted the
back of ISRO Chairman K
See Page 2...

King of Bhutan expresses sympathy

NL Correspondent
Srinagar | Sept. | 24

King of Bhutan, Jigme

Khesar has written to N.N.
Vohra, Governor Jammu and
Kashmir, to convey his deepest
condolences to the people of
Jammu and Kashmir for the loss
of hundreds of lives and injuries
and damage to property due to

The bench directed the

committee, also comprising
Relief and Rehabilitation
Secretary of the state, one
representative of Centre and
Presidents of Bar Associations
of Jammu and Kashmir, to place
its report before the High Court.
It said that the High Court
can also pass order on the basis
of the report and the case
pending before it would not be
an impediment in its way to
pass appropriate order.
The court was hearing
petitions filed by Jammu and
Kashmir National Panthers
Party chief Bhim Singh, senior NL Correspondent
advocate Colin Gonsalves and Srinagar | Sept. | 24
advocate Vasundhra Pathak.
As per the circular issued by
the General Administrative
Traffic on Highway rescheduled
Department, all the Government
NL Correspondent
allowed to ply from Jammu on employees including members
Srinagar | Sept. | 24
wards to Srinagar from 0600 of All India Services in the State
hours. The cut off timing for up are requested to contribute one
According to the IGP Traffic, traffic will be 1500 hours at days salary towards the Chief
traffic shall ply from Srinagar Nagrota, 1700 hours at Minister's Flood Relief Fund.
towards Jammu from 2300 Udhampur and 2300 hours at
For this purpose, the account
hours (of previous day) up to Jawaher Tunnel. No-multi-tyre has been opened with the J&k
0600 hours of convoy day while vehicle shall be allowed to ply
normal traffic will be allowed to on NHW-IA till further order,
ply towards Jammu from 0900 the statement said.
hours. The cut off timing for In order to facilitate the
down traffic will be 1700 hours passengers, transportation of
at Levdora and 1900 hours at fruits
Jawaher Tunnel but no multi commodities, the passenger NL Correspondent
axel/multi-tyre vehicles will be service vehicles (LMVs only), Srinagar | Sept. | 24
allowed to ply on NHW-IA till empty oil tankers and fruit
Chief Minister Omar
further orders.
laden load carriers (medium
During up traffic day, the only) can use Sinthan Top- Abdullah today visited three
traffic will ply from Jammu Kishtwar route and Mughal tertiary care hospitals which
towards Srinagar from 2100 to road from Valley towards resumed operations after being
2400 hours ( of previous day) Jammu during up traffic days badly affected by floods.
"Omar visited Lalla Ded,
and no traffic will be allowed after getting clearance from
from Jammu onwards Srinagar district
administration. SMHS and G B Pant hospitals,
from 2400 hours onwards upto Similarly, during down traffic here in the afternoon to take
0600 hours of next day, day, the passenger service appraisal of the restoration of
functioning in these hospitals,"
however, normal traffic will be

landslides in the State.

The text of the King's letter is
as under:
It was with the greatest
unhappiness that I received
news of the calamitous floods
and landslides in Jammu and
Kashmir, which has resulted in
the loss of hundreds of lives, as
well as injuries and damage to

Employees appealed
to contribute 1 day
salary to Relief Fund
See Page 2...

Bank Moving Secretariat

Srinagar, with Account number
The drawing and disbursing
officers will collect/receive the
contribution and deposit them
in the said account. The
contributions are voluntary and
it is expected that all the
employees will rise to the
occasion and contribute to the
Flood Relief Fund.

CM takes stock of restoration

process in hospitals

See Page 2...

an official spokesman said.

The Chief Minister interacted
with the management of these
hospitals and ascertained the
progress on restoration of
Omar impressed upon the
officials to take all measures for
making the health institution
fully functional.
The Chief Minister said that
huge damage caused to health
See Page 2...

After flood water recedes, people

scramble to salvage whatever left

NL Correspondent
Srinagar | Sept. | 24

As the sun continues to play

'hide and seek' in the floodravaged Srinagar, 40-year-old
Sumeet Kaul, a resident of
Jawahar Nagar locality, was
today busy drying her wedding
photo album, as only memories
remain of what once used to be
her dwelling.
As the water level in some of
the worst-affected areas of the
city continued receding, many
people were seen trying their
best to salvage whatever is left
in their house.
With water still dripping from
See Page 2...

Jammu | Thursday | September 25 | 2014


India scripts

Radhakrishnan and complimented the Indian space scientists

for making space history.
"I have said it in the past too, the amount our scientists have
spent on this mission is even less than what they spend in making
Hollywood movies," he said in his address to the mission
At just 74 million USD, the mission less than the estimated
100 million USD budget of the sci-fi blockbuster "Gravity".
India's MOM is the cheapest inter-planetary mission, costing a
tenth of NASA's Mars mission Maven that entered the Martian
orbit on September 22.
It aims to study Mars' surface and mineral composition, and
scan its atmosphere for methane, a chemical strongly tied to life
on Earth.

No Salaries

floods in Srinagar.
The employees seeking temporary/alternate accommodation
can contact allotment committee constituted for the purpose at
Office of Director Estates Civil Secretariat Srinagar from 9 a.m.
to 5 pm and Estates Sub Division office at Gupkar from 5.30
p.m. to 7 p.m.
The composition of the committee is as under Showkat
Ahmad Beigh, KAS, Special Secretary to Government, Planning
and Development Department, Shahzada Bilal Ahmad, Director
(Planning), Planning and Development Department, Manzoor
Ahmad, Under Secretary to Government, General
Administration Department and Mazahir Hussain Shah,
Assistant Director, Estates.

King of Bhutan
Please accept my deepest condolences to the people of Jammu

infrastructure has to be restored on war footing and focus

should be laid on restoring health services in all hospitals in the
Later, Omar also inspected dewatering operations of some
inundated areas in Srinagar.
heart," he said.
Meanwhile, Abhay Sopori said the idea of a concert originated
after a conversation with Steiner and his wife.
"I called him up and in between the conversation asked him
can we do something. He didn't hesitate," said the junior Sopori
who had also participated in a concert at the Shalimar Bagh in
Srinagar by legendary music maestro Zubin Mehta and his
Bavarian music orchestra organised by the German Embassy in
September last year.

the photo album, Sumeet while showing a picture of her house

says, "Now only memories remain of what once used to be our
abode. The floods have taken away everything we had. This
house too has now become unsafe to live in."
Tightly packed in two layers of polythene and locked in a
wardrobe, the photo album of Sumeet's wedding was the only
item in her house that survived the fury of the devastating floods
of September 7.Having seen the worst days of militancy in

and Kashmir. We offer our prayers for those who have lost their
lives, and that the ongoing rescue operations succeed in bringing
relief to those who are still stranded.
I wish you, and the bereaved families, the strength and
fortitude to navigate this difficult time.
The Governor has replied to His Majesty to thank him for his
kind concern.

Traffic on

vehicles (LMVs only) and medium load carriers can use

Sinthan Top-Kishstwar route and Mughal road for their journey
from Jammu towards valley temporarily till the restoration/repair
work of NHW-IA especially in Ramsoo road stretch is completed
and the traffic movement on NHW-IA will strictly remain one
way as per schedule till further orders, it said.

CM takes

Kashmiri folk

SAMBA: SEPT. 24: A meeting meeting and agenda points for informed that relief as per
this meeting. The Ex-Officers
and the Ex-Servicemen of
Armed Forces who attended the
meeting highlighted various
problems like completion of
boundary wall of middle school
of Mandlyal and Maheen
Charkaan, installation of water
pump in Mandliyal Middle
School to provide drinking
water to students and staff etc.
Besides this, the issue of
Periodic cleanliness of water
tanks, Proper functioning of
street lights in the town,
unauthorized encroachment in
the market, opening of J&K
bank branch at Nud and
operationalization of new bus
stand of samba on priority
were also came up for
The DDC issued directions
to the District/Sectoral Officers
present in the meeting to
address the problems raised by
the Ex-Servicemen.
The Ex-Servicemen from the
border areas also mentioned the
problems being faced by the
people due to recent heavy
demanded a special package of
relief and rehabilitation.
The DDC informed that
Govt. has already announced
free ration for six months for
flood affected families and the
relief is being distributed in the
District from today. He also

Beauty Parlour burnt

Rakesh Parbhakar

SAMBA, SEPT. 24: Fire incident took place at Habeas Beauty

Parlour at Vijaypur Bazar.
Police on reaching found that the Beauty Parlour was burnt.
Its owner was Rakesh Kumar S/o Banarsi Dass.Police registered
an FIR.

Obeisance paid at Purmandal

Rakesh Parbhakar
SAMBA, SEPT. 24: A large number of pilgrimages had visited

the religious place Utter-Behni , Purmandal to pay obeisance.

According to Hindu Shastras this "Amabashya" realizes the
veneration of the Hindu Pitirs whom had been enshrined into their
kins within the "Shrads" in the Hindu Philosophy.

Mehta had conducted "Haftrang" which Abhay had composed

as a tribute to Kashmir.
"We had never heard of floods in Kashmir and the water levels
rising to 30 or 40 feet high. The enormous levels of water coming
up to the second floor is unusual. We had heard about the floods
in 1901 but this was unexpected," Abhay said.
Abhay said he would hold two more concerts in the city for the
flood victims on October 1 with young musicians and another
one on October 27 with a clutch of senior musicians. He said he
also plans to go to places like Mumbai."I want the music
community to come together. Kashmiris should know that apart
from money people are also concerned about them," the
musician told.Meanwhile, the German Ambassador said he and
his wife have a "crush on Kashmir" and their efforts for the state
would go beyond the immediate relief efforts.
"We believe in Kashmiris and despite the current sufferings
we have to think of the future also about Kashmir's identity,"
Steiner said.Referring to the September 2013 concert in Srinagar,
Steiner said efforts would be taken for the restoration of the
Black Pavillion in the city's Mughal Gardens.
The Mughal-era monument had come under water in the
recent floods.
"Salim Baig (INTACH) had yesterday inspected the pavillion
and assured us that it has not been affected by the floods. We
would be giving an additional Rs 32 lakh to INTACH to restore
the pavillion to its historic beauty," Steiner said.

Zila Sainik Welfare Board meet held

of Zila Sainik Welfare Board

Samba was held today under the
Chairmanship of Deputy
Mubarak Singh at Conference
Hall, Nandni Hills, Samba.
Col. K.B Gupta, Zila Sainik
Welfare Board officer, Samba
made a power point
presentation for highlighting the
detail of activities of the board
and presented account of
schemes being run for the
welfare of children and families
of the Ex-Servicemen.
He apprised the house of
various welfare schemes 'viz'
one time incentive to children of
8th, 10th and 12th std. getting
50% marks, for Graduation
65% marks, for Post Graduation
70%, Penury grant to nonPensioner, daughter marriage
grant etc being executed by the
Board and monetary help
rendered to the Ex servicemen
He said the Zila Sainik
Welfare Boards are established
for the welfare of all personnel
of Armed Forces from the State
both serving and retired and is
also responsible for the
implementation of various
programmes for the welfare and
settlement of Ex-servicemen,
their dependants and war
He also presented Action
Taken Report of last Board



SDRF is being paid to the

sufferers who have suffered
damage to Pvt. Houses/Crops
and loss of livestock.
The DDC asked the ZSWB
officer for wide publicity of all
the welfare schemes by
involving various agencies
which 'viz' Sarpanch/Panches,
Social Welfare Department,
Revenue Department etc. so
that maximum ex-servicemen
and Widows can get benefits of
these schemes. Members of
ZSWB appreciated the
intervention and timely action
taken by the District
administration to redress
various problems put up the
ZSWB in the previous meeting.

After flood

Vodafone India Reinforces

Commitment to Sustainability

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Vodafone about

India, one of India's leading
telecommunications service
providers, today announced the
release of "Footprints IV- Steps
Today for a Better Tomorrow",
the fourth edition of its annual
sustainability report. A digital
version of the report was
formally released by Vittorio
Colao, CEO, Vodafone Group
Releasing the report, Vittorio
Colao, CEO, Vodafone Group
Plc, said, "In the last two
decades, mobiles have truly
transformed the way people
engage and interact. Seamless
connectivity and easy availability
have made mobile services the
engine for accelerating inclusion
and propagation of information
across sectors. In fields such as
education, healthcare, agriculture
and financial inclusion, the
progress enabled by mobile is
unparalleled. Importantly, the
social development sector has
also significantly benefited from
advances in both mobile reach
and technology."
"Footprints IV- Steps Today
for a Better Tomorrow",
chronicles the developmental
initiatives undertaken and
supported by Vodafone in India
during the financial year 201314. 'Vodafone Cares' is the
platform that ingrates all the
good that Vodafone India does
for the society. All the
undertaken and supported are
categorised under the three
Empowerment and Environment
(3Es) on which the 'Vodafone
Cares' platform rests. These 3Es
align the organisation's efforts
towards being a socially
responsible company and to
make a meaningful difference to
all its stakeholders and the
community at large. Speaking

Sustainability journey, Marten
Pieters, MD & CEO, Vodafone
India, said, "Acknowledging our
responsibility towards society,
we have engrained contributing
to society in Vodafone India's
mission and strategy, shaping the
way we conduct our business.
We see our customers,
employees, shareholders and the
community we operate in, as our
most important stakeholders. To
create value, we have devised
initiatives to manage our social,
economic and environmental
impact and ensure that they are
aligned to our strategic prioritiesenhancing connectivity and
customer experience, reducing
energy consumption, building
human capital and community
development ."
This report provides Vodafone
India's diverse stakeholders, a
glimpse of its progress in
environmental and social
development, doing more with
less, increasing accessibility and
being a responsible corporate
citizen. 'Footprints IV' responds
to key material aspects raised by
important internal and external
stakeholders identified as
employees, customers, suppliers,
NGOs, industry experts and
regulatory authorities as well as
the communities Vodafone India
operates in.Compiled referencing
the latest Global Reporting
Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines,
this report has been
independently assured by an
external expert using the
AA1000AS (2008) type 2
Moderate level standard.
Keeping with the spirit of
sustainability, 'Footprints IVSteps Today for a Better
Tomorrow', is being published in
the digital format only and can be

'Protect interest of dairy, farming community'



24: among flood affected people," government should provide free

Prominent Social worker and

SSP Rtd. Bhupinder Singh
today conducted a visit with his
team to take stock of the losses
suffered by the residents of
Darriyan ,Jassore , Kadyal
Gujjar Basti , Khepar , Jaad and
adjoining areas of RS Pura
sector and also interacted with
the Locals/youth of the area.
While talking with the locals,
Singh said river & nahlas have
breached its embankments in
several parts of this area. As a
result, heavy rains have caused
much flooding in lowland fields
which in cost heavy losses to
farmers. This has raised many
questions about how to manage
Decreased milk production and
performance is likely when
flood damaged crops are fed.
"We continue to closely
coordinate with many agencies
to meet the immediate and plan
for the long-term needs of those
affected by heavy rainfall and
floods," said Former SSP. "Our
thoughts and prayers go out to
all who have suffered losses
caused by this floods".
"There's lot of resentment

said Nimrandeep Singh, MD

Public Relations Commission.
"Many people feel like they've
been left out on the road, and so
we've got to be there to support
them, and help them in that
situation."Former SSP has urged
the government to provide free
of cost cattle fodder to the
farmers/Milk producers of flood
affected areas. The poor people
have been left at the mercy of
almighty with no arrangement of
fodder for their cattle in border
areas," he said, adding the

of cost fodder to the villagers for

their cattle. He said that flood
has caused soil erosion on
thousands of acres of land and
damaged crops for which the
farmers should be compensated
Singh further said that our
government has to protect the
interests of Farmers, Growers,
Livestock and dairy community
and it will not be compromised
at any cost, as they are the
backbone of the Indian

Congress to monitor relief measures

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: A meeting of the Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh

Congress Committee (Relief Committee) was held at PCC HQ

Shaheedi Chowk, today, under the Chairmanship of General
Secretary JKPCC Mr. R. S. Chib-(Ex-Minister) and attended by
Thakur Manmohan Singh-General Secretary PCC; Ashwani Puri,
Narinder Gupta, Neeraj Gupta (Secretaries PCC); Sanjeev
Sharma, and Anil Kohli (Joint Secretaries). This committee has
been constituted by President PCC Prof. Saifuddin Soz (MP)
under the directions of Smt. Ambika Soni-General Secretary AICC
(Incharge J&K) to monitor the relief measures being undertaken
by the Pradesh Congress, for the displaced families due to recent
ravaged floods and heavy rains.The members discussed regarding
the supply of relief items for genuine sufferers for district Poonch
and Rajouri and expressed satisfaction that the party leaders in
their respective areas are reaching to the sufferer families.

Kashmir, Sumeet's is one amongst a handful of Kashmiri Pandit

families who decided against migration and stayed back in
Kashmir when the armed insurgency started in late '80s.
"We never saw such a huge tragedy, my family is witness to
some of the worst days in the Valley, but a tragedy of such a huge
magnitude was unprecedented," she says, "Having lost
everything, our lives will never be the same again."
Sumeet's husband Rajesh, who owned an electronic shop in
Lal Chowk, the once bustling commercial hub of Srinagar, says
that his entire business was ruined by the flood water as all the
goods in his shop were destroyed.
"Nothing could be saved, we only saved our lives. After being
trapped in the house and struggling for four days without food
and water the locals saved us and now for the past 13 days we
have been living in a Gurudwara at Barzulla Bagat," Rajesh said.
Even as water continued to recede, several localities in
Srinagar including Raj Bagh, Jawahar Nagar are still under
several feet of water. Floating animal carcasses and other debris
have made it difficult for the residents to reach their houses.
Stagnated water has also increased the threat of various
waterborne diseases."This heap of rubble is what once used to be
my three- storey house. My three kids were born in this house so
were the kids of my brothers. I have spent my childhood in this
house and my parents breathed their last in this house," said
Amarjeet Singh, a resident of Jawahar Nagar.
"The structure can be rebuilt, but what about the memories
that were associated with the house. Physical scars can heal but
the scars on our memories will never heal," he said.
As per the government figures more than two lakh structures
were damaged, which included 20,000 completely destroyed
houses, in the floods that hit the Kashmir Valley earlier this
month."Approximately 2,34,516 structures have been damaged,
which includes nearly 20,000 completely damaged houses, in the
valley excluding district Srinagar.
"Damages to other houses and structures will be known only
when the submerged areas are fully dewatered," the Jammu and
Kashmir government had told the High Court.

Eight days' long Ramleela

organized by a SDNS

JAMMU, SEPT 24: Sanatan of Ramayana. He said this peace of the departed souls of
Dharam Natak Samaj, Dewan
Mandir, Jammu, Chairman
Yudhvir Sethi addressed a press
conference at the historic
Dewan Mandir complex to brief
that for the past 153 years, on
the eve of Navratras the
religious Ramleela is being
organised in the premises and
people in large reach to
encourage the management and
the artists.
Sethi said the eight days' long
Ramleela will conclude on
Dussehara at Parade ground
Jammu. During Navratras
number of National and
International level artists and
singers will participate, act and
sing on the stage to depict
various chapters and characters

religious event has produced

number of Bollywood artists
like Om Parkash and KL Sehgal
and many others who became
prominent actors and singers.
This platform is good feeder to
the film theatre and film
Sethi said that one of the
distinguished features of
Ramleela is that the characters
are played not only by Hindus
but Muslims too have been part
of the Natak Samaj for decades.
Jammu is gearing up for
Ramleela festival as special
arrangements are being so that
families can be a part of the
audience. He said that special
prayers will be performed
during the Ramleela for the

hundreds of people who died

during the recent rains and flash
Anil Masoom President said
during the event, various
characters showing unity,
power, devotion and fight
against evil will be depicted on
the stage. He appealed to the
people, particularly the youth,
to visit the venue and take pride
in the ancient religious event,
which is a part of life for the
people living in the Indian
General secretary Sat
Sharma, Joint Secretary
Rajinder Singh Jamwal , Office
Secretary Billu Pahalwan,
Ashish Sareen were also present
in the press conference.

DIG asks cops to assist Army organises

relief restoration work school festival at
border village

RAJOURI, SEPT. 24: Deputy restoration work. DIG AK Attri

Inspector General of Polilce for
Rajouri Poonch range here has
asked police cadre to assist civil
administration and governmental
authorities in relief and
restoration work after recent
flash floods and incessant
Talking to media persons DIG
R-P range , Ashok Kumar Attri
said that police and army carried
out a number of rescue
operations in twin border
districts of Rajouri and Poonch
during recent nature's fury and
saved a number of precious
human lives and some of these
operations were carried out in
Potha area of Surankote, Khandli
in Rajouri , Dhangri in Rajouri,
Saujiyan in Mandi and in some
villages of Mendhar. He said that
first priority of police was to save
precious life during rains and
floods and now, as the period of
rain is over , police is
concentrating on relief and

said that police has also

distributed relief mateiral among
flood affected families while is
playing an important role in
identifying the worst affected
families so that relief provided
through civil administration and
various NGOs can reach to these
families as soon as possible.
Attri also said that in several
relief camps for flood affected
people installed by authorities
like the one in Manyal Galli of
Thanamandi and in Surankote ,
police officials are constantly
supervising the situation so that
relief work can reach to all the
deserving people who are
homeless.Beside this DIG Ashok
Kumar Attri also appealed flood
affected people to approach
officials of police administration
if they face any sort of problem
in availing relief material while
he also assured police will leave
no stone up turned in assisting
people in the time of trouble.

Charak offers Chadar at Dargah Peer Bawa

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Sr. was held and he while
Congress Leader and Former
Minister Sh. Gulchain Singh
Charak visited Makhanpur to pay
obeisance at Dargah Peer Bawa
and apart from offering prayers,
he alongwith other prominent
person of the area offered
Chadar there. Earlier on reaching
at Village Makhan, he was given
a rousing reception by the
gathering and was taken to the
Panchayat Ghar where a meeting

addressing the gathering there,

stressed upon the people to
follow the foot-prints and
preaching of these Sufi Saints.
On this occasion, various
problems like-replacement of
old and damaged electric wires,
proper de-silting of canals and
repair of roads which are in
dilapidated condition were put
forth by the people of
Makhanpur village.

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Rashtriya

Rifles Battalion deployed at

Jhangar organised a school
festival involving various
competitions like painting,
debate, essay writing, quiz,
singing and dancing at
Government High School,
Laroka, Nowshehra tehsil with
an aim to give an impetus to
confidence and personality
building in students. These
events were organised for the
children of all schools in
vicinity of village Laroka under
Uniform Force.
Students from the schools of
village Saryah, Jhangar, Lam
and Bhawani participated in the
competitions enthusiastically.
The competitions provided a
good platform for the students
to enhance their self-confidence
and to show case their talent.
The winning students were
rewarded for their performance
by giving away the prizes.
Master Vijay Kumar resident
of Lam was overwhelmed and
his beaming face showed
excitement after attending the
competition. He conveyed his
gratitude to the Army for giving
an opportunity to attend such
competitions. Shri Kasturi Lal,
father of the student alongwith
appreciative of the efforts put in
by Army for benefit of students.

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Jammu | Thursday | September 25 | 2014




Jammu |Thursday | September 25 | 2014

SGPC delegation Supreme Court constitutes committee Vaishnodevi shrine

meets Governor
ready for Navratras
for J&K relief, rehabilitation


delegation of the Shiromani

Gurudwara Prabandhak
Committee (SGPC), Sri
Amritsar, led by its President,
Jathedar Avtar Singh Makkad,
met Mr. N.N. Vohra,
Governor, here at the Raj
Bhavan today.
The members of the
delegation conveyed their
sympathy and solidarity with
the flood affected people of
Jammu and Kashmir.
They apprised the Governor
about the full details of the
various relief and
rehabilitation measures which
have been initiated by the

SGPC in J&K. They offered

the free services of doctors
from Punjab and provision of
free medicines, warm clothing
and other utility items for
distribution to the affected
people. The Governor thanked
Jathedar Makkad and
conveyed high appreciation of
the help being rendered by the
SGPC to the flood affected
people in their hour of distress
and grief and assured all
possible support to them in
this noble cause.
Mr. Rakesh K. Gupta,
Principal Secretary to the
Governor was present in the

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Division

Bench of the Supreme Court

comprising of Chief Justice of
India, Mr. Justice R.M. Lodha, Mr.
Justice Kurian Joseph & Mr.
Justice R.F. Nariman today
ordered a committee to be
constituted for the assessment of
the loss and damages of life and
property and other things by the
devastation of floods. This order
was passed on writ petition of the
J&K National Panthers Party and
some other petitioners seeking
intervention of the Supreme Court
to ensure safety of the stranded
people in different parts of the
state, their rehabilitation etc.

Western Vocal Solo at DYT

The committee so constituted

by the Supreme Court shall consist
of on official of the Central
government, one Secretary of the
J&K government, the Sr. Registrar
of J&K High Court as convenor
whereas the Presidents of the Bar
Associations of Jammu High
Court Wing and Kashmir High
Court Wing shall also be
members. This was suggested by
Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate to
constitute a relief and
rehabilitation committee on the
state level as well as District level
to assess the damages caused due
to floods and rain in all the 20
Districts of J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh
strongly objected to the reply filed
by the Union of India and the State
government stating that the Govt.
has assessed the damage and
provided/providing relief to the

affected persons in the all 10

Districts in Kashmir Valley.
Prof.Bhim Singh submitted in the
court that the State and Central
governments have been ignoring
the plight of the people residing in
Jammu Pradesh and that was the
latest example of discrimination
with the people of Jammu
Pradesh. Prof.Bhim Singh also
submitted that relief fund is being
used by the ruling parties to
promote their election prospects
for the forthcoming Assembly
elections. The Supreme Court
agreed with the proposal that the
lawyers from both the regions
should be given representation on
the committee. This was on the
efforts of Prof.Bhim Singh that a
representative of the Union
government and both the J&K Bar
Associations from Srinagar and

Jammu have been represented.

The Supreme Court directed
that the committee shall submit its
report within two weeks and the
case shall be listed thereafter.
The Union of India represented
by Mr. Mukul Rohtagi, Sr.
Advocate and Counsel of J&K
government wanted the petition
before the Supreme Court should
be sent to the High Court.
Prof.Bhim Singh strongly opposed
and arguing that Article 32 is also
meant for the citizens of India in
J&K and the Panthers Party cannot
be deprived of this right to be
heard by the Supreme Court of
The Supreme Court did not
accept the plea of the counsels for
the Union of India and J&K
government and listed the case
after two weeks.

KATRA, SEPT. 24: The cave from

ensuring sufficient
supplies of provisions, food and
water on the way," he said.
The flowers have been
brought from various parts of
the country and some have also
been imported from New
Zealand, Australia, Canada and
The Bhawan will witness a
'Mahayagya' round-the-clock
with the beginning of the
Navratras and elaborate
arrangements have been made
for the large number of pilgrims
who are likely to visit the shrine
during this period.
However, in view of the
devastating floods and the loss
of lives in Jammu and Kashmir,
this year's 'Navratra' festival is
likely to be a low key affair sans
"The event shall be kept
simple and on a low key,"
Bhandari said.
The CEO said the yatra,
which was temporarily
suspended on September 4
because of incessant heavy
rains, was resumed on
September 8 and since then it is
proceeding smoothly.
In view of militant activities
across the border and
unprecedented floods, police
officers have been asked to
deployment of force, Inspector
General of Police (IGP), Jammu
Zone, Rajesh Kumar said,
It will be fit tribute to the adding there will be regular
martyrs if we follow their patrolling by Army, CRPF and
principals and take effective Police.
measures or the welfare of the
people instead of providing
reservation. Today reservation
is a big blot on the fair name of
secularism, they stressed for the
equality (Samta) which is must
for samrasta, without samta, JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Akhil
samrasta is not possible. The Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parshad
discrimination on the basis of Jammu university unit held a
caste, religion and region is press conference at gossip
basic denial to the Right of corner cafeteria in which
Equality & justice.
A two-minutes silene was Ashwani
addressed the
observed in honour of the media.
Martyrs. Among those who pay While briefing the media on
tribute include Yash Paul the occasion, Ashwani Sharma
Sansan, Ravi Sawhney. Som said that ABVP is going to
Nath Sharma, O.P Srikul organize "student leaders'
President Dehati Brahman conference"
Sabha,Thakur Udey Chand September, 2014onat Jammu
(President Duggar Pradesh University. He said that this is
Sharma,Ashok a part of ABVP annual
within the campus.
Bushan Pargal, Rajesh Sharma, activities
the world's largest
K.K Sharma, Kewal Kumar student organization
with a
Shamra, Tara Chand, Suraj nationalistic
Singh, Tara Singh, Madan Lal working for welfare
of the
Abrol, Kuldeep Singh and students.
shrine of Mata Vaishnodevi in
Jammu and Kashmir's Trikuta
Hills is decked up for the
Navratras, which will begin on
Wednesday amid tight security.
The Katra base camp and the
route to the shrine will have
multi-pronged security with the
Army patrolling the Bhawan.
CCTV monitoring and heavy
checking and frisking at entry
and exit points will be ensured
during Navratras, Chief
Executive Officer, Shri Mata
Vaishno Devi Shrine Board,
Mandeep K Bhandari said.
"The Bhawan of Mata
Vaishno Deviji, Atka and the
areas surrounding it have been
decorated with flowers. All the
routes leading to the cave shrine
have been fully maintained for
movement of pilgrims apart

BSPteam visits Tributes paid to Martyrs of anti-Mandal agitation

flood hit village

Rakesh Parbhakar
SAMBA, SEPT. 24: State

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: On the

eighth day of "Display Your

Talent" 2014-15, the Department
of Students Welfare, University of
Jammu, conducted the Western
Vocal Solo and Western Group
Song Competitions at Brig.
Rajinder Singh Auditorium.
In Western Vocal Solo
Mukteshi Sharma from Govt.
College for Women, Parade,
Jammu, clinched the First prize
whereas Anjusha.B. Sharma from
University of Jammu and Diksha
Kumari from Govt. College for
Women, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
bagged the Second the Third
prizes respectively.
The Certificate of Merit was
awarded to Tushar from GGM
Science College, Jammu Sahil
Choudhary from Govt. Degree
College, Samba and Ishan Sarna
from The School of Hospitality
and Management, University of
In Western Group Song
The team from the Govt.
College for Women, Gandhinagar,
Jammu, adjudged as first whereas
team from Govt. MAM College,
Jammu and P.G Integrated team
from University of Jammu, settle
for second and third place,

The Certificates of Merit were

awarded to the team Govt.
College for Women, Udhampur
and Govt. College for Women,
Parade, Jammu.
The every good presentation by
the young participants, received
thunderous applause from the
audience. The notes of
Synthesizer, Electric and Hollow
Guitars made the students to
dance to the Rhythm and Tunes.
A guest performance by Narinder
Singh Wazir electrified the
auditorium.Sh. Digvijay Singh, S.
Jagdeep Singh and Sh. Sumit
Sharma, were amongst the
adjudicators for the said event.Dr.
Monika Sethi and Dr. Sadaf Shah,
was the Teacher Incharges for the
both events and apprised the
participants about the Rules and
Regulations of their respective
The programme compeered by
Mr. Zulfikar Ahmed and Jagpreet
Kour whereas Yashpal acted as
the time keeper.
The sound was operated by
Kulbhushan Thakur.
Prof. Pankaj Srivastava, Dean
Students Welfare and Prof.
Chairperson, Campus Cultural
Committee, distributed the
certificates amongst the

M.A.Alnisar, Prof. Praikshat

Singh Manhas, Associate Dean
(SW), Dr. Sucheta Pathania, Dr.
Sanjay Sharma, Dr. Garmia
Gupta, Dr. Yudhbir Singh,
Assistant Dean (SW), , Faculty
Members, Teacher Incharges from
various Affiliated Colleges,
members Campus Cultural
Committee, Ifra Kak, Cultural
Officer, Sumeet Sharma, Drama
Instructor Scholars, Rahul
Sharma, Secretary, Students
Cultural Council, members of
Students Cultural Council and
students were present.

president Bahujan Samaj Party

Tulsi Dass Langeh along with
the team conducted a tour of the
villages Burg Tanda, Chack
koor Singh and Madag area
where they met victims of the
flash flood.
Basmati rice crop was
washed away in these floods
and it caused heavy loss to the
Electric poles were also
washed away with electric wire
owing to which electricity
supply has been cut off .BSP
leaders urged upon the
concerned higher ups of the
R&B, PDD, Revenue and
Agriculture Department for
deputing their teams for
assessment of the loss and
payment of compensation and
issue free ration to the farmers
whose crops has been washed

MAM College celebrates NSS day

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: NSS Volunteers of Govt. MAM College

celebrated NSS Day in a unique way as a part of their on going

NSS activities. The contingent of NSS Volunteers comprised of
more than 50 Volunteers under supervision of Dr. Mazammal
Hussain and Dr. S.C Sharma, NSS Programme Officers Visited the
Camp of Flood Victims at the Sure Chak Village of Tehsil Fallay
Mandal of District Jammu. The Volunteers interacted with the
people in the camp affected due to the flash flood in Jammu.
On the occasion of the NSS Day, the NSS Volunteers distributed
clothes, food and stationery items among 114 flood victim families
of the village in a day long exercise which they have collected
during the whole week. A social worker of the area, Smt Suda
enlightened the NSS volunteers about the victimization of the Sure
Chak Dwellers and identified the neediest families.



Aarakshan Virodhi Manch

Jammu (AVMJ) organized a
Sharadhanjali Samaroh at Press
Club on Wednesday to pay rich
tribute to the Martyrs of Anti
Mandal Agitation of 1990
which was against the
implementation of Mandal
Commission by the then
Government of India headed by
V.P Singh, Mr. V.P Singh all of a
sudden, accepted the Mandal
Commission report on August
1990, without taking into
confidence even his own
cabinet colleagues. The student
community that had been
seriously hit by the
implementation of the Report
launched a big moment
throughout the country and
Government to a collapsing
point. Number of students set
themselves ablaze into fire and
scarified their life. It may be re
called that the Martyrs Day is
celebrated in the memory of
those students and the youth
who scarified their lives
fighting for the noble cause of
the society, securing Equality,
Justice and liberty to all sections
of the society and end of the
discrimination being done to the
people on the basis caste,
religion and region.
The occasion started with the
citation of Gyatri Mantre by the
Participants of Aarakshan
Virodhi Manch Jammu. Mr.
Ram Paul Seth on the occasion
described the martyrs, the real
epitome of courage, justice,
sacrifice and equality. He said
that the young Martyrs

Rotary Club distributes relief material

Co-operatives entities to assess losses

SRINAGAR, SEPT. 23: To that as on date almost all

assess the loss and damage
caused due to recent floods in the
Kashmir Valley as also to review
the functioning of the Cooperative Institutions and the Cooperative Department, a meeting
of officers of the Cooperative
department was convened at the
Head Office of J&K State
Cooperative Agriculture and
Rural Development Bank
Haderpora Srinagar today.
Department Mr. Ramesh Kumar
Koul chaired the meeting.
It was reported that the
estimated loss to assets due to
floods in various financial
institution and Cooperative
Banks and Cooperative
Department in the valley is to the
tune of Rs 5.87 Cr
It was disclosed in the meeting

Branches of all the Cooperative

Banks in the Valley are
functional and that all types of
routine transactions are taking
place. Besides, JAKFED has
provided 5000 LPG cylinders to
the general public without asking
for any documentary evidence.
It was stated by the Registrar
Co-operative Societies in the
meeting that the ground floor of
his office at Bemina in Srinagar
is still water logged.
The Secretary, Co-operative
Department directed all the Chief
Executives and MD's and the
officers from the Cooperative
Department to work out the
actual figures on account of the
loss and submit the same to the
Administrative Department so
that the matter is taken up with
the concerned authorities for
appropriate action.



24: club members closely interacted Badyal Ex. President Mahinder

Continuing their efforts to reach

out to the flood affected people,
today Rotary club SIDCO Bari
brahmana distributed relief
material to more than hundred
people at Adda Sarore, Bari
brahamana who have been
affected by flash floods and
incessant rains.
The relief item includes
blankets, clothes, flour, pluses
and other eatable items. The

Book Fair under RMSA held

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: A two day

district level Book Fair under

RMSA was organized by DIET
Jammu at SRML Higher
Secondary School Jammu today.
The Book Fair was
inaugurated by Director School
Education, Jammu H.R
Pakhroo. He was accompanied
by Chief Education Officer
Jammu Tarsem Lal , Principal
DIET Jammu Mohinder Singh
and Principals of SRML Higher
Secondary School Parade and
Govt. Girls Higher Secondary
School Mubark Mandi. He
expressed his satisfaction at the
arrangement made at the book
fair and said that the fair was
beneficial for students and
teachers as it promotes lifelong
learning and intellectual

with the adjoining areas people

of Bari brahmana and assured
that the club would provide all
possible help to the flood
victims including providing
tents, clothes and other relief
materials to alleviate their
Club members who were
present during distribution of
relief material are club president
Jai Ram, Secretary Rajan

Gupta,Romesh Badial,Kewal
Ravinder Sharma, Ram ji langer
and others. Club President
appealed the people to donate
voluntarily for the flood
affected people.
He expressed hope that more
and more organizations will
come forward and donate whole
heartedly for the noble cause.

Book fairs also help to develop

and inculcate reading habits
among school going students.
The book stalls were installed by
the book sellers/publishers of
Jammu District. The subject
experts in different subjects
from different schools of Jammu
district went through the
displayed books and made a list
of approved books.

awareness camp was held at

Rattan Pur Surrara of Distt.
Samba under the chairmanship
of C.J.M Samba R.K. Dubey
and others Parveen Pandoh
Mobile judge, Deeraj Gupta
and Tehsildar Pankaj Kumar
along with the panches and
sarpanches of the surrounding
areas consistent to the
Rattanpur Surara. "On this
occasion Tehsildar (Ghagwal)
was also present who also
promised with the people for
loss compensation and advised
them to pursue their cases with
regard to the area /Halqa
patwaris" explained Pankaj
Kumar Tehsildar Ghagwal.

parts of the State have been

struck by the natural disasterunprecedented floods, causing
huge loss of life and property. It
has therefore, been proposed that
the government employees
including members of the All
India Services in the State shall
contribute one days salary
towards the Chief Minister's
Flood Relief Fund set up for
providing relief to the victims of
the disaster. For this purpose, an
account has been opened with the
Jammu and Kashmir Bank, with
the following details Chief
Minister's Flood Relief Fund,
J&K Bank, Branch (Moving)
Secretariat, Srinagar, Account

Student leaders
on Sept 26

VC visits Yatri Niwas

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: The floods

along with landslides in

September in the State of Jammu
& Kashmir have caused
destruction and disruption to the
extent of derailing the lives of
many all over the State. Hon`ble
Prime Minister Sh. Narendra
Modi described the crisis as a
National level Disaster requesting
people to come forward to help the
people of the State. Displaced
people in Jammu have been
evacuated and shifted to safer
places. One such camp of 100
people is being managed and
supported by Indian Red Cross
Society Jammu Division at Yatri
Niwas Bhagwati Nagar Jammu for
the last 15 days. Prof. M.P.S Ishar
Vice Chancellor University of
Jammu, Mrs Lida Singh, Mr. Jai
Kumar Sharma, Mr. R. C. Puri
Secretary Indian Red Cross
Society Jammu Division, Prof.
Pankaj Srivastava DSW, Prof.
Renu Nanda, Mr. A.S.Kohli and
Mr. Amit visited the camp
yesterday to meet the displaced
people. The children in the camp
presented a community song, skit

and National Anthem. The

children have a regular class
everyday by the volunteers of
Indian Red Cross Society Jammu
Division for 3 hours in which they
do creative activities, games,

competitions and communication

skills. Mrs Lida Singh interacted
with children, women and men.
She asked them to ensure
cleanliness and sanitation by taking
care of small things every day.

RBI to issue Rs 10 denomination bank notes with

incorporation of Rupee Symbol (`) and inset letter "M"

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: The Reserve Bank of India will shortly issue

`10/- denomination bank notes in the Mahatma Gandhi Series 2005 incorporating (`) symbol on the obverse and reverse with
inset letter 'M' in both the numbering panels, bearing the signature
of Dr Raghuram G Rajan, Governor, Reserve Bank of India and
the year of printing '2014' printed on the reverse of the banknote.
The design of these notes to be issued now is similar in all
respects to the `10 Bank notes in Mahatma Gandhi Series -2005
No. 0110040100001275 IFSC issued earlier.All the Banknotes in the denomination of ` 10/Code: JAKA0MOVING
issued by the bank in the past will continue to be legal tender.
In order to express solidarity
with the flood affected people
Secure your copies of
and to provide succor to them, all
The Northlines and
the employees of the State
Government including the
Dehat Sandesh
members of the All India
News Agency Samba
Services in the State are
requested to contribute one days
salary to the Chief Minister's
not take responsibility for the
Flood Relief Fund. The Drawing
and Disbursing officers will contents of the advertisements (Display/ Classified) carried in
collect/receive the contributions this newspaper. The newspaper does not endorse any claim/
and deposit them in the said projections/ presentations/ information/ figures etc. made in
Account. The contributions are the contents. Readers are requested to verify the contents on
voluntary and it is expected that
all the employees will rise to the their own before acting there upon. Readers discreation
occasion and contribute to the required.
Flood Relief Fund.

Legal Awareness Govt employees to contribute

Camp held
one day salary to relief fund

Rakesh Parbhakar
SAMBA, SEPT. 24: A legal JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Several

development.Principal DIET
Mohinder Singh explained the
purpose of Book Fair. He said
that the book fair is to enhance
the process of learning by
exposure to all kinds of books. It
also reinforces formal education
and offers school children
exposure to various kinds of
knowledge and experiences
through different kinds of books.

exhibition the highest courage

determination and commitment
to awake the country. It is
unfortunate that the politicians
of the country did not learn any
lesson from the sacrifice of the
youth and continued their
agenda of discrimination, divide
and rule policy for their selfish
motives. The seth said that the
politicians of the country
framed such illegal and illlogical policies based on
discrimination keeping in mind
the vote bank and not the
Mr Som Dutt Sharma,
secretary of the manch and
other members of manch also
paid tribute to the Martyrs and
opposed the caste based
reservation. It is severe injustice
of only the elite class gets the
benefits giving by the
Government. They demanded
that special support measures be
adopted for the needy and
deserving irrespective of their
caste, colour, religion and
region. The poorest among the
poor be given special financial
as well as economic support to
raise their economic condition.



NSS Day Celebrated at GDC

Truck Union
offices sealed


CTM sends relief for calamity victims

KATHUA, SEPT. 24: District

KATHUA, SEPT. 24: NSS during this session.

Day was celebrated by NSS
Units of Govt. Degree College
Kathua on 24th of September
The celebrations started with
the lightening of traditional
lamp by the Chief Guest Dr.
B.L. Gupta and Guest of
Honour Dr. Ram Murti Sharma
who were accompanied on stage
by Prof. P.K. Rao, Dr. Tajinder
Kour, Prof. Anirudh Sharma,
Prof. Sumnesh, Dr. Ram Singh,
Prof. Rachna and Dr. Suraya
Partap Singh.
A welcome address was
given by Programme Officer Dr.
Ram Singh, who gave a brief
overview of the National
Service Scheme in India and
activities carried out by the NSS
Units of this college. He threw
light on the motto of NSS "NOT
encouraged the volunteers to
work with dedication, loyalty
and integrity. On the occasion of
NSS Day he proposed the
slogan "Come, let us live for
others" for the NSS Units

Two senior NSS volunteers

Surbhi and Sumit Raghuvanshi,
who represented this college in
Republic Day Celebration at
New Delhi, shared their
experiences about NSS. Former
NSS Programme Officer, Prof.
Sumnesh enlightened NSS
Volunteers with his valuable
thoughts and experiences as
programme officer. 300 NSS
volunteers registered with NSS
Units undertook a NSS pledge
to uphold the prestige of
National Service Scheme and
strive to maintain tolerance and
sacrifice, love and concern,
service and sacrifice. A
symposium on the topic "Role
of Youth on Disaster
Management" was also
programme wherein about 15
NSS Volunteers shared their
The competition was judged
by a jury of enlightened scholars
Dr. R. K. Manhas, Dr. Arun Dev
Singh and Dr. Deepshikha who
adjudged Vishal Pathania at first

NSS Raising Day


place, Atika Sharma at second

place and Sourav Sharma at
third place. A small cultural
programme was also presented
by the volunteers. Guest of
Honour, Dr. Ram Murti Sharma
shared his past experiences as
NSS Programme Officer. It was
during his time as NSS
Programme officer, that Govt.
Degree College, Kathua got the
opportunity to organize the
prestigious National Integration
Camp in Kathua in 1997 in
which NSS Volunteers form 17
Universities from all over India
This event changed the
viewpoint of rest of the country
about the situation in J&K and
projected a peaceful image of
the state to outside world. Dr.
Sharma stressed upon the need
of involving the volunteers in
concrete projects so that they
may be remembered for ever. In
his address to the volunteers the
worthy Chief Guest, Dr. B.L.
Gupta congratulated the
volunteers and programme
officers of the NSS Units for the

Magistrate Kathua has banned

the election of Kathua based
Truck Union which was
scheduled for today owing to
law and order problem created
after clash between two rival
Union groups that led to the
killing of one Excise Guard
and injuring two others last
The DM also directed for
sealing all the offices and
premises of both the Unions
and for Regional Transport
Officer to take over the charge
of operation of the Unions.
Security has also been
deployed at Kathua and
Lakhanpur based offices of the
Union ordered to be sealed.
A team of officers headed by
Tehsildar Kathua Jatinder
Mishra accompanied by SHO
Lakhanpur K.D Bhagat sealed
the offices and establishments
of the Kathua Truckers Union
which included 3 shops and 4
halls where the Union offices
were operating. An inventory
of the items was also prepared.
The operation of Truck Union
has been taken over by the
administration and
successful organization of the district
of operation
to Regional Transport
He also congratulated today's given
youth and tomorrow's scientists, Officer, Kathua.
academicians, administrators,
and social workers for the
success of first Indian mission
to Mars that has brought Indian
Space Research Programme
behest the reputed space
agencies of the world.
During his address he also
revealed his dream of sending
10 students and a faculty
member annually to foreign
institutions of higher learning.
The programme was compeered
by NSS Programme officer,
Prof. Rachna.
The formal vote of thanks
was presented by Programme
Officer, Dr. Suraya Partap
Singh. Also present in the
function were Dr. Anita, Dr.
Sangeeta, Dr. Namrata Sharma,
Prof. Jasvinder Singh, Prof. Raj
Kiran, Prof. Shubh Kumar, Prof.
Gurdyal, Prof. Sandeep Singh,
Prof. Pawan, Prof. Ajamair
Singh Sodhi.

the country with dedication and

celebration began with the
lighting of traditional lamp and
Saraswati Vandhana. Some
colorful items depicting the folk
culture of the region were also
presented by the N.S.S
volunteers. Vote of thanks was
presented by prof. Meenakshi
Jasrotia. NABARD Organizes
Financial Inclusion & Literacy
Programme in GHSS, Kohag in
Kathua District.

2600 Fruit laden Trucks move outside State



24: Mandies, the Secretary said that

According to Secretary
Horticulture, Sanjeev Verma,
the Department is keenly
monitoring the situation due to
recent flood which has severely
affected the horticulture sector
in the State and the department
is in continuous touch with the
people associated with the Fruit
Industry. The Secretary said that
he visited various places
including Parimpora fruit
Mandi and took stock of the
situation arisen due to heavy
floods. Giving details of Fruit

2654 trucks laden with fresh

fruit and 15 trucks of dry fruits
have moved to various fruit
Mandies outside the State since
September 18th from Kashmir
He said department is in perfect
coordination with fruit growers
and as per the directions of the
Horticulture Minister, all
Station officers at various
places have been asked to
monitor and assess the losses so
that rehabilitation policy is

on the occasion and flagged off

two trucks packed with relief
material in which 4000
blankets, 6000 drinking water
bottles and many near about
"utensil sets" are sent for
Poonch and Rajouri flood
affected people.
speaking to the media, General
Manager, KC Sharma told that

person was killed and the

other badly injured in a road
accident between truck and
motorcycle at Hatli link road.
The motor cycle bearing
registration number PB35-H2675 heading towards Hatli
village hit a truck bearing
registration number JK02-J9108 coming from the
opposite direction. Sooner, the

function was organized in the

premises of Govt. Degree
College, Kathua to felicitate the
Judo Team of the college
which stood Runner -Up in
championship the organized by
Department, University of
Jammu, Jammu w.e.f. 22th of
September, 2014 to 23th of
September, 2014.
They were garlanded by the
Principal for their performance.
The College won Two Gold,
Two Silver and One bronze
Medal and with total 18 points
in this competition became
overall runner-up. Subash of
B.Sc. Part - II won the two Gold
Medals in 75 kg and Open
categories. Tanvir & Amit of
B.A. Part - III won Silver
Medals each in the 90 kg and 80
kg categories respectively.
Mukesh of B.A. Part - I won
Bronze Medal in 55 Kg
category. Subash of B.Sc. Part II of this college was declared
best Judo player of the Inter Colligate judo Championship.
Principal Dr. B.L.GUPTA
congratulated the whole
College Judo Team for their
performance and laurel brought
to the college in the said
championship. He encouraged
the students to participate in
other sports events and
activities whole heartedly and
assured them of his full support.
Dr. B .L GUPTA also
appreciated the Physical
Director Dr. Balbinder Singh
and Team-in-charge Prof.
Ashok Kumar for providing
proper training and guidance to
the students. Later on, the
whole college celebrated this
achievement by dancing on the
tunes of Dhol.

which 10000 blankets and

10000 water bottles are yet to
send to Kashmir for flood hit
people. He said this relief is on
the part of CTM given to the
flood hit people of the state, is
on the basis of humanitarian
ground. On the occasion, entire
administration as well as
political figures was present.


1 killed, other injured in road accident

rushed both the injured

motorcyclists to the District
Hospital where doctors
declared one of the injured as
brought dead and the other
identified as Vipul Vishwanath
R/o Gorkhpur presently
staying at Hatli Morh. Police
has taken both the vehicles
into its custody and have
registered a case.

KATHUA, SEPT. 24: In the hour long grievance related to civic amenities.
Today's edition of 'PRAYAS' as
many as 12 callers from across
the district rang the PRAYAS
number 01922-238796 and
apprised the administration
about their problems and
ADDC Kathua Narinder
Singh Bali while taking calls in

registration & redressal

programme listened the callers
patiently and gave necessary
directions to the heads of
concerned departments.
12 callers registered their
grievances, ranging from road
connectivity, drinking water
supply, ration supply, power
curtailment and other issues

ADDC also took review of

the progress in the redressal of
grievances by different
departments and called for the
clearance of pending registered
grievances of the people.
Tehsildar Kathua Jatinder
Mishra, District and Sect oral
heads of various departments
were present on the occasion.

for their financial needs.

Dharampal Gupta, Principal,
GHSS, Kohag impressed upon
the students to analyze the
opportunities being opened
through banks and avail its
benefits. He asked the students
to expand their horizons and
exploit new opportunities
unfolding in the country. He
also asked them to change with
the changing times as the
change management is the way
to success in life. He also
highlighted the need for
banking service in Kohag and
opening of ATM in the area, for
easy transactions. RK Kalsotra,
LBO, Kathua interacted with
the students & informed them
about the initiatives undertaken

banks. He asked all the students

to open no-frill accounts to their
advantage, as it is a zero balance
account opened free of cost. He
asked them to avail education
loan for enhancement of their
education. He emphasized on
the need of small savings by
students, which will help them
in crisis. He explained how their
banking accounts will turn their
fortunes i.e. "Mera Khata
Bhagya Vidhata". Charan Das
Sharma, Branch Manager, J&K
Grameen Bank, Kohag
interacted with the students &
told them to open accounts with
banks for their financial needs.

Financial Inclusion, Literacy campaign organized


Degree College Bani celebrated

the NSS Raising Day in the
central hall of the college with
colorful presentations.
Dr. NK Gupta, principal of
the college delivered the
inaugural address and exhorted
the N.S.S volunteers to work
whole-heartedly for the cause of
national integration and
development and fulfill the
cherished dream of Prof.
Shambu Dutt, programme
officer, administered pledge to

material of worth 50 lakhs

rupees is set to send to the flood
affected areas of Jammu and
Kashmir and of which two
trucks packed sent to Poonch
and Rajouri said K.C Sharma,
General Manager Chenab
Textile Mill (CTM) Kathua on
SSP Kathua Mohan Lal has

PRAYAS registers 12 grievances of callers function

KATHUA, SEPT. 24: One locals with the help of Police

Judo Team

KATHUA, SEPT. 24: Govt the N.S.S volunteers to serve

KATHUA, SEPT. 24: Relief been invited as the chief guest some more relief material in

KATHUA, SEPT. 24: One day like savings, credit, insurance,

Financial Inclusion and Literacy
campaign was organized at
Govt. Higher Secondary
School, Kohag in Kathua
district by National Bank for
Development to create
awareness among school
children about Financial
The main participants were
Aman Kalsotra, DDM,
NABARD, Kathua, Vijay
Padha, Director, SBI-RSETI,
Kathua, RK Kalsotra, LBO,
Kathua, Charan Das, Branch
Manager, JKGB, Mandli &
Dharampal Gupta, Principal,
GHSS, Kohag, Tara Chand,
Sarpanch, lecturers, teachers &,
student of GHSS, Kohag.
During the function 50 accounts
of students were opened under
Jan-Dhan Yojana and the team
of Door-Darshan was also
present. DDM, NABARD
informed them about the new
programme of "Jan Dhan
Yojana" launched by Hon'ble
Prime Minister on 28th August
2014, where the account holders
will be provided RUPAY debit
card, overdraft facility and
insurance cover. He informed
about the range of financial

pensions, payments, local &

international money transfers
etc. He asked all the students to
open account with the banks and
avail benefits from banks viz.
education loans, small deposits,
DRI, insurance etc. He
explained to the students how to
identify fake notes & how its
use destabilizes the economy.
He also informed about the
DBT scheme of the Government
of India, in which the benefits
will be transferred to the
account of the intended
beneficiaries, thus hitting at the
very root of corruption. A quiz
completion was held on the
occasion and prizes were
distributed. Vijay Padha,
Director, SBI-RSETI, Kathua
explained the importance of
skill training. He informed that
the training provided at SBI, RSETI is free of cost, where
boarding & lodging facility is
also available. He impressed
upon the students to understand
how they can develop through
banks, as the jobs are getting
less it's the entrepreneurial
abilities which will get youth
forward. He asked them to
organize themselves in groups,
learn skill development courses


RSETI Kathua organised a

valediction function on
23.09.2014 on the conclusion
of two training programmes
"Dress Designing for Women
and Computer Basics".
The programme was chaired
by Er. N.S. Bali Additional
District Dev, Commissioner
Kathua. Director RSETI V.K.
Padha welcomed the chief
guest and appraised the chief
guest about the two training
programmes conducted; one
program was conducted in the
campus whereas another
Computer Basic was conducted
in a village Jakhbar at Perfect
Computer Institute, hired for
the purpose.
In all 57 candidates had
enrolled themselves for these
two course but 52 candidates
attended the course regularly.
The candidates were taught
dress designing by a hired
trained faculty from Kathua
whereas the Computer Basics
was taught by trained staff of
the hired institute. The
candidates were given EDP
inputs by the faculty at RSETI.
During the training period,
expert from different fields
were invited for the guidance of
the trainees.
The chief guest had a thread
bare interaction with the
candidates and inquired about
their level of learning during
the training.
The trainees gave a good
response to the satisfaction of
the chief guest. He assured the
trainees that the Govt. Was
keen to see all the unemployed
youths of the district involved
in one or other profession of
their own for their livelihood.
He asked the director RSETI to
prepare a list of all the eligible
candidates desirous of getting
financial assistance from the
banks and refer their cases to
the different sponsoring


National Institute of Business Management Service

(A Unit of Rozgar Abhiyan)



I, Ashok Kumar S/o Sh. Jai

Ram R/o Thanthi Tehsil
Billawar District Kathua have
purchased a vehicle Maruti
Omni Bearing Registration
Dharmesh Gupta S/o Sh.
Bishan Dass Gupta R/o
Gurah Kalyal Tehsil Billawar
District Kathua now I applying
for transfer objection if any
may be conveyed to R.T.O
Lakhanpur within seven days
from the date of publication of
this notice.


I, Mukesh Sharma S/o Sh.

Charan Dass R/o Banhore
Tehsil Billawar District Kathua
have lost my Driving License
No.JK0820110018381, ATM
Card and Voter Card now I
applying for the duplicate
objection if any may be
conveyed to concerned
authorities within seven days
from the date of publication of
this notice.

1. Bureau Chief Kathua Prabh Dayal,

Mob: - 8806352042
2. Advertisement In- Charge Aditya Verma
Mob: - 9796006682
3. Circulation In- Charge Raj Kumar
Mob: - 9858211145
4. Reporter Billawar Vikas Sudan
5. Reporter Mahanpur Himat Mehra
6. Reporter Lakhanpur Rakesh Kumar Sharma
7. Reporter Dehat Sandesh Kathua Dheeraj Bismil
8. Reporter Bani Sanjeev Vaid
Mob: - 9797599253


services available from banks and you can "Bank on Banks" under financial inclusion by

Certificate of Business Management

Hostel Facilities for


Boys /Girls Separate

iL mit
10th Pass
Opp. Canara Bank , Pathania Market Kathua


Call Us: 9419234559/9622083469

Sub Office District Kathua




- Seneca


Hope in Afghanistan

The just concluded presidential poll in Afghanistan offers hope

of a breakthrough for bringing normalcy to that nation. Mr.
Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has been declared President and
former Foreign Minister and presidential candidate Mr. Abdullah
Abdullah or his nominee will act as the chief executive. The
executives role will be like that of a prime minister while Mr.
Ghani will exercise all the powers of the President as specified
in the Afghan constitution.
The election was riddled with controversy about rigging. Mr.
Ghani and Mr. Abdullah have strained relations. Mr. Ghani
belongs to a powerful Pashtun tribe. Mr. Abdullah was born to a
Pashtun father and a Tajik mother and was a close confidant of
the late assassinated legendary Tajik leader Mr. Ahmed Shah
Masood. Despite all these handicaps an uneasy compromise
has been achieved through the efforts of US Secretary of State
Mr. John Kerry. Both leaders are liberal having good relations
with America. Both leaders are opposed to the Pakistan
sponsored Taliban.
Despite several negative factors why does the new
arrangement offer a slight glimmer of hope? The reason is that
the groundwork for Mr. Kerrys success was laid by the
Americans much earlier through the unofficial efforts of former
ambassador to India, strategy analyst and powerful lobbyist,
Mr. Robert Blackwill. The fact that Afghanistan can be neatly
divided into ethnic zones led Mr. Blackwill to propose the
division of Afghanistan into two main provinces governed by the
Pashtun and all the non-Pashtun tribes in their respective
geographical areas. The Pashtuns are mostly in the South, the
other tribes are dominant in the North and Central Afghanistan.
This proposal gained strength from the demand for creating an
independent Khorasan voiced by non-Pashtun leaders within
Afghanistan. A more practical proposal was consistently voiced
by Mr. Abdullah to create a federal Afghanistan granting a
measure of autonomy to the two provinces. The Pashtuns could
be compensated for reduction of power in part of Afghanistan
by gaining legitimate access to the Pashtun tribes of
neigbouring Pakistan provided a federal Afghanistan also
develops through new South Asian arrangement soft borders
with Pakistan. There are thrice as many restive Pashtuns in
Pakistan as there are in Afghanistan.
Obviously for such an arrangement to emerge the cooperation
of Pakistan would be required. To get that the Kashmir dispute
would need solution. That would require an Indian initiative.
Above all the Pakistan based terrorists would have to be
eliminated. All this is a very far cry. The recent compromise in
Afghanistan is a very small step. But it is a step in the right
direction. It needs to be followed up by the leaders of India and

Over three months of hectic

diplomacy by Prime Minister
Narendra Modi, which
witnessed an effort to reenergise some important
relationships and highlight
India's space for manouevre,
has begun to wind down.
The efforts will culminate
with the meeting in
Washington, DC with US
President Barack Obama next
week, which is the high water
point of these efforts with
Modi having held summits
with the leaders of two of the
other power centres of this
region, namely Japan and
China. He will then assess
first-hand the potential of each
Xi Jinping's visit to India
from September 17 to 19 -- the
first by a Chinese President in
eight years -- was important.
China's new ambassador in
New Delhi and Chinese
described it as a 'landmark' and
anticipation that the meeting
between the two leaders, both
of whom have strong mandates
and a demonstrated capacity to
take bold initiatives, would
move the India-China
relationship forward and add
meaningful content to it. Xi
The statements of both
leaders, presented after the
delegation talks on September
18, contained evidence of the
differences in their respective

Jammu | Thursday | September 25 | 2014

Politicising the flood disaster in Kashmir is in bad taste

"He who does not prevent a

crime when he can, encourages

Jayadeva Ranade


verything incident in
Kashmir, big or small, has the
politicised; it was expected that
political games will be played out
on the flood tragedy also. That they
would begin so early even as the
relief process is underway came as a
surprise. This, unfortunately,
indicates the slavish compulsion of
a particular segment in the State that
is left with no option but to obey
foreign diktats regardless of their
indecent and inhumane nature.
Certain voices are castigating the
media with a ridiculous insinuation
of having carried out a "PR
exercise" in favour of the army.
Such misinformation and rumour
mongering deserves the strongest
censure. It has been universally
acknowledged that the Indian armed
forces put in a herculean effort to
control and contain the critical
situation created by the floods. Is
this the first time that the armed

forces have put in an effort of this

nature? The answer is - No!! The
armed forces have been
forthcoming in all instances of
disaster that the nation has faced
since independence. Is the relief
effort a vested interest to "Win the
hearts and minds of the people of
Kashmir" as is being insinuated?
The answer again is - No!! The
assistance was a spontaneous,
natural reaction to save fellow
citizens, human beings and animals
from an adverse situation. In the
past the armed forces have had
ample opportunity to "win hearts
and minds of the people of
Kashmir" when they assisted during
the earthquake of 2005; the cloud
burst in Leh in 2010 and the
numerous occasion when the valley
has been cut off due to heavy
snowfall, landslides etc?
Assistance in times of natural
calamities is not extended by the
armed force for the sake of photo
opportunities. The army has the
wherewithal and the experience to
meet such emergencies and it does
so as a part of its responsibility
towards the nation.
Disaster management is not the
sole prerogative of the armed forces
and they do not deem it to be so. It
is a collective national effort in
which the people play a dominant
role. In every instance of disaster
civilians in the vicinity do come out

in large numbers to assist as was the

case in Kashmir also. This apart, a
lot many government agencies get
involved in the process. In Kashmir,
particularly, the National Disaster
Relief Force (NDRF) played a
crucial role as did the paramilitary
forces and the JK Police. We should
not lose sight of the fact that the
infrastructure of the state
government was also enveloped in
circumstances it could not be
expected to function at full steam.
Even so, whatever the state
government could do it did, Chief
Minister Omar Abdullah personally
put in an appreciable effort.
It is a fact that the armed forces
take centre stage in the media
coverage of a disaster. This is not
because of a "PR effort" as is being
insinuated. The army is normally
responsible for coordinating the
rescue and relief operation.
Naturally all information is
available with the armed forces and
it is there that the media
congregates. Since there is a
requirement to keep the nation
informed the armed forces assist in
dissemination of information. To
insinuate that the forces use such
circumstances for a "PR exercise' is
quite shameful and denigrating.
As time passes the quantum of
the civilian assistance increases as
more and more people and

organisations join the process. For a

long time after the flood fury had
ceased in the Uttrakhand disaster in
Organisations (NGO's) and
charitable organisations sent relief
material to the camps of the armed
forces for further distribution. A
similar method was followed also
after the devastating earthquake in
Kashmir in 2005. This is normal
process of disaster management;
that it is happening in Kashmir
should not be looked upon as
something unusual.
Civilian involvement in Kashmir
is already gaining momentum. Take
the instance of the "Kar Seva" from
Harmandir Sahib in Amrritsar that
has been running a Langar (Free
Kitchen) in Kashmir since many
days, the noble initiative has been
covered by the media as have been
stories of individual courage. In
fact, now that the initial impact is
over and the situation is slowly
getting under control the armed
forces have silently gone into the
background and other civilian and
government agencies have taken the
front seat. This is something that the
vested interests in Kashmir have
neither noticed nor written about.
There is also talk of media silence
over apathy and lack of response of
the state government; this is not the
time to raise such issues, the matter
will come up for debate and

discussion in due course, the

weakness in response to the
holocaust and the man made reasons
for the same will definitely be
discussed in detail and corrective
action will be instituted. This is a
matter of national concern and is
bound to be addressed in due time.
There is no point in jumping the
Natural disasters are not
circumstances where anybody is
looking for personal glory, least of
all the armed forces. These are times
when each and every person is
expected to put in whatever effort
he/she can. Those who make
derogatory and negative statements
under such circumstances are
looked upon with considerable
abhorrence; as is happening in the
Kashmir valley.
Once the process of rehabilitation
starts more ammunition will come
in the hands of the separatist and
divisive elements to attack the
government with. This will also be
the best time for the government to
redeem itself. If the local authorities
can conduct rehabilitation in an
efficient, honest and transparent
manner, if the rebuilding is done in
a manner that brings in modernity
and precludes the possibility of a
similar disaster in the future then a
lot of lost ground will be reclaimed.
It is now up to the Omar Abdullah
government to rise and be counted.

unite the traditionally splintered

Hindu vote in favour of the BJP.
And the voter slapped it in the
face and gave the Samajwadi
Party, discredited for its
incompetent rule of UP, a massive

The three general elections -1998, 1999 and 2014 -- in which

the BJP has emerged upfront have
seen an accretion to its popular
base beyond a core section of
upper-caste Hindus. Atal Bihari
Vajpayee made it a broad-based,
centrist party that underplayed the
Hindutva agenda. For the
parliamentary elections, Modi
concentrated on Congress misrule
and promised development.
Emboldened by the victory, Modi
and the BJP went ahead flying the
Hindutva jhanda high for the
assembly by-elections. And we
have seen how the electorate has
responded to this.
There are two major takeaways
from the by-election results. One,
a majority or Indians and Hindus
have reasserted their secular
credentials. So Modi has had to
shift course and certify the
patriotism of Indian Muslims just
before leaving for the United
States, for the benefit of both the
Indian and American audience.
momentous, is the surefootedness and quick response
time of the Indian electorate.
Having sent one signal in April, it
decided to send a fresh corrective
signal in July to September. What
is more -- and this is pure
conjecture -- the electorate may
have realised that the BJP had
secured a massive mandate by
default, courtesy vote-splitting.
So in the by-elections it went
ahead and undid a part of the
mandate. If it is presumptuous to
read the mind of the Indian voter
beyond a point -- but even if we
cannot -- then she at least gets
credit for being highly inscrutable.

Secular arithmetic goes against BJP

he severe setback that the

Bharatiya Janata Party has
suffered in by-elections to
over half a dozen state assemblies
(it made a single gain each in West
Bengal and Assam) between three
and five months after a dramatic
victory in the general elections
calls for intensive decoding. Done
correctly, this can yield valuable
insights into how the mind of the
Indian electorate is working
First, there has been no major
setback for the BJP, now at the
helm of national affairs, in the last
few months. So the results cannot
be a backlash against something
that had taken place. On the
contrary, Prime Minister Narendra
Modi's connection with the
electorate, apparent from the
reception to his Independence
Day and Teachers' Day speeches,
seems to be quite intact. True,
inflation, which always moves
voters, is still running
unconscionably high. But it is
doubtful if people have formed a
final verdict on the BJP
government's ability to tackle it in
less than six months and are
meting out punishment for it.
BJP leaders have sought to
distance Modi from the defeats by
pointing out that he did not
personally campaign and asserted
that his personal popularity
remains intact. In fact, after the
verdicts came, party men have
themselves pointed to the poor
state of the party in Bihar and
Uttar Pradesh in particular,
demotivated by infighting and
disaffection over distribution of
tickets. The point is that it cannot
be a very good omen for the future

of the party if it sinks without

hand-holding from Modi,
particularly when it has already
pushed itself into the background
while projecting him as the prime
ministerial candidate.
So what went wrong for the
BJP -- or what did the opposition
get right? In Bihar and UP it is
arithmetic. The BJP swept UP and
Bihar in the parliamentary
elections in good part because of
multi-cornered contests splitting
voters. Seeing this, sworn
enemies Lalu Prasad and Nitish
Kumar joined forces in Bihar, to
the accompaniment of mild
ridicule not just from the BJP but
the media, too. Surely, the voter
would see through this marriage
of convenience. The voter saw it
and loved it.
The popular vote of the Janata
Dal (United)-Rashtriya Janata
Dal-Congress combine ratcheted
up 4.6 per cent and that of the BJP
fell sharply by eight per cent! A
similar phenomenon was seen in
UP where Mayawati kept her
Bahujan Samaj Party, which had
secured 19.6 per cent of the
popular vote in the Lok Sabha
elections, out of the by-elections.
Thus, a good part of the Dalit vote
went by default to the Samajwadi
Party. A similar polarisation and
consolidation in favour of the
Congress took place in Rajasthan
and Gujarat.
There is an even greater and, in
fact, historic significance in the
UP vote. Modi's lieutenant, Amit
Shah, had relocated to UP from
before the parliamentary elections
to oversee the tone, tenor and
management of the elections
there. For the assembly by-

Subir Roy

elections, the BJP ran a brazenly

communal and divisive campaign,
making an enormous issue of
love jihad and getting its
member of Parliament Yogi
Adityanath to deliver a string of
hate speeches. The aim was to

Xi and China are testing Modi

positions. Modi placed the

border issue, intrusions and
ongoing confrontation at
Chumar in Ladakh and other
locations on top of his list and
sought to underscore the need
to ensure such incidents cease
as otherwise they would
restrict progress in other fields.
The prime minister stressed
the need to resolve the border
dispute 'as soon as possible.' In
contrast, the Chinese president
referred to the border issue
almost at the very end of his
statement and made no
mention of an early resolution.
Modi additionally referred
to the issue of stapled visas for
residents of Arunachal Pradesh
and Jammu and Kashmir and
diversion of the Brahmaputra
river waters. Xi did not
mention any of these.
indirectly acknowledge that
the Tibet Autonomous Region
is a part of China, to
reciprocate China's agreeing to
open Nathu La in Sikkim for
Mansarover, thereby further
India's sovereignty over
The joint statement, issued
on September 19, did list areas
of agreement and cooperation
including the railways,
exchange of students, deputing
teachers for teaching Chinese.
Included in the areas of
cooperation were climate
change, food and energy and
cooperation on international
issues etc.

In his keynote speech at the

Indian Council of World
Affairs on September 18, Xi
said little that was new. He
made quite clear that there is
no change in China's position
regarding India's admission to
the United Nations Security
Council as a permanent
member. He suggested that
India should dovetail its 'Look
East' policy with China's
economic development plans
and emphasised that China is
willing to help the economies
of South Asia, including India,
and to build connectivity.
Near the India-China trade
route at Nathu-La Photograph:
ReutersIt was clear that China
continues to view India merely
as one country, albeit the
largest, in South Asia.
Interesting, though, was his
acknowledgement, perhaps for
the first time in decades by
such a high ranking Chinese
leader, of the large trust deficit
that exists in India-China
Instead of addressing it,
however, the lengthy intrusion
in Chumar -- that has lasted
beyond Xi's visit -- has only
added to this distrust.
China's focus on developing
economic cooperation ever
since Modi took over as prime
minister has been unwavering.
As Xi prepared for his journey
to India, a steady trickle of
'managed' leaks created the
illusion that China is willing to
make huge investments in
India totalling many billions of

The figures mentioned

ranged between $100 billion to
$400 billion, but at no stage
was there any official
comment by China except, on
the eve of the visit, when the
Chinese consul general in
Mumbai was quoted as saying
that China would invest $100
In the end, China committed
only to $20 billion, sizeably
less than Japan's investment
promise of $50 billion spread
over five years. Given China's
track record, less than half the
MoUs it has signed can be
expected to actually translate
into projects.
China is intent on getting
India's endorsement and
participation in its 'New Silk
initiative, approved at the
Third Plenum of the Chinese
November 2013 and intended
to facilitate the westward
passage of the Chinese
economic juggernaut. This
initiative is being personally
steered by Xi.
The project envisages a
originating in China's southern
Yunnan province and transiting
Bangladesh, India's NorthEast, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan
and via the Central Asian
Republics to Turkey and
The other economic venture
of interest to Beijing is the
Bangladesh-China-IndiaMyanmar initiative.

Modi's government stalled

both these initiatives, which, if
agreed to, will make the
already fragile economies of
India's North-Eastern states
more vulnerable and India's
northern frontiers more
The Maritime Economic
Silk Route is the other Chinese
initiative of interest to Xi.
Before his arrival in India he
had stopped over in the
Maldives and Sri Lanka and
secured their full support.
Modi withheld endorsement of
this proposal too.
diplomacy' (zhoubian) policy
approved in October 2013 is
implementation of these three
economic initiatives, each of
which also has a strong
strategic import.
The policy, for the first time
ever, categorises China's
neighbours as 'friends' and
substantive economic, security
and other benefits, including
those flowing from the global
influence that China wields, to
'friends' who support China's
regional objectives.
Nepal, Pakistan and Sri
Lanka have been informed that
they are viewed as 'friends.'
The policy similarly cautions
countries who are hostile to
China, or oppose it, that they
will be confronted with
sustained periods of tough
sanctions and isolation.
The intrusion in Chumar has
certainly overshadowed Xi's

visit. Its continuance during

and beyond the Chinese
unprecedented and has
qualitatively changed the tone
relationship. In addition to
sovereignty and territorial
integrity trump all other
considerations, it also warns
India against drawing closer to
Japan or the US.
Mukherjee's visit to Vietnam
elicited an official note of
caution from Beijing.The
outspoken People's Liberation
Army Major General Luo
Yuan has on two occasions, in
December 2010 and mid-2013,
written articles in the
government-owned official
Global Times, saying that
China cannot call itself a
strong nation unless it
'recovered the land looted by
Amidst arguments proferred
by Chinese and pro-China
elements that the Xi visit was
overall a success and the
incidents on the border should
not be exaggerated, a couple of
disingenuous reports have
One palpably unacceptable
report surfaced on September
19, claiming that Xi had
assured Modi that he had
instructed PLA forces to
Another more recent report
that appeared to similarly
spread specious disinformation

suggested that on return to

Beijing, Xi had summoned
PLA commanders and urged
them to follow orders. It is
likely that around the same
period Xi could have met
senior military leaders to
finalise promotions to the
Central Military Commission.
The military stand-off
intrusion and consequent
ongoing military stand-off in
Chumar is undoubtedly a
calibrated military action. As
in the case of the intrusion in
the Depsang Plains in Aksai
Chin last April just before
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's
visit, it would have been
approved by the Chinese
Communist Party's Politburo
Commission. Both are headed
by Xi.
The authority exercised
over the PLA by Xi, described
by the authoritative party
fortnightly magazine Qiu Shi
in its June issue as 'one of
China's greatest Communist
leaders,' is unchallenged.
Xi has also either selected,
or approved the selection, of
senior PLA commanders.
Particularly, the commander of
the Lanzhou military region
which includes the Ladakh
region in its overall area of
responsibility, was promoted
by Xi and has publicly
expressed fealty to him. The
political commissar of the

Lanzhou region has also

benefited from a promotion
given by Xi this July.
Similarly, the commander of
the Ali military sub-district
subordinate to the Lanzhou
military region exercises
direct operational jurisdiction
over the Depsang Plains and
other areas in Ladakh. He has
sound political credentials.
Neither of them would have
acted without approval from
the appropriate authority. Both
incidentally, been in position
since 2012.
The intrusion and ongoing
military stand-off in Chumar
in Ladakh that persists despite
three flag meetings held so far
is rather disconcerting and
needs to be viewed seriously.
It at once signals that Beijing
is 'testing' the Modi
government and neither is it
unduly concerned about any
embarrassment caused to the
Indian government.
When viewed, however,
with the Chinese-language
authoritative official news
agency Xinhua of late May
2014, which asserted that
Modi has to recognise that
China is the strongest
economic and military power
in the region and has no choice
but to have economic
cooperation with China, the
ongoing intrusion suggests
that it is the sustained punitive
pressure envisaged in China's

Coal scam: SC quashes allocation of 214 blocks allocated since 1993

Jammu | Thursday | September 25 | 2014

Union Cabinet
approves 'Swachh
Bharat Mission'
New Delhi | Sept. 24
The Union Cabinet on Wednesday
approved the "Swachh Bharat Mission"
aimed at creating a clean India by 2019 with
people's participation.
"The cabinet has approved the Swachh
Bharat Mission," union Law Minister Ravi
Shankar Prasad said here after a cabinet
meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra
Prasad said the mission will be launched
Oct 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma
The Prime Minister has been striving to
make the mission a mass movement.

Priyanka denies Rahul

adopting her son
New Delhi | Sept. 24

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has served legal

notices against a weekly newspaper and
some other media organisations which had
published that she and her husband were
giving their son up for adoption to her
brother Rahul Gandhi.
Sources that Gandhi has threatened
criminal and civil action for "defaming" her
son and she is "determined to pursue legal
remedy" against "false allegations and
accusations" being made about her family.
The newspaper report had talked about
speculation within top Congress circles on
whether Rahul Gandhi is adopting his
sister's Priyanka's son Rehan so as to enable
him to use the Gandhi surname.
Rejecting it as a "malicious work of
fiction", Gandhi said in the notice "To allege
that a parent would willingly pass his/her
child on to someone else as if he were an
object devoid of emotion is morbid enough,
but to ascribe to it the intention of
perpetuating some sort of dynastic political
aspiration is even more sickening."
Gandhi has also taken strong objection to
the report saying that Rahul Gandhi has been
named as her son's guardian in his school
admission forms.
Priyanka had recently also strongly
denied speculation about her larger role in
Congress like her being made an AICC
general secretary or UP Congress chief. She
had dismissed them as dismissed it as
"conjecture" and "baseless rumours".

Restore pride in the

uniform: Jung to
Delhi Police
New Delhi | Sept. | 24

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung

on Wednesday asked Delhi Police to take it
upon themselves to inspire their station
house officers (SHOs) and constabulary to
demonstrate integrity in their day-to-day
"If the perception about Delhi Police has
to change, dishonesty of any kind, has to
become anathema for the Delhi Police. This
can be done only if pride is restored in the

uniform," Jung said as he asked them to

arrive at the best solutions to do so through a
process of churning and deep introspection.
Referring to a recent circular issued by the
Commissioner of Police regarding
policemen not being authorised to check
unauthorised construction, Jung said such
stray acts damage the reputation of police
and demoralise others who take pride in their
Jung urged the senior officers to ensure
that they must not let any case of bullying,
extortion or any other form of corruption go
unchecked. He asked them to display
administrative control over personnel at their
The Lieutenant Governor said while
punishment helps curb problems, it does not
provide for long term solutions. He said that
if one has to arrive at systemic solutions,
then it must be mandated upon the senior
officers of Delhi Police to inspire their
constabulary to raise their moral standards.
Giving example of Mahatma Gandhi,
Jung said, "Repression doesn't bring about
change in the world, moral force does." He
also said that the "Thana-level committees"
must be more active and the field officers
must maintain good contact with the people's
He held a meeting with Commissioner of
Police (CP) B S Bassi, Special CPs, Joint
CPs and deputy CPs at the Raj Niwas today.
Bassi informed Jung Delhi Police have
taken up the task of truthfully lodging FIRs,
which is reflected in the upward curve seen
in registration of cases.

New Delhi | Sept. | 24

In a major blow to the corporate

sector, the Supreme Court on
Wednesday quashed allocation of
214 out of 218 coal blocks alloted
to various companies since 1993
terming it as "fatally flawed" and
allowed the Centre to take over
operation of 42 such blocks which
are functional.
The apex court said the
beneficiaries of the illegal process
"must suffer" the consequences and
refused to show sympathy to
private companies which submitted
that Rs 2.87 lakh crores have been
invested in 157 coal blocks and Rs
4 lakh crores in end-use plants.
Today's order will paved the way
for the Centre to put remaining 172
blocks for auction.
A bench headed by Chief Justice
R M Lodha said that its judgement
is intended to correct the wrong
done by the Centre over the years
and to send a message to
Government not to deal with the
natural resources as if they belong
to a few individuals who can fritter
them away at their sweet will.
It, however, saved from the
"guillotine" four allocations one
each to SAIL and NTPC and two

blocks to Sasan Power Ltd owned

by Anil Ambani's Reliance Power
and also gave a six months
breathing time to rest of them to
wind up their operations by March
31, 2015.
The bench, also comprising
justices Madan B Lokur and Kurian
Joseph, directed the the allottees of
coal blocks to pay within three
months an additional levy of Rs 295
per metric ton of coal extracted to
compensate financial loss caused to
the exchequer by the illegal and
arbitrary allotments.
"Except the above two
allocations made to the
UMPP(Ultra Mega Power Project)
and the two allocations made to the
Central Government public sector
undertaking not having any joint
venture mentioned above, all other
allocations are cancelled," the
bench said in its 27-page order.
"Our judgement highlighted the
illegality and arbitrariness in the
allotment of coal blocks and these
consequence proceedings are
intended to correct the wrong done
by the Union of India; these
proceedings look to the future in
that by highlighting the wrong, it is
expected that the Government will
not deal with the natural resources
that belong to the country as if they

belong to a few individuals who can

fritter them away at their sweet
will; these proceedings may also
compensate the exchequer for the
loss caused to it," it said.
The NDA government had also
favoured the cancellation of blocks
before the Supreme Court but
pleaded that 46 of them, which are
operational or on the verge of being
operational, be spared. It had also
submitted that Centre is fully
prepared to face the consequences
of the cancellation of all coal
blocks, if need be, and is desirous
of moving forward.
The bench, after noting the
Centre's stand, quashed 214
allocations and asked Coal India
Limited (CIL)to fill the void and
take things forward by taking over
the operation of 42 blocks which
are functional.
"Although we have quashed the
allotment of 42 out of these 46 coal
blocks, we make it clear that the
cancellation will take effect only
after six months from today, which
is with effect from March 31, 2015.
"This period of six months is
being given since the Attorney
General submitted that the Central
Government and CIL would need
some time to adjust to the changed
situation and move forward," it

Narendra Modi asks Pepsi, Coke to

blend fruit juices in fizzy drinks

New Delhi | Sept. 24

Prime Minister Narendra

Modi on Wednesday said
multinational cola giants
PepsiCo and Coca-Cola should
help augment fruit sales for
Indian farmers by adding fresh
fruit juices to their fizzy drinks.
"Millions of people buy Pepsi
and Coke. I have asked these
companies if they can put five
per cent natural juice in their
drinks," Modi said on
Wednesday in Karnataka.
"If they can, then our farmers
will make a lot of money. Our
farmers will not have to throw
their fruit away," he said after
inaugurating a food park with a
storage capacity of more than
20,000 tonnes for two dozen
food processing companies.
Modi`s food processing
minister said last month that
PepsiCo should reduce the
sugar content of its beverages,
and asked the company to
partner with the government to

develop nutritious processed

food for school students.
The companies did not
immediately respond to requests
for comment.
India, the world`s second
largest producer of fruits and
vegetables, throws away fresh
produce worth millions of
dollars every year because of
the country`s lack of adequate
cold storage facilities and
refrigerated transport.
Modi`s made his pitch to the

world`s largest drink makers

days before a trip to the United
States, where he is scheduled to
meet top executives from
including from PepsiCo.
The country has about 6,500
cold storage facilities and the
prime minister is seeking
foreign investments and
technological upgrades to
reduce food wastage and
expand the food processing
companies have earlier stated
that they are committed to
expanding their presence in
Asia`s third-largest economy
where a growing middle class
has more to spend on processed
beverages and food.
PepsiCo, the maker of PepsiCola, Frito-Lay snacks and
Tropicana juice last year said it
had plans to invest $5.5 billion
in India. Coca-Cola Co in 2012
allocated $5 billion for
investments in Indian market by

It said this period will also give
adequate time to the coal block
allottees to adjust and manage their
The bench also turned down the
plea of companies that a committee
be appointed to go into legality of
each allocation saying it would
amount to permitting a body to
examine the correctness of the
judgement which is impermissible.
"The judgement did not deal with
any individual case. It dealt only
with the process of allotment of
coal blocks and found it to be
illegal and arbitrary. The process of
allotment cannot be reopened
appointment of a committee. This
would virtually amount to
nullifying the judgement. The
process is a continuous thread that
runs through all the allotments," it
The companies had urged the
court not to quash the allocation
saying that investments up to about
Rs. 2.87 lakh crores have been
made in 157 coal blocks as on
December, 2012 and investments in
end-use plants have been made to
the extent of about Rs. 4 lakh crores
and the employment of almost 10
lakh people is at stake.

They had contended that loans to

the extent of about Rs. 2.5 lakh
crores given by banks and financial
institutions would become nonperforming assets and SBI alone
may suffer a loss of up to Rs 78,263
To buttress their point they
submitted that closure of coal mines
would result in an estimated loss of
Rs. 4.4 lakh crore in terms of loss of
royalty, cess, direct and indirect
The apex court rejected the plea
of coal allottees which submitted
that they were not given
opportunity to place their case
before it.
"It is incorrect to say that these
associations which represented the
bulk (if not all) the allottees or
beneficiaries of coal blocks were
not heard. They presented their
point of view, like any other party
to a lis and it was only then that
judgment was delivered," it said.
The apex court had on August 25
held that all coal blocks allocation
since 1993 by various regimes at
the Centre have been made illegally
and arbitrarily.
The apex court, which had used
almost all terms to condemn the
procedures adopted by 36 screening
committee meetings since 1993,

India lacks legal system to

prosecute pirates: Ranjit Sinha

New Delhi | Sept. | 24

CBI Director Ranjit Sinha on

Wednesday said that the Indian legal
system lacks clear and unambiguous
mechanism to prosecute maritime pirates.
Inaugurating a three-day workshop
on Maritime Piracy in cooperation
with BKA Germany, Sinha rued,
"India does not have a separate
domestic legislation to deal with
piracy-related offences. In the absence
of a clear and unambiguous reference
to the offence of maritime piracy in the
Indian law, problems have been faced
in ensuring effective prosecution of the
He said the piratical acts by a
foreigner committed outside territorial
waters of the country do not constitute
an offence under the IPC.
"These offences may attract lower
sentences and cases may take a long
time to be disposed off," he said.
The CBI chief said piracy off the
coast of Somalia has been a threat to
international shipping and trade and it
is estimated the annual economic cost

of Somali piracy was around 6.1

billion USD in 2012.
"Indian Ocean has also witnessed a
spurt in Maritime Piracy. Indian crew
as well as Indian Cargo ships have
been victims in the recent years," he
With Indian naval presence in the
Gulf of Aden, Sinha said the problem
was that some pirates began to shift
their operations eastwards and
"This led to some of the pirates
operating closer to the Indian
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and
the Western coast of India. From
December 2010, the Indian Navy and
the Coast Guard conducted several
major anti- piracy operations off
India's Western Coast and
apprehended around 120 suspected
pirates," he said.
Stressing on the need for a
coordinated response under the legal
framework provided by the 1982
United Nations Convention on the
Law of the Sea, Sinha said, there needs
to be a domestic legal framework to
prosecute and punish pirates.

We do not respect our dead: HC on mortuaries in govt hospitals

New Delhi | Sept. | 24

The Delhi High Court on

Wednesday expressed its
anguish over the poor
management of mortuaries in
government hospitals in the
national capital saying "we
do not respect the living nor
do we respect the dead".
"What is the country
doing? We do not respect the
living nor do we respect the
dead. Ours was a great
civilisation. We have lost our
civility," a bench of justices
Badar Durrez Ahmed and
Siddharth Mridul observed
after it was informed that in
some mortuaries lacking cold
storage facility, bodies are
stored in steel boxes.
The court directed Delhi
government as well as the
three municipal corporations
and New Delhi Municipal
Council (NDMC) to file an
affidavit indicating whether
hospitals under their control

are complying with the

advisory on management of
mortuaries there.
It sought a tabular chart of
compliant and non-compliant
hospitals in the capital.
The bench also directed
Delhi government to file an
affidavit with respect to the
aspect of medical facilities
available to prisoners undertrials and convicts indicating "whether proper
medical facilities have been
provided and whether norms
are there for the same".
On the issue of dealing
with letters of prisoners
and/or their families with
respect to health of the
prisoners, the court also
sought an affidavit from the
city government on how such
representations are dealt
The court passed the order
after hearing the submissions
of the amicus curiae
appointed to assist it to

"disrespect" is being shown
to bodies in hospital
mortuaries as well as
providing proper medical
care to inmates in judicial
The bench was hearing a
PIL initiated by it after a
murder accused died,
allegedly due to tuberculosis
(TB), while in judicial
custody and then one eye of
the deceased went missing
while the body was kept in
the mortuary of a
government hospital where
he was admitted for
During the hearing, the
amicus informed the court
that an advisory had been
issued in March this year by
the Ministry of Health and
Family Welfare on the
management of mortuaries in
government hospitals across
the country.
He said that while some
exercise has been done with

however, had stopped short of

cancelling them saying, "what
should be the consequences, is the
issue which remains to be tackled.
The apex court, which examined
the allocation of 218 blocks in preauction era till 2010, had held that
they were done in an illegal manner
by an "ad-hoc and casual" approach
"without application of mind" and
"Common good and public interest
have, thus, suffered heavily" due to
lack of fair and transparent
procedure resulting in "unfair
distribution" of the "national
wealth" -- coal -- "which is king and
paramount Lord of industry."
"To sum up, the entire allocation
of coal block as per
recommendations made by the
Screening Committee from July 14,
1993 in 36 meetings and the
allocation through the government
dispensation route suffers from the
vice of arbitrariness and legal flaws.
"The Screening Committee has
never been consistent, it has not
been transparent, there is no proper
application of mind, it has acted on
no material in many cases, relevant
factors have seldom been its
guiding factors, there was no
transparency and guidelines have
seldom guided it," the bench had
said in its 163-page verdict.

respect to proper handling of

bodies, more needs to be
He also said that there
should be a report with
respect to compliance of the
ministry's advisory.
The amicus also told the
court that there is nothing on
record regarding the medical
facilities provided to
prisoners as well as how
representations regarding
their health are dealt with by
the authorities.
Raj Kumar was arrested
and sent to judicial custody
on October 27, 2007 for the
murder of his wife. He was
convicted and sentenced to
life imprisonment on
October 24, 2013, under
section 302 (murder).
In July, 2010, he was
admitted to Rajan Babu
Institute for Pulmonary
Medicine and Tuberculosis
(RBIPMT) where it first
came out that he was
suffering from an advanced

form of TB, advocate R P

Luthra, who is also assisting
in the matter apart from the
amicus, had earlier alleged in
his note placed before the
Luthra had alleged that
proper medical care was not
provided to Kumar despite
repeated requests from his
family and sought that such
medical assistance be
provided to all inmates
irrespective of whether a
request has been made or
He had also submitted that
Kumar had obtained bail in
2012 on account of his illness
and the same was extended
from time to time for a year
during which he was availing
treatment for TB.
The note had been filed by
him in pursuance to the
court's direction to him on
July 30 to "prepare a short
note on the points to be taken
up for consideration in this
public interest matter".

"The objective is to make special

provisions for the suppression of
piracy, criminalise the act of piracy
and to establish universal jurisdiction
for Indian Courts," he said.
The CBI Chief said for combating
any crime law enforcement agencies
need to be thoroughly prepared.
"Capacity building is an integral
part of this exercise. This type of crime
has multiple jurisdictions and
investigation may be spread over
several countries," he said.
The three-day workshop being
organised by CBI & Federal Office of
Criminal Investigation (BKA)
Germany, will have 15 sessions. The
sessions will be addressed by experts
from BKA Germany, IDSA, UNODC,
Indian Navy, National Investigation
Agency, Coastal Security Group and
Law Enforcement Agencies.
More than 20 senior officials of
CBI, NIA and the State Police are
participating in the workshop. The
resource persons for the Workshop are
drawn from BKA Germany, Indian
Navy, State Police, NIA, UNODC and

India-US discuss joint

military hardware production

New Delhi | Sept. | 24

Ahead of Prime Minister

Narendra Modi's US visit, a highlevel Defence Ministry team is
there to discuss the opportunities
of jointly developing and
manufacturing military hardware.
A Defence Ministry team led
Production) G Mohan Kumar and
including Director General
(Acquisition) Asharam Sihag is in
Washington and discussing joint
ventures with their American
counterparts, Ministry sources
The Secretary (Defence
Production) is also the Indian
representative for the Defence
Trade and Technology Initiative
(DTTI) proposed by the US
under which it has offered coproduction of the third-generation
anti-tank Javelin missiles and
other systems, they said.
Defence cooperation is

expected to be one of the major

focus areas during the Prime
Minister's US visit where India is
expected to finalise the deals for
procuring American attack and
heavylift helicopters for around
Rs 15,000 crore.
In the last decade, India has
emerged as one of the major
buyers of American military
equipment and has supplied
equipment worth over Rs 60,000
crore in these years.
The equipment supplied by the
US includes the C-17 strategic lift
transport aircraft, C-130J Super
Hercules special operations
planes, P-8I anti-submarine
warfare planes and the AN-TPQ
weapon locating radars.
The US has also offered to
support India in establishing an
manufacturing sector in line with
Modi's goal of achieving selfreliance in this sector.
The Prime Minister will leave
for the US tomorrow.

British PM David Cameron, Iranian President

Hassan Rouhani hold first talks since 1979

United Nations | Sept. | 24

British Prime Minister David

Cameron held talks with Iran's
President Hassan Rouhani on
Wednesday at the United Nations,
the first meeting between the
countries' leaders since the 1979
Islamic Revolution.
The meeting took place at the
British mission office at the United
Nations as the general assembly got
underway. Rouhani posted a
photograph of himself smiling as he
shook hands with Cameron.
The British government says a
key priority at the largest
diplomatic gathering in the world is
building broad-based support for

the new government in Iraq and

international action to confront
jihadists in Iraq and Syria. Cameron
is due to address the UN general
assembly later on Wednesday.
Western powers are seeking to
build support for the fight against
the Islamic State jihadist group,
which holds a large tract of territory
in Iraq and Syria and which has
beheaded two US journalists and a
British aid worker. The United
States and Arab allies launched the
first air and sea strikes against IS
militants in Syria on Tuesday,
expanding the action the US has
been leading against the jihadists in
Iraq since the start of August. Iran,
which usually rails against any US
presence in the Middle East, has

been unusually accepting of the US

action in Iraq, where it is also
tackling IS militants.
Rouhani has criticized the US for
not sending in ground troops, and
on Monday said the people in the
region were "defending themselves
... against the terrorists" and that
Iran would help. Britain and France
have taken up the task of trying to
win some form of other cooperation
from Iran against IS. Cameron has
promised to ask for parliamentary
approval for any British
involvement in the US-led military
action against IS, but he appears
wary of a repeat of last year's
humiliating defeat in the House of
Commons over military action in

Red Cross becomes backbone Sagar visits Congress team visits dozen
flood-ravaged villages
of rescue, relief, rehabilitation peripheral



incessant rains that started in the

first week of September and the
subsequent flooding wreaked
havoc in the state of Jammu &
Kashmir, especially the
Kashmir valley, Red Cross was
organization to respond to the
needs of the affected people.
Aided by its teams of trained
Red Cross First Medical
Responders and volunteers, Red
Cross went all out to rescue and
evacuate trapped people. The
able guidance of General
Secretary, Red Cross, Jammu &
motivated youth from across the
state to support the efforts of the
organization. Red Cross along
with members of the
communities was able to rescue
more than 2500 people across
the state.
Some of the important places
where people were rescued by
the Red Cross teams include Haj
House Bemina and adjoining
areas, Tengpora Byepass, Raj
Kanihama Nowgam, and few
parts of Anantnag, Shopian and
Rajouri districts of the State.
Roma said, "At that time,
what came to mind was saving
the lives of those stranded in
their homes cut off by streams
of gushing water. These FMRs
have been trained at search and
rescue as well as providing first
aid which came in very handy at
this difficult situation. And they
were helped by youth from
affected communities. Many of
our volunteers and FMRs had
their own families stranded but
they went all out and helped
whoever they could. As an
auxiliary to the State
Government, Red Cross
partnered the burden of rescue
and immediate relief of the
suffering population in every
manner required and possible. "
Side by side the rescue
operation, the process of

areas of Dal


delivering relief was also

underway, in the form of
providing tents for those that
had been evacuated. Tents were
pitched at high ground areas as
also the airport and adjoining
areas for people in transit. A
total of 1332 family tents have
been distributed so far along
with 1650 tarpaulin sheets.
Relief material in the form of
25, 520 blankets and 1400
kitchen sets have also been
given out by the Red Cross
across the State. Red Cross,
Jammu & Kashmir state branch
was supported by the National
Headquarters and many other
state branches of Red Cross
notably the Maharashtra state
branch, which sent in
medicines, tents, and other
relief supplies.
Among the immediate needs
of the people was clean drinking
water. Red Cross installed 8
water purification machines in
the state which are supplying
almost 1.5 lakh litres of water
every day to the people. One

such unit has been installed at

the Bones & Joints Hospital
premises, so that it could benefit
the countless people coming in,
for various treatments. Apart
from augmenting services of the
Bones and Joints Hospital
through this effort, Red Cross
has also supported this medical
institution by providing
Mattresses and Blankets.
Initially Red Cross, Jammu &
Kashmir had set up a 24x7
helpline, but it was
dysfunctional for a while due to
breakage in communication
links. The service has now been
restored is now being used to
assist many people who have
lost touch with their family
members. This all is being done
despite the fact that both the
floors of the State office of Red
Cross at Exchange Road are
submerged and is still
inaccessible and most of the
Red Cross Staff members and
volunteers were themselves
direct victims of floods. The
General Secretary, Ms. Roma

Wani whose residence was also

inaccessible, camped in
Budgam area and has been
ceaselessly directing and
monitoring the relief work
round the clock.
"Winter is fast approaching
and for those stranded out of
their homes, it is going to
extremely difficult to sustain.
We have plans in place in terms
of assisting them with their
growing needs. Many people
had refused to be evacuated and
stayed on the upper floors while
areas had turned into virtual
lakes with many feet of stagnant
But this water has now
destroyed the foundations of
houses and building and there
are reports of structures giving
way. We will soon have a
massive population without
shelter and nowhere to go. Their
short term and long term needs
will have to be taken care of,
and we are sure corporate
houses and philanthropists will
aid our efforts" said Roma.

Development, Mr. Ali
Mohammad Sagar today
visited several areas in the
periphery of Dal Lake
including Bagh Roop Singh,
Mirza Bagh, Posh Colony,
Daulatabbad and other areas,
where many houses and
commercial activities have
been severely affected due to
recent flood.
The Minister inspected
several houses besides
visited two medical camps
established there. He
interacted with local
residents who apprised him
about various issues
confronting them.
Mr Sagar assured that
State Government will
utilize all its resources to put
life back on track in the
flood affected areas adding
that availability of ration,
drinking water, healthcare,
assessment has been
prioritized to ensure that
people are given adequate
relief and are properly
Mr. Sagar said that
Deputy Commissioners have
submitted interim reports
regarding losses to public
and private infrastructure,
crops, livestock and
businesses and keeping in
view the colossal loss,
package for flood hit Jammu
and Kashmir has been
requested from the Central
Mr. Sagar said that
farming community living in
the periphery of Dal Lake
like many other areas of the
Valley has suffered severely
and assured that agricultural
inputs including seeds and
fertilizers will be made
available to them.

SRINAGAR, SEPT. 24: As the Secretariat,

Congress party gears up to
rehabilitate people in floodbattered Kashmir valley,
Congress leaders have begun to
lead from the front and are
reaching out to the affected
As per the directions given by
Leader of Opposition (LOP) in
Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad
and General Secretary AICC
Ambica Soni, a team of
Congress leaders including G.
M. Saroori Senior Congress
Leader J&K, Salman NizamiJoint Secretary PCC, Kadfeem
Chowdhary- Member PCC,
Manzoor Ahmed Bhat Congress
Leader and others on
Wednesday visited over two
dozen flood-ravaged villages to
take stock of the situation in
Srinagar and inspected water
pumps to dewater Srinagar city.
Senior Congress Leader and
MLA Inderwal G. M. Saroori,
who was heading the team, urge
Union government for early
rehabilitation package and that
such a package was necessary
for putting life back on rails in
the state.
Congress team visited Raj
Bagh, Ram Bagh Bandh,
Bemina, Haj House, Batmaloo,

Lal Chowk,
Jahangir Chowk, Partab Park,
Baad Shah, Hari Singh high
street, Saraey Paie, Jawahar
Nagar, Jawahar Nagar Band,
Presentation convert area, Neti
Pura, Barzullah, Magar Bal
Bagh, Batmaloo and LD
Hospital areas where they met
with the affected people and
enquired about their condition.
Deeply anguished at seeing
large-scale and unprecedented
devastation in the areas, Saroori
said "there has been very
widespread devastation of
public infrastructure like roads,
bridges, drinking water
schemes, etc, power distribution
systems, hospitals, schools, and
private properties including
houses, shops, orchards, crops
and livestock". Saroori said
certain problems need urgent
attention for provision of ration,
restoration of electricity,
communication, dewatering,
restoration of temporary road
links etc.
People especially sought
immediate compensation for the
losses incurred in terms of
damage to their houses,
orchards, agricultural lands,
business establishments, etc so
that they can reorganise their

Agricultural loss assessed Armed Police continues its relief, Govt to assess damage to
industrial sector: Kichloo
at Rs. 3675 Cr
rehabilitation, cleaning drives

SRINAGAR, SEPT. 24: As per crops the flood has also affected
the damage report prepared by
the Agriculture Department
Kashmir, the floods have
damaged agricultural crops
across the valley extensively.
Out of the 3 Lakh Ha cropped
area in Kashmir division around
1.35 Lakh Ha have been fully
damaged and the remaining
1.65 Lakh Ha have been
severely affected due to
incessant rains, drop in
temperature and disease.
The loss in terms of
production has been assessed at
8,54,213 MT in respect of
Cereals 5,08,492 MT in respect
of Vegetables, 14,02,472 MT of
Fodder, 1773 MT of Pulses and
11 MT of Saffron. The overall
loss has been assessed as Rs
3675 Cr. As per the SDRF
norms the department has
calculated, the relief amount
due to the farmers at Rs. 217.42
As per the report besides the

the agriculture land badly and

large chunks of land have been
washed away, whereas in many
areas large quantity of silt has
got deposited in agriculture
fields, rendering 3811 Ha of
agriculture land uncultivable
across the valley, on the basis of
initial survey. To reclaim the
damaged land extensive soil
conservative measures would
be required for which a plan to
the tune of Rs 453.51 Cr has
been formulated.
Similarly, the damages
estimated to the departmental
buildings, labs, farms and other
infrastructure has been pegged
at Rs 24.66 Cr. The department
has also formulated an
assistance plan of Rs 64.17 Cr
to assist the farmers by
providing them free of cost
seeds for the coming Rabi
season, wherein Rabi crops are
grown on approximately 1.3
Lakh Ha of land.

Omar directs making

health institutions
fully functional soon

SRINAGAR, SEPT. 24: Chief health

Minister, Omar Abdullah after
attending official work at Civil
Secretariat, Srinagar today
visited Lal Ded, SMHS and G.B
Pant hospitals, here in the
afternoon to take appraisal of
the restoration of functioning in
these hospitals.
The Chief Minister interacted
with the management of these
hospitals and ascertained the
progress on restoration of
He impressed upon them to
take all efforts of making the

institution fully
functional. He said focus should
be concentrated on restoration
of health services in all
hospitals in the valley.
The Chief Minister said that
huge damage caused to health
infrastructure has to be restored
on war footing. He said this
gigantic task should be
performed in a coordinated
manner as a mission.
Later, The Chief Minister
also inspected dewatering
operations of some inundated
areas in Srinagar.

SRINAGAR, SEPT. 24: The school provides education and

Jammu and Kashmir Armed
police and State Disaster
Response Force (SDRF) under
the supervision of ADGPArmed
Mr SM Sahai continued relief,
rehabilitation and cleaning
drives across the Srinagar city
hospitals, orphanages and
schools for specially abled
children. The officers and men
of Armed police are working
tirelessly to rehabilitate the
healthcare facilities across the
flood affected hospitals
including SMHS, Sher-iKashmir Institute of Medical
Sciences (SKIMS) Bemina,
Lala Ded maternity hospital and
GB Panth childcare hospital
located at Badami Bagh
As a major relief for the
flood hit families who have
completely lost their homes,
J&K Armed Police has set up a
tent colony for Be- Ghar colony
residents near Sher-i- Kashmir
Institute of Medical Sciences
Bemina Srinagar. The tent
colony is presently being
housed by 385 people belonging
to thirty-eight flood affected
families. Police is also
providing other necessary help
to the affected people in form of
edibles and other basic
The Jammu and Kashmir
Armed Police also started
cleaning drive at Shafaqat
rehabilitation center and School
for specially abled children. The

other rehabilitation facilities to

eighty children having multiple
disabilities. Expressing his
gratitude towards J&K Armed
police for this noble gesture, Dr
Bashir Ahmad, Administrator of
the Shafaqat rehabilitation
center said, "The Armed Police
men and officers under the
overall guidance of Mr Sahai
were instrumental in cleaning
the premises and interiors of the
center. Without their help it
would have been impossible to
bring the rehab center back in a
position to make it functional".
The premises and the
interiors of all the complexes of
Jammu and Kashmir Yateem
Khana, the largest orphanage of
the Valley, have also been
completely cleaned up after
tireless efforts from Jammu and
Kashmir Armed Police
The state Armed Police is
also organizing various medical
camps in and around Srinagar
city to provide much needed
medical facilities to the flood
victims. The medical camps
were organised at Puhroo,
Kanihama Chadoora, Suthoo
Bala Barbarshah, Aali Masjid
Eidgah and Parihaspora Pattan.
experienced doctors from Police
Hospital Srinagar and SubDistrict Police Hospital Zewan
provided free consultation to the
patients and distributed free
medicine among them.


24: worked out," he said, adding the

Minister of State for Industries

& Commerce, Sajjad Ahmad
Kichloo Wednesday stated that
Government will assess the
damage caused to the industrial
sector so that a rehabilitationcum-compensation package is
worked out for those who
suffered extensively due to
massive floods in the State.
The Minister will chair a
high-level meeting to discuss
threadbare the course of action
required to be taken for putting
the industrial sector back on
Extending a reassurance to
the industrial fraternity, the
Minister said he has discussed
the matter with the Financial
Commissioner I&C. "All HoDs
of I&C have been asked to
submit their damage assessment
reports. After examining these
reports, a comprehensive
package for units that have been
Armed Police is organizing damaged in the floods would be
tomorrow at Pamposh Colony,
Palpora Sangam Srinagar where
experienced doctors and staff
would provide free consultation SRINAGAR, SEPT. 25:
and medicines to the patients. Sharing concern of fruit
growers and dealers of the State
Sakina aAsks
for colossal losses caused to
sector due to recent
aganwari centers to Horticulture
devastating floods in the state
assist community and inclement weather
conditions early this year, the
Minister for Finance and
SRINAGAR, SEPT. 24: Ladakah Affairs, Ab. Rahim
Minister for Social Welfare Rather today assured that the
today said that losses on state
account of huge damage caused endeavour to get special relief
to the public infrastructure, package from the Centre for the
private property, standing crops badly flood hit fruit growers and
and trade and commerce are dealers. "Horticulture Sector
for being the back bone of
compensation to the affected Kashmir's economy, the Govt. is
people. She said that after committed to protect it at all
rescue operations now priority costs," Rather added.
of the Government is on relief
Speaking to a gathering of
and rehabilitation process. She Fruit Growers and Dealers at
said that, in various meetings Fruit and Vegetable Mandi,
with District administration. Char-i-Sharief in District
She has directed the Budgam, Rather said that he has
administration to intensify the been personally visiting several
assessment report so that follow orchards since last two weeks
up action will be taken as early and was moved to see the huge
as possible. She said that she losses cause to fruit production
has asked the Anganwadi due to inclement weather
workers to come forward to conditions early this year which
assist community mobilization has now been further
regarding health care advisories compounded due to flash floods
by associating with medical and closure of Srinagar-Jammu
teams. She said instructions National Highway for about 2
have also been given to ICDS weeks. He assured the fruit
functionaries to ensure safety of growers that the State
children and women who are Government would make all out
enrolled in Anganwadi centres. efforts to provide much needed

State Government will also

approach the Centre for liberal
funding to compensate the
losses suffered by the industrial
fraternity and government
Kichloo stated that he will
also talk to various industrial
associations of the State to
incorporate their views in the
package, that the Government
will work out to overcome the
losses due to floods.
Describing the flood fury as
devastating that hit all the
sectors of development in the
State, the Minister gave an
account of the damage
sustained by I&C infrastructure.
"Almost all the sectors
trading and training have been
badly hit.
The Government will make
all out efforts to revive these at
the earliest," he assured.

lives and resume earning

While interacting with floodsufferers Saroori stated that the
Congress leadership will be
with the masses at this hour of
grief and shall remain on the
forefront in extending all
possible help to the flood
victims. He assured them that
Congress party would ensure
proper compensation to the loss
suffered by the people in the
recent devastating floods. He
stressed upon the people to
come forward so that in unison,
the efforts could be made for the
rehabilitation of the flood
victims besides all possible help
for the homeless.
Congress team also inspected
water pumps which were
launched few days back by Mr.
Azad to dewater Rajbagh,
Jawahar Nagar, Bemina,
Rambagh and surrounding
They also visited Health
camps at Shahid Ganj opened
by Ghulam Nabi Azad in which
number of Doctors are from
Karnataka state and interacted
with the Medical teams &
people over there. People
appraised Congress team about
the situation erupted after floods
and hardship faced by them.

FC Revenue


As per the communication

Administrative Officer,
the office of the Financial
Commissioner Revenue at
Tankipora, Srinagar, has
resumed functioning since
As such the general
public can freely visit the
office for redressal of
their grievances or to
follow up their cases.
Besides, he said, the
Revenue Court work will
be started on a daily basis
from 14th October, 2014
from the Revenue office

Rather urges Centre to relax SDRF norms for J&K

relief to the effected Fruit
Growers and Dealers. He
informed that a Group of
Ministers (GOM) of the State
led by him has earlier this week
met the Prime Minister, Mr.
Narindra Modi and impressed
upon him to relax State Disaster
Relief Fund (SDRF) norms to
enable the flood hit victims of
the State to get adequate relief.
He said Fruit Industry has
always given sustenance to the
livelihood of the State's people
in disturbed conditions from
time to time adding that the
State Govt. was duty bound to
bring this sector out of the
present morass. He said the
Insurance Companies have also
been requested to include recent
floods in the J&K State under
Insurance risk cover to leverage
the huge losses caused to the
people belonging to various
Sectors of life.
Responding to the demands
of the Fruit Growers, Mr.Rather
assured that adequate measure
will be taken to check sale and
stocking of spurious pesticides
adding that stringent action will
be taken against the
unscrupulous traders indulging
in marketing spurious sand substandard pesticides and
fungicides. The Growers
alleged that marketing of
spurious pesticides has been one

of the causes of deterioration of

Horticulture produce. Mr.
Rather asked the DIG, traffic to
regulate availability of trucks
for carrying fruit consignment
from Kashmir valley to other
terminal Fruit Mandies of the
country. He also called for
stream lining the freight rate
system so that Fruit Growers are
not fleeced by way of charging
exorbitant rates.
The President of the Fruit
Charisharief, Mr Bashir Ahmad
Baba while highlighting the
problems of the Fruit Growers
said that the whole kandi areas
of Tehsil Chartisharief and
Chadoora have suffered
colossal losses worth crores of
Rupees as 100% produce of the
Nashpati Pear got decayed in
Fruit Boxes due to incessant
rains coupled with the closure
Srinagar National High Way for
about 2 weeks adding that the
Nashpat Fruit has short shelf
life and ripens in boxes very
quickly. He said the main Nakh
Production of the area also got
damaged due to early leaf fall
giving a severe economic blow
to the Fruit Growers of the area.
He said the orchardists and fruit
dealers have now been rendered
bankrupt making them unable to
return their debts and bank



JU reaches out to flood hit village

Jammu | Thursday | September 25 | 2014

NSS Volunteers of GCW Gandhi

BJPMM to undertake
Nagar distribute relief
Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: On the occasion of Birth Anniversary of

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Prof. Camp was also organised under devastated which was visible by
Mohan Paul Singh Ishar, Vice
Chancellor, University of
Jammu, along with the team of
officials today visited village
Makwal and other nearby
villages, which were hit by the
recent devastating floods.
Prof. Ishar personally
distributed blankets, utensils
and other house hold goods to
the flood hit people. The relief
operation was done in
coordination with the local
administration comprising of
Sh. Shahid Mehmood, SDM,
Sh. Din Mohammed, Tehsildar
and Sarpanch of the area.
On this occasion a Medical

the overall supervision of Mrs.

Lida Singh Ishar. Dr. Shabana
Azmi, Medical Officer from the
University provided medical
attention to the sick and poor
people of the village. The camp
received an overwhelming
response. The villagers were
given free medicines and advise
on better health and hygiene.
The medical camp was greatly
appreciated by the locals and
thanked the University
During the recent flood
Village Makwal was badly hit.
Houses, Schools and other
places have been completely

the debris, shoes, benches and

other things lying on the
Prof. Ishar also interacted
with the people of the area and
expressed his deep solidarity
with them.
The decision to provide relief
to the flood affected people was
planned following the flood
relief donation camping started
by Department of Student
Welfare, NSS and Campus
Cultural Committee of the
University wherein teachers and
officials of the University
generously donated for the

Bharatiya Jana Sangh ideologue Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhayaya ji,

the BJP Mahila Morcha activists will undertake countrywide
campaign on September 25, to open Bank Accounts of the poor
women under party's recently launched Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan
Yojana. This was announced by BJP Mahila Morcha State
President Priya Sethi, while chairing a meeting of Morcha office
bearers at party headquarters on Wednesday.
Priya Sethi said that the women constitute about fifty percent
of the population of the country and a large percentage from
among themselves are very poor and need economic upliftment.
She said that the Narendra Modi led government recently
launched Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana with a sole motive to
help the poor. The BJP Mahila Morcha has also decided to
contribute and in this context, Mahila Morcha will take the drive
to help the poor women in getting their Bank accounts opened
and this drive will be taken at district Mandal and booths level.
She expressed hope that the poor women will get benefitted by
the yojana.

JKPCC congrats ISRO for

successful Mars Orbiter Mission

former Minister and MLA Rajouri to take the

stock of the problems of flood victims today
visited Kotli, Kalaban, Ghalutti area of his
constituency. Khan expressed his deep concern
regarding the damages caused due to heavy
rains/flash floods and expressed his anguish over
the huge loss of lives and property that shattered
the whole state and Rajouri as well. Khan was
accompanied by the Tehsildar Manjakote Sunil
Kumar, S.H.O Manjakote, AEE PWD (R&B),
and officers from PDD and PHE department.
Khan was apprised by the local public that a huge
loss of property and agricultural land has
occurred due the rains. While interacting with the
local public khan said that the loss occurred due
to land sliding and flash floods shall be restored
at an earliest as the District administration is
doing all the efforts. Khan said that
unprecedented raining occurred due to western
disturbances and monsoon which left millions of
people live in hunger, without drinking water and
shelter in the whole state. He was of the view that
the tragedy is big that it cannot be met out by the
Government only. Khan said all agencies
including Government, Non-government
organizations, members of Civil Society, other
states of the country have to play a vital role in
restoration process and they should come forward
to help the victims so that affected people of the
state could come out of this catastrophic
Khan said that he will stand with his people all
the times and shall share their miseries. Khan said
from the last few days he is continuously visiting
various areas and it's a fact that people are
homeless and helpless. Khan said that providing
the tent and relief material to the affected people

Navratra festival may

revive pilgrimage
to Holy Cave

Secretary JKPCC Thakur

congratulated the Indian Space
Research Oranisation (ISRO)
and the team of Mars Orbiter
Mission (MOM) for their
successfully fired 'Mangalyaan'
in Martian Orbit.
He was speaking in a
meeting of Congress workers of
Jammu-West which was
organized by the Block
Congress Committees to
congratulate Indian Space
Research Organization (ISRO)
and the team of Mars Orbiter
Mission (MOM) for their
successfully fired 'Mangalyaan'.
is just for initial restoration. Khan said no doubt While addressing the meeting
state Government and District administration is Thakur Manmohan Singh said
doing all efforts but still a lot more has to be done
for complete rescue and relief operation. Khan
said that Congress is the only party which has set
new examples in the way of development and a
special focus was always kept towards the J&K.
Now BJP in the centre must understand the
miseries of public and they must announce a
special relief package for J&K as the state has
already passed through the turmoil militancy and
these prevailing conditions shall drag the state 10
years back.
Khan stressed upon the various NGO's and
other agencies to work in coordination with
District administration and distribute the relief
material to the needy ones. As the reports are
pouring that only specific people are getting
benefit of relief material again and again. Khan
cautioned the people that coalition government
shall stand with the aspiration of public. Khan
directed the health authorities to conduct the
camps in the various flood affected areas to
provide the best health care services to the public
and medicines must be available free of cost to
them. Khan said that Angadwari
workers/FMPHWS should come forward for JAMMU, SEPT. 24: In a high
proper immunization of children as they are spirited meeting organized at
having weak immune systems and can expose to party headquarters by BJP
any epidemic.
Jammu West District President
He asked the revenue officers to expedite the Rajesh Gupta, party activists
process of assessment of losses. Khan asked the applauded and congratulated
concerned officers of the districts to restore Indian Space Scientists on the
Power supply and Water supply to the areas successful entry of Mars
where it has been snapped. Khan also issued on Orbiter Mission (MOM) in
spot directions to Executive Engineer PWD and Mars Orbit. The leaders, in
Ex-En PMGSY to restore road connectivity in the addition, while applauding
cut off areas.

realization of the vision of our

late prime ministers Pt.
Jawaharlal Nehru, Smt. Indira
Gandhi and Shri Rajiv Gandhi
who have sown the seeds for
India's Space Programme. It
was their sincere hope that this
endeavour would inspire future
generations of the country to
pursue the study of science and
technology. This achievement
also places India in a very elite
club of advanced space faring
nations in the World.Prominent
among those who were present
in the meeting S/Shri Pt.
Keshavand, Jawaharlal Kaul,
Vijay Sharma, Pawan Kumar
Sharma, Joginder Singh Chib
and others.

Nagar dedicated NSS Day to

distribution of relief among the
flood victims in Malika Chak
village about 35 km from here
on the second consecutive day
While displaying the ideals of
National Service Scheme (NSS)
launched in 1969 to involve
youth and students in
community service, a group of
about 50 NSS volunteers led by
NSS Programme Officers Prof.
Shrotika Rajput and Dr. Ashaq
Malik visited remote village
Malika Chak ahead of Phalan
Mandal and distributed relief
material among flood affected
Principal of College, Dr.

BJPapplauds Indian scientists for MOM success

Soporis organize Sufi music programmes

to raise funds for flood victims


the eve of the beginning of 9 day

long Navratri festival the base
camp of Mata Vaishno Devi,
Katra is hoping to receive large
rush of pilgrims to revive the
Following heavy rains and
devastating floods in J&K, the
pilgrimage to Mata Vaishno
Devi shrine too had taken a
major hit. For four long days the
yatra remained suspended due to
torrential rains and continuous
landslides along the yatra track.
Despite improvement in the
weather in the last two weeks the
pilgrimage recorded lowest
numbers. The reason was poor
road network and uncertainty in
the mind of disciple visiting
from outside the state.
Now with the beginning of the
Navratra festival the shrine
board authorities and local
businessmen are hoping to see
increasing rush of pilgrims in the
Unlike previous years the
shrine board authorities have
decided to keep the festival a low
key affair and have decided
against organising multiple
programs to attract rush of
pilgrims. Meanwhile, elaborate
security arrangements have been
made in place to ensure incident
free pilgrimage in the coming
days. Extra policemen and para
military forces have been
deployed to secure the yatra
track. The security agencies are
also relying on electronic
surveillance in the Bhawan
shrine and along the yatra track
and in Katra base camp to keep
a tight vigil on the suspected

Volunteers of Government the relief material, said that it is people help distribute relief

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: General that this occasion also marks the College for Women, Gandhi appreciable to give NSS Day material in a well organized

District administration must ensure

proper districbution of relief material

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Shabir Ahmed Khan

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: The NSS Kiran Bakshi, who flagged off Ram along with other local

congratulated Prime Minister

Narendra Modi for the
successful conduct of MOM.
They also joyously greeted the
Union MoS, Science &
Technology and Space
Research Dr. Jitendra Singh,
the son of the soil, who is
presently heading the Ministry.
Leader of legislative party
Ashok Khajuria, on this
occasion, said that it is indeed
a landmark achievement as
India has entered into a group
of world's top technologically
advanced nations and has been
achieving one success after the
other in the field of space
research and progammes.
It has made India the first
country in the world to
successfully send a spacecraft
to Mars on its very maiden
He added that it is very
gratifying and worthy of being
proud of the fact that the space
orbiter has been launched into
space by indigenous launch
vehicle PSLV and not by a
European launch vehicle.
State General Secretary
(Org.) Ashok Kaul said that
India's ISRO has become the
fourth space agency in the

world to reach Mars, after the

Russian space agency, USA's
NASA and the European Space
Agency. He said that although
the credit for MOM's success
goes to Prime Minister
Narendra Modi and ISRO team
but as the ministry is headed
by our MP Dr. Jitendra Singh,
it is obviously that we feel
pride in claiming our state's
contribution in the field.
He said that whatever has
been achieved by the ISRO
international laurels for them
and the country and has also
earned respect for its industry's
technological resilience.
District President Rajesh
Gupta thanked the party
activists to come forward in
appreciating the success of
MOM and said that this
achievement on part of the
government will inspire and
boost the morale of young
scientists across the country.
He expressed hope that the
Indian scientists will add more
feathers in the space research
and programmes of the country
and take the nation to new

Absconder arrested

'Concert for Kashmir' is an

attempt will be made to bring
people together through music
and create more funds and
concern for the victims of the
floods to ensure the State esp.
the Valley restores its glorious
title of Paradise on Earth".
"The purpose of this 'concert
for Kashmir - Ehsaas-eKashmir' concert is to show our
solidarity with the people of
Kashmir," said Steiner, who
along with his wife Eliese
felicitated the concert. "The
events in Kashmir are
heartbreaking. These are worst
floods since 1904. The situation
there is still difficult and it is not
over because the water is
receding. In many respects, it
will become worse, it will
become cold and there is risk of
water-borne diseases," he said.
Efforts by the German
ambassador has so far mobilised

Steiner said he has set himself

"a goal of Rs 1 crore. It is only a
gesture we are talking about but
a gesture coming from the
heart," he said. The supplies
would be transported to
Kashmir in three trucks, the first
of which was flagged off by him
Meanwhile, Abhay Rustum
Sopori said the idea of a concert
originated after a conversation
with Steiner and his wife. "I
called him up and in between
the conversation asked him can
we do something. He didn't
hesitate," said the junior Sopori
who was part of the last year's
historic concert at the Shalimar
Bagh in Srinagar in September
by legendary maestro Zubin
Mehta with the Bavarian State
Orchestra and Sopori's
Kashmiri ensemble "Soz-oSaaz" organized by the German

way. "We are also thankful to

Platform of Humanitarian
Agencies in Bihar who are
currently in J&K assessing the
needs of flood affected areas for
their help to reach the
unreached", said one of NSS
Programme Officers.
The NSS Volunteers along
with NCC Cadets distributed
about 300 cloths in Surya Chak
another flood affected area
covering some 100 families on
Others who played key role
in collection and distribution of
relief material include NSS
Programme Officers Dr. Shiveta
Gandotra and Prof Nazia

Dogra Kranti Dal student

wing protest against DC

UDHAMPUR, SEPT. 24: to urgent call and not even send

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: A special in the last two weeks. The a total of Rs 75 lakhs and JAMMU, SEPT. 24:Police Station Bakshi Nagar arrested one
concert led by music legend
Pandit Bhajan Sopori and
maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori
was organized by the German
Embassy in collaboration with
SaMaPa (Sopori Academy of
Music And Performing Arts) to
raise funds for the victims of the
floods in J&K. The concert was
organized by the efforts of
German Ambassador Michael
Steiner in the lawns of his
residence here, the concert late
last evening evoked sublime
melodies with typical Kashmiri
instruments like Santoor,
Rabab, Tumbaknari, Matka
among others. Sufi singer
Ragini Rainu also gave a special
Pt. Sopori said "the recent
floods have perhaps been the
worst natural catastrophe our
State has faced. It's been painful
to see what people of Jammu
and Kashmir have gone through

celebration a healing touch. It is

result of week-long efforts of
NSS volunteers that we are able
to contribute little towards
restoring the lives of fellow
humans, she said.
More than 140 households
were provided with new and
partially used cloths, blankets
and variety of food items
including oil, milk powder, tea,
spices, sugar, pulses, biscuits
commodities. There is no better
way to celebrate NSS Day than
to serving the needy and
especially those whose lives
have been devastated by floods,
said an excited NSS Volunteer.
The Surpanch of area Palak

absconder namely Amol Singh S/o Shiv Ram R/o H.No.529,

Janipur Colony, Jammu from Mahesh Pura Near GMC, Jammu.
He was involved in Case FIR No.59/1995 U/S 341/336/34 RPC,
4/25 AAct. and was evading his arrest from last 05 months. Police
produced him in the court of law.

40 Ltrs. Lahan recovered

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Based on information, police team and

Incharge Police Post Jourian conducted a raid at village Jad,

Jourian in the house of Taranjeet Singh S/o Balwan Singh and
recovered 40 Litres Lahan which he was using to prepare Desi
Liqour. The Lahan was seized and accused arrested by the police
after registration of case FIR No. 195/2014 U/S 48 Excise Act at
Police Station Akhnoor. Further investigation of the case is going

Rapist arrested

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: Rape accused wanted in case FIR No.

30/2014 U.S 376/506/109 of Police Station City was arrested

today from Shalamar colony, Hansi Road Teh and Distt. Karnal
Haryana. Special team headed by SI Altaf Hussain Incharge PP
residency was constituted to arrest the accused involved in the
above mentioned case. The accused Varinder Kumar S/O Ram
Chander caste Pal had committed the offence and fled away.

Callous behavior of Deputy

Commissioner Udhampur while
dealing with natural calamity
which struck whole state,
student wing of Dogra Kranti
Dal protest against Dy
outside Jammu University gate.
Irked students burn the effigy of
Dy. Com Udhampur under the
chairmanship of Kailesh Mohan
president of Dogra Krant Dal.
Hundred of student gathered
outside the University gate and
stage protest against Deputy
Yasha Mudgal. Students were
demanding action against Dy.
Com. Udhampur for non
performing her duty.
kailesh Mohan president
DKD said that Dy. Com.
responsible for the deaths of
around 40 persons in village
Saddle of panchyat Panjar in
Panchari Block of Distt
Udhampur. He said heavy rain
started on 03.09.14 up to
06.09.14 and on 6th sep at 12.oo
clock land slide started at
village saddle.
People of the ravaged village
tried to contact Dy Com.
Udhpur but she didn't respond

any rescue team to save

precious human lives. People
were crying for help but distt.
administration fails to send
helicopter to save them.
Unfortunately the rescue
team reach on next day at 4pm,
when so many people are
missing and only nine dead
bodies have been recovered so
far. Hundreds of people have
been migrated to safer places
for succor and temporary
Mohan Further described
behavior of Dy Commissioner a
pure criminal negligence for
which she is directly
responsible. Protested students
demands that FIR should be
register against the Dy Com,
otherwise DKD would start
agitation in whole Jammu
DKD students leaders said
large quantity of food grain is
lying idol at Udhampur railway
station which is sent for
distribution to rain affected
people but unfortunately Dy
Com is busy in photosession
rather than taking keen interest
towards rain affected people of
Udhampur district so that their
mesires can be reduced.

Huge relief material

distributed: BJP

JAMMU, SEPT. 24: The Surankote, Akhnoor, Phalay

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is
firm in its commitment to help
the masses affected by the recent
floods in every nook and corner
and the farthest and remotest
areas of Jammu and Kashmir.
The party has been mobilizing
relief materials like rations,
clothes and medicines all over
the country and sending them to
the needy. Already, around 50
trucks of relief materials has been
dispatched to the flood-affected
areas, according to state
spokesperson Arun Kumar
When the enormity of floods
dawned on everyone, the BJP
was quick off the blocks in
helping the needy. It had
immediately moved rations,
clothes and life-saving drugs to
the affected people who had been
hit hard by the natural calamity,
Gupta said. The BJP workers
were involved in rescue and
relief efforts from day one the
floods hit the people. They had
delivered relief material
comprising rations like flour,
rice, potatoes and onions etc to
the doorsteps of the flood
affected, a press release issued by
the party said here on
Wednesday.The party is
committed to render all possible
help to the flood-hit people
located in areas spread as far
wide a Rajouri, Ramban,
Thanamandi, Nowshera, Poonch,

Mandal, Kalakote, Pancheri etc

to name just a few. It is trying to
help the needy in far-off places
like Ramsoo and nearer Jammu
in Gujjar Nagar, Gujjar Basti and
Gorkha Nagar as well.
In order to coordinate its relief
efforts, the BJP had formed
different committees for the
affected areas in Kashmir and in
the Jammu region. The
committee members were tasked
to visit the respective affected
areas and then send relief
The party workers have not
neglected any particular area as is
being insinuated by some
quarters. They have already sent
relief materials to Reasi, Gool,
Mahore, Arnas, Sunderbani,
Vijaypur, Ramnagar, Samba,
Nagrota, Paragwal, Udhampur,
Gangyal, Chattha, Naibasti,
Domana and Marh too, besides
several other places, the press
release clarified.
It is patently wrong to accuse
the party of failing to provide
relief materials to several areas in
the Jammu province. The party
workers continue to move from
place to place, making an
assessment of the needs of the
people and then sending relief
material to them. It is being done
in a coordinated manner and
more material is being mobilized
for distribution among the floodhit.


Jammu | Thursday | September 25 | 2014

NYK relief
camp at Panjar

Udhampur, Sept. 24: To

assist the affected families of

Panchari tehsil who have lost
their kins and shelters after
the recent heavy rain, flash
flood and landslides in the
district, Nehru Yuva Kendra
Udhampur organized a
three-day Relief Camp at
Panjar in Panchari tehsil of
Udhampur district.
The relief camp was
organized under the
supervision of District Youth
Coordinator Nehru Yuva
Kendra, Nissar Ahmed Butt.
During the camp,
volunteers of NYK under the
surveillance of Gagandeep
Singh distributed relief
material like food, medical
aid and blankets etc.
Among others Namberdar
of Panjar, volunteers of
NYK which including Rahul
Singh, Aman Deep, Yash
Paul and Mohinder Singh
were also present on the



66 people lost their lives by deep pit Youth Congress distributes relief material
on small bridge in Rajpur Bhatta

Sunderbani, Sept. 24: In Youth club Mela Sunderbani, families whose persons was
happening of barat bus accident
by a small deep pit on small
bridge bad days come in village
Rajpur Bhatta,s of 66 people
who expired wash away in
heavy flood by barat bus. Have
a sensitive driver drive a bus
then no happen in this village all
the sin of driver Lalit Sharma
who run away from spot &
police only registered a case but
no arrest to accused driver.
Police administration is flying a
joke of victims who is not in
world. Fifteen days ago on 4th
September 2014 was black day
of Rajpur Bhatta,s 66 persons
who wash away in heavy flood
by crossing barat bus on
diversation (small puli) & 66
members ladies, gents &
children were died by this
incident only 49 bodies
recovered in few days 19 bodies
were untraceable. This was
colossal loss, every people have
no words to express
Some Non
Government Organizations
(NGO) Singh Youth Club
Sunderbani, Singh is King
Youth Club Sunderbani, Divya

Bargav youth club & Shaheed

Bhagat Singh youth club came
in the spot judgment of this
happening & discuss to local
people for this incident retired
captain Ajeet Singh & retired
sub inspector of police Kirpal
Singh said since 2012 we
already complaint to GREFF
department for fill up this pit
but they do not done this work.
They said 15 crore project of
constructing of the bridge over
this nallah where foundation
stone was laid by former
member of parliament Madan
Lal Sharma & Member
Legislative Assemble(MLA)
Nowshera Radhey Shyam
Sharma three year ago no the
complete the bridge only made
two pillars this bridge work is
only six months. President of
Singh Youth Club Zorawar
Singh said have any one work
was complete then we no lost 66
lives said this incident's accused
is only bus its registration
number JKO2AK 9075 of
driver Lalit Sharma. Genuine
demands of these people give us
a minority status all the 29

expired in this incident give a

government job one family
member of each family.
These people are freedom
fighters that area is belongs to
shaheed garh in 1947 war this
area was given by these people.
But state government always
discrimination to these people
they said in 2010 revenue
minister Raman Bhalla evicted
to some only Sikh families in
this village not evicted other
religion people.

Man attacked
by Bear

Udhampur, Sept. 24: One

Charu Ram (38) son of

Srupa of Nap Latti in Tehsil
Chenani here was attacked
by a bear today.
The victim was returning
home after grazing goats
and from a jungle when
suddenly a bear attack him.
He was seriously injured
and people took him to PHC

Surankote, Sept. 24: Youth Navodaya Vidhyalaya Surakote and he also requested the and youth leaders including
Congress State President
Shahnawaz Choudhary, today,
visited various flood affected
areas in Surankote Assembly
Constituency. He also visited
flood relief camp at Potha in
Surankote and Surankote
Market Relief Camp where he
distributed relief material
including blankets and food
items among the victims.
Later he visited Jawahar

bank convenes
Arya Pratinidhi Sabha LeadDLRC
distributes relief material

Rajouri, Sept. 24; Lead Bank thread bare review of banker's

Rajouri, Sept. 24: Criticizing accelerate the relief process so relief materials, which include
the State Government headed
by Chief Minister Omar
Abdullah for its failure to
expedite the distribution of
relief and rehabilitation
materials among the people who
were badly affected due to
recent floods which engulfed
both Jammu and Kashmir
regions of the State, Bharatiya
Janta Party (BJP) State Vice
President Vibodh Gupta today
welcomed the members of the
Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (APS) in
Rajouri for distributing relief
materials among the victims of
the natural calamity.
administration of twin border
districts- Rajouri and Poonch to

that the people who were

affected in the floods can be
compensated at the earliest so
that they would be able to live
their routine life.
He also appreciated the role
being played by many Non
Governmental Organizations
(NGOs) at this time of crises.
"NGOs are playing a major role
in providing relief to the needy
peoples and government is
walking at a snail's pace", Gupta
said while welcoming the
members of APS who distribute
relief materials among the
Speaking on the occasion,
APS President Arun Choudhary
said that the Sabha has provided

here today has claimed to have
busted a gang of burglars and
arrested five burglars Deep
Singh @ Deepu son of Avtar
Singh of Bant Chenani, Rakesh
Kumar @ Mohan Lal son of
Luxman Dass of Meer Pancheri,
Sushil Kumar @ Sunil son of
Mohan Lal of Mongari
Pancheri, Vicky son of Des Raj
of Garrian Talab Udhampur and
Sanju son of Kaka of Ramnagar
A/P Jail Road Udhampur.
These burglars were arrested
by Police Station Udhampur in
connection with the series of
burglaries which they did on 1909-2014 and 20-09-2014. The
arrests were made within 48
hours of the commission of the
crime. There were four cases
registered in the Police Station

Udhampur under FIR No.

351/2014 U/S 457/380 RPC,
352/2014 U/S 457/380 RPC,
353/2014 U/S 379 RPC and
354/2014 U/S 457/380 RPC in
which one Cow, 03 Motor
Cycles, readymade garments,
Cigarettes, Mobile and Cash Rs.
17547 were stolen. All the
goods and cash were recovered
within 48 hours of the
Immediately special Anti
constituted by the SSP
Udhampur, after thefts the
arrests were made by SHO
Police Station Udhampur
Mahesh Sharma Inspector and
Dy.SP Hqrs. Udhampur Gourav
Mahajan under the overall
supervision of SSP Udhampur
Mohd Suleman Choudhary.

solar lights, tents, kambals,

ration, sweaters etc, among the
members of about 100 families
who were identified as most
severely affected due to recent
rains and floods.
He also informed that the
APS is committed for the social
cause and is always standing
with the society in the need of
District President APS Atam
Gupta also addressed the
gathering and appreciated the
timely action of AYS in
providing relief material to the
victims of floods and rain.
District President APS
Jammu Arun Gupta also present
on the occasion.

office convened a DLRC

meeting of bankers and district
departments here today with
Jitendera Kumar Singh in the
The meeting was attended by
Dinesh Gupta AGM RBI,
district officers of line
department and Bankers.
The meeting reviewed the
performance of banks in key
areas relating to deposits,
advances under priority sector,
financial inclusion, financial
literacy programmes, CD ratio,
progress under government
sponsored schemes for the
quarter ended June 2014.
LDM, Anoop Bhat, briefed
the meeting about the
achievement of banks under
Annual action plan2014-15.
Annual targets of 28058 set for
priority sector advance for
2014-15 and achievement as on
30-06-2014 which stood at
3713 lakhs which, Rs 1184 lakh
agriculture sector, Rs 1029
lakhs under micro and small
enterprise, Rs 18.50 lakhs under
Education and Rs 192 lakhs
under Housing sector.
Jitendera Kumar Singh had a

performance. He expressed
dissatisfaction over the
performance being shown by
the banks for the quarter of June
He said that the performance
of the banker is "very poor and
pathetic" and asked them to
individually explain the reason
for such performance with low
financial inclusion, poor flow of
GLC, even CD targets being
projected for the banks are not
achieved, in which SBI shows
the least CDR, as on 31-032014, of about 9.80 % followed
by PNB at 10.28%.
DDC bankers asked to make
a specific plan to achieve the set
CDR that target.
He also expressed dismay
over bank's on low Percentage
of Education loan, which is just
2.2%, saying that said it is
almost a "Zero performance on
your part". He asked BM Anoop
Bhat to convene a special
DLRC in the month of October.
He asked the departments to
provide early targets to bank
district coordinator so as to
achieve desired results. He
directed bankers to discuss with
concerned district officers
before reflecting any sponsored

where the building of the school

was damaged due to heavy land
sliding. He along with the
Principal of the school analyzed
the situation and demanded the
construction of school buildings
at some other safe place.
Speaking to the victims of flood
at a Relief Camp, Choudhary
said that the flood has caused a
great loss to the residents of
Surankote alongside the river

Nowshera, Sep 24: Flood

and heavy rainfall victims of

villages Choki, Ganya,
Dabar, Henjana, Bhajanova
were given relief materials
here today.
Industrialist of Delhi,
Kunal Bhakri of K.K Bartan
Store distributed the relief
material including utensils
among 300 victim families.
SDPO Pradeep Singh
Goria was the Chief Guest
on the occasion.

JKP to contribute one day salary for flood victims

Srinagar, Sept. 24: All ranks of rescue

Jammu and Kashmir Police
would contribute one day salary
to Chief Minister's Flood Relief
Fund. The decision was taken at
a high level meeting of police
officers held at Police
Headquarters (PHQ) here today.
Director General of Police,
Mr. K. Rajendra Kumar,
chairing the meeting said that in
this hour a grief, Jammu and
Kashmir Police would provide
every possible support to the
flood victims. He said that after

Organization has undertaken
various relief activities to
provide assistance to the
sufferers. Besides medical aid
and blankets, tents and food
items have been provided in
order to alleviate the hardships
of the people, whose houses
have been erased by floods, said
the DGP. Mr. Rajendra said that
a large number of police
personnel have suffered a great
losses as their houses and
belongings have been damaged

but responding to the call of

duty they get themselves
engaged in the rescue and relief
operations, ignoring their
personal hardships. The
contribute is a small gesture and
the Organization deems it a
responsibility towards the
society to contribute in this hour
of grief and sorrow. The DGP
disclosed that Police Housing
Corporation has also presented a
cheque of Rs. 51 lacs as
contribution to Chief Minister's
Relief Flood Fund.

Khan, National
Secretary of NSUI, Sakander
Hayat, Assembly Youth
Congress President Surankote,
Mohd Yaseen, VP, AYC
Surankote, Ajaz Choudhary,
President Assembly Youth
Congress Mendhar, Abhishek
Dogra, State Secretary, NSUI,
Rafakat, College President,
NSUI Surankote, Bukhtiar
Shah among others.

DDC visits flood ravaged areas of Mahore

Reasi, Sept. 24: To assess the completely damaged.

damages caused by the
incessant rains and flash floods
in the district, District
Development Commissioner,
Reasi, Shabir Ahmad Bhatt
today visited remote villages
of Mahore.
DDC accompanied by SDM
Mahore Ashwani Kumar, ACD
Reasi Joginder Singh Rai and
departments visited Mullas, a
village of Mahore where about
30 houses have been


Nowshera, Sep 24: Victims

of flash floods and heavy

rains here today have
demanded relief and
rehabilitation materials from
the government.
Expressing resentment
these victims said that till
date no tent has been
provided to them and the
Tarpal given to them is of no
They have said that
authorities have played a
dirty joke with them.

Inter-college symposium held

Relief given
Udhampur, Sept. 24:
to natural

government to take appropriate

measures to rehabilitate them
taking no time.
He also distributed blankets
and other essentials at various
other places in Surankote as a
primary relief measure for the
flood victims who suffered loss
to their houses and agricultural
Shahnawaz Choudhary was
accompanied by various locals

While interacting with the

people, DC assured that the
administration would provide
every assistance to rehabilitate
affected families. He further
issued on spot instruction to
the officials to provide
immediate relief to these
families and to identify new
place for shifting of these
Later, in a meeting with
departments, members of PRI

and locals at Chassana, DDC

took stock of restoration of
public utilities and relief work.
He directed the concerned
officers to ensure speedy and
timely restoration of essential
services and supplies to avoid
inconvenience to people. He
also enquired from the officials
of CA&PD about the stocks of
ration. He stressed on the need
for immediate and adequate
supply of ration and other
essential commodities to the
affected areas.

Kichloo seeks Rs 100

Cr Central assistance

New Delhi, Sept. 24: The State Government and the three
Conference was held today
under the chairmanship of
Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Union
Minister for Textiles New Delhi.
Sajad Ahmad Kichloo,
Minister for State Industries &
Commerce highlighted the
difficulties faced by the artisans
and other stakeholders in J&K
State following large scale
devastation caused by the recent
floods. The State Industries
Minister expressed his gratitude
to the Prime Minister and the
Union Home Minister as well as
other senior Ministers of the
Union Cabinet who personally
visited the State at the height of
the calamity and offered
substantial support to the State
The State Industries Minister
apprised the Union Textile
Minister about the massive
damage caused to the
government and private
industrial infrastructure and
property. Thousands of artisans
and weavers whose assets like
looms, raw material, processed
and finished goods have been
damaged or completely
destroyed have been rendered
jobless. The havoc caused by the
floods has also taken a toll on
the infrastructure of the
Handicraft and Handloom
Departments of the State

Corporations namely J&K

Handicrafts (Sales & Export)
Development Corporation, J&K
Corporation and the J&K
Industries (JKI) that owns the
famous Rajbagh Silk Factory
and the Bemina woolen Mills.
The State Industries Minister
also informed the gathering that
the handicrafts and handloom
exports from the State to outside
State and India brings into the
State about Rs. 2000 Cr
annually which is second only to
Tourism and Horticulture
sectors of the State from the
point of view of sales turnover.
In order to provide succor to the
handicraft and handloom sectors
in the state, the State Industries
Minister proposed grant of
exemption from payment of
income tax for the next two to
three years besides release of
financial assistance to the tune
of Rs. 100 Cr.
The meeting was attended by
all State Ministers of Textiles,
Union Secretary Textiles,
Industries & Commerce
Department, J&K Govt,
Khurshid Ahmed Ganai, and
senior officers of the Textiles
Commissioners of Handicraft
and Handlooms and officers
from other State Governments.


Present: Inder Singh

R/o Kunde Chall
Udhampur, Sept. 24: Inter on the number of practical well as Ms. Palvi Gupta from (Chall Sardar Attar Singh) Teh Hiranagar Distt
College symposium on the topic measures which can be taken at GDC Ramnagar.
"Preservation of Ozone- Layer" individual level to contribute to Ms. Diksha Gupta and Ms. Kathua.
was organized by the Science
Club of GCW Udhampur in
which 16 students of different
colleges participated. The
symposium was coordinated by
Ms. Sunita Razdan District
Coordinator Science and
Dr. Bhavnaish Chand
convener of the symposium
presented welcome address and
spoke that man made
chlorofluoro carbons and
bromofluoro carbons pose
major threat to the ozone layer
Principal of the college Dr.
Youdhvir Singh who was chief
guest of the symposium stressed

the protection of ozone layer.

Dr. Sanjay Verma (H.O.D
Udhampur), Dr. Arun Kumar
Sharma (H.O.D Chemistry),
and Prof. Brinder Kumar
(H.O.D Zoology) from the host
college acted as jury members.
First and second prizes were
bagged by Ms. Sunanda Bakshi
and Ms. Archana Khajuria
respectively from GCW
Udhampur, while third prize
was clinched by Ms. Shabeena
Akhter from GDC Boys
Udhampur. Consolation prizes
were awarded to Ms. Navpreet
Kour from GCW, Udhampur
and Ms. Meenakshi Devi as

Preeti Sharma of B.Sc. part -III

conducted the proceedings of
the programme, while Prof.
Ashni Devi (H.O.D Botany)
delivered vote of thanks.
The program ended with the
distribution of prizes and
certificates among winners/
participants by the principal of
the college Dr. Youdhvir Singh
and convener of the symposium
Dr. Bhavnaish Chand.
Prominent among others
present on the occasion were
Prof. Ravinder Kour, Dr.
Shalini Sharma, Dr. Ashok
Kumar, Dr. Parveen Kumari,
Prof. BP Singh and Prof. Neetu

Legal awareness camp held

Nowshera, Sep 24: A free legal advice camp calamity, relief operations and rights of children.
was organized by Tehsil Legal Committee here The camp was accomplished by Advocate
today at Government Middle School Makdi.
Varun Gujaral and Sumit Kour. Zonal Education
Flood and heavy rain victims were made Officer and Legal Assistant Sudesh Kumar and
aware about damages caused by the natural others were also present.

1. Param Jeet Kour W/o Suchha Singh D/O Mohinder
2. Suchha Singh S/o Chhaja Singh Both R/o Pangdour,
Teh and District Samba.



Whereas, petitioner has filed the above petition for

issuance of succession to the petitioner with respect to
fixed deposit vide bank account No. 30209 and receipt
No. 130825 to the tune of Rs. 70,255/- deposited by
mother of the petitioner in the State Bank of India Branch
office Kehli Mandi Samba Tehsil and District Samba.
Through this notice, public at large is informed that
anyone having any objection to the claim put forth by the
petitioner with respect to passing of decree in favour of
petitioner by the under signed, in her favour as shall
appear before this court either personally or through
Advocate/pleader or recognized agent and file objections
and contest the claim, if any on or before the next date
fixed in the petition,-failing which an appropriate order
shall be passed accordance with law.
issued today the 23-09-2014 under my seal

Distt & Sessions Judge


Jammu | Thursday | September 25 | 2014

GCW Parade bags Judo,

basketball, kabaddi titles

JAMMU, Sept 24: Today was earned 20 points points.

the day of Government College
for Women (GCW) Parade
when the teams representing the
institution clinched three title
trophies of Judo, Basketball and
Kabaddi in the inter-college
judo competitions, organised by
the Department of Sports and
Physical Education, University
of Jammu at different venues,
In Judo, the GCW Parade
team secured highest 38 points
to claim the overall
championship trophy. The
second place went to GCW
Gandhi Nagar after the college

The Detailed Results: 44 kg:

Sumati Singh, GCW Parade, Ist;
Mahima Sharma, GCW Gandhi
Nagar, 2nd. 48 kg: Yashika
Jamwal, GWC Parade, Ist;
Aradhana, GCW Gandhi Nagar,
2nd. 52 kg: Isha Wazir, GCW
Parade, Ist; Shivangi Jamwal,
GDC Paloura, 2nd ; Sapna
Jamwal, GCW Gandhi Nagar,
3rd and Aaiza Nabi, PG
Departments, 3rd. 57 kg: Paheli
Sharma, PG Departments, Ist;
Konica, GCW Parade, 2nd and
Jaswinder Kour, GCW Gandhi
Nagar, 3rd. 63 kg: Ponam
Sharma, GWC Parade, Ist;

Barkha Devi, GCW Gandhi

Nagar, 2nd and Sonam Sharma,
PG Departments, 3rd. 70 kg:
Sadaf Iqbal Khan, GCW Parade,
Ist and Diksha Sharma, GCW
Gandhi Nagar, 2nd. 78 kg:
Shivali Sharma, GCW Parade,
Ist; Yasmeen Malik, GCW
Gandhi Nagar, 2nd and Sadaf,
PG Departments, 3rd. Open
weight: Sadaf Iqbal Khan,
GCW Parade, Ist and Madhu
Rani, GCW Gandhi Nagar, 2nd.
Parade also clinched the intercollege basketball trophy
beating the combined side of PG
Departments by a wafer thin

England captain Alastair Cook

will lead the side at next year`s
World Cup in Australia and
New Zealand after being named
Wednesday as skipper for an
upcoming one-day international
series in Sri Lanka on
Wednesday, national selector
James Whitaker confirmed.
"He will be our leader at the
World Cup," Whitaker told Sky
Sports after the 16-man squad
for a seven-match ODI series in
Sri Lanka in November and
December was announced.
Left-handed opening batsman
Cook faced questions over his
form and leadership throughout
all of England`s recent home

campaign but answered his Test

critics by leading the side to a 31 series win over India
following a defeat by Sri Lanka.
However, doubts about his
suitability for white-ball cricket
persisted following a 3-1 oneday international series loss to
world champions India that
included several thumping
But despite a strike-rate of
under 80, relatively slow by
modern one-day standards, he
has, as widely forecast, retained
his place as both captain and
opener in the one-day set-up.
England have never won the
World Cup in nearly 40 years`
of trying.
The 11th edition takes place
in Australia and New Zealand
from February 14 to March 29,
England squad to tour Sri
Alastair Cook (Esses, capt),
Moeen Ali (Worcestershire),
James Anderson (Lancashire),
Ian Bell (Warwickshire), Ravi
Bopara (Essex), Jos Buttler

(Lancashire, wkt), Steven Finn

(Middlesex), Harry Gurney
(Nottinghamshire), Alex Hales
Jordan (Sussex), Eoin Morgan
(Yorkshire), Ben Stokes
(Durham), James Taylor
Tredwell (Kent), Chris Woakes
Nov 21: 1st warm-up v Sri
Lanka A (Day), Sinhalese
Sports Club, Colombo
Nov 23: 2nd warm-up v Sri
Lanka A (Day), Tamil Union
Oval, Colombo
Nov 26: 1st ODI
(Day/Night), Colombo
Nov 29: 2nd ODI (Day),
Dec 03: 3rd ODI (D/N),
Dec 06: 4th ODI (Day),
Dec 10: 5th ODI (D/N),
Dec 13: 6th ODI (Day),
Dec 16: 7th ODI (D/N),

margin (27-26) of one point in

the final played at MA Stadium,
here today.
Sports Officer of the State
Sports Council, Rajan Sharma
was special guest, who gave
away the winners trophy to
GCW Parade cagers. Also
present were Rajinder Magotra,
Sushma Jamwal, Rajeev Dogra,
Sudesh Kumar, Raj Kumar
Bakshi, Vikas Karlopia, Ranbir
Singh, Suman Lata and Gagan
The closely contested final
officiated by technical penal
comprising SAI coach, Aman
Sharma, Mohd Shafi, Manoj
Kumar and Rajesh Bandral.
Parade today made it record
three titles when they took away
the championship trophy of the
tournament too.
In the final, played on the
campus grounds, the GCW
Parade defeated the combined
side of PG Departments by a
margin of 11 points.
Earlier, in the semifinals, PG
Departments beat GCW
Udhampur by a margin of five
points while GCW Parade
defeated GCW Gandhi Nagar
by just one point.
Today's matches officiated
Anil Sharma, Ankush Gupta,
Gagan Kumar, Harpreet Singh,
Amandeep Singh and Keshav

Tamil Nadu
announces Rs 30
lakh cash award
for Saurav

Chennai, Sep 24: The Tamil

Nadu government on
Wednesday announced a
cash award of Rs 30 lakh for
squash player Saurav Ghosal
for winning a silver medal in
the ongoing Incheon Asian
Games in South Korea.
Jayalalithaa praised the Asia
No.1 for his feat, saying she
was happy to note that this
was his fourth medal in
Asian Games outings.
"I wish to convey my
heartiest congratulations on
behalf of the people of Tamil
Nadu on this magnificent
achievement. As announced
by me in December, 2011,
the financial reward for
sportspersons winning a
silver medal at the Asian
Games has been enhanced to
Rs 30 lakh. You will receive
this cash incentive from the
State Government of Tamil
Nadu," she said. Games:
India survive Jordan scare in
Saurav Ghosal's absence
Saurav Ghosal takes
historic silver, Abhinav
Bindra bags two bronze
In a congratulatory
message to Ghosal, she
greeted him and all others
who had contributed to his
success and hoped he would
bring many more laurels to
the country and Tamil Nadu
in future.

Alastair Cook to lead England Shivnarine Chanderpaul

different in his sense
at ICC World Cup 2015 was
of style: Rahul Dravid

Injured Chris Gayle out of

ODI series against India

New Delhi, Sep 24: Former

India captain Rahul Dravid paid

rich tributes to West Indies
Chanderpaul stating that the
"sheer weight of runs and
duration of international career"
exceptional batsman. The
Guyanese batsman has so far
played 158 Test matches having
scored 11,684 runs with 30
centuries. He played 268 ODIs

JKCA holds combined

U-19 nets today

JAMMU, Sept 24: The Jammu produced before penal of

Association (JKCA) shall be
holding combined selection nets
for under-19 (Vinoo Mankand
limited overs and Cooch Behar
four-day events) category at
Mayank Gowswami Cricket
Academy from 2 pm onwards
tomorrow. As per a handout
issued here today by the
Association, the camp shall be
attended by the short listed
probable from valley also. The
selection made by the already
nominated quorum of selectors
will be considered as final for the
upcoming events of the BCCI.
The selected boys have been
advised to bring their
authenticated age proof
certificates which shall be

selectors. Boys have to report

camp incharge, Harsh Nayyar at
the given venue and time, the
handout added.
The probable from Jammu:
Shubam Khajuria, Nipun Verma,
Jagandeep Singh, Ateev Saini,
Abhishek Bakshi, Suryansh
Raina, Surya Mahotra, Shubham
Singh Pundir, Krithik Gupta,
Sant Baksh, Hinan Malik, Rahul
Sagotra, Agreenay, Ripu Daman
Singh, Ramandeep Singh,
Hitesh Singh, Ashish Gandotra,
Sidhanth Singh, Tayab Farooq,
Sahil Singh Chib, Ajay Sharma,
Kunal, Prajwal Sharma, Abid
Mushtaq, Tribhuwan Singh,
Sahil Sharma, Rishab Gupta,
Sahib Mehta, Aman Sharma and
Shantanu Gupta

Quarters line-up
St John's, Antigua: Still
recovering from a hamstring
injury, swashbuckling batsman
Chris Gayle was on Wednesday
left out of the West Indies' 15member squad for the one-day
series against India scheduled
next month.
The 35-year-old Gayle was
the most notable omission from
the squad to be led by Dwayne
Bravo in the five-match series
starting October 8 in Kochi.
The Caribbeans have brought
in batsmen Marlon Samuels and
Dwayne Smith, and fast bowler
Jerome Taylor for the series.
Richardson keen on West
Iindies head coach position
Other players who have been

left out are batsman Kirk

Edwards and left-arm spinner
Nikita Miller.
Samuels and Smith had
missed the series against New
Zealand Bangladesh earlier this
year. Taylor, however, is
making a return after four years
of struggle with injuries.
West Indies squad for India
Dwayne Bravo (capt), Darren
Bravo, Jason Holder, Leon
Johnson, Sunil Narine, Kieron
Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wk),
Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach,
Andre Russell, Darren Sammy,
Marlon Samuels, Lendl
Simmons, Dwayne Smith,
Jerome Taylor.



drawn in Volleyball
24: Today's matches officiated by
Quarterfinals position has been the technical penal including
cleared with the entry of six Rajhan Sharma, Amit Sharma,
teams in the last eight stages of Sangita Bhatt, Priya Charak and
the ongoing inter college men's Prableen Kour.
Volleyball tournament, organised The Detailed Results (preby the Department of Sports and quarterfinals): GDC Ramnagar
Physical Education, University bt GDC Kathua 2-1 (21-25, 25of Jammu, here today. Teams 21, 15-08); GDC Samba bt New
reaching the last eight stages are Age College Billawar 2-0 (25Government Degree College 12, 25-20); MAM College bt
(GDC) Ramnagar, GDC Samba, GDC Akhnoor 2-0 (25-13, 25Government MAM College, 17); GDC Udhampur bt SVS
GDC Udhampur, GGM Science Sunderbani 2-0 (25-16, 25-14);
College and PG Departments.
GGM Science College bt GDC
The quarterfinals have been Rajouri 2-0 (25-12, 25-13); PG
scheduled for tomorrow at the Department bt GDC Poonch 2-0
same venue from 9 am onwards. (25-19. 25-22).

till 2011 scoring 8778 runs with

11 hundreds. "You only have to
look at his numbers?the sheer
weight of them over the length
of his career - which is not a
short one. He's been consistent,
exceptional in all conditions,"
Dravid was quoted as saying in
'Modern Masters', a video series
by ESPN Cricinfo. Shivnarine
Chanderpaul climbs to number
three in ICC Test rankings
Dravid termed Chanderpaul's
style of batting as a distinctly
different from his peers. "One of
the things you probably forget
about him is the sense of the
style and the way he plays. He's
not really played in a strong
team. He's played in an era when
West Indian cricket hasn't been
at its best so they haven't had a
lot of success as a team. A lot of
his runs has been scored when
West Indies have lost." Dravid
said that Chanderpaul was a
class act while handling India's
famed spin twins Harbhajan
Singh and Anil Kumble at their
best. "The way he's able to
manoeuvre balls of spinners into
gaps was something that stood
out. Standing in slips, you'll be
able to see that Chanderpaul is
able to turn his wrists at the last
minute to people like Harbhajan
Singh and Anil Kumble and just
find the gap when he needed to,"
said Dravid.

Asian Games: Saina, Sindhu sail

into second round of badminton

Incheon, Sep 24: India made a

resounding start in the

individual badminton event of
the 17th Asian Games with ace
shuttlers Saina Nehwal and P V
Sindhu sailing into the second
round of women's singles
competition here Wednesday.
While Olympics bronze
mincemeat of her lesser-known
opponent U Teng Iok of Macau,
notching up a 21-10 21-8 win,
Sindhu whipped Kit Leng Wong
of Macau 21-17 21-13 in
another lop-sided match that
lasted for 19 minutes at the Gyeyang
Gymnasium here. Indian women's doubles pair
of Pradnya Gadre and Sikki Reddy Nelakurthi
and men's doubles combination of B Sumeeth
Reddy and Manu Attri too stormed into the
second round with easy victories.
World number 55 pair of Pradnya and Sikki
gave a lesson or two to their lower-ranked rivals
Sichhya Shrestha and Punam Gurung of Nepal
as they wrapped up their match in just 16
minutes with a 21-16 21-4 win. Sumeeth and
Manu too hardly broke a sweat when they
brushed aside Nasheeu Sharafudden and
Mohamed Sarim of Maldavis 21-7 21-7 in
another lop-sided match that lasted for just 19
In the women's singles match, Saina did not
have to exert herself as her opponent made too
many mistakes to hand over easy points to the

Indian. There were hardly any rallies in the

match as Iok kept sending the shuttle wide and
long to make life easy for Saina.
Eight seed Sindhu, who won four bronze
medals this season, too did not have any
problem for most part of the match but she
committed too many unforced errors in the
dying moments of the match when she was
leading 19-9 to gift away few points to Wong.
However, it was all over soon when Wong hit
long and then found the net as Sindhu marched
into the second round.
However, Indian men's doubles pair of
Akshay Dewalkar and Pranaav Jerry Chopra lost
10-21 15-21 to Chinese combo of Cai Yun and
Fu Haifeng. Parupalli Kashyap and K Srikanth
have been handed byes in the opening round and
will start their campaign in the round of 32 of
the men's singles competition tomorrow.

Marvan Atapattu takes over

as Sri Lanka head coach

Kathua fencing
meet from Oct 2

JAMMU, Sept 24: Organised by

the J&K Amature Fencing

Association, the two-day VIII
District Kathua Fencing
Championship shall take place at
Government High School,
Barota in Billawar from October
two. To train the raw stuff from
the district, the Association has
decided to hold a camp before the
competition starting from
September 27. "Those interested
to take part in this competition
have been advised to attend the
camp from September 27 at 4 pm
onwards at the Government High
School Barota," said fencing
coach, Shotu Lal Sharma.

Colombo, Sep 24: Former Atapattu was named the

captain Marvan Atapattu
became Sri Lanka`s first
full-time local coach in 15
years after he was put in
charge of the national
cricket team on Wednesday.
The executive committee
of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC)
has "unanimously approved
and appointed" Atapattu
with immediate effect, the
SLC said in a statement
without revealing terms and
tenure of the appointment
some five months before
next year`s 50-over World
Cup in Australia and New
Following the resignation
of Englishman Paul Farbrace
in April, 43-year-old

interim coach of the team

which went on to win a test
series in England and a test
and one-day series at home
against Pakistan.
Atapattu, who played 90
tests and 268 one-dayers
from 1990-2007, joined the
Sri Lankan support staff in
2011 as a batting coach and
was made Graham Ford`s
deputy in 2013.
Roy Dias was the last Sri
Lankan to coach the team
full-time in 1999 before SLC
began its experiments with
Sri Lanka will host
England for seven one-day
internationals beginning on
Nov. 26.

2007 ICC World T20 final: When MS Dhoni

asked Joginder Sharma to bowl the last over...

New Delhi, Sep 24: Over the

years, Mahendra Singh Dhoni

has become an enigma, and
more often than not, whatever
he has touched has turned into
gold. Today, we all know that
the Indian skipper trusts his
instinct under precarious
circumstances, and it all began
in the final of inagural edition
of the ICC World T20, where
he asked an unheralded
Joginder Sharma to bowl the
final over against Pakistan.
The rest is history.
September 24, 2007: Thirteen
runs were needed off the last
six balls, and the Pakistan
skipper Misbah-ul-Haq, who
had brought his side back into
the game, was on strike at
Johhanesburg. But for India, it
was only a matter of taking
that one last wicket.

one from Joginder. It was full

and pitched outside the offstump. And Misbah went for
his stroke but couldn't
Details of the last over connect.

bowled by Joginder:

19.1: To make matters

worse, Joginder, who was
under pressure to bowl the
decisive over, started off with
a wide. It was a big wide
bowled outside the off-stump
and Dhoni immediately rushed
to his bowler to calm his
nerves. 19.1: The following
delivery was a much better

12 needed from 5

19.2: Joginder followed it

with a full-toss with width on
offer. Misbah was in position
this time and he whacked it
straight down the ground for a
It was a huge hit under
pressure from the Pakistan
skipper. Misbah, who showed
nerves of steel, was just one

hit away from single-handedly

winning the title for his side.
The Indian fans were short of
nails, and many had given
away hopes. 6 needed from 4.
19.3: Joginder bowled
another ball outside the offstump, Misbah had moved
across his stumps and played a
scoop shot which went high
towards short fine leg,
Sreesath got under the ball and
took it clean! India won the
thriller by 5 runs!!
Many believed that Misbah
played the wrong shot with

just six runs required off the

last four balls. But it was
probably the only shot which
went wrong for him. Not to
wobbling at one stage and it
was Misbah's innings which
got them into a winning
MS Dhoni was a relieved
man as he preferred the
unexperienced Joginder over
Harbhajan Singh, who had one
over remaining. It was also the
first ICC trophy won by India
under Mahi's leadership.


Jammu | Thursday | September 25 | 2014

Islamic State opens

Muslim cleric Mehadi Hasan, who made
objectionable remarks on 'Navratri', slapped 'cinema' to show its crimes

Anand, Sep 24: A man here

Wednesday slapped a Muslim

cleric while he was being taken
to a court after his arrest for
allegedly hurting religious
sentiments of a community by
comments about 'Navratri',
police said.
"A man identified as Rakesh
today slapped and pushed
Imam Mehadi Hasan just
outside the court when police
were taking the Imam to
produce him before the judicial
magistrate at Thasra in Kheda
district," a police officer said.
The man has been detained,
he said. Hasan did not sustain
any injury in the incident,
police said.
Later, Principal Civil Judge
PV Bhatt sent Hasan to 14
days' judicial custody as he
stated that he would not hire an
advocate to defend himself and
Indians take
to Facebook,
Twitter to
hail ISRO

New Delhi, Sep 24: Indians

were elated for becoming the

first country in the world to
enter the Martian orbit in its
maiden attempt Wednesday,
and many took to Facebook and
Twitter saying "mission
Happy and proud Indians,
including many living abroad,
took to the social networking
sites to express their happiness
and share the moment of pride.
Praising the scientists of the
state-run Indian Space
Research Organisation (ISRO),
Sonal Kalra wrote on her
Facebook wall: "Nothing
compares to the proud feeling
of seeing the genuine smiles on
the faces of Indian scientists."
"Congratulations to all the
scientists and engineers of
ISRO on successfully inserting
the Orbiter into Martian orbit,
that too in the first attempt!"
wrote Ravi Prakash on his wall.
Gauraw Patil was more
impressed by the costeffectiveness of the project.
"Mission accomplished.
After world's cheapest $2,500
car, $30 tablet, now comes
mission to Mars at just $74
million. ISRO has achieved
truly a remarkable feat that no
one ever dreamed could be
possible," he tweeted.
"Congrats ISRO-a proud day
for India!! The first country to
enter Mars' orbit on maiden
Indians living abroad were
all praise for the national
broadcaster Doordarshan's live
coverage of the event.
Suyash Chopra, a resident of
the US, tweeted: "Excellent
coverage. You have been
always BEST. Hats off to you
guys. I watched Mars Mission
LIVE from USA, courtesy DD
"Thanks for bringing live
coverage of MOM mission.
Your detailed coverage was
excellent. We watched from
Riyadh, SA (Saudi Arabia),"
tweeted Crusader Cat alias

also refused to seek bail.

Hasan, a Gujarat-based
cleric, had shot into limelight
when he offered a skull cap to
then Chief Minister Narendra
Modi during his 2011
Sadbhavna fast.
The cleric had recently
sparked controversy as he
reportedly termed the state's
most popular festival 'Navratri'

as "a festival of demons".

On September 20, in an
interview to a local newspaper,
Hasan was quoted as saying
that Navratri is a "festival of
Vishwa Hindu Parishad had
taken strong objection to
Hasan's remarks and sought his
arrest before the start of
'Navratri' festival, which begins
Based on the complaint filed
by a VHP leader, the Gujarat
police had yesterday arrested
him from his residence in
Rustampura village of Thasra
taluka in Kheda and booked
him under IPC section 295(A),
which deals with deliberate act
to outrage religious feelings of
people by insulting their
religion and beliefs.
However, Hasan claimed his
comments had been taken out
of context.

and it turns out that combined

with nature and group
settings, it may be a very
stress buster," said senior
study author Sara Warber, an
associate professor at the
University of Michigan in the
US. "Our findings suggest
that something as simple as
joining an outdoor walking
group may not only improve
someone's daily positive
emotions but may also
contribute as a nonpharmacological approach to
serious conditions like
depression," Warber added.
For the study, the
researchers evaluated 1,991
participants from the Walking
for Health programme in

are what awaits those who

oppose them".
"Their real goal is to
terrorise," he added.
A spokesman for the IS, Abu
Mohamed al-Adnani, called
Monday for the indiscriminate
murder of citizens of countries
that have joined the alliance
led by the US to fight the
militant group.
Columnist and sociologist
Emar Jafar said the methods
used by jihadis were an
attempt to get Mosul residents
used to the way they operate.
"They also recruit children
and women for the same
project. Terrorism is being
shown on the screen. That will
also serve to dissuade people
of any intention to recover
their freedom," Jafar said.
"IS understands that movies
increase terror among the
people of Mosul and remove
the last hope left to them, as
well as any thought of
resistance," the sociologist
Activist Mohamed Hashem
also noted that the extremists
information centres in many
parts of Mosul, especially in
the most populous areas.
The centres are managed by
three or four people wearing
an Afghan-style uniform,
distributing pamphlets and
instructions issued by the
Sharia court established by the
group to implement its radical
version of Islam.
The information centres
feature large screens on which
they show the military
operations undertaken by the
IS in various regions of Iraq.
The organisation tries to win
people`s support so as to
recruit volunteers to fight in
their ranks, especially
teenagers and children, owing
to the high unemployment rate
in Mosul, Hashem said.

factor in climate resilience into

programs and investments.
The technology effort, he
said, " includes a new
partnership that will draw on
the resources and expertise of
our leading private sector
companies and philanthropies
to help vulnerable nations
better prepare for weatherrelated disasters, and better plan
for long-term threats like
steadily rising seas."
Developing nations have
maintained that the global
warming and climate change
problems have arisen because
of the polluting technologies
used by the developed nations
as they industrialised and that
they continue to put out
pollutants at levels several
times that of developing
countries on a per capita basis.
In a bold assertion, Obama said,
"We recognize our role in
creating this problem; we
embrace our responsibility to
combat it. We will do our part,
and we will help developing
nations do theirs." But, he
added, "We can only succeed in
combating climate change if we
are joined in this effort by every

developing alike. Nobody gets

a pass." Obama said that US
was giving climate change
assistance to more that 120
countries, "helping more
nations skip past the dirty phase
of development, using current
technologies, not duplicating
the same mistakes and
environmental degradation that
took place previously." He
listed several achievements by
the US in cutting emissions
through a trebling of windgenerated electricity and a
tenfold increase in solar
electricity and requiring
higher environmental standards
for vehicles. Highlighted a
controversial action last week
by which he bypassed Congress
to order power plants to cut
pollution by 30 percent from
their 2005 levels by 2030.
"None of this is without
controversy." he said. "In each
of our countries, there are
interests that will be resistant to
action. And in each country,
there is a suspicion that if we
act and other countries don't
that we will be at an economic
disadvantage.But we have to
lead. That is what the United
Nations and this General
Assembly is about."

India on Wednesday made

history by becoming the first
country in the world to enter
the Martian orbit in its maiden
It is indeed a proud moment as
India now joins the United
States, European Space
Agency and the former Soviet
Union in the elite club of
Martian explorers.
Prime Minister, Narendra
Modi congratulated the
scientists for the remarkable
achievement and said:
History has been created, we
have dared to reach out to the
unknown. India has created
history today, We have reached
which was nearly impossible.
However, the task was not
easy, it was the hard word of a
team of 14 ISRO scientists
who are the think tank behind
this mission.
Here is the list of the people
who made it possible:
K Radhakrishnan: He is the
Chairman of ISRO. He is
being considered as the man of
the moment as he headed the
mission and the overall
demonstrated and proved our

New York, Sep 24: Coping accessible form of exercise



United Nations, Sep 24:

President Barack Obama

acknowledged the role of the
United States in creating the
climate change crisis Tuesday
and told developing nations
Washington will provide
science and technology to help
them combat it.
Addressing the United
Nations Climate Change
Summit, Obama announced
two new policy initiatives for
the US in working with
developing countries. He said
that he was launching "a new
effort to deploy the unique
scientific and technological
capabilities of the United
States, from climate data to
Secondly he said that he is
ordering federal agencies to


Researchers have discovered a

strange new type of brain cell
that sends signals by bypassing
the cell body altogether.
Neurons come in different
shapes and sizes but the basic
blueprint consists of a cell
body, from which protrudes
spindly appendages called
dendrites and axons.
Dendrites are branchlike
structures that receive signals
from other nerve cells and
deliver them to the cell body.
The neuron then processes the
signals and zaps along
information to the next cell via
a long projection called the
The newly discovered cells,
however, have a different, and
until now, unknown process. In
these cells, the signals skip the
cell body altogether, instead
travelling along an axon that
projects directly from one of
the dendrites.
"We found that in more than

Funny Photo

Qaeda militants, Islamists

evacuate Syria bases

Beirut, Sep 24: Al Qaeda`s the

region, the Syrian

Syrian branch, Al-Nusra Front, Observatory for Human Rights
said Wednesday that it is monitoring group said.
evacuating its bases and "Thousands of fighters from
positions in the northeastern Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham

province of Idlib, a day after

US-led strikes were launched
against jihadists. Ahrar alSham, a key Islamist rebel
group allied with Nusra, was
also evacuating its positions in

have evacuated their bases in

Idlib province," the Observatory
said. The Britain-based group,
which relies on a network of
activists and other sources on
the ground, said Ahrar al-Sham

had also urged "civilians to keep

their distance from bases"
belonging to it.
The evacuations came a day
after US air strikes hit a group
of al Qaeda fighters in Aleppo
province, on the border with
Idlib. Washington said the
strikes targeted a cell within AlNusra called Khorasan that was
planning attacks against
Western interests.
The strikes killed at least 50
militants, as well as eight
civilians, according to the
Observatory. Activists and
experts have cast doubt on the
distinction between Khorasan
and Al-Nusra, saying the two
are one and the same, and both
represent al Qaeda in Syria.
The strikes against the group
on Tuesday came after raids by
US forces and Arab allies
against the Islamic State group
in northern and eastern Syria.

V Adimurthy: He is a
professor at Satish Dhawan
Centre and Dean of Research
at the Indian Institute of Space
Science and Technology
(IIST). He is the Mission
Concept Designer for Mars
Orbiter Mission.
Mylswamy Annadurai: He is
presently serving as the
Programme Director for
IRS&SSS (Indian Remote
Sensing & Small, Science and
Student Satellites) that include
Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan2, ASTROSAT, Aditya-1 ,
Mars Orbiter Mission and
many Indian Remote Sensing
B S Chandrashekar: He is

the Director at ISRO

Telemetry, Tracking and
P Robert: He is serving as
the Operations Director,
MOM. He has been with ISRO
since 1990.
Subbiah Arunan: Born in
born in Tirunelveli, Tamil
Nadu, he is the Project
Director of Mars Orbiter
V Kesavaraju: V Kesava
Raju is the Post-Launch
Mission Director of Mars
Orbiter Mission.
P Ekambaram: He is the
Operations Director, MOM
P Kunhikrishnan: He joined
ISRO in 1986. He is the
Launch Mission Director,
S K Shivkumar: He was the
was part of the team that
developed the telemetry
system for Chandrayaan-I. He
is Orbiting payload Director,
B Jayakumar: He is Launch
Vehicle Director of PSLV
V Koteswara Rao: He is the
scientific secretary at ISRO.

Obama admits US role in

Mars Orbiter Mission: Meet the
creating climate change crisis scientists team who made it possible

New type of brain cell discovered REGIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTRE


Mosul (Iraq), Sep 24: The beheading, murder and abuse

Islamic State (IS) Sunni
radical group has opened an
outdoor "cinema" to show
videos of their brutal crimes
and terrorise residents of the
northern Iraqi city of Mosul,
which they have controlled
since June.
The macabre spectacle
began last week amid the
groves and thickets along the
banks of the Tigris river, the
only place that people have to
relax and ease the tensions
caused by the IS occupation of
Iraq`s second-largest city.
A large number of young
people, children and families
gathered at the site waiting to
see the programme that the
extremists would deliver on
big screen monitors that had
been installed for the purpose.
After the curtains were
drawn back, hymns were sung
encouraging people to join the
Sunni jihad movement and, in
particular, IS, which has
occupied large swaths of
Syrian and Iraqi territory.
Then, viewers were
horrified to see scenes of
various bloody slayings by IS
beheadings and murders of
hostages and prisoners of war.
The video that shocked most
people showed the execution
of British journalist David
Haines, who was slaughtered
by a hooded man with a knife.
"The bloody scenes my
family and I have seen are
unbelievable. My little son,
four years old, asked me:
`Dad, why is this man
slaughtering that person?`
What I heard from my son left
me shocked, I didn`t know
how to respond," Mohamed
Sobhi Jarallah told Efe news
For Jarallah, a 34-year-old
resident of Mosul, IS is
showing the videos "to

Stressed? Walk
outdoor to boost spirit

with stress may come without

a cost if you care to go out of
your house and walk with
others in the local natural
Group nature walks are
linked with significantly
lower depression, less
enhanced mental health and
well-being, the findings
The researchers found that
people who had recently
experienced stressful life
events like a serious illness,
death of a loved one, marital
separation or unemployment
especially saw a mood boost
after outdoor group walks.
inexpensive, low-risk and



half of the cells, the axon does

not emerge from the cell body,
but arises from a lower
researcher Christian Thome, a
neuroscientist at Heidelberg
University and the Bernstein
Center Heidelberg-Mannheim.
The new cells were
discovered in the hippocampus
of a mouse. Humans have the
same general brain structure
and types of hippocampus
cells as mice. mThe

hippocampus is home to
extensively branched neurons
called pyramidal cells because
of their triangular cell bodies,
'Live Science' reported.
To map out the connections
researchers used a fluorescent
red protein that stuck to the
origin of each axon protruding
from a cell.
They expected the axons to
extend from the cell bodies.
Instead, they saw that in many
cases, the axons emerged from
the branching dendrites
The base of the
hippocampus is divided into
areas labelled CA1, CA2, CA3
and CA4. The most common
site for strangely shaped cells
was in the CA1 region, where
about 50 per cent of cells had
dendrite-originating axons.
About 28 per cent of cells in
the CA3 region were the
newly discovered shape,
researchers said.


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technological capabilities in
undertaking outer space
missions with an indigenous
rocket and our own
spacecraft, said a beaming
ISRO chairman on the
A S Kiran Kumar: He is the
Application Centre (SAC) and
joined ISRO in the year 1975.
He made his contribution in
the designing and development
of Electro-Optical Imaging
Sensors for Airborne, LEO and
GEO platform based imaging
sensors starting from Bhaskara
TV payload to the latest TMC
ad HySI payloads for
Chandrayaan-1 missions.

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