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Freemasons on the Moon

On July 20, 1969, two American astronauts aboard Apollo 11 landed on the moon, in an area
known as Mare Tranquillitatis, or area Sea of Tranquility.
Buzz Aldrin (born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, January 20, 1930) is an
engineer, doctor of science, Colonel USAF astronaut and retired NASA. It was the second person to
walk on the Moon at the legendary Apollo 11 mission His name Buzz originated in childhood; his
little sister mispronounced brother (brother) as buzzer, then shortened to Buzz. Aldrin legally
changed his name Edwin Eugene Buzz in 1988. It has also been nicknamed Dr. Rendezvous (=
Doctor Encounters) by other astronauts, because his dissertation dealt orbital encounters, Aldrin
was selected as pilot for the crew of the Apollo XI fulfill the mandate of then President
John F. Kennedy, who had established the first American ship to the moon before the end of the
The day July 21, 1969, being 2 hrs. 56 m. GMT lunar exploration module Eagle, piloted by
astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, settled gently on the surface of the Moon, three
hours later Armstrong became the first human to set foot on lunar soil. Aldrin was the second
person to walk on the moon after the mission commander, Neil Armstrong, and the two spent
about 20 hours on the lunar surface before returning to the command module

Through the images transmitted by television, we could see live and in black and white that
scientific and technological achievement. The operation had begun five days earlier when the
Apollo XI spacecraft fueled by the giant Saturn V rocket blasted off from Cape Kennedy.
The crew was also found that Michael Collins, orbiting our natural satellite, waited for Armstrong
and Aldrin. The ship and its explorers returned to Earth on July 24, 1969.
What few know is that Brother Aldrin Wear a Masonic flag on the moon wearing inside his
spacesuit, the flag belongs to one of the 33 Supreme Councils of US and This flag is now on display
at the Masonic Museum Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite. Temple located in Washington, DC

Brother Edwin Eugene (Buzz) Aldrin, a member of

Clear Lake Lodge No. 1417, in Seabrook, Texas,
Aldrin carried a document signed by the then
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Texas, J. Guy
Smith, granting him full powers to establish a
Masonic Lodge on the Moon. Upon return of the
space mission, Aldrin certified that the order was
executed on July 20, 1969

To commemorate this historic event and officially establish its jurisdiction over the lunar surface,
the Grand Lodge of Texas issued a letter patent for a new Lodge Tranquility Lodge No. 2000
working under the auspices of this obedience. At present and for now, the work of the lodge are
held on a rotating basis in different Lodges in Texas. However, Brothers of that Great Southern
Lodge hope to meet one day on the moon.

Tranquility Lodge 2000 was established for the purpose of promoting, encouraging, conducting
and fostering the principles of Freemasonry, and to assist in promoting the health, welfare,
education and patriotism of children worldwide. To these ends, the lodge will seek to establish a
financial basis that will allow it to address requests for help and assistance from worthy
organizations, worldwide, to make life better for all children living on Earth.

Indeed, there have been several more Freemasons who walked on the moon also include Edgar D.
Mitchell, a member of the crew of Apollo XIV, who landed on the moon on February 5, 1971.
Mitchell form part of the lodge Artesia, New Mexico . A few months later, a third Freemason
visited the moon. This is James Irwin of Apollo XV mission, the last freemason who stepped on the
lunar soil. Irwin Lodge belongs to Tajon Colorado Springs.

Suspected Armstrong, was also a Mason, although this never stated publicly. It is said that in the
House of the Temple in Washington DC, there is a photograph of Neil Armstrong holding his
Masonic to waist apron over his suit. The confusion of its membership, may perhaps be
substantiated, when his father, also called Neil, himself was an active Mason, having even getting
to Grade 33.

Armstrong and Aldrin have their statues at the entrance of the Grand Lodge of Washington,

Im in favor of changing the destination of humans. There are a lot of manned missions that can
be done, but not in direction of the moon -Buzz Aldrin-

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