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Live Stream notes 2014-12-11 Chat

InnerCircleTrader@All: why take it there

InnerCircleTrader@All: if you were the MM
InnerCircleTrader@All: purpose
Viewer 35@All: create short hope above scond top
Viewer 33@All: get short?
InnerCircleTrader@All: think
OuterCircleNoob@All: turtle
InnerCircleTrader@All: market has dropped
InnerCircleTrader@All: ben dropping!
Viewer 7@All: Trigger Buy stops for people who are short
InnerCircleTrader@All: been
Saeed@All: made new lows after reaction swing people comfortable leaving stops a
bove the high
Viewer 28@All: to let people think it broke downtrend
Viewer 43@All: Ohh darn. running out for 20 mins but will be back. hopefully whi
s will capture conversation. kind regards everyone sincere thanks as alsways ICT
-Brian L
InnerCircleTrader@All: nuetralize shorts
Max@All: profit taking
InnerCircleTrader@All: also induce new long orders
Max@All: ok
InnerCircleTrader@All: why would induction of longs here their intent?
Al@All: it was too clean
InnerCircleTrader@All: why would they want that?
Viewer 32@All: Looks like a sell model actually imo
Viewer 28@All: cause theyre taking it down?
Saeed@All: gt more liquidity in to push it lower
Viewer 7@All: So they can send it lower for a better price
You@All: They need Orders to unwind their positions for the Year
Viewer 39@All: to fill their orders
InnerCircleTrader@All: time of year?
Viewer 35@All: to have some one to sell to
Viewer 7@All: 4th Quarter
Al@All: holidays
You@All: Long, long Trend; Year end, need to get out
Viewer 7@All: Annual statement
InnerCircleTrader@All: inducing short covering rally
InnerCircleTrader@All: scare shorts out
InnerCircleTrader@All: lead bulls into market
InnerCircleTrader@All: understand
Max@All: y
Viewer 33@All: y
Al@All: Judas
InnerCircleTrader@All: now million dollar tip here
InnerCircleTrader@All: ready
Viewer 23@All: yes

Viewer 35@All: y
Viewer 32@All: Y
walshman@All: yes
Viewer 33@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: literal million dollars I might add
Viewer 35@All: y!!!!!!!!!!!!
Viewer 33@All: omg
Max@All: :)
Viewer 37@All: go on....
Saeed@All: but u only want $200 since its christmas discount :P
JPc@All: no
Al@All: everyone needs to change their name
InnerCircleTrader@All: when we determine a range in Price Action as we have here
InnerCircleTrader@All: we look for reaction swings inside it
InnerCircleTrader@All: we determine the general Order Flow in that range
Jason Stapleton@All: I will charge 1495
InnerCircleTrader@All: in this case here... what was it?
Saeed@All: thursday high
Jared@All: bearish
walshman@All: lower
InnerCircleTrader@All: bearish right
Max@All: y
Viewer 33@All: y
Viewer 57@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: the reaction swing would materialize as a "____" swing in
fred9455@All: judas
InnerCircleTrader@All: bullish or up swing as noted here
Viewer 7@All: bullish
InnerCircleTrader@All: this is engineered
InnerCircleTrader@All: it will lead Traders to move or invoke Stops above the Hi
gh the MM's price in
InnerCircleTrader@All: seen here
Viewer 7@All: it feels like there are judas's everywhere. Monday's low could be
viewed as a bearish judas swing.
InnerCircleTrader@All: folks please keep the focus on this topic
InnerCircleTrader@All: now when we determine a range as we have here
InnerCircleTrader@All: we look for a reaction swing inside the range
InnerCircleTrader@All: see this price point
Max@All: y
Gacafola@All: yep
InnerCircleTrader@All: early as this point we know to watch this reaction swing
Gacafola@All: mareket shift
Gacafola@All: market
InnerCircleTrader@All: now how do we "know" a dealers raid on stops is underway?
InnerCircleTrader@All: before the FACT?
InnerCircleTrader@All: note the reaction high
OuterCircleNoob@All: y
Viewer 7@All: market structure shift?
InnerCircleTrader@All: where stops would logically be resting as good sheep do
Jason Stapleton@All: where?
Viewer 28@All: its under the stops
walshman@All: big wick
InnerCircleTrader@All: above this high stops would be resting on existing shorts
Viewer 7@All: few pips above the swing
InnerCircleTrader@All: agree?
Jared@All: yes
OuterCircleNoob@All: y
walshman@All: yes

InnerCircleTrader@All: now the money shot

Jason Stapleton@All: money
InnerCircleTrader@All: look just outside this range
InnerCircleTrader@All: what's this
Saeed@All: h1 ob
walshman@All: OB
Viewer 7@All: H1 OB
Al@All: B OB
DirtSalesman@All: MM sell
Viewer 26@All: bull trap
Viewer 46@All: ob
InnerCircleTrader@All: they lay a trap for stops to be placed
DirtSalesman@All: OB
Viewer 63@All: turtle soup
InnerCircleTrader@All: here
JPc@All: bo
Viewer 35@All: is that a bullish mitigation block
InnerCircleTrader@All: just BELOW an known Institutional Order Block that clearl
y indicates sellers at this price point
Saeed@All: the big drop
Gacafola@All: ist value
InnerCircleTrader@All: the Stops will be smashed through to get into the Order B
lock here
walshman@All: amazing
Jared@All: so their should be an OB just beyond likely stops?
InnerCircleTrader@All: don't take my word on it
InnerCircleTrader@All: study it
InnerCircleTrader@All: :)
InnerCircleTrader@All: always there
Gacafola@All: :)
Jason Stapleton@All: take mine
InnerCircleTrader@All: 100% of the time
You@All: they did that on UJ just today
Saeed@All: now expecting mm sell model to unfold?
You@All: I kind of missed the Upper OB in the process >_>
InnerCircleTrader@All: now buidling on this idea
Dan Buchanan@All: indeed
agayle@All: there is amore meaty order block before that one.
InnerCircleTrader@All: BTW Jason Stapleton does suck at trading
InnerCircleTrader@All: ;)
Aarnog@All: LOL
MrMHLewis@All: lol
walshman@All: LOL
Saeed@All: shhh...dont look left
Viewer 23@All: haha
Jason Stapleton@All: oh my ,so rude .lol
InnerCircleTrader@All: ;)
InnerCircleTrader@All: see this 1.2440 level
walshman@All: yes
InnerCircleTrader@All: this level has been focused on in recent analysis of mine
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: the levels like these or what we deem as classic S&R leve
ls are demarkers to draw your eye to that area of Price Action
InnerCircleTrader@All: this is the foundation to seeking setups
InnerCircleTrader@All: regardless of bias
InnerCircleTrader@All: up or down
Gacafola@All: (y)
Jason Stapleton@All: no bias in my camp ,where the emas
Saeed@All: i had 1.2443 marked out, close enough :P
Viewer 55@All: What do you mean with those areas being demarkers?

Saeed@All: the level is like a magnet?

Viewer 7@All: SR
InnerCircleTrader@All: you higlight HTF levels and you can trade both directions
around them if you wait for a swing and resulting OB and market structure to su
ggest a trade
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 55@All: A high usage you consider fixing rates at all in your a
InnerCircleTrader@All: so assume you have this level on your charts as we have f
or weeks
InnerCircleTrader@All: when we return to this price level and it can be 30-50 pi
ps distance folks not precision based at this stage
Gacafola@All: to 2%
InnerCircleTrader@All: it draws your focus to an area in Price where a collectiv
e pool of interest is likely
InnerCircleTrader@All: okay see the framework
InnerCircleTrader@All: we have the stops
Gacafola@All: LO first OB in asia
InnerCircleTrader@All: the range
InnerCircleTrader@All: the 1.2440 level
Gacafola@All: NY second Chance
InnerCircleTrader@All: if stops are ran as we suggest in this discussion
Viewer 33@All: sell model?
InnerCircleTrader@All: what would unfold in price action
InnerCircleTrader@All: if stops were triggered above this high
Saeed@All: drop price then
Vic Noble@All: nothing would unfold. lol
Jared@All: move up to OB
Gacafola@All: USDX bulish OB in 4H
Viewer 71@All: retrace down to bullish OB for a move higher ?
Vic Noble@All: market flow is now up
InnerCircleTrader@All: we'd wait for price to indicate it wants to drop
InnerCircleTrader@All: correct?
Viewer 7@All: It would move up higher since they are buy stops
Saeed@All: yes
walshman@All: OTE
InnerCircleTrader@All: do you see signs in price action it wanted to drop
Max@All: y
Viewer 33@All: y
Viewer 74@All: y
Saeed@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: price slowly trickling lower in here?
Viewer 71@All: large candle down and then retrace to the same OB line
Viewer 23@All: how is the 2440 level determined
Viewer 55@All: makes sense, if it breaks through the high usage area, it'll poss
ibly drop.
Max@All: y
Gacafola@All: y
Jared@All: no
Jared@All: quick drop
Viewer 73@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: whats this
You@All: OB
MrMHLewis@All: OB
Saeed@All: ob
Viewer 7@All: h1 ob
Viewer 71@All: bearish OB
walshman@All: OB
Viewer 55@All: fools buying the top :p
You@All: big run off; eventually break of H1 MS a little later

InnerCircleTrader@All: how about this

Viewer 71@All: same
Al@All: OB
Gacafola@All: Lodon Open
Max@All: in London Open
Saeed@All: another block
Gacafola@All: second, NY Open
InnerCircleTrader@All: from this level in Price
Viewer 26@All: OB - but no pronounced move away to qualify them?
Max@All: :)
InnerCircleTrader@All: where if at all would Price seek to move if it indeed dro
pped from these levels?
InnerCircleTrader@All: consider the ranges
Gacafola@All: rejected
Viewer 55@All: next trading range down
You@All: pretty much where it is now
InnerCircleTrader@All: see this swing
Gacafola@All: y
Max@All: y
Gacafola@All: dont shift
You@All: that OB at 1.2395ish
Saeed@All: lots of stops resting below there
Jason Stapleton@All: did the emas cross over
InnerCircleTrader@All: this is the trading range
InnerCircleTrader@All: at that time to first be considered
InnerCircleTrader@All: BEFORE this range
Gacafola@All: y
Gacafola@All: 50%
Viewer 71@All: why do we not look for counter trend move as MS has been broken t
o the upside ???
Viewer 78@All: shocks....late to the party
InnerCircleTrader@All: let me get through this and it might answer your inquiry
Viewer 71@All: cheers !
InnerCircleTrader@All: this range here
Viewer 78@All: Shalom Y'all ;0)
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: would be the initial objective to seek for lower swings i
f and this is always an IF Price moves in our favor
Viewer 55@All: congestion area is key, I agree 100%
InnerCircleTrader@All: we have the fingerprints they want it lower here
InnerCircleTrader@All: so how do we use this range
InnerCircleTrader@All: noted between the up and down arrows
Gacafola@All: fib
Viewer 74@All: looks like a market maker sell model
InnerCircleTrader@All: what references
InnerCircleTrader@All: whats this
Dan Buchanan@All: clean
Csk@All: swing high and swing low
Al@All: OB
Viewer 76@All: your arrows makes 2 good fib points
Viewer 71@All: bullish ob
Viewer 74@All: too clean
Jason Stapleton@All: but the intermediate swing is not broken to go down
Saeed@All: ob
Viewer 78@All: bullish order block
DirtSalesman@All: Bullish OB
Jason Stapleton@All: thevarrow
Viewer 74@All: ob
InnerCircleTrader@All: Price Swings or Price in general moves because of what?
InnerCircleTrader@All: what moves price

Viewer 71@All: smart money

Viewer 55@All: orders xD
Viewer 28@All: institutional traders
Viewer 43@All: order flow
Viewer 33@All: iliquidity
DirtSalesman@All: buying selling
Viewer 7@All: supply/demand more buyers than sellers
InnerCircleTrader@All: specifically Institutional Order Flow
Viewer 74@All: market makers
Csk@All: institutions
InnerCircleTrader@All: retail cant cut it
Viewer 55@All: supply and demand
Viewer 74@All: move the price
Joepippin@All: Big orders
Gacafola@All: its trap
InnerCircleTrader@All: where do we as ICT students "See" Institutional Order Flo
InnerCircleTrader@All: on a chart?
Csk@All: OBs
Saeed@All: daily weekly
InnerCircleTrader@All: order blocks right
fred9455@All: ranges
InnerCircleTrader@All: where do they reside?
Gacafola@All: buy
Viewer 7@All: origin of swings
Viewer 71@All: beginning or end of moves
Csk@All: near swings
InnerCircleTrader@All: inside Swing points
InnerCircleTrader@All: recall way back in 2010 on Babypips I began your study on
this principle
InnerCircleTrader@All: study the highs and lows and opens and closes on these th
ree candles
Max@All: y
You@All: 4 sensitive levels on every swing point ^_^
Gacafola@All: y
Dan Buchanan@All: bigger OB's above price atm
Viewer 78@All: round #s
You@All: you literally told us most of this stuff without anyone getting it
Dan Buchanan@All: slam slam
InnerCircleTrader@All: those were seeds to the level of understanding you know p
InnerCircleTrader@All: did it return to the Bullish block?
Jason Stapleton@All: I would charge for this 299 a month
Jared@All: yes
Gacafola@All: its normal
Viewer 7@All: yes
Viewer 55@All: it's a previous level of accepted fair value...
Viewer 74@All: lmao Jason
Viewer 46@All: y
Vic Noble@All: I would charge a monthly fee
Viewer 55@All: or where some big cat bought/sold
Viewer 26@All: how do you value differientate between swings and the OB's that r
eside in each one?
InnerCircleTrader@All: did it spend a short period of time inside this bullish b
lock or has it remained a bit
Gacafola@All: looks like Buy CDBR
Saeed@All: couldve easily used the other h1 block closer to the take off
Al@All: remained a bit
Viewer 46@All: remained
Viewer 78@All: rocketed up

InnerCircleTrader@All: think now

Gacafola@All: ICT relfection
Viewer 7@All: remained a bit
InnerCircleTrader@All: if its a lot of buying
InnerCircleTrader@All: or if we thought it would present strong buyers
Gacafola@All: bur bias sell
InnerCircleTrader@All: and you see this
Jared@All: weak buyers
Viewer 7@All: 5-6 hours
InnerCircleTrader@All: whats indicate?
Saeed@All: its heavy and wants to go lower
Jared@All: likely to head lower
InnerCircleTrader@All: look closer
Gacafola@All: stops raidem
Viewer 64@All: anybody recording?
Gacafola@All: raiden
Viewer 74@All: Stoploss raid!
Viewer 74@All: too clean
Gacafola@All: to clean
Joepippin@All: Too clean :)
Vic Noble@All: too dirty
Viewer 71@All: accumulation
Viewer 74@All: if I'm right, I deserved a cookie
Gacafola@All: its trap
InnerCircleTrader@All: see how nice a strong that support level is - looks like
a "Double bottom"
Tony@All: mms
Gacafola@All: clean
You@All: it just happens to be the 2nd level in a Sell model
Saeed@All: everyone here is gna be selling euro during london lol
InnerCircleTrader@All: we drop to 15 min
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: :) what do you see
Gacafola@All: sell MM
Jared@All: MM sell model
Viewer 74@All: a chart xD
Viewer 63@All: sell model
Viewer 74@All: market maker sell model
InnerCircleTrader@All: now when we have the framework in place
InnerCircleTrader@All: as we outlined
Viewer 78@All: Pulling fibs whole leg ote just bit lower testing 1.23430 possibl
InnerCircleTrader@All: we can anticipate the MM Sell Model
Gacafola@All: 1h
InnerCircleTrader@All: how do we use the MM Sell Model
Gacafola@All: OB
Gacafola@All: and time of day
InnerCircleTrader@All: see the Open on this candle
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: look closely
Saeed@All: that 15min block under redline?
Gacafola@All: high LO
InnerCircleTrader@All: Precision enough for you
Gacafola@All: and NY oprn
Gacafola@All: open
Max@All: :)
Jason Stapleton@All: well I just shit my pants
Gacafola@All: (y)
Gacafola@All: :)
InnerCircleTrader@All: this is what you used to see on Babypips days

InnerCircleTrader@All: the Fib OTE

InnerCircleTrader@All: looked like cherrypicking
Viewer 71@All: may i ask why u are drawing the line from the open rather than th
e bottom of the candle ?
You@All: and we couldn't "see" to the Left.
InnerCircleTrader@All: its was Gold mining
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 71@All: is it because of what you mentioned before > the high/low open cl
ose of the OB ?
Viewer 55@All: the open is more important in regards to range expansion
Viewer 71@All: ty
Saeed@All: body of candle is where volume is at
Gacafola@All: 4h its a 70% too
InnerCircleTrader@All: now look closer
Gacafola@All: ok
Jason Stapleton@All: Yukon gold
Viewer 71@All: I took that trade but only aimed for the low of the range which t
he fib is currently drawn on eg. 1.2425
InnerCircleTrader@All: see out 1.2440 level
Gacafola@All: 3 OB to day
Gacafola@All: Asia/LO/Ny
Gacafola@All: y
Dan Buchanan@All: high of weekly order block?
InnerCircleTrader@All: say you missed the ideal or "Optimal Entry"
Gacafola@All: no
InnerCircleTrader@All: the 1.2440 level
InnerCircleTrader@All: and this swing right here
Viewer 71@All: Mitigation block ?
InnerCircleTrader@All: :)
Gacafola@All: choyse
InnerCircleTrader@All: see the close
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: on this previous bullish order block
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 74@All: was thinking the same :D
InnerCircleTrader@All: retest entry here
Viewer 71@All: what about the bearish candle at the low of the next swing ?? is
that not classified as a mitigation block as well ??
AK@All: it hit 2440 a few seconds before the retail numbers came out
AK@All: so it had that going for it too
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: this one
Gacafola@All: market still bullish
InnerCircleTrader@All: ?
Viewer 71@All: yes
Viewer 71@All: that one
Viewer 7@All: that one is wher you go short today 2415
InnerCircleTrader@All: watch it in LO
Viewer 71@All: why isnt that considered an MB to retest and re-enter on /
InnerCircleTrader@All: study it
You@All: 2430, actually
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 71@All: okay
Saeed@All: ict what about the other block
Viewer 7@All: 2 candles after that one was hit
Saeed@All: bullish candle under the 1.2440 levle
Saeed@All: wouldnt that come first befor elooking at mitigation block?
Gacafola@All: market still bullish usd
Gacafola@All: bearish eruusd
InnerCircleTrader@All: Saeed?

Saeed@All: going into london tmrw, see the 15min block

Saeed@All: 13:15 gmt candle
Gacafola@All: sctutrure dont shift in d1
Saeed@All: yep
Gacafola@All: up
Jared@All: was the mitigation block concept explained in one of the video series
Saeed@All: so when u get a mitigation block and normal block in confluence, high
InnerCircleTrader@All: see the MM series coming on Xmas for that dandy
Peter Bain@All: Where is the awesome 200ema? Why are you not using it?
Viewer 74@All: I hope to see ict once a month or something as an ict special vid
eo :(
InnerCircleTrader@All: I went out of style like the Long you called at 1160 on A
Viewer 78@All: lol
InnerCircleTrader@All: ;)
Joepippin@All: lol
Viewer 78@All: Do these guys dare ever to call ?
Viewer 63@All: Micheal why did you pull your fib from 1.2440
Viewer 63@All: and not from the previous swing high
Viewer 63@All: ?
InnerCircleTrader@All: its a reactionary level as we have been discussing here
Viewer 63@All: above 1.2465
InnerCircleTrader@All: it also has a swing high on it
InnerCircleTrader@All: see that
Gacafola@All: clean stops
Dan Buchanan@All: cable?
Saeed@All: in these situations how do u know where to draw from, the 1.2440 or t
he 1.2468 swing high?
InnerCircleTrader@All: now look at this range of Accumulation
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 78@All: Michael...Did any of these guys dare to call on the phone?
InnerCircleTrader@All: does this look solid to you?
Viewer 63@All: mmh ok so the swing highs or lows on key major S/R levels are mor
e wighted
Viewer 63@All: ?
Gacafola@All: a lot of OB
Gacafola@All: this range
Jared@All: of course it is a double bottom
Jared@All: :)
InnerCircleTrader@All: Chris Lori is the only one that has ICT's number
Saeed@All: and me :P
Viewer 78@All: haha!!
Steve Mauro@All: I have your number too
InnerCircleTrader@All: we anticpate a price swing under this range
InnerCircleTrader@All: note it
Gacafola@All: y
Gacafola@All: RBZ next
InnerCircleTrader@All: Peters call long here - "You heard it here first folks"
InnerCircleTrader@All: what did we call at that time?
Al@All: s
InnerCircleTrader@All: LOWER
InnerCircleTrader@All: to where
InnerCircleTrader@All: right here
AK@All: but hopefully we weren't even looking at AUDNZD
Jared@All: he must have been looking at NZDAUD instead
InnerCircleTrader@All: lol
Viewer 78@All: Forgive them Father ....they know not what they are doing>>>>>
Gacafola@All: lol

David Smith@All: you said sell model was complete on this pair, so why still low
InnerCircleTrader@All: MM Models are fractal
InnerCircleTrader@All: they are inside larger and smaller forms of the same mode
Saeed@All: cable looks like fake engineering up to
InnerCircleTrader@All: wait for the series :)
AK@All: isn't the model just a triangle? : /
Steve Mauro@All: Nobody is buying my course now. This looks like fresh materials
that I can use
Gacafola@All: 25 dec
Viewer 78@All: I have milk and cookies already.
InnerCircleTrader@All: ok cable and we're done
You@All: have we hit 10 volumes on MM series?
InnerCircleTrader@All: yup
Al@All: OTE
Max@All: :)
Dan Buchanan@All: what fiber has done cable has not yet, on H4, just saying
You@All: I'm not getting much sleep for a while, I'm guessing
InnerCircleTrader@All: seen the Twitter Cable post today Precision?
Viewer 7@All: I see an order block at 5770ish
Max@All: y
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 7@All: y
Viewer 43@All: y
Viewer 78@All: anybody recording this?
InnerCircleTrader@All: so what I am about to outline is there earlier
InnerCircleTrader@All: before the fact
Viewer 7@All: ICT is recording it
Gacafola@All: 5716
Max@All: u got nothing to prove
InnerCircleTrader@All: see the reaction low here
Max@All: y
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 71@All: stronger than EU
InnerCircleTrader@All: price moved smartly or slowly from this point?
Viewer 78@All: ict .....thanks for recording it.
Viewer 71@All: lol smartly
InnerCircleTrader@All: ;) new word
Max@All: smartly
Max@All: :)
Viewer 7@All: slower
InnerCircleTrader@All: see the order block or down candle prior to the move up?
Viewer 7@All: it movd slower
Gacafola@All: y
Al@All: OB is OTE
Gacafola@All: LO
gate@All: 1.5670 area
Viewer 78@All: Smartly
Viewer 71@All: man if only i was awake for these awesome moves ! need to move to
Viewer 7@All: same 71
JPc@All: wake up
You@All: the Aussies love trading LO at 3 pm.
Gacafola@All: NY booom
AK@All: i traded this setup, glad i was seeing what i was supposed to see lol
Saeed@All: it was a sell during london, buy during ny
Viewer 78@All: ote=smartly
InnerCircleTrader@All: now lets drop to a 5 min
Gacafola@All: y

Viewer 7@All: slow process

Viewer 71@All: if we see a break of yesterdays high then do you agree that would
give a signal for more buying ?!? :D
InnerCircleTrader@All: this is the snapshot I Tweeted
Gacafola@All: HFT
InnerCircleTrader@All: is it not
Viewer 7@All: it is
InnerCircleTrader@All: in the shaded area
Viewer 7@All: you took a short for 20 pips at the high of the fib i believe
Max@All: y
Viewer 94@All: Just got in from work Hi Michael
Viewer 7@All: it's being recorded
InnerCircleTrader@All: yes we will discuss that short
InnerCircleTrader@All: Im looking for confirmation
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: this is the snapshot
Max@All: y
Al@All: y
walshman@All: sorry yes
Gacafola@All: (Y)
InnerCircleTrader@All: thank you
Viewer 43@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: the market or Cable here had already popped higher
Viewer 78@All: y
Dan Buchanan@All: wake me up for NY next time that happens, ill give you my numb
er lol
Gacafola@All: time of day
Viewer 71@All: lol
Gacafola@All: lol
AK@All: i'll wake you up
InnerCircleTrader@All: I looked for a previous order block
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 78@All: y
Gacafola@All: master
InnerCircleTrader@All: I sold into this rally up
InnerCircleTrader@All: anticipating a return inside this range
InnerCircleTrader@All: the OTE area shaded was my objective
JPc@All: where was your stop
Gacafola@All: beleave
InnerCircleTrader@All: as I understood the HTF was setting up a possible long
InnerCircleTrader@All: I used this to answer an email inquiry to showcase no dep
endancy on a "bias" although the better trades as we'll show here are in the bia
s of the day, week and month
InnerCircleTrader@All: 12 pips on stop
Gacafola@All: and time of day
Gacafola@All: top+
Viewer 7@All: If you were a psychic you would have went long. So even with these
tools, you are still guestimating but with a huge edge on the market. Am I corr
ect in saying that?
InnerCircleTrader@All: this is the area we typically see ICT trades form
InnerCircleTrader@All: I Tweeted a long entry thats my discussion here
InnerCircleTrader@All: :)
Gacafola@All: simple, and profit
Viewer 7@All: ok
InnerCircleTrader@All: there
InnerCircleTrader@All: in fact
InnerCircleTrader@All: look on my timeline
InnerCircleTrader@All: dont take my word for it
Jason Stapleton@All: take my word
Max@All: ICT vision 8)

Gacafola@All: my teacher
Max@All: Bear OB on 5min
Gacafola@All: much more
Saeed@All: what u expecting with cable goin forward
Viewer 7@All: right, the precision post. I don't know how I missed it.
Max@All: :)
Gacafola@All: :)
InnerCircleTrader@All: no clue we only guesstimate around here lol
Viewer 7@All: lol
Jason Stapleton@All: I would use the emas
Jason Stapleton@All: that will tell tou
InnerCircleTrader@All: what did we just discuss on Fiber
Viewer 7@All: Guess I wanted the see the P/L from the long trade. Must be nuts h
ow much you make when a 20 pip short nets you 2 thousand dollars.
InnerCircleTrader@All: as it relates to stops
Viewer 78@All: haha
Gacafola@All: 2 bootons
Al@All: they will be swept
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 7@All: stop raid
Smg626@All: why wasn't there an order block on the previous high?
Dan Buchanan@All: engineered
walshman@All: retracement in range
InnerCircleTrader@All: which high you referring to?
Gacafola@All: clena
InnerCircleTrader@All: what time
InnerCircleTrader@All: on previous high you mention
Viewer 7@All: 5780 there is another OB
Smg626@All: the high before the raid stop
Gacafola@All: 15m
Viewer 7@All: I don't know if we'll reach there though
Smg626@All: right about your cursor
Gacafola@All: and now 4h
Smg626@All: above
Al@All: y
Al@All: there
Smg626@All: to the right a bit
Joepippin@All: Curious is MM Series going to be released On Xmas Day ?
Smg626@All: bingo
Al@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: this is what I am about to use
InnerCircleTrader@All: what it this one or earlier?
Smg626@All: price retraced to it
InnerCircleTrader@All: thats my point of discusion
Viewer 7@All: what's the question here? i feel left out
InnerCircleTrader@All: when we see the framework for a stop raid
Smg626@All: great, sorry for getting ahead
InnerCircleTrader@All: we identify a range
Gacafola@All: hum
InnerCircleTrader@All: identify the reaction swing inside the range
InnerCircleTrader@All: see it
Gacafola@All: y
Max@All: y
Viewer 7@All: we have not raided the highs of last week monday, so we might swee
p 5780?
InnerCircleTrader@All: Precision entry here
InnerCircleTrader@All: anticipating what?
Viewer 7@All: long
Max@All: got it :)
InnerCircleTrader@All: Price where

Al@All: Bearish order block

Gacafola@All: precision
Al@All: going mup
Viewer 7@All: to take last high you noted
gate@All: ob
InnerCircleTrader@All: run the stops
Viewer 39@All: stop raid
Viewer 7@All: that's 100% fib
Viewer 94@All: takes out stops
InnerCircleTrader@All: now think
Smg626@All: stop raid
InnerCircleTrader@All: who bought here
Max@All: smart money
Smg626@All: smart money
InnerCircleTrader@All: right
InnerCircleTrader@All: they are long
Max@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: how do they exit longs profitably?
gate@All: The Smartleys
Viewer 74@All: gamblers bought :p
Jared@All: run short stops
You@All: lots of Short Stops ^_^
AK@All: buy stops
InnerCircleTrader@All: think for a moment
Gacafola@All: oB
Viewer 7@All: they sell it to the buy stops
Joepippin@All: scale?
Viewer 94@All: selling at top of range
InnerCircleTrader@All: they need liquidity
Gacafola@All: pool
Viewer 43@All: sell it to people with buy stops
InnerCircleTrader@All: they cant fill on any ole price
Viewer 7@All: I'm about to undesceent on any old stops
You@All: Shorts protect with Stops; that's a "Buy" Stop, that has to be "Sold" b
y... the Smart Money
InnerCircleTrader@All: after Smart Money accumulates longs inside the green area
InnerCircleTrader@All: they will target liquidity pools as I call them
InnerCircleTrader@All: pockets of open interest pending orders hard stops
Al@All: big/mid fig
Gacafola@All: force retais a sell
InnerCircleTrader@All: we are teaching you how to see them on your charts
InnerCircleTrader@All: did they get them here
Al@All: n
Jared@All: no
InnerCircleTrader@All: some
InnerCircleTrader@All: see the reaction
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: sold some off
InnerCircleTrader@All: stops are generally 10-15 pips above
walshman@All: made them think double top
Jason Stapleton@All: but would he market not come down to the beigevarea
Dan Buchanan@All: yea yea
InnerCircleTrader@All: see where I am going dont you ;)
Al@All: above that
InnerCircleTrader@All: sold some off there
Jason Stapleton@All: sorry the beige area to clean
walshman@All: more liquidity
Dan Buchanan@All: lots of opportunity there
InnerCircleTrader@All: the boy stops in here become what?
Viewer 94@All: They sell off in postions in phases because of the size of the or

Jason Stapleton@All: girl stops
AK@All: pairing
Viewer 71@All: lol
Viewer 43@All: liquidity
Gacafola@All: confimation
Al@All: watch it Stapleton
Gerry@All: liquidity
InnerCircleTrader@All: who's selling to them?
Viewer 94@All: retail
Gerry@All: smart money
Viewer 74@All: retail
Jared@All: smart money
Gacafola@All: r
InnerCircleTrader@All: the buyers from here
Gacafola@All: close
InnerCircleTrader@All: as they run to the previous Order Block
InnerCircleTrader@All: that's the game
Gacafola@All: y
InnerCircleTrader@All: lock stock & barrell
Al@All: obvious
Dan Buchanan@All: good stuff ict
InnerCircleTrader@All: what do you see? :)
Viewer 94@All: So once they establish a range and accumulate; the final target i
s the original beginning of the range
Gacafola@All: MM buy
InnerCircleTrader@All: :)
InnerCircleTrader@All: learn anything
Viewer 39@All: y
Gacafola@All: y
Viewer 78@All: yes
walshman@All: yes
Max@All: ohhh yeah :)
Viewer 94@All: Switching from a MM Sell model to MM buy model
AK@All: i love when you review my winning trades
Steve Mauro@All: y
Viewer 78@All: Yes SIR! THANK YOU SIR!
InnerCircleTrader@All: they cycle into one another yes
Max@All: many thanks ICT
Dan Buchanan@All: saved in mental hardrive
InnerCircleTrader@All: lol AK
You@All: haha
Viewer 7@All: Are ALL stop runs MM buy/sell models?
Al@All: so are we sell model for London?
InnerCircleTrader@All: lets assume they are for now
Gacafola@All: y
Jason Stapleton@All: well I am having a webinar tommorrow morning , bring your c
redit card , good night . thanks ICT
Viewer 94@All: LOL
Gerry@All: lol
InnerCircleTrader@All: why bother worrying if it isnt we cant do anything abou
t it
DirtSalesman@All: Thanks Michael
You@All: thanks however is having fun with names ^_^
Viewer 7@All: I see
Viewer 94@All: Thanks Michael wonderful
Csk@All: Thank you, Sir
Jared@All: Thanks Michael
InnerCircleTrader@All: :) Jason you are my #1 fan
Dan Buchanan@All: i know a jason stapleton in Aus lol

Gerry@All: haha
Gacafola@All: :)
Viewer 71@All: hahaha jason wat a cracker
Gacafola@All: eeeee
Al@All: can we go to hourly? what's up for London on GU then?
Viewer 23@All: A couple of great gems again for me. Thanks again
InnerCircleTrader@All: folks I will share the video online by Saturday... have s
ome holiday matters to attend to.
Al@All: TY
Gacafola@All: y, pleaswe
Viewer 94@All: Have a great evening
JPc@All: can we talk about potential LO areas
Ladna@All: TY
MrMHLewis@All: thanks Michael, picked up a few great pointers :)
Max@All: Did Larry teach you MM
Viewer 74@All: ICT
Viewer 74@All: I love you
walshman@All: thank you
Viewer 7@All: Happy Holidays ICT. Thank you for all of this.
Gerry@All: thanks a lot michael
InnerCircleTrader@All: enjoy your holiday season and keep Christ in the middle a
nd have a blessed one GLGT
Viewer 74@All: and i want you to become my wife
Viewer 39@All: awesome lesson, Thank you for your time
JPc@All: and stuf at the right side of the chart
Sh0ckw4ve@All: ICT, you should rick roll the next live session ;)
Gerry@All: sure thing
Aarnog@All: Learned a lot - really appreciate this Michael
Joepippin@All: Thank you~
Gerry@All: thanks Mentor
Max@All: thx
Al@All: GLGT
You@All: God Bless, ICT
Gacafola@All: Obrigado Professor