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Emails that become
super popular!



Should we
be afraid?


. i



What makes us attractive?



Famous people
who get into trouble!





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How you learn English with Hot English magazine


a 1_ _ , -rvocabulary.lnMfJ issutol"Hot English

you'lIlea.n OYer 3So English words and e.pressionsl Plus
you~llum \ot$ ofidiolm, V!I'bs. gramm.n and more..

n Tra.,.1 En, lish. Vhnllolmotl to English.$pt,Unl

countries~With Hot (ngUsh you'lllum the words and

[] Sodal nl li, h. How do nalive English

$ptakers rtally lJlk? ltarn with our natural English
conl'tl'$ations.. A1$O, leam English sb"," PIu$, in Hot

Improv. Jour listeRia , . E'mJ miluiM hn 60

minutes or spol~ English audio. You'll ltim to undtrsbnd
English, pillS you un hear lots of ditrm nt accents!

n Exam Ea, lish. Hot Enlish helps prqIa~you for

official En,hsh uams(First CrrUikate, lELTS, TOEFl,
etc.1. Howl Exams tHt , our ability to speik and your l3nle
of voubulal'J. Hot Enll,sh improves ,ourcornmunication
skills ud your k llOWled~ of words Ind u prtSsions.
n Busi..... En, lish. PrKtical EnBlish for the officr, for
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Plus, ~ad business tips from rnlleprenturs.

expressions you netd for international travel!

["Sli$h you'll rt~ about ( ull'tllt _Is (news, culture,

music, films) $0 you can make conl'tl'Qlion with nalift
English spukH'S.
n W;ant t o . .... n mo,. ~ WC a n ills Booklet!
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Hi, and welcome to another issue

of Hot English magazine, the fun
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I Play) is produced 12 months


ITo,>I'p, (" ,," , '," ",,,.h pirt 11

events tOllrism e TRACK ZD

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English in Action ...

PrOlctical English: Making uwses

I ~"M',"dothing a TRACKlO O
Ridirulolls office rllles e TRACK 11 0
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) Also, you can now down load the MP3 audio

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Well, in this month's magazine, we're focusing
on e-mails. We've got lots of really useful e-mail
expressions for you to learn and use, some top tips
on how to write the perfect e-mail subject line, and
an interesting article on three emails that we nt viral.
Turn to page 28 to find out why!
Of course, that' s not all. We've also got articles on
sports events from around the world, office rules,
Victorian clothing, how to be attractive, washing,
zombies, drones, celebrities who fell from grace and
lots, lots more.
Enjoy the magazine, learn lots of English and see you
all next time,
Yours. A.~
(T j


... _

Email sllbject lines

EmOlil expressions
Entreprenellr Corner:


Reci~: Steak Diane I

Film Script: Foms! G(Jmp
emails B TRACK la lil

Clinic UK I US English
Qllirq Ntws9 TRACK 21 0
listening: Two ~Ims B TRACK Z2 0
Idioms: Danger

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B TI..C' " "
Zombies B TRACK 26 0
Drones e TRACK 'D g


For ,rut printe language duse~. e-m~ il dU!if~llhotengli~hm~giZinuorn I www.hotenBlishgroup.tornl 3


0b;ecttYe To read and understand the news in English

Think about it


Have you read ilny Diln Brown novels? What did you think of them? What do you know about The Do Vinci Code?
What would you do if you were lost at sea? Wht other stories of survival have you heard about?

o IIriIoor
Oft nalin, booIc Of H", .boul D"itrI/I>.aI



rhWo ..-hK:h ... ~ ' .. "",~,,,,-,,Iy"

Nppen .IIM _ Mw


nfemo is the latest novel

by Dan Brown , author

allowed access to mobile

phones o r computers, and
were constantly watched by
security guards. "The time
outside the bunker was
reduced to nothing - lunch,
dinner at a very late hour
and sleep," commented
the French translator. But
the prison-like conditions
had an upside. ~The
bunker experience allowed
us to immerse ourselves
completely in Dan Brown's
book,~ said another
translator. 0

of the bestselling
thriller The Da Vil1ci Code.
Although Brown wrote
the book in English. it was
released s imultaneous ly in

eleven other languages. This

meant the novel's translators
were among the first people
to read it. But the publishing
company behind the book
secrecy in a windowless,
went to great lengths to
ensure the translators didn't underground bunker in
leak any plot details. For two Milan (where the publisher
months, they worked in total is based). They weren't

Dan Brown begins writing al 4am each morn ing And he stops
as well as some push-ups and SltUpS


hour 10 do some stretching

t was supposed to be
a relaXing holiday, hut
Da n and Kate Suski's
trip to the Caribbean
turned into a m aller o rlife
and death. The American
siblings (both in their
305) were on a fishing
trip 12 kilometers off the
Caribbean island ofSt Lucia

when their boat sank. They

jumped into the water
along with the captain and
the first mate. But Dan
and Kale soon lost sight of
the crewmembers ... and
ofJand. And then il grew
dark. ~ You come face-toface with understanding
your own mortali ty. We

10 10 to ..... 1oftttho


10 11)' ""'"' ~I,d 10

do -mins: 10

puI .. 0 101 of ofIon

if. _

pie oflto""""l_ I,
IIM publio:



-Io.",,'. _
l bouIiI

IM """ In Hm .......d Of ploy




if,.... do - " " " , " in 1<1101 ~,

,.... do ~ HO.d)' ... ,.., Qo"Ie eIH Md.

";,h ,.., window.


pbc. ullllet"f;1OVI>d """ "",'" w.lI.

"""",,I " ",n,, bombln.

10 Itn........ ,.-..If

if,.... "im_,....,..-!f"" in
-""ne-"'" bK_ <..,.,pIo1e+r
itwoI>ood ho iI

-.tmch."'.. ,....

if,.... do _
,......."". Of


lop "'"




nen:ioco 10 ..."""..... ,...., I,m' .nd
chHI musdH - rou lie "" IM Iloo<
(woth )'0<>' foe. down) .nd uOoe,....'
I''''' '0 ,"iOoe)'Ol" bodr
. 11-..",
0<ef0U11O .,,"" ....... rou' .t<If>\Kh

..... sdH bock) and


I.. "., .... Il00<

("" )'01"

tn<>'>'e,...., bodr "" whilr

lop .WI"',
of .... nd dud!

. ..... _

both processed the possible

ways we might die. Would
we drown? Be eaten by a
shark? ~ said Dan. "I thought
1 was going to vomit I was
so scared," added Kale. After
swimming for 14 hours they
finally reached a deserted
beach and were rescued.
uWe' re so grateful to be alive
right now,~ Kale said. uSince
this ordeal, I've been waking
up at dawn every morning.
I've never looked forward 10
the sunrise so much in my
life." o

if _hlnl i "m ..... ol~fe .nd

dr.,h". ~ ..n I D I I _


. 1><01.... Of "



if,....,.," kilomo!~'oR" IMcoo"

~.nd) (""e>.>mple). ,....' .........1

12 kilomo!, .. _
r.o... Ihee"""
"""'" I ,,"p ""nh", i, ..,... """'"

.... titsI .......

ft oIIia< .,., ,,"p. no.. 1"""'" 10
~ In <"""Nnd I~'" tho "plO'"


10"-""'" 01

if,.... ............. cl'" -"'ine- rou

<In ..... iI1"1 """"

i f _ ~ndonllnd. 1Iott, own

"tnO<IIl>Iy"". they """""lInd ,h they

... Jhtd~

if.......-... d,own,. ,hoy die In_~


M .....

.... "bIe~
,ho t, .... or.u, """'" &,." fin,

'we'" in ,he ." IS ..........."




IM ,,,'.. in .... ..-n,,,, """'" ,,,. '~n

fint owe'" In.... .."
lO"'ft _offuol
if. boo, '"",._ ofti.>Ol"". ~ hI,,,,,
..-. fuoI (.... l;quod ml' __

" 1"le

~,Io ....1ch h...


.-.;'" it> bodr Ind who<h

....... ",,,11 of

w.... 110


Here are some more of our top tips for leami, . English.
This is the second part of a three-part series.
iSlen to English when you're relaxing.

doing the cleaning or doing some

exercise. Simply let the language flow

in. Without even realising it, you'U develop
an ear for the language. Then, you 'll start

learning really fast .

Try to memorise short dialogues in English.

l ater, you can use the words, phrases or

expressions from the dialogues in your own

When reading. always try to guess the
meaning of any words or expressions tha t
you aren't sure of. The more effort you

make to work out the meaning of a word.

the easier it'll be for you to remember it!
Read what you're interested in. This way
you'll be more motivated. For example,

if you're in to cinema , read some movie

reviews i n English of films you've seen; or
if you're a sports fan, check out the sports
section of an online Englishlanguage
Repeat difficult words, eKpressions and
phrases over and over again until you can
say them quickly and easily.

Write in English every day! It's good practice

as it forces you to use the language you know.
Also, you get to see where the gaps are in your
knowtedge. You could practise writing out stories
or anecdotes. This would be good preparation
for telling the stories later in conversation.
Watch your favourite TV series in English .
TV series are great because they're full of
dialogue, with lots of useful language for
spoken English.
Watch your favourite films in English . As
you already know what they're about, it'll
be a lot easier for you to follow them and
understand the dialogue.

I S~~I



Really improve your English
speaking, confidence and
learn when and where you
Natille English teachers!
Fantastic material!
Classes from only '9

+ materials!
Always keep a notebook with you when
you 're watching an English.language film or
listening to something in English. Then , you
can wri t e down any useful words or phrases
that you want to learn or remember.
Sing along to your favourite songs in
English . This is a great way to improve your
pronunciation. It'll also help you remember
lots of words, eKpressions and phrases!
Good luck! 0


objective To improve your reading and listening skills.

When was the last lime you saw a sports event? What was il~ which sports events do you like

Think about it


walch i ng~ Why~

Exams This rtading and listening activity will Mlp ptepm you for English exams su<h as KET arK! TOEFL

By Lindsay MacNaughton

ports event tourism

involves visiting a city

or country to watch
a s porting event. And it's

I>~,"" -J becoming more and more

popular. Here are 12 events
you might like to see.

The Ashes is a series of

cricket games between

England and Australia
that's been held since 1882.

Monaco since 1929. Enjoy

one of the most prestigious
automobile races in one
of the world's wealth iest
places .

The Beach Volleyball World
Championships are held
every two years , with both
male and female teams. For
the 2013 edition, head off to

The 2013-2014 games will

be in Australia . Time your
trip there so you can enjoy

the sights and watch some


The Super Bowl is the NFL
(National Footba11 League)
championship final , and th l:
most important game in
American football. The 2014
Super Bowl will be held in
the MetLife Stadium in New
Jersey, USA.

n Pre.reading
Think of as many famous
sports events as you can in
just two minutes.

n Reading I
Read the article once. Were
any of your ideas mentioned?

n Reading 11
Read the article again. Then,
answer the questions.
1. What sport can you see
in February?
2. Where do you have
10 go to see Ihe goat
race ?
]. When was the first
Monaco Grand Prix?
4. When will the Beach
Volleyball World
Championshi p be
5. How often is the Ryder
6. In which country does
the Den du Chott take

Every year, six European
countries (England,
Scotland , Wales, Ireland ,
France and Italy) compete
to win rugby'S 6 Nations
trophy. Each team plays
every other team once, so
there are games in london,
Edinburgh, Card iff, Dublin ,
Paris and Rome - all perfect
for a weekend break!

The Buccoo Goat and Crab
Race Festival has been held
in Tobago every year since
1925. Goat handlers (known
as "jockeys") race their
goats around a track. For
the crab races, participants
guide the animals with
pieces of string.

The Monaco Grand Prix is a
Formula One annual motor
race that's been held in

The Tour de France is an
annual . mUltiplestage
bicycle race held mostly
in France. Follow different
parts of the tour as they
cycle around the country,
or join the cyclists in Paris
as they finish the race on
the Champ s -~Iysees .

The Defi du Chott marathon
takes place in Tunisia in the
heart of the Sahara desert.
With a stunning landscape,
this really is a race with a
d ifference.

The Grand Christmas
Pudding Race takes place
every year in Covent Garden
(London). Participants
form teams of six, dress
up in silly costumes and
carry a Chri stmas pudding
around an obstacle course.
The money raised from the
event is donated to Cancer
Research UK. 0

pI.nned &0<1 ",,,n,Hd 'po<\''''
_ .. _ , IOo1bon I"'poto'-'



.... >e> of fUlbr m ........ ' ..e.on ..

The Jamaica Soccer Cup
is fast becoming the
biggest football festival in
the Caribbean. Hop on a
plane for some spectacular
football, local food and
incredible beaches.

,110 "me ........ on ....", .. "fidei" .. ,110

"............ ~ "'PP<'"

;r,..... ."....- '" ..".,.. '0

u"o,n " ..... ,..... .... le


.. <h .. MM

"'ppen ...

'u'. ~ "'ppen.

piKe 110.,', imflfl"n,1O _10<

' .....,111

. p'

'n ,",m.1 .bou, tile 'i'e of 1Mep Mm

ho<n oId. - b..",, ~.

The Ryder Cup is a
biennial golf competition
between teams from
Europe and the United
Slales Ihat began in 1927.
The 2014 event will be held
in Gleneagles, Scotland.
Where better to enjoy a
game of golf than in the
"Home of Golr'?

With its J.86km swim,
187.07km bike race and
42.195km marathon,
the lronman World
Championship is one of the
hardest one-day sporting
events in the world . Map
out your route so you can
watch parts of all three

lwww.hoten&!ishgroup.(om/ CheckOUIIMinlerilctiyt PDF offcr. Visit: www.hOlcngli sh m.. gui ne.(om

." '~I of 1..... 0<1 (ofI"" ..... I.",.pod)

,~.t. uH<! ra. "'""'"' ,"'.... & .
, ~.

o ... ttt'ot"~ .....1>& Hot .....!Id body

<_.ed br oIIdL Ctoloo ...... ..,. ",.,....




_h'"1 -ptnt,po .. <"".odo.od

' 1'<'<'" .ne! I, 'njlKled . ne! .cm,fed



.... Ckompo.lIyMn

"";0.- .VMI;" P.... 110.. JOH f.omthf


AI< <le T.iotnphc to .... Iyo+fl P, ,,,.


-~,.I'....", "'PI'""'.,....., two


10 m.p "'"

;r,..... -""'p .... t-. "",t. (ra. ...""",).

,....._ ........ ,...... ''''"1 '1'"

",<Ie. ' 0 let ""'"" 10 B
.. u ......

..'Y .. " ........ OI' j mp~' ...

a bndoup.

,... thI",. ,..... _ ....... ,..... looIr K .....

.~. of "!Id . .... hili ......... " ..... et.:.


. Ch n.,,",,~

"od,'......18,;,."' ....... puddi"l ~


wim 'po<fl .nd ,....,.. 0("""- I,', oft""

..!Od "

>e!>e> of objKt. ,"', poopIo ..... to I<'

...... nd or i""'p OYer '" ",cH. '0 1"'1*<'


To improve your reading and list~ning skills.

Think about it

What's your i d~a of having fun ? What fun activities do you do? Is ther~ anything you did u a child that
you still enjoy doing now? What?


Exams This reading and listening activity will help ~re you for English exams such as KET and TOEFL

n Reading I
Read the article once. which
of the activities mentioned do
you do?

n Reading 11
Read the article again. Then,
complete the expressions
with the correct verbs. Try to
do it without referring bad
to the article. In some cases,
more than one answer may
be possible.
a water fight
a noise
a funny face
out on
someone (in order to
frighten them)
a joke on
on the bed
or the sofa
a rude noise
back what
someone says
hide and



STILL LOVE ........ "



......, pb,..h..~ oyn ....

w.i.. """I< the "' ...... ,...~ hIIIr. ~.
pI_ "'"" '0 Iind the "' ......

if the,~ polo of' Itovn !"" ... mplt)

~.,., .... ..,ltovn ...."'''''''''''opof

ale. ",..
fOod .ut.... nr:e JOU u.e '0 m.h Qko


KOI lied '0 oMI.1 ba,..,1h ,...,... or

v......, .... ~ ............. up ..<I


recent study by
Panasonic asked
1.000 parents
which childhood pastimes
they still enjoy doing.
Here are some of the
hide and seek.
Kicking piles of dead
Licking the cake mile
the bowl.
Building a snowman.
Going on a swi ng.
silly faces .
Having a water fight.
Popping bubble wrap.
in puddles .
Riding in supermarket
trolleys .

Having snowball fights .

Getting buried in the
Playing in the waves at
the beach .
Ju mping out on people.
Playing jokes on
Irritating people.
Making rude noises.
Repeating back what
someone says.
Jumping on the bed or
sofa .
Dive-bombing in the
Doing handstands or

Deep down , we're all just

big kids! 0




""'''1 ""'" ......,

.!)-pe of ~ .....
.....n to..bbItt of .... II'. "sed 10 ptOll


........... of WO! or Ioquod "" the .........

.......1u" .."h ......... Iha, JOU P'" Iood

I" ..... " .,....'e .howr"...... upe< .... "'..

.- .te.

10 "'" "","""",nl in ....... ill "'" I' .......

loft.... d..d bodr!

I.. CC
of wa, .. in the K. ", 1td
1>,,,," wind

10;.""' ..... "" _

If JOU '~mp DUI on -..-.e" .,....
fnrh- the", by o.uddOftt,- .ppearinJ in
Fron, of , ... ",


1"",1""1 1 di"rspe<tNI/lmpol".


If.,.... "-bon1b". JOU PIlI )"'" "". ~p

dooc 10 JOU' bodr loo JOU',. '" "'" .... pe

"h bono ~ "" ."1 .... ,..... ju"", "!lO
the ...i",m"'1 pool


if you do."honckIand". ,... "'" _lop ..

the_ and "-',..,...




fotw.. d ,oII"',h JOU' ~ ..d .... the


For trlrphone dasse'l with thr Hot [ngli~h Mrthod, contic1 cl.assr~tJl hotrngli~h I

fREE Audio files l

Oownloid the MP3 iudio fi les for

this month 's magaz ine from he~:

lM Hot English
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Idioms Phrasal Verbs listening files
Articles Great content Vocabulary






I was

I wasn't working.

Was I working?

You were working.

You weren't working.

Were you working?

He was working.

He wasn't working.

Was he working?

She was

She wasn't working.

Was she working?

It was working.

It wasn't working.

Was it working?

We were working.

We weren't working.

Were we working?

They weren't working.

Were they working?


Dialogue: Excuses, excuses!

Amanda and Jayden are in
the pub. Amanda wants to
know why Jayden couldn't
come to her party last night.
[Listen and complete with the
correct words.)

Jayden: Sorry I couldn't make it to

, ~t-.t~=~1
your party.
The Past Simple
Aman da: Mmm ... so, what were
~ We can use the Past
you doing~
Continuous to refer to an
action that was in progress
in the past. For example:
a) I was working in the
office at 4pm yesterday
afternoon .
b) They were walking in the
We can use question words
(who, whot, when, where,
why, etc.) with the Past
Continuous. For example,
"What were you doing last
night at 9pm~"
We often use the Past
Continuous and Past
Simple together. The Past
Continuous describes an
action in progress, and the
past simple describes an
action that interrupts this.
For example:
a) As I was sitting on the
sofa, the phone rang.
b) While we were walking
through the park, it
started to rain .


Iwas working till really

Amanda: OK. What were you doing
at 8pm?
Jayden: 8pm~
Amanda: Yes, I called but you
didn't answer.
Jayden: Iwas, erm, I was
('1 _ _ a bath.
Amanda: And at gpm?
jayden: Cooking. I was cooking...
at home.

Amanda: It's just that Frank said

he (21 _ _ you at the
pub at aoout8:30...
Jayden: The pub?
Amanda: Yeah. at the pub with
some other girl. He said
you were chatting quite
Jayden: Me~ No! No, that can't
have been me.
Amanda: He (3) ___ it was you.
jayden: It must have been my.
erm, my brother.
Amanda: Your brother? Ididn't know
you (4) _ _ a brother.
jayden: Yes, my, my twin brother.
Amanda: Oh, right. Atwin brother?
Jayden: Yes.
Amanda: So , when can I
(,1 _ _ your "twin
Jayden: You can't. He was only
over here for a day.

Amanda: Aday?
Jayden: Well. you know. a couple
of days. He's back in
Australia now. That's
where, erm. that's where
h, (61 _ _
Amanda: Right. So. have you got a
photo of him?
jayden: [rm, not on me, butI've
got lots at home.
Amanda: OK, and have you got
one with you and him
Jayden: Together? [rm, I. erm,
I'm not sure. IU have to
Amanda: Right. Well. could you
17I __ one in
Jayden: Yes, sure. Of course.
Amanda: Great. I look forward to
(81 _ _ it
Jayden: It'll be a pleasure.


FREE .... udio filesl

Oownload the MP} audio foles for
this month 's magazine from her..:


www.hotenglis hmalui~.(Om/

We generally use do to refe r to an activity in general:

What did you do last night?
She wan ts to do somethi ng interesting this

afternoon .
What are you doing at the weekend?
Could you do it for me?

paint. etc.)
When are you going to do the ca r? (fi x it

We can also use do to refer to jobs in general:

What do you do? (What's your job?)
I don't feel like doing anything this morning.
What did you do while you were there? (What job
did you have while you were there?)

And we can use do for nonspecific activities:

Did you do a nything interesting at the weekend?
They did nothing all day.
I do everyth ing around here!
Is there an ything I can do to help?

We sometimes use do instead of a more elt3ct

Here are some more useful expressions with do:

verb. usually when the meaning is clear from the

situa tion:
I' m going to do my room. (this could mean tidy or


I did a design cou rse

to lea rn how to use
the new program.

I wash it,

Do well/--.:::'---l

Could you do me a
favou r and get that bag
down for me, please?

Do the washing I
do the laundry

00 business
with someone



We've been doi ng

business wi th them
for several yea rs.

I've do ne the ironi ng

so yo u can do the
washing up!

Have you done

the shopp ing

I couldn 't d o the

washi ng up because
there wasn't any
washi ng-up liqu id .

I've done the

wash ing and I've
hung up the clothes
on tlie washi ng line.

I'U do the living room if

you do the bathroom !
fOf more complnyduseii or PfiYlte tuition. COfltlct dU!ieiillllotengliiihmlBuinuom I www.hoten&lishgroup.tom /

Think about it
How m~ny em~ils do you send
In what



sort of things do you use email

it made them

How hu


made our lives



Dialogue: The e-mail

Useful words
., Inbox - a folder that shows e-mail messages you've
received .
Outbox - a folder that shows the e-mail messages you've
Recipient - the person who receives an e-mail.
Sender - the person who sends the an e-mail.
Send - if you "send" an email , you write it and then press
"send" so someone can receive it.
Receive - if you "receive" an e-mail, the e-mail appears in
your Inbox.
Reply - if you "reply" to an e-mail, you send an e-mail
response to the person who sent you an e-mail.
Delete - if you "delete" an e-mail, you remove il from your
Attachment - a file (a Word document, for example) that
you include with an email message.
Cariton Copy (cq - if you "CC" someone in a message,
you send the message to that person as well as the main
Blind Carbon Copy (BeC) - if you "BCC" someone in a
message, you send the message to that person as well as
the recipient. However, the BCC person doesn't appear in
the list of recipients - the Bec person is hidden!
Draft: - an emailthat you save so you can edit and send it
E-mail address - the unique address of an e-mail user.
Sent items - a folder that shows the e-mail messages
you've sent.
Forward an e-mail - to send an e-mail you've received
to another person.
Bounce back - if an e-mail "bounces back", it returns to
your Inbox because it can't be sent.
@ - this key is pronounced "at".
.com - this is pronounced "dot com".
Emoticon - a little symbol to show what mood you're in.
For example, this one is used to show that you're happy:
Capital Ietters - in big letters: LI KE THIS.
Lower case - in little letters: like this.
Junk mail J spam mail - e-mails that you don't want I
unsolicited e-mails I e-mails written from people or
companies you don't know. They're often e-mails selling



Harold and Mary are work

colleagues. They're having
problems sending an e-mail
and are talking by telephone
to try and resolve the
problem. (listen once. Then,
complete the conversation with
the correct verbs.)
M=Mary H=Harold

M: Hey, did you get the email?

H: No, when did you send it?
M: Yesterday. Maybe il {ll _ _
into your junk mail.
H: Hang on! I'm right in front
of my computer. l et me 121
_ _ . No, it isn't in my
spam folder. Are you sure it
didn't bounce back to you?
M: No, it's in my sent items.
H: OK, have you got the
- - - ------, I right email address? It's
The Hand S IlJ__
capitals and the ~r is lower
M: Oh, I had harold.smith99@
H: AM That's the problem.
M: OK. I'll send it again. (Pause]
OK, I just 141 - - it.
H: Great.
M: Whoops! I {sl - - to
attach the document.
H: \TkI1,just attach ~ and re.send it

I WW'/tI.hotengiishsroup.c:om I FOI an Enstish-t~ngll~ge (Ollfe ~bro;d, ~m~iI dUes"

M:OK. I'm 16J __ the PDF

now, and sending it again.
H: Did you remember to CC in

Bill? And BCC Maggie too?

M: Oh, no, I forgot. OK, I'll send

it again. Right, I've just sent

it. You should have it in a
moment. The subject heading
is ~Agenda for today's
H: Perfect.
M: Gol it?
H: Oh, no. I just 171 - -
message from your ISP saying
the attachment is too big. Can
you shrink the attachment
down or compress it?
M: I don't really know how. Ah,
what a pain!
H: Yeah. And I !8) _ _
that document urgently.
The meeting starts in five
minutes. What are we going
to do?
M: I know.
H: What?
M: Why don't I print it out and
191 - - it to you.
H: You're a genius!
M: If you turn around, you'll see
I'm (10) _ _ at the desk
right behind you.
H: Great!
M: I'll pass it to you in just a

What's you r favourite TV se ries?

9 TRACK 6: ~~.~~'.'~~

Photos and Interviews by Georgie Gl. Danielle

(lJSA, Travel writer)

My favourite TV series is
The Wire. It's got pretty
much everything: a lot of

drama, great characters.

the production quality

is really high and it's a

I in-depth look at the


. of
' ~ic" il used to indiate that the text
hu appeared wetly the
Siid somc'thing, often when thit text
is nonstandir~ or incorred.. Litenlly,
'sic" is utin for 'thus". 'Sic' often
apptirs in sqUire IIfKlrt'i Iskl.
Here ire the corrKtions for the
non-sundird pIIristS in this text:
Rc' _ which is written and
starring... _ which stars and is
written by...



mr favourite TV series is
definite y Mod Men, erm I've seen
My favourite TV series is BuffY the
Vampire Slayer. just because I think it's
really funny and witty, and the guy who
writes it, Joss Whedon, is
and his cha racters

a r.irJuI- '

m."".1 .--...
to I,,,,.....

""" For chilchft .,;,j,



all the seasons and I love ... I love


the, Ihe, the historical period it's

set in but I also think the series

m"".,, , to


if A ... "I""a"pan'ed" ""o B, AapptM1 '" B

if _hito, ,... JOI"P<elry """"'.

~!"," ~' ........ '" In. JOI 0\It"')'\lI1n.

,. -

an ...o..prh .......",.,_ ... a ftf)'

"""....... and """pie-. i.....',.""'"


.... of a citr _ ....."7 peopIo
liw in bod halo .... (o~." <Ndo by ,he




John Micha.1

(USA, Business


in'dI'I .....!Id fun"7


a ""'''<ulo , ri .... in hlolO<y


Ih fitm i. "HI;n' . """" 1I>t""'l'lIIppet1.

In th01<'1)-


_ _ iou

the ""'I' In film I boo/!;

I really like Dexter because

t here's always a good plot and
plenty of s uspense. As soon
as one season finishes, I can't
wai t for the next one to start.

My favourite TV series
is Thirty Rock which is
written and starring
(SiCl] Tina Fey. Erm, it's
really, really funny and
it's very poignant and it
always talks abo ut things
that are going on in pop
culture in t he world and it
focuses on social issues
in a humorous


. fitm Ill lot of ","ol'"",.,.I, m.1<n
,.... !Ht w<Kried I -"od 1 fri&h<ened. Cl ..
po'oocIof~ .... in"""'h a TV ..... is

" - For "'- ............ For ............... ....

............ n.

' poI,... ",' ....1<n,....!Ht !old




the """I populo. t/-t"'I' ill <...."Ioy. IN

""", _ I .. TV _in. the """, poj>IO!
m ..........

",obIenoo In -1eIy. .... pIoynwnl. poycn)\
, ....1nI....

toM ,.... tIC.

For more compinydisses or p!"iYite tuition, contact dU!6@lholtnglishmaguinuom / ___ / 11

objective To improve your listening skills.


Think about it



Exams This listening activity will llelp p~art you fOf English exams such as KET and TOEFL

Where are you from~ Where are you living allhe moment? What do you do? What do you do when
, you ,lren't working~ What hobbies h,lVe you got? What doyoo like to do in your free lime~

about me!

11 Prelistening
look at the pictures ofthe three people. Where do you think
they're from? What do you think they do?

n Listening I
You're going 10 listen to three people ulking about
themselves. listen once to compare your ideas from the Pre
listening activity.

n Listening Il
listen again. Then, complete the table.

i, my name's

Abbie. I'm originally

from Boston.

n language focus



Complete the sentences with There is or There are.

a park near my house.
a swimming pool in the hotel.
a golf course close by.
4lots of other Australians working there.

n listening III

Massachusetts, but I've

been (1)
London fo r the past 16
years. I'm 2S years old
and I'm (2) _.,-_
in an insurance firm.
There are lols of
other Americans in
the company. I often
meet up with friends
at the weekend or O}
:::---:_ some sport.
There's a park near
where I live and I often
go jogging there.


Don't read the

audIO ScrIpt unlll
you've completed
the exerCIses and

My name's Hannah
and I'm 32 years old.
I'm from l ondon.
After school, I studied
tourism and hotel
management and (4)
--:_ _ a job in a
fivesIar holel. Right
now, I'm living and
working in a holel
casino in las Vegas,
It's amazing. There's a
swimming pool and a
gym in the hotel, and
l is}
a lot of
time there when I'm
not working. There's
also a golf course
dose by and I often
there on
my days off. I've got a
6month contract but
I'm hoping to stay for

Complete the audio script with the correct verbs.

12 I_hoten&!ishgroup.(om I W;rnt to do ,n inlemship with Hot English? For more In(orm'tion, em,it in(o@hotenglishm'

Hi, I'm Harvey and

I'm Z9 years old.
I'm originally from
South Africa, but we
moved to England
when I was about two.
After university, 1(7)
_-,-_ accountancy
and then started working
in an accountancy
firm in Manchester.
But about three years
ago, Idecided to (8)
_,.,-,- around the
world. I'm in Sydney,
Australia, at the
moment. Iwork in a
bar by the beach, which
is great. There are lots
of other foreigners
working in the bar,
and it's popular with
back packers. I've (9)
,-.,.,.,. Iots offriends
here. I think I'll stay here
for a few more months
then go back to the UK.

Ob;ective: To learn some useful words and expressions for making excuses in Englisll.
Think about it!
When was Ille laSllime you made an excuse about somellling~ What e~cuse did you use? Did the oilier person
believe you? What are some oflhe WOlst I funniest excuses you've evellleald? Whowas using tllem? Wily?




This month we're looking at how to make excuses

in English.

Blaming other people


I thought you were going to do it.

You said that you'd do it.
I had to take my grandma to hospital.
Frank told me that we didn 't need to do it.

Blaming the weather I technology, etc.

~. The bus broke down.

The traffic was terrible.

It was too cold. l it was too hot.
The printer ran out of ink.
The computer crashed .
The internet wasn 't working.
I couldn't get a connection.


I didn't have the time.

I was too busy.
I had too much on.
I ran out of time.

~. I couldn't be bothered .
I didn 't feel like it.
I wasn 't in the mood .
I got bored.
I wasn't su re what to do.
I couldn't find the right address.

Making excuses for someone

~. He's tired.
She isn't usually like that.
She's just going through a bad patch .
He's usually quite nice.

~. I'm on a diet.
My doctor told me not to do any physical work.
I'm on medication.
I need to get
some rest.
I woke up
feeling really

Dialogue: Publicity
.., Randy and Flynn are in a band. They've just released their
first album. Now they need to promote it. IListen once. Then,
complete the text with the correct words.)
F: Flynn R=Randy
F: Amy called. She was asking
what we were going to do
about promoting the album.
R: Oh, right.
F: She suggested a publicity
stunt, you know, like bungee
jumping off London Bridge.
It'll get us in the

1'1 -,--.,-

R: Sounds great!
F: Perfect! I told her you'd like
that one.
R: What? I can't do stufflike
that. I'm scared of (2)
F: Well, I can't do it. I don't
know how 10 swim.
R: You don't need to know how
to swim! You're attached to
the (3)
by a
bungee cord. You'll never
even touch tile water.
F: Oh, and I put my back out
the other day. Erm, she
suggested a second stunt we
could do instead.
R: What's that?
F: One of us should enter the
upcoming London steak
i . Eat as

1.1 -,-----,--

as you can in ten minutes.

I'd gladly do it but I'm a

R: Since when?
F: Last (5) _ _ __
R: Well, I'm on a diet. 50, 1can'l
do it.
F: This is ridiculous. We're
never going to gel this
album promoted. By the
way, did you put the (6)
,..,---;_ _ up?
R: I thought you were going to
do it.
F: No, that was your job!
R: Can'l you do it? I'm prelty
busy at work.
F: No way! I'm in charge of
dropping tile new album off

,"h, 171----,-R: And have you?

F: Have I what?
R: Dropped off the albums?
F: Well, not just yet. Bad back,
you see. But it's on my (8)
,,-_-,-_ ofthings 10 do.
R: No wonder we haven't sold
any copies of the album yet!
TIley're sitting in a box at
your house!



~ oo.on dnicned'o rme<e

pubIot.ty (.., ..........1"" ""...- otc.


... 110-......_ ........ ,.,...011.0..

bkt......... """" ... ,.,.., bod


objective To improve your reading skills.

Think about it



What was the last film you saw~ What did you think of it? What was it about? Would you
rKommend it? Why? Whynot? Have you setn either of these films? What were they like?

Exams This rtading activity will help prepare you for English turns such as KET and TOEFL

Audio script

Chatting about two films!

The Hunger Games

Listen again. Then, write The

Iron Man 3
..... chloe: Do anything fun last night?
So, what did you do last night?
I was at Megan's place. We got some
Pele: Yeah, we went to see Iron Man 3.
111 - - and rented a film.
Chloe: I'm not really into these sorts of superhero
What did you see?
The Hunger Games.
Pele: Me neither, but this one wasn't too bad. It's
aoout this (6) _ _ , Tony Stark (Iron Man),
Any good?
Yeah, it isn't bad. It's this sort of action
who has this suit of armour that he uses
adventure film that takes place in the
to fight the baddies. He's up against this
1'1 - - . Every year, teenagers are chosen
171 - - called the Mandarin, who
to participate in this game - the Hunger
destroyed Iron Man's house with helicopters.
Games - that's shown on TV. It's a bit like a
Any.Nay, soon after that... hey, are you listening?
sort of (3) _ _ , but the big difference is
Chloe: Yeah. I was just tetting a friend . Go on.
that the participants have to kill each other.
Pele: Robert Downey Ir and Gwyneth Paltrow are
The last one still alive is the (4) _ _ .
in it, and Ben Kingsley plays the (8) _ _
of the Mandarin. The Mandarin has got
The main character is Ihis girl called Katniss.
some great lines. /imitating the MandarinJ
Her younger sister gets chosen, but Katniss
"Some people call me a terrorist. I consider
volunteers to take her place. ~There's 2.4 of
myself a teacher." {laughingJ "lesson number
us and only one comes out!" she tells her
one. Heroes. There is no such thing." And ...
Hey, are you listening?
111- -
Chloe: Wait a sec. Let me just send this (9) _ _ .
Anyone famous in it?
Jennifer lawrence. Have you heard of her?
{She sends the message.JSo, what were you

Hunger Games or Iron Mall



n Pre-listening


Think offour typical questions

to ask about a film. For example:
What's it abaut? / Wha's
in it?

n l istening I
You're going to listen to two
conversations with people
chatting about films. Listen
once. Did you hear any ofthe
questions you thought offor
the Pre-listening activity?

n listening II


3 next to each statement




The main character's

name is Tony Stark.
The main character is
called Katniss.
The baddie is known as
the Mandarin.
It's about a reality show.
Gwyneth Paltrow is in it.
Jennifer Lawrence stars
in it.

Language focus

"~';:", c,no".nwon
10 complete tM sentences.


It is / be an action
adventure film.
I1 takes / take place in

3. The participants
has / have 10 kill each
4- She vo/unleu /
volunteers to take her
sister's place.
S. Ben Kingsley plays /
play the par! orthe

n listening III
Complete the audio script with
Ihe correct words.

14 lwww.hoten&!ishgroup.(om/Wiln!todo." internship withHotEnglish?Formoreinform.tion.e.m.itinfo@


To improve your reading skills.

Think about it

What are some of your favourite items of clothing? Do you wear any vintage clothing?
Would you ever wear any items of clothing from this article? Which ones? Why? Why not? _ _ __


Exams This ~ing activity will htJp prepalt you for English exams such as PT and TOEFL


Victorian dothi
makes a comeba-...,
ictoria (born 181 9)
was queen from 1837
until her death in
1901. But several items of
Victorian clothing are still
in fashion today. Here are
a few that you might like
to incorporate into your

A waistcoat is
a sleeveless
that's usually worn over a
shirt as a part of a threepiece suit.

Top hat
A top hat
is a tall hat
with a wide
brim and
a flat crown . These days,
magicians often use top hats
to do hat tricks, but back in
Victorian times, they were a
sign of wealth.


n Pre-reading
look at the pictures ofthe
items of clothing. What are

they? What are they for?who

A petticoat
is a skirt
that's worn
under a skirt.
In Victorian times, women
often wore them to make
their bodies look bigger
because looking thin was
associated with being poor.

A bonnet is
a hat with a
brim around
the face and a
string that you can tie under
the chin. There were winter
bonnets and summer ones,
which were worn from Easter

n Reading I
Read the article once to
compare your ideas from the
Pre-reading activity.

n Reading II
Read the article again. Then,
write the name of an article
of clothing next to each

They were used before

the belt was invented.

2. Wearing it was a sign of

3. It's got no sleeves.

4. It's a type of long coal.
5. It was used to make
your waist look smaller.

6. It's a type of ha I with

string under the chin.
7. It was used to make
your body look bigger.

A Henley
shirt is like
a polo shirt
but without a collar. They
were traditionally worn by
rowers in the English town
of Henley-on-Thames. Some
rowing crews still use them
as part of their uniform

A corset was
worn to make
a woman's
waist look
smaller. This undergarment
went from the chest to the
hips, and had strings at the
back that you could pull
together and tie.

A taileoat is
like a long
coat that's
short at the
front with two "tails" at the
back. These days, taileoats
are often used as part of
"morning dress" - formal
cloth ing that consists of
a morning coat (a type of
taileoat) , a waistcoat and
striped trousers. Morning
dress is often worn at
weddings. 0

Braces are
straps that are
used to hold
your trousers
up. Most men used braces
until around about the 19305,
when belts became more
fashionable . These days,
braces are still popular with
lawyers and stockbrokers.

would wear them? Why?

The Henley

fellow supporter Amelia

Bloomer in the early 1850s_

A deerstalker
is a type of
hat that's
worn for
hunting. The fictiona l
detedive Sherlock Holmes
wore one. The two side flaps
can be worn up, or tied down
under the chin to protect the
ears in cold weather.
Bloomers are
long baggy
pants t hat
women wore
under their skirts to cover
their legs.
The o riginal bloomers were
invented by women's-rights
supporter Elizabeth Smith
Miller, but popularised by

Just recently, a pair of Queen

Victoria's bloomers sold at
auction for 3601


,,11 ""pboo,d In 0..;"""", rot h.n"",

!he odce 01. ""ltNl c-.. rou' C)'fl
!he lop PO" 01. hat .~ rou' h..d


If _ h ... I> ,"'oI ...... ~h". ~ ........

IIu',....,... rich


cM PO" of .

sh,,, I jo<k<1 IN, 1_ ......nd

_ _ ....., "___ ' , if.,..., ' ,-", ,.,., ,.,

in bo.o, .nd m.k. ~ ",.,... "'"' (\onJ

POH 01..-0



clothH ,.,., ...... u.......


}'OII' " " " _ , '

!he r....., PO" 01.,...,.. ~ 01 !he lOp

,...... "hops' ... at .".... """ 01,.,." body


below ,ho waosl (""",ado)



,h," h.,

no ",~ "


p;.ce of cIWoO",

form.1 dol"" 0I!he .."'" (Giou, .nd

m... n>t 01; ... coo .." ;,,. 01 , ..... <en/
.k." jock.,



100010 th,n .."" (poo<::.) 01 mo .....!


100010 thlft "'., .... obr<d}'Oll ...... '0 IIoId

,.".,. U""<en In pI_

!he PO" of rou. fac. th.1 OS below,..."

_ ..


u.- ,.,." ''''''<en

..ilh I; .... 1h.1 .... d'w.. ...1<......., IO lho

FREE subscription if you recommend Hol English L,ngu'ge Sm-ices to)'OUr cornp,ny; E-m' il dniiesllllotengli.hmiguinuorn I www.hotenglisl! 15

objective To read and listen 10 an article about office rules in English.

Think about it


Are there many rules and regulations where you work or study? What afe they? Are there any
ridiculous rules and regulations? What are they? Whit rules would you introduce?

Exams This rtading and listening activity will help ptepart you for English mms su<h as PET arKI TOEFL

he website
recently invited readers
to submit their stories
of ridiculous rules at work.
Soon, there were thousands
of comments on the thread.
Here are a few of them .

"We aren't allowed to put our

coats on chair backs - they
have to go on a stand, and
only one coat per hook on
the stand!"
"We can't carry coffee from
the vending machine by h and
- it must be on a tray."
"We are n't allowed to sit on
the edge of someone's desk
to talk to them."
" If we walk up or down the
stairs, we have to hold onto
the handrail at all times or
we get disciplined!"

11 Reading I
Read the article oncI!. Which
rule is the most ridiculous?


n Reading II
Read the article again. Then,
describe the rules which refer
10 the following objects.

Coats =

2. A cup of coffee =
]. The stairs =
4. A stapler =

5. Furniture =
6. Beards =
7. Water bottles =
8. E-mails =

"If we want to p in notices

to the notice board, we
have to wear safety glasses!
Apparently, someone got
injured once, so they' re
worried it'll happen again.
You also have to use the
glasses if you want to use a
"We aren't allowed to move
our own furnitu re as this is
violating union rules. So, we
have to call and schedule
the movers 10 come over
and do il for us ... and of
course, they charge us fo r
it, even ifit's something we
could do ourselves in just

two minutes. "


"In the cafe where I work

there are strict rules for men
who want to wea r beards.
They have to be between a
certain length o r you have to
shave it off. Also, if you want
to grow a beard, you aren't
allowed into work for two
weeks u ntil you've grown it
out to a 'respectable length'."

If,...."wbm~' .n . n._or~,....


<end" ... ~ Un loo ,h.<k<d

_d_et..-. ..............

Ihc pMI 01.


Il1.0')'01'' bode , ...........

{"..,!.urod' 10. _ . oIl\lIn"",. !or



o poKe 01 ........ in 0 wn;.ordo Il1.0' ;, I>Hd

to hold m.....

",octt;,.,. that >do IlOl driniB.




110, pje<e oIwood or!or U''l''''I

"Manage ment at the office

where I work don't trust
us with water bottles apparently they think we'll fill
them with alcohoL"
"We can o nly d rink water
from small cups, and you
have to drink the whole cup
immediately, then dispose of
the cup."

pII'" oIfood. drinls...<.

o ion, p;..:o 01 ........ or wood that ,.... hold


._..,..,,,,.todiKipIi ...

If,.... '.;..."p/ono' _ . , . . . . pun ....

!hem or 10' to !hem o~ beco ..... they'..
dono ..........""-.....

booord ....... ,.... Un put

wldlloIforoNtioA, riC.


01 pOP

rI" wo to proIO<I ,..,... .,...


o Oence !or pun .., ...pIH {IittIo potUS

0I ....... ~ ...... pIe<n 01 pOpe< to hold Ihc
potUS 01 pO!IOI'


10 rioIo\e ",loo


to do ............... IIIOIIs 01" "" .... tuIn

"We're allowed one fifteen

minute break at 10:30. Then,
we get ou r lunch at 1:00, and
you are allowed one more
fifteen minute break at Ba.
If you're O NE MINUTE late
coming back from any of
those three things, you get a
written warning."
"We can't send emails from
our work accounts without
selecting what the email
is for. To send it, we have
to select from a drop-down
menu things like 'casual
memo' or 'request fo r time
off. Everyone's going nuts
over how absurd it is."
Whatever next! 0

.~orl"n' .. ' .... whi<h ,~

onc! tneO to
o:orodiI-..O\d pOJ

""/H- - "'I



if ~'" 10 . ..........Iod" ' 0 h.oppotl 0\.

pOnocW' , ..... ~ wd lo.ppotI 0\ .... , '''''''
_~Iob;,to_"" ..

't>re ...

on .reo oI h.ou .... , IV""" on 0 ",on', fooot
if,.... .....pow 01" """""'kIJ. "'" thtoooo
....... poriod 01_ when,.... IIOP

worfunt I.......,. for . bo\It 1\ "" ......1

o Ion.. to OIl..."...".. dtKtibona;.
p<obIom or ...... that 11.0. beooft ~
Voty~. _WIth m"" ...... ~ .....
w. """,, Ioo. '0..... ,h." lob
drop-doom ..-nu
h' 01 opt;on ....., 'ppeo" on. """"PU'"


~ .... t>ff
if,....loo.. ,....
It... ......,.t;ro..
hoIdoy or in ..... to do """""'""I


if people .... 'pt>J ......... ",""re roru",

obow, ~nl


16 l www.hoten&!ishgroup.(om /Wilnt todo.ninternshipwithHotEnglish?For morein(orm..ion. e.m.itin(



O\dico.>b.oo I ",upid


To improve your reading and list~ning skills.

Think about it

Have you got a smartphone? What do you like/dislike aboot it? What apps have you gal on it? What
do you think of them? Which apps would yoo (ike to buy? Whit do you think oflhese three apps?


This ~ing and listening activity will help ~rt you for English exams such as PET and TOEFL


eed to save some

money? Fed up of
waiting for a taxi~
Can't stop your child crying~
Here are 3 smartphone apps
you might want!

D o.s.yel.

hisapp is
designed to
save you money.
Simply record how much you
save each day. For example,
if you don't buy a takeaway
'-_""\ coffee in the morning, you
enter that amount on the app.
Or if you bring in a packed
lunch instead of going out for
D Pre-reading
lunch, enter the difference.
Then, at the end of the week,
look at the names ofthe apps
the app adds up how much
that appear in the article (I to
you've saved, and sends you a
3). What do you think they do?
message with an update of the
Reading I
total amount.
Read the article once to
compare your ideas &om the
The app was created by Alain
Pre-reading activity.
Desmier and Mike Laming in
2012. The idea came to them
Reading II
after they realised how much
Read the article again. Then ,
they were spending on lunch
write the name of an app next
and takeaway coffee. "I often
10 each statement.
have an extra coffee when
1. It can tell you what a
I don't really need one. But
baby wants.
now that I have an organised
2. It takes 10 seconds to
incentive to save, I'm more likely
complete an operation.
to put the money away rather
than spend it," said one user.
]. It was created in 2012.
4. One user tried it oul in
New York Ci ty.
fi ery
5. It keeps track of your
abies cry. It's
6. It makes a sound jf you
a fact of life.
But sometimes it's hard to
lap it.


know why they're crying. Are

they tired, cold, hungry~ You
just don't know. But with Cry
Translator, you can find out in
less than 10 seconds. Simply
hit the Start button and Cry
Translator tells you whether
your child is hungry, sleepy,
annoyed, stressed or bored.
"With the Cry Translator we're
more relaxed so we can calm
our baby down more quickly.
As a result we've found our
son cries less. Peace has
returned to our home!" said
one enthusiastic user.


Watch a video on how to use

the taxi app. Search YouTube
"Official Taxi Hold'em
instruction video".



I "~
"'"'" Of ~,.m r.. sm.11.phooIc


co,," "."..
10<1 boJy ~
' .... ura". IM dfink """HIt
foocj r.. lunch ,..., 10<1 ,.ke 1<1 '""""- tic.

I pac~od

... ..,...10

if 10<1 "odd up" numbet . ,.,.. find th< ,""'.

~ lo, ..,

Inform...ion .bout s"rne!ld",

If .-h,,,,;, .n "ioIce<1' ''''" 100- ,.,... ~
","k.. ,.,.. ..... , '0 do """"""..,

n Taxi


ed upof
trying to stop
a cab~ With Taxi Hold'em ,
your smartphone displays a
yellow screen with the word
"TAXI" on it. And when
you tilt the smartp hone
horizontally, it flashes the
"TAXI" sign in black and
yellow. You can also set
your favourite pace and
transition , and activate a
whistle simply by tapping
your screen. "I decided
to buy this app last week,
before a planned trip to New
York City (the best testing
ground for such an app!).
It worked like a charm ,
although the whistle could
barely be heard above the din
of the city. If you want to grab
a cabbie's attention fast, this
is the app!" said one user. 0


" ..

If 1O<l " PI" ....,.....-,;,.,.. PI" ~

b.ank occ",,'"


'" IO<O<h wotlr 10

if ""'fe "'"""red". ,.,.. .e . ~ n&rJ

. bout .......... ,.. ,

If ,.,..fe "fed up" "' .......... ,"1- ,.,.....

.bout ~ Of ,uod "','

. . . od


.....".,.,.. ........ iI ....h.. _ond",


1,;""" ....n the 0Ihc..

the "pac~" "' .......... ,,,,;, the .po! It

wIIiclo it h. ppon.


"!t.ftS~""" 'S

110< ",<>ens b,. which

..........'"1 <ha..... !Tom .".. '"'' '0

loud ..... <od ",odo.oced when 10<1 ."
"'" 01)"0'" "-Ih. It' .",.." """'0 "'!tK'



If ,.,.. "~p"


,.." .... it qllicU,

.... 1iJhtIr
.n .... wM.. ,.,.. ..., product '" ;,;..


to WO<'I< ~I<e. ch .....

'" be po'*'; 10 be .... po<kc............


,h ...... "bare!(" be .... 1. n


..,.,6 , 1Iic~~


10 ".b
.......... '"'

to do


,... d,,_

FREE subscriplion if you recommend Hot English L,ngu'ge Sm-ices 10 your cornp,ny; Em,il das!>esllllolenglishm' I www.hote-n&lishgroup.tom/ 17

objective To imprOVl! your listening s.ills.


Think about it


Exams This listening adivity will help preJUore you !Or English exams such as PET and TOEFL



a Pre.listening
look at the names of the
three unusual sports?
What do you think they

D Listening I
You're going to listen to
some information about
three unusual sports.
Listen once and compare
your ideas from the
Pre-listening activity.

n Listening II
listen again. Then, choose

the correct answers.

Zorbing involves
rolling down a hill in
a plastic / metal ball,
1. There aren't any

brakes / wheels.
3. It makes you feel

dizzy / strange.

4. Some of the
sandboards have gOI

pieces of rope / straps.

s. It can be exhausting /
boring because you

What sports doyou do regLllady? What sports did YOLl Ll5e to do? Have YOLl tried any of the sports
mentioned 0f1 this page? What's the most LlnLlsLlal sport you've ever tried?

unusual Sports

Sand boarding

River Bugging

Don't read the

audio script until
YOLl've completed
the exercises and

~ I went sandboarding a few years ~ I went river bugging when I

I tried zorbing lasl week and
it was amazing. Basically, yOLl
ago. It's like snowboarding, but
was in New Zealand. It's like
gel (1)
this plastic
you do it (6)
sand ...
whitewater rafting, but you're
oh, and it's hot rather than cold!
ball and go rolling down a hill.
this little sort
Some of the balls have harnesses
You can do it on sand dunes by
of inflatable armchair they call
in Ihem. but the one I went in
the beach or in deserts. Some
a river bug. Basically, you sit
didn't. The balls are like (2)
in il, strap yourself in and go
Ihe boards have
_..,.__ 3 metres in diameter. got straps, but others don'l have
down whitewater rapids. While
you're going (12) _ _ __
any bindings. The first lime I
and there's an inner ball too (3)
_ _-.,._ about 2 metres, with
tried ill was in Tunisia and they
the rapids, you have to try to
a SO centimelre air cushion. There had these 4X4s that took us (8)
steer it (13)
aren't any brakes, and you can't
:---:-_ _ the hills, which was
hands and feet. It's pretty intense
fun . But another time I went in
and a bit scary. I'd done some
steer it so you just have to hope
whitewater rafting before, but this
you aren't going to hit anything.
California we just had to walk (9)
_ _ _ _ the dunes ourselves,
is completely different as you're
The inner layer (4) - - - plastic sort of absorbs the shock.
which is pretty exhausting after
all (14J
your own.
about the fifth lime! I guess the
I think it was invented in New
I went spinning (5) - , - - this hill and felt pretty dizzy
good thing is that it's an allyear
Zealand, but it's popular all over
sport and you can do it any time
the world now. Apparently, they've
Ihe year!
also invented this sport called
bugpolo where you sit
a river bug and
play water polo. I'd Ii~e to try that
one day.

have to walk up the

sand dunes.
6. It's Q seasonal /

an all-year sport.
7. You sit in an innatable

sofa / armchair,
8. You steer it with a
wheel! your hands

9. It was invented in

New Zealand I

n language focus

Which of these sentences are

referrinl to an obIiption?
1. They've got them in
red and green .
1. You've gOI to be back
by six.
3. You've gol enough
time - aon't worry!
4- You've got to do it by

n Listening III
Complete the audio script with
the correct prepositions.
18 I WW' I WlIntto do an internship with Hot EnSlish l For more information, e- mail info@lhotens!ishmasuine.tom




To ft~d ~nd understand business news in English.

Think about it
'lVhat would be the advantages imd disadvimtages of having Gill! international language? Do you still use snail mail? How is snail mail better/worse than e-mail?


The European Union has

translated into a1123. Which

2.3 official languages. And

many EU documents are

means the EU generates

1.76 million

translations per year and

that it would make the EU

~more streamlined and
translators. So, recently the
more efficient. ~ But Diego
Marani, an Italian novelist,
German president, Joachirn
Gauck, put forward a few
said, ~Imposi n g English as
ideas on how the EU could
the official language or the
reduce its large translation
EU would be profoundly
undemocratic. ~ Marani
budget. He thinks English
believes people should be
should become the official
language of the EU . Why?
able to use their native
Because then EU documents language when dealing with
EU institutions. 0
could be written in English
and wouldn't need 10 be
translated into any other
language. So, is it a good
if,.... ".~ tr .......m...I- )'<>'I < ~
idea? One reporter wrote

spends 330 million on


Tne EU nas an annual budget of almost

if )'<>'I " put bwa,d' .. ;du.,.... ..,... ~

budpt !he '<nOWI' 01_ mOl )'<>'I

( 130

..... 'D '1'<.... "" ........m;".

bil lion (wnlCh IS paid fo r by the member countries)


"... ea".!lned bu ......... "le'"!

Although we live in a highly
digital world, most of us
still get quite a few letters,
bills and postcards in our
letlerbox each week. But one
company is tryi ng to change
all this. Outbox is a new San
Francisco-based startup
that promises to make your
mail completely paperless
for only $4.99 per month.
So, how does it work?
Simple! The company has a
team of ~Unpos tmen ~ who

collect your mail from your

letlerbox three times a week.
They then take ilto a local
Ouloox warehouse where
your mail is scanned and
senl directly
10 your
iPad via
the Outbox
app. That
way, local
won't have
to go to


"'Inlm ...... only . po .......... ! ..

their mailbox 10 get their

mail. ~ From anywhere,
anytime, you have exposu re
to your postal mail fo r the
first time, in a way that
the postal network should
work in the 21st century,
says Outbox co founder
Will Davis . And whal if you
decide you want a piece of
mail in ha rdcopy? Jus t click
URequesl" o n that leller o r

_ _

bill in the
app and
will b ring
it to your
door ...
the old
way. 0

With fewer letters being sent. junk mail now makes up over half of the delivered mall In the United States


t oclplwidl
whrn)'<>'l "<k., WIth ............. ,.... . .
bu.orc.. .... h ......... ~. eko

piece oI popor WIth iIolotm..ion aboll!

' - mud. _,.... m~" P"I'


a IKlln",", hole in a doot ~ pOllal

WO<bn 1"'1_ Ietw"o

.......... "".......
. -~

Ietw"o .. po,"" 'ha! att ~od

if,.... ".on"

d~; ..1<Of'I

do<u..- ~


,.... ..... k

of ~ ""oh ma<kinc ..1Iod



b<>o <>UII1d< ,....... ......1oC ~ 1"'"

1nl... . rc doI ~ Mony.f.merito~

...... sn .......... lIboo. bul they .....,
(C''''''- in the V ~
a.~p<",1C<I _ ..... of .


.. _

'" P"'C,"m 100 ....... "PI-


1011....... mad ..r.en"I.... ........thinl.

They att of!e<o lot,... ..;lo )'<>'I
don" _ .... " ""'k" .. . notItt< """" tOo
-",bioi"'" _ old bo .. at popor I r.-t. <tc.
,.... ' hoowOU!
of -'01 .... m.k up SO" 0I . ~
..-m, iI
SO" oI" lko, ."""'n!


Objective To imprCM!)'OIlr listening skills.


Think about it



Exams This listening activity will help ~rt )'OU for English exams such as PET and TOEFL

D Pre.listening

ous stars!

Think ofthree questions

to ask about any of these

fa mous people: Jayier

Bardem, ScarleH Johansson,
Angelina Jolie. For example:
When was he born? /
Has she ever won an
Oscar? Etc.

D Listening I
You're going 10 listen to
some information about three

famous people. Listen once.

Were any of your questions
from the Pre-listening activity


n Listening 11
listen again. Then, write
the name of a star Uavier,
Scarlett, Angelina) in each
1. _ _ _ _.,--,_

was once married to

actor Ryan Reynolds.
2. _ _---.,.,---:;-

once starred in a film

with Brad Piu.

3 - - - - was born in 1969.
4 ,----,-,-:--,-has worked for the
United Nat ions.

> ,....-,----,--

is also a great singer.

6. :--....,.-,_ _

is married to actress
Penelope Cruz.
7 - - - - -

Which famollS actors do yoo li ke~ Have YOll seen any IiIms with these actors in them~ Which ones~
What did YOll think oftM: mms~ Which actors are popular in YOllrcollntry~

Javier Bardem

Scarlett Johansson

Angelina Jolie

Javier Bardem is a Spanish actor. "IIIIIIII Scarlett Johansson is an American"llllllll Angelina Jolie is an
He was born in 1969 in las
actress. She was born in New
American Oscar
Palmas in the Canary Islands.
York in 1984. Some of her most
winning actress, director,
Some of his most famous (1)
famous films include Lost in
and screenwriter. She was
- - - - c c includeJam6n
Trans/alion (2003), Vicky
born in 1975. She had a";",, .,"
jaman, No Counlry For Old
Cr;stina Barcelona (2008)
, but is now
Men , and Skyfall. He's married
and The Avengers (2012). She
better known for her movie career
to actress Penelope ( ruz, and
married (s)
and charity work. She's been
they've got a young son together.
Reynolds in 2008, but they got
in quite a few actionadventure
He won an Oscar (Academy
divorced in 2012. She has a sister, movies such as Laro Croft (Laro
Award for Best Supporting Actor)
Vanessa, who is also an actress.
Croft: Tomb Raider) or the
for his (z)
Apart from being a worldfamous
actionromance Mr. and Mrs.
Anton Chigurh in No Country
actress, she's also a great (6)
Smith , which she costarred in
for Old Men , and he was
, In 2008,
with (9)
nominated for an Oscar (Best
she released her own album
Piu. Angelina and Brad are one
Actor, 2000) for B~for~ Night
Anywh~r~ I Lay My H~ad with
of Hollywood's most famous
Fal/s, but lost out to Russell
10 songs written by songwriter
couples. They've got six children
(rowe who starred in Gladiator.
Tom Waits, as well as one of her
together: three biological, and
He's played quite a few villains in
own (7)
, In her
three adopted children from
his (3)
,including spare time, she likes to cook,
Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.
serial killer Anton Chirgurgh
and she's described herself as a
These days, she does a lot of
in No Country For Old
"major foodie-.
charity work. She was named a
M~n (2007), and the Bond (4)
UNHCR IUnited Nations High
-c-:-,-__ Raoul Silva from
Commissioner for Refugees)
Goodwill (10)
and she's supported causes such
as environmental conseNation
in Cambodia and education for
children affected by manmade or
natural (11) _ _ _ __

likes to cook in her

spare time.

8. ,-,---_---.,._
has been a Bond

n Language focus



Complete the senleftces ,.;u,

the correct past simpte verbs.
1. He
an Oscar
for Best Actor.
%. She
album three years ago.
]. She
in a film
with him.

n listening III
Complete the audio script with
the corred words.


Don', read the

audio script until
YOll've completed
'he exercises and

I www. hoten&!ishgroup.tomf Wilnttodoin intemship with Hot Engti~hl For more infOfmation, e-mail

Think about it!

Born on 241h May 194' in
Duluth, Minnesol:l, Rober!
Alien Zimmerman is a
worldfamous folk si nger.
He changed his name 10 Bob
Dylan in the early 1960s.


ob Dylan is a famous folk singer.

He became the voice of a generation
during the American Civil Rights
Movement in the 1960s. But apart from
folk music, he's also experimented wi th
other genres such as blues, rock and roll ,
count.ry, gospel, jazz and swing - to name
just a few. With his dist.inct vocals and
powerful lyrics, he created a new defi nition
of popular music tha t inspi red many fa ns
and other artists.

The Times Thq

Are A-Changin'
Oylan released The.
Times Tht:}' An:
AChtmgin'in 1964
on an album of the
same name. The
song is about the
government's unwillingness to change
during the 1960s. The song quickly
. became an anthem for many Americans
participating in rallies and protests against
inequality and the Vietnam War. In 2004,
the song was ra nked number 59 on Rolling
Stone. maga2ine's lis t of the 500 Greatest
Songs of All Time.

Come St.n(llOrs, congressmen, p/ heed tlu colJ,

Don't stnnd in the doorway, don't block up the hall,
For he that gets hurt, will be. he who has
There.'s a batt/e outside and it's raging,
/t'1I soon shake your windows and rattle your
For the times tht:y are a-changing.


USlcning to mus ic is a great
wa y 10 learn English. As you
si ng along 10 you r favourite
songs, you [earn Jots of
words, and also improve )'Our

Man was released

on Oylan's 1965
album Bringing If
All Back Home.. The
band The Byrds
also recorded a vers ion of the song that
reached nu mber 1 on the Billboard Hot
100 chart and the UK Singles Chart. It
was the title track of their firs t album of
the sam e name.

" "'onked"' ft_be< ~ k OS



'0"'" x...,.

No one seems to be su re what the song

actually means. Some say it's about drugs,
others say it has religiOUS interpretations.
Versions by Dylan and The Byrds have
appeared on various lists ranking the greatest
songs of all time. includi ng an appearance
by both on Rolling Slonc's list or the 500
~:.:;.~', ~
best songs ever. Both versions also received
Grammy Hall of Fame Awards. Although . .,,;;;~ . "....."" - . - ...'
. .".;;;;;.. "'NO'" . _
the title suggests there's a tambourine.
there actually isn't one in the song!

My wwrintsS amazes me. I'm br(ll1duJ on
my fit.!,
I have. no onc to mut, and thc allcicnt e.mpty
street's too dead for dreaming.
Hey! Mr Tambo urille. Mall, play a songfor me.,
I'm not slupy alld thcn: is 110 place I'm
Ht:y! Mr
10. Talllbourille Mall, play a sOllgfor me,
In the jingk jangle. morning, 1'1/ COllie.
fol/owing you. 0

...""', ....... '"


I :;~:::;!:~~'~N~.~'~,




Practi ca l English to use in En glish-speaking countries. This month: On the plane.

Could you help me put this bag in the

overhead locker, please?
Can I pay in euros?
I'll have a black coffee, please.

What you he..

~. Can J see you r boarding card, please?
Please make sure your seat belts are
What would you like to drin k?

Watch this video of an unusual

fligh t attendant. Search
YouTube for "world's cooles!
flight attendanl ~.
Flight 487.
We're currently cruising at an 16) _ _::-__
of 33,000 feet and an airspeed of 400 miles per
hour. The time is 1:25 pm. With the tailwind on our
side, we're expecting to (7)
in Paris
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard
approximately fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.
Gallop Airlines (1)
4B7 from
The weather in Paris is clear and sunny, with a high
London Gatwick to Paris. Please fasten your (2)
of 25 degrees for this afternoon. The cabin crew will
_ _ _ _ _ and secure all baggage underneath be coming around in about twenty minutes to offer
your seat or in the overhead lockers. And make
you a light snack and drink. I'll talk to you again
sure your III
and table trays are in
before we reach our (8)
,but until
the upright position. Please turn off all personal
then, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the flight.
electronic devices, including laptops and mobile
la d'
phones. We'd also like to remind you that (4)
n Ing
-::-:-:::---,-_ is prohibited for the duration of th~ Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome
flight. Thank you for choosing Gallop Airlines. Enjoy to Paris. We've just landed al Charles de Gaulle
your flight.
Airport where the local time is fifteen minutes past
three in the afternoon. The (9) .- - - - ; - -.
outside is 25 degrees Celsius. For your safety please
Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned
remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the
off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, and you may now
has come to a complete stop
move around the (5)
. However
and the seat belt sign has been switched om Before
we recommend you keep your seal belt fastened in
leaving, please ensure that you have all of your
case of any unexpected turbulence.
personal belongings with you. On behalf of Gallop
Airlines and the entire (11)
like to thank you for joining us and we look forward
Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking. I'd
to seeing you on board again in the near future.
just like to welcome everyone on Gallop Airlines
Have a nice day!
Here are some typical announcements that
you can hear on the plane. Listen once and
complete the text with the correct words.

22 J_

hotenglishgroup.(om Jlooking for ~ q\l~lity English.l~ng\l~ge (O\lrse abro~d? Cont~a dassesllholenglishm~gnjnuom

The perfect .. mail subject line

~ Length - keep it short! A recen t study by MailChimp
found that e-mail subject lines with an average of 35
characters had the highest open rate.

Clarity - state clearly what's inside the e-mail.

Simplicity - keep the message very clear and avoid trying
to be too clever or crea tive. Say what you want to say in
simple. basic language.

The perfect e-mail subject line: some examples

~ Powerpoint files on our FTP site
Slcynet translation completed
information on Denton payment

inscription deta ils (or computer course

comments on the new websile

E-mail subject lines you definitely don't want to see!


Here are some e-mail subject lines that are guaranteed to

get your hearl beat racing.


Some good news and some bad news

Re: overdue payment - court proceedings
Your medical clinic test results are in :(
Decisions regardi ng your employment at ou r
Facebook update: 6 people have defriended you
this week
Re: outstanding payment
Corporate cu t backs and how they' ll be affecting


Deta iled quote for car repairs extensive damage

Re: interview request at police station
You left your diary at our hotel :... )
Re: MISSED deadline for handing in the report
Images on your computer - contact repa ir centre asap
Your son and his future at our school
B4 u open this, promise not to get too angry
Re: Your missing honeymoon video
Re: Your paternity test results. Read this sitting down!
Your Match .com profile has been suspended due to
low interest
Unpaid invoice #5689 - debt coll ecting agency will be
in touch
Re: your tenant and the party last night
Demand for payment
Re: personal items you left at our hotel: ... )

Spam e-mail subject lines

Here are some typical spam email subject lines that could
trick you 11110 opening the e-mail. Beware!

H i!
Read this!
Don't make this mistake!
You 'll like th is one!!!!!
Call me ASAP!
Very disturbing!
Learn how to save up to $1,000 a week
Offer ends in 24 hours
Funny pictures!!!!
We need to talk URGENTLY!
You've won our top prize!!!!!
This is incredible!! !!!
10 reasons why you should get in touch!
You won't believe this
Your bank account has been hacked
H i from Laura! It's been ages!!!!
H i from Paul! Remember me?
10 th ings you need to know about business
When do you want to collect your $300,000 prize
Check out this funny video


meeting next week

4110 1

Re: Meeting next week :M .2

Dear Barbara ,


I hope that you're well and that you enjoyed your Easter break.
A couple o( things:
Your suggestion regarding the agenda (or the meeting sounds fine.
So, i(it's all right with you, we'll meet at 4pm in your offices next
Friday. Let me know i( th is suits you. One thing, could you send
back those sales figures (rom last yea r, please? I can't find them.
I look forward to seeing you next week. :.1 6
Best regards, ~ 7
Mike Smithers

How do ~ say these words in JOUr lan",.?

Write transbtions in the: spaces below.






Re: Next week's meeting,

Re: the latest sales figures .


Dear Sir/ Madam, [formal for someone you don't know]

Dear (Ms Smith), [formal]
Hi Uenni(er) . (informaIJ
Hi, (informal]

Opening the e-mail

I hope you ' re well and that you enjoyed your holiday.
I hope that everything is going well.
How's it going~ (informal)

I've attached a summary of the products.

The attached file contains the information you were looking for.
I'm anaching the information you requested.


Could you send that back to me by tomorrow night, please?

Could you paste it in and send it, please?
can you let Hannah know that I'll only be in from 46pm today?

Future actions
~ I'll look at the spreadsheet as soon as I can.
We'll send you a copy when it's printed.
You'll have it by Friday, without fa il.

Scheduling I timetabling information

~ I'm afraid I won't be able to make tomorrow's meeting.
I'll only be in the office on Thursday and Friday this week.
I was just wondering whether we could meet at 7pm instead of

Confirming something
I received the report you sent, thanks.
The file you sent arrived last night.
I received the documents, thanks.

Have you got a copy of the brochure in English?
When do you need them by?
Is there anything I can do to help?

I'm sorry I didn 't get to see you last week.
Apologies for the misunderstanding last week.
I'm really sorry that we didn 't get to see each other at the

Updates I situation reports

The meeting has been postponed until next week.
I've got a few ideas to put to you. I'll send them over asap.
I'm putting together a response right now. I'll send it later today.

Closing I signing olf

I look forward to seeing you next week.

I look forward to hea ring from you soon.
Speak soon. (informal)

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Saying goodbye
Yours sincerely. (formal - if you know the person, or have used the
person's name)
Yours faithfully, (formal- if you don' t know the person, or haven't
used the person s name)
Kind regards, ! Best regards ,! Regards. (formal)
Best wishes,! All the best,! Yours, (semiformal)
Bye, ! Cheers, (informal)


Choose from four levels:


Pre-Intermediate (A2) ,
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Walch Sergey Brin talk about

railure. Search You Tube for
"Sergey Brin railure"

oogle is one of the largest and most

powerful technology companies

in the world. It was launched by

Stanford university students tarry Page and
Sergey Srin in 1996. Now, it has over 50,000

employees and makes about Sso billion a

year. The company's key products are the searchengine andtheAndroid

meant they knew everything there was to

know about how search engines worked .
That was a nice position to be in," says
larry. The Google founders th ink that
entrepreneurs should take time to really
understand their business and their market
as it'll pay off in the long run .

smartphone operating system . So, what are

!"I $et tough goals

l arry and Sergey's top tips for success?

"You should set really aggressive goals that

you're not sure you can achieve," explains
Larry. He says that some entrepreneurs only
set goals they think they can attain. But, he
explains, if you only set achievable goals
you're never going to create something truly

11 Build the right team

"Having great people involved, that you
really like and you're compatible with, is
tremendously important," says larry. Larry
and Sergey credit much of their success to
the fact that they make a great team. "Some
entrepreneurs are in such a rush to start a
new venture that they don't wait 10 find the

...... todo~,....

!..;,~ -~

n Embrac. failure

Sergey believes that a lot of good things

come from failure. He explains that every
railure has "side effects", which always
include important lessons . For example,
Google recently invested in a company
Male. it simpl.
that makes a new type ofAying turbine
"Technology has this way or becoming
overty complex, but simplicity was one of the
that generates renewable energy. During
the negotiations ror investment capital,
reasons people gravitated to Google,~ writes
a spokes person for the turbine company
Sergey. If your products are simple, then
proudly said that none of its prototypes
people will be more likely 10 use Ihem. And
had crashed. Sergey agreed to invest in the
remember - ir you don't
t understand
company but he demanded
your products, your
that five prototypes crash
customers certainly won't.
I..:.iwrence "L.arry" Page (born
the near future. Why?
26th March 1973) is an
Because that would mean the
Becom. an .x,.rt
American computer scientist
prototypes had been pus hed
and Internet entrepreneur who
larry and Sergey spent years
is the corounder or Goo~le.. . to their lim its, and the final
along with Sergey Mikhaytovich product would be better
berore they launched the
Srin (born 21st August 1973).
thanks to these "failures". 0
website in 1998. And that

right people to work with. And that's a big



I __ !\'Pf cl mochuw


whoch ,.... ....... to

befoto ,.... un noMUf.... u.. i.

if,.... ' ,IWfl'" ,n a __ bon,ne". ,.... buy

oIIltn In the bo.o>i<lH,1n the ...". ,1101
,..... I"", ~. w the I~ cl,..... _

if,.... "".h a ~ ... (fOr "",'"pitl
to ... ~ ...... ",,.... .... the rNdoiMto

.. ....."m..... Clpooty un'" ~..........

10 break ..."'" - " ' " You do lilo, In< 10
'" wha. 110_. to ~ ...ndet

Real Lan uage in action



Steak Diane is a classic English dish. In this recipe British

ChefGo rdon Ramsay makes it with potatoes and peas ...
but you can serve it with anything you like! Serves 2.

4 x small steaks, trimmed of excess fat.

3 x shallots, peeled .

mushrooms, chopped .
15g butter.

Forrest Gump (1994) was directed
by Robert Zemeckis. The film
focuses on Forrest Gump (played
by Tom Hanks) and his journey
through life. Forrest meets famous
people such as John Lennon and
US President John F Kennedy,
and is present at many important
historical incidents and events.
In the open ing scene, a feather is
slowly drifting in the wind. Eventually, it comes to rest
at Forrest's feet. Forrest , who's sitting on a bench , picks
it up, looks at it then puts it in his bag. Then , as he's
sitting there, Forrest tells the people who sit next to him
about his life. In this open ing scene. he's talking to a
woman about the lessons his mother taught him .



garlic clove, peeled.


tbsps Worcestershire sauce.

1 tbsp

Dijon mustard .

7Sml brandy.
22sml cream .
Small handful of parsley, chopped.
Olive oil.
Salt and pepper.


~ 1. Cut the fat off the steaks and

flatten them with a rolling

pin . Season both sides oflhe

meat with salt and pepper.
1. Heat olive oil in a frying pan.
Quickly saute the steaks
(about 1 minute per side) and

then remove them from the

pan and set aside. Drain the

'0 .... ....

In,o >'e<)' "",,11 pIKn




* ..

extra oil from the pan.

3. Heat some more olive oil in
h ...tful of
the pan. Add the shallots and I~ ~"""'0'"'' rhll ,.... a~ hold In ,....,
a little more salt and pepper. ",~ .tIato
to ........ Ib, _ ....-to .nd b.I (oIhn.
4. When the shallots start to
r>i n
soften, add the mushrooms ,
- . . . qI,nd 110.. ,.... roll
crus hed garlic and a knob of bKlrward nd fo.w." d. _ food to
butter. Mix.
to PI" ..h .nd _
,n food
S. Next, add the Worcester
sauce and Dijon mustard and '0 <001< food quIc:~ In hoI 001
mix the ingredients together.
11,.... -._-food """'. I"'n. ,....
6. Be careful - you're about to
t.~ ~"'" of ..... 1"'"
flambe the sauce! Turn up the 1~
1,.... '"",.h' -"in" ,.... m
heat, tilt the pan away from you it ft .. by Pl"b"l "''''U'. on ~ ... by
",...i n l _ ho.d on ~
and pour in the brandy. Flames ", Ib...",
'0 <0010 .... 110 l>I.o.n,", alcohol
will leap out of the pan.
7. When the alcohol has bumtoff. to tu,n - " ' n l ... ~ is . , .n .nc!c
MIIo ..... .....t h,p ,ho ..... other
mix the ingredients, add the
cream and stir in the parsley. ,1_ '""". In' . I!qu;d.,.... PI" ....
1iq0>ld from """ ....... ,.... intO .no .....
8. Return the steaks to the pan,
and cook them to your liking I hoI briJk' "'....... of"u". "II" 110.,
<amn from .o""",'"nl th .. I. bu.n,"I
(e.g. medium-rare or well-done). .~
il ,.... -burn oIF" .....1cofooI. ,.... ,ook
9. Put the steaks on a plate and .... I kohol until ~ ho. di"PI><I'od
pour the sauce over the top. to ni.1n
il ,.... - .. " in- food.,.... Pu' ,he food
Serve with roast potatoes and 'nto .... PO" .nd _ ~ ......nd .....,Ie
. ""n'"1 ~ in
boiled peas. 0
.. blnpootlM - LabIHpootI ...
I.~ .pootI
tine _Po <fe.







F: fGrrest W: Woman
F: [to the woman sitting next to him/Hello. My name's Fonest,
Forrest Gump. You want a chocolate? {She doesn't answer./
I could eat about a million and a half of these. My momma
always said life was like a
box of chocolates. You never VIDEO
know what you're gonna gel.
Search YouTube for ~ fo"est
[He points at her shoes.[
Gump - life is like a box of
Those must be comfortable
shoes. I'll bet you could walk
all day in shoes like that and
not feel a thing. I wish I had
shoes like that.
........ _h,"I -d"ft.- somewMl
W: My feel hurt.
~' .... . n tIoer. by the _ I of,he
wind WIlt
F: Momma always said there's
INo>tk "
an awful lot you can tell
'Ion, .... 'k",.... coit on '" I
IN<\' 0Ie.
about a person by their
'" pid up
'0 ,.k<. in,..... hond.
shoes. Where they're going,
where they've been ... [He
mum...,: mum. mother
pauses. She looks at him/
I'm ...... _
I've worn lots of shoes. I bet
a. owfuI loI
aloe {a ~'I' "no,"'\ - -owM" is ......
if I think about it real hard I
for . ..... ph "
to 101 .boor! !*Sort
can lemember my first pair
tho 'h ...... ,.... CO" -,oil , bout , poor..,.,of shoes. Momma said they'd .......
th, .... _ an " - oloout ,hem
from ...... , _ hel ' or
take me anywhele ...



-,. ~


For an English language course abroad. e-ma il dU!ie~tJlhotengli~h I www.hoteflglishgroup.tom/ 27


objective To improve your reading and listening skills.

Think about it


Why do you think some e-mails govifal~ Do you think it's OK 10 send pet'sonal emails while at WOfk?
Why? Why !lOt? H~veyou ever ~t an e-m~il lhen regretted it afte!Walds? Whit was il ~boul?

Exams This rtading and listening activity will help prepm you for English exams su<h as FeE, IELTS and TOEFL



funny photo, video or

e-mail can go viral in
a matter of minutes if
enough people forward it to
their friends. Here are three
stories of e-mails that went viral.

.~'O r



In earlyhell

Laura Evelyn was flat hunting.
One house seemed perfect,
but as she was leaving the
- - - - - - - - - - - - - , landlord (who also lived
there) gave her a four-page
list of house rules. They
were so outrageous that she
11 Reading I
Look at the titles for the e-mail
photographed them and sent
stories. What do you think
them to friends via email
they're about? Make 0015and Twitter. Soon, the crazy
Then, read the article once to
flat rules were in inboxes
throughout the world. One
compare your ideas.
of them said, "Noisy and
Reading 11
rude people will get one
Read the article again. Then,
chance to calm down. If not,
they' ll lose their deposit,
write landlord, Edmund
or Richard next 10 each
and they'll have to vacate
the pre mises immediately."
Another warned, "Don't
1. He asked his colleagues
to help him solve a
leave dirty dishes in the
s in k or a charge of 1'5 will
2. He received a sarcastic
be added to the rent. " Also,
e-mail from an
tenants were only allowed
two visitors per month and
3. He threatened to
couldn't take showers longer
than '5 minutes. Needless
charge people for not
cleaning up.
to say, Laura decided to keep
4. He left his job in the

s. He said that showers
could last no longer

than lS minutes.
6. He found what he was
looking for in the end.

np- Language focus


apin and find;lS many
txamplH of past tenses as
you can. Why are tMy bein,


In early 2013,
Um's coffee cup went
missing. He was so angry
about it that he sent his
workmates a blanket e-mail.
In the message, Lim, an
analyst at Rio Tinto, explained
the sequence of events that
led to the disappearance of
the cup.

"Sometime after 10.)0 this

morning, my coffee cup was
stolen, The details are as
1. I brought my cup to the
men's washroom,
z. I left it next to the
washroom sinks,
3. I then proceeded to use
the bathroo m stall.
4- In that time, I know
someone entered and
e)(ited the room, and I
know that after that person
used the urinal, they
grabbed a few pieces of
paper towel.
So I exited the bathroom stall
6, My cup was then missing."
He also attached a picture
of the colourful mug in a
bid to track it down. The
hilarious e-mail soon went
viral as his colleagues started
a "campaign" to help him
find his cup. Fortunately, it all
ended well and the cup was
returned to its rightful owner.


"" , (
was a rich
partner at a
London law firm . One day
during a business lunch, his
secretary Jenny (who was
also at the lunch) accidently
spilt ketchup on Richard's
trousers. A few days later
Richard sent Jenny an e-mail
asking her to pay the 4 drycleaning bill to gel the stain
removed. But Jenny didn't
get the email straight away she'd gone on leave he<:ause
her mother had just died,
Only when Jenny returned
10 work a week later did she
see the e-mail. She replied,
'" must apologise for not
getting back to you straight
away but due to my mother's

z8 / www.hottn&1ishgroup.(om / lovethem~g~! lneI Wh.notsubscfibt(OflOf}J.WS ~nd enjoy some big discounts!

sudden illness, death and

funeral . , have had more
pressing issues than your
4. " And she intentionally
copied her e-mail to 250
other staff members, The
email went viral and soon
everyone knew Richard was
both inse nsitive and cheap,
He was so ashamed that he
quit! 0

to I" vinoI
If ....-hlnl on lhe '"" , _ 'po
",. 1', ~ Hc<>n>H ~ pop<rll'


""""<9'.1>10 hocltinl< ....., ""'"

lho pnmiMo

to _

to ~I"" """:se,Il.aI, bu,IO,,,.. ....

tow.. "
if)'O<l ......,n_lbo.>t
."",.u,onl< I""" leII them . boul


p".. i""'dln~


<onlO' ..... in btchc1> wt.en)'O<l

w.. ~ foad / the d,,,,", ....

""",'hly poyn>etIt for lhe ~ .. of I

ft.~ <1<.

""":se I

...... l M i i n _

_ ' , I>o<ne/flllltld ...... PlY' .....,

.n .. ma~ l"'" .. nd to m . ",. p>pIe It

the ...... " ....

I .... _ o f _


in whkh

1IUn,. h.pponed

.",. 11 ".-n..... ""btO< loil<t

whodo h . . . toiIeI in 1I

bowl fio<njlO thew.! of. men',

pubI .. toiIeI wher ..... n ro to lhe



to IOk. ocmetI<lnl .urIdoly.nd


to ~.... ",",lOlnl< eIC.

,,...1' ro. ""/ <ofIft, <1<.


to Irad< 6ow"
to find Ind alch ............

ifI""" ",pit" I"",od, lhe hquod P I

"'" of I <onlO_ by Icddftll ltod
""'0 1.'-Ut/oof./eo,pOI. ....



'd<y-dclnlnl" ""'" i. onc .......

<hey d..n)'O<l' dotMs for)'O<l
"",11< on doch,nllm .... I.1
d,fIi<uk10 ' ........


"'It "

1')'0<1"''''''''''''" I ,1.11_fron, <1othIo.

lfor oumplt). )'0<1 make ~ I" -ay

i f _ I < "on ~ ... '. t!ocylC

OWl, fr"'"

wort fOr potsonll ' ..son,

p.... ln.......

;mm<'d ....

probItm Ih ..


...... ".'"_"'....



doo-<.n1 trunk .boul other po-opIe'.

if)'O<l "q .. rt In act..",., )'0<1 11"9


Objective To improve YOllr reading and listening skills.

Think about it

Who are some of the most attractive people from YOllr COlllltry? Who are the most attractive people
in YOllr family or at work? Whit makes someone ittractive?

Exams This reading and listening activity will help you for English exams such as FeE, IELlS and TOEFL

11 Pre-reading
Whit makes someone
attractive? Put the following
ideas (or any others) in order
of importance.
1YOKe 11 P"'O"afrty 11 wealth 1

~ 1sizeJweigj1iJ 1hair 1
1musical a~lity 1~

[jOblprokssion 11 the season 1

1sense ofhumour 11 clothes 1

the weather 1

n Reading I
Read the article once. Which
study do you think makes the
most sense? Why?

n Re~ding 11
Read the article again. Then,
write a number ned to each
1. The Ilumber of women
approached in the
shopping centre.
2. The percentage of
women who agreed to
meet up with the man
when he was carrying
the guitar case.
3. The number of women
who accepted the friend
request from the empty
handed man.
. The number of students
who were filmed as part
of the sense of humour
5. The year in which
the Albright College
experiment was carried
6. The percentage of
people who said that
people in summer
pictures were beller
looking than those in
the winter ones.

hat makes us
attractive? Beauty?
Wealth? Success?
Power? According to some
recent research, it' s a lot
more complex than that!



request or replied to the

message sent by the man
holding the guita r!

As part of a study by
researchers from the
University of South
Brittany, a 20yearold man
approached 300 women in
a shopping centre. He told
them that he Ihought they
were "really pretty", and
then asked fo r their phone
numbers so they could
arrange a date.

Another study has found that

having a sense of humour
can help. Researchers
Mary Cowan and Anthony
Little filmed 40 psychology
students explaining which
two items they'd take to
a desert island and why.
Next, 11 other students
watched the videos and
rated the participants for
attractiveness . Interestingly,
those participants who had
used humour to explain what
they'd take to the desert
island were considered more

For the first 100 women, he

was holding a sports bag;
for the second group, he had
nothing; and for the third
lot, he had a guitar case.
When he had the sports
bag, only 9% of the women
agreed 10 meet up with him
again. Fourteen percent gave
him their number when he
had nothing in his hand. But
31 % responded positively
when he was holdi ng Ihe
guitar case!
A similar study was carried
out by the University of
Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion
University. One hundred
single women were sent
Facebook friend requests
with a message that said.
"I like your photo." For half
of the respondents, the
request had a profile picture
of the man with nothing in
his hands; and for the other
half, he was playing a guitar.
Only five (10%) of the 50
women accepted the request
or replied to the message
sent by the emptyhanded
man. But 28% accepted the

In a 1997 experiment on
physical attractiveness,
researchers discovered
that the things people
valued most were good
grooming, neat hair, nice
fitting clothing and a healthy
weight - all things that we
have control over.
In another test, scien tists
found that women find a
man in a plain white T-shirt
up to 12% more attractive.
Apparently, this type of shirt
can create an illusion that
broadens the shoulders and
slims the waist, producing a
more Vshaped body.

deep, husky voices.

Finally, researchers
found that we look more
attractive in the summer.
Two thousand participants
were shown "summer" and
"winter" photographs of
four men and four women.
An overwhelming 73% sa id
the people in the summer
pictures were better looking.
Good luck! And don't forget
your guitar case! 0



wi'h. la! ", __.h.. 11... lot
" ' _ or Iu.bIt posw. ...... .

,pet"'" """".,O>d~ ~i""od

,fin ' oli,!.Oofto' f.....bout

'0 co "u'/doH '0 _In<>le! '0

..,. '0 !hem

om",. data

'0"._'0 p,..;th you '0'

rnlOv'.rot, tI>e .......... .. e.



if you ....... "!' with ......-... you ...

,hem In alpKtfic pIKt- at. spK>fic~ ....

, ........,."om....-ono .... FO<O!oooIr

. . ,. . you '0 be .... ,...." .rt.~" or"iend



. ~

per"'" """" ~In to _hln, or

,".-.. . ~ _ _ Ia" roma,I . .. e.

t ....P<Of*
photo on _ ' . "",. on
oocoal _ko",sole
.Iioo..t Island
, .....l. ,........ tropic.1 hl.nd

ifyou ' ..,,- _ _ for ''''KIOYenn.

(b ... mp!r) . you .., how ,,,,... _ you


thi,,"h"'re (oft ... !iom I 10 '0)

..... hJOOd '" _,,,,"


..oth '''01'" h." (fot ... mp!r)

, .........,,. "u dothn. OIL

h ;,jy. or<Itred h."


k. I..... ",,..;dc-,

A 2010 study by Albright

College in Pennsylvania
found that both men and
women lower the pitch
of their voices when they
want to signal that they're
attracted to another person.
And in a further test, men
were fo und to be most
appealing when they had


, .... '"'rot ".,......" you ,m ,od YOU'

if ,l ."..... B.,l "'.... 8100/0; 111,...-

.(In. f"1
o w.1ot

, .... pan or YOU' bodJ In ,110 rnocIdlt (tho

if you ..",aI , ........,.. you ......t
, ......................"'." KIion la


hu. k)<
..... h 'h~""'" """" 11.0 low;

fOf more complny d u !-eii 01 PfiYlte tuition. cOIltact d U!ieii llllotengliiihml Buinuom I www.hotenglishgroup.tom/ 29

objective To improve your reading and listening skills.

Think about it

How often is it nectssarytowash~ Do you preftf a bath or a shower~\Vhy~ What cleaning products do)'Oll
your favourite smells~\Vhkh soap do)'Oll li.e to ust~Why?

ust~ Vlhat are

Exams This reading and listening activity will help prepm you for English exams su<h as FeE, IELTS and TOEFL



n Prere, ding
Guess the answers for the
following questions. The
questions are based on several
different surveys in the UK.
1. What percentage of
British men don't have
a shower every day?
2. What percentage of
British women don't
have a shower every
3. What percentage of
people only have a
proper wash once a
4. What percentage of
those questioned
have a "shower in a
can" {simply applying
deodorant - without
washing first}?
5. What percentage of
British men regularly
miss their morning
shower because they're
too lazy or busy?
6. What could too much
washing do to our
7. Which areas of the
body are the most
important to keep
8. How could washing
less help the

n Reading I
Read the article once to
comJhlre your ideas from the
Pfe.reading activity. which
"fact" is the most surprising?

s it good to wash every

day? Some people are
suggesting that it isn't!

According to Lancaster
University sociologist Dr
Elizabeth Shove, daily
showers are a relatively
recent development.
"l ess than a century ago,
a weekly bath would have
been considered perfectly
adequate. But now we think
nothing of showering once,
twice or even three times a
day, before and after work
or going out and after the
gym," Or Shove said in an
interview with the Times.
But things seem to be
changing. A poll for tissue
manufacturer, SCA, found
that 41 % of British men
and 33% of women no
longer shower every day.
The poll also revealed that
12% said that they only
have a "proper wash" once
a week. And 37% admitted
to taking a "shower in a
can " (applying deodorant
rather than washing) . In
another survey from 20 12,
the Global Hygiene Council
found that 58% of British
men regularly miss their
morning shower because
they're too lazy or busy.
So, is this new anti.washing
movemen t such a bad
thing? Some research
suggests that too much
washing can actually
be bad for you . A study
cond ucted by the University
of Californ ia found that
too much washing strips
away beneficial bugs that
the body uses to help ward
off infections. "A vigorous
daily shower would disturb
the natural bug flora of the

skin as well as skin oils,"

explained John Oxford ,
Professor of Virology at
Queen Mary's School of
Medicine and Dentistry.

But could washing less

frequen tly be dangerous?
No, says Professor Oxford.
"As long as people wash
their hands often enough
and pay attention to the
area of the body below the
belt, showering or bathing
every other day would
do no harm ," Professor
Oxford said. "Even twice
a week would not be a
problem if people used
a bidet daily as most
infectious bugs hang
around our lower halves.
We pay too much attention
to smelling good, with
perfumes for men and
women. We should wash
to stop cross-infection, not
for grooming reasons."

Both Prince Harry and Jessica
Simpson have said they prefer
to use dry shampoo - a type of
powder you put on your head
that soaks up any oil and dirt.
Prince Harry once admitted
that he hadn't washed his hair
for two years!


........ rh/.,,,r..'O>Y/_ep<.bIc '"


of q ... liIy ............. ",.

if !Moo', 'poII' . ..omPO"7 .. b

P'fII< q...._ . ;n ""'"' eel",;o..





oIp.... _ u,,"'o 01.."

- ........ =
... tn...," _ PI" "" .,.., body
(u.u..,..-, ..... ,m) 'o .... k< u.

""'*'1 "KC

'" '''7'hInI:

............,. ...... it. ....,.. dot , .... ",

'" do


.................... h. bu.,- M lot of

1hIro"10 do
to otrip .....,

If A

-""P" away" 8. A,.......... 8 ....


I mIc ...... p."'" In "'" body.

Normal.,.. 'bul" h. ud to..r.. 10

to wOI'd oIf
If A ..... rd .",. Iroft<:tian .... t...ori.. A
.!<>pI ... ~M< 1.1Kt"", ... !oK"";.

'" o.r..a;..,.,

d, ...... uuMd by lOtm..... bKIo".

Some are promoting the

idea that washing less will
also help t he environment.
Waterwise, an NGO
dedicated to reducing
water consumption in the
UK, argues that having
fewer or shorter showers
will help prevent global
warming. As part of their
rong-running Shower
Power campaign , they
claim that spending less
time in the shower will
reduce your water bill , cut
down on your electricity
consumption and bring
down your carbon
footp rint. Plus, it'll give you
more time to snuggle up in
bed, enjoy your breakfast
and get to work.

""1"''''''' " - -.Id be .t-!..

Ut.,p.od ..... ,... ..


.... moo_, ......... th.ol 1.... "" .... 1ro

.... ,bodi<.
the .~. below ,.,.., bell (the .... p ,..,..
W... 10 hold wp.,....' 1t<OU.... )



- , . _ _ day. ....... dO)',eo. ,he



_,.".......nh lOp ( _ ........ ,.,

....,..) ro. .....h..., ,he """"" port of

the body oft.. PI

'0 the ...Ie!

"" ,.IKtooon" bu, <.I" 1'"' on I

d........... OnM<,ian
..... o-lm.c!ion ..

1IoOt,. """.....r.c.ion. di.......

""/m"l,o 1_.=


.... bocI"," PO"H &om ... pe,..... 10

""",to... ........

............,.w. cood..-... =

w....... lot. _ ... "H," d<>Iho-s.

I _.. _ " ' ....... ,. . t .... * 1

ch."ty. OIC.
If.dual inuelH it! ,j>e ...... 11

_pt,"tu.., of.he urth.


con.... '-Prim

.... " _ , of ..,boot d .... ido (CO,)

11,.,10 ptoduud D1' ......... I .....,..


So, will you be washing

less frequently? 0

30 / love the m~gnifle? WIt, not SubSC:fibe (Of 1 Of'} )'elrs ~nd enjoy some big disc:ounts~

to ", up
" ' ... dOK'O _

;" .... dt, '0

wl"" ... ro. comfort/lWed_.





a; Sritish English: look, there's a little

American English: If a ladybug lands
on your hand, you should blow it off
for good luck.

~ British English: "We should stop to

some petrol.
The price of
up again!
_ _-'

~ 8ritish English: I could do with an

ice lolly.

m American English: What f1avor

American English: I just spilt some

popsicle do you want?

wine on the couch.

g; British English: She dealt the cards

sandwiches in cling film so we can

eat them later on.


9; British English: Wrap the

e Ameritan English: To open

m Americ;ln English: I don't like S'1ran

the door, turn fhe knob

wrap - it always sticks

makes a big mess. (also,


~.Briti'h English: Could you help me

zip on my coat?


English: Do you want the

a zipper or buttons?


g; Brilish English: He's a professional

football player.
~ American English: Soccer is starting
to become more popular in the
United States.

~ British English: Don't forget the full

stop at the end of the sentence. [the
little ci rcle at the end of a sentence]
m American English: I'd use an
exclamation mark instead of a period.

English: We should walk on

English: The car was
I on the sidewalk.

~ British English: 1 know a great

Chinese res taurant nearby where we
can get some food to take away.
m American English: Let's gel som
food to take out - I don't feel like

Q; British English: If you don't want to

walk, we can get the tram.
~ American English: If you're in San
Francisco, you have to go on one of
the famous streetcars.

Think about it

Do you think it's a good ideil rOf parents 10 hire nannies 10 look after theirdlildren? Why? Why not? Whilt ilre the prOSilnd
cons or having a nanny? Howoften do you eal rruil? llr11at are your rilvourile types oHruit?



Unu sual news stories jom around the world.

orland College in
Bath. England,
trains nannies.

But not just any nannies

- the best nannies in the
world. The school was



founded in 1892 and its

graduates are popular with
wealthy clients who need
someone to take care of
their children. Traditionally
the school teaches its
students how to cook, sew
and fit a car seat into the
back of a vehicle. among
many other skills. But to
keep up with the times,
Norland has added two new
classes to its curriculum:
martial arts and stunt
driving. Why? Because the
children of the ricll and
famous are ofte n targeted
by the paparazzi, and could
potentially become victims
of kidnapping attempts.
So, Norland thinks its
nannies need to know how
to handle these highrisk
situations. UYou have to be
prepared for things, and
if we have high. profile
charges in ou r care. then

we need to know how

to protect them,~ said
19yearold Norland student
Abbey Smith. 0

D Qu

tions l

Where is Norland College?

2. When was it founded?
3. What are some of the
typical things students
learn there?
4. Which two new classes
have they added?
5. Why have they added
these new classes?


"""'r (Ot ..... ft ...... u ....
..." of iIIo ch ........ or rICh po.ont>
JrOdu. te
Pft"'" who Iw ........fuIIr compI<d I
_.tu .........,!)'


........ 'WuIItr( kn.1cot "''''''''''
10 k.... up with the tl .....
W,.,.. "kHopup.....m lhebmn .,.,.. .....""
..... >OtnOIloi"l i. modo-tft and ",,"'0-0010


lIu>llllrm ...

WlfuI, /"a,1 d....... teeMlqIICI

w" "WJOI e. " ...."'.10 phococtopll/

otIod<fkicInof>. etc.


W" -.xI_' 8, " ".... Bill pr'_

b\' ro.te.nd demo"," _
~ ........ kM

IOh. . . .

ret a Manger is one

of the UK's most
expensive fas tfood
chains. It sells gourmet
sandwiches to go, with
delicious ingredients such
as free-range cured ham,
Gruye re cheese and artisan
bread. But it also sells fru it.
And despite so many great
things on its menu , the
company's most popular
product is ... the banana!
In fact. the com pany sells
75,000 of them a week.
Bananas are a perfect
option for food on the move,
and they're popular with
customers, ~ said a company
representative. What's
more. each banana costs
0.50, which is more than

double that you'd pay in

the supennarket. uYes, you
could buy a bunch at the
supemlarket and it would
be more cost-effective , but
if consumers are popping
into Pret for their lunch,

32 I_hoten&!ishgroup.(om I Re~11y imprOYt yOllr English. Set p~gf 4).

they aren't also going to

head 10 a supermarket... n
said Samantha Lyser, a food
writer. 0


W,.,.. can ....1......I ... u~.,.,.. .. n

m ....,.~wd

.~. """"" i>t f.""",. per:IOtI

who It oft ... '" iIIo __ ... c.
ch .....
per:IOtI who ,.,.. ... ,CWO"..t>IoIlor,.
""""",.,.. mu" ul<c .. reof


.,....,...... Jood i> ..... q...t;!)'

Yuball King melons from Yuban


Uapan) arc Ihe world s most

expensive frUit Apall recently
sold at auction for US$26 000


1"" i> Jood ,.,.. buJ ill ",,"u,"'"

01 home.OIC.

' free.< ..,." chitkom


kopt _ .... ;"

... lUrol <ond>tiom

I>om (......1 ~_ pia) Ih.,,



[] Questions!
What type of sandwiches
does Pret a Manger sell?
2. What's the company's
most popular product?
3. Why is this strange?
4. Why do people buy
their bananas there?
5. How much does each
banana cost?


in >poclol WO!'

"' of the Jood,.,.. un Otdo. "'.



Jood,.,..buJ'o.. ...,.,.I .. ~1
..t.1o,,~ .. c.

bunch (of)
'bunch or

bo""",, i> ""mbo< ofillom



<ho.p. .. reIol_ 10 ,10 cost ond .....""

W,.,.. ' pop no' pIA< ,.,.. ,.,.;, ~ q~
.nd "" ........ period of ......



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fjhe Language


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actividades en intemet para pri ncipiantes


objective To improve your listening skills.

Think about it

Have you seen any films with Leonardo DiCapri o~ What did you think oflhem? Which comedy films
with Vinee Vaughn and Dwen Wilson lIave you seen? What do you think of these two films?

Exams This listtning activity will help ~re JOU!Or English exams such as FeE, JELTS alld TOEFL

wo famous films!
The Internship

The Great Gatsby

I went to see Thll Intllmship the other

day. It's about these two middleaged
salesmen (Billy McMahon and Nick

The Great Gatsby takes place in the

19205. The story is told (6) c--:c---c-,
Nick Carraway (played by Tobey Maguire),
who's a kind of narrator for the film. Nick
is a World War I veteran who rents a house
in Long Island, New York, for the summer.
The house is right next to the mysterious Jay
Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). Jay
Gatsby 111
and he's always
throwing these lavish parties. It later turns
out that he's doing this to try to win back
his former girlfriend. The film 's interesting
because (81
what's known
as the roaring twenties. This is a time when
New York was going through a few changes.
As they say in the film , "The buildings were
higher, the parties were bigger, the morals
were looser and 191 --,---,-,The film focuses on greed, indulgence
and love, and it's based on an American
dassic by author F. Seott Fitzgerald (which
was published in 1925). The sets are
amazing, and you really get to experience
Ihis as the film's in ]0, which is unusual
because they usually make action films or
kids' films in 3D. Anyway, it seemed (101
_-,-_-,,_ . The film was co-written
and directed by Baz Luhrmann, and stars
Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and
Carty Mulligan.

umpbelll who 1'1 _ _ __

because their boss decides
10 oulsource the sales
department. Desperate
for work, Billy (played
by Vince Vaughn), (2)

-:-:--:-:---c "

a. One bad apple!

b. Prepare to stroke pure evil!

c. Hiring them was a brilliant mistake. 0
d. May the best loser win. D

e. President by day, hunter by night. 0


Hunted by your future. Haunted

past. D

by you r

g. Can't repeat the past? ... of cou rse you

can! 0

D Listening I
You're going 10 listen to some information about two
films: The Internship and The Great Gabby.
From the posters and taglines, what do you thinkthe
films are about? Make notes. Then, listen once to
compare your ideas. which movie would you like to
see? Why?

n Listening"

Google for himself and

his friend, Nick (played by
Owen Wilson). "You got us a job in
Google?" Nick asks. "Not a job, job. It's
an internship that could lead to a job,"
says Billy. On their first day at work, they
soon see how 01
they are
as they're almost twice the age of all the
other interns. But the way they try to fit
into the company is hilarious! They have
to spend the summer competing in teams
against other interns (41 -,----The members of the winning team get
jobs. Billy and Nick are teamed with other
interns seen as rejects. The film is directed
by Shawn Levy, written by Vince Vaughn
and Jared Stern, and it stars Vince Vaughn
and Owen Wilson Is) _-::-_--,-,after starring in the 2005 film WIldding

listen again. Then, answer the questions.

1. Why are Billy and Nick desperate for work

in the film The Internship?

2. Why are they so out of place In their

internship at Google?
]. What do they have to spend their summer
4. What do the members of the winning
team get?
s. When does the film The Great Gatsby take
6. What does N ick Carraway rent for the
summer in Long Island?
7. Why is Jay Gatsby always throwing such
lavish parties?
8. Why does the speaker say that it's unusual
that the film is in 3D?

Reid tflroiih thi script ifain arid find some

examples 01 the present SImple passive.

n Listening III
Complete the audio script with the correct words.


I_hoten&!ishgroup.(om I Wilnt to do ,n in ternship with Hot English? For more In(orm"ion, e m,it in(o@ hotenglishm' gu


Cakulated risk
If you take a "calculated
risk", you do something
knowing that there
are possible dangers

"We took a cakulated risk

when we hired Ken as he'd

never done this sort of won.:
before, but he seemed to be
the ideal candidate,"

Close shave

10 throw caution to the wind

By a hair's breadth

A situation
in which an

accident or a
disaster nearly

"I sold m1 shares

in the company
one week before

If you avoid something

dangerous "by a hair's
breadth ", you only
just manage to escape
from that thing.
"As he

it went bankrupl
That was a close

Cry wolf

Dice with death

To call for help when

you aren't really in

danger. After a few

times doing this,
I stop taking you


To put your life at risk

by doing something

"Going mountain-climbing
in these conditions would
be like
with death."

If something is "at stake", it's in danger and could be

lost or damaged .
~l n the end 1decided to meet the client myself as there was a lot at
stake, and we couldn't afford to lose the contl'3ct"

When was the last time you took a calculated risk? What happened? When was the last time you threw caution to the wind?
What did you do? Do you know someone who often cries wolf? Who? Have you ever diced with death? Where were you? Have
you ever been sailing close to the wind? Why? When was the last time that something of yours was at stake?
What was it? What happened?
Leun more! Get ~n idioms booklet! 300 uwul idioms t ~udio files. For more information. visit: www.l!otenglish m~gmnuom I www.hoten&lishgroup.toml


ob;ectivt To improve your advanced listening skills by listening to several speakers chitting in an informal setting.



Think about it
How often do you eat out? What are some of your favourite restaufints? What do you cool! in the evening ifyou ut in?
Do you like to watch TV wI1ile you're eating? Why? Why not?


Don't read the audio script

until you've completed
the exercises. Also, please
note that when people chat
informally, they often use
nonstandard English and
rarely speak in full



11 Pre-Iistening
Before listening, answer
these questions: What do you
like or dislike about eating
out? What do you like I
dislike about eating at home?
Make notes. Then, listen
once to compare your ideas.

n Listening I
listen again. Then, answer
the questions. What does
one of the speakers say
about ...
1 ... eating at her parents'
house every Sunday?
2 . . how often she likes
to eat out every week?
3. ... what she prefers 10
do on a weeknight?
4. ... 01 good home
cooked meal?
5. ... the financial benefits
of eating at your
parents' house.
6. ... washing up at your
parents' house?

For me, as much as

I love a good home
meal and as much as I
love my parents' roast
dinner on a, e~ery
Sunday, I do see the
pull in eating out, I do
prefer sometimes just
going out with a bunch
offriends or with my
family and eating in a
good restaurant. What
do you guys think?
I mean, I definitely
see, I see, I see where
you're coming tTom ,
eating out with friends
and enjoying the
Yeah, the environment
IS mce.
But if, if, if I was to
really think about
it, what I would
prefer more than the
environment of my
friends is the food
Megan: Yeah.
That's true.
Because I've always been
big on food. And what








about you, did you ...

I'm totally of thal
~iewpoint, I love going
out with friends, once
or twice a week.
But more than that, on
a general weeknight or
whatever, I much prefer
to stay at home, cook
for myself...
Oh yeah.
Enjoy a good home
cooked meal in front of
a film , in front of the
TV, just chilling.
Yeah. With my
roommates, yeah, just
hanging out, chatting,
totally rela~ed and
Especially if you can eal
at your parents' house
when you're eating at
their expense.
That too.
And one of the things
with eating out is you
haven't got to do the
washing up.
Oh, that's true.

Megan: Although, but then if

you go to your parents'
house, you can still
ha~e a home cooked
meal but just pass on
the ...
The dishes?
Megan: The washing up, to
my younger sister or
oh that works! If you
h3~e younger siblings
around ...
Megan: It definitely does.
Definitely. One of the
things I will say about
eating at home is thaL.
{fades out}


rk ..,,><1 .... ,1i>< ~

..... ndo of

1_ ....... _ .. .....,;",'1 O>ndets......

wh., you.,. oari",

room ......

~- ..... .,.... ,,,", ~l!fI>O"..-'

wilh. A "IIftm". ...

........"h,". "",'



It.,. ,....

If _
I ~, ,,-><0, ,.,..
"""h frioond,. ' ....;"10 u..n........~

"--''',",,".. A.fkP<"... A


P>Y' for
.. do "'- ... sIol... ""
.. d .. ~ ,ke- dlt1y ,,-., ... kn ....... fotk ..
Ip', <tc .

Top tip: how to listen

The most important thing 10 remember when lislening to a
conversation is that you won't understand every word. So. you should
only lislen out for the key words - the most important words in the
conversation: the nouns, verbs, adje<:tives, etc. Then, you c~n use
your intuition to fill in the g;aps - just as you do in your own language.
Knowing Ihe context and topic of the conversation will hetp With Ihis.

....... on-,Ol ...

,r,.... ..
-PO" on' OOtMth,nr.
,.... .~ "r~,!h,'
60<0., ... nl '0 do ~
Itodo) rho """'"
rM d;rty 1'1"", knI.fl, fotk ..
Ip'. t1C. ........ h up' '" Bri"oIo [",,;011



.. ,"'.n

, ,....,
b<orhrr or ml ..

Ob;ective To teach you some slang words and exprusions.

Think about it
Do you Mr do any DIY~ Afe you good at it? What wu the lan
bit of DIY that you did? How successful was it?

Stephen has just popped round to Ben's house for a chat. Ben
is doing a bit of DIY (Do-lt-Yourself - home repairs). listen
once and answer these questions: What does Ben put up in the
kitchen? Is he success ful?

you own
or run an English


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Then, listen again and try to guess the meaning of the following
slang expressions (also marked in bold in the teKt). Write out a
version of them in Standard English:

English Unlocked! leng

. ~ ......,

an earful


S:: >Slephen

Your complete self-study solution

for learning English at home
(with listeningfilesll
Readin!, listening. pronunciation,
yocabu ary, grammar, progress
tests, listenandrepeat and much, ,,;;;:jiiiii~
much more.
Choose from four levels:
Pre-Intermediate (Az) ,
Intermediate (Bl),
Upper Intermediate (B2),
Adyanced (C,)


B: Give us a hand putting this shelf








up, would you?

1thought you'd given up on DIY.
You made a pig's ear of that
wardrobe you put up last week. It
almost killed your poor cat!
Yes, well, the instructions weren't
exactly dear.
Excuses, excuses ...
Right, enough of that. Grab a hold
of the end of this board.
What are you going to do with it?
Whack a n;lil into the w;lll. Just
hold it still.
You're joking! I'm not putting my
fingers anywhere near that hammer.
Stop being such a wuss! It's
perfectly safe.
Give me the hammer then, and you
hold it.
Erm, perhaps nol.
You need to drill in a couple of holes
and put in some wall plugs. Nails
won't hold it up.
Oh, right. Where shall I put the holes?
If you put them in here, the door
will bang into the shelf every time
someone comes in. Budge it over

a bit. Hey, what about that nice

cuppa you promised me?
B: If I don't get a move on, Beth is
gonna give me a right earful.
S: Where is she?
B: Out shopping. Stand back. Here
goes./drilling] Perfect! Now all J
need to do is to whack in the plugs
and screw in the shelf and Bob's
your unde.
S: I'll putlhe kettle on.
B: (admiring his workJ Perfect! It's as
safe as houses.
S: It's a bit wonky.
B: No it isn't.
S: And it looks a bit fl imsy. You
wouldn't want to put more than a
couple of champagne glasses on it.
B: Rubbish! Look, I'll put these
books on it. See! It's fine! fit comes
crashing down, and the door opens}
Bh: (shouting from afar] Hi, Ben. Did
you get that shelf up? I can't wail to
see it.
B: (whispering] I'm not here.
S: Yeah, He she'll neYer see you
cowering under that table.
B: Shush!

For more information:

Boob b..M Qn $hA_ Sool""I. &om 2012>0'). '.wc> 10).'JOoI HOI En"' .... m.C_.

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objective To improve your listening skills.

Think about it When w~s the last li~)'OII went on i trip ~rc? lNhefe did )'OIl go~ How long did you go (Of?
YIhy did )'011 go theft? How wu the lripl Did everything go smoolh~1 Vr'hat 'nt wrong?'oVMfe did )'00 51ay1

Exams This listening 3ctivity will help ~re JOU!Or English w rns such as CAE,IElTS and TOEFL

11 Pre-listening
What can go wrong on a holiday
or busi ness trip? Think of as many
things as you can. For example:
You can miss you r plane.
You can lose your p""pM.


Oon't read the

audio script until
you've completed
the exercises and

You can get lost.

Other things?

11 Listening I
You're going to listen 10 three
telephone calls from someone
who is on a business trip. listen
once. Were anyorlhe things you
thought offor the Pre-listening
task mentioned?

phoning her colleague Greg to ask for help

along the way. F: Francesca G:.Creg

F: Greg?

n Listening Il

c: francesca . How's it going? Vou 're in Singapore,

Usten again. Then, answer the

1. In the first call, why
can't Francesca print off
any more copies of the
2. Why did she leave her car
in the airport car park?
]. In the second call, why
does she want to travel in
business class?
4. Why does she have to
change her hotel and flight
bookings to Bangkok?
5. In the th ird call. what does
she want Greg to do?
6. Why was Francesca talking
to herself for part of the

aren't you?
F: Yes. l ook, I'ye only got a couple of minutes (1)
_ _ _ _ _ , and I need a favour.
c: Fire away.
F: I need to print off some more copies of the
brochure, but 1 haven't got the PDF with me. I
need you to send it over asap.
C: OK. Will do.
F: Send over the price list too as I need to get (2)

n language focus



What does the vtfb to

an expression with ,etl mean in
the foiloM'l """" lOom the
I need you to get some
more copies of that.
2. Just ,et a taxi there ...
3. I need you to Bet me into
bUSiness class.
4- There's no way I can
get through all these
50 I'll set onto it right away.
6. I'll be settinB into
Singapore two days later.


n Listening III
Complete the audio script with the
correct words.

C: No problem.
F: And finally, I need you to go and pick up my car.
C: Your car?
F: Yes, I had to leaye it in the airport car park. (])
_,--:--:-::- . It's in the shortstay car park
on the third floor, parking bay (56.
C: Right...
F: So, could you pop over there and drive it home
for me, please?
C: But...?
F: Just get a taxi there and drive my car back. Keep
the receipt and I'll reimburse you when I get back.
C: And the keys ... ?
F: There's a spare set in my desk - top drawer on
the right.
C: OK. Good idea 'cos they charge you a bomb (4)
-c-,---- - I think it's something like [80
a day!
F: OK. Thanks.
G: So, what... [phone hangs up[

F: Greg?
C: Oh, hi. How's it going?
F: Not too bad. l ook, I need you to (5)

-,-_ _,- 1
C: Yeah, sure. What's up?
F: I need you to get me into business class. There's
no way I can get through all these meetings (6)
_",-_.,-_ . They've been pretty intense
and I'm exhausted, and we'ye got another round
in Tokyo in two weeks. It's just endless. No one

38 I_hoten&!ishgroup.(om I For ,rt~ t (omplny dmes. email d~sm@hoten,lishma,nil\uom

G: OK. I'll get onto it right away.

F: Great.
G: So, how's the trip been besides work? How's
Seoul? What have you ...
F: I also need you to change the booking. (71
_ _ _ _ _ in Bangkok in a couple of
days but there's no way we're going to (8)
_-,-_ _ _ ' so I need you to change the
hotel booking and get me on another fl ight. I
reckon we'll be finished up here in two days, so
get me on a flight on Tuesday morning and book
the hotel for three nights there. And send me
the details to my hotmail account.
G: OK! Will do.
F: Great. Thanks a lot.
G: So, what... {phone hangs up]

F: Greg?
G: Fran! Where are you?

F: Bangkok.
G: l ucky you! Having fun!
F: Not really. I'ye lost my passport.
G: Oh, no.
F: I'm supposed to be travelling to Kuala lumpur
G: Disaster!
F: look, I've got (9)
. It's in the
top drawer of my fil ing cabinet - you know the
one to your right as you go through the door.
Could you scan that in and send it over to me.
G: OK.
F: The guys at the embassy said it would speed up
the process if I had a copy.
G: OK.
F: Also, I need you to caU Patrick and tell him I'll
be getting into Singapore two days later. You'll
also need to change the hotel booking, and get
me on a later flight. Then, you'll also have to
phone up Marge in Hong Kong and tell her that
, plus you'll have to make
all the other holel and flight changes there too. 1
think if you get me a fl ight on Thursday evening
that should be fine. OK? Have you got that?
Greg? Greg?
G: Hi, yeah. I was just getting a pen. What were
you saying? (phone hangs up]
F: Greg? Greg? GREC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To improve your reading skills.

Think about it

Have you seen any films or TV series with zombies~ What were they like~ What other monsters are
popular in your oount'Y? Does theWOfd zombie exist in yourcountry>What can it mean?
_ __

Exams This rtading activity will htJp prepart you for English exams such as OE, IELTS and TOEFL



Zombie attack!
ombie films. Zombie
video games. Zombie
TV series. Why are
zombies so popular these

The word "zombie" means

"spirit of the dead" in
Haitian Voodoo culture.
And it's used to describe
someone in a trance-like
state who is controlled by
a "sorcerer". Zombies in
films are often corpses tnat
have been res urrected - the
"living dead", as they're
also known. They're typically
shown wandering arou nd in
search of flesh, making low
groaning noises. The best
way to kill them is to blow
their brains out.

source of a viral outbreak that

has zombified three billion
people across the planet.

There are several zombie

TV series too. The Walking
Dead premiered on 31St
October 2010 and is now in
its fourth season. The sta r is
sheriff Rick Grimes (played
by English actor Andrew
lincoln) . He wakes up in
a hospital to discover that
the world is infested with
"walkers" (zombies). Rick
sets out to find his family,
and is joined by a group of
survivors. Over in France,
The Returned is set in a
mountain town where dead
people re-appear, apparently
alive and normal.

destitute ... people affected

by the world financial crisis.
Zombies also play on our
fears of a breakdown of
society (either through cla ss
warfare, a plague or a virus)
- a collapse of the world as
we know it into one of social
revolt, political upheaval
and economic instability.
On the other hand, it could
just be that we enjoy being
frightened by mindless,
relentless. flesh-eating
Do you fear the walking
dead? 0


~Ipou. cui, prKl'o.N '" "'" Cotlbb.." .

'" 0,"1'"' come f<om It.d,,_.1 At.iu"

IJ Pre-reading
Why do you think lombies are
so popular these days? Make

notes. Then, read the article

once to compare your ideas.

n Reading I
Read the article again. Then,
without referring bad: to the
text, write short summaries of
the following things.
1. The origins and

meaning of the word


The nlms White Zombie

and Night of the Living

] . The movie World War Z.

4. World Zombie Day.

5. Possible reasons why

zombies are so popular.

One of the first Zombie films

was Victor Halperin's Whitt
Zombie (1932). Bela l ugosi
plays a Haitian voodoo
master who transforms a
young American woman into
a zombie. George Romero's

Night of the living Dead

(1968) is another horror
classic. In the film, a group
of people in an isolated
farmhouse are s urrounded
by zombies. The 1978 movie
Dawn of the Dead (also by
Romero) was on a similar
theme, but took place in an
out-of-town s hopping mall.
One of the most recent
zombie films is Marc
Forster's World War Z (2013).
This is an adaptation of Max
Brooks's bestselling 2006
novel World War Z: An Oral

History ofthe Zombie War;

In the film, Brad Pitt plays.
the part ofGerry lane, a UN
inspector who has to find the

Every year, zombie fans

celebrate World Zombie
Day. Typically, this involves
a Zombie Walk in which
participants dress up as
zombies and shuffle through
parts of the city or town. This
first ever Zombie Walk took
place in Pittsburgh in 2006,
but these days, there are
zombie walks in cities all over
the world. One of the largest
ever recorded events was in
October 2012 in Buenos Aires
(Argentina) with an estimated
25,000 "zombies". In many
cases, the walks are staged as
marches to raise awareness
of world issues such as
hunger and poverty.
So, why are zombies so
popular? Many feel that
zombies fit in perfectly
with the current economic
climate. They represent the
unemployed, the poor, the
disgru ntled, the hungry, the


.tra......... oto'"
...... ;0 in . -".na-I,kc ' ''''";0
!>oH" ~.nd i. COtOltoiled bj' .""'....



f)'P< cl ......rd ...... ukt IIoc pootct '" n;1

do~ bO<iy

". <Ie~ po-r_ I. " .... urlKte<l".1Ioey



10 ............... ""

'" in .n " ... wilh "" objeift

1Ioc1O~l"'rt"'. por_'lbody~

""'"""" ...... ..

"",~.".jIM.klr. _ IM",,,,


Ill .. 10 dHp .nd low - oft ... ",ode

"' _ _ '.bni".....
10 ,'"-< _
... ,toe ....~

")'0<" "

- ",,,,,,,roded" bj' people. !how

people .r< .n around )'0<'


shoppi... "'..

I",e bulldon. ""th lot. "' ........ ,

...IOu.a"". ttc.

", Ir! slow _ bj' "fOUI"1 (pull",&!
,...,. fn1 .!ont IIoc ...... nd
.t;, .... nded

"Itr."",,,j ,1"ood



,.;"lent ,"ult_ ,,, winch ptopIe a.. ode


............. action 10 ...... """ ,..., do WOIhouI




........ttln, t>od!ko,;o .......


Of _


FREE subscription if you recommend Hot English L,ngu'ge Sm-ices to your cornp,ny; E-m'il dniiesllhotenglishmi guinuorn I www.hote-nglishgroup.comI 39

objective To improve your reading and listening skills.



Think about it What do you think about drones~ What are Ihe pros and cons of using drones? Would you ban
dronts? Why? Why not? What can drones be used for? What ethical issue are there with using drones?
_ __
Exams This rtading and listening activity will Mlp prepm you for English m ms su<h as CAE, IELTS and TOEFL



iller drones, attack

drones, spy drones,
surveillance drones

The Pentagon has some

7,000 aerial drones in
operation right now. However,
the Washington Times predicts
that by 2020, there could be
as many as 3,000. But is
this a good thing?

can be controlled by a preprogrammed computer or a

pilot in a cont rol centre.

Drones have several

important civilian uses.

They can be used to analyse

traffic, detect poachers,

inspect remote gas and
oil pipes, monitor forest
fires, patrol the coast,

First of all, what is a drone?

Basically, a drone is a
plane without a pilot - an
"un manned aerial vehicle"
(3 UAV), or "remote piloted
aircraft" (RPA). Drones

Just recently, the German

railway organisation has
started us ing surveillance
drones in their fight against
graffiti . Wi th their thermalimaging cameras , the
drones are used to identify
graffiti-sprayers, who are
then arrested by security

track storms, check up on

endangered wildlife and

locate escaped prisoners.

They can also be used fo r

search and rescue missions.

Drones are used extensively

by the military too. Drones
are cheaper to buy and
run than conventional
aircraft, they keep military
personnel out of harm's
way, they ca n stay in
operation for Significantly
longer periods oftime
and they can attack with
pinpoint accuracy from
greater distances (reducing,
in theory, collateral
damage to civilians and
infrastructure) .
Military drones have two
principal uses. Firstly,
they're used for surveillance.
The technology for this
is known as the "Gorgon
Stare" - a video capture
device with nine cameras
which can take in a 4-bY'4
kilometre area. Drones are
also used to strike targets,
either buildings or people.

"Drones~ get their name
from the sound they make.
for example, if something
drones~, it makes a low,
continuous noise. Also, if
you say that someone is
"droning on~, you're saying
that they're talking in a boring,
monotonous way.


US air force pilots near Las
Vegas can fly drones 7,SOO
miles away in Afghanistan.
The air force has over 60,000
people working to process all
the data collected by drones

Watch a Domino's pizza being
delivered by a drone. Search
YouTube for "Introducing the
Domino's DomiCopter! ~



th., .,",.....

compu'" Of pdot '" control



<Iow ................ cl. 'I'I'/<nm",.'/


"....NIttI builoiin. ne" W.. h,nrt""

QC ,..nh ofrocfl to. the us


o.-p.Nr>en! clOeftllse ......

,.... us


J><f""" .......,., ...... '" kill. wild


tow....... O
If _ ......


""".o/f"......, ....,k

oIow!y away,....., fDIod poi'"

n Pre-reading
What can drones be used for?
Think of as many ideas as you
GIn. Then, read the article once
10 compare your ideas.

n Reading I
Read the article again. Then,
without referring back to the
text, write up a short article on
the pros and cons of drones.
Use as many words from this
article as you can.

In May 2013. in a wooded

area off a Canadian highway,
the victim of an automobile
accident wandered off
into the wilderness. A
ground search and an airambulance helicopter with
night-vision equipment
failed to find him. But after a
mobile phone call from the
victim showed police where
he might be, a Dragan Flyer
)4-ES drone with heatsensing equipment was
used to find him.

More controversially,
drones have been used
in the assassination of
suspected terrorists. For
example, in September
2011, US citizen Anwar
al-Awlaki, who was accused
of being the organisational
leader of al Qaeda in the
Arabian Peninsula, was
killed in Yemen by a US
drone strike. He died
without an opportunity
to answer the charges.
Some argue that the use of
drones puts fighting wars
on a similar level to video
games, making it too easy
and diminishing ethical
Should we be afraid of
drones? 0

" ..p .re. cll."" ... ,h ..-nllin

h,"'. tic- ."" no buOkl"'r Of peopIr
......."" ... rdo
Iflheo., -., ...."" selrdo-. ,he
police (/Of "''''pie) i0oi< /Of
_ontIH: ......nd

"om...... """ 'N' _
,h., .."

nish'.u.;.., ...........'

"1";1"""'" 'hat .... ,.... ... in ,he

1oo1t..... 0I'" ... ipmen'

toqY'P"'"'" tha, UfO - . people


, ....... aI.Ion ............

ca .......
p<od""c Imq .. of
people ,....., ,he he.. 'hey rift "IF


<>!'tI"';to use

keav_J ....... ..., n

;fyou - keep _ _ out


.....,..,.... "'.ke ...... ,ha, ,hey'", /e

.""....., ...... , i"lu,td
pinpoIrot -aon<J
~ you h" A ..."h 0p"","'" _CU'IC(.
,.... ~~ A 11 _Ill' the




net" uu~ '0 cMl,.". Of

buMin" duo", mU .....,

<>!'tI'' ' ' '

.... 110 ...... pon (. bomb. etc.)

I pet""" '" ot.,ea tha,....."1 ' 0 be

I llI<ktd

In ooJoicaI

Objective To impfove you, re~ding and listening skills.


Think about it Are any of these people famous in your country~ Which ones~ What do you know about them~ Have
~ny famous people from your country fi llen ffOm gra(e~ Who? Why? Whit did they do?



Exams This reading arid listening activity will help prepilft you for English exams such as CAE, IELTS arid TOEFL


he higher you go,

the harder you
fall" is a common
English expression. It
means the more successful
you become, the more
you have to lose. And it's
an experience shared by
many celebrities who have
ruined thei r careers by doing
something stupid or illegal.
Here are five famous people
who have fa lle n from gra ce.


n Pre-reading
This u ticle is about fi ve
famou s people (see the main
tHl). What problems do you
think they had? Make notes.
Then, read the article once to
compare your ideas.

n Reading I
Read the article again.
Then, write the name of a
fa mous person ned to each
1. This person has been
arrested several times.
2. This person was forced
to stop taking part in a
TV programme.
]. After just two years,
this person was back
on top again.
4. This person eventually
admitted that the
allegations were true.
5. This person was
exposed in a 200g
news report.
6. This person is currently
in prison for murder.

In 2oog,
Tiger Woods
was the best
golfer in the
world . He'd
won more
championships than anyone
else and was considered
unbeatable . But then he
had an affair. In fact, he had
lots of them. In December
200g, the tabloids revealed
that Woods had cheated o n
his wife with more than 12
women. The fallout? Tiger
losl his wife, several multimillion dollar sponsorship
deals and he temporarily
s topped playing golf. But
it wasn 't all bad news .
Just two years later, Tiger
managed to reclaim the
nu mber-one golfing spot...
and a new girlfriend.





Phi! Spector
was a very
producer in
the Ig60s.
He wrote and produced 25
Top 40 singles and worked
with artists such as John
Lennon , George Harrison
and Tina Turner. But he
had an anger problem and ,
according to friends . liked
playing with guns. Then ,

.. ~


in 2003, Phil shot actress

Lana Clarkson at his Los
Angeles mansion. The
couple had been on a date,
and Phil murdered her when
she tried to go home. The
former superstar is serving a
Ig-year sentence for murder.

2003 and
starred in a
string of highly successful
films and became known
as the "teen movie queen".
She had big plans too,
claiming she wanted an
Oscar by the age of 30.
Unfortunately, that's not
looking likely. In 2006,
lindsay started drinking
and doing drugs; and
since 2007, she's been
arrested over twenty times.
Her crimes include drinkd riving, drug possession,
assault and theft.

Cyclist lance
won the
Tour de
France a
recordbreaking seven times.
However, many suspected
him of using pe rforma nceenhancing drugs. But
l ance always denied the
accusations. Then , in
August 2012 , the United
States Anti-Dopi ng Agency
published proof that Lance
had been taking illegal
substances. And finally, in
January 2013, the athlete
admitted the allegations on
lV. The former champion
has been stripped of all his
Tour de France titles.

Charlie Sheen
In 2010, Charlie Sheen
was the highest-paid
actor on lV, earning $1.8
million per episode fo r
his sitcom Two and a Half
Men. But in February 2011 ,
he publkally called the
show's creator a "stupid
little man", among many
other things. Charlie was
fired from the programme
and had a total me ltdow n.
He stated in a television
interview that he was a
"warlock", that he had
"poetry in his fingertips "
and that he was on a drug
called "Charlie Sheen ". He
also uploaded a YouTube
video of himself smoking
cigarettes through his
Have any stars in your
country fallen from grace? 0



job you tIIooi< ' 0.;0 fo. <he m.",""", of


... bI ....... a-if. f ..-r. _

Iroc~', rh ..
ponon bKomcs .....
l.-.oMnto. .ft......", ~ ....1


P"!>U'" ...."


1..........111< ro..," "C""" _

who .. -unb..


<he ..bIoId.


_ p o ... !hot oft ... h_

.toriro .bout <he rir;h .no! f ..-r.

... _ t on
If.o\ -che ....... -

8."has. ,,,,.._.h,p


_ ""_


'OP of. 11,,; the mOll ' mporta"'

<he tri.... of d"yjnl .... ,.. drunk;
d"'n~-d, ;.; ",- I "

us EI>JI'1IIo

. ... uk
phyioc,l .Mock

used by atf*l~ ro mou

!Mm 'u" f, ..... ore.
... blUn<n


..... "

""'"I inrl" d"'l' In 0Irr '" ",n f.., ...

lfyou - ... ,p_of'"thel,t~Of

",""".l. you .. k. _., , ...... "'... Of

"'""' ,


TV _

.... bout Iho (;on of.

I""'P of poop!<; "....,;on comedy

If _

i. -fwd- from Pf"l""""".

they'", told to 10..... IhI1 P<OI .........


down-. '...,Io>.o

If~ ..... .......

<....,,01 .!"Id bt.:omoo. loo, e... .., Of '"1'1


Iho PO" of you, Iincor at "'" end of~

For f~ ntnlic ttltphone dnse~, e-m~il dnse~llhotengli~hm~giZinuom I 41

FREE Audio files!


~ ~!Oad



Complete the sentences (1 to 8) with the words from below.

~ [\Iig!11CiJImorn;ng II smoothly IIcomp!;cated I~ I la~te='::II=d;=sc=u=ss=-1___--\

Giveup, -__

If you "deal with"

a problem. you try
to find a solution
to it.

lfYOU "give ~p",

you stop trying to
do something.
~ It's

just too

I give up. Maybe you

wNick's in trouble
and we're going 10
have to deal with
it as a matter of

want to have a g~o~."_..::~:::::::~:::::::;;;;;;:::::;;;;:~


If you "sort out" a
problem , you find
a solution 10 it.
If a problem "comes up", you find out
about it and you have to deal with it.
A problem

have to

has come up and we're going to

it. n

~Don 't worry! I

managed to sort it out
and everything wenl


If you "put off" dealing

with something, you try
to avoid dealing with it

wYou're going to have to deal

If you "come up with" an idea, you think of it.

months of wondering how to deal with it, they



with the problem sooner or

-,---,,--c--,- ' so just

get on with it and stop trying 10 put it om"

If you "sleep on" an idea , you don 't make a decision about
it immediately but wait untillhe next day in order 10 have
more time 10 think about it.

SU"est we sleep on it and get together aJain first thing tomorrow

so we can make a deciSion."

If you "go through " your options , you talk

about them one by one.
~I think we
make a decision

our options then

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The HO! English )

news letter


Articles Great conte nt Voca bulary

n Language fOC\l5


n R~ingll

I. Ameriun foot~II; :l. To~go: 3- 1929: 4- in Jl>ne:

>~ two years: 6. Tunisia

Numbers 2 and 4 are obligations.

5 listening JII
1. into; 2. aboot; ].. of. 4- of. . down; &. on; 7. of. &. up;
9- up; 10. of. 11. in; 11. down; 1].. with; 14- on; 15- in


n Reading 11


I. have; 1. ma~e; 3- pull; ... jump: 50 play; 6. jump;

7 ffiiI~e: &. repe.. t; 9- play


having; 1. saw: 3- swore: 4- had: ~ meet; 6. liYes;


1. bring; &. ~ng

I. went; 1. check; 3- are; ... senl; 50 fOfgot; 6. attaching;
1. received; &. need; ,. hand: 10. sitting


n lislmin 11


C;,.,. of..SId<..u

}<>It I


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Idioms Phrasal Verbs Listening files

n listening 11

3- She Jlfefers to Slily al home and cook forhetsel[

4- You can enjoy it in front orthe TV,
5- They pay for the food!
&. You don't have todo it or you un get a yoynger
sibling to do it.
(other answers may be possible)

1. Scarlet!: 2. Angelina: 3- )avier; 4- Angelina; 5- Scarlet!;

&. J~vier; 7. Scarlett; a. )a~
rJ liIInguagc focus
1. won: 2. released; ].. co-starred

n Listening III

Hold ...

To hit

1. films; 2. rOle; 3- timc-; 4- villain; 5- actor; &. singer.

7. numbers; &. past; 9- boyfriend; 10. ambassador:
11. disastel'$

A _ak, pathmc ptnon

Mowrt .....

" urful


1. flight; 2. seatbelts; J. sealS; 4- smoking; 5- ubin;
&. altitude; 7. land; &. destination; 9- temperature;
10. aircraft; 11. crew

A cup oh~a

To shout 3' someone

'hfy safej pffloctly safe

an an&Je I

We3~ f not

'Th.a,'. no!

not straight





n l..i~ingll


1. Because She hasn't got the POF with her.

Because she WilS running late,
].. Because she's tired.,nd there's another round of
converu lions in Tokyo to get through .
4- Because there'S noway that she'lr get through
everything in time .
5- To scan and send a copyofher passport.
&. Because Greg was getting a pen,
~ngu rocus (other answers
be possible)
1. obtain: 2. take; 3- arrange it so I un go I1y business
class; 4- survive; . Sl~rt doing it; &. arriving in

NQ'''' ....h'l'


.J<>It I """fN'1ion

. . . . . ~OO




n Us\enillg 111

1. before the next talk

2. somc-

more copies of that

running late so I dr~ there
4- ir yoyleave it thert
. Qllthe airline for mc&. ifl don't goet some sleep
]. I'm scheduled to meet up with Laura
&. get through evefything here in timc9- " copy of my passport in my office
10.1'11 becoming in on Friday instead of Tuesday
].. 1was


A: Q!I
1. In Bath, England
1. 1892
3- HowlO cook, sew and fit a car seal
4- Martial arts and s tunt driving
5- Because theircharges could be kidnapped.


1. Gourmet SOIndwiches
1. Iron Mon J; 1. The Hunger Gomts; 3- Iron Mill' J: 04The H"ngt' GDmes: s. 1ron Mon 3: 6. The H"nger Gome:s 2. The banana
3- Because bananas in this shop are almost twice the
rl l..a nl,>uage rocus
price of the ones you un get in other shops
1. is; 2.. lakes: 3- have: .. YOIunteefS; 50 plays
4- Because people wantt go to just 0lIl:' shop for the-ir
n listen;. III
food togo
I. pizzas; l.t lur~ 3- reality show; .. win~ So friend;
6. guy; 1. terrorist; &. part; 9- teJ<t

n Listening I [





n Reading 11

1. brxes; 2. lop h~l; 3- mislc~t; 4- l~iko;l!; . corset;

&. bonnet; , . pettic~t

n PR-li!< 'I
"2g Jd .... se6f]b
n lj, lem It 11

1.liause ~ lost their jobs.

2. Because they're twice the age oftheothe-r interns.
3- Competing with othe-rteams.
n Readin~ II (wording will vary)
4- Jobs at Goog\e,
1. You have to put them on the c~t stand,
. In the '9205,
2. You h~ve 10urry il on a It~y,
3- 'Ii:JJ tv.e1D hok:I ortod-ehardai l'ftn)QUgo L4ladoY.n &. He rents a house.
4- You have to wear SOIfety glasses if you mnt to use it. 7. liause hemnts 10 win bad: his former girlfriend.
. You have to ull Ihe- Il'IOvefS if you ~ 10 ~ any &. Becausoe they usually use 30 for action films or
movies fOf kids.
&. You have 10 stay away from work until it's grown to
1. lose their jobs
a ~respectable" length,
2. gets an intemship
" They're fOfbidden,
3- out of place
&. You have to SOIy what the e-mail is for I1y selecting
4- in a variety of IiIsks
1eJ<t from ~ drop-down mc-nu,
5- in their second film togoether
&. through the ~ of
1. is super rich
n Reading 11
&. it's set in
I,CsyTranslator; 2. Csy Transliltor; 3- OrSavelt;
9- the liquor WilS cheaper
4- Taxi HoId'em: 5- OrSavell; &. Taxi HoId'em
10. 10 work quite well
n listroing 11
fl Listmingl
1. plastic; 2. brakes; ].. dizzy: 4- str.ilpS; 5- exhausting:
1. She loves the rout dinner.
&. all-year; 1. armchair; &. yoyr hands and feet;
2. She likes to eat out once or twice a week.
9- New Zealand

n ...

44 I_hoten&!ishgroup.(om I For grt~t

Jlfjy~ te I~ngu~ge d~ssts, e-mail d3s~s@hotenglishm~g~linuom


n ~ing l

Answers will vary.


fI Rexling I
Answers will vary.

n Reading I

1. Undsay Lotta n; 2. Charlit Sheen; 3- TigerWoods;

4- Lance Armstrong; 5- Tiger Woods; &. Phil Spec!or


complicated; 2. urgency. ].. discuss; 4- smoothly,
5- idea; &. later. 1. morning; &. vote


See if you can complete this crossword . This crossword is based
on words and expressions from the magazine. So, the best thing
is to do it after reading all the magazine. Having problems? Refer
back to the pages in brackets. How much can you remember?

... 1.

11 .

' ...



The latest informiltion ilDout something

(~ge 17)

A dead body ~ge39)

To make larger or wider ill' 19)
Ridiculous I stupid (p;:ge 16)
A worl<ers' organisation which represents its members ilnd tries to improve
working conditions and pay (p.lgt 16)
Whallhe restaurant chain Pret A Manger sells a lot of (p.lge 32)
The upper joint between your arm and yoor body (p;
The amount of money that you have 10 spend on something (p.Ige 19)
A printed version of a document (p~ge 19)
A series of cricket games between England and Australia thaI's been held since
1882 (page 6)
A type ofh~t from the Victorian era that's worn for hunting (p~ge IS)
What Edmund Lim was looking for III u)
An unofficial name for a male nanny (po ll)

~ 2..





A small pool of water or liquid (page 7)

The part of your face that's below your mouth (piKe IS)
The surname of this month's chefin the Recipe section ~
A person who has successfully completed a course at university ~ o:t )
SomeoneYA1o is like this has a 101: of things todoand not mum timetodo them (y.I e I))
A resurrected corpse; a walking dead person (page 39)
Someone YA10 is like this doesn't consider or care about other people's feelings W28J
An informal won! for a taxi (page 17)
A substance we put on our body to make us smell nice ~
To walk in a slow way by dragging (pulling) your feet along the ground (pige 39)
An animal about the sile of a sheep with horns and a "beard" (page 6)
The surname of the star of this month's film in the Film section (P= 27)
A funny TV series about the lives of a group of people (page 41)
A plane witnout a pilot (pige 40)
To take something in your hands suddenly and violently (I
Someone who is like this doesn't want to do any work or anything in general

Hot Staff



A: What letter of
the alphabet is an
B: I don't know. What
letter orlhe alphabet is
an insect?

A, B.lbee)
A: What letter is a body of
B: I don't know. What
letter is a body of
A: C. (sea)
A: What letter is a part of
the head?
B: I don't know. What
letter is a part of the

A: I. (eye)
A: What letter is an
B: I don't know.
What letter is an

" Oloh!)

k What letter is a
vegetab l e~

B: I don't know. What

letter is a vege table~

" P. lpea)
k What letter is a drink?
B: I don't know. What
letter is a drink?
k 1: (tea)

wraps it in paper, hands

it to the girl and waits for
his kisses. But instead
of getting his kisses, the
woman takes the material,
s miles. then points 10 an
elderly man behind her
and says. "Grandpa will
pay the bill!" 0



Kissing grandpa
A young. attractive
woman goes to buy
some fa bric from a large
departm ent store. ul'd
like some of this material,
please. How much is it? ~
she asks.
"One kiss per metre. ~
replies the cheeky clerk
with a smile on his face,
"OK, says the girl. " I'll
have 10 metres. W
Not believing his luck, the
clerk quickly m easures
out the cloth, cuts it up.

Iypt of m.~

lot ....1<irI1 doIhe-o. _


.larp Ihop that .... .... ..,. differ"",

t!W>p w. d,1I'etent dopon....-..nt. (_n,

. ....- ........ ;. "chtri:f ;. brI rue!< ...

do . ...pecdi.ol but .. .


.... =



....... -*. it! .Ihop I ofIi I


if,.,.. ............ out" doIh. ,.,.. ..... tope


"'""".'0 &el1h< <onOC1Iongth: _

"""'. _ """'ft, 01<.

f ,.,.. ........ p ,....o..a ""'" paper (lOt


...mplo). ,.,.. "'" paper.......,d Iho


(of I per_I old

piKe of paper ;"rom..,_ about
rho .-.... of motIOJ,.,.. "- KI pO)' b



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