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Hi Friends

This is the first writing from us this year and my prayer is that we will walk with Him this year. Hard to believe that another year is behind us as its speed by so quickly. As i shared earlier this has been a hard year for us, but we see Gods hand in that as we look back. A thank you in this informal way hardly seems adequate for the way that you have continued to stand with us; encouraging us, praying for us and supporting us each step of the way.

New Believers!

Hi Friends This is the first writing from us this year and my prayer is that
Hi Friends This is the first writing from us this year and my prayer is that

As we shared in the past, our north coast church plant missionaries will share the death, burial and resurrection of Christ for the first time to two groups of faithful listeners on January 4-5 -Mengen and Pidgin English. This is after months of faithful teaching and discipleship some 80 Bible lessons and in a language they are unfamiliar teaching in. But praise the Lord, God has undertaken for them, protected them (the main teacher was miraculously saved from death at one point), given them wisdom and impacted the worldviews of these dear folks.


As usually the church is experiencing persecution and opposition due to the Gospel penetrating darkness. But they are pushing ahead with the presentation of the

gospel. This is a huge milestone in the life of the Mengen Church as they extend the reach of the gospel to the first outside village. Please pray for God's blessing, enabling and enlightening the hearts of the many that have attended.

The broader Mengen church is also involved

Hi Friends This is the first writing from us this year and my prayer is that

As I shared in the past the broader Mengen church are also seeing their responsibility in Gods Work even though they are at home. And so many of our first believers will be on hand for the full two day program of teaching the last two lessons in both languages; interspersed by formal and informal discussion times and culminating in the invitation to simply rest in the finished work of Christ alone by repentance and faith. Please pray for our believers to revel again in

their salvation and wisdom to know how to come along side to disciple and clear the

their salvation and wisdom to know how to come along side to disciple and clear the thinking of those still confused. Please also pray for them to step in to cook and help enable the unbelievers to get the full force of this powerful presentation.

Some older unbelievers will also attend

And believe it or not, there will be a few unbelievers from our home village attending this presentation of the gospel

-folk that have rejected the gospel thus far. These guys are people we have been praying for, for many years. Please pray that God would impact them for eternity folks such as Masta, Mande and Rakanga to name a few.

Going back bush

At last we can start saying we are going back to our home soon! The next two weeks we will still move slow but after that we will visit our supporters for the last time and greet them. We are aiming at visiting the Cape province in March and then going back to PNG on 6 April. Please pray with us for all our funds we need to buy our tickets, save up for our initial setup expenses in PNG etc.

R U interested in getting involved?

This year we had the opportunity to share with many friends. Many have been praying about getting involved in helping the Mengen church grow into maturity. If you are wanting more information on how you can make a difference please let us know and we can give you some suggestions how you can help reaching the unreached.


Lourens for the Mengen church

their salvation and wisdom to know how to come along side to disciple and clear the

Quick update: As I said this mail has been delayed due to a few security bugs. I just heard back from my co worker that the Mengen missionaries has completed their first phase of teaching and many new believers have been added to the Mengen church! Here is quick feedback from Dave my co worker.

The time in Bologo was very special as we arrived just before the last point of the second last lesson. Vincient (one of our teachers, also called Bobo) broke down into tears twice for his point

on the death of Christ and the believers were moved again by all that Christ accomplished. The schedule was very full with no real down time in the two days with all that was planned with them teaching each lesson twice -Mengen & Pidgin. Eddie (our main teacher) taught the last lesson in Pidgin and at a small break between the second and third point a number of guys followed him outside to express their faith in the finished work of Christ. Pius (old man from Bologo village) stated when asked what he'd say to Christ when he stands before him shared, that because of his faith in the finished work of Christ alone that he'd shoot right into heaven. Kopi (also a man from Bologo village) with a great big grin on his face said that he'd put his faith in the Redeemer from the 9th lesson on and immediately began to see changes in his life. There will probably be about 10-15 believers between the two groups but we'll not really know until Bruce and Kamilus (our arrive here on Sunday after conducting interviews with everyone.

The task before them (our Mengen missionaries) is more daunting than ever as they need to do phase 2 & discipleship for the new believers in both languages, conduct another phase 1 in at least Mengen and a literacy course too.

What our guys have accomplished is absolutely huge and against insurmountable obstacles as well. Praise the Lord for undertaking for them.

Thanks for your part in this incredible story -God is good; all the time.