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Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) is an Indian global company with interests in chemicals, crop

nutrition and consumer products headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company is one of the
largest chemical companies in India with significant operations in India and Africa. Tata
Chemicals is a subsidiary of Tata Group conglomerate
Tata Chemicals aims to touch peoples lives in a way such that they can live better, eat better
and work better. Through its wide range of products that find use in industries such as
pharmaceuticals, food processing, food essentials, Tata Chemicals reaches out to millions of
people across the world. The high quality of chemicals and ingredients made at Tata Chemicals
go a long way in improving the lives of its people and that of the communities it operates out of
its products at its manufacturing facilities in India, Africa, the UK and the US.
Applying 4Ps of marketing as

Tata Chemicals classifies its products under three categories:
Living essentials:
Basic products for daily living, such as salt, sodium bicarbonate or baking soda products and
water-related products.

Consumer salt: Tata Salt, i-Shakti, Tata Salt Lite, Tata Salt Flavoritz and Tata Salt Plus
Pulses: i-Shakti
Water purifier: Tata Swach

Industry essentials:
Products that form essential inputs to diverse industries across the glass, detergents, mining
and chemical processing sectors


Soda ash
Allied chemicals: Caustic soda, chlorine based products, bromine based products, gypsum,
sodium tripolyphosphate, phosphoric and sulphuric acids
Industrial salt
Sodium bicarbonate
Cement: Tata Shudh

Farm essentials:
Farm inputs needed to improve crop health and productivity , such as fertilizers, pesticides,
specialty nutrients, seeds and agri-services.
Customized fertilizers

Consumer salt
Tata Chemicals is the market leader in packaged salts in India with more than half the total market
consuming Tata brands. The reason: Tata Salt and its fellow brands go far beyond taste to target
health initiatives such as iodine deficiency, iron deficiency and low sodium requirements.
Tata Salt has won accolades as India's most trusted food brand for several years. Launched in April
2012, Tata Salt Plus is India's first national brand of packaged salt with iodine plus iron. It is aimed
at addressing and eradicating the prevalence of iron deficiency through one of the most widely
consumed food essentials salt.
The company manufactures two varieties of salt: Iodised salt and Vacuum salt.
Iodised salt
The company manufactures the following brands under the edible iodized salt category
Tata Salt - Desh ka namak

Consumed by nearly 40 million households each month, Tata Salt is a super-refined, vacuumevaporated iodised salt produced by Tata Chemicals at Mithapur, on the western coast of Gujarat,
in one of the most integrated inorganic chemical complexes in India.
It is manufactured through a technologically advanced production process by evaporating sea
brine in steam-heated vacuum evaporators, is almost completely free from extraneous matter and


reaches consumers in the purest possible form. Tata Salt has a fine crystalline structure and
dissolves very quickly.
Due to its purity and reliable quality, the product is widely used by hotels and restaurants,
housewives, and by manufacturers of packaged snacks, colas and namkeens (savoury snacks).
The salt enhances and accentuates the flavour of vegetables and meat to add taste. Additionally,
as a carrier of the essential nutrient iodine, the product supports India's public health campaign
against iodine-deficiency disorders.
Tata Salt is available for consumers in 4 Convenient Pack Sizes as follows:

pack size

Tata Salt


Tata Salt


Tata Salt


Tata Salt


It contains the requisite amount of iodine to ensure proper mental development of children
and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults. It undergoes stringent quality standards
prior to its distribution to different parts of India.
Price of Tata salt is Rs. 18
According to Nielsen Retail Audit, March 2011, each month more than 50,000 metric tons of
Tata Salt is sold through over 12 lakh retail outlets reaching 50 million households across the
country. The company also exports Tata Salt to Middle East. The product has been introduced
in Dubai and will move on to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to cover the United Arab Emirates. The
brand has managed to achieve these robust figures by consistently delivering health-aware
products. The key to the brand's success lies in the superior product quality of Tata Salt.
Tata Salt is the market leader, commanding a share of over 62 per cent of the national branded
salt category. It has also consistently been named one of India's most trusted food brands since
2003 by The Economic Times Brand Equity 'Most Trusted Brands' survey conducted by AC
Nielsen each year. While competitors have come and gone, innovative brand building over the
years has helped build and maintain the trust consumers have placed in Tata Salt. The initial
'Namak ho Tata ka Tata Namak' and path breaking 'Desh ka Namak' and most recent
'Gulmil ke' ad campaigns creatively tapped into this emotional connect, reinforcing Tata Salt's
leadership position in the marketplace as well as in the consumer's mind.
As the brand continues to grow, an important aspect is identifying future market needs and
innovatively addressing them. In this effort Tata Salt has launched a bouquet of products

designed to cater to specific segments of consumers, offering them a choice of products that
come with the trust of Tata Salt. Tata Salt Lite (low-sodium salt), Tata Salt Plus (iron-fortified
salt) and Sprinklers have been launched in recent years further assaying the brand's
commitment to its customers.
Tata i-Shakti Dal:

Every grain of i-Shakti Dal is 100% laser-sorted and graded using modern technology to ensure
that consumers get no impurities, damaged, or weevilled grains - the dals are indeed, ready-tocook. It does away with the time-consuming process of cleaning grains at home.
Fulfill the basic consumer need for a wholesome Indian farm-grown, nutritious dal. Their key
benefits are:
All-natural, farm-fresh
No added chemicals, polish or colors
100% laser-sorted, machine-cleaned and graded
Premium-quality grain
Packed with natural flavor and taste.
Tata i-Shakti Dals are being launched in four basic popular varieties
Chana, toor, urad and moong (including whole-green moong and green
1kg, 500g and 250g packs
Launched in an attractive 'Farm Story' pack, with a free recipe booklet.


Tata Swach (Water for health):

Tata Swach silver-based water purifiers were introduced in the Indian
market in 2009, with a vision of reducing the impact of water-borne
diseases, by providing safe drinking water to the masses. Using advanced
silver nano-technology, Tata Swach became one of the most affordable,
point-of-use water purification solutions and continued to expand its presence in Indian
households. The non-electric Tata Swach water purifier meets the USEPA guidelines for bacteria
and virus removal to provide safe drinking water to consumers without using any harmful
With the Tata Swach portfolio expansion into the electric purification range, the brand now
caters to the entire spectrum of water-related concerns of consumers, including high TDS, high
turbidity and microbial contamination. With silver action inside, Tata Swach purifiers provide
safe drinking water adhering to international guidelines and longer purifier life. Tata Swach is
the complete water purification solution for every home-maker which helps her accomplish her
mission of providing safe drinking water to her loved ones.
Tata Swach Product Range
Non-Electric, Storage Purifiers:
Tata Swach Smart
Available in attractive color options, the Tata Swach Smart is amongst the
most value-for-money storage water purifiers available. With a purified
water storage capacity of 7.5 liters, the purifier has a purification
capacity of 1,500 liters.
Tata Swach Cristella Plus
The elegant and distinguished triangular design Tata Swach Cristella Plus has a scratchresistant, sturdy body. It has a water-level indicator for easy re-filling. With a purified water
storage capacity of 9 liters, the purifier has a purification capacity of 3,000 liters.
Tata Swach Silver Boost
The Tata Swach Silver Boost is powered by the Tata Swach MF membrane along with the Tata
Swach Bulb to provide protection against bacteria, virus and cyst. It has a host of other
consumer benefits likes a direct tap fill option, attractive color options, high purified water
storage capacity of 14 liters and purification kit life of 3000 liters.


Electric Purifiers Range:

Tata Swach Platina Silver RO water purifier
The advanced five stage RO purifier has international standard, NSF certified RO Membrane and
a modern sleek look. Its unique Special Silver Safety prevents bio-fouling of the cartridges
thereby increasing the purifiers life. The purifier has user-friendly Double-i-Care indicators and
a seven-litre zero contamination tank. Tata Swach Platina Silver RO has been specifically
designed with a single-click front opening mechanism to remove the hassles of uninstallation
thereby reducing servicing time.
Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV water purifier
The 6-stage Tata Swach Ultima RO+UV purifier has all the features of Tata Swach Platina along
with an additional stage of UV purification and cartridge end-of-life indication. Auto membrane
flushing, voltage spike guard protection are standard features of Tata Swach Platina and Ultima
Silver RO purifiers.
In the offline water purification segment, Tata Swach offers quality products at affordable
pricing, with prices starting at Rs.999. With the use of state-of-the-art and patented silver
nanotechnology, Tata Swach is a natural efficient purification solution, low on maintenance and
easy to use product. The replacement cartridge-bulb cost has been worked out keeping a
yardstick of 15p per litre in mind. So a low priced portfolio is definitely our strength. Even our
latest offering, the Tata Swach Cristella Plus, that comes with a scratch-resistant, sturdy body
and has the new fast-action Tata Swach Bulb as the cartridge is available at a price of just
Chandu ke Chacha campaign:
The Chandu ke Chacha...Chandi Ka Chamach campain, which is currently on-air emphasises
the benefits of advanced silver nanotechnology (Chandi) as a purification medium and
helps in connecting with the end consumer. Silver is age old and a known bactericidal; we
intend to focus and build on this knowledge platform further.
TATA SWACH classified the consumer market into rural and urban households. According to
2010 stats, more than 75% of the households didnt have access to safe drinking water. Tatas
strategy was to enter into this segment since the market potential was high.
It targets both rural areas (where there is sometimes no electricity) and lower/middle income
groups in cities (unhygienic water conditions)
It can be purchased online as well as it is distributed all over India. 5% discount is given to
offline purchaser and 3% discount is available to online purchaser.


TATA started with social awareness programs increasing education levels among people
regarding disadvantages of impure water. TATA SWACH used the help of NGOs to spread the
awareness levels and schools in rural areas, thus, positioning itself as a form of need creator.
Through competitions in rural schools like essay competitions, role plays; TATA took the help of
NGO in first exposing the rural people to the need for safe drinking water. In the beginning they
relied less on electronic media and more support voluntary groups.
Soda ash
Tata Chemicals is the world's second largest producer of soda ash and the most geographicallydiversified soda ash company. It has manufacturing facilities in India, the UK, the US and Kenya
and an efficient supply chain that can service customers across the globe.
The company has a global capacity of around 5.5 million tonnes of soda ash per annum, of
which 60 per cent is from natural deposits at Wyoming, USA and Lake Magadi, Kenya. Besides,
the company owns 35 per cent of the global low-cost and sustainable natural soda ash capacity.
The soda ash product line consists of four categories:

Soda ash light

Soda ash dense
Soda ash medium dense
Soda ash granular

Tata Cement:
TCL's cement business grew out of a sustainability and environment activity; the cement plant
at Mithapur was set up to consume solid waste generated during the manufacture of soda ash.
The area around Mithapuris rich in limestone. Given the region's proximity to the sea, salt is
also found here in abundance. Lime and salt are the main ingredients in the production of soda
ash. The manufacturing process of soda ash leaves behind a large quantity of unutilised
limestone and calcium products in the slurry. In order to utilise the by-products and unutilised
limestone, TCL put up a modern cement plant at Mithapur.
The cement plant has an installed capacity of 1,500 tonnes per day and manufactures two
varieties of cement under the brand name Tata Shudh:

Ordinary Portland cement (grade 53)

Masonry cement

Shudh cement has already acquired a 4 per cent share in the cement market in Gujarat despite
tough competition from its better-established competitors. It has been recognised as a superior
product, ideal for quality construction. Shudh cement far exceeds the quality norms and

specifications prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Tata Chemicals' cement products are made in a modern plant with state-of-the-art technology,
which includes quality control at every stage of the production process with an online x-ray
analyzer. This ensures consistently high quality in the manufacturing process.
Cement varieties from TCL deliver a quality advantage which customers can depend and build
on. Tata Shudh is preferred by customers because of its superior and consistent quality, and
availability through a well-knit distribution network across the state of Gujarat. The company is
dedicated to serve its customers by supplying high quality cement as per their specific needs.

Industrial Salt
Tata Chemicals manufactures high quality industrial salt at its UK facility.
Undried vacuum
Standard UV
Conforming to BS998:1990 "Vacuum Salt for Food Use", this undried vacuum salt has a
maximum moisture content of 3%. It contains an anti-caking agent and an assay of minimum
99.9% (Sodium chloride on a dry basis).
Pad White
Pad white salt is available all year round for non-food use and de-icing purposes.
Pure dried vacuum
Glacia standard PDV
The standard grade pure dried vacuum salt, Standard PDV conforms to 'BS998:1990 Vacuum
Salt for Food Use'. A minimum of 99.9% NaCl with a bulk density of between 1.22 and 1.32
gcm3 a typical sieve analysis is as follows:

100% passes through 1400-micron sieve.

Max 8% retained on 850-micron sieve.
Max 56% retained on 425-micron sieve.
Max 91% retained on 300-micron sieve.

All British Salt products are manufactured using processes accredited to ISO 9001:2008,
ensuring consistent, high quality products.
Available on bulk, 25kg, 12.5kg bags, 1.2 ton big bags and IBCs.
Packed in a choice of bag sizes to suit customer requirements.

Iodised PDV
Iodised PDV is suitable for any application where supplementary iodine is required. An
approved iodine containing compound is added to standard PDV in line with the
recommendations of the World Health Organisation and European Union. The flexibility of the
manufacturing process enables the additive (potassium iodate) content to be adjusted to meet
specific customer requirements or national legislation.
Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, we do have minimum volume requirements
for iodised salt. Additionally, these products are manufactured to order which may mean longer
lead times than our standard grades.
PACKAGING : Iodised PDV salt is available in 25kg polythene bags, palletized on high quality
pallets. Palletized product is stretch wrapped for added protection during transit.
PRODUCT RANGE: British Salts range of products also includes Pure DriedVacuum Salt
(Standard, Fine 50 and Fine 60),Undried Vacuum Salt,Vacuum Road Salt, Industrial Vacuum Salt,
Aquasol (salt briquettes) and Granulite (compacted granules)
Glacia fine 50
It is a finer grade of pure dried vacuum salt with the same chemical characteristics but with a
bulk density of between 1.16 and 1.27 gcm3. A typical sieve analysis is as follows: max. 5%
retained on 300 micron sieve. Max. 81.5% retained on 180 micron sieve. Particle size spectrum
improves quality of mixing and texture of wet and dry finished product

PACKAGING: Fine 50 PDV salt is available in bulk, in 25kg polythene bags and 1 tonne big bags,
palletized on high quality pallets. Palletized product is stretch wrapped for added protection
during transit.
Glacia fine 60
Our finest grade of crystalline pure dried vacuum salt - the same chemical characteristics but a
bulk density this time of between 1.16 and 1.23 gcm3. A typical sieve analysis is as follows: max.
5% retained on 250 micron sieve. Max. 54% retained on 180 micron sieve.
Industrial vacuum salt
An industrial grade PDV suitable for applications not requiring the same stringent quality as our
food grade range.
Tanker fine
In this grade, a maximum of 4.5% is retained on a 710 micron sieve and 95% on a 180 micron

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sieve. This grade has been especially designed for use in the cheese manufacturing industry.
This product is available in limited quantities.
Water softening products
A "pillow" shaped briquette for small to medium sized domestic water softeners. Aquasol is
compressed from fine salt to minimise breaking or chipping formulated to dissolve efficiently
without bridging in the salt reservoir.
Salt chips or granules used largely for light commercial water softening applications made from
our PDV and ideally suited for use in domestic water softeners and dishwashers. Sized at 26mm to dissolve rapidly and work efficiently Glacia Granulite is recommended, by leading water
softener manufacturers, as indeed is the whole compacted product range.
Both products are available in 25kg and 10kg bags, palletized and stretch wrapped for easy
transport. The 25kg bags are palletized as 49 or 42 bags per pallet, the 10kg bags are palletized
as 100 bags per pallet. Blue CHEP pallets are available for those customers with a CHEP account.
Aquasol Block
Salt blocks compacted from food grade Crystal salt (no anti-cake) packed as 2 x 4kg blocks in a
polyethylene, handled bag. The product is palletized as 120 packs per pallet.
De-icing salt products
Bulk pad white salt
This high purity vacuum salt product is available in bulk for general de-icing purposes. The fine
particle size provides excellent de-icing qualities. Due to the high purity (99% NaCl) this product
leaves no residual impurities on the treated surfaces.
White rock de-icing salt
This pure, white rock salt is a cleaner, more efficient alternative to traditional brown rock salt.
With 98.5% purity, this product has been developed for the rapid clearance of ice and snow on
walkways, doorsteps and roadways. A coarse particle size improves ice-melt and grip. This
product is easy to spread and contains no dirty grit to "tread-in" to your premises. Available in
25kg bags. Conforms to BS3247.
Brown rock de-icing salt
This traditional de-icing product provides a more economical way to tackle ice and snow on

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your premises. Available in 25kg bags. Conforms to BS3247.

Bespoke products
The technical department and laboratories are instrumental in tailoring product specifications
to the customer's exacting requirements.
In the past the company's technical specialists have been responsible for developments ranging
from enhancing the chemical specification to particular physical characteristics.
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate business of Tata Chemicals focuses on global markets and new business
applications. The company makes sodium bicarbonate for pharmaceutical and industrial use,
and as a food additive. The sodium bicarbonate plant has a capacity of 50,000 tonnes per
annum. Its products sell in India, the Middle East, Africa and Bangladesh.
The company produces three varieties of sodium bicarbonate that meet stringent quality

Sodium bicarbonate technical

Sodium bicarbonate refined
Sodium bicarbonate granular

Tata Chemicals Europe is one of Europes largest manufacturers of sodium bicarbonate. The
company's plants manufacture a wide range of grades of sodium bicarbonate to meet an
expanding range of applications including:
Hemokarb for haemodialysis treatment
Alkakarb for animal feeds
Sodakarb for the food industry
Briskarb for flue gas treatment
Pharmakarb for the pharmaceutical industry
Available in 50kg HDPE/PP bags with lamination/liner.

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West Bengal/Tamil nadu/



Sodium bicarbonate technical

Sodium bicarbonate refined
For rest of India
Sodium bicarbonate technical
Sodium bicarbonate refined



Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are key agro-nutrients for crops. Tata Chemicals is
present in all three crop nutrition groups through its fertilizer product base that spans:

Urea (a nitrogenous fertilizer)

Di-ammonium phosphate (contains both nitrogen and phosphorus)
Nitrogen phosphorous potassium complexes (contains all three nutrients)
Single super phosphates (phosphorus based).
Tata Chemicals is the market leader in the urea and phosphatic fertilizer segments.
Additionally, the company imports and sells muriate of potash (MOP) and di-ammonium
phosphate and supplies organic materials and other specialty fertilizers such as calcium
nitrate and zinc sulphate.
The nature of the soil in many Indian regions is such that nitrogenous fertilizers are an
important input for most crops. Urea is an important nitrogenous fertilizer and Tata
Chemicals is a major manufacturer of the product in India.
The company makes urea at its fertilizer complex in Babrala in Uttar Pradesh, a state in
north India. The complex has an installed capacity of 864,000 tons per year, which
constitutes nearly 12 per cent of the total urea produced by India's private sector.
The Babrala facility, among the best of its kind in India and comparable to the best in
the world, has set new standards in technology, energy conservation, productivity and
safety. It is the only fertilizer plant in the country to use dual feedstock: natural gas or
naphtha, or a combination of both.

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Tata Chemicals has an established presence in the north Indian states of Uttar Pradesh,
Punjab, Haryana, Bihar and Uttaranchal, which account for 48 per cent of the total
domestic demand for urea. These states account for over 85 per cent of the company's
urea sales.
Phosphatic fertilizers
Tata Chemicals manufactures several phosphatic fertilizers, many of which are leading
brands in the Indian market. The company makes and sells sodium tripolyphosphate, diammonium phosphate, NPK complexes and single super phosphate fertilizers at its
Haldia complex in West Bengal in eastern India.
TCL's phosphatic fertilizers, sold under the brand name 'Paras', lead the market in West
Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. The Haldia facility now has production volumes exceeding
1.2 million tonnes per annum.

Customised fertilizers
Tata Chemicals is a pioneer in the field of crop- and region-specific customized fertilizers that
provide balanced crop nutrition to the soil, boost the productivity of crops and improve the
overall quality of the yield.
Sold under the brand name Paras Farmoola, these fertilizers contain macro and micro nutrients
required by selected crops in specific regions. They have been developed on the basis of soil,
crop and water sample analyses.
Paras Farmoola fertilizers have been rigorously tested through more than 300 research
experiments conducted on the field and at 12 Krishi Vigyaan Kendras. Field trials conducted on
over 20,000 samples of crops such as paddy, wheat, potato, maize and sugarcane from 25
districts in western Uttar Pradesh, a north Indian state, report a significant increase in yield
over traditional fertilizers.
The fertilizers are produced at the company's state-of-the-art, 1,30,000MT capacity facility at
Babrala, Uttar Pradesh.
Paras Farmoola applications promote sustainable agriculture by maintaining soil health and
providing the best nutritional package for better plant growth and premium quality output. The
fertilizers help correct the nutrient imbalance in the soil caused by prolonged inadequate and
indiscriminate use of fertilizers, thus contributing to better crop productivity.
Key benefits

Enhances crop productivity with better benefit cost ratio.

Is a one-time application of all macro and micro nutrients, except nitrogen, and is hence
convenient to use.

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Promotes balanced application of nutrients.

Promotes balanced application of nutrients.

Allied chemicals
Caustic soda
TCL is able to deliver low-cost caustic soda to the market due to its adoption of energy-efficient,
membrane-cell technology and the captive availability of salt and of power at the Mithapur
facility. As a versatile alkali, caustic soda is used in a variety of industries, the major ones being
rayon, cellophane, soap, pulp and paper.
Chlorine based products
TCL produces hydrochloric acid and liquid chlorine at its Mithapur facility.
Tata Chemicals Europe makes and sells calcium chloride in its UK facilities.
Bromine based products
TCL manufactures several variants of bromine and bromine-based compounds, such as liquid
bromine technical, hydro bromic acid and sodium bromide (photographic grade).
Bromine is used primarily in the manufacture of organic and inorganic bromides. It is also used
as a crucial reagent in preparing several organic compounds requiring bromination. Other
variants are used in the preparation of photographic emulsions, for processing photographic
films and paper, in lithography, as an analytical reagent, as a soil fumigant , and in the making
of flame retardants, drilling fluids, water treatment, dyes, and brominated pesticides.
Gypsum, formed in crystalline lumps or powder form, is yet another product from the Tata
Chemicals stable.
Gypsum is used as an ingredient for Portland cement, for soil treatment, and to stabilize volatile
compounds and dissolve nitrogenous ones. It also finds use as inert filler in paints, paper,
pharmaceuticals, insecticide dusts, etc.
Phosphoric and sulphuric acids
TCL's Haldia plant produces industrial grade phosphoric and sulphuric acids; these are inputs to
the manufacturing of phosphatic fertilizers at the plant, and are also a part of TCL's product
Uses: Phosphoric acid is a key input to the manufacture of phosphatic fertilizers. Sulphuric
acid's uses include ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, and oil refining, waste water
processing and chemical synthesis. The major use of sulphuric acid globally is in the wet process
for manufacture of phosphoric acid.

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Sodium tripolyphosphate
Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), a key product in Tata Chemicals product portfolio, is made in
two technical grades NTR and HTR.
STPP is made at Tata Chemicals Haldia complex at West Bengal in eastern India. The product
competes favorably with the only other product available in the segment zeolite in terms
of cost as well as performance as it is a more effective binder and needs to be used in smaller
volumes as compared to zeolite. STPP is used as a builder in detergents and cleansing agents,
and as agent in the manufacturing process for textile processing, etc.
Basic price Rs. per MT (Ex Haldia)
Maharashtra, Gujarat,
Tamilnadu, Pondicherry
Rest of india

Tata Chemicals consumer products and agri-business divisions may be showing the greatest
signs of invigoration, but the fact remains that a good half of the companys revenues come
from that old warhorse, soda ash, a vital input for several industries, among them detergents,
glass, mining and construction.
Rebranding, realignment, consolidation, these management terms dont fully capture what Tata
Chemicals is actually doing: making sure that the vintage chemicals business is in a sustainably
better shape to deal with the future.

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