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I) How to reach another star

Speed we can reach / we must have

_To reach the nearest star, Alpha Centoria, the light needs 4.3 years. The light travels at
300.000 km/s, and this is huge because in one second, the light goes around the earth, 7 times.
_The light takes 1,3 second to go to the moon, 8min20 to reach the sun. Thats fast. Humans
are far away from this speed.
_A plane, travels at 900km/h. Apollo 11 just reached 40 000 km/h. If Neil Armstrong and his
team had chosen to go to the nearest star, it would have lasted 110 000 (silence) years.
_Helios 2, the fastest man-made device travels at 250 000 km/h, 70km/s, but its 4000 times
less than the light, it would take 18 000 years to go to Alpha Centoria.
_Nowadays, going to another star is far from our capacities. But if we only reach 10 percent
of the speed of light, 30 000 km/s, we can go there in 44 years.

To correct :
_To find a way to reach those speed, many researches are made all over the world and
specially in the USA or in Japan to go faster than we can now.
_There is a theory, developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which is
kind of weird but really interesting.
_This theory is called the solar sail theory. This solar sail uses the photons emitted by the stars
to move, like a sailboat. Those photons come and hit the sail. More the sail is large, more the
speed of propulsion will be strong.
_ This way, by inclining the sail, we would be able to direct it. But this propulsion becomes
unusable between 2 stars because their luminosity becomes too low.
_A sail has already been launched in space by the JAXA. Called IKAROS, it is the most
developed sail ever created.
_It makes 173m, but we still have to study it and improve our knowing.
_Anyway, we all know that we have many theories to reach some amazing speeds, this is just
one among others.


_Because Einsteins theory of relativity doesnt allows us to reach and cross the lights speed,
that will be difficult to go anywhere in space in a short amount of time.
_Even if his theory limits our capacities for interstellar travel, he found another way to go far
away in space. The speed stays as we know it but we just reduce the distance of this travel.
_Actually, he supposed the existence of what well call wormhole. To understand what it is,
just imagine the universe as a wrinkled tablecloth.
_If you want to reach two points in the universe, you can certainly use a hole, which would
join two points of the universe, faster than light does.
_There are still many problems to resolve, like how to find, and how to open one of them.
_For the moment, weve never proved that those wormholes exist, but no physics laws proved
that it doesnt.

_Even if our speed now doesnt allow us to reach another star, two possibilities are given.
_First we can try new ways to go faster than we can, like the solar sail, but scientist doesnt
miss ideas to accelerate.
_Then, we can find wormholes, to go faster than light can.
_The only problem is that nowadays interstellar travel is not the biggest problem of the human
race, so scientists dont have enough money to fulfill their researches.