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3rd Common core

EChebbi School
Name:...................................... Class: 3





Ms. Jabbari Chadlya

Ms Chebbi Aida
December 2013

Reading Comprehension: (12 Marks)

1- Less than a year ago, Lisa Brown was fighting for her life after contracting meningitis.
The illness led to blood poisoning and surgeons had to amputate the teenager's legs. As
she recovered, the student who had loved dancing held on to her dream of walking again.

2- Now she is doing just that with the help of David and Victoria Beckham. After hearing
of the 18-year-old's struggle, the celebrity couple stepped in with a 6,000 donation to
help buy a special pair of artificial legs. This week Lisa, who was studying for her Alevels when she was struck down with the brain disease, confidently stepped out wearing
her new limbs. "I was so nervous I thought I might fall over when I first stood up," she
3-In the space of 48 hours, Her life was turned upside down.She went from a carefree teenager to
a patient fighting for her life in intensive care . "When my legs were amputated, I could have
thought, 'I'll sit in my wheelchair feeling sorry for myself', but instead I thought, 'No, I'm going to
get through this and walk again'," said Lisa.

4- " Lisa, who lives with her parents Malcolm and Virginia in Chilwell, near Nottingham,
was told she would get artificial limbs on the NHS. But friends and family vowed to raise
funds for her to have the best artificial limbs on the market from the Dorset Orthopaedic
company, in Ringwood, Hampshire. The life-like limbs with silicon fittings can even be
made to look like skin.
5- Louie Harrison, the teenager's boss at her Saturday job at a pet grooming shop,
contacted the Beckhams through her son, who had done some work for the couple, asking
them for a signed photo to cheer up Lisa. She was stunned when the couple offered
6,000 towards the new limbs.
6- Customers at the shop, along with friends and villagers, have pledged thousands of
pounds towards fittings and adjustments to the limbs, totalling about 20,000.Now Lisa
is back serving at the shop, as well as working behind the bar at a pub. She also helps
out at her old school and is hoping to return to college in September.
By Beth Hale


II. Language: ( ............/ 6 Marks)

1) Put the bracketed words in the correct Tense Or Form.


Adolescents and parents contrasting desires and experiences contribute a lot to the

increase in conflict between the two. Adolescents ask (urgent) ---------------------- and
consistently for more freedom and independence on the one hand. On the other hand, they
feel a strong need (conform) --------------------- to their peer groups norms and standards.
This often leads them to the tendency to conform to peer groups standards and influences
and to resist or challenge (parent) ------------------- directives and adult authorities.
Parents, on the other hand, have some difficulties in giving up control which results in
conflictual parent-adolescent communication. The adolescence stage is a developmental
phase that (require) --------------------- a restructuring of the parent-child relationship in
which communication plays a central role. A research (recently/ show) ---------------------that most parent-adolescent conflict tends to be about trivial daily issues such as personal
(appear) ----------------------, telephone usage, completing chores and homework
among such issues. It is however suggested that such ordinary conflicts may be based on
concern over more complex and sensitive issues involving trust, independence, peer
influence, risky behaviors...

2) Circle the right alternative.

The bond between siblings is special. As a matter of fact, brothers and sisters are a
childs first peer group (then/ than/ that) comes friends, teachers, mates and rivals. That
makes the bond between siblings long-(lasting/ lasted/ lasts) and powerful. But that bond
can be tested when a sibling has special needs and a brother or sister is asked (becoming/
become/ to become) the caregiver after the parents die. There is an undeniable bond
between siblings which (can/ must/ should) be especially close when one has special
needs, said Joanne Gruszkos, (founded/ founder/ foundation) and director of the Special
Care Program. But along with this relationship comes a unique set of circumstances and a
great deal (for/of /at) responsibility.this responsibility means being ready to dedicate a
lot of time and energy to this sibling along with handling the financial burden




Activity 1 :

/ 12 Marks)

(......./ 4 Marks)

Develop the following notes into a biography about the famous entrepreneur Bill Gates
birth: 28/ 10/1955- Seattle-America.
age 13: discover his interest in software+ begin programming computers .
1973: enter Harvard University - there: to develop a version of the first microcomputer.
1975: leave Harvard to devote his energies to Microsoft- make him one of the richest people in the world.
Interests: Philanthropy .He +his wife- endow more than $21 billion to support health care and education- poor

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Activity 2:
Topic: You are the columnist in a weekly newspaper. You received the following letter from one of your
readers, Mrs. Jackson. Read it carefully, then write your reply.
Im Mrs. Jackson, a working mother. I am really overburdened. I can no more balance the demands of my
job with those of my family. My husband and children dont help with the housework; they are even
demanding. So Ive started thinking seriously of giving up my work despite the familys need for money.
Should I leave my job, or should I try again? I am confused. Please help me.

Dear Mrs. Jackson,

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Communicative

effectiveness: ..../3

Lge accuracy and

appropriacy :

Mechanical accuracy: Total:

.... / 2
.... /8

comprehension Questions: (............ / 12 Marks)

1) Complete the following paragraph with the appropriate words from the text
(.......... / 3Ms)
Lisa suffered from blood------------------------ following her contraction of ----------------------.
The only alternative left for her surgeons to save her was to ------------------------- her leg.
2) Correct the following false statements:
(.......... /2Ms)
A- Lisa contracted this illness at the age of 18. {Pag1}
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B- Lisa felt very confident the first time she used her artificial leg. {Pag2}
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3) Complete the following table :
(.......... / 2Ms)
A) the Beckhams donated 6,000
B) .........................................................

To buy the best artificial limbs from a Dorset
Orthopaedic company

4) Supply 2 details showing Lisas determination with reference to parag 1 and 3:

(.......... / 2Ms)
A- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5) Find words having nearly the same meaning as:
(.......... / 2Ms)
A. -------------------------------: shocked, surprised (Pag 4).
B. -------------------------------: promised to give freely (pag 6).
6) What does the underlined word in the text refer to?
(.......... / 1M)
them (pag5) : ----------------------------------------------