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Department of Information Technology

Implementing a Computerized Enrollment System

Rheychelle Altariba
Lerie faye Castillo
Leah Delos Santos
Georna Tuliao
Krizelle Purificacion

-In partial fulfilment of the requirements in COMSCI 321-Systems Analysis and Design
-Dewcember 1, 2014

I. Problem Domain

A. Background and Statement of the Problem

The JDS Munoz Montessori School is a non-stock non sectarian school established in
1996. The first Montessori school in Muoz recognized by the Department of Education. Ms. Jocelyn
Eracho Hilario is the School Directress. The school is located at D. Delos Santos St. Muoz , Nueva
Ecija. The school uses the old school enrolment process or manual process. They are not using any
computer in the enrolment. The user is not satisfied with the current manual system since there is no
existing database because it is difficult to learn and lacks flexibility. That is why the School Directress
prefer a new system for the flexibility of the enrolment and salary system.
The project was initiated to improve the current system of the JDS Munoz Montessori
School. The factor that trigger the project is the request of the user to become the system flexible.

B. Objectives of the Project

The general objective of the project is to upgrade the enrolment system from manual to
com puterization program. Specifically, the project
1. To fill immediate computerization need in the current running system if any.
2. This project aims to improve/enhance the current running system by installing new system.
3.To provide flexibility for the salary system and to support the school changing information needs.

C. Scope and Constraints of the Problems

This project focuses on upgrading the system of JDS Munoz Montessori School. The
project scope is to allow a systematic enrolment process, good database management and improve
salary records.

II. Methodology
A. Planning
The feasibility study of this project is to find out if the new system can be done. If
otherwise, re-design a new system. Under operational feasibility, it will demonstrate ease of enrolment
procedures, manages database and improve salary records. For technical aspect, the technology needed
is vasilable using the programming language suitable for the problems of the organization. The
economic side will determine the return of investment. The upgrading of the new system can be
delivered in a maximum of one month.
An initial interview has been done and problems had been identified. The group
members had analyzed the problems and suggested solutions to the problems.
A review of related literature will be done in designing a computerized system
particularly schools having the same problem of systematization.


Conceptual Framework

Project scopes
The Scope of this project is to improve and satisfy the needs of the schools enrolment system
that helps the head of the school to lessen the time of each student in enrolling in their school and to
help the school organized in their records of their students as well as their faculty.

Project roles
Project leader/Team leader Rheychelle Altariba
Programmer Lerie Faye Castillo, Leah Delos Santos, Krizelle Purificacion
Recorder Georna Tuliao, Krizelle Purificacion