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Intro into the Universe

Planetes= greek word wanderer
Evening star= Venus
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupitar, Saturn
7 is a lucky number
Numerology= hidden message behind number
Gematria= using letters as numbers to figure out the secret meaning.
Ptolemy wrote a book in 140 A.D. called almagest (greatest book ever)
Developed in Alexandria, Egypt
Ptolemy was geocentric and Copernicus was heliocentric

Copernicus the number of planets is 6 the best thing in the

Copernicus makes sun the center of the universe (Heliocentric)


Ancient Chinese philosopher

The name means Old Master
Author of Tao Te Ching
Tao= The Way Te=Virtue Ching=Text
Light year is the distance that light travels in years

A star is a point not a disk

HW: What do I think is the age of the world? What is the age of the sun? What is the
age of the universe?

Is Pluto a planet? Greeks thought Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupitar, Saturn,

Uranus, Sun, Moon
Hetrechel 1738-1822
George the fifth changed is name during WWI to Windsor
1781 was the battle of Yorktown which decided the Revolutionary War
1789 French Revolution and the year George Washington became president
Georgius Sidus


Super/Macro Moon= Largest full moon

Minor Moon= Smallest Full moon
astern= behinds you
abeam= side of you
How do we name stars
1877 Schiapanelli= canli (canals)
H.G. Wells= Father of science fiction, First book was War of the World came out
in 1898
Orsam Wells= Citizen Cane may be the greatest movie ever made
October 30, 1938 is mischief night, day before halloween.
PlanetX if there is another planet out there we will call it PlanetX- Lowe?
Venetia Burry Phain
First moon of pluto is called Sharen, being so close to pluto there is a strong
gravitiational lock and it is also always facing Pluto.


Geosynchronous orbit: Satellite moving at the same pace as the earth

January 31: Chinese new year (they dont count the number of years)
ab urbe condita: numbering system for counting years

How do we name stars?

Popular Names

Beattle Juice (red star)

Rigel (arabic name)
1st brightest star (alpha) second (beta) thrid (gamma)
Magnitude: technical name for Brightness

1st Maginitude through the 6th magnitude (6th is dimmest star you can see with
naked eye)

Parralex is 3.2 light years


Moon of Pluto= Chraron

2011 new moon= Kerberos, Pluto has 5 moons

The Imp: Michael Brown


A day on the moon is 14 days

Xena, Lilah, Eris
Eris= God of strife
Paris is the son of Priam and Priam is the king of Troy
Brother Guy Consolmgno chair of the committee to decide if Pluto is planet
Two qualifications for planet
the object must revolve around the sun
large so that its gravitational force is round
large enough to dominate its orbital region
Plutino objects like Pluto
My vvery educated moth just served us nine pizzas