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Tests and examinations are a central feature of school systems,

in many countries.
---important- cru ial ----education system ---parts of the world
Do you think the educational benefits of testing outweigh
any disadvantages?
educational benefitsinform insight of student learning
take it seriously becauses grauduation and result emplyemt relies on these results
drawback------selective may be it doesnt cover all the raeas of study time restraint
Give reasons
for your answer, and include any relevant examples from your own
knowledge or experience.
Now-a-days in many parts of the world, organised testing procedures have
become essential part of training during the studies. Despite its wide acceptance concerns are usually
raised , whether, this system is proving to be more useful than the disadvantages it offers. Following
paragraphs would help to analyse this system , further , to get to a decisive conclusion.

Considering the benefits , it can be seen that examinations ,serve as a very

helpful tool to have a good insight of educational capabilities , of a student , gained over a certain
period of time. For example, teachers train and teach students, with all their expertise and at the end
this process helps them to evaluate , how much their students have been able to understand the
subject , otherwise , without these test , teachers, will be unable to get the required feedback from
their students , hence , unable to make necessary changes to improve the educational process. Thus,
, such testing procedures become one of the factors to support quality education.
Further ,in current timed, these examinations , have become , necessary assessing criteria to attain
graduation mark , thus , this system motivates students to take serious interest , in well educating
themselves .For example, medical students have to pass a standard test , in order to qualify as a
practitioner ,and if failed , they cant find any employment , therefore , students put required effort to
improve their educational levels in so that they could get a good job. Which eventually promotes the
quality of education?

However, this should be noted that, theses examinations, may not, provide the perfect
evaluation of a students knowledge , because most examinations cover selective parts of a subject ,
but , this weakness can be marginalised by setting them up in such a way that it covers all the
essential parts of a subject. For instance , for engineering students , examinations should be arranged
in a way that it will test , only the core knowledge required to address the routine issues taking place
in practical life , because , rest of material taught by teachers is there as a supporting aid , just to
understand and make the things clear. This way , a flawless standard can be attained for this
By considering the above arguments , it can be stated that the advantages of the
examination system certainly outnumber the disadvantages offered .