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Jabir ibn hayyan history (Great Muslim scientists)

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Jabir ibn Hayyan (father of chemistry)

His name is
Abu Abdullah Jabir bin Abdullah al-Azdi, Was built-in the best acclaimed novels in the
year 101 e/721 A.D It was additionally 117 AH / 737 A.D The Arab apple accounts alter
to analyze abode of birth, it is historians say he was built-in in the island Euphrates East
Syria, And some of them say that came from the burghal Haran Acts Mesopotamia In
Syria. Perhaps this affiliation consistent from affinity in the names attributed to Jabir
Andalusia Arab is the world's ample Jabir ibn alternate who was built-in in Seville He
lived in the twelfth aeon AD. Some altercate that he was built-in in the burghal Acts
Khorasan in Iran.
Has been declared as a tall, blubbery bristles aural acceptance and allegiance has been
alleged abounding titles and the titles "great teacher" and "Sheikh Muslim chemists" and
"father of chemistry" and "St. High Mysticism" and "King of India."
Jabir ibn Hayyan and a arresting figure, and the greatest scientists of the average Ages,
Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayyan Azdi. And sometimes nicknamed Baharani and mystic. He
knew back the Europeans in Medieval On account of Geber. It is said that it was Sabean
Hence the appellation Harrani., The Ancestor George to my access Jabra Send to
Arabian Peninsula After the afterlife of his father, a small, area he advised Quran
Mathematics, And went Ibn al-Nadim In "Catalog"That bodies differed in the
admeasurement of Jabir to a assertive Shias And Baramkeh And philosophers, but
there are those who abjure its existence, so on the catch charge be attributed to the
Sabean. Although the agent of Khorasan He lived best of his activity in the Kufa. Jabir
was built-in in Tus about 721A.D/102 A.H and died about the year 199 AH OK 815 A.D
on the aberration amid historians.
March Jaber anesthetic at the alpha of his activity beneath the advocacy of the Minister
Jaafar Barmaki Days of the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid. After the accident
Baramkeh Bastille Kufa He remained in bastille until his death
Scientific Contributions
The capital contributions of the Jaber Chemistry, Is alien beginning access to chemistry,
the artist of Alkali Accepted in agreement of avant-garde chemistry, the Arab name
(Alkali), And baptize silver. He is additionally accustomed with the Europeans knew of
the ammonium salt, and baptize gold Potash The best important accurate contributions
as well, he was accepted racist and class acquaintance in allure and recommended
thoroughly analysis and await on the acquaintance and backbone to do so. Jabir is one

of the antecedents of activated science. Reflected his contributions in this acreage in

metal refining, and alertness of steel, and dye Textiles and tanning And blanket the bolt
with Anti-leak water, and the use of Manganese dioxide Making Glass.
Jaber has been disconnected according to actual characteristics of three altered types,
namely: 1. Behavior, those abstracts that clear back heated, such as Camphor, Chloride
and aluminum; 2. Minerals such as Gold, Silver, Lead, Iron; 3. the vehicles, which can
be adapted into powders. In sum, by "Sarton", said he can not apperceive the absolute
amount of what he has done Jaber alone if there is the liberation of all his writings and
Joined the console of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq, therefore, we acquisition that Jabir ibn
Hayyan had angary and linguistic sciences and actinic by the Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq. He
additionally advised at the easily of Humairi. And best historians of science accede Jabir
ibn Hayyan accustomed Sciences of the absolute teacher, Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq.
Although it was adamantine he is an Arab, built-in in southern Iraq, based on reliable
sources such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Encyclopedia of Islam and added
historically did not acknowledgment the article of Kofi, area the doctrines at that time is
not alone a political attitude of assumption in accession to the doctrinal class not
acclimated to analyze the characters added religions
Some of the achievements of Ibn Hayyan
This is a list simple and concise about some of the achievements of Jabir ibn Hayyan in
the science of chemistry:

Discover "Caustic soda"Or Algatron (NaOH)

First to recall the water gold.

First to introduce the method of separating the gold from the silver solution by
acids. This is how the

prevailing to this day.

The first to discover Nitric acid.

First person to discover Hydrochloric acid.

Believed Baltold Territories.

He Johreinn to Greece four elements, namely (SO Mercury) and added a third
Arab substance(Salt)

The first to discover Sulfuric acid the designation as oil of vitriol.

Improvements in the methods of evaporation, filtering, and fusion and

crystallization and distillation.
Was able to prepare a lot of chemicals Kslved mercury Oxide Alarsen (arsenious


Succeeded in developing the first method of distillation in the world. Have

invented a distillation is used when a glass has long suppression is still known today in
the West as "Alembic" from "Alombaiq" in Arabic. Has been able to Jabir ibn Hayyan
improve the quality of this tool by blending glass Manganese dioxide

Secrets Chemistry

The assets of Chemistry

Flag of the body



Yeast small

"Usool Chemistry"

"Fund wise"

"Book King"
Other Books

"Book Properties"

"Poisons book and pay disadvantages"

The total messages and other books have been translated many of them Latin
Return Fame Geber to his writings numerous, including "Seventy-book messages",
Translated into Latin by Gerard of Cremona in 1187 and added to these books accord
with abounding added classifications, as able-bodied as Chemistry, The annotations to
the books Aristotle And Plato ; And letters in Philosophy, Astrology, Mathematics,
Medicine, Music. The "flags" The Zrcelli the Jabra has abounding classifications
alignment amid two hundred and thirty-two (232) bristles hundred (500) book, but
absent the most. Some books accept been translated into Latin Jaber in the aboriginal
twelfth century, additionally translated some of them from Latin into English Common
1678. Continued Europeans Depend on the books for several centuries, has had a
cogent appulse in the development of avant-garde chemistry. In this, "said Max Otto
Meyerhof: the change of allure can be traced in Europe to Jabir Ibn Hayyan directly. The
greatest affidavit of this is that abounding of the agreement that he created are still
acclimated in assorted European languages
Died in 815 A.D in Kufa Iraq at the age of ninety years old.