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Extra Credit #1 (Questions)

Multiple Choice
1) In a study where a correlation between sleep and grade point average (GPA) is
being measured, possible independent and dependent variables are?
A) Hours of sleep= independent variable and GPA= dependent variable
B) GPA= independent variable and Hours of sleep= dependent variable
C) GPA and Hours of sleep are both dependent variables
D) GPA and Hours of sleep are both independent variables
2) Freud postulated that our behavior is largely influenced by these two factor:
A) Diet and sleep
B) Sex and violence
C) Number of siblings and age of parents
D) Number of people around us and sexual identity
3) The belief that psychology should only focus on the study of objective
observations that are verifiable instead of private events (such as thoughts and
feelings) is part of?
A) Humanism
B) Positive psychology
C) Behaviorism
D) None of the above
4) What event caused the sudden increase in demand for clinical psychologist?
A) Increase in world population
B) High rate of babies born with defects
C) G. Stanley Hall opening the first psychology lab in America
5) One can argue that while conducting his experiment in the John/Joan case Dr.
Money made many unethical decisions, but the one ethical guideline that he never
violated was?

Not exposing the subject (John/Joan) to harmful procedures

Not causing neither physical/ psychological harm to the subject (John/Joan)
Giving the subject (John/Joan) the right of privacy
He broke all of the above ethical guidelines

6) Your friend tells you to take a certain class because its easy. You do as they say,
despite knowing that the average grade for the class is a C (which suggest is a
hard class). By listening to your friend, rather than going by the concrete data,
youve fallen victim to ____?
A) Anecdotal evidence
B) Sampling bias
C) Placebo effect
D) Social desirability
7) For a left handed person, their left hand is controlled by what part of their


Right hemisphere
Left hemisphere
Corpus callosum
It not controlled by any part of the brain

8) If you were to compare the brain of wild rats with the brain of lab rats (standard
laboratory conditions), what major difference would you see?
A) The cerebral cortex of the lab rats was much thicker and heavier
B) The cerebral cortex of the wild rats was much thicker and heavier
C) There would be no major difference between their brains
D) More information is needed
9) Most kids in America own a bicycle, so their riding abilities are primarily due to
A) Environment
B) Genes
C) Type of bicycle
D) Both A and C
People that have Autistic Spectrum Disorder have a hard time imitating
others. It is believed that the reason for their struggle is linked to the dysfunction
of their?
A) Afferent Neurons
B) Efferent Neurons
C) Mirror Neurons
D) Glial Cells
When boys hit puberty this gland begins creating large quantities of
A) Pituitary gland
B) Thalamus gland
C) Amygdala gland
D) Hippocampus gland
After doctors zapped this part of Billis brain, he has been having trouble
with awareness, attention, and some motor functions. The past of his brain that
was most likely damaged was the ________.
A) Tectum
B) Reticular formation
C) Amygdala
D) Tegmentum
This part of the brain equips us with the proper social skills to make friends.
A) Pons
B) Limbic System
C) Thalamus
D) Prefrontal Lobe (Cortex)
What Neurotransmitter controls you going to the bathroom?
A) Norepinephrine
C) Dopamine
D) Serotonin
A study shows that rats usually get cranky after eating apples; the scientific
community took the results of the research a step further and concluded that
humans had similar affects. What is this an example of?

A) Sampling bias
B) Extraneous variables
C) Extrapolation
D) Anecdotal evidence
Human scents have these type of chemical signals that are called ___?
A) Dopamine
B) melatonin
C) Serotonin
D) Pheromones
Joe has a really hard time balancing and can taste colors he most likely
damaged what system and has what condition?
A) Vestibular system and synesthesia
B) Tactile sensation and visual illusions
C) Limbic system and form perception
D) Sematic nervous system and his PSPs
You go to the doctor because youve been waking up at night with lack of
breath; the doctor tells you that you have sleep apnea. The best way to treat
this is as follows?
A) Take medication
B) Exercise
C) Hypnosis
D) Meditation
Free Response
1) Explain why Phillips Zimbardos Stanford Prison Study can be considered as
shitty research and in what ways can it be considered unethical?
2) What are some of the pros and cons of Internet-mediated research?
3) Explain the fundamental believes of how structuralists and functionalist believed
psychology should be studied.
4) What led B.F. Skinner to propose that free will is just an illusion?
5) What gave Anne Constantinoples Masculine or Feminineor both study
both reliability and validity?
6) A group of psychologist designs a study that investigates how drinking caffeine
before class affects course performance (exam scores, homework scores..ect).
The study is carried out by giving students caffeine before class for a whole
semester. The students belong to half of an introductory psychology class and
were randomly chosen. After the semester is over the scientist compare the
scores from both groups ( the ones giving caffeine and the ones that werent
giving caffeine) and determine that the students that drank caffeine every
morning before class did worst in the class than the ones that didnt. So they
conclude that drinking caffeine has a negative correlation with class
performance. What aspects of this research make it unreliable and the
conclusions inaccurate?
7) If you were to ask a split brained person (Corpus Callosum removed) to reach
into a bag with their left hand and without looking identify a certain object in the
bag (lets say they grabbed a watch). What response would you get and why?

How would the response be different if instead of asking them what object they
just grabbed you made them write down their response with their left hand?
8) One implication from the twin studies performed by Dr. Lykken and Dr.
Bouchard is that the environment doesnt influence our characteristics but our
genetic tendencies mold our environment. Give a scenario that exemplifies this
9) Youre in a safari hanging out with your friends when suddenly a tiger appears
ready to persecute. At the instant where you first see the tiger explain what role
the sympathetic nervous system plays? After you are hauled to safety what role
does the parasympathetic nervous system play?
Explain what two parts of the neurons are mainly responsible for transporting
information between two neurons? Also briefly explain what happens when the
information is about to reach the second neuron.
The question of Nature VS Nurture has been a popular theme in psychology
for years! Recall the study conducted by Eleanor Gibson and Richard Walk where
they used a visual cliff to test perception. Give one supporting view of nature
and another for nurture.
Briefly explain the process a beam of light goes through when it enters your
Briefly explain the process of a sound wave as it passes through your ear.
Briefly explain the different sleep cycles. Which one of this sleep cycles do
you need the most to feel well rested?