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Access 9s and 10s How to Infiltrate High End

Social Circles and meet the Hottest Women.

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A Note From the Author

A Note From the Author
Thank you for purchasing Access 9s and 10s: How to infiltrate high end social circles and
meet the hottest women.

This book has been designed to give you a roadmap of how to specifically enter the social
circles where you will find the most beautiful women in the world. The examples and details
given in this book are just one method. It is not a be all and end all. There are numerous ways
to get into different social circles, this is one of them. You can use the underlying principles in
this book, and apply them to literally any social circle.

The most important thing to take from this book is that you should always be giving people
positive energy. The principles and techniques you will learn are all based around doing good
for people, and then enjoying the rewards.

Think of yourself as an agent of goodwill. You will have a new understanding of social circle
dynamics; you must use that, not only to better your life, but to improve that of others also.
People should be better off for knowing you and their lives will be improved by you being a
part of them.

To best utilise this book, you need to be at a basic level of communication and people skills.
You need to be able to dress decently and have sufficient finances to support yourself as well
as time to put the techniques into practice. If you dont feel you are ready to best utilise this

book, have a look at art of charm, they have programmes to help improve your people and
conversation skills.

Most importantly you need dedication. I need you to commit to this book and put the
teachings into practice. You have given me $97, now let me give you more than 10x that in
value but in order for me to do that, you have to play your part. You know the saying, you
can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink. Well, the same applies here.
Writing this book has been a passion of mine, and through trial and error it has literally taken
me years to discover what you now have in front of you. It is my hope that by using the
concepts in this book you get a better understanding of social circle dynamics, and you are
able to really meet the most beautiful women the world has to offer.

Thanks again for purchasing Access 9s and 10s: How to infiltrate high end social circles and
meet the hottest women. I hope it gets you the results you want, and ACCESS to the world
that you want.

- Greg Greenway, Social Circle Training, June 2011

Table of Contents
Table of Contents



THE RAPPORT LADDER ....................................................................................................................... 10

THE UTILITY GAME ............................................................................................................................. 13
PLAYING THE UTILITY GAME ................................................................................................................ 14


NIGHTCLUB STRUCTURE ..................................................................................................................... 17

TABLOID CLUBS ................................................................................................................................. 18
CLIQUE CLUBS................................................................................................................................... 20
NIGHTCLUB UTILITIES.......................................................................................................................... 21


STAGE 1: GETTING IN ......................................................................................................................... 25

STAGE 2: WORKING THE VENUE STAFF ................................................................................................. 27
STAGE 3: ADDING VALUE TO PROMOTERS AND SUB-PROMOTERS ........................................................... 29
STAGE 4: BUILDING YOUR ENTOURAGE ............................................................................................. 33
STAGE 5: THE TOP OF THE TABLOID SCENE .......................................................................................... 41


THE SOCIAL HIERARCHY ..................................................................................................................... 42

STAGE 1: GETTING IN ......................................................................................................................... 46
STAGE 2: ADDING VALUE .................................................................................................................... 50
THE IMPORTANCE OF MOMENTUM AND HOW TO CREATE IT..................................................................... 57
GAMING THE GIRLS IN CLIQUES ........................................................................................................... 59


MINDSETS ......................................................................................................................................... 62
INNER CIRCLE GIRLS AND OUTER CIRCLE GIRLS .................................................................................... 65
GIRLS IN YOU OUTER CIRCLE .............................................................................................................. 66
GIRLS IN YOU INNER CIRCLE ................................................................................................................ 82


USING MONEY ................................................................................................................................... 90

CELEBRITY GAME ............................................................................................................................... 93
FINAL WORD AND NEXT STEPS ............................................................................................................ 95

So how do you get 10s, super models, celebrities, actresses etc consistently? That's what
every bloody Pick up guru harks on about, but few have ever put together a concrete method
of how. There is a lot of theory on "10" game and how to use social circle to get hot women
etc, but lets be honest, if youre reading this, then like I did when I wrote this, a lot of you
aren't buying into the literature that's out there. The main thing is that these gurus aren't
seen out everyday with swarms of "10s" on their arms. Even if they were seen with a couple
of 10s, then you and I may believe them. Most of them dont even have their lives together,
live at home and do not live some rockstar lifestyle filled with beautiful women and fantastic

How often do you see women like this:

More importantly, how often do you see Gurus with women like this?

Not often right? Thats because none of them have learned the power of social circle. None
of the so called Gurus date or hang out with women of this calibre. I pulled these pictures off
my computer; it took me about 2 mins to put it together into a collage like this. These are
literally the first 10 or so pictures in my photo folder. These are the kind of women that I hang
out with on a regular basis. If you had been following my emails you would have seen the
pictures of Nicole (the Miss America contestant) that I went on a date with, and her super hot


How do you get to this holy grail of game? The answer is access. Its that simple. If you are
around the best looking women, all the time, then chances are you will be having most of
your relationships with the best looking women. "Game", seldom changes between a good
looking girl, a hot girl, and a super hot girl. The main problem is getting access to these super
hot girls. They are rare, but for some reason united in there rarity in certain social circles. The
social circles of rock stars, celebrities, billionaires and the like.

My flatmate here in Hollywood, took me to a party last week, and it was full of the hottest
women I have ever seen. Even the worst looking women in the room, would make 9s and
10s in many of our eyes. I dont know why, so many hot women are in specific social circles,

and frankly I don't care. What I do know is how to get into those social circles, have a fast
paced and entertaining lifestyle, and get access to these top of the food chain women.

You can obviously just pay your way into social circles, but many of you don't have the
means (if you do email me, or an idea of where to begin. And
even if you did have the means, you would probably spend way more than what is required.
The more practical way is to infiltrate these circles via virtue of the relationships you build with

The 2 main methods are; creating a social circle filled with hordes of beautiful women,
generating social proof, status and a high profile, then being invited into a high class social
circle. Or, going it solo, and concentrating on the relationships you cultivate and how those
give you the access you want. I will describe both methods as I have done both, and I will
also give pros and cons of each method. I'll give you a brief run-down on the basics of Social
Awareness and Intelligence, so you can have a basic understanding of how relationships are
built and nurtured and how to be a person everyone wants to know.

I'll breakdown the high end nightclub structure and industry, allowing you to get free shit
such as entry, drinks, invites to other parties etc. I'll also give my take on Social Circle
Seduction; the best ways to game the 9s and 10s in your social circles, without jeopardising
the relationships you have built.

Part 1 Social Intelligence

Part 1 Social Intelligence
The Rapport Ladder
Before you can begin to get a handle on your lifestyle, and getting into the social circles that
give you access to the women and the life that you want, you have to understand the basics.
If at the base level you dont know who you are, or how to interact with people, build
relationships, and make people around you comfortable, you will never be able to master
your lifestyle.

What Im about to talk about is the bare minimum requirements. Make sure this is sorted out
before reading on. The first stage, is understanding the processes of how relationships are
formed. Your goal is to access hot women in a certain type of social circle.

To get to these social circles you are going to need people to help you and to accept you.
Youre going to need people to not only want to hang around you, but to also want to
introduce you to their friends. To get a handle on this, you need to have a handle on the

Let me ask you guys a question. Do you have a friend that you enjoy hanging out with? You
guys are cool, the two of you get along, and you can spend time together on a 1-on-1 basis.
However, this same friend, you wouldnt introduce he or she to your boss for example, or
university friends maybe.


Have you ever met someone who always talks about parties or events they go to. Theyre
always telling you about the great time they had over the weekend, or showing you pictures
of their adventures

But this person NEVER seems to invite you along. Even though you guys hang out with each
other and seem to have a good relationship.
This is all due to the Rapport Ladder. It is a hierarchy of levels of rapport that dictate the
social standing of one individual to another.

When you are meeting high value people in the social circles that you are trying to become a
part of, you need to go from previously having no rapport with them to a point where you are
at least casual acquaintances. This is the most common transition. It is the process of where
2 people meet and they're strangers; to those people forming a relationship.

Moving from level one to level two, on the ladder, is largely due to face time, and


Part 1 Social Intelligence

commonalities. The frequency of you seeing someone, will allow a simple 1on1 relationship to
develop. The commonalities that you have with someone, also increases the level of rapport
you have with that person, which is essential for moving from level 1 to level 2.

Youll have enough rapport with an individual that they will be comfortable spending time with
you on a 1on1 basis. Going for a coffee, having a quiet chat at the bar. Once at this level you
need to move onto level 3.
In terms of accessing the high end social circles you covet, this is essential you need people
to not only want to be around you 1 on 1, but also want to introduce you to their wider social

As you get to Level 2 of the rapport ladder, face time and commonalities will not be enough
to move to the other levels.

These are the stages where you're utility to the individual must be demonstrated to move to
the level of introductory rapport.

Utility is a way of subjectively appraising one person's arbitrary value to that of another
person. I know that sounds a little confusing, but don't worry, we'll cover Utilities in more
detail shortly.

You will only be at the level of "introductory rapport" with a person in your utility with them is
high. This results in them introducing you to others in their social circles.


The Utility Game

One of the most commonly suggested techniques for getting better with people socially is to
add value.

This is much to simplistic as it doesnt take into account the differences between the wide
range of people that you will meet. What is of value to me may not be of value to you.

The things that you value in life will not be the same as the person sitting next to you. Too
simply add value will not be sufficient in creating the lifestyle that you want, and making you
into a social master.

This is where the utility game comes into play.

Lets look into this a little deeper. One of my businesses is in luxury entertainment. If one of
my siblings, friends or relatives phoned me and said they were opening a luxury
service/goods business and they wanted pointers; I would be happy to help them and give
them all the knowledge Ive acquired working in that industry. I have a relationship with that
person. Even a friend of a friend Id help, but only if I wasnt busy. Now, if someone I dont
know and have no connection to, asked me the same, Id say I charge x per hour. If they
didnt have money Id need a pretty good reason to help them.

I place a strong utility on relationships. This means that relationships are important to me
and I am more likely to prioritise help to those based on my relationships with them. This is


Part 1 Social Intelligence

common for most people, which is why you get such terms as mates rates etc. I prioritize
whom I would assist based on my relationship with that person, and then secondly on what
that person can offer me. These are called utilities.

Utility is the measure of relative satisfaction or gratification from any perceived outcome.

Not everyone places a strong utility on relationships. Some people are highly driven by fame,
or by money, or by power or women. Additionally a persons utility may change over time and
from situation to situation. This is the Utility Game. Understand what a persons utility is and
you will be able to move through the rapport ladder with ease.

Playing The Utility Game

So a general rule of thumb is that the majority of people will place a fair amount of utility on
relationships. The stronger the relationship, the more one is willing to give and for less. In the
absence of such a relationship, there needs to be another incentive (or utility).

When 2 people meet for the first time, they generally dont have a relationship. Obviously, the
circumstances they meet in can affect this (e.g. in some cases if they were introduced
through mutual friends), but, lets say for example, there is absolutely no relationship between
the two of you. If that person has something you want or access to something you want,
chances are youre not going to get it by asking straight away. Its a social no-no (unless you
live in Hollywood). Your chances of getting what you want greatly increase if there is an
exchange of utility.


Take this example

You meet someone at a bar and after talking to them you find out they want to get into law.
From the conversation you see that they are highly driven and very career orientated. They
place a strong utility on professional advancement. Say for example, you happen to be head
of HR at a top law firm. Once this person realizes this, the interaction completely changes as
your utility to them has increased. They are very likely to be receptive to you initially and will
have more time for you in the beginning.

That is a crude example, but on the whole, the aim is to have really strong relationships with
the people that you want to connect with. Without prior relationships or mutual friends, you
have no rapport with these people so to get your foot in the door and you need to have a
reason for them to be receptive to you, talk to you, and ultimately see them again.

Once you have provided some utility, the aim is to increase your relationship with the person,
so that if you want something from them, you are more likely to get it. The initial utility can
simply be good conversation or paying someone a genuine compliment. It can even be a fun
personality. This can be viewed as basic human utility. I know it's not the best to think of
people as utilities, but lets face it, how do you expect someone to help you if you have
nothing to offer them?


Part 1 Social Intelligence

Once you have your foot in the door, and you are building rapport with the individual, you
need to start adding to their utility. You remember the example I gave earlier about someone
you know, but you wouldnt introduce him or her to certain circles you are in?

Well, thats an example of someone who has little utility to you or your social life. They may
provide you with human utility, so you spend time with them, but you fear that they could
potentially not be a fit for your friends.

Thats just an example, but as your relationship with a person grows, you're in a better
position to utilize their skills, contacts, connections, and social circle if you are providing them
with enough utility. Sometimes, human utility is enough. Which is why I recommend, using it
as a default to provide to everyone.

When human utility isnt enough, make sure you listen. When people talk they give you tons
of information about themselves that you can use to give them the most targeted value

I'm not going to go into specifics tactics on how to cultivate each and every relationship. I
will, however, in the next few parts, talk about the specific people you need to look for in
certain social circles, and how their utilities work. How a relationship with them can give you
access into "high end" social circles, and the women found in those circles.


Part 2 Why Night Clubs

Why the nightclubs?

Well, from my experience and trying different things out over many many years, the high end
nightclub has the highest concentration of beautiful women in a universally accessible arena.
There are other areas to operate, which I will discuss briefly later on, but the high end
nightclub will be your primary location for building your social circle with beautiful women.

Nightclub Structure
If the rock star, jet setting lifestyle, is something that you covet; if you really want to be
around 9s and 10s consistently, then the Nightclub will be your main environment for
operating. My goal is to give you an understanding of high end clubs so you are comfortable
and at ease in your surroundings. Even if you don't use this to gain access to social circles, a
healthy understanding of your environment will make you look comfortable and confident,
which doesn't hurt when attracting chicks.

Right, so where are we talking? I'm going to breakdown two types of nightclub, based on the
type of social circles and women you'll find there. Also, because the 2 types of clubs are
suited for different approaches. One type is better for building a social circle, the other is
more suited to infiltrate the social circles already within. Both have slight differences in their
structure, so again, you need to know exactly what your goals are so you can work
efficiently. This is my own personal classification, based on what you normally find in western


Part 2 Why Night Clubs

cities. Obviously each country has different cultural differences, but to make it easier, this is a
general view of what you'll be dealing with.

Tabloid Clubs
Clubs you see in the tabloids, or gossip magazines, on the news and are generally better
known. Frequented by athletes, reality TV stars, and anyone who you would read about in
Heat, OK, US weekly etc. Types of girls are usually glamour girls; WAG wannabes; music
video girls; hot secretaries and PA's; women in PR and media; etc.

These clubs require guestlists, but if you look good and turn up early you shouldn't have a
problem. Large groups of guys aren't advised, but this isn't always enforced if you look well
dressed and arrive early. I'll talk more about specific game tactics later on, but these clubs
are VERY responsive to social proof. In these places, it's all about being seen, so if you know
how to do social proof well, you'll make a killing. Entourage game is also very good here.

These clubs are heavily PROMOTER/HOST DRIVEN. There isn't much point knowing the
owners of these places, as they don't stay good for long; and the nights at these club vary
MASSIVELY depending on which promoter is doing the night. It doesn't hurt to know the
management and bar staff, but to be honest the promoters run these places.

Promotional Agency
Head Promoter



These are the only people worth knowing at these places as they have all the pull. Obviously
if you're a dick inside or turn up drunk, 10 guys strong at 2:30am there's not much the
promoters can do. If you have a relationship with the promoters, you'll start getting free shit
and Ill go into that in more detail in part 3.

If WAGS, the girls you see in Maxim, FHM, youre favourite rappers video etc, are what you're
after. Then these clubs will be where you want to cultivate your relationships.


Part 2 Why Night Clubs

Clique Clubs
I say "clique", because on first glance these clubs will seem very off putting to someone who
isn't familiar with them. Lots of mixed groups crowded round tables, having their own miniparties oblivious to the rest of the room. Tends to be a classier crowd, but until "accepted"
can be very pretentious. Socialites, jet setters, millionaires, traders, runway models,
professionals, city boys and girls, and celebrities frequent these venues.

In contrast to the "tabloid" clubs, these are Club centric and HOST DRIVEN.

Guestlist is an absolute minimum at these places. Table bookings are preferred and even on
busy nights be prepared to wait or not get in even if your names are down. Social proof is still
important for gaming, but being in the Social Circle (or appearing to be), is much more
important. Looking important, knowing the right people is more important than having a
horde of girls around you, even though that never hurts. This is more the place where you will
want to know the owners, and the hosts, as that's the kind of social proof that works well.
Door people, also have much more power at these places, and so do the day and PR staff.

Head of PR
Door Person


If you like, beautiful and stunning, over busty and sexy (crude comparison), then these clubs
are probably for you. European women, lots of Scandinavians and eastern Europeans, and
we're talking runway look not glamour look.

Nightclub Utilities
When dealing with nightclubs, there are 4 types of utility. These are Money, Women,
Relationships (who you know), and Publicity.

Ive previously mentioned the importance of knowing which utility is important to different
people. This is where you want to take note of how utilities differ depending on which club
you are at. You can walk into a tabloid club and spend $10k every week for 2 months and


Part 2 Why Night Clubs

other than dry your bank account, it isn't going to get you far (social circle speaking) in the
long run. Go to a clique club, and start doing that, by the second or third time, the owner or
managers will be joining you, inviting you to their private yacht in Monaco.

At tabloid clubs the most important utilities are Women and Publicity. If you can bring these
to the clubs, it will help massively towards your goal.

At "clique" clubs, the utilities most coveted are Money and Relationships. Women as a utility
still work and should be used, but that's more important when initially adding value, or when
trying to get you laid. Further down the line, having women around you holds less sway, as
there are another 10 rich Arabs Russians in there with just as many women, if not more, than
you. The utilities dont just apply to the club and the staff etc, but also on the most part,
apply to the people in the club as well.

In the next part I'll breakdown how specifically to use each type of utility to add value to
peoples lives. I'll also go into how your knowledge of relationship building and the utility
game will be used to get access into each type of venue and how to build specific beneficial
relationships. In the next chapter well discuss one of the social circle methods of having
beautiful women in your life, and that is building a social circle. I'll also talk about how to get
free shit, and how you leverage your relationships combined with your value to get you to
your goal.


The next few parts will be actionable steps you can take to start putting some of this into
practice. Once you know which utility you are dealing with, the processes transfer to clubs
anywhere in the western world.


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women
One of the ways to make sure your life is filled with beautiful women; the 9s and 10s of the
world, is to specifically add them to your social circle. Build a social circle that actually has
the exact type of women you want in it. The beauty of doing this is that you have all the
Social Power in your group. You basically are the alpha male, the top dog. This is an
attractive quality to women. We know that being a leader of men, is a powerful attraction
trigger, this is magnified when all the men in that circle also have positive and attractive traits.
This is the case in high end social circles.

To manage your own social circle, you have to be aware, that yes the rewards are great, but
it requires a lot of investment on your part. You will be the main driving force for your social
circle and group and you will have to have the personality type that is able to handle the task.
Not everyone can be a Chief, some people are meant to be Indians, its just the way it is and
in social circles and group dynamics, the position of each individual is very important in
keeping the group together.

That being said, Ill leave that decision up to you. What we will be discussing in this part is
how to build your own social circle and fill it with 9s and 10s. The predominant tactic is to use
the environment of high end night clubs as the feeder of hot women into your social circle.
For this we will focus primarily on the Tabloid type of club, as this is the best environment to
command a social circle filled with beautiful women. You can build a social circle as I am
going to describe, in a Clique as well, however the process isnt as straightforward.


Stage 1: Getting In
The first thing is to identify which clubs you want to go to. A good way to find out, is to pick
up a copy of any gossip magazine and make a note of where the paparazzi where the night
before. Also make a note of any clubs that pro athletes or reality TV stars etc went to the
previous night.

Once you know where you want to go, you need to figure out who is running that night. This
is the hierarchy from the last part:

Promotional Agency
Head Promoter

Promotional agencies are mainly responsible for the PR, gimmicks, themes and events you'll
see at a night. They also have the task of bringing the people that spend money, i.e. table
bookings. Subsequently the Promotional Agencies and Head Promoter have less time to
concentrate on the rest of the people in the club.

Regular Punters and WOMEN!!!

This is a responsibility for those lower down the line. Promoters and Sub-promoters are given
a lot of incentive to bring bodies through the door especially WOMEN.


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

Can you see where I'm going with this? Don't worry you will.

So, you need to figure out initially, which PROMOTER or SUB-PROMOTER is doing the night
you want to go to. It's a much easier place to start from, and Proms and SProms are usually
more accessible than those higher up the chain.

Method 1 - Social Networking Sites

Use Facebook or Myspace. Type in the club you want into the search bar, and scroll through
the people till you find someone who lists that club as a place they promote. Chances are
you'll have a friend in common. This person will have details of how to get on the GUESTLIST
of said club.

This Prom/SProm will be the first relationship you need, so it's best to pick a week night for
your first time to go. Week nights are much quieter and it will be easier for you to strike up
conversations when people are less busy.

Method 2 - Through the Club

Call said venue, and ask to put your name on the guestlist. Turn up early (10ish), to the club
you want. Ask the door staff who the promoters are that night. They'll usually be able to point
you in the right direction.


Once you get on the guestlist. Turn up to the club early and well dressed, with a wing, but
preferably on your own. I occasionally did this with a mate, but our relationship has a pretty
good dynamic, where he knows the coup and we vibe off each other. If you have 1 other
person that you can vibe with really well, then take them, otherwise go on your own. If you
can go with a woman (just a friend) do this, as this always looks better. Just make sure she
doesn't distract you, as your first time, you're out to do a job.

Stage 2: Working the Venue Staff

So you're in the club for the first time. You've paid your $15-$20 entry (some clubs may have
details of how to get on a free guestlist). You've gone on a week day. I recommend
weekdays, because the first few times you go, you want to strike up a rapport with people
and that is easiest when the clubs are less busy.

Bouncers and Door Staff

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS talk to these people. A simple, "Sup? How's it going? Is it
going to be busy tonight?" Be that social, friendly person that talks to every body. It's never a
bad idea to get the bouncers on your side; if you're friends with a bouncer, you can forget
paying to come in ever again. Also when bouncers move to new clubs, you get sorted out
there as well.

I'll never forget one particular bouncer Tony, who used to work at a club in London called
Silver (now Jalouse). We became really cool over a few months. I remember trying to figure
out how to get 8 guys into a Swarovski private party. I walked up with an elaborate blag


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

planned, only to see Tony at the red carpet. We jumped a shit long queue and all walked
straight in. You can't fathom how much social proof this was, when you had celebs the likes
of Ronan Keating and James Blunt stuck outside. I'll explain later how to really build a strong
acquaintance with bouncers and really get them loving you.

Bartenders and Waitresses

Once inside the venue, Go to the bar first and get comfortable. Talk to the bar staff, they'll still
be setting up and are always very talkative. It's pretty obvious why these are good people to
have rapport with. You get served faster, good social proof, free and stronger drinks. Like
bouncers, bartenders always move around different venues so getting friendly with them
goes a long way.

The technique I like using, is ordering an elaborate drink. Sometimes I make one up on the
spot, but my usual is a Californian Iced Tea (same as Long Island, but substitute Gin for Blue
Curacao, and coke with pineapple juice). 90% of bartenders, especially in tabloid clubs, have
never heard of it. It's a great topic for conversation, and they always take a cheeky taste of it
once it's made. I always banter back with "If you're going to steal my drink, you better give
me one on the house." This works wonders if you ever day 2 a girl in a nightclub. You go to
the bar and the bartender, say's "the usual mate?" Absolute money.

Waitresses can't usually get you free drinks, but they're HOT. They also always have hot
friends and are usually working in modelling or something similar. Again, social proof from
waitresses coming up to you and giving you big hugs etc can't be underestimated.


Both waitresses and bartenders always know where the after party is. Good for bouncing
girls you bring out with you or just for continuing with the night. Obviously once you're an
"insider" with the staff gaming "hired guns" is a piece of piss.

Toilet Attendants
I have to mention these guys. Always talk to them. You never know, when you may need
someone to look the other way for whatever activity you may want to do in a toilet stall.

Right, so you've worked the venue staff, and now you meet the promoter and sub-promoter.
Here's where the understanding of utilities, and social intelligence really comes into play.

Stage 3: Adding Value to Promoters and Sub-Promoters

This is the time you want to pay attention to the utilities I mentioned in the last part. Being
friendly and talkative and a cool guy, like you are to the venue staff, will only get you so far
with Proms/SProms. That human utility worked up until now, but isnt enough. They have
people being nice to them all the time. Some as thanks for getting them in thanks for
arranging a birthday party, so on and so forth. To get into the social circles that are swarming
with FHM model types, you need to add more value to the "gatekeepers" as it were, than
simply being good conversation.

WOMEN and PUBLICITY. These are the utilities of choice in tabloid clubs. Publicity is a tricky
one, and I will touch more on it later. What you want to concentrate on, are women.


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

Shouldn't be too hard now should it?

Women are the driving force of tabloid clubs. The majority of all the clubs activities are trying
to ensure that hot women come to their establishment. You will use this to your advantage.
Hot women, are how you will initially add value to the Proms/SProms.

You're in the venue, you've vibed with the venue staff, and now you meet one of the
promoters and you strike up a conversation. Knowing the value of women, and the power of
them as utility; during the conversation you say something along the lines of:

YOU: "Your cool, Ive met a lot of promoters who are dicks. What club do you do on night X?
I've got these 3 really hot chicks who love to party so I'm going to take them out for some

<Before I go on, I must make it clear that I don't want you to be fake, or make relationships with people you don't
like. You may have to meet a few Proms before you find one you actually get along with. This type of conversation
must be genuine.>

Anyway, the above conversation does 2 things. It generates rapport with the Prom, while
showing him that you can provide the desired utility. You are a person with access to hot
girls, which to a Prom equals money. Remember Prom's get paid to bring in hot women, as
well as being given incentives like free alcohol.


It's a good idea if day X; the first time is a weekday. Not essential if it isn't, but it's harder to
get bodies into a nightclub on a weekday, so the value of you bringing in girls is higher. The
Prom will happily oblige you and invite you to join him at the next night he's doing.
Sometimes the promoter will go right out and offer you free entry, or to join their table. If this
happens great, if not don't worry it will after a couple of times. The majority of tabloid clubs
have a free period (usually before 11pm), when women can get in for free. So you may have
to sort your own cover charge.

This first interaction with the promoter should be relaxed and cool. Shoot the shit for a while,
but once you've established the invite your job is done. Don't walk out straight after, because
it will seem insincere, but there's no need to hang about the club for hours, especially if you
have work the next day or other commitments. Only stay if you're enjoying yourself and
having fun.

Bringing out the girls.

So you've got your invite. The next step is to get girls to come out with you. This is why I say
this isn't for beginners. This is the next evolution of game and building a life for yourself. You
shouldnt have a problem getting at least one decent looking girl and 2-3 of her friends to
come out partying for free. It can even be a good female friend, or a sister. Usually works
better if you have a good level of rapport with the girls and can have fun together. What I
don't recommend is going out and picking up a brand new girl. For this to work quickly and
efficiently, the dynamic has to be good between you and the girls. The more fun, you guys
can have together the better it works.


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

Take the girls into the club, and find the promoter from before. Introduce him to the girls. The
hotter the girls, the better this works, especially if the girls are good fun and party girls. If you
haven't already received an invite to the table, you almost certainly will at this point.
Promoters need their table/area to be vibing. They need it to look like this is where the party
is. That's why your dynamic with the girls is so important. If you bring fun positive energy to
the party, you have completed the part where you add value.

This is how you add value. Bringing girls to the club. From now on, as long as you bring 2-3
girls with you, you will always get into the club for free and get free drinks. Don't worry
though; you only have to do this long enough until you have built enough rapport with the
promoter that you are on level 2 an upwards of the Rapport Ladder. Once you have at least 1
on 1 rapport, you no longer need to bring girls to the club every time, and this can take about
a couple of months max.

If you can't get 2-3 girls to come out with you, stop reading this now and keep working on
your game. Go to, for resources on how to improve yourself to a
level where you can get 2-3 girls out with you. This isnt about you meeting 1 girl. This is
about you building a life so that you are SURROUNDED by women.

Maintaining the Relationship

Face time, commonalities etc. Every time you meet the promoter, treat them like you would
any of your mates. Exchange email, facebook, myspace etc. Find out what they do when


they're not promoting. Talk about sports; women; cars. If one of your girls likes him, tell him.
You basically run comfort game. You all know how to do that right? At this point, if you do
the above, you should be now be getting into said promoters party for free and be drinking
for free. It really is that simple.

Stage 4: Building Your Entourage

You can get into Club X, pretty easily. Every time you go, you vibe with the venue staff, you're
building rapport with everyone, people are beginning to notice you. It's now time to take it
one step further. This is where you really build a BIG social circle with hot women. At the time
I did this, I would have 10 15 girls every night I was out. I had established a base to work
from by adding utility and building rapport with the Promoters and Sub Promoters. I then
started adding more and more women that fit my standards to the circle. You could easily
just keep going as you are

But, what happens when you want to take things further. This is the advanced part, and the
part that really requires work.

AFC Adam Lyons is a London based dating expert that talks a lot about building an
Entourage. If you ever listen to him, you will see just how passionate he is about it and he
cites it as his number one method of getting really hot girls. My take on this is slightly
different. Most in the dating and seduction community, who have built entourages of women,
have used it as a way to earn money from the clubs. As I mentioned before WOMEN is a


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

powerful utility for high end night clubs especially Tabloid clubs. This makes it an attractive
financial opportunity for guys who do it well.

I however DO NOT endorse getting paid from your entourage. I have tried many different
methods of building an entourage. I have worked for nightclubs making money from my
entourage, and I can assure you it is not as beneficial for your dating life as it is if you leave
money out of the equation.

My focus wasn't on using my "entourage" to make money. It was to create a fun atmosphere
that women wanted to be in and men were jealous that they werent a part of. All social
groups must have a purpose and when creating yours you should stick to making it about
fun and partying and NOT about money. When I shifted my focus away from money, this
altered the dynamic I had with the women and my results went through the roof. I believe this
put me in a much better position than the guys running entourage style game in the
conventional sense.

The side effect was, that the women were literally going crazy for my attention. Even the
hottest ones. I rarely ever opened and if I bothered to muster up a casual "hi", it was met by
enthusiastic smiles.

The Basics
1. Create a social circle with lots of hot women


2. Take them to clubs and party with them

3. Get free alcohol and other incentives to bring them back
4. Get into other clubs for free
5. Use your "Entourage" to game other girls in the venue
6. Gaming the girls in your "Entourage".

1. Create a social circle with lots of hot women

This all depends on how you meet hot girls at the moment. If you're a big day gamer,
obviously invite girls you game out with you when you're going out with the chicks you
already know. That is real important as you can't get stuck with the promoters and some girls
you don't know that well or it won't work your social circle will fall apart.

If you're not meeting hot women, then do what I did. Go to other similar clubs early and talk
to the hot girls there. Between 10 and 11, most clubs operate a get in free period. At this
time the club is literally crawling with women who want to get in for free before the free period
ends because they dont have any connections to the promoters at the club.

Perfect time to work.

Go there early, and conversations can be as simple as:

"Hey, you look fun, you should come to my party next week at x".


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

It worked every time for me. If you've got attraction, then bounce them there and then, just
make sure they're hot.

The other tactic I used often was to go recruiting on the nights that I didnt go out with my
main social circle. Say you had cultivated a relationship to go to Club X on Saturdays. Maybe
one week go to a different club. Or go out on a different day. Just run through Stages 1 3
of this part again with another club, however when you meet girls and get to a good level of
rapport with them, invite them out to your main night.

2. Take them to clubs and party with them

Never tell the girls you have free drinks. Just say they should come find you at your table
once they're in. Some guys prefer to walk the girls in with them. Only do that with the core
girls in your social circle. New girls have to go through this compliance test, a mini-hoop if
you will.

Tell them to ask for you at the door, or ask a waitress for where your table is. What this does,
is that the door staff, bouncers and waitresses keep hearing your name over and over again.
One night I did this, and the door girl at the club hit me on. I went outside to make a phone
call, she waltzed over and started asking why so many girls were looking for me and wanted
to know who I am.


Now this is why I said, DO NOT BECOME A PROMOTER. If you do, then in many situations,
your pre-selection is negated. By just being SOME GUY that women keep asking for, it
generates mystery and intrigue in on looking women.

Once the girls are there, party with them and have fun, but you MUST introduce them to the
promoter that's your hook up. Do this to keep adding value, which helps push the
relationship further.

3. Get free alcohol and other incentives to bring them back

Once you've done this once, maybe twice at the most, if you're successful you'll be offered
your own table with alcohol, to keep bringing the girls back. By successful, I mean at least 10
HOT girls HAVING FUN. You may be offered to share the promoters table, but you will be
officially allowed to access to the promoters alcohol.

You are now established, have your own entourage, and you have SOCIAL POWER. Other
than receiving payment, you are at the same level of the Promoter and Sub Promoter.

You can accept money if you want and it's offered, but in my opinion it's not worth the
hassle. It also makes the next part, damn near impossible.

4. Get into other clubs for free

Girls, who know the promoters, always want to go to other clubs. The promoters are usually
bound to certain clubs on certain nights and as we all know, women are a sucker for variety.


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

You can use this to your advantage. You can only do this step once you have a good
relationship with the promoters.

Run Stages 1 4 in Club 1 and establish a relationship there.

Go to Club 2 and repeat STAGE 1 - Getting in. This time however, when you say
you're bringing a few hot girls, say 5-10.
Tell promoter from Club 1, that next week you have to go to Club 2 from midnight, to
see a friend.
On said night take your "entourage" to Club 1, but don't go mad on the free drinks
Bounce your "entourage" to Club 2

Some of the girls in the promoters circle will go with you, as they will want to check out
another club. If you're clever, you can also get the lower sub-promoters to go with you.
Introducing a SProm to a new club = a new revenue stream for him, and again your adding
utility. He will temporarily forget that you've just stolen his chicks.

This is advanced and you need to tread carefully otherwise you can fuck everything up. If you
pull it off, you turn up to this new club with a throng of girls, looking like an absolute pimp.
Think of the social proof as you walk into a club at midnight with 10 girls and you get
escorted to a table. I used to do this systematically every few weeks, and within 6 months I
was hooked into virtually every tabloid club on the scene and had an entourage of about 50
beautiful women.


Just keep repeating Stages 1-4 and before long you'll have literally hundreds of girls wanting
to party with you.

5. Use your "Entourage" to game other girls in the venue

This is pretty simple enough. I go into more detail in part 5. If you've got your entourage, then
you have social proof and pre-selection. From this point onward regarding the girls in the
venue, you have a couple of options.

You can have fun with the girls you are with and wait to get opened. Systematically put
yourself in the vicinity of the hottest girls in the room and you will get opened. This won't
happen often, but it will happen, and when it does closing is very easy. This was how most of
my closes went down. The hottest girls would see me and be like "who's that guy?" Then
when I'd walk past, by accident, they'd start talking to me. From there onwards it's not too

The other option is to go direct. You will have so much initial value, going indirect is a waste
of time. Being extremely alpha with these girls works very well once you have the preselection and social proof. If you go direct make sure it works, and make sure the girls in
your social circle see it working. This will become clearer in point 6.

No matter what you do, the most important thing is to LOCK IN. What I mean, is lean against
the bar, wall, chair in a way that forces her to face you making you the main focus of the


Part 3 Build a Social Circle With Hot Women

interaction. Whether you go direct or indirect, or the girl opens you, it must look to everyone
else in the room, like she is gaming you. It's just another re-enforcement of the super pimp
that you are becoming.

6. Gaming the girls in your "Entourage"

There are many schools of thought on this, but in my opinion the most effective way is to
NOT GAME them.

Bear with me....

I mean game without gaming. I NEVER hit on the girls in my social circle; however, I've slept
with the majority of them. When you have lots of hot girls around, all the girls think that I must
be hooking up with the other girls and then get jealous as to why I'm not hitting on them.
Common seduction theory is that not escalating is a "beta" quality. It is, but only if it comes
from a place of weakness. You want the girls to think that you aren't escalating because they
haven't yet met your high standards.


This is achieved when they see you going direct on other girls. It depends on your
personality, but if you're qualifying heavily (which you should be doing as an alpha male)
they'll be chasing you around trying to prove themselves. They see you obviously do have it
in you, as you're hitting on other girls, but why not them? It's standard HOT girl psychology.


The reason I like this is because when women seduce you something very important
happens. They tend to become DISCRETE. The biggest problem in gaming in your social
circle is getting player vibes from girls. For some reason when women seduce you they are
very discrete. I believe that this is the best way to game in your social circle. Obviously my
personality type is very chilled and laid back, so this works well for me. Tailor this information
to your own style and I will discuss more in part 5.

Stage 5: The Top of the Tabloid Scene

Well, you're there. This is as far as the tabloid scene goes. Once you have a working
entourage, and you're bouncing from club to club, keep your eyes and ears open for celeb
parties. Believe me you will get invited. You will meet a lot of models etc, and as long as you
are in contact with them, you will be exposed to parties held by the likes of FHM, Sunday
Sport, Maxim, and Zoo etc. Once there game using steps 5 and 6 from above.

Make sure you're acquaintances with people in the tabloid press. You'll see them from time
to time. They will make themselves available to you once they see you in a couple of clubs.
They will want the lowdown on club gossip and due to your presence; they will believe that
you can provide it. With all the totty you should be getting by now, and footballers trying to
fuck the girls in your circle at every turn, you should have a lot of stories. Keep press contacts
as they get invited to all the best parties, and if you throw them a bone every now and again
(free drinks, entry, good times, or sex) you'll get into a lot of insider parties as well.


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles
The Social Hierarchy
We know that the hottest women are found in high end social circles, but which high end
social circles are we talking about, and how do we access them? Thats the crux of this
book. To meet the most beautiful women in the world, the 9s and 10s, you have to be in
those social circles.

Let me breakdown the Social Hierarchy to give you a feel for what were talking about.

Heads of State, Long Standing global uber celebs

Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Oprah, Paul McCartney, Bono, President Obama,
Bill Clinton. At this level, you have the highest standing in society. Celebrities
who have transcended their field and have become more than just celebrities,
real global figures. You only get here by having not only Social Influence, but
also Social Power.

Social Elite, Aristocracy and Famous Businessmen

The Royal Family in the UK; Aristocracy in Europe and North America; Richard
Branson; Donald Trump; Paul Allen. Obviously individuals at this level are very
private, however many of the younger members in this level have a prominent
social presence. Princes William and Harry for example, are regularly out and
about on the London social scene. Additionally some billionaires like Paul Allen
and Richard Branson, jet-set all around the world enjoying the best events on


the social calendar such as the Cannes Film Festival for example. I go to the
Cannes Film Festival every year, and I can tell you, the women you see there
are phenomenal.
Charity Events / Gala Dinners / Private Functions

These types of events will contain a mix of people of all the people described
above. A perfect example would be the dinners and charity events held by
Unicef, Amfar and The Clinton Foundation.

Fashion (Haute Couture)

High end fashion events such as the NY, London, Paris and Milan fashion
weeks. It goes without saying that these will have some of the most beautiful
women in the world.

A-List Celebrities and most popular Athletes

The Britney Spears, Megan Fox, David Beckhams of the world. Famous
musicians, movie stars and athletes.

Marquee sporting events Monaco GP, Ascot, Superbowl, High profile boxing fights

High octane, high adrenaline sporting events attract the rich and elite in society.
The most beautiful women also follow.

Exclusive, high end holiday destinations.

St Tropez, Turks and Caicos, Cabo St Lucas, Cannes, Aspen, Dubai. Sun, sea,
sand and money. Beautiful women flock to these areas.

Private members clubs

Havana Room (NY/LA), Annabelles (London), Soho House (Global) etc

High end clubs


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

Clique clubs, which I will discuss in more detail later in this chapter.

These social circles are where you will find the most beautiful and high value women. The
problem is however, how do you get into these social circles if you arent already part of

You cant simply pick up the phone book, give Paul Allen a call and ask if you can join his
yacht party at The Cannes Film Festival. You cant just walk into a Victoria Secrets fashion
show and expect to sit next to Megan Fox.

You simply dont just ACCESS these circles, you need a strategy. The lucky thing is that in
my years of practice and searching for the key, I found a link. Someway of being able to get
into the right circles with all the beautiful women, without having to go straight to the top of
the social hierarchy.

Have a look at the following diagram.


Looking at the diagram, you can see how each of the levels in the hierarchy can be linked to
Clique Clubs. Ill explain a little bit more.

You cant directly access those at the top of the hierarchy so you need to concentrate on
areas that you can access that those circles will also be present. Clique clubs are the starting
block. Members from the social elite and aristocracy can be seen at many clique clubs.
Princes William and Harry of the UK royal family are regularly seen out in nightclubs in
London. I was introduced to billionaire Larry Ellisons son David in a night club in Los
Angeles, just by being in the right social circle.

The majority of high end Clique venues double up as after party venues for Fashion shows,
marquee sporting events and some Cliques even have a presence at big events. Jalouse
night club in London for example hosts a very exclusive yearly party at the Cannes Film
Festival. So Cliques act as a link between the higher social circles and you. The best part of
this is that Cliques themselves, are full of amazingly beautiful women. A bit of maths for you:

The average clique club holds 400 people,

Of those 400 people, 75% will be women,
That means 300 people in the club will be women,
The club has a bias to make sure those women are the hottest. Women know this, so
only the hottest women go. Only the 9s and 10s will go to these Cliques as they have
the best chance of being allowed in.


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

90% of the 300 women will be 9s and 10s,
That equals 270 9s and 10s in ONE PLACE,
Most cliques are open 4 nights a week,
270 x 4 = 1080!!!
1080!!! Hot women, 9s and 10s in one place every week.
Just think about those numbers for a little bit. Stop reading and just contemplate that for a

Through clique clubs you can gain access to other high end social circles. Additionally, if your
personality type is not suited to managing large entourages of women or people, then this is
the part you want to pay most attention to.

Stage 1: Getting In
As before, identifying which route or clubs you want to go to is a very good idea. As the title
suggests, you tend to find the same people at specific nights, as they will follow they're
"clique" from high end club to high end club.

Clique clubs are rather different. The main distinction is between the weekday crowd, and the
weekend crowd. In most major cities in the western world, the mid-week crowd is
considered the cool crowd. If you think, who are the people that can go partying during the
week? Those who either have enough money to not have to go to work tomorrow, or those
who have jobs that arent the regular 9-5; i.e. celebrities and models etc. The weekend


crowd is more made up of the high flying business men, and those that work hard play hard.
The crowd is slightly more professional in a traditional sense.

This will take a little bit more trial and error than before, but the most important thing here is
that you enjoy the crowd of the club you have chosen, and the social group you attempt to
infiltrate is one that really suits you and that you can provide utility for.

If your planning on engineering your lifestyle using clique clubs, then I recommend going out
on weekdays. If that is difficult for you, and the weekends are you're only option, then
experiment with a few different venues.

Lets review the clique club hierarchy:

Head of PR
Door Person

The owners, and the head of PR, are not generally accessible. Your point of access will have
to be the HOST. Door people are good if you can meet them, but it's hard to find out who
they are other than actually being at the club. Generally they get very busy and stressed, so
attempting to use a door person as an in, without a prior relationship, is dangerous stuff;
again more on this later.


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

Getting in is slightly different to before. With the tabloids, its easy to contact the club and
they can help you and point you in the right direction. With clique clubs, unless you have the
gift of the gab or are interested in spending a decent amount of money, the clubs will almost
100% of the time, tell you that they're "members only". At best, they will put you on the
"house" guestlist, and being on the house guestlist, isn't worth the paper its written on. Your
best bet to getting in, is to use social networking sites, to identify the hosts.

The hosts will not be as open as say promoters or sub promoters. Hosts have models,
celebrities, and usually very big spenders to deal with, so a random person contacting them,
gets put to the back of the list. Youll have to have some sort of worth to them, to get your
foot in the door.

<By this time, you should already have your lifestyle sorted out. That means, job, looks, social life, online profile with DHV's
(i.e. facebook or myspace). If you don't, then go back and do that before attempting to crack the clique club scene. As I've
mentioned a number of times, this is about building a lifestyle not a quick fix.>

So how do you get they're interest?

How do you show you're of some worth?

You cheat (or tell a little white lie).


Now as you I mentioned in Nightclub structure, the utilities of choice here, are money and
relationships. So by sending the host an introductory message that appeals to either in a
subtle way, is your opportunity to not only get access to the club, but also, on a small level
start giving the host utility.

Lets say you've figured out who the host for weekday club x is, and you want to go there.
Then a good message to send is:


"Hello host X. I've been going to club y (another weekday clique club) for the last few
weeks, and I'm looking for a change in scenery. I normally get a table there (spark interest
with DHV on money utility) but frankly Im getting a bit bored with the crowd. Spoke to the PR
lady Jane Smith (Get her name from club website) a couple of days ago, and she said you're
the best person to get in contact with."

Simple message, but it highlights all the necessary points that you need. How much worth
you have to the host will be evident from his/her reply. The more they invest in the reply, the
higher they perceive your value, and this then becomes you're starting point when you
eventually meet.


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

Stage 2: Adding Value
As before, once you're in, work the bouncers, bartenders and waitresses the same way.
Adding value is so much more important in clique clubs, as the strengths of your
relationships, more than anything else, is what will help you succeed in building the lifestyle
that you want. So, I'm going to talk a lot more about the 2 main relationships you'll need at a
clique club.

Door Whore's
In clique clubs, the door staff have a lot more power than in tabloid clubs. Because
promoters essentially run the tabloid clubs, the promoters hire most of the door staff at these
places. They're job is just to tick the names off the list and make sure the promoters are paid
correctly. Besides a loose guideline, they tend to let whoever is on the list in, space

The door staff at clique clubs are different. They are usually hired by the club, and act as the
"face" of the venue. They are usually very good looking, and tasked with keeping the quality
of the club high (i.e. hot girls and well dressed men). They also have to be up to date with
current pop culture, as celebrities frequently turn up un-announced, so turning the wrong
person away can be costly.

For this reason, it's more appropriate to look at them as door pickers, not door staff. The lists
they have in their hands, act as a guideline, but they pick who they think is suitable for the
club depending on the image. This means in many cases, they have the power to overrule


any decisions made by the hosts or the Head of PR. I've actually saw one door girl tell the
owner, that he wasn't allowed anymore people!

To get in with the door person, you have to game them. You game the door staff, how you
would game any other girl, but this is a lot more subtle. The obvious difference is you DO
NOT ESCALATE while they are working, especially when it is busy. This is common sense,
but I figure I make this clear now anyway. Do your initial "opener" as you go in. Make it casual
and quick, understanding that anything to risqu will come off badly as she will be under a lot
of social pressure, as well as the stress from running the door. If you have a girl with you
(which is recommended), get her to open for you, usually about shoes or hair, or some other
girly shit.

As the night goes on, go outside a couple of times, and re-open whenever she's not busy.
Make it smooth, as if you were having a ciggie and you just "noticed her". At this point
obviously if she's giving you loads of indicators of interest (IOIs), you can escalate, but make
sure it's verbally not physically. Escalating physically is very tricky. If it comes off even slightly
wrong, be prepared to find yourself in a full nelson promptly applied by one of the clubs
resident meatheads. If this happens, you will likely be barred from the club. The clique club
network is small, so you could end up being barred from more than one.

Playing it safe and slow is the best option. Do enough to get a number or facebook close,
and game them with the view to befriend them, as opposed to sleep with them. This will
make your life a hell of a lot easier.


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Seriously, resist the urge to hook up with all the hot door whores, unless you're such a pimp
that girls still love you even when they see you with other girls you're fucking. If that's the
case, knock yourself out. Once you have a top door girl in your pocket, your free entry is
sorted for life, as well as invites to all the other hot parties and after parties.

Note - Door Whore is just an industry nickname based on the fact that both words rhyme.

There are 2 types of hosts, the part time hosts, and the career hosts. Part time hosts, are
very similar to the promoters I mentioned in the last part, so you can work your relationship
the exact same way. In this part, I'm going to concentrate more on the career hosts. These
tend to be the people in the best position of helping you access other social circles and build
an attractive lifestyle. For now we'll refer to all career hosts as simply hosts.

To add utility to a host, you're really going to have to be on your game. Imagine whom the
hosts deals with week in week out.

Very rich clients



People in Luxury services

How do you have enough worth to a host in order to build up a relationship?

How does you're knowledge of game help?

In Tabloids, Women were a utility. Being a student of "game", women shouldn't be hard for
you to access. The top hosts however, will not care so much about the women. They will
usually already be established enough that the women you're going to bring in, aren't going
to make much more than a passing difference to their livelihood.

I'm going to neglect the money aspect of the club system, as that's a different ballgame. In
the final chapter I touch on how to get more bang for your buck at clubs, if you're someone
who's not strapped for cash. Anyway, you're going to have to concentrate on building
rapport with the host and providing him with utility. Again, this is done by face time. The more
face time you have with someone, the more you build up commonalities with that person. If
you're also adding value to that persons life, then a relationship is easy to build.

The Utility Game, really comes into play here. We know money is a utility of choice, but if
you don't have any, you have to improvise.


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

Step 1 - Find guys who DO have money
A common scene at the clique club is the all guy NO girl table. There is only one way in hell,
that a clique club allowed a table full of guys and no girls in, and this is if those guys have an
abundance of money and influence. You can spot them a mile off. Usually all in suits, or the
classic dark jeans, white shirt and blazer combo. They will be standing around a whole heap
of drinks, not talking to each other, looking into the crowd admiring the ladies.

These guys usually have zero game.

They will happily watch the ladies from afar, in the hope that the $10k worth of Cristal they
just bought, will get them laid. Occasionally it will, but only after the poor guys have worked
up enough Dutch courage to chat up the ladies (i.e. tell them how much money they have).
This is where you come in. When you see a group like this, you can automatically identify
there utility as women. So, strike up a conversation. It is very easy to do so, as these guys
are usually very friendly. After shooting the shit for a couple of minutes, ask them where their
ladies are. Make a light-hearted joke about the major cock fest going on. Then offer to find
them some ladies. They will accept.

Step 2 - Find some ladies

Forget girls at other tables, unless you like a challenge. Talk to a few girls on the dance floor;
standard game stuff, then tell the girls you're going to introduce them to some cool people.
Take the girls over to "table cock fest", and voila you're in. The guys will pepper the chicks
with drinks, and the chicks will think you're some super cool guy. Remember, by this point, if


you followed the steps I set out in the last part, you should already have a lot of social proof
from the venue staff etc. Add that to a very desirable trait of being socially aware and
seeming to have friends with money, the women should be very attracted to you. Gaming
tactics will be in the next section of this part.

Step 3 - Connect
The rich guys should now love you. No seriously, if you've done your job properly, they will
actually love you for it. You now introduce the rich guys to the host (in a subtle socially
calibrated way of course). Make sure you DHV the rich guys and the hosts really well.
Rich Guy Intro - This is a friend of mine, hes a really successful real estate mogul / stock
broker / banker / entrepreneur etc.

Host Intro -This is host X, hes the best person in the city for partying. If you ever need a
table booked at the hottest places, this is your guy.

The host, will be more than happy to connect with the rich guys, as we already know, money
is a very persuasive utility in clique clubs. Your worth to the host now shoots through the
roof, as he can always count on you to connect him to potential new streams of revenue.

Step 4 - The after party

In a group of rich guys, there will always be one of them with a pimped out bachelor pad. All
the gadgets, amenities, and "chick bait" GQ told him to buy to have him swimming in pussy.
Shame GQ never told him how to actually get the girls back to this players paradise. You,


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

however, do know how to do this. Identify, which rich guy has the pad, and then tell him how
sick it would be to have all these hot women there. He'll definitely take the bait. Invite all the
girls you met earlier, and then invite the host.

THIS IS KEY. The hosts are always on the lookout for an after party, and the host always has
the hottest girls with him. Sometimes even celebrities. I can't tell you the amount of times that
I've done this and ended up in some rich guys mansion with a bevy of beautiful women,
causing absolute carnage. A few years ago, I ran the same "game", with a guy who owned a
private jet company. The Black Eyed Peas were in the club that day, and them, their
entourage, and a whole load of hot groupies came back with us to this guys house in Hyde
Park. Needless to say, the host that night still answers my call within 2 rings.

That's just one pretty effective example of how to give value to a host, but there are many,
just think outside the box.

Can you see what I'm getting at?

If you don't have the utilities directly yourself, someone else will. This is the practical
application of the Utility Game. What you do have is ability with women, which is a utility to
ALL healthy, single, heterosexual men. Figure out who wants what, and who has what. Then
connect the 2. Become the "social glue". This is how you accelerate your relationships in
clique clubs; it's a powerfully effective utility. One caveat, you must make sure that you have
a sufficient relationship to both separate parties before you connect them. If you go around


connecting people willy nilly, without a solid base of acquaintance or friendship with either
party, you'll find yourself in "middle man" territory, eventually getting cut out of the picture.

If you follow the guidelines above, you should have no problem becoming a fixture on the
clique club scene, and getting access to the hordes of hot women there. It does however
take time. Give at least 3 months to do this effectively

The Importance of Momentum and How to Create it.

You have to understand that, being a nightclub regular, no matter how high end the club is,
will not be generally enough to get you into higher social circles. You can access the beautiful
9s and 10s in the Clique circles, but for women in the other social circles you will have to do

There is only so much rapport/comfort building one can do inside a nightclub. If you're goal is
just to sleep with the women, then granted, you may not want to bother on the rest. I am
guessing however, you're reading this to improve your lifestyle AND fuck hotter women, not
just the latter.

Facebook and other Social Networking Sites

Building your lifestyle is more than just pick up or fucking some hot chicks. Youre going to
meet people who you find interesting, you're going to see business opportunities; you're
going to be exposed to some new experiences that you may have not been previously. In
major cosmopolitan cities around the world, being in a nightclub, you never know whom you


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

are talking to. The guy/girl you spoke to for 5 minutes could be the key to your next new
business venture, or the person that invites you to that exclusive party. Fact is sometimes you
never know.

Using facebook, myspace, and now twitter is an invaluable tool if you wish to keep
momentum with the people that you meet. Most women spend a lot of time on social
networking sites. This is even more so on the clique scene. Sites like facebook etc, allow
people to get to know you even when you are not there. It increases the feeling of familiarity,
which is vital in maintaining relationships. If you stick solely to clubs, you will find a lot of
ground is lost, as for whatever reason, you may not see individuals form your social circle for
a while. You may not go out for a couple of weeks, then when you do, that person on
persons may be on holiday, then you're on holiday etc. Before you know it all the relationship
building work you did has been nullified by the fact that you haven't see the person in a while.

Social networking sites like Facebook, allow people to feel like theyre getting to know you
even when theyre not around you. Info on you profile page; photo updates; status updates
etc; are all methods of allowing people to keep in touching more effectively.

Use social networking sites to keep momentum in all the relationships you are making. The
hosts, the girls you chat up, the friends you make. I rarely go for number closes in the club
anymore. They're a waste of time to me, especially the women. Of all the women I meet in
clubs less than 10% of them I'll actually ask for their number. The rest I always ask for
facebook, or email. We all have lives, we're all busy, and you should have a social life away


from the club. This would make it difficult to maintain so many new relationships using phone
contact alone.

As for an online strategy? Show a genuine interest in the persons life. If you're not interested
in anything about them, then you probably shouldn't have added them. If something on their
profile interests you, comment on it. Funny posts, status updates, pictures from the night you
were out. Things like that. If you have a camera, always take pictures from the weekend and
post them up, it's a talking point. If you're going away somewhere and someone has photos
from the location you're going to, ask them how it was.

If you don't see someone, but have a facebook convo with him or her every week or so, after
a month when you eventually see him or her, it's like no time has passed at all. The
momentum is kept up and you manage relationships better, and as I keep going on about it,
but relationships play a huge factor in clique clubs.

Gaming the Girls in Cliques

So how do you game the girls in the clique clubs? In the next part I go into this in much more
detail. The main approach to understand is:


Women in cliques generally respond to slightly different attraction triggers than the girls you'll
find in Tabloids. A group of guys sharking in a tabloid will have markedly more success than


Part 4 - Infiltrating High End Social Circles

guys doing the same in a clique. I've had so much success being on a boys night out,
having a laugh and being oblivious to the females in the room. What will happen is women
will feel your energy and naturally gravitate towards you, as the fun vibe is infectious. Which
leads me on to my next point.

Have Fun.

The single most important mindset to have in a clique club. You can be a sociopathic, ugly,
weak, excuse for a man. However, if you are having the time of your life in a venue exuding
fun, you will get women.

The main difference I want to point out between gaming in a Clique, and gaming in a Tabloid
is tone down the pre-selection shit. Having an entourage of 25 girls all vying for your attention
will massively attract a glamour model in a Tabloid club. In a Clique, however, it may have the
opposite effect. Women in Cliques are much more switched on, and all these women can
actually trigger off player vibes and cause some serious resistance. Pre-selection of 2 or
maybe 3 girls is sufficient.

Subtlety is the key. Demonstrations of higher values (DHV's), pre-selection; anything that is
going to create attraction should be subtle. Attraction should be assumed and you should
probably concentrate on building comfort and rapport. The most effective things are the
things, which a woman observes about you indirectly. The hot bartender lighting up as you
give her a hug and say hello, opposed to the 2 slutty girls giving you a lap dance and being all


over you. Some of these displays that work real fucking well in Tabloid clubs, but are just
plain tacky in a Clique.


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

Part 5 - Social Circle Game
Social Circle Seduction or Social Circle Game as it is sometimes called, is how you actually
date and seduce the 9s and 10s in your social circle. In the last 4 parts I have taught you
how to access the social circles that have the hottest women. Well now, you need to know
what to do once you are actually around the girls

The main mindset shift you have to adopt is that THIS IS NOT COLD APPROACH. I
sometimes will go weeks with out cold approaching, but will still sleep with 5-10 new women
each month.


Cold approach is a fantastic skill set to have, but you have to understand that in social circle,
the point is to create WARM APPROACHES.

These are approaches were the women are already viewing you in a positive frame, either
because they know of you (via reputation), or they have had a chance to observe you in your

The benefits of warm approach are so much more than cold approach. With warm
approaches, there is virtually ZERO chance of rejection. You can also go straight into comfort
or rapport building, and you can escalate a lot faster.


So our aim is to always have warm approaches. Because of this, you can't use the same
tactics as you would when you cold approach.

Tactics like:
"Blow me or Blow me out"
Burning through sets
High risk / High reward openings
Super Sexual Direct Opening

With Social circle, you want to tone things down a slight notch. The key here is DISCRETION


The most important thing in seducing women in your social circle is discretion. High value
women, the really beautiful 9s and 10s, do not always want their private sexual lives out in
the open.

Especially when it's in regard with other men in the same social circle. Getting a reputation
for being slutty or easy is a major worry for women. So in tight net social circles, women will
be very aware of this, so remember DISCRETION is key.


Part 5 - Social Circle Game


If you follow the framework described in the previous 4 parts, you will never have to worry
about women in your life again.

I mean seriously, you will have ACCESS to more women than you will know what to do with.
Some of the guy's I have helped in this area, have gone from dating one or two girls a month,
to going on multiple dates and hooking up with 5, 6 and sometimes up to 10 different girls a

I was actually talking to one of my recent students Alexander, and he told me some crazy
stories he had in Columbia when he went there with a group of Brazilian models that were
touring in Miami.

That story really made me smile, because I remember when I was with him in Miami and he
met the Brazilians. He used my notorious ACCESS TECHNIQUE to meet the owner of the
hotel they were staying at and got an introduction to the tour manager.

The rest was history.

So remember. There is NO NEED to rush things. You are going to have so many women at
your fingertips that you shouldn't place too much importance on anyone interaction.


Have the ABUNDANCE mentality that it's INEVITABLE that you are going to be meeting
many beautiful women each week.

Inner Circle Girls and Outer Circle Girls

There are 2 main categories of women that you are going to meet in your social circle. These
are the categories that we will be looking at in this report.

There are the girls who are in your direct social circle and there are girls that you will meet
because of your social circle.

Girls in your Inner Circle are generally closer to you. You see them on a more regular basis,
you have many shared experiences, and you are likely to have many friends in common.

Your tactics for seduction are very different with these girls than they are with the other type,
which are girls in your Outer Circle.

Girls in your outer circle are girls that you do not actually know, but are likely to meet because
of your social circle. For example if your social circle always goes to a particular nightclub,
Women who also go to that nightclub but aren't actually part of your social circle fall into this

The main difference between the 2 categories is the level of involvement that the women
have in your life. There are pros and cons to both, but you can't seduce both types of


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

women in the same way, or you may run into problems.

Girls in You Outer Circle

These are girls that you will meet because of your social circle. Because they are not in your
inner circle you can afford to take more risks in your approach to dating and seducing these

The approach to picking up girls in Social Circle settings is as follows:

1. Build Value
2. Open or Be opened
3. Build Rapport/Comfort
4. Escalate
5. Extract and Close

I have thoroughly tested this approach many times, and I have spent countless nights in
nightclubs. Time and time again, this framework has been the most successful in seducing
girls from your Outer Social Circle.

1. Building Value
This is the stage where the women get to observe you, your reputation, and your vibe. This is
essentially the attraction phase. I've tried many different techniques, but the best way of
generating a large amount of attraction and value, is letting the women observe you in your



You are trying to get one of the following things to happen:

Women start to give you Indicators of Interest (IOIs)
Women give you proximity or start to appear in your vicinity

The beauty of having a social circle is that you can use it to build value and social proof. Your
social circle can do the work for you.

Here are some techniques to use to build value.

Have fun with the girls in your social circle.

This is fantastic for demonstrating pre-selection. The idea is that the other women in the
social scene see the women in your Inner Circle acting in a positive way towards you.

This starts to build attraction and value. Why?

What are most guys in the venue doing?

If you are at a nightclub, most guys are in all male groups, trying to pick up the women. Very
few guys are there just having a good time with the girls that they are with.

I'll give you a quick example. A few years ago, I was invited out for a friends birthday party.


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

Inside the venue, me the birthday girl and her friends, were partying, dancing, laughing, being
silly. Generally just having a good time.

About an hour into the night I was getting looks from girls on the tables and in groups next to
us. I continued to ramp up the fun with the girls in my group, and the craziest thing

Well it may seem crazy to you, but to me it's normal because I know the power of this
technique for building value.

One of the most beautiful women in the club that night. Tall Norwegian brunette with a
fantastic figure. Walks up to me taps me on the shoulder and says:

"So what's your name then?"

Having fun with the girls in your circle is a very powerful technique for building value.

Interact with the staff, management and owners

If you have conducted your social circle work properly, you should know some staff,
management and possibly the owner. I'm going to put up some great resources on that outlines how to do this.

Make sure you interact with these people.


What do you think goes through a woman's head when she see's the owner say hello to

Or the bar manager shaking your hand with a warm smile?

Or the hot waitress running up to you and giving you a massive hug?

These are all HUGE indications of status. High end Social Circles are very status driven, and it
is easy to display status or high value.

There's a saying.

"Look like a millionaire whenever possible..."

Only VERY important people, have the owners, staff and management saying hello to them.
By seeing this, the girl will group you into this category in her mind. When she does that, you
are SUPER high value in her eyes.

This technique also works wonders at dinners, charity events, fashion shows, and premieres.
Anywhere that girls in your outer circle can see you interacting with people in the venue who
have social power.


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

In these more formal social settings, this is the best way of building value. The other methods
outlined are too overt.

Having fun with your male friends

Me and my guy group of friends. The
DREAM TEAM as we like to call
ourselves sometimes, we were
celebrating one of the group getting
a new job.

Have fun with your male friends.

Sometimes your social circle will consist purely of likeminded cool guys. There are a number of different types of
social circle, which I go into at length in the Social Circle
Training Academy. A circle made up of cool guys where you
all bring something to the group, is one of them.

In this case you can still build value in the venue. You do the
same thing. Have fun and interact positively with your group.
Laugh, dance, and enjoy each others company.

Most importantly, don't pay much attention to other people

in the venue, especially not the girls. You must remember,

We went on a "guy's" night out. We

booked a table at a nightclub, near
the dance floor, but away from the
main action. We were there to
celebrate with each other not to pick
up girls.
Half way through the night, we
noticed that there were a lot of girls
now in our area. Now remember, that
we were away from the action. We
did this on purpose so that we could
have a night just to ourselves. We
were getting multiple ioi's from
women and many started to just
APPEAR near us.
After talking to one of the girls, she
said, that our group looked like so
much fun, and such good friends.
She said our vibe was great and her
and her friends wanted to join us.
I've seen this happen over and over
again, and when I've asked my
students to test this, they've had the
same results.

what are all the other guy's in the club doing?

They're trying to pick up the girls, paying them attention, buying the women drinks etc. By
being in your own group, and enjoying yourselves without paying too much attention to the
women you will build value in their eyes.

2. Open or Be Opened


So the next is to decide whether you will open, or let the women open you. Everything you
have done by "building value" was to either create a warm approach situation, or even better
yet, have the girl open you.

Opening is fantastic, as it's easy to dictate the conversation and direction. Also, you're
closing rate is higher when you open.

You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.

But sometimes I like to be lazy. Because I know how powerful building value using your social
circle can be, sometimes I like to just sit back and let the women come to me.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, and I guess it comes down to preference a lot of
the time.

She Opens you

What's happening here? Let's flat out be honest, very few women ever open men. Especially
the best-looking women. If a woman is opening you, it's a massive IOI and a very good sign.

Remember I told you of the tall Norwegian brunette stunner that opened me? By having lots
of fun with the other girls in my circle and thus showing pre-selection, I was able to build
value to anyone observing.


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

Fun is infectious, and people always have their attention drawn to others who are having a
good time. The Norwegian beauty was no different. And it will be no different for you if you
are in the circles with the most beautiful women, and you are building value effectively.

Typical things she will say:

"So, what's your name then?"

"And you are?"
"You look like fun."
"Why haven't you said hello to me yet?" (Hotter girls say this)
"Can I/we join you?" (More common when you're in a male only group)

Some women aren't as direct, and will make a SITUATIONAL comment, so it doesn't look
like she's hitting on you.

Comments along the lines of:

"That's an interesting outfit/haircut/shoes."

"What's the occasion?"
"Do you know where [bathroom/other bar/smoking area] is?"
"Do you have a cigarette/lighter?"

Sometimes however, you may be in a more formal social setting. In these cases, the women


will open you in a slightly different manner. It's usually situational, or based on her observing
your interactions with other high value people in the room.

"Hi, I'm [name], I see you have been talking to [person of social power]."
"The food was delicious wasn't it?"
"What did you think of the speech?"
"How long have you been a member?"
and so on and so forth.

You Open Her

Pretty self explanatory. She's given you the green light by giving you IOIs. Strong IOIs are
things like smiling with steady eye contact. Weaker IOIs are things like proximity and being in
your space.

One thing to understand is that women are very aware of their surroundings.

Firstly, they have better peripheral vision than men. This has been found repeatedly in
scientific testing. How that relates, is that women often see you, long before you see them.
This means that if they make eye contact with you, chances are they want to.

Secondly, women are also very sensitive too personal space. Researchers did a test that
looked at how close a stranger could sit next to someone before that person felt
uncomfortable. For women, the distance was more than double that of a man. Again, this


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

means that women are always very AWARE of who they're standing next to. They RARELY
stand next to a man by accident. They usually mean it.

That being said, once you have received some IOIs, what are some things you can say? The
stronger IOI the bolder you can be in your approach:

Openers to Strong IOIs:

"Wow you're stunning, I like x about you. What's your name?"
"Your [ass, breasts, legs] are seriously sexy."
"You HAVE to come and join me and my friends."
"You CAN'T smile at me like that and not expect me to hit on you."
"Right, you have definitely got my attention now."
"I had to come over here and meet you."

Openers to Weaker IOIs

"So what's your name then?"
"Hi, I'm [name]."
"You and your friends look like fun. Whats the occasion?"
" you come here often?"

Ok, that last one was a joke :), but you get what I mean. I like to be natural and say whatever
comes into my head. Usually I'm quite direct, because that works with my personality. Have
a play around, do whatever feels good to you and the situation.


What I don't recommend is something indirect or too gamey, or something that aims to build
value. You've ALREADY build value in her eyes if she is giving you IOIs before you approach.
You are in a good position, so no need to go back a step. Be confident, be a man and just
go for it.

3. Build Rapport / Comfort

This is really self explanatory, so I won't dwell on this too much. This is where you have a
normal conversation with the girl. How much value you built, combined with the strength of
the IOI will determine how long you spend in this phase. This is also the time that you
ascertain her logistics. If you are attempting to seduce her that night, then you must know
her logistics. Many times bad logistics will scuttle a potential hook up, so really get a handle
on the girls situation early.

You have to make the girl feel comfortable around you. In social circle settings, this is
essential. Social circles are a thing of trust. Think of them as like countries.

If you're going to a new country, they ask you to apply for a visa. This is so they can make a
judgment about whether they want you in their country.

Women in social circle situations are the same. They have put themselves into a social circle
or group because it is one that aligns with their utility. I talk a lot more about utilities and
playing the utility game in the Social Circle Training Academy. Essentially theyre invested in


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

the social group, and all social groups have ways of weeding out people who don't belong or
can cause harm to the group.

Understanding social group dynamics is very important in getting a handle on your social life,
and accessing the circles where the women that you desire are. Again, I go into this in much
more length in The Academy.

So what does that mean to you?

Very simply, make her feel comfortable. Build rapport. Show her that you're not a psycho,
and then move onto the next stage, which is escalation.

4. Escalation
This is where the fun begins. Ideally, you want to do this hand in hand with building rapport
and comfort. I have tried a number of different methods, and so have my students. We all
agree that the best results are when you combine the previous stage of rapport building, with

Mixing the 2 together can have some explosive results.

Remember at the very beginning where I talked about the importance of DISCRETION? Well
in this phase, you will want to pay a lot of attention.


Even though you can be bolder with girls in your outer circle, you must also remember that
they may be at the social event with their own inner circle. They are not going to do anything
that would jeopardise their position in their own social circle, or anything that could effect
their reputation.

So you must escalate in a DISCRETE manner. Making out in full view of onlookers is out of
the question. It can have a number of damaging consequences.

The very first thing you must do is ISOLATE.

Not just from her social circle, but from YOURS as well.

You want to do your escalation in small chunks, and in isolation

Your best bet is to be PLAYFUL. Especially if you are throwing in some sexual banter or
conversation. Picking her up, lightly slapping her bum, being cheeky. You can be highly
flirtatious, but be wary of being too sexual.

More kino
Stronger eye contact
Bedroom voice tone
Slowing down your speech
More sexual/provocative in your conversation topics


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

Dancing or grinding
Light kissing is acceptable
All the regular seduction stuff

Again, remember that DISCRETION is key, so you must be calibrated in the way you

5. Extraction or Close
Going for the extraction is similar to going for a bounce. There is NO MAGIC BULLET here;
this is the point where you have to take a leap of faith.

The better you are at value building, opening, building rapport, and escalating, the easier this
will be. If you've done all the steps up to this point well, then escalation should be a walk in
the park.

You should bear 2 things in mind.

Your Goal

Your goal will determine your course of action. Are you trying to sleep with her that night? Are
you trying to go for her contact details, are you trying to set up a 3some?


Whatever it is, your approach to closing and extracting must be geared towards your goal.

Are your logistics good? Did you find out if hers were? Is she the designated driver? Is she
staying with her friend and can't leave her? Do you have a friend, wingman, wing woman that
can help you occupy any of her friends?

All these things have to be considered depending on your goals, as they will alter the way
that you attempt to close.

So how does this all look once put together. Below is the story of how I closed and Australian
Pop Singer and Celebrity when I was in Sydney.

I was at the club with 7 friends. 5 girls and 2 other guys. I always like to roll in a group like this. Especially when it's a
social circle I'm comfortable in. I know when I've got ACCESS into a group like this or created my own, every time I go
out I'm going to get results. This night was no different; I was really feeling the anticipation, the vibe. I was ready; I was
keen for a big one.
We were in the club, and I do my standard walk around, say Hi to all the bouncers and staff. Get some hugs from the
waitresses etc. I always do this as soon as I get in. I want to remind all these people that I'm here. They're good to me
and I like to let them know they're appreciated. Also, it gives me massive social proof in the venue.
I'm having fun with my group, me and one of the guys are having a dance off. We're really getting down, doing the robot
no less. I actually think I was teaching him how to dougie ;).
I notice that there is a group across the dance floor from our table. The line of sight is perfect for them to observe us, and
I see 2 stunning girls on the table. One was a tall leggy red head, in all black. The other was a dead ringer for Cheryl
Cole, but curvier. Bigger boobs and a lovely ass. I'm a sucker for a curvy woman, and with a face like hers. WOW.
I could see the girls had glanced over a couple of times, so I stand on the couch, and start dancing. As soon as I see one
of them look over again, I raise my glass to force the IOI. She complies, she smiles and looks away.
Ok, so I know I've got their attention. Now it's really time to amp up the value. I challenge the girls in my circle to a lap
dance competition. It's absolutely hilarious. I mean, we're not taking it seriously, all over each other and doubled over in
fits of laughter. One of the guys on my table tells me I'm getting eyes from some girls on the dance floor. This is the great
thing about having a social circle. Especially one where you all have common goals and interests is that your social circle
works for you. The guy's, and often girls, will do things to help or make easier my chances of dating and seducing
women. In this case Brian, was savvy enough and socially aware enough to notice the IOIs I was getting from the girls on
the dance floor.


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

Right, so I knew I was warm. I hate cold approach. It is necessary sometimes, but if I can engineer a warm approach
(which is usually the case using social circle), the chances of success are much much higher. I have a look over on the
dance floor, and the Cheryl Cole look-a-like is about 5 feet away from me. I keep looking at her, until we make eye
I hold it
She looks away smiling.
We're on.
I walk straight up to her and her friends.
Greg: "So mystery ladies. Are you going to join us?"
The girls say we look like fun and would love to come join us. I take them over to the table and introduce them to the rest
of my social circle.
Now time to get comfortable.
I decide I prefer the Cheryl Cole look-a-like, so I spend most of my attention on her. We talk about a few things;
She tells me she's a pop star;
I tell her I'm not impressed;
I tell her she's sexy;
She asks if I say that to all the girls;
I bring up sex;
She changes the subject;
I tell her she reminds me of someone;
She says "Oh wait...let me guess? Could it be....CHERYL COLE?";
Apparently she's heard that before....
I realise, I need to isolate her. I ask her if she wants a shot from the private bar? The owner lets us into the private
owners lounge.
More social proof.
We get 2 red strawberry, or cherry shots.
They tasted like shit.
She looks so hot
I go for the kiss.
She kisses me back
Ok, let's not get too carried away now Greg. We go back to join the party. I know that continually escalating without a
small break can sometimes overload the girl. So we're back with the group and I continue building rapport. This time we
talk about family and friends and her music. Topics that show her I'm interested in her as a person, and I'm not a
complete psycho.


I do this a couple of times. Take her somewhere private, escalate and get her aroused, then back to the group and build
rapport. Each time I escalate I get more and more sexual.
But damn, she looks so fine. Such seductive brown eyes, long eyelashes. And those huge tits staring at me.
I start escalating again. It's getting to the point where I can tell she's ready. I go for the extraction.
Greg: "I think we should get out of here."
CC Look-a-like: "Ok...but where do you want to go, there's another club that's open till 6am nearby."
Greg: "Nah, not really up for anymore clubbing. Let's go back to my hotel and grab a drink."
CC look-a-like: "Hmmmm....Im not sure. I can't just leave my friend here."
So I need someone to take care of the friend. Where the fuck is everyone? It's so late now, everyone has been drinking,
and the group has been separated. I say to Cheryl look-a-like, lets go look for your friend, and I grab her hand.
We bump into some of the girls from my social circle, who are leaving onto another club. They give me hugs and kisses
and are really warm and nice to Cheryl Cole look-a-like. This is awesome. Again, it reminds me, the power of having a
great social circle. I see Cheryl look-a-like visibly relax some more. Things are going great.
At this exact point, she stops and say's she's going to call her friend. She makes a quick call. I don't hear what is said,
but I'm starting to think I may lose this girl. After what seems like an age, she hangs up smiles and comes over. She tells
me everything is ok, that her friend is going to get a cab home.
I tell my girl it's time to go, I flag down a cab and we head back to my hotel.
I love my social circle.
Oh and for those who don't know whom Cheryl Cole is......


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

Girls In you Inner Circle
Seducing girls in your inner circle is VERY different to seducing girls in your outer circle. Your
inner circle is usually your main social group, or a social circle that you created. This will mean
that you have a lot of time, effort, and usually emotion invested in this group.

The same will apply for the girls. They will generally be closer to you and your bonds are likely
to be stronger.

A big difference is that girls in your inner circle have a way of indirectly observing you. Even
when you're not present. Because you share such a tight social circle, your reputation will
play a big role, both positively and negatively.

Being aware of your reputation and using it effectively is vitally important in Social Circle
Game. It's a concept that we go over in more detail inside The Academy.

So the only areas you need to focus on specifically for girls in your Inner Social circle, is
building value, and escalating. Everything else will be generally the same as a girl you didn't
know. However, these 2 areas are key in getting right. Get them wrong and you will either
cause damage to your social circle or cause you to end up in the "Friend Zone".

1. Build Value & Attraction

These 2 must work in tandem. In terms of "value", you're social circle will do this for you. Just
by being a cool person, and by virtue of being associated with other people in the circle, you


will have a certain amount of value.

As the woman continues to hear about you, and your positive reputation gets to her, you will
continually be building value by your reputation. Any stories where you are displayed in a
positive light. Your best qualities. Women in your social circle will hear all these without you
even having to be there.

But be very careful. Reputation can work the other way as well. If you're not being careful
with your social circle, or you are being a "free loader" for example, then this will also get
back to the women in your social circle, and will work against you.

My view is that pre-selection is by far the best ATTRACTION switch with girls of your INNER
Social Circle. Obviously, you have to understand the dating utility of the group, however I
have tested this out in MANY different social circles and it always works the best.

So how do you use pre-selection?

Simple. You date OTHER women, or you let the girls in your social circle see you with other
women. At the very worst, talk about other women. Talking about other women works well if
done properly. Usually in a very calibrated, subtle manner.

"I've got to go see a friend tomorrow night. I promised her it's my turn to cook."


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

You see what I mean? It's a very subtle way of hinting that you have a woman you are
cooking for. In "girl" speak, women understand that men cook for girls that they are seeing or
sleeping with.

They make this association in their mind about you. They see you as a sexual being. The key
here is to not hit on them.



That's right, that's what I said.


Again, I have tested this out over and over again, and it's the most effective strategy. I've at
some point been dating up to 4 girls from the same social circle using this exact technique.


Well something very curious happens when you don't hit on hot girls.

I'll explain more in the escalation phase.


If they don't know you're dating other women, then a more advance technique would be for
them to see you succeed with other women.

I say advanced, because it is HIGH RISK. If you attempt to seduce another girl outside your
social circle, you fail, and the girls in YOUR circle see this....

You're value goes right down.

They're attraction for you goes right down.

However, when done properly, it is super powerful. An example of when I did this was in NY.
I was at the launch of a new hotel and restaurant. A very classy black tie event. I was in a
group of 4. 2 guys and 2 girls. The girls were part of my social circle in NY, and I remember
that I was rather keen on one of them.

Blonde Italian girl from Hell's Kitchen. Gorgeous, sassy, full of fire. Typical New York badass
chick right. Well, she wasn't really responding to me how I wanted to. She was being polite,
and friendly, but not responding at all to my attempts at escalating. She basically had zero or
very little attraction to me at that point.

Well, there were many women at this event, and I was going off to London in a couple of
days, so I figured, well lets see if I can find something else. I went on a wander round the


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

function and got talking to a really cute girl. She was a lawyer. Beautiful, but in a very
teacher/bookish type of way. I brought her back to the group and we really hit it off.
Eventually Miss Lawyer and me went home together that night.

In the morning, I got a text from Miss Italian from Hell's Kitchen. She asked where I had
disappeared. I told her me and Miss Lawyer left to get some food.

"Is that so. You didn't take her home did you?"
Greg: "Of course I did. What type of guy would I be if I didn't?"

Well that changed everything. The next time I saw Miss Italian, the interaction was completely
different. She was flirting heavily and responding to all my advances.

Women in your social circle want to see that you are a sexual being, but if you directly
seduce them, it can backfire. Let them see you seducing (successfully), other women. It is a
HUGE attraction spike.

2. Escalation
Ok, so I guess I have to go back and tell you that curious little secret of what happens when
you DON'T directly hit on the girls in your social circle.

A very common occurrence with women, especially very beautiful women, is that they are
competitive with their looks. Have you ever seen a woman, check another woman out with a


slightly condescending look on her face?

That happens all the time. One woman, sizes another woman up. Many times women seek
male validation in terms of their looks. These very beautiful women are told they are beautiful
all day long, so that is the normality for them.

Another one of the things that happens to hot women normally, is they have guys attempting
to hit on them all the time. Now this doesn't happen to the 9s and 10s when they are outside
of their social circle. In high value social circles with beautiful women, rich, powerful and
connected men; generally cool people; the women will get hit on a lot. A lot more than a 9 or
10 who didn't have a social circle.

So what do you think happens when you make no attempts at escalation?

Go on have a think about it.

Re-read the above and have a think.

Ok. I'll tell you. What happens is that their worldview gets tipped upside down. They wonder
why you aren't like all the other guys. They become intrigued. But here's the kicker and why
having a social circle is so important. If you weren't part of their social circle they wouldnt
have seen or heard about your other interactions with women. Hence, they think you aren't
escalating because you are a PUSSY. They have no evidence to suggest otherwise.


Part 5 - Social Circle Game

But wait.....

You are in their social circle.

You have been known or seen with other beautiful women.

They have seen you with their own eyes, seduce beautiful women.


It can't be you. You're not escalating because youre a pussy. You must not be escalating

You're not into her.

That's right, thats the process that goes though a hot girls mind in your social circle, when
you DON'T escalate on her. It only works, if you have build value and attraction through preselection from other women.

Once this happens, the women in your circle will start to give you major IOIs. They want you
to validate them by reciprocating. That way they'll know that you still think theyre attractive. If
you give in at this point, you've lost the game.


At this point what do you do?

You QUALIFY, heavily.

Imagine the most stunning woman in the world went up to Brad Pitt and was talking to him
and trying to get him to pick her. What would Mr. Pitt be thinking? He'd be thinking, why
should I pick you out of all these other girls? Do you meet MY standards?

This is the mindset you have to adopt. Remember ABUNDANCE MENTALITY. You have to
make the woman work for your investment. She has to reach your standards first. Do this
properly, and women will CHASE you.

Chase you HARD.

Now, when women chase you, they become very DISCRETE. They never tell anyone. I'm not
really sure why exactly. Maybe it's because they did the seducing, but it's always the same.
Whenever a woman seduces you, especially in a social circle environment. She will become
very DISCRETE. And you remember I said, DISCRETION is one of the most important things
in your social circle.



Part 6 Bonus
Part 6 Bonus
Using Money
Money helps you get women, PERIOD! It makes logistics easier and it demonstrates value.
This is even more the case in Clique clubs. You do however have to be sensible with your
money and know what you are doing/getting.

Booking tables vs. Going to the bar

A night out with a few mates in a high end clique can be expensive. With drinks $15-$20.
Rounds can become very fucking expensive (5 mates, 3 rounds = $150 each). If you each
put that money onto a table, youd get 3 bottles of spirits, a base to bring the girls you talk
too, and be in the vicinity of other table bookers. You get the social proof from skipping the
line, and you have ease of a waitress bringing out your drinks for you. Booking a table is a
much better use of your money than buying drinks at the bar.

If you dont have friends who can afford to go Dutch on a table with you, then an alternative
is to pay the hosts, promoters directly. Say you cant really be bothered to create a
relationship with the hosts from the bottom up, and you want to skip a couple of steps. Just
pay the guys directly. Hosts get paid 10-12% of the spend on a table they book for a client.
This is after removing VAT and service charge. So, for a table spending $1,000, the
commission for a host is around $70-$85. If you approach a host and offer them $200 a
month to party with them and hang out on their table whenever etc, they are very likely to


accept your proposal. It saves them chasing the club up for money and its cash direct in
their hand.

Note based on London drinks prices and norms for promoter/host pay schemes in clubs.
Although the exact values vary from city to city, the concept is the same and will work

Join a luxury chauffeur company

The biggest problem when trying to pull a girl from a club to your/her place is the ride home.
Fucking about at closing time can be a real mood killer. Rather than haggling with the taxi
guys at the end of the night, or attempting to flag down an elusive black cab while the little
hottie on your arm is starting to get second thoughts; become a member of a luxury cab
company. With wait times of 20-40mins, a sleek Mercedes S Class or BMW 7 series can be
waiting for you and your new girlie outside the club. Makes life a hell of a lot easier if you can
afford it. I use Lewis Day Limo, but I know Addison Lee have a chauffeur service and a
Google search should find you some more. They cost slightly more than cabs but it is 100%
worth it.

Tip every motherfucker in the venue, and tip him or her well. Not in a smarmy sycophantic
fashion; but a generous tipper gets free drinks, stronger drinks, served first etc. Good social
proof and shows class.


Part 6 Bonus
Concierge/Luxury Hospitality Companies
Join a concierge agency, or a luxury hospitality company. If you have money and you want to
live a pimping lifestyle, this is a must have. Fashion shows, movie premiere's, marquee
sporting events, exclusive parties. You basically can skip a lot of the processes in this series
of articles. Shop around, and pick companies that offer bespoke packages, as opposed to
off the shelf memberships. This is one industry, where you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, so be
wary in trying to cut corners on costs. If this is a lifestyle that you want and you can afford the
fees of $150 per month at the low end, to $3,000 per month at the high end, it is worth the

Buy an expensive watch; glasses (if you wear them); expensive shoes; an expensive tailored
suit; 2 pairs of expensive designer jeans and an expensive coat. Everything else can be
bought cheap or high street. No need to spend money on everything in your wardrobe, just a
few pieces that will stand out. For fashion resources, the best place Ive found is a website

Holiday's and Travelling

Go to exotic places that are hubs for socialites, celebrities and millionaires. St Tropez,
Cannes, Monte Carlo, Cabo St Lucas, Turks and Caicos, Nassau, the list is endless. If you've
joined a concierge company or a luxury hospitality company, ask them about with
destinations are the "go to" for when you're travelling. Not only are the quality of women you
meet at these locations generally higher than you're average Kavos regular, but also the


majority of people on the Clique scene go to destinations as such. This adds some
commonalities and opportunities to develop relationships.

Celebrity Game
From time to time you are going to run into a number of celebrities and other VIP people.
Dealing with these type of people can be very tricky. Celebrities always have people asking
them for things, and constantly have their guard up to protect themselves from bullshitters
and bloodsuckers. This means when you meet them (which inevitably in this lifestyle you will),
you have to be aware of their mindset and behave in a certain way.

The Movie Director

I'm in the bar at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, watching the big screen, attempting to
understand the enigma that is baseball. I don't get the game, and I don't think I ever will.
Next to me is a guy who's really getting into it. I ask him what's going on. We then get into an
hour long conversation about baseball, sport, passionate fans and the love of competition.
The guy tells me he's a movie director, and I'm like "that's cool". We then talk about movies
for a bit, but because everyone in LA say's there into movies, I don't really pay too much
attention and steer the conversation back to sport (which I love). We have a great chat,
exchange numbers, and he invites me to his house for dinner the next night. I agree. We've
been friends ever since. Out of curiosity, I decided to Google him about a month later. Turns
out he's super famous. Directed some major blockbusters which most of us have seen.
When I told my flatmate, who's an actress, she fell off her chair, and rambled on for hours
about him.


Part 6 Bonus
The point I'm trying to make, is that because I had no idea who the guy was, I treated him
like a completely normal person. We just chatted about shit guys do, and I made fun of him
for being Jewish and his clothes etc. Celebrities have people sucking up to them all the time
and I was a pleasant breath of fresh air. You almost have to forget that celebrities are who
they are and have conversations with them how you would anyone else.

That is obviously a random situation. How do you deal with a celeb when you see them at a
party and you want to talk to them? You have to use patience. If you've engineered your
lifestyle effectively, you're going to run into the same celebrities all the time. The first time you
meet them, you want to not be too eager, but be genuine and friendly. If it's your favourite
musician, approach, introduce yourself, and briefly tell them what it is about their music you
love so much.

That is it. Eject early, and never push the interaction. People leech onto celebrities and try to
get as much out of them as possible. End the interaction, knowing that due to your lifestyle,
you are likely to bump into them again. Introduce yourself to the people around them and be
friendly, natural, non threatening, and non-needy. When you see them again, repeat the
process, mention you met previously but don't dwell on it. Keep doing this at your chance
encounters with celebrities until you hit the tipping point, and they start remembering you. It
happens a lot sooner than you think. From that point onwards just treat them like you would
any person and follow the tips on how to create relationships.


Final Word and Next Steps

So that's about it guys. This is a basic guide of how any one can create the lifestyle that they
want, and infiltrate the high end social circles, and date the hottest women in every social
circle. The debate rages on, but I feel creating a lifestyle for yourself is the best thing you can
do, not only for getting woman, but having an enjoyable life. You have tons of beautiful,
smart, sassy, intelligent women in your life, not only as lovers, but also as friends. You have
women open you and women actually WANT to sleep with you. Shit tests, LMR and other
obstacles become less and less. I mean the benefits are endless. Only downside is it takes a
lot of time in the beginning, but like everything it's a skill, which becomes easier and easier
the more you do it.

Hope you've enjoyed the book.

Love and Carnage

Greg Greenway
Social Circle Training