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6 Super Easy yet Uncommon Weight Loss Tips

and why it will help you lose weight, today!

Marvin Depont

From a normal guy who lost 85 pounds of body fat,

put on some muscle in its place and became a personal trainer.

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Is losing body fat really hard? Of course! But why?

I will now share with you 6 uncommon
steps that will help you lose weight today

Simply put losing body fat is

not simply a matter of eating
less and moving more.

by getting these five factors under


"If you are not doing that you have nobody to

blame but yourself!" Yeah, you already know
that you have to move more and eat less but why
is body fat sticking to you? Or why is it more
difficult for you to lose it versus someone who
can lose it relatively easy?
By my count, losing body fat comes down to
a balance of different factors primarily
including emotional drive, nurture, predisposed genetics, the type of exercise
you do and hormonal imbalances from your
genetics/environment. A person needs to
have these five things in balance in
order to lose weight successfully. It is
no wonder why it is so hard to lose
weight. Simply saying eat less and move
more is like saying I am going to be a
millionaire overnight. Many people that
are successful in weight loss have an
interconnecting balance of these things
in one form or another.

5 Factors
> Emotional Drive
> Nurture
> Predisposed genetics
> Exercise
> Hormonal imbalances

I will explain how each step will make

losing weight easier and how it is
interconnected to one or more of these
five factors.

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The Five Factors

1. Emotional Drive Also known as motivation,

it can trump many and any roadblocks when it
comes to losing weight. However, your
emotional drive is closely tied to your
hormones, which is further regulated by the
environment (food we eat and events) and our
unique genetics from our parents.

5. Hormonal imbalances This is the one

thing, the underlying pattern that can
influence emotional drive, pre disposed
genetics and your ability to exercise.
If we can get those hormones in check
it can and will lead to effortless
weight loss. It is hard to expect
people to lose weight when every ounce
of their willpower is telling them to
eat more for any and all of the reasons
listed on this page.

4. Exercise You have to move, whether it

is lifting weights or doing cardio...
Exercise is regulated by our ability to
follow a proper plan (I wont plug my
business here as
is already at the bottom of every
page :). Exercise is also regulated by
our emotional drive to achieve a specific
goal. Lastly, if you look even further
beneath the surface, you will also see
that exercise is regulated by our

2. Nurture I only eat this. My food is

better than yours because in my
culture... Ever met a person like
that? Annoying! Hopefully you havent
but that illustrates a point the
people who raised you will often
influence what you eat. From the time
you were a little baby, certain foods
have been programmed into you by means
of your upbringing and culture.

3. Predisposed genetics We are not all created equal.

At least not on a genetic level. Look at your father
and mother for some combination of what you will
look like. Some people have big strong legs and
others do not. Some have huge biceps while some do
not. Genetics can be conquered with proper nutrition
and training but they are a factor. For example,
some people are more disposed to handle stress more
efficiently, so stress won't affect their weight
loss. On the other hand, some people handle stress
less efficiently, so they have a harder time in
shedding those unwanted pounds.

This eBook courtesy of Marvin Depont, at Better Dream Body. Page 3 Copyright @ 2015

STEP 1 - Lean Protein and Complex Carbohydrates
for Breakfast and Dinner
Humans love beginnings and
endings, the in between is
hard to remember. Human
psychology is to make you
forget about the middle and
it taps into eating here.
Maybe you will see the
connection here maybe not but
I think this principle will
benefit you greatly... It is
easiest to force yourself to
eat lean protein and complex
carbohydrates for the first
meal of the day because your
willpower is often highest
in the morning.
"Today I am going to do
well on this diet," says
Jill. Many start off strong
like Jill but by lunch
their willpower has
evaporated. Many, huh that
was me before I started
implementing this tactic.

It is also easiest to eat

lean protein and complex
carbohydrates at night
because your body is
naturally craving both
anyway. Moreover, here
are some reasons why you
should focus on eating
complex carbohydrates and
lean protein for
breakfast and dinner.
It is too restrictive to
eat lean protein and complex
carbohydrates at every meal.
Im into fitness and I try
and do this but, oh man!
Anything that is usually too
restrictive in my opinion,
wont last a long time in
weight loss.
When eaten together this
regulates insulin in many
ways, which is a hormone that
is closely tied to weight
gain and weight loss.

Eating carbohydrates alone

causes a fast sharp spike of
insulin. It does not keep you
full for long, which makes you
want to eat even more later on.
Eating protein alone only
keeps you full for roughly two
hours. In order to maintain more
of a positive nitrogen balance
you need complex carbohydrates,
which releases insulin in a
gradual fashion. Insulin, that
helps to shuttle amino acids
into the blood more efficiently.
Eaten together, those amino
acids, which are in your system
sets up multiple metabolic
pathways to increase your
emotional drive early on.
Eaten together they keep you
fuller for longer as your body
has more things to breakdown and
digest. Of course, the size and
calorie content of the meal
matters but this is the overall
Eaten together for breakfast,
it sets your willpower up to
avoid a roller coaster effect
later on in the day.

This eBook courtesy of Marvin Depont, at Better Dream Body. Page 4 Copyright @ 2015

My Personal Method - To share my personal protocol I must first explain intermittent fasting.

Most fasting calls for excessive lengths of not eating. The theory here is that you burn more fat
during this time. However, such excessive things are hard for me to stick with. On the other
hand, I do a daily 12 hour fast where afterwards my first meal of the day is complex
carbohydrates and lean protein with a few exceptions. One exception is that I will eat a piece
of fruit immediately after a morning workout in order to maintain blood sugar levels and increase
serotonin - another hormone closely tied to the regulation of weight loss.
I dont like to think of fasting like I am burning calories because I am hungry. Instead, I find it
more beneficial to think of fasting as a delaying food tactic. Consider my calories burned picture:

Let's take 4 oclock as an example... In theory, I have burned 2454

calories by this point. Delaying food until noon, per se is great because
it starts me off on a deficit. Plus, as there are only so many hours in
the day before I sleep this sets me up for a better fat loss ratio for
calories out moving and exercise... This leads me to deal with calories
in food intake. When you create a deficit, your body will make you pay
by making you hungrier. That is why you must control your hormones.
Moreover, this leads into Steps 2 (technology) and 3 (hormones).
Basically, fasting for longer creates a delay in calories out versus
calories in. I find a balance in 12 hours as it is not too restrictive
and easier for me to do but I think you should find your own balance. I
dont think you can call a daily 12 hour fast a fast among some
intermitting fasting circles though :).
This eBook courtesy of Marvin Depont, at Better Dream Body. Page 5 Copyright @ 2015

Interesting Fact
New studies have
revealed that 80%
of fat is actually
exhaled through the
lungs by breathing.

STEP 2 - Get with technology and track your food intake...

There are many diets out there but most
credible experts and various studies from
Atkins to the Twinkie Diet have a common
denominator. They reduce your calories.
Im not going to argue the point of what
is healthiest or what has better overall
improvements on blood tests for your
health but if fat loss is a concern, your
caloric intake does matter. At a certain
point if you are not seeing the weight
loss results you want to achieve you
have to put pen to paper and track your
daily calorie intake. In my work, I have
encountered many folks who just hate to
count calories but at times, you have to
give something to get something. Read
your nutrition labels and learn how to
intuitively count calories if you are
100% against it.
All diets are the same. They create a
rule that reduces one or more of your
macronutrients - carbohydrates, fat and
protein - in order to create a calorie
deficit. If you are already counting
calories, great! Take it to the next
level and get with technology.

Using technology that counts your daily energy expenditure

will leave the guesswork out of knowing how many calories
you are burning. Therefore, if your fitness activity tracker
says you burned 2800 calories today you know you have to
reduce calories by 500 to 1000 in order to see results. In
other words, for today you would eat 1800 to 2300 calories
in order to facilitate a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds. As
those daily calorie deficits begin to add up for you, over
the course of seven days you will see results! In addition,
I should note that activity trackers often have a margin of
error of 80-90%. I will not recommend any but you can do an
internet search for what is best for you.
My personal opinion: Of what regulates calories out and calories in
Technology (calories out)

Food intake (calories in)

Exercise and following a plan

Pre disposed genetics
Emotional Drive
Hormonal Imbalances

Exercise and following a plan

Pre disposed genetics
Emotional Drive
Hormonal Imbalances

Its complicated! If you burn more calories going out you have to deal with
the calories coming in

This eBook courtesy of Marvin Depont, at Better Dream Body. Page 6 Copyright @ 2015

STEP 3 - Handle your Hormones

Hormones are like the operating system that

controls emotional drive, adjusts our
genetics, interacts with our nurture
programming and allows us to stick with
Take an example, Jill is overweight and wants
to lose weight. She just turned thirty and is
seeing a further increase in her waistline.
She already works a stressful 9 5, which
makes getting and going to the gym after work
a nightmare. On top of that, when she does
make it to the gym she feels like she has no
real plan and what she is doing is not
If we look beneath the hormonal surface. Jill
is stressed out and tired from work. Stressed
out usually means elevated cortisol levels
and/or low serotonin levels. On top of it all
her dopamine or in other words the hormone
that regulates motivation, which started off
high in the day, probably got burned up as
she had to deal with stuff at work.
My Personal Method:

Here are my top tips for understanding and getting

your hormones under control:
Eating lean protein and complex carbohydrates as
your first meal will help regulate multiple
metabolic pathways that will later affect your day.
Incorporate green tea into your diet as it is a
precursor to dopamine and GABA two important
hormones that control your daily food intake.
Eat any sweet fruit 20 minutes before your main
meal in order to boost serotonin. Serotonin is a
major hormone that controls food intake. Studies
have indicated that serotonin is only boosted in
the absence of protein.
Eat citrus fruit or yogurt at night in order to
boost GABA
Lean protein and bananas work great to boost
Lastly, hormones work in concert with one another
in order to regulate food intake. If anything is
out of balance your diet will be off too.

I try to eat apples, bananas and oranges An apple or two 20 minutes before lunch to boost serotonin.
A banana or two here and there for a dopamine boost. An orange at night to boost GABA. I really do not
think about it too much I just add apples, bananas and oranges to my diet.
This eBook courtesy of Marvin Depont, at Better Dream Body. Page 7 Copyright @ 2015

STEP 4 - Figure out your Triggers

Why do you keep overeating in certain situations? Why is your overall calorie intake so high?
Become a detective by putting pen to paper and find out why you keep overeating at certain points
durng the day. Seek to eliminate these specific triggers by planning ahead. Is it stress? Is it a
family event? Is it a social dinner? What times do you normally overeat?
This, in and of itself wont really allow you to change nine time out of ten but knowing and
researching your specific issues can lead to a solution later on down the road. As an example,
you cant just say, Oh yeah I drink too much. Well, are you drinking because you are stressed?
If you are stressed, why is it? Good, you know what it is now - so can you remove that particular
stress from your life? If not, can you try to turn to a holistic method like stress relief tea to
help you out?
So many questions when figuring out your triggers but once you investigate it, you will uncover
some interesting stuff...
My Personal Triggers:

My Solution

1. After lifting weights my need to

eat anything carbohydrate goes up
2. I have a sweet tooth.
3. Stress causes me to overeat.

1. I combat it by immediately eating a

serotonin boosting fruit after I finish
lifting weights.
2. I consume healthier low calorie sweets.
3. I often drink tea to deal with stress.

This eBook courtesy of Marvin Depont, at Better Dream Body. Page 8 Copyright @ 2015

STEP 5 - Get a Smart Goal and Prepare for it Mentally

Exercising allows you to realize your fitness goal in the most beneficial way while maintaining muscle
mass and losing body fat Thats no uncommon tactic at all but following a smart plan is... The basics
of human change often starts with a smart goal.

Time bound

Example: I will lose 8 pounds by this time next month.

Example 2: I will lose 8 pounds by this time next month in order to you fill in the blank.
These short little sentences, prepares your mind to achieve great things. Once you have your goal you
must write it down and focus in on achieving it. This singular focus will allow you to harness your
willpower and when you are trying to lose weight you need every ounce of it. Creating that emotional
drive will also get you through tough times when those triggers that you identified rain down on you.
At times having predisposed genetics, poor nurture and even hormonal imbalances fall to the way side
when you concentrate on achieving your goal...
The only problem is that willpower burns out in the face of one of the most natural things, eating.
Therefore, write down your SMART goal and look and/or think about it every day. Do that enough and one
day you will achieve it.

STEP 6 - Get and Stick to a Fitness Program

Once you have a specific direction in which you wish to take your weight loss, you need to actually
have a proper fitness plan in order to achieve it. Just going to the gym or exercising is good but if
that has not been good enough in the past then you need to do something different.
Following a smart fitness routine in combination with knowing your triggers and a smart goal will get
you results faster. It is a 3-punch combo. You start to combat your natural predisposed genetics and
nurture on 3 different levels. The results you will see from following through with a quality
exercise plan is too great to count.
This eBook courtesy of Marvin Depont, at Better Dream Body. Page 9 Copyright @ 2015

Learn More Uncommon Tips YOU Should Know!

Try any two steps together and you should see a result
in your weight goals "today"!
The five factors of emotional drive, nurture, predisposed
genetics, exercise and hormonal imbalances can all be
influenced by the 6 steps outlined in this short eBook.
Why not give some of the steps a try?
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About Marvin...
My name is Marvin and Im an ACE
certified Personal Trainer who
holds a dotFIT Certification in
nutrition as well. I started
Better Dream Body because I
believe achieving your fitness
goals should be simple, so you can
get to it as fast as possible all while designing the body you
want. Since I began my own fitness
journey, I have lost over 85
pounds of body fat and gained some
muscle along the way.

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