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Wenever transit moon comes in aspect of mars or on mars in Arthtrikon some

financial gain is seen..

(Result may vary as per strength of planets)....

Just finished one session 10mins back, the native having 10th lord Venus
debilitated in 2nd house, later in D9 too sitting with Ketu. So anyone will tell
no luxury or artistic trail in her life, which was completely opposite of her real
life....So the twist was some where else..... that very Venus being in Pushkar
if the Rashi indicates the fructification of the promises of a horoscope, the
Navamsha will indicate whether these promises will fructify.The Rashi can
promise a lot, but fructification of these promises is dependent on the
Navamsha. The Navamsha is bigger than the Rashi chart, for If the Rashi
chart is a good looking tree, strong and healthy, it need not necessarily bear
good fruit, but an old wretched looking tree can and does bear sweet fruit.
Looks can deceive.

Rare and important tools to test and practice

For this material world family happiness and matrimonial life is very
important almost 90% of life revolves around this. In this regard there are
plenty of literatures in astrology. In this regard I am explaining a very rare but
effective tool to Judge family happiness and matrimonial life you may call
this family happiness lagna [FHL] and family happiness Rashi [FHS]. FHL and
FHS are determined on the basis of Rashmi [Rays] of planet and Rashi.
A] Rashi Rays of Rashi
Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Scorpio ----------------------------30
Sagittarius and Pisces ------------------------------------------------50
Capricorn and Aquarius ---------------------------------------------100
Taurus and Libra ------------------------------------------------------60
B] Planet Rays
SUN -3 ,MOON 4, MARS3, MERCURY ----3 Jupiter ---5, Venus ---6, Saturn 1,

Rahu 1 and Ketu 3

On the basis of Rashi and planet rays you can find out FHL and FHS on the
basis of this formula
FHL = [Rashmi of 4th sign +Rashmi of 7th sign] * Rashmi of 7th lord /
Mahadasa year of 7th lord = remainder or resultant [if more than 12 reduce it
by 12]
When counted from lagna is FHL and when counted from Rashi is FHS.
If resultant is zero than take 12th house from Lagna and Rashi.
This is very important sensitive point for family happiness and married life. If
FHL and FHS are afflicted in natal chart it adversely affects the family life.
Lets see through an example
Take the case of Mrs Indra Gandhi She was born in Cancer lagna and her
Moon Sign is Capricorn. Now calculate FHL and FHS for her
Her forth house is Libra and 7th house is Capricorn
FHL = [Rashmi of 4th sign +Rashmi of 7th sign] * Rashmi of 7th lord /
Mahadasa year of 7th lord
= 60 [Rays of Libra] + 100[rays of Capricorn] * 1 [Rays of Saturn] / 19
[Mahadasa year of Saturn]
= 160/19 = 8 [remainder]
So the FHL of Mrs Indra Gandhi is Aquarius 8th from Cancer
And her FHS is Leo 8th from Capricorn her Rashi.
You know that in her chart Mars is placed in second house in Leo sign and
from there Mars aspects Aquarius her 8th sign thus both her FHL and FHS
are afflicted without any benefic influence. Fate of her married life you all

Navamsha (D-9) To what extent it is reliable?

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FILM STAR. How to trace such things in D-9?