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27 1958


August 2/\^ 196^ to February 22, 1969

Cebu Christian Mission, P. 0, Box 41, Cebu City, Philippines
Ray & Imogene Carlson
Mark & Susan Carlson

With Mark and Susan holding the

fort of faith in Cebu, we are spending six months in the United States
with the idea of inspiring more prayer

ful fellowship in Philippine evang


OUR ROUTE Write us about speaking

dates when we are in your area:
SEPTEMBER 24-, San Antonio, Texas;

29, Enid, Okla.; OCTOBER 6, Cherokee,

Iowa; 13, Mediapolis, Iowa; 20,
Madison, Wisconsin; 27, Lincoln, 111.;
NOVEMBER. 3, Lansing, Michigan; 10,
Canton, Ohio; 12-14- Cincinnati Con

ference on Evangelism; 17, Lynchburg,

Virginia; 24, Elizabeth City, North

Carolina; DECEMBER. 1, Jacksonville,
Florida; 8, open; 15, open; 22,
Madison, Wisconsin; 29, Minneapolis,
Minnesota; JANUARY 1969, 5, Scottsbluff,
Nebraska; 12, Boise, Idaho; 19, Seattle,
Washington; 26, Portland, Oregon;

FEBRUARY 2, Downey, California; 9, Downey,

California; Return to the Philippines.


442 Churches of Christ and Christ

ian Churches in the whole Philippines

with 60,000 individual Filipino mem
bers of the body of Christ.
Five (5) Bible colleges and Semin
aries in the Philippines.
Three (3) accredited high schools.
In the Visayan area of the Philip
pines and included in the above total,
there are thirty-five (35) churches
and twenty-five (25) preaching points
with a fellowship numbering five
thousand (5,000) persons. One hundred
seventy five were baptized in 1968.

Cebu Bible Seminary has twenty (20)

full-time students in 1968. Mindanao

Christian Institute (a four-year high


school) is located at Barongis,

Mission has prepared a study of the

churches in the Visayas with maps and
sketches. Another tells of an evangel
istic trip to Mindanao. Another gives

Libungan, Cotabato del Norte.


the story of a trip to southern Cebu.

Another tells of missionaiy life

during a damaging typhoon.


The angels from their home on hi^

Look down at us with wondering eye.
That when we are but passing guests
We build such strong and solid nests.
But where we think we dwell for aye
We scarce take heed a stone to lay.

NOTE: Our regular mission obligations for

Seminary and Evangelism continue during

other. All riders cheerfully pushed when

we were stuck. The young people made up a

not too irreverent parody when they sang,

"With Christ In My Vessel I Can Laugh At
Please continue to send all gifts and
the Mudl" Many bridges were out. Some
pledges care of the First Christian Church, ditches were traversed on two slippery
P. 0. Box 70, Downey, California, 902M-1.
logs. At one place, a platform set
on four dugout canoes got the jeep

our furlough amounting to $120 a week.

Literature and display material may be

had from Miss Ruth Luellen, P, 0, Box AL,

Atascadero, California, 93422.

to the other side. Conference classes

were held on the riverside fam of

brother Angel Alba. Rou^ bamboo

benches were set overlooking the

CONFERENCE More than 4-00 brethren attended stream and under beautiful bamboo
the annual conference of churches of Christ fronds. Small boys and water

in the central Philippines. Three days of

buffaloes splashed happily below as
inspirational preaching using the theme of the Word of Life was opened and all

"The Holy Spirit." Most of the J?750 spent

during the gathering was donated by the
Filipino brethren and an encouraging bal
ance remained for next yearns meeting.
At the closing session ten were baptized

of us were challenged. Meals were

served in another lovely glen on a

lower level near which was a spark

ling spring. Here the girls gladly
washed dishes in "running water."

in the new baptistry of Cebu Bible Seminary




THE ^61CHEVY Robin was very reluctant ^

to leave his car behind when he and

his wife left for the Philippines,

However, the Leo Higgins family
agreed to look after i t until we
arrived in the US a few weeks later.

It had better hold up at least for

the next few months. I doubt that any

will want then to buy it. When we
leave in February it can fall ai1 to
pieces like the "Wonderful One-Horse
Shay" - but not before then. Your
prayers -might-liel-pv

-^yvlvThe church at Cebu City with a

membership of over five hundred de

serves and needs permanent housing for

worship and instruction. The first

matter must be a lot for the purpose.

Suitable land averages $25 a square

meter (nine square feet).About 450

square meters is needed. Care to put
your name on a square meter of Phil

ippine soil?

2. The support of Filipino evangel

ists $1 a day.
'3. Aid of Seminary students @ 25<r
a day.

4. Funds for Seminary faculty and

school improvement.
5. Ji3ew-missionapy--amilies to the
MINDANAO RALLY Soon after the arrival of

Mark Robin and Susan in June, Ray & Imogene attended a Youth Rally in Cotabato at
the Edcor church. The rainy season was on
and travel on dirt roads strewn with boul

ders was exciting. Overloaded jeepneys

with people sitting on the hoods gave the

drivers little vision. They jokingly spoke

of going by "memory." Several times the

vehicle slipped sideways and often narrow

ly missed landing either in the river on

one side or the irrigation ditch on the

following provincial capitols:

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Ormoc City, Leyte del Norte
Masbate City
Catarman, Samar del Norte
Cotabato City
Tagbilaran, Bohol
Plaridel, Misamis Occidental
Ginoog City, Misamis Oriental-

General Santos, Cotabato del Sur

Brookes Point, Palawan