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Benefits of ISO 9001 Compliance

Quality control is an important consideration in many industries, but its a goal that isnt always
easy to reach. Even if a company succeeds in improving its products and services to an
acceptable standard, it is left with the problem of signalizing to its customers and suppliers that
this objective has been successfully achieved. Luckily, there is a long-established and widely
recognized method of doing just that: ISO 9001 certification. Commonly a requirement of
government and manufacturing entities, any business can attain this certification by
demonstrating commitment to maintaining a quality management system of a satisfactory
standard. It can confer a variety of benefits to a business; well take a look at these advantages
below, but first well explore the ISO and take a quick overview of its 9001 certification.
The International Organization for Standardization
The ISO portion of the 9001 certification refers to the International Organization for
Standardization, a non-governmental entity that crafts a variety of internationally recognized
commercial and industrial standards. Its membership is composed of representatives from
countries across the globe; in fact, a large majority of nations participate in the ISO, which
explains the wide influence of this organization. Among the standards that it disseminates is the
ISO 9001. This deals with the requirements that a company must adhere to in order to be meet
the ISOs standards for quality management systems.
What the ISO 9001 Isand Is Not
In its present form, the ISO 9001 consists of eight qualify management requirements to which a
business should adhere. Last revised in 2008, the ISO 9001 is expected to be updated at the end
of 2015. In brief, the eight requirements run as follows:
1. Sound Leadership: The company should have a leader/staff that can pull personnel
together and direct them to achieve a common goal.
2. A Customer Focus: Satisfying the customer base is the businesss primary goal.
3. Involvement of People: All company workers should be involved in some way with the
company goal.
4. Use a Process Approach: Company resources and activities are unified.
5. Factual Decision Making: Company decisions should be based on sound data and
6. Management as a System: Teams should work together in harmony.
7. Ongoing Improvement: The company should aspire to improve itself on a continual
8. Maintain Sound Relationships with Suppliers: Company and supplier should enjoy a
mutually beneficial business relationship.

Its worth pointing out that the ISO has no authority to impose these requirements on a nongovernmental organization. Technically, it is possible for a business to operate and succeed
without ISO 9001 certification. But, in many industries, such as distribution, suppliers will not
do business with a company that does not have a current 9001 certification. Even when not
required, ISO 9001 certification gives businesses a goal to reach that will help them improve
their operational efficiency.
The ISO 9001 certifies a quality management systemnot the products or services that may be
manufactured by the company. The requirements are intended to be broad enough to apply to as
wide a range of industries as possible.
The International Organization for Standardization does not issue certifications; this function is
provided by a number of third-party companies around the world. If a company passes the
inspection process, it will receive an ISO 9001 certificate, which is generally valid for three
How SmartSearch Can Help with ISO 9001 Compliance
Square 9s SmartSearch Document Management Software enables businesses to conform to ISO
9001 requirements by providing a high-quality document control system. SmartSearch provides a
number of valuable features to empower organization to efficiently manage documentation; these
features include audit trails, revision tracking, history logs, and secure electronic storage of files.
The software also allows businesses to set up a document approval system, which can be
specifically designed with ISO 9001 requirements in mind, in order to earn the proper
Company Bio
Founded in 2001 as a division of InfiNet Business Systems, Square 9 Softworks has established
itself as a leader in the field of Enterprise Content Management. The companys suite of awardwinning document management tools includes SmartSearch (which is ISO 9001 compliant),
GlobalSearch mobile access platform, GlobalForms web forms creator and a number of
additional software modules designed to help business clients maintain efficient, paperless
workflows. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Square 9 Softworks operates through an
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