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Dear AIP Com.

~ Common Members Humble Opinion ~
I read with concern the messages that were shared among members, the first one
from you, the second one by Com.JP in reply to your first one and your subsequent
counter to his reply, all happening within 24 hrs of an incident that was the subject of
the messages.
Those messages are reproduced at the end.
I am also in possession of other materials that were circulated amongst members
regarding the Agra Federal Council Report, Kolkatta NEC report and a copy of a report
titled CRIME 11/2013 in the Court of CJMC, Tvpm, which I am sure, are available
with you.
It is matter of concern for all of us and that cannot be denied.
But, I am perplexed to understand that you have decided to settle the issue through
short messages.
What I understand is that neither you nor the SG Com.Vivek Singh were present at
the place, during the occurrence. Probably, both of you would have had telephonic
conversation with others who were present in the scene and decided your next course
of action.
I feel, it would have been prudent to have discussed and analyzed about the
happenings in the presence of our CS members.
An individual deciding on a sensitive issue, after telephonic conversation results only
in churning out emotions. This is a matter which appears to be in the hands of an
external body (police, cybercrime etc).
I feel, you should have exercised caution, and taken advice from the elite CS members
before circulating sensitive news to all common members.
Frankly admitting, we the common members are not well informed about any of
these happenings.
I am also sure, most of the NEC & CS members also may not be aware of everything
related to this issue.
There are two individuals who are involved and both of them must be aware of the
background of the episode.

It is disappointing that you circulated messages which only compound the confusion
as you have not mentioned the contents of the complaint and preferred only to name
the complainant.
It is only fair on the part of common members, to have a convincing message from
What clearly appears is the degeneration of high moral grounds in people who are
supposed to set standards for members.
In our Organization, there is a system of how to decide on an issue and finalyze and
how to communicate to the common members, which you are aware of.
Unfortunately, the leaders have clearly understood that it is easier to whip up the
emotions and make something convincing rather than proper reasoning after a joint
The charges you place against Com.JP in your second message, unfortunately apply
to your current style of functioning with regard to the current episode of not taking
into the detailed views of the CS.
I know, you are learned, experienced and have come across similar situations in your
successful trade union career.
If your observation of not being provided with copies and other official documents is
genuine, then sadly you or the SG failed in ensuring the possession of what is NFs
If the incidents of such malicious mails attributed to individuals to promote Com.JP
and tarnish the images of you, Com.Vivek Singh & Com.Mihir are true, then that also
should not be spared lightly.
In trade union, unlike politics, two wrongs do not make up for one right and both
wrongs are wrongs and should suffer the same consequences.
Its only clear from your message that the house (NF) needs cleansing.
It appears that there is something more to the posts (positions of power) than what
we, as common members see.
There appears to be lack of mutual trust amongst the brains that governed / govern
Perhaps our seasoned leaders have their own game plan and we, the innocent
members continue to repose our good faith in taking for granted what they say.

I am sure, you would have anticipated the members reacting to your messages asking
for why there was no information about the day-to-day follow up of SR2009 at
You would also felt sympathetic to the genuine concerns of the members when
circulars on meal coupon, Unit Meetings are issued - humiliating and demeaning the
dignity of the cadre.
You would have also been kind enough to see the victims of Special Rules shown the
door and loitering with pending appeals waiting to be heard by the Management or the
You would definitely accept that we, the common members, are not at all a party to
the current episode but are being fed with the circulation of this hasty message
without any of those details which we have been quite patiently expecting (SR, MC,
UM etc).
The purpose of election to these top posts is only to serve our interest and being
transparent in actions.
I leave it to your wisdom to decide in what way your message in haste in the current
episode is going to strengthen the Federations Unity.
You could have waited for a fair trial as the complaint is about moral turpitude (which
can never be compromised at any level, particularly higher levels) and the parties to
this complaint on either side are individuals for whom the common members have
utmost good faith and regards.
The end result of all these communications from both sides is that the members
cannot come to any conclusion; we are confused about the agenda behind; we are
worried whether the cadres interest is going to take a back seat.
Please ensure a fair trial; discuss the issue with both parties; take the view of the elite
CS /NEC; ensure that the Federation doesnt lose its steam in fighting the
Management united and at the same time, we expect fitting action against the guilty.
We Pray,
Leaders Unity Zindabad!
National Federation Zindabad!
Best Wishes & Regards,
Member, NFIFWI

Appended below are the messages that I received in the last 24 hours.
To all members of NFIFWI through CS/NEC members.
"Black Day for National Federation"
Dear Comrade
Based on a false complaint of R.Jayprakash,, Five Policemen from (Kerala) Trivandram
raided the house of our SG Com.Vivek Singh at Varanasi yesterday (FEDERATION
FOUNDATION DAY). Com Vivek Singh was on the way to Guawati to attend EZ council
meeting. Only Mrs. Vivek Singh was present in the house.
After knowing the information, all comrades of Varanasi Division along with the Division
leaders & ZS(NCZ) rushed to the place.
Police informing that a complaint has been filed by R. Jayprakash at Trivandram & FIR
has been registered, searched the house & confiscated laptop, hard disc & other
gadgets belonging to the Organisation. They have informed that a charge sheet will be
framed & summons to appear in the court at Trivandram will be issued soon.
This type of shameless & dastardly act has never happened in the history of NF. It is an
act of personnel vendetta.
Police personnel entering the house of SG & conducting search operations before the
family members during his absence & in front of the neighbors on a false & politically
motivated complaint.
The entire All Ind leadership condemns the act of R.Jayprakash for conspiring against
our SG Com Vivek Singh & for his deliberate & concerted attempt to derail the ongoing
process of negotiations. His false & politically motivated conspiracy will be exposed
Vivek Singh.
Detailed letter will be sent to all members shortly
Com.R.Jayprakash reply message to A.I.P message:Dear Com.G.Nagesh,
You have sent a message as the All India President defaming and condemning
R.Jayprakash falsely implying and attributing false allegations against me. You had
understood the truth about the complaint, inspite of which this defaming message
against me is publicised. The fact is that as informed to whole organisation earlier
"Cyber crime Complaint was filed against false and defamatory anti federation (in
2010-2013),anti JP mails through fake and unidentified email id's and not any

individuals". In fact it is a matter of shame that now it is coming to light that the fake
email id belongs to Com.Vivek Singh as per cyber crime investigation. To my shock and
surprise it is a black day for NF to know the truth that a senior leader of NF -Com.Vivek
Singh was operating the fake email id(in 2010-2013) and engaged in anti NF emails
defaming NF and defaming the then SG. I call upon you to take cognisance of the cyber
crime investigation reports and if it is proved, to take severe action against the person
involved (Com Vivek singh as understood ).I also request and call upon you to send the
truthful message to all members immediately withdrawing the false message defaming
Regards.R Jayprakash
(Former SG,NFIFWI)
CC To All CS & NEC members(Through AIP,NFIFWI) and All Members of NFIFWI
Dear J.P,
You had sent a message addressed to me in the social media, copy sent to many. If you
had filed complaint as S.G, why copies were not given to the AIP, C.S and NEC and also
not handed over the important papers to the new team after the FCM, Indore. You failed
to hand over the documents of NFIFWI to the new team even after the request made to
you as per the decision of CS/NEC. This has been your practice of defaming every one
who is not toeing your line. During your period several mails circulated defaming many
CS Members. Highly derogatory mails were sent against me when I was AIP, against
Sri.Vivek Singh when he was AIP, and the mails sent against Sri.Mihir Lokhandwala
when he contested against you in Trivandrum FCM. At that time Sri. E.J.M.Reddy had
admitted in writing that his email i.d was misused for sending all the derogatory mails
against Mihir Lokhandwala by Sri. Rajiv Gulati. In the CS meeting we requested you to
file a complaint under cyber crime. But, you refused to do so saying that organisational
matters must be discussed, settled within the organisation and not to go to court of law
or any outside agency and was accepted by the CS. Now we understand that you had
done this to protect him for his help done to you to win the elections against Sri. Mihir
Lokhandwala. We are not so ignorant and are also aware of your hidden agenda of
defaming the N.F leadership. Henceforth organisation will not restrain and explore all
options including legal action against the forces trying to destabilise the organisation.
Black chapter in the history of NFIFWI

CC: to GS & ZS