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Reason 1.

Constant Ameliorating: The field of medicine is an ever-changing scien

ce due to technological and scientific advancements that broaden our knowledge t
o improve methods of treatment. The minute I graduate as a DO physician it will
be my time to utilize the top class education I receive to contribute to these
scientific advancements that will lead to the betterment of the field of medicin
2. A Team Player: Whether it be working with other colleague physicians or worki
ng with my patient, team work is something that I happen to sincerely enjoy. The
mission of Osteopathic Medicine is to focus on the patient as a whole entity ra
ther than just focusing on a specific symptom or a diseased organ; hence the pro
cess of healing will require the collaborated efforts of both me as the Osteopat
hic physician and the patient, working together, and committing to each other to
ultimately achieve the goal of patient health.
3. An Anchor- Unfortunately humans will always continue to become ill, and in th
eir time of pain/discomfort they place their lives into the hands of a physician
, trusting that he will alleviate their pain. Just like an anchor of a ship is
strong and reliable, I too want to be a physician who portrays strength and reli
ability to each and every one of my patients in the peak of their emotional and
physical discomfort.
1. Worthy of Being Imitated: The most important question any student seeking a p
rofessional degree should ask themselves is "Are my actions worth following?" "D
o I truly relay the mission of my professional career through my actions and wor
ds?" It is important for a student doctor to aspire to achieve a certain level o
f professional etiquette that will set an appropriate example to children and to
the general public.
2. Passion: A true professional should simply be enthusiastically passionate abo
ut what they do. A student doctor should look forward to attending class every s
ingle day, eager to attain a new piece of information, ultimately adding a new b
rick to the construction of the never ending skyscraper of medical knowledge, th
at will be used to serve communities and save lives.
3. Facing Challenges with Courage: The problem is not whether or not challenges
will occur but rather our approach in overcoming them. As a student physician an
d as a practicing physician there are bound to be numerous challenges that will
test the patience and perseverance of an individual. However, as a professional
these challenges should be overcome smartly and patiently, knowing that tribulat
ions are temporary and work to strengthen the character of an individual.
As a medical student at VCOM I will strive to be the role model every parent wis
hes their child would have. As a devout Coptic Orthodox Christian, I strive to p
ortray Christ in everything that I do. I am fully aware that my actions as a stu
dent physician and future physician need to portray a character that is worthy t
o be imitated. As for the passionate spirit, I can almost say with certainty tha
t you will not meet an individual who wants to be an Osteopathic Physician more
than myself. My direct exposure to Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, the treat
ment I received from DO physicians, and the long hours I spent shadowing them, h
ave sparked a strong interest and desire in me that I will convert into passion
every single day as a medical student at VCOM. Lastly, my ability to overcome ch
allenges patiently and with courage was not a character trait attained overnight
but rather a culmination of many challenges faced that strengthened my characte
r and allowed me to realize that tribulation is temporary and will eventually pa