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Apr 30, 2014
Though there are hundreds of yogas due to hundreds of combinations of planets, lords of houses, aspects, due to exchange of lords, retro
debilitated planet in kendra, and depositor of that planet also in kendra etc, so let us how many yogas are possible.

1) Chandra Yogas, Moon as the reference point, and the most important combination with Moon would be of Jupiter, Chandra -Guru Yoga,
i.e. Moon and Jupiter present in Lagna and well placed with out any malefic aspect or affliction.
2) Surya Yogas, Sun as the reference point and many yogas are possible with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and more then two
planet combinations also.
3) Panch Maha purush Yogas
Five planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn when present in their own house, or Moolatrikona or Exaltation house or in a kendra
from Lagna or Moon Lagna give rise to panch maha purush Yogas, which are Bhadra, Malvaya, Ruchaka, Hamsa and Sasa Yoga
These yogas ensure a successful and prosperous life and out of these Hamsa and Malvya yoga are Raja yogas.
4) Nabasha Yogas: Nabasha means celestial or heavenly, so they are based four basic types namely Akrati (shape), Sankhya (number),
Asraya (position),and dala (dal or bhava).
32 varieties of Nabasha yogas has been explained by Parasara
Akrati Yogas: Gada, Shakata, Shringataka, Vihaga, Hala, Vajra, Yava, Kamala, Vapi, Yoopa, Shara, Shakti, Danda, Nauka, Koota, Chhatra,
Dhanusha, Ardhachandra, Chakra and Samudra
Sankhya Yogas:Dama, Pasa, Kedara, Shoolaa, Yuga and Gola yoga
Asraya yogas: Rajju, Musala and Nala
Dala Yogas: Mala and Sarpa
5) Raja Yogas: Combinations of planets which bring a huge change in the life of the native in terms of standard of living or status.
6) Dhana Yogas: Combinations of planets from Lagna, 2nd house, 5th house, 7th house, 9th house, 11th house, which bring good fortune
and wealth.
7) Arista Yogas: Combinations of planets which bring misfortune and bad luck, causing hardship.
8) Daridra Yogas:Combination os planets which bring poverty and misery.
9) Reka Yogas: Combinations of planets in their debilitation causing hardship.
10) Parvarajya Yogas or Sanyasa yogas: Combinations of plets which make a native renounce the world and live a life of a sanyasi or
Small point to remember about of level of phala these yogas bestow when in force, for a Prime Minister Raja Yoga will be way different
when compared to the Raja yoga of a office clerk, both might have same intensity of Raja yoga, so people mostly misunderstand about
Raja Yogas that it will turn them into a King of some sort. :-))
Same thing is true about Dhana Yogas or for that matter any small or big yoga.
For the complete list of all yogas please visit
so that I don't have to list them all over again.
I think what matters most is the position of the planet in question, its strength, it being free from any afflictions, and its depositor's similar
position, only exception is Neech Bhanga Yoga, where a debilitated planet might give some thing which no other planet can give in any
kind of Yoga.
Then repetition of such position, strength and aspects in other important charts like D-9, basically the strength increase if there is
Vargottam planets in multiple divisional charts.
Most important Dhana yoga emerges with the proper connections between, Lagna, 5th bhava, 9th Bhava, 7th Bhava, and 11th Bhava. 5th
and 9th bhavas are Lakshmi sthana.
Most important Raja Yogas emerges with proper combinations between, Lagna, 5th Bhava, 7th Bhava, Kendras, Exalted and Debilitated
planets, Debilitated retro planets.
One more important thing I have seen in all charts I have read is every chart has at least 10 yogas, and most of them have some form of
Raja yoga, Raja Sambandha, Viparita Raja yoga, etc, and almost every one of them are currently struggling in their lives.
Which means combinations are always there for Raja Yoga etc, but there are bhadhaka's also blocking them from coming to pass, or they
are delayed if there is strong Saturn influence, so just because there is a combination for Raja yoga does not mean it will happen or even if
it happens the intensity of phala might be too low to even register or visible, same thing for Daridra yoga.
For bankruptcy, see if the 5th lord is placed in 8th or 12 th lord is placed in 8th, with out any benefic's aspect.
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