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Dinesh Babu


PeopleSoft EPM/Technical/Upgrade Consultant with over 9 years of work experience. Extensive
experience in EPM technical work (ETL, Data Loader, Allocation Manager, Security, Data Mart
Builder, etc.), system administration (upgrades, installs, patches/fixes, performance tuning) and
functional knowledge of the EPM Financial Warehouse, SIM, BCM, High-tech and Industrial
PRD. Comprehensive project experience in PeopleSoft 8.3-9.0 implementations. Former
PeopleSoft consultant with big 6 experience as well. Diverse background, easily adaptable to
varying roles within a project team. Eager to work with new technologies and take responsibility
for deliverables.

Over nine years of PeopleSoft experience on Implementations, Upgrades and PostProduction support.
Experienced in upgrades and implementations of the PeopleSoft 8.9/8.8: EPM (Financial
Knowledge of PeopleSoft Technologies: PeopleTools, Application Engine, Data
management tools, Crystal, PIA, Upgrade Assistant, Change Assistant, PeopleCode, Data
Mart Builder, Data Loader, Allocation Manager, Tree Manager, Security and ETL tools.
In depth knowledge of EPM Enterprise Warehouse / EPM Foundation, SIM, BCM, Hightech and Industrial PRD.
Experience with multiple database platforms including Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server.

ERP Skills:
PeopleSoft Modules: EPM Enterprise Warehouse / EPM Foundation, SIM, BCM, High-tech and
Industrial PRD
PeopleTools: Versions 8.3 8.48, Application. Designer, Application Engine, App. Messaging,
File Layouts, PeopleCode, Upgrade Assistant, Change Assistant, Data Mover, Process Scheduler,
Security, Application Server, Tree Manager, and Configuration Manager.
HRMS Skills:
PeopleSoft Modules: HRMS Time and Labor, Payroll, Self Services and Absence Management
PeopleTools: Versions 8.47, Application Designer, Application Engine, App. Messaging, File
Layouts, PeopleCode, Data Mover, Process Scheduler, Security and Application Server.
: People Code, C, C++, Java
: PeopleSoft, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0 (SDK)
Operating Systems : Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux

: Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2000, DB2, MS Access
: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 Time and Labor, Payroll and Absence Management,
Time and Attendance (TA) Abercrombie and Fitch, New Albany, OH, USA (Jun08 Present)
: Senior PeopleSoft Consultant / Technical Lead / Project Leader
: HRMS 8.9 on DB2.
Project Description: The HR, Payroll, and Store Operations departments of Abercrombie have
identified the need to implement a company-wide Time and Attendance solution to streamline all
related business processes and to simplify the administration of work rules, scheduling, and
attendance tracking. In addition, this new solution will allow enhanced reporting of store
associates attendance violations and their performance based on predefined schedules and
attendance. The new system will also facilitate a more efficient method for processing time,
addressing exceptions, and minimizing risks by enforcing adherence to local and federal labor
Responsibilities Include: Senior Technical Consultant and Project Leader for the implementation
of Time and Attendance row level security, Payroll, self service and Absence Management.
Provide oversight to strategic planning for Time and Attendance implementation. Assist in
application decisions and troubleshooting when necessary.
Designed custom time sheet and scheduler module for Time and Labor to meet ANF
Designed and implemented data security model using Position Management and
delegation to meet complex requirement

Designed and developed ADP Payroll Module.

Researched and delivered printer friendly options for custom & delivered PeopleSoft

Manage all PeopleSoft deliverables. Design, Review on delivery and track deliverables.

: PeopleSoft EPM 9.0 Financial Warehouse, Equity Compensation Strategic
Initiate (ECSI) Citibank, Warren, NJ, USA (Jul07 May08)
: EPM Advisor/Technical Lead/Project Leader
: EPM 9.0 on Oracle 10g.
Project Description: Citibank have used EPM to provide equity compensation analysis for
current business that helps them to track global compensation of Citi employees under one
system. Coordinated and Handled Equity Compensation Strategic Initiate implementation.
Responsibilities Include: Project Leader and Technical Consultant for the implementation of
Financial Warehouse. Provide oversight to strategic planning for financial warehouse
implementation. Assist in application decisions and troubleshooting when necessary.

Develop Project Plan and Timelines.

Designed and drive the security model

Lead production server readiness activity

Configuration of EPM Foundation, Security model and business rules.

Daily calls to discuss project direction, scope changes, and other issues.

Review configuration and design decisions made by team.

: PeopleSoft EPM 9.0 Financial Warehouse, Global Consumer PeopleSoft
EPM Rollout (GCID) Citibank, London, UK (Mar05 Jun07)
: EPM Advisor/Technical Lead/Client Coordinator
: EPM 8.8/ 8.9 on Oracle 9i.
Project Description: Citigroup Global Consumer Bank has selected PeopleSoft EPM 8.9 to meet
its regulatory and management reporting requirements. The EPM implementation is designed to
provide a consolidated platform for Regional reporting. The initial scope is to provide for current
business critical financial and management reporting processes. Handled implementation of EPM
for EMEA regions of Citigroup Global Consumer Bank.
Responsibilities Include: Technical Lead for the implementation of Budgeting and Planning.
Liaison between functional, technical, implementation, and testing teams. Responsible for all
technical decisions made by the implementation team.
Lead design and development activities for customization of delivered PeopleSoft EPM
Financial module to meet client requirement.
Involved in planning and executing PeopleSoft EPM upgrade from 8.8 to 8.9

Used Upgrade assistant to execute the upgrade activities.

Detailed impact analysis was done to identify the objects, compared between old and new
model to retro fit. All customized objects were identified, exported and migrated.
Upgrading the security process was challenging as the structure differ from one version
to another.
Permission lists, Roles were modified to meet the upgrade system navigation and
Detailed testing was planned at various stages, executed and results were validated before
releasing the system to users.

Developed new modules in EMEA Spain projects

Reviewed existing quality documents and filled up the gaps where ever required

Lead Citi-Financial EPM rollout for EMEA Spain, Citi-Financial

Handled implementation activities at London Citigroup for EMEA Regions

: PeopleSoft EPM 8.3/8.8, PeopleSoft SIM (Sales Incentive Management)
Banking and Capital Management (BCM), PeopleSoft Inc, CA, USA (Jun04 Feb05)
: Team Leader
: EPM 8.3/ 8.8 on MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i, DB2
Project Description: PeopleSoft Inc. developed SIM. They are the development partners with
CellarStone India Pvt Ltd. PeopleSoft Sales Incentive Management for Banking and Capital
Management is a template for processing BCM sales incentives.
Responsibilities Include: Involved in development of SIM and BCM for PeopleSoft Inc.

Handled transactions and Formulae part of BCM

Involved in BCM build process

Worked with PeopleSoft Inc. to merge BCM project with SIM

Worked on Assessing, Applying and Testing of PeopleSoft Patches.

: PeopleSoft EPM 8.3, PeopleSoft SIM (Sales Incentive Management) High-tech
and Industrial PRD, PeopleSoft Inc, CA, USA (Jul03 May04)
: Team Leader
: EPM 8.3, PeopleTools 8.44 on MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i, DB2
Project Description: Off shore PRD work is done in CellarStone India. PeopleSoft Sales
Incentive Management for High-tech and Industrial is a template for processing Sales Incentives.
Responsibilities Include: Involved in development activities, worked closely with PeopleSoft
Inc. team and had knowledge transfer

Handled ICE incidents and fixed it

Worked with PeopleSoft Inc. team to have knowledge transfer about PRD process

Assisted with build process.


: Phonetic Eye, Tachyon Technologies Pvt Ltd., Chennai, India (Apr02

: Team Leader
: VC++, MFC, ATL, Java JNI, JSP, Oracle 9i

Project Description: Tachyon Technologies developed a Search algorithm based on Soundex.

This search algorithm is wrapped with COM add-ins, which searches the names in Outlook 2000
Address Book and displays the matched results. In Excel 2000, the component searches the
contents of the excel sheets.
Responsibilities Include: Lead the design and development activities

Developed components using VC++

Written JNI interface for Phonetic eye using Java

Developed a Web Interface for Phonetic eye using JSP with Oracle 9i

Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, TamilNadu, India, Bachelor of Science in Computer
Science, 1998
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, TamilNadu, India, Master of Science in Computer
Science, 2000