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Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabh Lagna) Vimsottari dasas and results

Taurus ascendant people will have favourable results during their Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Sun dasas. Jupiter and Moon dasas offer 60-70%
favourable results only. Eventhough Venus owns this sign, it doesnt give satisfactory results in its

During Saturns dasa of 19 years, taurus ascendant borns will rise from poverty to
riches. They will pursue higher education and get a powerful position in their job. Their social circle
will widen and this dasa is good for politicians born in Vrishabh Lagna. Family responsibilities will be
fulfilled, children will progress in education and profession. People in their family business, lawyers,
doctors etc will gain fame in their profession. They will reach new heights by fame but knee pains
or arthiritis can cause some trouble.

During Mercurys dasa of 17 years, they will become experts in mathematics. Old
documents and useful ancient literature will be found and will prove to be useful. Financial position
will improve after progeny. Professional growth will be extraordinary and they will recieve award
from government. Few of them will write and publish books and attain fame in fields of art and
literature. Good dasa for those who write for movies, television etc. Will become famous for their
motivational speeches. Will help everyone possible and if you are working in financial field, this is best dasa for maximum returns. Can become
financial advisors or company secretaries or accountants to corporates. You will also get ancestral properties.

During Mars dasa of 7 years, wealth and properties will be increased. Good dasa for people who with land, like real estate and
agriculture. Court cases will be resolved in your favor but health of spouse will be disturbed. Businesses related to food and dairy will prosper.
Political plans will work in your favor but need to do lot of anger management.

During Sun dasa of 6 years, matters related to education, health, finance, political heritage, government jobs and contracts, studying
and practicing medicine, agriculture, pharmacy business will have good progress. Problems related to eyes will cause some trouble during this

During Jupiter dasa of 16 years, most of the issues will give partially satisfying results. Social and job status will be lower than
expected but will be stable. Financial status will not be satisfactory and taking or giving loans should be avoided. Will reach respectable position
in profession as dasa passes. Will face some injustice at promotions, employee benefits etc. Teachers will gain fame for their work. Persons in
education field will have chance to establish educational institutions. Brokerage will not yield good results. To overcome few of the bad effects of
this dasa, Sudarsana Homam is best possible remedy.

During Moon dasa of 10 years, matters related to sports, dairy and food business will do good. Will be mentally strong(based on
waxing or waning moon strength). Health will be disturbed many times during this dasa. Siblings will help each other. Your dreams to build/buy
house will be realised. Matters related to purchasing new vehicles, transport business, foreign travel will be in your favour. Mental disorders are
a possibility and you may be termed as a perverted intelligent during this dasa. Rudra Homam is the best remedy to overcome ill-effects of this

During Venus dasa of 20 years, you will invite troubles both knowingly and unknowingly. Will become addicted to tobacco, alchohol or
drugs. Will have disputes with spouse and family life will get disturbed. Will try to put up a strong face in society and will spend money to show
off financial status. You will invite trouble and humiliation by joining people below your class and indulge in useless activities. Business will face
heavy loss. Those who are in fields of art, literature, cinema, television, music will still have chances to show off their talent and skill. To
overcome few of these bad effects, you need to quit alchohol, drugs and tobacco. Need to feed white cows regularly (if possible on every friday).

Rahu dasa of 18 years will give sudden and unexpected gains in life. Foreign travel, sudden stroke of luck, good education, spirtual
progress, mental strength and divine protection will happen. Sometimes you will be forced to wait for events to turn in your favor but in the end
results will be good and satisfactory.

Ketu dasa of 7 years will yield below average results and is only good for people who want spiritual progress. Performing Ganapati
Homam is best remedy for bad ketu dasa.