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"Enoch, A Book of the Bible, Tells How Evolution Happened"





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Enoch, A Book of the

Bible, Tells How
Evolution Happened
The Biblical book of Enoch says that fallen angels (or
aliens) had sexual intercourse with animals, and thereby new
and different species evolved. In supplement to Darwin's
theory, this extra-terrestrial breeding assisted natural
selection.[1] Jubilees and Jasher say likewise. What is the
book of Enoch? The book of Enoch is among the most
important books found in the Bible of the Dead Sea Scrolls
the oldest Bible known to archaeology. The ancient Essenes,
who were contemporaries of Jesus, lived in the desert to the
east of Jerusalem. They copied books of the Bible onto
scrolls, which were discovered in modern times, and are
collectively known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. They are the
oldest copies of the Bible in the archaeological record.


Ancient Christian
holy texts
espouse that
angels mingled with
the daughters of
Genesis 6:1-4

Twenty copies of Enoch are found among the Dead Sea

Scrolls.[2] This is substantially more than the number of
copies found for most books of the Bible, which on average
are represented by only a dozen or fewer copies. The fact
that the Essenes laboriously hand copied Enoch more
frequently than other books of the Bible means that they
thought it was very important most likely scripture. This is
not surprising, because there are several other differences
between their Bible and our Bible today. Jubilees, Tobit,
Sirach, and the Letter of Jeremiah were included in the Dead
Sea Scrolls Bible, but these are not in the 66 book-Bible most
commonly used today. Esther was rejected. Chronicles and
Ezra-Nehemiah were probably subordinated to a status less
than scripture.[3]
Historical sources from before Constantine prove beyond a

doubt that the early Christians accepted Enoch into the

Bible. Enoch is also referenced in the New Testament by
Paul and in the other Apostles. The ancient legend of
Gilgamesh supports Enoch as do also numerous ancient holy
texts. Enoch was rejected from the Bible in 364 AD for all
the wrong reasons.

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"Enoch, A Book of the Bible, Tells How Evolution Happened"

The creationist narrative in Genesis 1 is contradicted by

many ancient Christian texts. Instead of an Almighty
Creator God, ancient Christian texts espouse that the
universe is born from blind arrogance and stupidity.
The angels caused evolution to occur from species to
species. There are many gods, (or aliens?), and the
Christian God is just one among them. Satan the Devil
writes scripture, and thus the Bible was polluted with
Genesis 1. Archaeology and modern scholarship
demonstrate that Genesis is indeed corrupted.
Cavemen walk with Adam and Eve. Esoteric
prophecies reveal the coming of Christ, and also reveal
the dark forces that govern the cosmos. Such are the
ancient Christian writings.
Science vindicates the truth of these ideas. Evolution often
happens too fast for Darwins theory. Gaps in the fossil
record indicate that some kind of unnatural force acts
together with natural selection. Astrobiology reveals that
intelligent life probably evolved long before us. The fossil
record reveals strange clues that aliens abducted species and
transported them across oceans, and that DNA from diverse
lineages was combined to spawn hybrid species. Evidently,
aliens influence evolution, and they are the gods of the
worlds religions.

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This is not fiction. All these facts are thoroughly documented

in the links above.


1st Enoch 86:3-5

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"Enoch, A Book of the Bible, Tells How Evolution Happened"

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