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Use the verb in brackets to fill the gaps.

Affirmative sentences.
1 I ________ in Godella.(to live)
2 Daisy________ chocolate.(to love)
3 Andy ________ too fast.(to drive)
4 We ________ lunch at two.(to have)
5 You ________ great.(to look)
Negative sentences.
6 They ________________ much.(to say)
7 Charlie ________________ golf.(to play)
8 I ________________ hamburgers.(to like)
9 Sammy and I________________ much TV.(to watch)
10 It ________________ very often in Valencia.(to rain)
11 ________ you play tennis?
12 ________ Carol drive?
13 ________ they do the shopping
14 ________ dogs eat fish?
15 What________ it do?

The Third Person S Exercise

Fill the gaps with one of the words in brackets.
1 Jenny really ___________ Sammy. (like/likes)
2 Does Sammy ___________ Jenny? (like/likes)
3 Sadly, Sammy doesn't ___________ anyone except himself. (like/likes)
4 They absolutely ___________ swing music. (love/loves)
5 We always ___________ a swim in the river before lunch. (has/have)
6 ___________ anyone got the time? (Has/Have)
7 Nobody ___________ in that horrible old house. (live/lives)
8 All the critics ___________ that film is rubbish. (say/says)

9 Juli doesn't ___________ in the city centre anymore. (live/lives)

10 People ___________ films with a good story. (want/wants)
11 Does Begoa ___________ cakes? (bake/bakes)
12 Everybody ___________ mistakes sometimes. (make/makes)
13 Bob doesn't ___________ to go out tonight. (want /wants)
14 Their daughter ___________ to university. (go/goes)
15 Her dog ___________ three cans of food a day. (eat/eats)



1. She ___ four languages.

a. speak
b. speaks
2. Jane is a teacher. She ___ French.
a. teach
b. teaches
3. When the kettle ___, will you make some tea?
a. boil
b. boils
4. I always ___ the window at night because it is cold.
a. close
b. closes
5. Those shoes ___ too much.
a. cost
b. costs
6. The food in Japan is expensive. It ___ a lot to live there.
a. cost
b. costs
7. His job is great because he ___ a lot of people.
a. meet
b. meets
8. He always ___ his car on Sundays.
a. wash
b. washes
9. My watch is broken and it ___ to be fixed again.
a. need
b. needs

10. I ___ to watch movies.

a. love
b. loves
11. I ___ to the cinema at least once a week.
a. go
b. goes
12. They never ___ tea in the morning.
a. drink
b. drinks
13. We both ___ to the radio in the morning.
a. listen
b. listens
14. He ___ a big wedding.
a. want
b. wantsGeorge ___ too much so he's getting fat.
a. eat
b. eatsThe earth ___ round the sun, doesn't it?
a. go
b. goes
15. The shops in England ___ at 9:00 in the morning.
a. open
b. opens
16. The post office ___ at 5:30 pm.
a. close
b. closesJackie ___ two children now.
a. has
b. have
17. Mr. Smith ___ too much. He always has a cigarette in his mouth.
a. smoke
b. smokes
18. When the phone ___, please answer it.
a. ring
b. rings

Habits & Routines

Break On On
has has have

brush by
have his

does does finishes get get go goes goes goes

in past play plays starts surf to until watch

Maria's week:

On weekdays, I ______ up at half past seven. I __________ a shower, _____ my hair

and__________dressed, I go to school _______ car. School ___________at
quarter_______ eight. ____________ is from quarter past eleven __________ quarter to
twelve. School _________ at half past two. I __________lunch at three oclock..
Carlos' week

Every afternoon, I_____________ to the gum, I also ___________ with the computer,
____________ TV and ________ the net. ________________ Saturdays I play

Every day he ______________ his homework and at nine oclock he ____________

shower _____________ dinner. Then, he _____________ to his bedroom to listen

Alejandro's week
On Saturday, he ___________ hockey __________ the morning. In the evening he

_________ to the cinema and __________ to bed at half past one. ___________ Sunday
morning he ________ _________ homework and in the evening ____________TV.

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