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Polyurethane Waterproofing - Membranes

Durotech Industries Manufacturer and installer of Waterproofing Coating based on polyurethane

membrane, sheet membrane or elastomeric waterproofing membranes, which used to create a seamless
membrane on the internal/ external walls, terraces, decks and flat roofs to protect the building structure reliably
on a long term basis. As one of the leading manufacturer of polyurethane materials for the construction
industry, Durotech Industries has a strong focus on producing a wide range of products and systems to meet
todays customers requirements and conform to the latest technologies.

Single Component Polyurethane Membrane
Duroproof PPM is a high quality, superior performance single component liquid based on
polyurea/polyurethane hybrid membrane. The liquid cures to form a tack- free, high modulus, flexible
membrane with suitable exterior use properties.

Principle Applications

Reinforced concrete roofs and decks.

Balconies, surface finishes such as tiled screeds, timber decking and synthetic grass.
Light traffic installations.


Single component, easy to spread.

Combines high elongation and tensile strength for excellent toughness.
Low odour, low VOC & compiles with Green Star requirements.
Trafficable and tack-free overnight cure.
Good abrasion and tear resistance.
Good resistance to weathering.
Class III elongation as per AS/NZ 4858
High build application is possible.

Polyurethane Membranes Waterproofing Supplies Sydney

1. Surface Preparation
Surface must be free of dirt, dust, loose particles, oily contaminates, old membranes, curing compounds
and flaking concrete etc. concrete should be fine broom finished. Fill all screw holes, cracks with PU

2. Priming
The preferred primer for general use is Duromix Hibuild WBE Primer. This primer is suitable where the
condition of the concrete surface needs a primer with good penetration. Coat PU primer within 24 hours
for wet areas and completely seal the surface with Hibuild WBE beforehand.

3. Application
To the prepared surface, apply Duroproof PPM by notched squeegee, spreader, brush or roller within
a maximum of 48 hours between coats to achieve an optimum intercoat bond. If membrane becomes
dirty between coats, clean it with Xylene to ensure adhesion. Allow 24 hrs to dry before covering. When
dry, check for pinholes or misses and rectify if necessary.

Do not apply above 30C or below 5C ambient temperature. Before starting the job, be ensure that rain is not
expected between coats. Protect membrane against the action of roots until of its fully dry.