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: Ervina Rhahim
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: Pendidikan Fisika
: English for Physics

1. Answer the following questions by referring to the reading passage

1. The term science denote in its broadest meaning does systematic knowledge
in any field
2. The applied science known as is pure science
3. Pure math different from other science in that is a logic of relation and does
not depend for its structure on laws of nature
4. Physical science and the biological or life science
5. No they are not. Because science need math to make interrelationship
between theory and practice
2. Complete the following table ( look at the example) with verband nouns
to describe mathematical processes




3. Speak out loudly the following formulae

a) a + b = c
a plus b equals c
b) a b = c
a minus b equals c
c) a x b = c
a multiply b equals c
d) a b = c
a division b equals c
4. How do you read the following equation
1. X =


x equals a minus b divided by c

2. I = a + (n-1)d
I equals a plus n minus 1 times d
3. x + y =


x plus y equals a divided by A minus B

4. V = IR
V equals I times R


5. Complete the following statements

1. ( ) ; parentheses
2. [ ] ; brackets
3. { } ; braces
4. / ; division slash
5. = ; equals
6. x in Rx ; power X
7. x in xR ;
8. X2 ; x squared
9. X3 ; x cubed
10.Xn ; X maksimal
6. Translate into Indonesian
1. Ahli meteorology adalah orang yang mempelajari tentang atmosfer.
Meteorologi di bagi kedalam beberapa ilmu khusus. Meteorology fisik
berhubungan dengan aspek aspek fisika di atmosfer seperti pembentukan
awan, hujan, Guntur, dan petir.
2. Pengetahuan ilmiah di Mesir dan Mesopotamia khususnya alam bersifat
praktis, dengan organisasi rasional sedikit. Di antara sarjana Yunani pertama
untuk mencari penyebab dasar dari fenomena alam adalah kisah filsuf, pada
abad ke-6 SM, yang memperkenalkan konsep bahwa bumi itu piringan datar
yang melayang pada elemen universal, air
3. penemuan ilmiah newton dan sistem filosofis matematika Perancis dan filsuf
Reno Descartes memberikan latar belakang untuk ilmu materialistis abad ke
18, di mana proses kehidupan dijelaskan secara fisikokimia
4. pada tahun 1927 fisikawan Jerman Werner Heisenberg merumuskan apa yang
disebut prinsip ketidakpastian, yang menyatakan bahwa batas tidak dapat
ditentukan, pada skala subatomik, koordinat aktivitas tertentu dapat
5. sepanjang sejarah, pengetahuan ilmiah telah ditransmisikan terutama
melalui dokumen tertulis, beberapa di antaranya berusia lebih dari 4000
tahun. dari Yunani kuno, bagaimanapun, tidak ada karya ilmiah substansial
yang bertahan dari periode sebelum ahli ilmu ukur Elementnya Euelid itu
(sekitar tahun 300 SM)
7. What do the following symbols mean in English ?

: identical to



: approximately equal to



: less than


: greater than


: less than or equal to


: greater than or equal to

: not equal to

: right arrow


: proportional to


: infinity


: plus minus


: therefore

8. Rearrange each of the following set of words to make a meaningful

sentence. Pay attention to the other of adjectives where there is more
than one adjective in the sentence
1. Noise pollution is a serious environment problem
2. The culture of some creation myths reflect a circumstances environmental
3. A creation mythologies explain the actual processes of world by the variety of
4. Big bang theory that once proposes the planet compact the universe was an
extremely hot and dense
5. These solutions have served as the framework for much of the current
theoretical work on the big bang theory
9. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into one sentence
using an appropriate relative adverb and the word given
1. Science is the area where our universe and human beings are studied
2. 1704 was the year when newton had his second famous works named Optics
3. The room is a libratory that you do experiments
4. The year 1792 where france set up a new system of measurements
5. The international bureau that kept the standard meter is near Paris
Complete the following descriptions which are useful for describing
the shapes of objects
1. Arc
2. Cuboid
3. Taper
4. Blunt
5. Straight

Physics Education In West Borneo

As we known that physics is a difficult subject to most students. It have
complex material and certainly have a lot of variation of formulas so that it can
make students become less interested in the physics lesson. In West Borneo physics
education still is quite alarming. Most students still think that physics is a difficult
subject to overcome. Especially for students in the area, some of them choose to
not take science just caused by the presence of physics.
The lack of physics education in the west borneo can be caused by staff of
teaching is so less. Its mean that teacher beside physics teacher can teach physics
lesson if the teacher was unable to attend. This is certainty is not effective than if
taught directly by the physics teacher. In addition school which have less staff of
teacher , the cause of the lack of physics education in west borneo that is the less
of instructional media such as, practical tool and absence of technology that can
help the students easy to understand the lesson.
As we known that physics is always related with nature and we realize that
concepts of physics going on around us for example, when we stand. T the moment
when we stand already happened many physics consepts such as the concept of
equilibrium. In studying the case for some students will find it difficult if they just
imagining it. But if assisted with applications on your laptop or computer, it will be
easy to students to understand the real concepts of physics that happening without
feeling a figure out.
To improve the quality of education in west borneo, at least the staff of
teacher should be proportional with school needed should at least have more than
one teacher. But in this case does not mean the school can arbitrarily increase the
quantity of teachers without regard to the quality of teacher. Because however, a
qualified teacher and has a high dedication of education is much better than ten
teachers but dont have dedication to education. And also every school should have
facilities that support the learning of physics, be it practical tools and also
technology such as laptop and in focus to make students easily to understand the
concept of physics that happend in nature and our daily life.