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MOMENTS 15 attempt to encourage the efforts of those who would like to "ideate" for a
better future, PAPER PRESENTATION provides an ideal platform for the scholars of this
generation. For those who wish to voice their innovative ideas in an effective manner, we
provide an opportunity to network, compete and grow with the best. Hone your technical and
presentation skills at our launch pad for students to discuss the emerging technology issues,
explore a variety of perspectives and probable solutions. After all, the best designs of today's
technology started as mere blueprints, so who knows where yours might take you.

Round 1: Online paper submission

The participants are required to submit a full paper in the format prescribed on this

Papers must be relevant to any field of civil engineering only.

The topic of the paper submitted can pertain to any choice of the participant.

The full paper should be submitted as a PDF document (.pdf format only) with Times
New Roman font (size 12) and single spacing.

The selection in the first round will be based on the paper submitted

All papers must be submitted electronically at <mail ID> with subject "Paper
Submission and Field of Civil engineering it belongs to " to which the paper belongs. The
paper should begin with a abstract. Deadline for full paper submission is <DATE>.

Details of all the team members:

College Name :
Degree (Ongoing/ Completed):
should be sent in the mail text body.

Round 2: Presentation during Moments15

The main event will be an on-stage event.

The teams shortlisted after round 1 will be required to present the paper in form of
power point presentation.

Maximum of two people are allowed for power point presentation.

The presentation must be for maximum of 20 minutes.

The power point presentation must be in the format prescribed on this webpage.

The decision of the judges would be final and binding.


The competition is open to all students of all disciplines.

No student can be the author of more than one paper.

Each team may have maximum two members. All team members are not required to be
enrolled at the same institution.
All results of Round 1 will be announced on the website and will be mailed to the team

members of the selected teams.

Shortlisting Criteria:
For Round 1:

Authenticity of the paper.

Innovative with respect to other submissions.

Adhering to guidelines and prescribed format.

Judging Criteria

For Round 2:

Presentation skills

Confidence on your work.

Ability to convince judges and audience during questionnaire.

Clarity of the concepts related to your paper.