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Course Title


Course Duration

Two Days Workshop

Course Certification

Certified by Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Course Content:
Its the time give brain to your Robots. Let them think like us. Robosapiens India comes up with iRobotricks a Workshop
on Intelligent Based Robots".

Day 1
Session 1: Basic of Robotics
Basic of Robotics
Future of Robotics
Various Robotics technologies
A) manual control robot
B) Intelligent robot
C) Artificial Intelligent robot
Application of robotics

Day 1
Session 2: Introduction of Basic Electronics
Electronics Components related to i-robotics
Basic electronic components.
Fundamental electrical concepts.
Detailed session on Transistors.
Development of Logic Gates using electronics components
What are Integrated Circuits? Which ICs are commonly used and How?
Power Supply
Motor Drivers
Interfacing of sensors

Day 1
Session 3: Introduction to Microcontrollers
What is Microcontroller?
Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor?
Microcontroller Architecture and interfacing
How can we use a microcontroller in our own circuits?
Microcontroller Programming in Embedded 'C'
Writing your First Embedded C Program in AVR Studio.
Compilation and debugging
Flashing Compiled Embedded C Program on a Microcontroller using Robosapiens 'AVR Loader v1.0 Beta'
Line following Robot Algorithms.
Edge Avoiding Robot Algorithm
Obstacle avoider Robot Algorithm

Day 2
Session 4: Sensors And Motors Control Using H-Bridge
Types of Sensors
IR Sensor
Circuitry and Functioning of IR Sensor
Sound Sensor
Circuitry and Functioning of Sound Sensor
Light Searching Sensor
Circuitry and Functioning of Light Sensor
DC Motor Control
H-Bridge Motor Driver/Controller
Hands on Session for H-Bridge interfacing
Directional Control Through H-Bridge
AVR Microcontrollers
AVR Architecture
ATmega8/16/32 Basic Features

Day 2
Session 5: Line Tracking Robot with AVR microcontroller
Assembling Robotic Kit
Interfacing Sensors with Microcontroller
Interfacing Motor Driver with Microcontroller
Introduction to Embedded C
Robosapiens Indias AVRLoader 1.0/AVRDoper 1.1
Microcontroller Burning/ Loading
Writing and burning Line Follower Program
Testing and debugging Line Follower Program

Day 2
Session 6: Development of other Intelligent Robots
Writing and burning Edge Avoider Program
Testing and debugging Edge Avoider Program
Writing and burning Obstacle Avoider Program
Testing and debugging Obstacle Avoider Program
Writing and burning Light Searching Program
Testing and debugging Light Searching Program
Writing and burning Sound Operated Robot Program
Testing and debugging Sound Operated Robot Program