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MIT School Of Distance Education Pune

Recognised by DEC Govt of India

Post graduate Diploma in Fire protection
Engineering Management


Technical changes within industry and the increase in the number, variety, type of chemicals, flammable and
combustible products and population densities have accentuated the complex fire problems. Such demands have
created a need of constant research and development to come out with customized scientific solutions. In fact a
specialised training based on latest theories in fire protection engineering including various aspects pertaining to
design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire protection systems is the need of the hour. This in totality
requires a special branch of engineering in its own right.

Safety is connected with the lives and property of people and the general situation of reform, development and
stability. Safety training in its proper application can dramatically reduce maintenance costs, increase safety
performance, prevent loss of time and accidents and enhance productivity. Many safety professionals work in
manufacturing and production operation to ensure that working conditions & methods are safe for employees.

Potential Careers

Career opportunities in this field are on the rise. Jobs are open in the government sector, private, industrial & the
service sector. In fact consultancy opportunities are also open to aspiring candidates. In the private sector, insurance,
manufacturing firms, chemical & petrochemical firms, public utilities and educational complexes, airports, five star
hotels etc, employ candidates from this field.

Semester I Semester II

301 Fire Engineering Sciences 306 Risk Management, Fire Insurance and Law

302 Fire Protection System (Part I) 307 Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health

303 Fire Dynamics, Appl. and Fundamental 308 Safety Engineering and Industrial Safety

304 Fluid Mechanics and Fire Hydraulics 309 Fire Protection System (Part II)

305 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems 310 Project Work

Fee Structure –
For Indian Resident: Total Fees Rs. 22000/- (Inclusive of Prospectus Fee, Registration Fee and
Course Fee)
For NRI / Foreign Resident: USD 2200/- (Inclusive of Prospectus Fee, Registration Fee and Course

Exam Fee Per Attempt:

Exam fees per subject per attempt Rs. 200 / US $ 50 has to be paid by D.D at the time of Examination. For
Subsequent attempts the exam fees will be Rs. 200 per subject / US $ 50 Payable at the time of examination. Total
Fees to be paid in full at the time of admission in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of "MIT School
of Distance Education" Payable at Pune

Duration: One Year.

Validity of Registration: Two years.
Eligibility: Engineering Graduate or Diploma holder with three years of experience

Contact for Admission - Shiv

Mobile No - 9049002620