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Pressurized water Electrolysis Hydrogen Plant
Description of control and operation logic as per
P & I D- ANE/P&I/01
Sheet No - 1
Electric AC Power from the Power distribution panel is Sent to
MCC panel ( refer Electrical and Control circuit Drawing also )
From MCC panel the power is sent to the Transformer where the
transformer reduces the voltage and increase the current
From Transformer the power goes to rectifier for Changing it to DC
Rectifier is provided with Temperature alarm and control
Supply to Electrolyser is given from + ve of rectifier & - ve of
Suitable electrolyte is used to generate sufficient quantity of
hydrogen & oxygen through electrolysis.
Temperature of oxygen thus generated is controlled.
Sheet No - 2
1 Hydrogen with KOH is fed to R 101 hydrogen separator & where
hydrogen is cooled in cooler E 103.
2 This hydrogen is routed through Moisture Separator R 103 to water
gas separator, R105, where water is separated from Hydrogen. This
hydrogen is taken further for processing.
3 Similarly oxygen with KOH from electrolyzer is fed to R102 oxygen
separator. Again oxygen is cooled in cooler E104 & routed through

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Moisture Separator R104 to gas separator R106.

4 Pressure in oxygen separator R102 is controlled.
5 P101, Hydrogen lye pump is used to feed Electrolyte
to electrolyzer through filter F102 & lye cooler E102.
6 Also oxygen lye is pumped to electrolyzer by pump P102 & routed
through filter
F102 & then cooled in oxygen lye cooler E102.
Cooling water is used to cool the lye in both cases.
Sheet No - 3
1 Oxygen thus separated from water is vented through pressure control
valve PCV102 located in H2 Transmitter in O2 (HTO).
2 Hydrogen from separator R105 is taken to oxygen analyzer for
measuring oxygen content & further processing in catalyst column,
R301 on Sheet # 6. Impure hydrogen is vented through flame arrester
R601 through PV101.
Sheet No - 4
1 This is Electrolyte preparation system where lye is prepared & fed to
electrolyzer. And feed water pump system.
Sheet No - 5
1 This covers various utilities like cooling water (filtered water) supply
& return system. Filtered water is used for various equipments, like
H2 lye cooler (E101), H2 compressor (C101), chilling plant and water
seal (R501). A pressure switch (PIS 501) is considered to generate an
alarm on low pressure of filter water.

Nitrogen gas is used in R101 hydrogen separator, R102 oxygen

separator & R301 catalyst column. Battery of Nitrogen cylinders is
used for this purpose. A pressure regulating valve (PRV) is set at 5
barg to regulate nitrogen pressure.

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3 Air is used for various instrument, valve actuators and solenoid

valves. A pressure switch (PIS 801) is considered to generate an alarm
on low pressure and to trip the plant on low low pressure. An air
pressure between 3 to 8 kg/cm2 is required to operate the valves. Air
is also used in Hydrogen purifying system.
4 DM water at a pressure of is required for lye making. This is fed to lye
making tank R202. DM water is also fed to hydrogen separator R101
from DM water storage tank (R201).

Chilled water unit E401 is considered for hydrogen purifier. Filtered

water is used in chilling plant.

Sheet No - 6
1 This sheet covers hydrogen purification and drying system
2 Hydrogen is fed to R 301 palladium catalyst column for purification
under certain temperature conditions.
3 This deoxidized hydrogen but wet is now fed to gas condenser E301
& cooled using cooling water is condenser.
4 Water content is separated from hydrogen in R303, water-gas
separator. After removal of water, hydrogen is fed to gas cooler &
dryer system R302 A / B.
5 There are 2 no. of dryers & gas coolers. This is a typical dryer plant
having 2 drying beds with change over valves. One set of dryer is
regenerated & kept ready for next switch over cycle while the other
one is in use. Waste water collected from gas separator is fed to water

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Seal R 501.Gases if any are vented through fire arrester R 601.Surface

heaters are used on catalyst column & dryer towers for adsorption &
Sheet No - 7
1 Dried hydrogen is analyzed for moisture and for traces of oxygen in
different analyzers.
Sheet No 8
Pure hydrogen is now collected in hydrogen buffer tank R401.
Pressure is monitored locally & also remotely by using PT403
Over pressure in tank is vented through safety valve PZV 401 &
fire arrester R602.
Hydrogen from buffer tank is taken to hydrogen compressor.
Compressed hydrogen is sent to hydrogen filling equipment
GF101. 8 high pressure cylinders are considered for simultaneous
filling of hydrogen per stream that means there will be 16 cylinders
for both the streams together.
A common vacuum pump has been considered to evacuate the
system before filling.

Note- Please refer P&ID (ANE/P&I/01, sheet 1 to 8)