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Shepherd of the Pines

Lutheran Church
1950 125th Street NW
Rice, MN 56367
Phone: 393-4295
Pastors Home/Study Phone: 320-363-1323


Church Website:
This month we begin the Lenten journey and our theme is, Jesus,
Opens The Door of Prayer For Us as we apply the Lord's Prayer to our
lives. Because of His love for us and because of His suffering, death,
and resurrection, Jesus has paid the way for us to enter into the very
presence of Father God in prayer. This is demonstrated to us when
the curtain in the temple was ripped open from top to bottom opening
the Holy of Holies to all through Jesus. In Psalm 46:10 God tells us,
Be still, and know that I am God... How can we do that?
One woman shares: Just for today I will have a quiet half hour all
by myself and relax. How simple that sounded until I tried to do it. I
found it difficult to spend even a little time alone - thirty quiet minutes
out of my busy schedule were far too many! So I started with five
minutes. And in time I was able to find ten, and then twenty, and then
thirty minutes. It is through these times, much of which is spent in
prayer and meditation, that I find the peace and power of God. By
sitting quietly in the midst of turmoil, I find that I am not alone. If I
take the time, the Lord sends the messages I need. If I can stop the
wheels from turning for even a few moments, the Lord can take
charge and steer me in the right direction.
Let us use the gift of prayer made possible by the love, suffering,
and death of Jesus Christ.
God bless you on the journey,

Joint Board of Lay Ministry/Executive Ministry Team Meeting

Pending Approval Minutes
January 15th, 2015
BOLM members present: Keith Hackett, Sarah Anderson, Keith Peterson, Tim Neutz, Brent Betker, Curt
Kvamme, Deb Erdmann, Wayne Johnson and Pastor Bob.
Properties: Tom Ollman absent.
EMT members: Maria Traut, Brenda Hackett. Absent Michelle Motchke.
Brent Betker called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Pastor Bob opened with prayer.
Sarah Anderson read the mission statement.
Acts chapter 7 was read and discussed.
Treasurers report was reviewed. Curt is acclimating himself to his new position as treasurer. Treasurers
report was reviewed. A motion was made by Sarah and seconded by Keith Hackett to accept the report. Motion
Properties: Tom was absent but Keith Peterson reported the properties board are still looking at plans and cost
for the kitchen expansion. They would like to come up with two plans and have the congregation vote on it.
EMT Reports:
Service Team: Maria Traut
Nothing new to report. Service team is looking for new service projects. Talk to Maria if you have any
ideas for the team to consider.
Peter Keyes came to the last Service Team Meeting to experience what the EMT is all about.
Small Group: Brenda Hackett
VBS- The program for VBS has been selected. There is a sign up sheet on the counter in the narthex
for volunteers. The first meeting will be January 21st.
Sunday School attendance has been very steady.
Denise has finished her adult bible study and will be starting up a new study titled When Heaven
Invades Earth. Look for more information to come on this study.
Worship Team: Michelle absent. No report.
Secretarys report: Secretarys report was reviewed. A correction was made to the December minutes. The
minutes should have stated Keith Hackett moved to accept the report followed by a second from Keith Peterson.
Keith Hackett made a motion to accept the report as corrected. Tim Neutz seconded the motion. Motion
Closed joint meeting with prayer by Maria Traut. EMT excused at 9:15 pm.

Election of BOLM Officers 2015:

Deb Erdmann nominated Brent Betker as president and Keith Hackett seconded it. After asking 3 times Keith
Hackett moved that nomination closeSarah Anderson seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Brent Betker nominated Keith Peterson to be vice-president followed by a second from Deb Erdmann. Deb
moved to close nominations and Sarah seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Deb Erdmann nominated Sarah Anderson as secretary. Keith Peterson seconded the motion. Deb made a
motion to close nominations for secretary and Keith Hackett seconded it. Motion carried.
Please welcome our new BOLM officers for 2015.
Old Business:
Financial Peace University Report: The team is working on the logo and mission statement for
Momentum. After the current Financial Peace University classes are completed there will be new
classes starting up. Completing Financial Peace University will be a great segue into the 9 week
church-wide Momentum starting in September.
Congregational Chairman Brent and Secretary Sarah signed the District Nomination Ballot.
Since the church does not have a safety deposit box the memory stick with the church inventory will be
put on a computer and backed up to the off-site back up system.
New Business:
Worship shepherd schedule was reviewed through February 25th.
For the upcoming year, all BOLM meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The next BOLM
meeting will be Thursday, February 19th at 6:30pm.
A thank you card from Pastor Bob was passed around thanking Shepherd of the Pines for their
generosity and kindness at Christmas.
A thank you card was shared from a recipient from the Rice Elementary Sharing Tree which SOTPs
donated to.
Pastor Bob will be on vacation March 2nd. Brenda Pressnalls sister will be giving her testimony of
Gods working in her life.
First Communion classes for 5th graders will be held Sunday January 25th and February 8th.
New member classes will be held in March. Sign up sheets are in the narthex or speak to Pastor Bob.
Due to a large confirmation class, Confirmation will be held on
Saturday April 25th.
Pastors Comments. None
Leaders Comments. None
Sarah made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Keith Peterson seconded it.
adjourned at 10:00pm.
Closed with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Deb Erdmann, Secretary

Motion carried. Meeting

The Youth Group

invites you to a
Breakfast to
celebrate the
ones you love
and let us do the cooking. The
breakfast will be on February
15th between services. We will
be serving pancakes with
strawberries, sausages and
fresh fruit. It will be a free will
offering. We appreciate all you
do in helping us strengthen
and support the faith walk of
our Youth Group.


February distribution is
Thursday, February 5th,
at the Old Village Hall

There is a red tote in the

fellowship hall for you
year-round shoppers.
Feel free to fill your own
shoeboxes (wrapped or
unwrapped) as you find
things and bring those

also. We started the year with generous cash

donations so were off to a good start already!

Greetings All and Happy Valentines!

I cannot believe it is February
already, just a couple more months
of winter and the new begins in the
cycle of life again!! It never ceases
to amaze me how our Heavenly
Father LOVES us soooo much to
continue this beauty, and we
experience each season in MN!! It
is the month of LOVE and He
shows His LOVE for us you see it? Do you
see the smile of your children or spouse? Do you see
the day you brightened for someone else? Do you see
the gifts God gives you daily?
We as a team, LOVE to see children learn about God.
We begin the preparing of VBS for 2015 and this year
we shall climb "Everest" to seek Gods word! If you would
like to be on the planning team it is not too late! If you
want to participate in the hands on week it will be June 7
thru the 11, Sunday thru thursday night! Please consider
this great week of fun, adventure, and learning!
We also begin the journey of lent! The climb the Lord
took up the mountain to save each one of us....the hill of
GRACE! I pray that during this time you pick up your
Bible and walk a closer walk with the Lord. Daily
devotions are never to late to start! It is a GOOD habit to
embrace and become addicted to! His word holds all the
LOVE one could ask for! It gets us through the tough
days and calms hearts! It is good for the soul!!
I would just like to say Thank You to all who are
involved in the Financial Peace Classes going on right
now at SOTP! Your team is doing an awesome job on
sharing the good news of financial relief and how to
apply it to each individual! May God bless this study you
share and continue to share through out this year! Thank
In closing, I pray that the God of Grace enters your
home daily, that he dwells in your heart and that His
word finds you daily through study, small group, your
children and your work! May His presence be felt and
His forgiveness a soothing for your soul...He LOVES like
no other can or will, He LOVES without asking, He
LOVES you!
Happy Valentines Friends,
Brenda Hackett
Small Group Team Leader

morning worship services, and adult

study groups. This is based on Dave
Ramsey's materials. Our next adult
Financial Peace 9 week groups will
begin Sundays, March 15th and
Thursdays, March 19th. More info
coming on these.
What we are learning gives us
the ability to pass on a Godly
heritage to our children concerning
money. Here is a little info from

If we'd like to keep the tradition of SOTP Lenten

Soup Supper night, alive and flourishing, we will
need VOLUNTEERS to fill the remaining dates
through Lent: February 25th, March 4th, 11th, 18th, &
25th. Volunteers should sign up on the sheet in the
church lobby. We need a
Serving Leader each week to
coordinate all the volunteers
and initiate the set-up &
clean-up. This would be a
great opportunity for small bible study groups,
friends, families or ministries to serve their brothers
& sisters together, and the donations collected from
your night of serving can go to the ministry of your
nomination. Each week we will need 3 volunteers to
make a crock-pot of soup each, 3 volunteers to bring
the ingredients needed for sandwiches to feed a
crowd of 30-50 people and one of those volunteers to
be Serving Leader. The Wednesday Soup Supper's
will otherwise not continue during the Lenten season
this year after Ash Wednesday, without volunteers!
See the sign up sheet in the church lobby for more
details! Thank You!!

JUBILEE - Come Experience

Financial Freedom!
We are excited about where
God has led us for 2015. We
are offering the Financial
Peace University groups this
winter and spring to give folks the
chance to join us on the journey of
learning how to follow God's steps
to financial freedom. We are
learning how to be blessed to be a
blessing. In September of this year
we will kick-off our church wide
experience - Jubilee - as we go on a
9 week journey in our Sunday
School, Youth Group, Sunday

Dave Ramsey and his daughter

Rachel, Cruze. "Raise money-smart
kids. No matter how old your
children, you can teach them good
financial values." Stay tuned for
HOW as we put out helpful tips in
our newsletters over the next 6
We have been praying for our church
family each week as we go through our
church directory from A to Z. As you
go about your daily tasks lift a prayer
for the family of the week as the Lord brings them
to mind. In February we will be praying for:
February 1 - Brian & Alicia Strandberg
Children: Alec, Ashlynn & Morgan
February 8 - Barbara Swenson
February 15 - Don & Maria Traut
Children: Zachary, Boston & Eliza
February 22- Bob & Carol Trinklein

How do I become a member of

Shepherd Of The Pines?
We offer membership classes to those who
would like to become members of
Shepherd of the Pines and join us on our

journey with Jesus. The class consists of

two Saturday sessions. The next ones are:
March 14th and March 28th 2015. Look for
more information coming in 2015. Each
class will be from 8:30am to 12:30pm with
a brunch included. Our goal is to help each
person take steps into Gods good plan and
to discover and live out Gods wonderful
purposes for our lives. If you have any
questions contact Pastor Bob at 393-4295.



repentance, begins on Ash Wednesday.

While some people deny themselves by
giving up something for Lent, others
prepare for Easter through special Bible
studies or devotions. Christians observe
Lent for these reasons:
It causes us to STOP. Lent says, Stop
and rest awhile, as well as Stop doing
It tells us to LOOK. Look inward for an
honest self-examination. Look upward
to see the cross of Christ offering
healing and love. Look forward to the
hope of the Resurrection.
It tells us to LISTEN. Listen to the
words of Christ. Listen to the voice of
God. Listen to the winds of the Spirit of
Stop, look and listen. These three words
arent only important for our safety in
travel; theyre also helpful for our
journey through the 40 days of Lent.

Please join our Youth Group

for a delicious Soup Supper
before the Ash Wednesday
service on Wednesday,
February 18th at 5:30 p.m.
We will be quilting
on February 12th
and 26th
at the
Ardelle for more
information at 656-5858. Anyone
is welcome to stop in and join us!

Stop, look and

Lent, the season
of the church
associated with

Resource Training & Solutions is

offering the following courses in
Parenting the Love and Logic
Attend this workshop to learn how to
cultivate your parenting skills in the
areas of respectful communication,
responsibility and discipline that works
from toddlers to teens. Reap the benefit
of discussing new ideas with parents of
similar-aged children in your family
When: Saturday, February 7th
Cost: $50/person or $75/2 people

Parenting the Temperament of

Your Child
Just as each plant has its own unique
requirement of care, so do children.
Underneath each child's personality is
individual temperament. Come to this
class to enrich your understanding of your
family and teach you how to connect
personally in a way that values that
individuality. Watch your family blossom in
Tuesday, February 10th
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Cost: $15/person or $25/2 people

Both courses will be held at the Resource

Training & Solutions facility: 137 23rd
Street South, Sartell
To register, visit:
or call (844) 335-3276

MN Conceal & Carry class offered at SOTP:

WHEN: Saturday, March 7th
9:00am - 12:00 Class
12:00 - 1:00 Break for lunch
1:00 - 2:30 Class
Then live fire at the Firing Line Gun Range until all are completed (Approximately 4:00pm)
COST: $75.00 If you bring your own gun & 30 rounds of ammo. To use the instructor's gun $10.00
To get both a MN and Utah permit: $110.00
We need a minimum of 10 people. There is a sign up sheet on the counter in the church lobby OR
call the church office at 393-4295. For more information or with any questions, call Pastor Bob.
There is a sign up sheet in the church lobby for any one
interested in helping plan the 2015 VBS program.
Come and help the children grow and climb "Everest"!!!

We will be taking up our
noisy offering on
Sunday, February 15th ,
for the Shepherd of the Pines Youth
Group. Thank you for your support
and your generous donation


at Shepherd of the Pines
Thursday 7:00pm
Tuesday 6:00pm


Pastor Bob & Carol will be away on
vacation February 26th through
March 6th. If you need pastoral
care during this time please call
Pastor Tim Rehwaldt at 320-968-6400 or
the church office, 393-4295.

Our theme for Lent this year is

Jesus Opens The Door of Prayer For

Us as we examine the Lord's

Prayer and how we can apply it to

our own lives.
Ash Wednesday - February 18
5:30 - 6:15 pm Free will offering
Soup Supper prepared by our Youth
6:30 - 7:15 pm Ash Wednesday
Lenten Suppers
5:30 - 6:15 pm Free will offering
Soup suppers immediately
preceding Lenten services IF we
have volunteers--Check Sunday
Lenten Services - 6:30pm
February 25, March 4, 11, 18, &
Maundy Thursday Service w/Holy
April 2, 6:30pm
Good Friday Service
April 3, 6:30pm
Easter Sunday Services
April 5, 6:00am, 8:00am,

A four-hour 55-Alive
Refresher Course will be held on
Saturday morning, February 28th
Community Center.
The instructor is
Andy Schmidt, a retired MN State Patrol
officer. The cost of this course will be
$20 per person. This course if offered for
those drivers aged 55 and older who
have already completed the initial
National Safety Council defensive driving
course and need to renew this certificate
(every 3 years). This course is sponsored
by Bowlus First Response.
Call Tom Fussy at (320)232-5703 OR
(320)584-5670 OR Jordie Stay at
(320)584-8193 to register.

Dear Church Family,

Thank you so much for all the
loving thoughts and prayers
at the loss of my Dad. Also
thanks for the gift of money, I will
forward that to the memorial for my Dad.
My Mom can't believe all the wonderful,
generous people that are out there to
help her.
Kathy Arntson

February 1st called "Crazy Love".

This focuses on forging
relationships with one another
and how to live for God in our day
to day lives. We have lots of
events coming up fast with our
Ash Wednesday Soup Supper, the
Sweetheart's Breakfast and our
big trip to the Acquire the Fire
event in St. Paul. Any questions,
please contact Karen Ellefson at
393-4295 OR

Worship Shepherds

1 Brent Betker


8 Wayne Johnson

February 15 Curt Kvamme

Joyce Meyer is offering what she calls

the 30/30 challenge that is worth
What is the 30/30 Challenge?
Are you studying the Bible or just
reading it? God doesnt want us to just
skim His WordHe wants us to
meditate on itto allow it to change us
from the inside out. Thats why Im
issuing this challenge: to study Gods
Word for 30 minutes a day for 30 days.
Im confident this will help you develop a
habit of studying the Bible and discover
the impact it can make on your life. Give
God 30 days and see what happens.
You can go to to sign
up and get free helps in how to get
started. Give God's Word a chance to
impact your life.
Our SOTP Youth
Group is gaining
momentum! We
are beginning an
exciting new
study on Sunday,

February 18 Sarah Anderson

February 22 Keith Hackett
February 25 Keith Hackett

February 1

8:00am Brent & Jennifer Betker

10:30am Jeremiah & Candace Dingmann

February 8

8:00am Jay & Leah Saldana

10:30am John & Gloria Hendrickson

February 15

8:00am Jordie Stay & Deb Erdmann

10:30am Keith & Kathy Craft

February 22

8:00am Keith & Brenda Hackett

10:30am Pam Fuchs & Christine Blommer

February 1


Alice Ellefson
Angela Frost

February 8


Dennis Artnson
Sandie Resch

S. Manea, J. Stay
February 15

February 22


Garry Loidolt
Heather Ostendorf


Holly Jasmer
Carol Trinklein


Brian & Lisa Fiedler


Bruce & Sandie Resch

February 15

Candace Dingmann

February 22

Deb Erdmann

Deb Erdmann, Curt Kvamme,
Sandie Resch
If it is your turn to serve fellowship,
please bring some treats to share
and arrive early to help set up. If
your name is first on the list, please
arrive 30 minutes prior to the 8:00am
service to make coffee. The
directions for making coffee are
posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen. When you serve
fellowship, please plan on serving coffee and treats and
cleaning up the kitchen after the first service. The others
serving with you would appreciate it!

February 1 - K. Maleska, C. Collins, D. Dubbin,

K. Huhne/J. Popp, D. Shane
February 8 - K. Kirchner, R. Brutcher, B. Betker,
J. Hendrickson, S. Douvier/J. Johnson
February 15 - K. Peterson, R. Weinand, C. Kvamme,

February 22 - DJ Janski, D. Perleberg, M. Popp,

S. Arickx, Hanebuth/Gunderson
February 1 - I Corinthians 8:1-13
Mark 1:21-28

8 - I Corinthians 9:16-27
Mark 1:29-39

February 15 - II Kings 5:1-14

Mark 1:40-45
February 22 - I John 1:5-2:2
Mark 2:1-12

DJ Janski, Deb Erdmann,
Linda Omann, Joan Ramey

February 1

8:00am Samantha Dubbin

10:30am Matthew Neutz

February 8

8:00am Tony Omann

10:30am Donovan Elyea

February 15

8:00am Bill Paradeis

10:30am Matthew Neutz

February 22

8:00am Samantha Dubbin

10:30am Noah Ellefson



Jesus Gives Grace To...

Bob Trinklein, Pastor

Church Phone: 393-4295
Pastors Home Study: 320-363-1323
Church Website:
Brent Betker, President 584-8170, Deb Erdmann, 393-4279, Keith Hackett, 393-4531, Keith Peterson, Vice-President 292-4007,
Curt Kvamme, Treas. 393-3353, Sarah Anderson, Secretary 267-2628, Tim Neutz, 393-3386, Wayne Johnson 253-9020
Tom Ollman, Church Properties 253-4623
Brenda Hackett - Small Group Team Leader, Michelle Motschke - Worship Team Leader, Maria Traut - Service Team Leader
In case of church cancellation due to bad weather listen to, 98 COUNTRY 98.1, SPIRIT 92.9, KCLD 104.7, WJON 1240,
or call the church office and listen to the message.

Shepherd of the Pines Mission Statement: Connecting People to GodTo Othersand To Service
The purpose of this congregation is mandated for us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as found in the words of the Great
Commission (Matthew 28), namely first of all to Go. To leave our walls of refuge, going into all the world, comprising of our families
and neighbors. We plan to achieve our purpose by identifying persons with whom we are particularly well-equipped to serve and reach
with the challenge of becoming Disciples of Christ.
Second, to Make Disciples or in the words of St Paul, To equip the saints (Ephesians 4:12). This is to be understood as helping
people to live the Christian life here on earth. Preparing and encouraging young and old alike to find and to use their God given gifts
and abilities for the extension of His Kingdom, and to grow in fervent love for God and for others.
Thirdly, to Baptize as commanded by Jesus Himself. As God reaches down to mankind with His means of grace, He would have us
baptize His people, bringing them into His family and Kingdom, granting to them life, forgiveness of sins, and eternal salvation.
And lastly, to continue steadfast in His Word, Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. A continued
zeal for the study of His Word, the Bible, is necessary for the growth of any Christian congregation. Thus, the Word of God will be
taught and studied in full measure and His Word shall be the rule and norm of this congregations faith and life.
To that end, our every effort and energy will be used in motivating, training, and putting to use our time, and talents and treasures
to Make Disciples.