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1. KunjungiSitus: www.hardhismart-consulting.blogspot.

2. KunjungiSitus: www.hardhismart-consulting.blogspot.comTrainer (Widyaiswara) A
nda M. Shobrie Hardhi Wibawa, SE, CPHR, CPTr. Alumni Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas
Indonesia (UI) Pemegang Lisensi Trainer Profesional/Widyaiswara (CPTr) Pemegang L
isensi Praktisi Profesional bidang SDM (CPHR) Managing Director & HR Consultant d
ari Hard-Hi Smart Consulting Berpengalaman Lebih dari 25 tahun dalam bidang SDM &
Pelatihan Pengelola Situs Pengelola Blog
3. KunjungiSitus: Content 1.Tiga Tipe Tr
aining Needs Analysis Organizational-based Need Analysis Job Competency-based Need
Analysis Person Competency-based Need Analysis 2.Metode dan Tahapan dalam Melaku
kan: Organizational-based Need Analysis Job Competency-based Need Analysis Person C
ompetency-based Need Analysis
4. KunjungiSitus: Organizational-based N
eed Analysis Analisa kebutuhan pelatihan yang didasarkan pada kebutuhan strategis
perusahaandalam merespon dinamika bisnis masa depan Kebutuhan strategis perusaha
an dirumuskan dengan mengacu pada dua elemen pokok : Corporate Strategy Corporate
5. KunjungiSitus: www.hardhismart-consulting.blogspot.comTahapan Organizationalbased Need Analysis Corporate StrategyCorporate ValuesFaktor Kunci Efektivitas d
an Keberhasilan Organisasi
6. KunjungiSitus: Contoh : 7 Faktor Kunc
i Keberhasilan Perusahaan 1.Planning 2.Communication 3.Teamwork 4.Excellent Serv
ice 5.Learning 6.Leadership 7.Development Faktor Kunci Efektivitas dan Keberhasi
lan Organisasi
7. KunjungiSitus: www.hardhismart-consulting.blogspot.comContoh : 7 Faktor Kunci
Keberhasilan Perusahaan 1.Planning 2.Communication 3.Teamwork 4.Service 5.Learn
ing Climate 6.Leadership 7.Development7 Faktor ini di-Assessuntuk mengidentifika
si pada faktor apa perusahaan masih mengalami kekurangan yang paling besar, dan
karenanya perlu di- prioritaskan pengembangan pelatihannya.
8. KunjungiSitus: Job Competencies-based
Need Analysis adalah analisa kebutuhan pelatihan yang didasarkan pada profil kom
petensi yang dipersyaratkan untuk setiap posisi/jabatan Job Competencies-basedNe
ed Analysis
9. KunjungiSitus: www.hardhismart-consulting.blogspot.comJob Competencies-basedN
eed AnalysisIdentifikasi Profil Kebutuhan Kompetensi Tiap JabatanMemilih Modul T
raining yang Relevan sesuai dengan Kebutuhan Kompetensi
10. KunjungiSitus: Competency Identifica
tion Process Clarify Organizational Strategy and ContextCompetency Identificatio
n Process Analyze Work Role and Process Gather Data via Behavior Event Interview a
nd Focus Group Conduct Benchmark StudyValidate, Refine and Implement
11. KunjungiSitus: Training Matrix untuk
Posisi Manajerial Position Competency Requirements Competency Description Relev
ant Training Modules Managers Customer Satisfaction Seeks information about the r
eal, underlying needs and expectations of the customer Translates customer expect
ations into action steps Proposes actions to meet or exceed customer satisfaction
Looks for long-term benefits for the customer and initiates action plans Strateg
ies to Create Customer Satisfaction I (cover all description items) Problem Solv
ing & Decision Making Analyzes and examines data needed to define problems or ide
ntify solutions Seeks additional information outside of immediate environment to
make decisions Makes decisions that impact his/her own work Creative Problem Solv
ing and Decision Making I (cover all description items) Teamwork Takes risks in t
rusting others by sharing responsibility, getting involvement and cooperation fr
om multiple parties Values and respects individual differences and provides oppor
tunities for all to contribute Participates in team s goal setting and problem solv
ing Involves others in the process to make them a part of the team and assists ot
her team members in completing their assignments Building Productive Teamwork I
(cover all description items)
12. Kunjungi Situs : Training Matrix unt

uk Tiap Posisi Jabatan Communication Skills V Leadership V Teamwork V Achievemen

t Orientation V Customer Focus V Job Functional Skills V Communication Skills V
Leadership V Teamwork V Achievement Orientation V Customer Focus V Strategic Thi
nking V Problem Solving & Decision Making V Job Functional Skills V Position Man
agerial Competency Supervisor Manager Productive Communication Series On Becomin
g Effective Leader 1 On Becoming Effective Leader 2 Service Excellence for Custo
mer Professional Seminar Series Achievement Motivation Training Creative Problem
Solving Strategic Management Building Productive Teamwork Training Title
13. KunjungiSitus: Person Competencies-b
asedNeed Analysis Analisa kebutuhan pelatihan yang didasarkan pada gap (kesenjang
an) antara level kompetensi yang dipersyaratkan dengan level aktual karyawan(ind
14. KunjungiSitus: www.hardhismart-consulting.blogspot.comPerson Competency-base
d Need AnalysisRequired competency level for certain position Competency Assessm
entCurrent competency level of the employeeTraining and Development Program Comp
etency Gap
15. KunjungiSitus: Contoh : Competency R
equirements untuk Posisi Training Manager Managerial Competencies Level Kompeten
si yang Dipersyaratkan Collaboration 4 Problem Solving 4 Leadership 3 Planning a
nd Organizing 3 Functional Competency Training Need Analysis Skills 4 Training M
aterial Development 4 Training Delivery Skills 4 Training Evaluation Skills 41 ba
sic2 intermediate3 advance4 expert
16. KunjungiSitus: Training Skills Under
standing of the learning process principal and ability to analyze training needs
, develop training materials and curriculums and deliver training effectively 1/
Basic 2/Intermediate 3/Advance 4/Expert Understands training needs analysis and
training requirement analysis process Identifies training needs based on compete
ncy profile and functions in PT. XYZ Examines current training needs and propose
s revisions if any Develops training curriculum for functions in PT. XYZ Trainin
g Needs Analysis Skills Collects relevant data/information in developing trainin
g materials/modules Develops training materials/modules along with training inst
ructions and provides technical guidance in design and development Examines curr
ent training materials/modules in order to ensure achievement of training object
ives Revises and provides inputs for improvement towards training materials/modu
les Coaches and teaches others in developing training materials/modules Training
Materials/ Modules Development Identifies various training media and techniques
Understands advantages/ disadvantages when applicable Differentiates media and
techniques training which are suitable for particular audience/ situation/ condi
tion Examines the media and techniques which are suitable for particular custome
r, which will results in achievement of objective, high level of comprehension a
nd satisfaction of the audience Develops creative training media and techniques
for different types of training Actively coaches others ( Training for Trainers ) on
training media & techniques Training Delivery Skills Contoh : Competency Requir
ements untuk Posisi Training Manager
17. KunjungiSitus: 1/Basic 2/Intermediat
e 3/Advance 4/Expert Observes characteristics of effective training delivery Del
ivers training with supervision Delivers training independently Provides logical
answers to questions related to the topics being delivered Coaches others in de
livering training and provides constructive feedback and areas for improvement T
raining Delivery Skills Identifies strengths and weaknesses of a training sessio
n Monitors how learning is taking place Determines ways to measure changes in be
havior and interprets on bottom- line results Training Evaluation Contoh : Compe
tency Requirements untuk Posisi Training Manager
18. KunjungiSitus: Kuesioner Assessment
(Penilaian) Kompetensi1 = basic; 2 = intermediate; 3 = advance; 4 = expertFuncti
onal Competencies1234Training Need Analysis SkillsAn ability to conduct a proper
training need analysis and create a comprehensive training plan based on the re
sults of need analysisTraining Material DevelopmentAn ability to formulate train
ing objectives and training outline; and then create a complete training materia
l/manual based on the stated objectivesTraining Delivery SkillsAn ability to del

iver training programs and create an effective learning process for participants
Training Evaluation SkillsAn ability to conduct training evaluation to understan
d the impact of training program on participants' performance; and to formulate
improvement recommendation based on the evaluation resultsCompetency Assessment
19. KunjungiSitus: Managerial Competenci
es Hasil Asesmen Collaboration 4 Problem Solving 4 Leadership 3 Planning & Organ
izing 2 Functional Competencies Training Need Analysis Skills 3 Training Materia
l Development 3 Training Delivery Skills 4 Training Evaluation Skills 4 Kuesione
r Assessment (Penilaian) Kompetensi
20. KunjungiSitus: Competency Gap untukP
osisiTraining Manager Managerial Competencies Level yang Dipersyaratkan Aktual L
evel GAP Collaboration 4 4 0 Problem Solving 4 4 0 Leadership 4 3 -1 Planning &
Organizing 3 2 -1 Functional Competency Training Need Analysis Skills 4 3 -1 Tra
ining Material Development 4 3 -1 Training Delivery Skills 4 4 0
21. KunjungiSitus: Managerial Competenci
es GAP Collaboration 0 Problem Solving 0 Leadership -1 Planning & Organizing -1
Functional Competency Training Need Analysis Skills -1 Training Material Develop
ment -1 Training Delivery Skills 0Training and Development Program Competency Ga
p untukPosisiTraining Manager
22. KunjungiSitus: www.hardhismart-consulting.blogspot.comTerimakasihUntuk Infor
masi Lebih Lanjut, Hubungi Kami : HARD-Hi SMART CONSULTINGwww.hardhismart-consul
ting.blogspot.commerupakan : Konsultan Profesional dan Berpengalaman dalam bidan
g SDM, Manajemen dan Pelatihan Karyawan. Berdiri sejak Tahun 1998 dan telah bany
ak menangani berbagai macam Perusahaan baik Nasional (BUMN dan Swasta) maupun Mu
ltinasional (PMA).