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cover photograph by Tom Rossiter

Deceptive Beauties
The World of Wild Orchids

Christian Ziegler

With an Introduction by Michael Pollan and a

Foreword by Natalie Angier

Pairs gorgeous photographs by former biologist Christian Ziegler with

a fascinating story of evolution and
survival.Boston Globe
Photographer Christian Ziegler
captures these sex symbols of the
plant world in 150 portraits taken
on five continents in environments ranging from tropical cloud forest
to semidesert.Scientific American
Exquisite. . . . [Ziegler] takes you into the flowers wild habitats and
leads you to the next level in understanding the functional basis of
their aesthetic perfection.BBC Wildlife
2011 184 p. 11 x 11 165 color plates
1 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-98297-7 $45.00
Your Price: $15.00

Gems and Gemstones

Timeless Natural Beauty of the
Mineral World

Lance Grande and Allison Augustyn

Eye candy abounds in this volume on gems
based on the newly revamped Grainger
Hall of Gems at the Field Museum in
Chicago.Scientific American
Displays beautiful gemstones (cut and
uncut) and explains the geography and
science behind their creation. Photos of
creations such as the Aztec Sun-god Opal
. . . show just how long gems have retained their hold on the human
imagination.Seattle Times
Gems delves into the science and crafting of gemsand brings the
bling, too.USA Today
2009 352 p. 81/2 x 10 290 color plates, 7 line drawings, 5 tables
2 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30511-0 $45.00
Your Price: $15.00

Leonardo, The
Last Supper

Pinin Brambilla Barcilon

and Pietro C. Marani
Translated by Harlow Tighe

This extraordinary volume, which

documents the technical history of
the two-decade-long restoration in the
context of the broader history of the
work itself, is what art historians have
been waiting for. . . . Between the two
essays are contained 249 pages of the
most breathtakingly beautiful photographs in modern art.Sixteenth
Century Journal
Barcilon was entrusted with the unenviable task of restoring the
muralagain. Her highly controversial approach has been to pry away
every bit of paint not clearly Leonardos, with the result that a pale but
evocative ghost remains.New York Times Book Review
2001 458 p. 10 x 12 382 color plates, 64 halftones
3 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-50427-8 $110.00
Your Price: $37.00

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european history 1
The Baker Who Pretended
to Be King of Portugal

The Kindness of

The Abandonment of Children in

Western Europe from Late Antiquity
to the Renaissance

John Boswell
A mine of fascinating and surprising information about every aspect
of the history of family limitation in ancient, medieval, and
Renaissance Europe.New York
Review of Books
Boswells data adds up to a
coherent picture of morals and
manners.New Republic

1988 506 p. 51/4 x 8 17 halftones

4 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-06712-4 $30.00
Your Price: $9.00

The Unwanted Child

The Fate of Foundlings, Orphans,

and Juvenile Criminals in Early
Modern Germany

Joel F. Harrington
While the focus of the study is the
German city of Nuremberg from
the 1550s to the 1670s, the authors
detailed knowledge of early
modern Germany and the early
modern historiography on related
subjects enables him to present an
analysis that has relevance to the
developments across early modern Europe.Sixteenth-Century
2009 456 p. 6 x 9 64 halftones, 9 line drawings
5 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-31727-4 $50.00
Your Price: $13.00

Nuns Behaving Badly

Tales of Music, Magic, Art, and
Arson in the Convents of Italy

Craig A. Monson
Monson has woven together five
separate tales of convent mystery
into a fascinating examination of
the female religious community in
sixteenth- and seventeenth-century
Italy.Journal of the Association
of Anglican Musicians
Fantastic stories of arson, magic,
and nights at the operaMonson
presents a veritable Canterbury
Tales detailing convent life in early
modern Italy as seen through the
adventures of unruly nuns.Jane
A. Bernstein, Tufts University

2010 264 p. 51/2 x 81/2 25 halftones

6 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-53461-9 $38.00
Your Price: $11.00

Ruth MacKay
MacKay examines how an
Augustinian vicar, a nun of royal
descent, and a baker (pastelero)
conspired to expel the distressed
Spanish King Philip II from
his newly inherited kingdom of
Portugal. MacKay employs a keen
scholarly style as she follows the
murky details, widely disseminated
in both written and oral form, as
they circulated through a patriotic
populous yearning to break free
of Spanish hegemony.Library
2012 328 p. 51/2 x 81/2 2 color plates,
11 halftones, 2 maps
7 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-50108-6 $31.00
Your Price: $10.00

The Language of Sex

Five Voices from Northern France

around 1200

John W. Baldwin
These five kinds of discourse are
not often treated together in scholarly writing, let alone compared
and contrasted so well.
Theological Studies
[Baldwin] has made the five
voices speak to us in a language
that is at one and the same time
familiar and alien in its resonance
and accents.Bryn Mawr Reviews
1994 360 p. 6 x 9 2 tables
8 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-03614-4 $32.00
Your Price: $10.00

Academic Charisma
and the Origins of the
Research University

William Clark
Clark fascinatingly opens up a
world hitherto overlooked, using
neglected sources . . . and casting
much light on what people studied, how they got jobs, and how
their activities were justified and
supervised.British Journal of the
History of Science
2006 576 p. 6 x 9 50 halftones, 20 tables
9 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-10921-3 $56.00
Your Price: $12.00
10 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-10922-0 $29.00
Your Price: $11.00

Ancestral Voices

Religion and Nationalism in Ireland

Conor Cruise OBrien

Has the magical insistence which
Conor Cruise OBrien can produce
at his best. . . . Where he looks back
to his own childhood the book
shines. He writes of his mother and
father with effortless grace and
candor, with a marvelous, elegant
mix of affection and detachment.Observer

1994 30 p. 51/2 x 81/2

11 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-61652-0 $20.00 UK&IRE
Your Price: $8.00

Why Europe?

The Medieval Origins of Its Special Path

Michael Mitterauer

Translated by Gerald Chapple

Every scholar of medieval studies will find something of interest

Great books need not be fat, and
Michael Mitterauer, the Viennese
medievalist, has written a great
book. . . . Mitterauer has something
to teach even veteran historians.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
2010 400 p. 6 x 9
12 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-53253-0 $55.00
Your Price: $17.00

Islam and Travel in the

Middle Ages
Houari Touati

Translated by Lydia G. Cochrane

Much learning supports Touatis

book, which gives us a richer sense
of the driving forces behind travel
in the Islamic Middle Ages than we
have had before.Times Literary
Travel as both experience and
metaphor, practice and trope, is
illumined here by Touati in cogent
vignettes.Bruce B. Lawrence,
Duke University
2010 304 p. 6 x 9 1 map
13 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-80877-2 $60.00
Your Price: $17.00

The Odyssey of
Ibn Battuta

Uncommon Tales of a Medieval


David Waines
Ibn Battuta was one of the worlds
truly great travelers. A contemporary of Marco Polo, he left an
account in his own words of his
remarkable journeys throughout
the Islamic world and beyond
Beyond a highly nuanced
account of Ibn Battutas travels,
Waines also offers his readers a
sophisticated platform upon which
to develop future analyses of medieval travel literature.Vincent
Barletta, Stanford University
2010 240 p. 6 x 9 11 halftones
14 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-86985-8 $81.00 CUSA
Your Price: $15.00
15 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-86986-5 $29.00 CUSA
Your Price: $11.00

2 European History

From the Bodleian Library

Ralf Georg Reuth

Ralf Georg Reuth unveils the real
Rommel, stripping away the layers of propaganda created by both
the Nazis and Allies for their own
political ends. Reuth portrays a
Rommel contrary to the post-war
mytha man who remained loyal
to the Fhrer until forced to commit suicide; a man who owed his
fame to Joseph Goebbels.
Reuth reveals the truth in a brilliant book.Independent

Postcards from
Checkpoint Charlie

The End of a Legend

The Anti-Semitic Moment

A Tour of France in 1898

Pierre Birnbaum

Translated by Jane Marie Todd

This meticulous account of the

anti-Semitic hysteria that swept
France in 1898 . . . makes for terrifying and fascinating reading.
Atlantic Monthly
An important contribution both
to the ever-mounting history of
the [Dreyfus] Affair and to the
general history of Jewry in the
modern period.Times Literary
Indispensable reading for anyone wishing to understand the
Dreyfus Affair.Jewish Quarterly
2003 400 p. 6 x 9
16 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-05206-9 $26.00
Your Price: $8.00

The Hunt for Nazi Spies

Fighting Espionage in Vichy France

Simon Kitson

Translated by Catherine Tihanyi

This book provides a fascinating

insight into the shady world of
wartime espionage that should be
required reading for any serious
student of Vichy France.French
A flawless piece of professional
history: original, thorough, subtle,
appropriately measured.New
York Sun
2008 208 p. 6 x 9 2 maps
17 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-43893-1 $25.00
Your Price: $9.00

In the House of the


The Agonies of German Defeat,


Jeffrey K. Olick
Olicks impressive synthesis
brings together an in-depth discussion of Anglo-American political
and intellectual approaches to
Nazi Germany . . . with an equally
thorough . . . study of German elite
responses to Allied policies and
charges of guilt.H-Net Book
2005 392 p. 6 x 9 17 halftones
18 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-62638-3 $29.00
Your Price: $10.00

Distributed for Haus Publishing

2005 235 p. 6 x 9
19 Paper ISBN: 978-1-905791-95-8 $14.95 UK/EU
Your Price: $7.00

Jews in Nazi Berlin

From Kristallnacht to Liberation

Edited by Beate Meyer, Hermann

Simon, and Chana Schtz
The books team of editors, historians, and researchers succeeded
with a great number of photographs to restore some features
of wartime Berlin and its Jewish
community in a frank and direct
manner, adding another important
volume to our growing Holocaust
library.Jerusalem Post

2009 416 p. 71/2 x 91/2 50 color plates,

138 halftones, 6 tables
20 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-52157-2 $40.00
Your Price: $13.00

The Nazi, the Painter

and the Forgotten Story
of the SS Road
G. H. Bennett
With these pieces of the puzzle in
place, Bennett was able to research
the most historically important
aspect of the book, namely the
network of notorious slave labor
camps strung along the entire
length of the highway.New York
Review of Books
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2012 240 p. 51/2 x 81/2 27 halftones
21 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-909-5 $29.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

The Terezn Album of

Marinka Zadikow
Annotated by Debrah Dwork

With an Introduction by Debrah Dwork

As much a work of art as a historical record, the Poesiealbum (autograph album) of Prague-born Jew
Marianka Zadikow documents the
lives of those held from 19441945
at transit camp Theresienstadt. . . .
Reproduced page by page in fullcolor plates, Dworks treatment
provides facing-page transcripts in
original language and translation
and, when possible, an explanatory
footnote.Publishers Weekly

2007 280 p. 101/2 x 8 124 color plates

22 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-51186-3 $35.00
Your Price: $11.00

Images of the Berlin Wall

2008 112 p. 42/3 x 61/4

illustrated throughout
23 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-322-8 $20.00 NAM
Your Price: $9.00

Postcards from the

Russian Revolution

2008 128 p. 42/3 x 61/4

illustrated throughout
24 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-386-0 $20.00 NAM
Your Price: $9.00

Two Underdogs
and a Cat

Three Reflections on Communism

Slavenka Drakulic
This little book looks at life after
communism in Eastern Europe
from the points of view of three
animals: the resident mouse in
Pragues Museum of Communism,
the oldest dog in Bucharest and a
pompous female cat called Gorby
from Warsaw. . . . What the book
does is tackle difficult and complex questions about the nature of
morality, responsibility and history.Sydney Morning Herald
Distributed for Seagull Books
2009 112 p. 41/4 x 7
25 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-28-6 $17.00 IND
Your Price: $5.00

The Passing of an

The Idea of Communism in the

Twentieth Century

Franois Furet

Translated by Deborah Furet

This may well be the most illuminating study ever devoted to the
question of appeal exerted not only
by Communism but also by the
Nazi and other fascist varieties of
totalitarianism in this century.
New Criterion
1999 600 p. 6 x 9
26 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-27340-2 $38.00
Your Price: $13.00

Knossos and the

Prophets of Modernism

Cathy Gere
A brilliant study of the role of
Knossos in twentieth-century culture.New York Review of Books
Gere . . . has produced that rarest of literary surprises: a genuinely
hilarious work of Minoan historiography.Harpers
2009, 2011 288 p. 6 x 9 23 halftones
27 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-28954-0 $18.00
Your Price: $7.00

british history 3
Dole Queues and

British Election Posters from the

Conservative Party Archive

Stuart Ball

With a Foreword by Maurice Saatchi

Spawned from the Conservative

Party archives at the Bodleian
Library, [the book] offers a sumptuous selection of Tory propaganda covering more than a century of political warfare.House

Distributed for the Bodleian Library

2011 186 p. 81/4 x 94/5 196 color plates
28 Paper ISBN: 978-1-85124-353-2 $35.00 NAM
Your Price: $11.00

The Enlightenment and

the Book
Scottish Authors and Their
Publishers in Eighteenth-Century
Britain, Ireland, and America

Richard B. Sher
An essential addition not only to
18th-century studies but also to the
history of the book.Atlantic
Triumphantly unites the study
of authors with the study of texts,
and forges a better understanding
of the relationship between those
who wrote books and those who
sold them.Library
2006 842 p. 6 x 9 45 halftones,
16 line drawings, 7 tables
29 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-75252-5 $43.00
Your Price: $10.00
30 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-75253-2 $40.00
Your Price: $9.00

England in 1819

The Politics of Literary Culture and

the Case of Romantic Historicism

James Chandler
England in 1819 uses the prodigious literary output of that year
to pursue some far-reaching questions about what it means to date
an event, to study a historically
situated case, or to make so complex and crowded a year as 1819
representative of a whole historical
era.Times Literary Supplement
1998 606 p. 6 x 9 7 halftones
31 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-10109-5 $32.00
Your Price: $10.00


Omens, Charms, Cures 1787

Francis Grose

With an Introduction by John Simpson

A delightful glimpse into enduring English folklore and beliefs.

Written in the latter part of the
eighteenth century, the book delves
into matters natural and supernatural to explain why ghosts never
appear on Christmas Eve.
Deborah Harkness, author of A
Discovery of Witches
Distributed for the Bodleian Library
2011 104 p. 31/2 x 41/2 15 halftones
32 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-286-3 $11.00 NAM
Your Price: $5.00

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1953: The Queens

The Official Souvenir Album

Caroline de Guitaut
Published on the sixtieth anniversary of the coronation of Queen
Elizabeth II, this extravagantly
illustrated souvenir album commemorates the momentous occasion with newly commissioned
photographs of the coronation
gown, the Diamond Diademalso
worn at the coronations of George
IV and Queen Victoriaand the
many other jewels and ceremonial
garments worn on that historic day.

Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust

2013 140 p. 8 x 8 250 color plates
33 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905686-80-3 $17.95 USCA
Your Price: $7.00

The Royal Baby Book

A Souvenir Album

Royal Collection Trust

From golden rattles and minivertrimmed short coats to babys first
pair of shoes, embroidered with
tiny gold crowns, The Royal Baby
Book tells the story of eight royal
babies, from Queen Victoria to the
new Prince George of Cambridge,
whose birth set in motion royal
baby mania in Britain and
beyond. The book is based on
a wealth of previously unpublished items and documents from
the Royal Collection and Royal

Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust

2013 144 p. 8 x 8 250 color plates
34 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905686-84-1 $24.95 USCA
Your Price: $5.00

Deborah Fisher

Princes of Wales
An up-to-date and concise overview of all twenty-one of the
officially recognized Princes,
Deborah Fishers Princes of Wales
is the first book on the subject in
over twenty years. Seven hundred
years of royal history are covered,
from 1301when the first Prince,
Edward, was invested with the
titleup to the present reign of
Prince Charles.
Distributed for the University of Wales Press
2006 153 p. 41/2 x 7 10 halftones
35 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7083-2003-7 $14.00
Your Price: $5.00

Princesses of Wales
The title Princess of Wales has
enjoyed a high profile in recent
years. Yet until now we have
lacked any published overview
of the history of the title and
the lives of the women who have
held it.

Distributed for the University of Wales Press

36 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7083-1936-9 $5.00
Your Price: $5.00

Titanic Calling

Wireless Communications during the

Great Disaster

Edited by Michael Hughes and

Katherine Bosworth
This book draws on the record
of wireless transmissions in the
Marconi Archives to tell the story
of the night the Titanic sank.
This book provides an excellent
secondary resource for scholars of
early wireless communications and
will be of great interest to Titanic
enthusiasts on this recent centenary of its sinking.Choice
Informative and quite beautiful.London Review of Books
Distributed for the Bodleian Library
2012 163 p. 7 x 71/2 47 color plates
37 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-377-8 $25.00 NAM
Your Price: $9.00

Illustrating Empire

A Visual History of British Imperialism

Edited by Ashley Jackson and

David Tomkins
Over the past 30 years historians
have expended a good deal of time
and energy exploring how empire
and the non-European world has
been represented in British popular
culture. But while much has been
written on the subject, not very
much has been seen. Thats what
makes the images on these pages
so revealing. . . . They give an
insight into how the British public
encountered a range of imperial
themes. They offer us a rich and
fascinating glimpse into Britains
social and cultural history.BBC
History Magazine

Distributed for the Bodleian Library

2011 216 p. 81/2 x 9 200 color plates
38 Paper ISBN: 978-1-85124-334-1 $35.00 NAM
Your Price: $12.00

Picturing Empire

Photography and the Visualization of

the British Empire

James R. Ryan
Ryan is a skilled analyst of photographic imagery and has done an
excellent job in making accessible
the lessons available from archives of
the visual history of Empire. . . . [A]
sensitive and engrossing account of
the reciprocal relationship between
photography and British imperial
ideology.Annals of the Association
of American Geographers
1998 272 p. 61/4 x 91/4 88 halftones
39 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-73233-6 $55.00 NSA
Your Price: $15.00

4 World History
Lords of the Sea

A History of the Arctic

Alan G. Jamieson
A detailed, synthetic account of
the Barbary corsairs who rose from
a minor Mediterranean nuisance
to become a major maritime menace.Historian
Jamieson provides a welldocumented history of Muslim
Christian confrontation on the
high seas, of devastating defeats
inflicted on the mighty Holy
Roman Empire.Military History

John McCannon
This is one of the few books in
English (as well as, arguably, the
best one) to deal with these themes
from a widely comprehensive circumpolar perspective rather that a
strictly national one. . . . It should
serve for some considerable time
as the standard work on the subject.Choice

A History of the Barbary Corsairs

The Modern Balkans

A History

Richard C. Hall
Halls portrayal of recent Balkan
history intertwines intricately
the influences of the numerous
countries involved, on one another,
bringing important new perspectives and nuances to the complicated overall picture.Central
and Eastern European Review
Hall ably engages with the
impact of imperial legacies and
pressures, notably the impact of
Ottoman, Habsburg and Russian
power.Journal of European Studies

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2012 272 p. 51/2 x 81/2 10 halftones
43 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-907-1 $39.00 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

Nature, Exploration and Exploitation

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2012 349 p. 6 x 9 50 halftones
47 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-78023-018-4 $35.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00


The Worldly Kingdom

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2011 208 p. 51/2 x 81/2 8 maps
40 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-810-4 $40.00 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

Lawrence Sondhaus
Provides a complete introduction,
overview, and analysis of naval history since 1815. . . . The stories are
of peace as much as of war.
Contains fascinating insights
not easily available elsewhere.
The Naval Review

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2004 256 p. 51/4 x 9
44 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-202-7 $39.00 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

Maurizio Peleggi
Peleggis . . . book on the modern history of Thailand offers a
boldly innovative introduction
to the kingdom and its nationbuilding projects. It concentrates
on the long twentieth century
when Thailand underwent seismic
shifts in nearly every arena of
human and institutional life, and
from which the country emerged
as modern. South East Asia

The Mongol Conquests

in World History

Oil, Islam, and Conflict


Rob Johnson
A thorough and updated account
of the trials and tribulations
encompassing the newly liberated
Central Asian states.Historian
The study represents a comparative survey of the region which
is now Central Asia. Journal of
Shia Islamic Studies
Johnson presents a comprehensive survey of the region (plus
Afghanistan), emphasizing developments in each republic since

Edited by Ian Talbot and Darshan

Singh Tatla
The city of Amritsar stands on
the volatile border between India
and Pakistan. It has been a focus
for political and religious conflict
since the partition of 1947. Amritsar
brings together 25 first-hand
accounts of life in a city at the
epicenter of one of the largest and
bloodiest forced migrations in history. The interviews explore experiences from the time of partition.

Timothy May
Although globalisation is not
a phenomenon that is readily
associated with the Middle Ages
Timothy May makes a strong case
for the emergence of a quasi-global
system from the early 13th to the
mid-14th century.History Today
May advocates locating the
foundations of the modern world
with the Mongol conquests. May
is similarly concerned with identifying the lasting legacies of the
Mongol Empire.Bulletin of the
School of Oriental and African
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2012 320 p. 51/2 x 81/2 12 halftones
41 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-867-8 $45.00 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

Sovereign City

The City-State Ancient and Modern

Geoffrey Parker
Sovereign City is a wide-ranging
and vigorous examination that
seeks to understand the role of
the city-state from the birth of
Western civilization through its
re-emergence at the dawn of the
twenty-first century in the Far East
and Islamic world.

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2004 352 p. 51/4 x 9 20 halftones
42 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-219-5 $39.00 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

Navies in Modern
World History

Central Asia since 1945

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2007 240 p. 51/2 x 81/2
45 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-339-0 $25.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

A History

Ian J. Bickerton
I find Bickertons analysis of the
conflict to be fair and balanced
. . . beautifully written . . . it is its
eloquentindeed, passionatecall
on the parties to come to their
senses, abandon war and instead
talk peace that turns it into such
an exciting read.Journal of
Contemporary History

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2009 256 p. 51/2 x 81/2
46 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-527-1 $30.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

Distributed for Reaktion Books

256 p. 6 x 9 30 halftones
48 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-314-7 $30.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

Voices from Between India and


Distributed for Seagull Books

2006 264 p. 61/4 x 91/4 halftones
49 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905422-32-6 $105.00 IND
Your Price: $15.00
50 Paper ISBN: 978-1-905422-33-3 $31.95 IND
Your Price: $10.00

Asia in the Making of

Europe, Volume III
A Century of Advance. Books 14

Donald F. Lach and

Edwin J. Van Kley
This monumental series, acclaimed
as a masterpiece of comprehensive
scholarship in the New York Times
Book Review, reveals the impact
of Asias high civilizations on the
development of modern Western
society in the 17th century.
1993 2379 p. 6 x 91/4 Four volume set:
2,379 p., 433 halftones, 13 maps
51 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-46757-3 $462.50
Your Price: $99.00

World History 5


Carl H. Nightingale
The scope of the work is challenging and impressive.Times
Higher Education
By reconnecting urban history
with the history of race in a genuinely global perspective he creates
a new fusion that adds enormously
to our understanding of how cities becameand were maintained
assites of segregation and exclusion.Simon Gunn, director
of the Centre for Urban History,
University of Leicester

Brian Ladd
[Ladd] clearly demonstrates that
current concerns have precedents
extending back continuously to
the cars introduction. In this case,
he competently performs the role
of the historian.Times Higher
Education Supplement
[Ladd looks] at what has been
said, by whom and for what reason,
and why none of the voluminous
critiques of the car seem to have
much mattered.International
Herald Tribune

A Global History of Divided Cities

2012 536 p. 6 x 9 42 halftones

52 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-58074-6 $35.00
Your Price: $9.00

Burning Women

A Global History of Widow-Sacrifice

from Ancient Times to the Present

Joerg Fisch
The practice of widow-burning
combines strong spiritual beliefs in
the hereafter with the more secular power struggles of this world,
both between the sexes and social
groups. Widow burning in India
has long been passionately debated,
but its practice in other parts of the
world has been neglected. Burning
Women is the first history of the
anthropological, religious, social
and political contexts of widowburning across the world.

Distributed for Seagull Books

2005 621 p. 51/2 x 81/2 30 halftones
53 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905422-02-9 $105.00 IND
Your Price: $17.00

The Gaze of the Gazelle

The Story of a Generation

Arash Hejazi

With a Foreword by Paulo Coelho

Hejazi tells the story to the

Western World that is so ignorant
of the facts of the Middle East and
the Persian Gulf and the Islamic
World in a way that puts a human
face on its cover.Middle East
Book Review
Distributed for Seagull Books
2011 363 p. 5 x 8
54 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-90-3 $21.00 IND
Your Price: $7.00

Time Maps

Collective Memory and the Social

Shape of the Past

Eviatar Zerubavel
No work better captures the
generic forms of collective memory; no investigator defines more
clearly the objects of collective
memory scholarship. Time Maps
embodies the research tradition
that Eviatar Zerubavel has done
so much to advance.American
Journal of Sociology
2003 187 p. 6 x 9 1 line drawing, 23 figures
55 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-98152-9 $32.00
Your Price: $11.00
Much more information about each book is on our
website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Love and Hate in the Automotive Age

2008 236 p. 6 x 9 20 halftones

56 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-46741-2 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00
57 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-46729-0 $17.00
Your Price: $7.00

Tracks across
Continents, Paths
through History

The Economic Dynamics of

Standardization in Railway Gauge

Douglas J. Puffert
No other book has attempted to
compile, use, and interpret such a
variety of historical information
on gauges and employ this kind of
economic theory and modeling to
explain it.Bradley Lewis, Union
2009 376 p. 6 x 9 21 line drawings, 14 tables
58 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-68509-0 $60.00
Your Price: $17.00

Devils Rope

A Cultural History of Barbed Wire

Alan Krell
Richly illustrated. . . . His prose
purrs like a Formula One engine
and the enthusiasm evident on
every page almost tempted me
to take out a subscription to The
Barbed Wire Times. Yes, such publications do exist.Times Higher
Fascinating insights into a
simple invention that has carved
up the modern world in the most
complex of ways.Irish Times

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2004 240 p. 6 x 9
59 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-144-0 $25.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

A History of Chemical
and Biological Weapons
Edward M. Spiers
Provides a compelling case for
governments across the globe not
to overlook the potential threat of
biological and chemical weapons
. . . the book is more than just a
history of these weapons.
Political Studies Review

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2010 223 p. 51/2 x 81/2
60 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-651-3 $35.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

With the Hand

A Cultural History of Masturbation

Mels van Driel

Translated by Paul Vincent

An enjoyable, human and humane

study of attitudes to masturbation
in science, sexology, education,
religion, philosophy, art, song and
literature, from ancient Egypt to
the present. . . . The history of masturbation is necessarily a history
of attitudes to the body, to fantasy, love and intimacy. The book
abounds with interesting material. .
. . The author has an eye for a good
anecdote.Independent Review
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2012 255 p. 51/2 x 81/2 60 halftones
61 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-919-4 $30.00 NSA
Your Price: $15.00

History of Writing

Steven Roger Fischer

From the earliest scratches on
stone and bone to the languages
of computers and the internet, A
History of Writing investigates the
origin and development of writing
throughout the world.
[It] is wonderful . . . to see a
subject that embraces so much of
human civilisation handled with
the wide knowledge and breadth of
vision it deserves.Nature
If youre intrigued by writings
past, Fischers book is well worth a
read.New Scientist
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2004 352 p. 51/2 x 91/4
62 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-101-3 $29.95 NSA
Your Price: $10.00

Political Essay on the

Island of Cuba
A Critical Edition

Alexander von Humboldt

Edited and translated by Vera M. Kutzinski

and Ottmar Ette

The authors show Humboldt as a

humanist who shows emotions and
display strong opinions about certain
issues of social importance, such as
his disdain for slavery. Furthermore,
Humboldt dared to contradict the
publications of many of his predecessors and contemporaries who wrote
without ever setting foot in the New
2010 496 p. 6 x 9 115 tables
63 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-46567-8 $70.00
Your Price: $19.00

6 American History
Mr. Jefferson and the
Giant Moose

Natural History in Early America

Rising Up from Indian


The Battle of Fort Dearborn and the

Birth of Chicago

Ann Durkin Keating

Adds depth and breadthto an
understanding of the geographic,
social, and political transitions
that occurred on the shores of Lake
Michigan in the early 1800s.
Journal of American History
Its a great story, and Ms.
Keatings neutral, unemphatic
prose makes it register all the more
clearly.Wall Street Journal
Rights some misconceptions
about the old conflicts, the strategies of the whites and Indians to
keep their land, and how early
Chicago came to exist.
Publishers Weekly
2012 320 p. 6 x 9 35 halftones, 14 maps
64 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-42896-3 $30.00
Your Price: $11.00


The Enduring Legacy of the Indian

Wars and George Armstrong Custer

Michael A. Elliott
The three best books about Custer
and the Little Bighorn are Evan S.
Connells Son of the Morning Star,
the relevant chapters in Richard
Slotkins The Fatal Environment
. . . and Custerology.New York
Review of Books
Elliott draws on both personal
experience and a sure command of
the vast Custer canon to describe
why society latches onto certain
aspects of the past and uses them
to comprehend the present and
alter the future.On Point
2007 344 p. 6 x 9 16 halftones
65 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-20146-7 $28.00
Your Price: $9.00

Shadow of the Hunter

Richard K. Nelson
This is a collection of stories based
upon Richard Nelsons experiences in an Eskimo village of the
Tareogmiut, or people of the sea.
The stories follow a group of hunters and their families through the
cycle of an arctic year.
1980 296 p.
66 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-57180-5 $25.00
Your Price: $7.00

Lee Alan Dugatkin

In the early days of the U. S.,
many scientists considered
Amercian flora and fauna inferior
to European species. Incensed,
Thomas Jefferson set out to prove
them wrong, and used the majestic, native giant moose as a way to
flaunt the natural wonders of the
new country. If you want a shot
of environmental patriotism, this
book is a good choice.Sierra Club
2009 184 p. 6 x 9 25 halftones
67 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-16914-9 $26.00
Your Price: $8.00

The Skull Collectors

Race, Science, and Americas
Unburied Dead

Ann Fabian
Fabian provides the reader a firm
understanding of the history of
American physical anthropology
during the nineteenth century,
serving as an excellent reminder of
how far methodologies have come
since then.American Indian
2010 288 p. 6 x 9 30 halftones
68 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-23348-2 $27.50
Your Price: $8.00

Abigail and John Adams

The Americanization of Sensibility

G. J. Barker-Benfield
[Barker-Benfields] engagement
with the inner strengths and utter
humanity of Abigail and John is
just the beginning of this ingenious and expansive study.
Andrew Burstein, author of The
Original Knickerbocker: The Life of
Washington Irving
A convincing reconstruction
of people whose lives were utterly
different from our own.James
Walvin, author of The Trader, the
Owner, the Slave
2010 520 p. 6 x 9
69 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-03743-1 $32.50
Your Price: $8.00

Digging Up the Dead

A History of Notable American

Michael Kammen
The entertaining, if not macabre
premise of Michael Kammens
new book is to explore how fluid
final resting places may be. . . . As
his drily witty book proves, fluctuating reputations and warring
families have all played their part
in ensuring that for the famous
and infamous alike, theres no such
thing as resting in peace.Daily
Telegraph (UK)
2010 272 p. 6 x 9 40 halftones
70 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-42329-6 $28.00
Your Price: $9.00
71 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-42330-2 $17.00
Your Price: $5.00

The First Wall Street

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and

the Birth of American Finance

Robert E. Wright
The short discussion of money is
perhaps the best introduction to
that complex subject now available.American Historical Review
Wright reminds us that prior
to Wall Streets ascendance in
the 1830s, Chestnut Street in
Philadelphia was the nations
financial center and the birthplace
of some of Americas most important financial innovations.
Enterprise & Society
2005 218 p. 6 x 9 3 line drawings, 9 tables
72 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-91026-0 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00

Financial Founding

The Men Who Made America Rich

Robert E. Wright and David J. Cowen

For nonspecialists and teachers like this reviewer who slight
financial history, there are many
fine anecdotes and some real surprises.Historian
The early financial history of
the United States merits additional
popular and scholarly attention,
and Wright and Cowen provide
biographical information on nine
founders of Americas financial
and economic systems.Library
2006 216 p. 6 x 9
73 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-91068-0 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00

The Passage to Cosmos

Alexander von Humboldt and the
Shaping of America

Laura Dassow Walls

By recovering the excitement of
Humboldtian explorations and
travel experiences, Walls wins back
Humboldt for the 21st century.
Through her account, he joins
forces with present-day heroes such
as Edward O. Wilson.Science
[Walls] enables us to understand
something of the mans genius and
polymathic range.Times Higher
2009 424 p. 6 x 9 22 halftones
74 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-87182-0 $38.00
Your Price: $10.00


The Life and Times of a Legend

Joshua Blu Buhs

Buhs is at his amused best when
following the exploits of Bigfoots
human handlersthe colorful
band of true believers, hoaxers and
pseudo-documentarists who constructed this greatest of all shaggyhominid stories.Publishers Weekly
2009 296 p. 6 x 9 35 halftones
75 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-07979-0 $31.00
Your Price: $8.00

American History 7
The Thousand-Year Flood

Kennedy in Berlin

David Welky
A comprehensive account, including political maneuvers over
flood-control bills provoked by the
deluge, this well-wrought history
reflects thorough research and onthe-ground acquaintance with the
Ohio River region.Booklist
Welky has done a prodigious job
of reminding us about the horror
inflicted by the Ohio-Mississippi
flood of 1937.Douglas Brinkley,
author of The Great Deluge

Edited by Hans-Michael Koetzle

The Ohio-Mississippi Disaster of 1937

2011 384 p. 6 x 9 18 halftones, 2 maps

76 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-88716-6 $27.50
Your Price: $9.00

West of Sex

Making Mexican America, 19001930

Pablo Mitchell
Lays bare how American colonization of the West reached deep
into the peoples intimate lives and
how Mexican Americans challenged sexual containment and
racial inequality in the first third
of the twentieth century.Nayan
Shah, author of Stranger Intimacy:
Contesting Race, Sexuality and the
2012 176 p. 6 x 9 10 halftones
77 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-53269-1 $26.00
Your Price: $9.00

In Hock

Pawning in America from Independence

through the Great Depression

Wendy A. Woloson
Woloson frees the business from
its nineteenth-century anti-Semitic
entanglements and points to the
highly symbiotic relationship
among pawnshops, the industrial
city, and wage-dependent workers
in a cash-poor society. Well written and accessible to a wide and
diverse audience.Choice
Filled with insights about the
economic behavior of the poor
throughout history.Journal of
Interdisciplinary History
2009 248 p. 6 x 9 39 halftones, 1 table
78 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-90567-9 $40.00
Your Price: $10.00
79 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-90568-6 $22.50
Your Price: $9.00

Why Niebuhr Now?

John Patrick Diggins

Like many an American thinker
skilled at enduring maxims,
Niebuhr faced and still faces the
problem of being reduced to an
aphorist for that quintessential
American product: the higher form
of greeting card. In his final work,
Diggins does the best any scholar
possibly could to rescue Niebuhr
from that fate.Chronicle of
Higher Education

2011 152 p. 51/2 x 81/2

80 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-14883-0 $22.00
Your Price: $7.00

Photographs by Ulrich Mack

With Photographs by Ulrich Mack

To commemorate the fiftieth

anniversary of Kennedys trip to
Berlin, Hirmer Publishers has put
out Kennedy in Berlin with 120
black-and-white images, many of
which have never been published.
The photographs follow Kennedy
as he traveled through Cologne,
Bonn, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, and
West Berlin. . . . While the photographs tell a detailed and thorough
story of the trip, there is also a
strong sense of the tragedy that
would happen five months later
when Kennedy was assassinated in

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

2013 144 p. 101/4 x 91/2 120 halftones
81 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-2020-2 $24.95 NAJ
Your Price: $9.00

Instructions for
American Servicemen
in Iraq during World
War II
United States Army

With a Foreword by Lieutenant Colonel John A. Nagl

Those despairing of American

policymakers mistakes in Iraq . . .
may find some solace in this amazing little booklet. . . . Its a treasure
chest of information. And the
bottom line for the piece couldnt
be clearer: we didnt used to be so
2007 64 p. 41/2 x 6 14 line drawings, 1 map
82 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-84170-0 $10.00 UK
Your Price: $5.00

Whose Fair?

Experience, Memory, and the History

of the Great St. Louis Exposition

James Gilbert
Full of important insights and
information, lucidly framed and
brilliantly analyzed, on what happened at the fair, how it was presented, and how it has been remembered and analyzed.Choice
2009 232 p. 6 x 9 20 halftones
83 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-29310-3 $40.00
Your Price: $11.00

Concentration Camps
on the Home Front

Japanese Americans in the House of

Jim Crow

John Howard
Holds up a critical lens to
American society and values, raising such hot-button issues as race,
family, gender politics, capitalism,
individualism, immigration and
2008 356 p. 6 x 9 20 halftones
84 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-35476-7 $29.00
Your Price: $8.00

Much more information about each book is on our

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the web, see the last page.

Altered States

America Since the Sixties

Jeremy Black
Blacks Altered States now
joins my shortlist of books that
illuminate recent American history.Donald A. Yerxa, Editor,
Historically Speaking
Blacks account of changing
geographical and demographic
factors in North America reminds
readers of the deeper transformations affecting lived society. . . .
This is a valuable, thoughtful and
wonderfully eccentric account of
recent American history.Jeremi
Suri, author of Power and Protest

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2006 240 p. 51/2 x 81/2
85 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-288-1 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $8.00

My Fathers Name

A Black Virginia Family after the

Civil War

Lawrence P. Jackson
Jacksons work becomes a nonfiction Roots in many ways and
portrays the difficulty for African
Americans in finding their history.Historian
Through the Jackson family saga, Jackson recounts the
broader African American story
of struggle through slavery and
2012 272 p. 6 x 9 45 halftones, 2 maps
86 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-38949-3 $25.00
Your Price: $7.00

Last Words of the

Robert K. Elder

With a Foreword by Studs Terkel

Often more interesting than the

final thoughts of some of these
men and women are the short
descriptions Elder provides of their
backgrounds and the crimes they
committed.New York Review
of Books
Gathers the last words of victims of capital punishment in the
United States, starting in the seventeenth century and continuing
up to the present.New Republic
2010 304 p. 6 x 9
87 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-20268-6 $22.50
Your Price: $6.00

8 Places & Travel

The Dunes Twisted Edge
Journeys in the Levant

Dreaming in French

The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier

Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela

Alice Kaplan
An enduring group profile of
three influential yet completely
different American women, for
each of whom Paris played a short
but transformative role, over three
tumultuous decades. . . . Kaplan
focuses sharply on three women of
successive generations, providing
a keen feminist-cultural picture
of Pariss enduring, if varied,
impact.Publishers Weekly
2012 304 p. 6 x 9 27 halftones
88 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-42438-5 $26.00
Your Price: $12.00

Freuds Couch, Scotts

Buttocks, Bronts Grave
Simon Goldhill
Wryly funny, deeply thoughtful
musings on literary pilgrimage
why readers visit writers houses,
and what, if anything, we gain
by it. . . . Part travel memoir, part
literary inquiry, with a large dose
of history and frequent dashes of
dry humor, this book will appeal
to bookworms, Anglophiles and
anyone who loves to visit historical
sites but rolls their eyes at the overpriced rubbish in the gift shop.
Shelf Awareness for Readers
2011 144 p. 51/2 x 81/2 12 halftones, 1 map
89 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30131-0 $22.50
Your Price: $8.00

Writing Britain

Wastelands to Wonderlands

Christina Hardyment
This book celebrates some of the
most dazzling treasures of English
literature, showcasing how Britains
greatest authors have been inspired
by, and have even redefined, their
country. From Chaucers pilgrims
to the 21st century suburban
hinterlands of J.G. Ballard, this
book explores how the places and
landscapes of Britain permeate the
nations great literary works.

Distributed for the British Library

2012 192 p. 81/2 x 91/2
50 color plates, 50 halftones
90 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5875-0 $25.00 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Gabriel Levin
This is the importance of this
book, which shows that the profound beauty of the sites met by
the traveler throughout the Levant
is not to be found in the object
itself, but rather depends on the
ability to see these sites as literary
landmarks and as souvenirs of culture.Haaretz
Readers who share Levins
Romantic sensibilities and interest
in the Levant will appreciate the
lucidity of Levins musings and the
nuance of his perspective.Booklist
2012 216 p. 51/2 x 81/2
5 halftones, 9 line drawings
91 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-92367-3 $22.50
Your Price: $9.00


In the Shadow of History, Second Edition

Susan Meiselas

With Historical Introductions and a new

Postscript by Martin van Bruinessen

This book is everything that

scholarship and journalism and
humanism ought to aspire to be.
Los Angeles Times Book Review
A superb and enriching book;
the family album of a forsaken
people, the archive of a nation that
has not been permitted to exist.
. . . It is an album rendered in what
Virgil called the tears of things,
filled with nobility and brutality,
passion and terror.New York
Times Book Review

2008 472 p. 91/2 x 12

310 color plates, 219 halftones
92 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-51927-2 $108.00
Your Price: $17.00
93 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-51928-9 $49.00
Your Price: $12.00


A Troubled History

Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier
Translated by Sue Rose

Spectacular . . . not just in its

descriptions but in its images,
culled from bullfightings rich
visual history.New Yorker

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2010 206 p. 71/2 x 94/5
50 color plates, 50 halftones
94 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-518-9 $35.00 NSA
Your Price: $10.00

A Naturalists Guide to
the Tropics
Marco Lambertini

Translated by John Venerella

Illustrated by Kitty Capua

This book exudes authority.

When it tells me that the combined
weight of the termites and ants
in Malaysia is greater than that
of all the hoofed animals added
together, I am inclined to believe

2000 338 p. 51/4 x 71/2 11 color plates,

57 color photos, 21 maps, 76 line drawings
95 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-46828-0 $30.00
Your Price: $9.00

Literary Travel and

Landscapes from Haus

Sailing by Starlight
In Search of Treasure Island

Alex Capus
An exhilarating, captivating
literary adventure that follows
treasure maps, pirate lore and
other clues in search of the
fabled Treasure Island.Shelf
2011 192 p. 4 x 7
96 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906598-78-5 $19.95
Your Price: $7.00

In Byrons Footsteps

Tessa de Loo
[One notes] the seriousness
and humour with which de Loo
laces her contribution to superior
travel literature. . . . She gives her
report in the form of letters to
Byron (My dear friend, My dearest George) alternated with chapters where she recounts Byrons
journey.Vrij Nederland
2011 320 p. 4 x 8
97 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906598-77-8 $19.95
Your Price: $7.00

A Travel Companion

Wolfgang Geisthvel
Haus has launched its hardback
Literary Travellers. If Homers
Mediterranean is anything to go
by, this is a series to collect.
Sunday Times
2010 248 p. 4 x 7
98 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905791-39-2 $19.95
Your Price: $7.00

The English Garden

Hans von Trotha

Hans von Trothas journey
through the history of the
English garden introduces the
reader to twelve of the most
important, original, and beautiful parks in Britain, all of which
can be visited today.
2010 128 p. 4 x 7
99 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906598-20-4 $19.95
Your Price: $7.00


A Life in Prague

Klaus Wagenbach
These are useful additions to
any thinking persons library. . . .
Wagenbachs volume on Kafka
includes reproductions of Kafkas
letters, original book covers and
a well-drawn map of Prague
showing the places mentioned in
the text.New Statesman
2011 120 p. 4 x 8
100 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906598-88-4 $19.95
Your Price: $7.00

Places & Travel 9

Arctic Sanctuary

Images of the Arctic National Wildlife


Photography by Jeff Jones and

Essays by Laurie Hoyle

With an Introduction by Michael Engelhard

Jones has an exceptional talent

for capturing big sky landscapes.
. . . Accompanied by informative and easy-to-read text that
describes the images and the
region written by Laurie Hoyle,
this is a book you can read, savor
and enjoy again and again. Arctic
Sanctuary: Images of the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge . . . is a
visual delight and a book I can
highly recommend to nature lovers, landscape photographers
and those who care about the
environment.Great American

Distributed for the University of Alaska Press

2010 173 p. 14 x 9 162 color plates
101 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-60223-088-0 $55.00
Your Price: $19.00

The Aleutian Islands

of Alaska
Living on the Edge

Edited by Kenneth F. Wilson and

Jeff Richardson
Kenneth F. Wilson, photographer

As a presentation of the landscapes and wildlife of the islands,

this book could hardly be bettered.
The pictures are wonderful and the
text is thought provoking. Those
who wish for an armchair excursion to the islands in question
could not do better than to peruse
this volume.Journal of the Polar
Distributed for the University of Alaska Press
2009 300 p. 12 x 9 289 color plates
102 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-60223-045-3 $45.00
Your Price: $15.00

The Himalaya

Encounters with the Roof of the World

David Zurick
Zurick provides a rich, if understated, course on the geology, history, and politics of the Himalaya
region.Tom Fricke, University
of Michigan

Distributed for the Center for American Places

2011 192 p. 7 x 9 54 color plates
103 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-96-0 $39.95
Your Price: $10.00

The Mississippi River in

A Photographic Journey from the
Headwaters to the Delta

Charles Dee Sharp

In 1953, a young documentary filmmaker named Charles
Dee Sharp traveled down the
Mississippi River, shooting still
photographs for a film he never
made.New York Times

Distributed for the Center for American Places

2004 232 p. 81/2 x 11
39 color plates, 96 duotones
104 Paper ISBN: 978-1-930066-27-4 $29.95
Your Price: $8.00

New York in Postcards

The Andreas Adam Collection

Edited by Thomas Kramer

With Essays by Andreas Adam, Paul

Goldberger, and Kent Lydecker

These postcards bring us back to a

New York that possessed glamour
and drama and warmth, in even
measure: a city in which there was
always light, and always possibility; a city that, when you came to
visit, you could not wait until you
were back home to tell everyone all
about it, and so you always, always,
sent a postcard.Paul Goldberger,
architecture critic for the New
Yorker, from his essay
Distributed for Scheidegger and Spiess
2010 560 p. 9 x 11 948 color plates
105 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-85881-713-6 $65.00 UK/EU
Your Price: $20.00


The Flats, the Mill, and the Hills

Andrew Borowiec

With an Introduction by Les Roberts and a

Conclusion by Rod Slemmons

From the gray skyline to the black

steel bridges . . . all are resilient
reminders of the backbone of
America that is sometimes forgotten. The eighty-seven halftones
document this American reality.

Distributed for the Center for American Places

2008 119 p. 111/4 x 93/4 87 halftones
106 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-79-3 $60.00
Your Price: $10.00
107 Paper ISBN: 978-1-930066-80-9 $30.00
Your Price: $9.00

Millennium Park

Creating a Chicago Landmark

Timothy J. Gilfoyle

In association with the Chicago History Museum

Millennium Park is fascinatingand gorgeous. Its 474 pages

are adorned with color images. . . .
[Gilfoyle] knows how to tell a good
story, and he has one here.
Chicago Tribune

2006 474 p. 81/2 x 10

361 color plates, 145 halftones, 12 maps
108 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-29349-3 $45.00
Your Price: $9.00

Chicagos Urban Nature

A Guide to the Citys Architecture +

Sally A. Kitt Chappell

Chappell connects Chicagos forefathersthose who granted it the
nickname City in a Gardenwith
the living eco-visionaries who gave
us green roofs and Millennium
Park.TimeOut Chicago
A beautifully designed book, a
tactile and visual pleasure that is
small and flexible enough to carry
in purse or backpack.Landscape
2007 300 p. 71/2 x 53/4
56 color plates, 20 halftones, 20 maps
109 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-10140-8 $20.00
Your Price: $7.00

You Were Never in


Neil Steinberg
[A] rollicking newspapermans
memoir . . . and a strong case for
Second City exceptionalism.
New York Times
Steinbergs new book is a pleasing blend of what makes him and
his city distinctive. [This] is a sortof memoir of his professional life,
a kind-of love letter to the citya
scrapbook, as it were, of Chicago
eccentricities. Unlike most columnists who get called humorists,
Neil Steinberg is a funny writer.
Weekly Standard
2012 256 p. 6 x 9
110 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-77205-9 $25.00
Your Price: $11.00

The Encyclopedia of

Edited by James R. Grossman,

Ann Durkin Keating, and Janice
L. Reiff
The most spectacular reference
available on any U.S. city.
Library Journal
In our ideal reference world,
there would be an encyclopedia like this one for every great
American city.Booklist

2004 1152 p. 81/2 x 103/4 56 p. color insert,

475 halftones, 442 maps, 10 tables
111 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-31015-2 $65.00
Your Price: $27.00

Chicago Business and

From Fur Trade to E-Commerce

Edited by Janice L. Reiff

Reiff draws on entries from the
Encyclopedia of Chicago to weave a
history of Chicagos economy. Reiff
seeks to explore the reciprocal relationship between the metropolitan
area and its economy. . . . After
finding this volume on the bookshelf, one hopes that readers will
discover the complete work from
which it is
2013 392 p. 7 x 10
23 halftones, 7 maps, 1 line drawing
112 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-70936-9 $22.50
Your Price: $10.00
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10 food

A History

The Breakfast Book

Andrew Dalby
To dip into this compendium is to
be forcefully and happily reminded
that breakfast, the full English or
otherwise, should be the best meal
of the day. . . . The art is handsomely reproduced. . . . Between
us, Id say that anyone as obsessed
with the idea of breakfast as Dalby
should be locked up. But he has
nevertheless written a marvelously
toothsome compendium.
Literary Review
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2013 232 p. 6 x 8 60 color plates, 40 halftones
113 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-78023-086-3 $30.00 NSA
Your Price: $15.00

Smart Casual

The Transformation of Gourmet

Restaurant Style in America

Alison Pearlman
A delicious romp through
Americas rapidly changing and
diverging restaurant scene. It
begins with the old haute cuisine
establishments frequented by the
upscale, well-to-do diners, but
concentrates on contemporary restaurants with their experimental,
innovative, and exotic cuisines.
It is an informative, witty, and
delightful book brimming with hot
anecdotes and tangy tidbits. It is a
must read for all serious foodies.
Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and
2013 200 p. 6 x 9 15 halftones
114 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-65140-8 $25.00
Your Price: $12.00


A Cultural History

John Varriano
Varrianos beautifully illustrated
and detailed study shows how
wine has inspired us in art, literature and religion. It is the perfect
drinking companion.Guardian
Those who have overindulged
in the subject might like instead
to read about the culture of the
vine. Drawing on poetry, art and
history, Varriano presses out some
of the infinitely rich past of the
fermented grape.Independent

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2011 280 p. 71/2 x 94/5 88 color plates, 17 halftones
115 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-790-9 $29.00 NSA
Your Price: $10.00

Pierre Laszlo
Mines over two millennia of history to explore the spread of these
fruits out of Asia, their commercialisation in the United States,
and [their] enduring symbolism
the world over.New Scientist
It was only in the 1920s, [Laszlo]
tells us, that orange juice became
an integral part of the American
breakfast, after the great flu epidemic of 19181919.Sunday
Times (UK)
2007 262 p. 6 x 9 20 color plates
116 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-47026-9 $28.00
Your Price: $9.00
117 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-47028-3 $17.00
Your Price: $8.00

Pasta and Pizza

Franco La Cecla
Tells the story of how cuisine
born in the south of Italy during the Arab conquest became a
foundation for the creation of a
new nation. As La Cecla shows,
this process intensified as millions of Italians immigrated to the
Americas: it was abroad that pasta
and pizza became synonymous
with being Italian.

The Edible Series from

Reaktion Books

These are food memoirs, salacious

and exotic, colorful, powdered,
sweet, greasy and globe-trotting
. . . sharp and speedy little reads,
spotted with off-kilter illustrations.Chicago Tribune
The history of each foodstuff is set
out compactly and with erudition .
. . in each case, its when the history
moves closer to current day that revelation and delight meet.Diplomat


Gary Allen
2012 168 p. 43/4 x 73/4 40 color plates,
20 halftones
122 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-925-5 $17.00 NSA
Your Price: $5.00


Distributed for Prickly Paradigm Press

2007 120 p. 41/2 x 7
118 Paper ISBN: 978-0-9794057-1-6 $12.95
Your Price: $5.00

Fred Czarra

Korean Cuisine


Michael J. Pettid
This work covers daily, ritual, and
regional food and drink and ends
with chapters on foods of the royal
palace, the kitchen space, and contemporary Korean.Choice
If your opinions about Korean
food and its international image
take stances on whether or not it
is too spicy, too salty, too pungent,
too odor-causing, or just perfect,
then this is the right book to learn
the reasons why and how these
traits have meaningfully evolved
over time.Acta Koreana

2010 158 p. 43/4 x 73/4 40 color plates,

20 halftones
124 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-656-8 $15.95 NSA
Your Price: $5.00

An Illustrated History

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2008 224 p. 51/2 x 81/2 100 color plates
119 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-348-2 $39.95 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

China to Chinatown
Chinese Food in the West

J.A.G. Roberts
A valuable and timely account of
the Wests strange love-hate relationship with Chinese food, and
a stimulating read, provoking as it
does so many challenging questions
about how we perceive and adapt to
other cultures.The Times

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2004 256 p. 51/2 x 91/4
120 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-133-4 $29.95 NSA
Your Price: $9.00
121 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-227-0 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $8.00

2009 128 p. 43/4 x 73/4 40 color plates, 20 halftones

123 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-426-7 $15.95 NSA
Your Price: $5.00

Hannah Velten


Nawal Nasrallah
2011 136 p. 43/4 x 73/4 60 color plates,
6 halftones
125 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-796-1 $15.95 NSA
Your Price: $5.00


Erika Janik
2011 132 p. 43/4 x 73/4 36 color plates,
18 halftones
126 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-848-7 $17.00 NSA
Your Price: $5.00


Nichola Fletcher
2010 136 p. 43/4 x 73/4 40 color plates,
20 halftones
127 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-650-6 $15.95 NSA
Your Price: $5.00

Bee Wilson

2010 148 p. 43/4 x 73/4 30 color plates, 20

128 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-771-8 $15.95 NSA
Your Price: $5.00


Janet Clarkson
2010 152 p. 43/4 x 73/4 30 color plates,
30 halftones
129 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-774-9 $15.95 NSA
Your Price: $5.00

philosophy 11
Against Fairness

Stephen T. Asma
Asma refreshingly outlines the
moral virtues that come with
favoritism: loyalty, generosity, and
gratitude. While it might strike
some as cruel or outdated to accept
that we tend to care more about
those close to us, Asma shows that
this outlook is actually conducive
to the moral virtues that utilitarians struggle to justify.Reason
Asma offers a rightly critical
diagnosis of our obsession with
egalitarianism.Wall Street Journal
2012 224 p. 51/2 x 81/2 23 line drawings
130 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-02986-3 $22.50
Your Price: $11.00

A Philosophy of Fear

Lars Svendsen
In this brief yet wide-ranging and
insightful book, [Svendsen] argues
convincingly that we need to replace
the risk society with a culture of
hope and trust.Guardian (UK)

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2008 192 p. 43/4 x 78/9
131 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-404-5 $27.95 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

Toward a Rhetoric
of Insult

Thomas Conley
Readers will gladly seize on this
fresh contribution and find here
a stimulating and heartening
extended essay leading through an
entertaining, virtuoso meditation
to a typically constructive proposal.
Conley, who holds a distinguished
record of thoughtful and humane
writing, has charmed me into
merriment with this thoroughly
engaging book.John Henderson,
University of Cambridge
2010 176 p. 51/2 x 81/2 10 halftones
132 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-11477-4 $59.00
Your Price: $13.00
133 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-11478-1 $20.00
Your Price: $8.00

The Fable of the World

A Philosophical Enquiry into
Freedom in Our Times

Grard Mairet

Translated by Philip Derbyshire

In this rigorous investigation of the

notion of sovereignty from Bodin
and Hobbes, through Rousseau
and the Federalists, to Foucault
and the framers of the European
constitution, Mairet examines the
articulation of the concept through
the bloody history of European
colonialism. He also shows how
the reconstitution of the European
political community after World
War II offered the hope of a postsovereign mode of political beingin-the-world.

Distributed for Seagull Books

2010 346 p. 6 x 71/2
134 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-19-4 $29.00 IND
Your Price: $10.00

The History of
Continental Philosophy

Edited by Alan D. Schrift

While Gilles Deleuze complained
that the history of philosophy
plays a patently repressive role
in philosophical education, this
outstanding eight-volume work
will have the opposite effect on
readers. It opens up new vistas and
possibilities by bringing canonical
figures (Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche,
Heidegger, Sartre, Derrida), the
necessary supporting cast (Herder,
Schelling, Kierkegaard, Peirce),
and marginal voices (Freud,
Dostoevsky, utopian socialists,
black existentialists) often given
short shrift in less comprehensive
histories into sharp focus.
2010 8 volumes 3040 p. 6 x 9
135 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-74046-1 $800.00 NSA
Your Price: $249.00

For and Against Method

Including Lakatoss Lectures on
Scientific Method and the LakatosFeyerabend Correspondence

Imre Lakatos and Paul Feyerabend

Edited and with an Introduction by
Matteo Motterlini

A Dynamic View

Wildly politically incorrect, full

of bizarre excesses and abuses
for all and sundry, nevertheless
through these letters the Lakatos
and Feyerabend that I knew come
vividly back to life.Times Higher
Education Supplement
The writings in this volume
are of considerable intellectual
importance, and will be of great
interest to anyone concerned
with the development of the
philosophical views of Lakatos and
Feyerabend.British Journal for
the Philosophy of Science

2008 290 p. 6 x 9 14 halftones, 8 line drawings,

25 figures, 5 tables
136 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-54825-8 $40.00
Your Price: $13.00

1999 459 p. 6 x 9 7 halftones, 7 line drawings

139 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-46774-0 $54.00
Your Price: $13.00
140 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-46775-7 $37.50
Your Price: $12.00

Metaphors Dead and

Alive, Sleeping and
Cornelia Mller
Though this study is abstract
and philosophical, Muellers
well-organized discussion and
contextualized and empirical data
make the book readable and accessible.Choice

Gesture and Thought

David McNeill
This volume needs to be an essential part of the library of anyone
who wishes to know about the relationship of gesture, language, and
A momentous contribution to
our understanding of kinetic and
visual expression. . . . McNeills
detailed descriptions of how gestures represent ideas contribute
greatly to our understanding of
images as carriers of abstractions.Leonardo
2005 328 p. 6 x 9 92 figures, 13 tables
137 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-51462-8 $48.00
Your Price: $13.00

Wittgenstein in Ireland

Richard Wall
One of the most haunting
and revealing accounts of
[Wittgensteins] complex personality. . . . Wall has documented
Wittgensteins various visits to and
sojourn in Ireland and has managed to retrace Wittgensteins steps
with remarkable fidelity.Times
Literary Supplement

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2000 202 p. 51/2 x 81/4
138 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-077-1 $27.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

The Promise of

Modernism and the Crisis of

Knowledge and Authority

John Patrick Diggins

Digginss superbly informed book
comprises a comprehensive history
of American pragmatic thought.
. . . Diggins is just as good on the
revival of pragmatism thats taken
place over the last 20 years in
America.Washington Post Book
1994 528 p. 6 x 9
141 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-14878-6 $38.00
Your Price: $13.00
142 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-14879-3 $27.50
Your Price: $9.00

The Philosophy of

Gary Peters
This aptly titled work considers
not the how-to of improvisation
but rather the motivations and
meaning behind spontaneous
2009 200 p. 6 x 9
143 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-66278-7 $40.00
Your Price: $12.00
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12 Philosophy
Jean-Paul Sartre
from Seagull Books

The Aftermath of War

Translated by Chris Turner

The Aftermath of War brings

together essays written in Sartres
most creative period, just after
World War II. Sartres extraordinary range of engagement is manifest, with writings on post-war
America, the social impact of war
in Europe, contemporary philosophy, race, and avant garde art.

American Nietzsche

A History of an Icon and His Ideas

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen
One of the books conclusions
is thatthrough the questions
he posed, the debates his work
generated and the invitations to
self-reflection that commentaries
on it often formulatedNietzsche
helped Americans to acquire a better sense of cultural identity and,
as a culture, a higher level of intellectual maturity.Times Higher
Ratner-Rosenhagen also tells
the story of an America that cannot but see itself through European
2011 464 p. 6 x 9 21 halftones
144 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-70581-1 $30.00
Your Price: $12.00

Nietzsche, Psychology,
and First Philosophy

Robert B. Pippin
Pippin presents a much-needed
new approach and appreciation of
Nietzsche. . . . [He] adroitly starts
fresh with Nietzsche, considering
his work holistically and in the
context of both early psychology
and 19th-century French morality. In his novel reading, Pippin
exposes the folly of underappreciating Nietzsches irony and selfcriticism.Choice
2010 152 p. 6 x 9
145 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-66975-5 $31.00
Your Price: $10.00
146 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-66976-2 $23.00
Your Price: $9.00

The Work of Mourning

Jacques Derrida

Translated by Pascale-Anne Brault and

Michael Naas

Among those whose passing

Derrida observes are Jean-Francois
Lyotard, Roland Barthes, Michel
Foucault and Gilles Deleuze. In his
rapt attention to his subjects work
and their influence upon him, the
book also offers a hesitant and
tangential retelling of Derridas
own life in French philosophical
2001 272 p. 6 x 9
147 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-14316-3 $32.50
Your Price: $11.00

2008 368 p. 51/4 x 81/4

148 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905422-88-3 $18.95 IND
Your Price: $7.00

Conversations with
Jean-Paul Sartre

Edited by Perry Anderson, Quintin Hoare

and Ronald Fraser

These interviews take Sartre

on a wide-ranging tour of his
philosophy and politics. Here
we have Simone de Beauvoir
challenging Sartre on his own
attitude towards machismo and
feminism; and Sartre responding
thoughtfully to questions which
range from Freud, Marx, and the
drama of Bertolt Brecht to the
Cultural Revolution, Stalinism,
the May Events and of course,
the US war on Vietnam.

2006 128 p. 53/4 x 81/4

149 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905422-01-2 $21.95 IND
Your Price: $7.00


Translated by Chris Turner

This new translation by Chris

Turner presents these essays in
their complete form as originally
intended by Sartre.
This updated collection of
essays by one of the best-known
philosophers of the past century
will appeal to readers familiar
with Sartre but also those new to
his writings.Library Journal
2009 686 p. 5 x 8
150 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-17-0 $30.00 IND
Your Price: $7.00

Camus and Sartre

The Story of a Friendship and the

Quarrel that Ended It

Ronald Aronson
There is nothing quite like the
spectacle of two French intellectuals locked in fierce ideological
argument, hurling brilliant insults
at each other.Newsday
Aronson has made a strong case
that neither Sartre nor Camus can be
understood without examining their
relationship.H-France Review
2004 302 p. 6 x 9
151 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-02796-8 $40.00
Your Price: $12.00

The Problem of Genesis

in Husserls Philosophy
Jacques Derrida

Translated by Marian Hobson

A dissertation is not merely a

prerequisite for an academic job. It
may set the stage for a scholars life
project. So, [the doctoral dissertation] of . . . Jacques Derrida, never
before available in English, may be
of more than passing interest. . . .
From the start, Mr. Derrida displayed his inventive linguistic style
and flouting of convention.
Chronicle of Higher Education
2003 321 p. 6 x 9
152 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-14315-6 $35.00
Your Price: $11.00

Tzvetan Todorov
from Seagull Books

Duties and Delights:

The Life of a

Interviews with Catherine Portevin

2008 424 p. 61/2 x 8

153 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905422-89-0 $39.95 IND
Your Price: $12.00

Memory as a Remedy
for Evil

Translated by Gila Walker

With Photographs by Naveen Kishore
2010 86 p. 41/4 x 61/4 20 halftones
154 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-43-9 $15.00 IND
Your Price: $7.00

Hobbess Critique of
Religion and Related
Leo Strauss

Translated and Edited by Gabriel Bartlett and

Svetozar Minkov

An indispensable resource for

both students of early modern
thought and for those interested
in the thought of Leo Strauss.
Strausss early essays on Hobbes
address with remarkable force and
directness key concerns of such
well-known later works as Natural
Right and History and What Is
Political Philosophy?Susan Meld
Shell, Boston College
2011 184 p. 6 x 9
155 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-77682-8 $32.00
Your Price: $10.00

A Dialogue between
a Philosopher and a
Student of the Common
Laws of England
Thomas Hobbes

Edited and with an Introduction byJoseph Cropsey

Cropsey has . . . give Hobbes

scholars a new dimension in interpreting [Hobbes] theory of politics
and has provided a . . . lucid introduction which students of politics,
philosophy, and law should find
1971 176 p. 6 x 9
156 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-34541-3 $23.00
Your Price: $7.00

Classics & Ancient Studies 13

The Uruk World System
The Dynamics of Expansion of Early
Mesopotamian Civilization, Second

Guillermo Algaze
A highly stimulating contribution
to a subject which has for decades
been crying out for someone with
Algazes courage to tackle, and it
will surely hold a central place in
future discussion for some time to
come.Journal of the American
Oriental Society
1993, 2004 174 p. 81/2 x 11
25 halftones, 25 figures, 15 maps
157 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-01382-4 $40.00
Your Price: $15.00

Wondrous Curiosities

Ancient Egypt at the British Museum

Stephanie Moser

Published with the assistance of the Getty


The British Museum has played

a huge role in constructing the
worlds view of Egypts past.
Stephanie Moser shows how the
museum came to define Egyptian
culture by the way it presented
objects to the public. This fascinating exploration looks at the history
of some of its iconic treasures and
how they ended up at the museum.
New Scientist
2006 360 p. 7 x 10 13 color plates, 99 halftones
158 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-54210-2 $29.00
Your Price: $11.00

Roman Women

Edited by Augusto Fraschetti

Translated by Linda Lappin With a new
Introduction by Augusto Fraschetti

This collection of essays features

important Roman women who
were active in politics, theater,
cultural life, and religion from the
first through the fourth centuries.
Presents biographical sketches
of nine well-known Roman women
and, through them, a fair overview of the interpretive problems
regarding the attempt to retrieve
the experiences of women as
autonomous persons in a patriarchal society.Journal of Religion
1999 248 p. 6 x 9
159 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-26094-5 $30.00
Your Price: $11.00

Plato the Myth Maker

Luc Brisson

Edited, translated, and with an Introduction

by Gerard Naddaf

This precise and rigorous book .

. . is valuable in two ways: first, as
a particularly clear definition of
Platos position, and thus a solid
contribution to the history of the
concept of myth, and second, as
an extraordinarily rich image that
sketches the mythic performance
in classical Greece.LHomme
1998 244 p. 6 x 9 4 tables
160 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-07518-1 $43.00
Your Price: $12.00
Much more information about each book is on our
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the web, see the last page.

The Greeks

Edited by Jean-Pierre Vernant

Translated by Charles Lambert and Teresa

Lavender Fagan

What do we mean when we speak

of ancient Greeks? A person from
the Archaic period? The war hero
celebrated by Homer? The Greeks
offers the most complete portraits
available of typical Greek personages from Athens to Sparta,
Arcadia, Thessaly and Epirus to
the city-states of Asia Minor, to the
colonies of the Black Sea, southern
Italy, and Sicily.
1995 326 p. 6 x 9
161 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-85383-3 $25.00
Your Price: $10.00

How to Stage Greek

Tragedy Today

Simon Goldhill
Goldhills new book is enthralling. A cant put down and a forever reread. Vanessa Redgrave
One of the most instructive and
lucidly written books about theater
to have been published in recent
2007 208 p. 51/4 x 8 20 halftones
162 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-30128-0 $18.00
Your Price: $7.00

The Theatricality of
Greek Tragedy
Playing Space and Chorus

Graham Ley
Ley investigates with a fresh eye
and marked originality. His first
chapter alone will change many
contemporary assumptions about
how ancient Greek tragedy was
first performed, and his accompanying diagrams of possible staging
will contribute to this important
reassessment.Nicholas Rudall,
University of Chicago
2006 240 p. 6 x 9 5 halftones, 14 line drawings
163 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-47757-2 $45.00
Your Price: $13.00

A Commentary on
The Complete Greek
Tragedies. Aeschylus

James C. Hogan
James C. Hogan provides a general
introduction to Aeschylean theater
and drama, followed by a line-byline commentary on each of the
seven plays. He places Aeschylus
in the historical, cultural, and
religious context of fifth-century
Athens, showing how the action
and metaphor of Aeschylean theater can be illuminated by information on Athenian law athletic
contests, relations with neighboring states, beliefs about the underworld, and countless other details
of Hellnic life.

1985 332 p. 51/4 x 8

164 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-34843-8 $22.50
Your Price: $9.00

Socrates and the

Fat Rabbis

Daniel Boyarin
Boyarins book addresses suspicions that many have had as to how
dialogical Platos dialogues are,
and it brings to view how astonishingly constructed the Talmud
is in ways that have not been
considered until now . . . because
Babylonian Jewish literature has
hardly been considered in any
contexts but its own. Common
Boyarins ingeniously constructed dialogue between Plato
and the Talmud in this book has
implications for cultural and intellectual history.Times Literary
2009 408 p. 6 x 9 1 halftone
165 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-06916-6 $50.00
Your Price: $10.00
166 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-06917-3 $27.50
Your Price: $9.00

Richard Sorabji

Gandhi and the Stoics

Modern Experiments on Ancient

Shows us how valuable a comparative approach can still be in

providing us with new ways of
reading some of the worlds most
influential texts, as well as in
reflecting on one of the twentieth
centurys most influential human
2012 240 p. 6 x 9 3 halftones
167 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-76882-3 $35.00
Your Price: $13.00

Necessity, Cause and

Perspectives on Aristotles Theory

The book relates Aristotles

discussions to both the contemporary debates on determinism
and causation and the ancient
ones. It is especially detailed on
Stoic arguments about necessity . . . and on the social and
legal background to Aristotles

1980, 1998 334 p. 51/2 x 81/2

168 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-76824-3 $26.00
Your Price: $11.00

14 religion
Grave Matters

Mark C. Taylor and Dietrich

Christian Lammerts
It is a deeply personal book
comprised of a haunting essay by
Taylor and a series of black and
white photographs by Lammerts.
. . . It makes an eerie area of interest immediately accessible and
combats the popular perception of
graves as merely scary and morose.
As an object, the book is well conceived and carefully composed.
Contemporary Magazine

Shots in the Dark

Japan, Zen, and the West

Shoji Yamada

Translated by Earl Hartman

A powerful critique of the process

through which Zen was imported
into Western cultures.Choice
A very enjoyable meditation on
the curious thing called Zennot
the Japanese religious tradition
but rather the Western clich of
Zen that is embraced in advertising, self-help books, and much
2009 304 p. 6 x 9 8 halftones, 6 line drawings
169 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-94764-8 $40.00
Your Price: $9.00
170 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-94765-5 $26.00
Your Price: $8.00

Reading Zen in the


The Japanese Dry Landscape Garden

Franois Berthier

Translated and with a Philosophical Essay by

Graham Parkes

An absolutely stunning short book

on the meanings and philosophy of
the Japanese Zen rock garden, and
Graham Parkes translation retains
all the nuances and poetry of the
original French.Scott Gordon,
Daily Yomiuri
2000 179 p. 51/2 x 81/2 37 halftones
171 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-04412-5 $17.00
Your Price: $7.00


America and the Religion of No Religion

Jeffrey J. Kripal
Founded in the early 1960s,
Esalen drew eccentrics and artists like Aldous Huxley, Timothy
Leary, Henry Miller, and Joan
Baez, and soon became a sort of
sybaritic commune, where life
consisted, according to Kripal, of
sodomy in the baths, glossolalia in
the lodge, fistfights in the parking
lot, folk music in the cabins, and
meditation in the Big House.
New Yorker
[Kripal] has written the definitive intellectual history of the
ideas behind the institute.San
Francisco Chronicle
2007 594 p. 6 x 9 31 halftones, 1 color plate
172 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-45369-9 $32.00
Your Price: $9.00

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2004 168 p. 7.5 x 9.87
173 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-117-4 $25.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00


Mark C. Taylor

With a Foreword by Jack Miles

In the age of information, media,

and virtuality, questions that have
long haunted the philosophical
imagination are becoming urgent
practical concerns: Where does
the natural end and the artificial begin? Is there a difference
between the material and the
immaterial? In his new work, Mark
C. Taylor extends his ongoing
investigation of postmodern world.

1997 360 p. 7 x 8 3/4

15 color plates, 122 halftones
174 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-79159-3 $35.00
Your Price: $9.00

The Transformation of
American Religion
How We Actually Live Our Faith

Alan Wolfe
While others look at American
religion and see a two-party system
pitting conservatives against liberals, Mr. Wolfe sees a wide swath
of theological moderates. . . . The
measured tone that Mr. Wolfe
strikes in this important book will
be welcomed by many readers. So
should his call for full citizenship
for religious Americans.Wall
Street Journal
2003 320 p. 6 x 9
175 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-90518-1 $16.00 COBE
Your Price: $5.00

The Gold Leaf Lady and

Other Parapsychological
Stephen E. Braude
[The book] can certainly be recommended . . . to anyone thinking
about entering the psi area, for
it gives a clear impression of the
heat to be found in that particular
kitchen. One has to admire Braude
for having endured it so long with
no apparent impairment of his
enthusiasm or integrity.Journal
of Consciousness Studies
2007 232 p. 6 x 9
11 halftones, 5 line drawings, 2 tables
176 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-07152-7 $22.50
Your Price: $7.00


Edited by Yves Bonnefoy

Translated under the direction of
Wendy Doniger

A work of genuine and enduring

excitement.Christian Science
The appearance of this monumental work in a beautifully produced and richly illustrated English
edition is a publishing event of considerable significance.New York
Times Book Review
1991 1306 p. 81/2 x 11 Two-volume set.
660 halftones
177 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-06453-6 $462.50
Your Price: $109.00

Gilgamesh Epic and Old

Testament Parallels
Alexander Heidel
2nd edition

Working from three thousand

year old cuniform records, Heidel
interprets the famous Gilgamesh
Epic and other related Babylonian
and Assyrian documents. He compares them with corresponding
portions of the Old Testament in
order to determine the inherent
historical relationship of Hebrew
and Mesopotamian ideas.
1946, 1949 280 p.
178 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-32398-5 $20.00
Your Price: $9.00

Surpassing Wonder

The Invention of the Bible and the


Donald Harman Akenson

Akensons interpretation of these
classics is a promising start for anyone. He encourages serious, holistic
reading by word and example.
New York Times Book Review
What makes Surpassing Wonder
so wonderful is the sheer good
humor with which the author
approaches even the weightiest
scholarly and theological concerns.Los Angeles Times Book

1998 658 p. 61/4 x 91/4 2 illustrations, 5 tables

179 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-01073-1 $30.00 CAN
Your Price: $10.00


The Jews from Spain

Paloma Daz-Mas

Edited and translated by George K. Zucker

An authoritative, reliable, wellorganized, and very readable guide

through a complex and at times
misunderstood culture. Daz-Mas
covers virtually every facet of
Sephardic culture, from rites to
language, from early history to the
most recent developments.
Myron Lichtblau, Syracuse
1992 250 p. 6 x 9
180 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-14483-2 $54.00
Your Price: $10.00
181 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-14484-9 $20.00
Your Price: $7.00


A Historical Atlas

Robert H. Hewsen
The atlas requires patience and
energy to mine its treasures. . . .
But what treasures there are!
Hewsens atlas should be a
standard book on the shelves of
all scholars interested in Caucasia
and the Middle East. . . . This
treasure trove of historical and
geographic information brings
to life the immense riches of the
history, people, and culture of the
region.Russian Review
2001 342 p. 11 x 17 278 color maps, 3 line drawings
182 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-33228-4 $202.50
Your Price: $59.00

Cartographic Treasures
of the Newberry Library

Newberry Library
Beautifully designed . . . containing splendid reproductions and
enlightening captions, providing
the reader with an understanding of the cartographic value and
importance of each map and, consequently, the reasons for its designation as a treasure. WAML
Information Bulletin
Distributed for the Newberry Library
2002 104 p. 11 x 81/2 23 color plates
57 halftones
183 Paper ISBN: 978-0-911028-71-3 $20.00
Your Price: $7.00

Mark Monmonier

Coast Lines

How Mapmakers Frame the World

and Chart Environmental Change

[Coast Lines] provides an

excellent grounding for a full
understanding of the complexity
of all factors involved with the
historical and current mapping
and charting of the worlds coastlines.Imago Mundi
2008 224 p. 6 x 9 85 halftones
184 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-53403-9 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00

No Dig, No Fly, No Go
How Maps Restrict and Control

In this lively and illuminating work, [Monmonier] looks

at everything from property
boundaries, arbitrarily imposed
colonial borders, gerrymandering, environmental zoning, satellite tracking and the control of
airspace. Crucial to his analysis
is our unconscious acceptance of
these cartographic boundaries
and the social acquiescence that
these borders demand.The Age
2010 242 p. 6 x 9
63 halftones, 19 line drawings
185 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-53468-8 $18.00
Your Price: $7.00

Cartography & Geography 15

The Atlas of Coasts and
Ecosystems, Threatened Resources,
Marine Conservation

Don Hinrichsen
An excellent one-stop resource for
graphical and pictorial information
on a wide range of topics, focusing
on the damaging effects of human
activities on marine life and the
importance of conservation efforts
to preserve the oceans.Choice
This atlas illustrates the pressures
bearing down on the worlds coasts
and inshore waters and the pressures
created, in turn, for people who
live near coasts (most of the worlds
population).Foreign Affairs
2011 128 p. 93/4 x 71/2 115 color plates
186 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-34226-9
$22.00 COBE/EU
Your Price: $7.00

The Natures of Maps

Cartographic Constructions of the

Natural World

Denis Wood and John Fels

Foreword by John Pickles

Nothing like this has been

attempted in cartography before.
. . . The book is intelligent and
drop-dead gorgeous; turning the
project into an art book as well as
a theoretical study of maps and
nature. . . . Wood and Fels let the
maps make their argument, creating the reality they propose.
Cartographic Perspectives
2008 231 p. 11 x 11
179 color plates, 16 halftones
187 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-90604-1 $49.00
Your Price: $19.00

Chicago Made

Factory Networks in the Industrial


Robert Lewis
Lewis has created an excellent
study of the very networks that
made industrial Chicago possible.Journal of Illinois History
A masterful contribution to our
understanding of American industrial districts and urban growth
processes.Journal of Economic
2008 364 p. 6 x 9
24 halftones, 17 maps, 30 tables
188 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-47701-5 $45.00
Your Price: $13.00

Historic Illinois
from the Air

David Buisseret
A distinctive and skillful effort to
bring facets of Illinois history to
a popular as well as an academic
audience.John Hoffman, Illinois
Historical Survey, University of
Illinois Library
1990 248 p. 81/2 x 11 210 illustrations,
22 line drawings, 75 maps
189 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-07989-9 $62.50
Your Price: $15.00

The History of
Cartography, Volume 3
Cartography in the European

Edited by David Woodward

A massive achievement which
should demand the attention of
all historians of the Renaissance,
not merely those with an interest
in science, geography and cartography.Journal of Historical
These volumes are indispensable to any researcher in the field.

2007 2272 p. 81/2 x 103/2 80 color plates,

815 halftones, 150 line drawings, 20 tables
190 Boxed Set ISBN: 978-0-226-90732-1 $430.00
Your Price: $149.00

The History of
Volume 2, Book 3

Cartography in the Traditional

African, American, Arctic,
Australian, and Pacific Societies

Edited by David Woodward and

G. Malcolm Lewis
Indigenous cartography from this
point forward, will always be regarded
as an integral part of the history of

On the Series
It is permitted to few scholars
both to extend the boundaries of
their field of study and to redefine
it as a discipline. Yet that is precisely what The History as a whole
is doing.Imago Mundi
1998 500 p. 81/2 x 11 24 color plates,
267 halftones, 196 line drawings, 5 tables
191 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-90728-4 $230.00
Your Price: $69.00

The Sovereign Map

Theoretical Approaches in
Cartography throughout History

Christian Jacob

Edited by Edward H. Dahl

Translated by Tom Conley

A very heavy and philosophical

work, but one of the most important to be published recently dealing with maps.Portolan
2005 464 p. 6 x 9 11 color plates, 45 halftones,
15 line drawings
192 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-38953-0 $70.00
Your Price: $23.00

16 architecture
Joseph M. Siry

Beth Sholom

Frank Lloyd Wright and Modern

Religious Architecture

Grand Hotels
Reality and Illusion

Elaine Denby
A breathtaking journey round the
worlds most luxurious hotels.
Ideal Home
The joyous message is that
everything is permitted in the
way of architectural fantasy, that
imagination need not be restrained
by good taste, and also that sheer
desire can create buildings that
exceed expectations, even expectations of the most devoted traveler.
. . . For those obliged to stay home
the plates in this volume will be
ample compensation.Sunday

Distributed for Reaktion Books

1998 304 p. 8 3/4 x 103/4
193 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-010-8 $65.00 NSA
Your Price: $19.00
194 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-121-1 $35.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

When Buildings Speak

Architecture as Language in the

Habsburg Empire and Its Aftermath,

Anthony Alofsin
Alofsin says that the cold war left
much of the extraordinary, creative modern architecture created
in the breakup of the Hapsburg
Empire relatively unknown to
Western scholars. Thus his book
wanders widely in those territories . . . . Along the way, he scans
official buildings, churches, and
cemeteries for what he calls the
interplay between personal and
national identity. Chronicle of
Higher Education

Siry offers a wealth of insights

into the buildings adventurous
structural configuration, the
remarkable interplay between
architecture and nature experienced in the main worship space,
and the close working relationship that developed between the
architect and his client.Choice

2011 736 p. 81/2 x 11

10 color plates, 295 halftones
197 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-76140-4 $70.00
Your Price: $23.00

The Chicago
Auditorium Building

Adler and Sullivans Architecture

and the City

Siry tells the story of the

Auditorium building as an epic
saga. Developers Ferdinand
Peck and Adler and Sullivan are
depicted as deft collaborators
who carefully crafted a monumental building that reflected
the most advanced technological innovations of the day and
progressive social ideas that promoted culture for the masses.
Chicago Tribune
2002 580 p. 81/2 x 10
16 color plates, 200 halftones
198 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-76134-3 $45.00
Your Price: $13.00

The Plan of Chicago

Daniel Burnham and the Remaking

of the American City

Carl Smith
What sets this book apart from
other Burnham histories is Smiths
attention to the filthy, miserable, nineteenth-century city that
repelled and motivated Burnham,
and the extraordinary promotional
effort led by the Commercial Club
of Chicago that sold his plan to the
public.Chicago Tribune
An imaginative, beautifully produced, and visually appealing masterpiece of stirring prose and stunning
illustration.New York Sun

2006 300 p. 81/2 x 11

158 color plates, 52 halftones
195 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-01506-4 $75.00
Your Price: $19.00

2006 184 p. 51/2 x 81/2 62 halftones, 6 maps

199 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-76471-9 $24.00
Your Price: $7.00

Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Burnham of Chicago

Edward Dimendberg
From their transformation of New
Yorks Lincoln Center to their lauded work on Manhattans Highline,
this has been one of the firms to
watch for decades.Tropic

Thomas S. Hines

Architecture after Images

2013 248 p. 9 x 101/2

75 color plates, 31 halftones
196 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-15181-6 $65.00
Your Price: $29.00

Architect and Planner, Second Edition

With a new Introduction by Neil Harris

Hines has written what may prove

to be an epoch-making book in the
study of American civilization.
Times Literary Supplement
In every sense this is the definitive biography.Chicago Tribune
1974, 1979, 2009 474 p. 6 x 9 148 halftones
200 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-34172-9 $22.50
Your Price: $5.00

Travels in the History of

Robert Harbison
[An] extraordinary interpretation of Western architecture .
. . Harbisons expression of his
personal and professional views
is unbelievably shattering and
breathtaking; he has the capacity to alter the entire history of
Western architecture for 100 years
to come.Library Journal

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2009 288 p. 51/2 x 9 180 halftones
201 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-818-0 $24.95 NSA
Your Price: $8.00

After You Left / They

Took It Apart

Demolished Paul Rudolph Homes

Chris Mottalini
The culmination of an obsessive seven-year-long photographic
preservation project, [it] restores
dignity to these homes once again,
even as they are ravaged by time
and neglect and facing imminent
demolition.New York Times
The images read like portraits
of neglect and speak volumes about
the way society forgets historically
important buildings in favor of the
newest thing.Los Angeles Times
Distributed for Columbia College Chicago
2013 75 p. 10 x 8 44 color plates
202 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-935195-45-0 $50.00
Your Price: $13.00

Survival City

Adventures among the Ruins of

Atomic America

Tom Vanderbilt
A fascinating political and cultural analysis of cold war architecture: a vast array of structures
from missile silos to small towns
built to test the effectiveness of
an atomic blast, presidential fallout shelters, nuclear waste dumps,
monoliths like the windowless
PacBell building in Los Angeles, and
countless motels and diners named
Atomic. Publishers Weekly
2010 240 p. 6 x 9 80 halftones, 7 line drawings
203 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-84694-1 $17.00
Your Price: $6.00

The Complete House

and Grounds

Learning from Andrew Jackson

Downings Domestic Architecture

Caren Yglesias
Caren Yglesias, a practicing
architect, examinesthe legacy
ofAndrew Jackson Downing, now
considered the father of American
landscape architecture, with an eye
for relevance to todays domestic

Distributed for the Center for American Places

2011 255 p. 6 x 9 100 halftones
204 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-935195-24-5 $40.00
Your Price: $10.00

art 17

Jean-Antoine Houdon

Edited by Laurence Madeline

Anne L. Poulet
[The essays] detail Houdons
artistic development and provide
insights into his working methods
and his relationships with his subjects, a group that included Molire,
Diderot, Voltaire, Franklin and
Napoleon. . . . He could do teeth,
the pupils of the eyes, soft dimples,
even tears; details that, two centuries later, still catch the breath.
New York Times
Houdon may be the greatest
portrait sculptor of all time.
Washington Post

Pablo Picasso and Gertrude Stein

Translated by Lorna Scott Fox

A triumph of scholarship. Editor

Laurence Madeline provides scrupulous annotation, drawing upon
memoirs, biographies, cultural
histories, and other peoples letters;
the book is beautifully illustrated
with photograhs, manuscripts,
works of art, and reproductions of
postcards. . . . Although both Stein
and Picasso have been written
about extensively, this volume is
fresh, rich, and engrossing.
Georgia Review
Distributed for Seagull Books
2008 390 p. 8 x 9
205 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905422-91-3 $29.95 IND
Your Price: $8.00

Ad Reinhardt
Michael Corris

With a Preface by Dore Ashton

Handsomely produced. . . . An
impressively researched book,
this is also the first to provide
an account of Reinhardts entire
Let us hope that when further exhibitions and studies of
Reinhardt are undertaken, Michael
Corris is invited to contribute. The
furtherance of art history depends
on scholars such as he being willing to get their hands dusty on our
behalf.Art Book

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2008 256 p. 61/2 x 94/5
206 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-356-7 $39.95 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

Gerhard Richter
A Life in Painting

Dietmar Elger

Translated by Elizabeth M. Solaro

Among the many triumphs of

Dietmar Elgers landmark first
biography of [Gerhard Richter] . . .
is to show how Richters apparently
neutral tones are part of a long,
complicated fight against traditional German emotionalism.
Financial Times
2010 408 p. 7 x 10 78 color plates, 103 halftones
207 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-20323-2 $45.00
Your Price: $12.00

Gerhard Richter
Images of an Era

Edited by Uwe M. Schneede

Providing new insight intohis
complex photo-derived works,
Gerhard Richter: Images of an Era
presents fifty of the artists works
that cumulatively form an image of
Richters Germanyits hopes and
dreams, its new possibilities and
memories of the oppressive past.

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

2011 216 p. 8 3/4 x 11
167 color plates, 55 halftones
208 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-5001-8 $59.95 NAJ
Your Price: $19.00

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Sculptor of the Enlightenment

2003 400 p. 9 x 11
144 color plates, 225 halftones
209 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-67649-4 $60.00
Your Price: $15.00

French Porcelain

In the Collection of Her Majesty The

Queen - 3 volumes

Geoffrey de Bellaigue
A monumental three-volume work
that scholars, collectors, and amateurs of Vincennes/Svres porcelain
have been anticipating eagerly for
such a long time and the likes of
which will probably never be seen
again. . . . The superbly detailed
photographs replicate the experience that only a very few curators or
collectors are privileged to experience.Apollo Magazine
Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust
2010 1312 p. 10 x 13 3 volumes; 2400 illustrations
210 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905686-10-0 $350.00 USCA
Your Price: $199.00

Louise Bourgeois Spider

The Architecture of Art-Writing

Mieke Bal
In the same way that much of
Bourgeoiss work can be read as a
not so subtle attack on the verities
of sculptural Modernism, so Bals
discourse can be understood as
a continuous and often salutary
thrust against establishment art
history.London Review of Books
Bal presents the work [Spider]
as a theoretical object, one that
can teach us how to think, speak,
and write about art.Feminist
Academic Press


2001 88 p.
25 color plates
211 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-03575-8 $40.00
Your Price: $13.00

Alexandre Cabanel
The Tradition of Beauty

Edited by Andreas Blhm

Alexandre Cabanel is the first retrospective to deal comprehensively
with the breadth of Cabanels oeuvre. This beautifully printed volumedesigned by renowned fashion designer Christian Lacroix
presents sixty stunning works from
Cabanels brilliant career.

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

2011 128 p. 91/2 x 113/4 120 color plates
212 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-3691-3 $39.95 NAJ
Your Price: $14.00

Monet and His Muse

Camille Monet in the Artists Life

Mary Mathews Gedo

A highly original work of impeccable scholarship, not only because
it provides the first thorough and
penetrating psychobiographical
portrait of the artist, but also
because of its unusual focus on the
profound role that the painters
first wife played in his life and art.
. . . This book simply represents
the crowning achievement of our
countrys best psychobiographer of
figures in the visual arts.
Bradley I. Collins, Parsons, the
New School for Design

2010 272 p. 81/2 x 11

50 color plates, 73 halftones, 1 line drawing
213 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-28480-4 $60.00
Your Price: $17.00

The Brush and the Pen

Odilon Redon and Literature

Dario Gamboni

Translated by Mary Whittall

Gamboni has succeeded in writing a compelling, sensitive, and

enlightening study of an artist
whose work is mysterious and
difficult to interpret and whose
late writings have given scholars
a misleading impression of his
intellectual development. . . . This
important volume will immediately become a standard reference
on the artist.H-France Review
2011 424 p. 6 x 9 94 halftones
214 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-28055-4 $70.00
Your Price: $20.00


Love and Death, even

Juan Ramrez
[The author charts] Duchamps
overlapping fascinations with scientific truth, love and death.Art
Ramirez gives a great deal of
detailed information drawn from
sources taken from contemporary
advertising. These images contribute
a wealth of visual material that purposefully animates the pages of the
book while giving the reader a visual
key to the material that lies ahead.
Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Distributed for Reaktion Books

1998 304 p.
215 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-027-6 $45.00 CUSA
Your Price: $15.00

18 art
Jan van Eyck

The Play of Realism, Second Updated

and Expanded Edition

The Emergence of the

Classical Style in Greek

Richard Neer
The Emergence of the Classical
Style in Greek Sculpture offers a
visually and conceptually fresh
take on its perennially fascinating
[This is] a major contribution
to our understanding of the history of Greek sculpture; it will be
a constant source of intellectual
stimulation and critical inspiration
for scholars in the field for years to
come.Times Literary Supplement

2010 288 p. 81/2 x 11 10 color plates,

130 halftones, 12 line drawings
216 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-57063-1 $70.00
Your Price: $23.00
217 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-57064-8 $40.00
Your Price: $20.00

Narcissus Reflected

The Myth of Narcissus in Surrealist

and Contemporary Art

David Lomas
Lomas offers an expansive examination of the Narcissus myth. His
illuminating discussions of each
artist weave together the biographical and the theoretical. And the
colorful, vivid, and erotic reproductions that illustrate the book
help convey the scope and power of
the original exhibition.Gay and
Lesbian Review
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2011 176 p. 71/2 x 101/4
40 color plates, 60 halftones
218 Paper ISBN: 978-0-947912-99-4 $27.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

The Tragic Muse

Art and Emotion, 17001900

Anne Leonard
The Tragic Muse examines the
richly varied representation of
tragedy in the European artistic
tradition over the course of two
centuries. This catalog is generously illustrated with four-color
reproductions of all the works
contained in the exhibition.

Distributed for the Smart Museum of Art

2011 128 p. 8 x 11 75 color plates
219 Paper ISBN: 978-0-935573-49-7 $30.00
Your Price: $10.00
Much more information about each book is on our
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the web, see the last page.

Craig Harbison
This revised and expanded edition
includes many illustrations and
reveals how van Eyck presented his
contemporaries with a more subtle
and complex view of the value of
appearances as a route to understanding the meaning of life.
Praise for the first edition
An enthralling study.Sunday
Admirably restores a sense of
van Eycks singularity and modernity. [A] highly original book.
Art Bulletin

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2012 317 p. 51/2 x 81/2
49 color plates, 88 halftones
220 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-820-3 $29.95 NSA
Your Price: $10.00

Drawings and Prints by

Vincent van Gogh

In the Collection of the Krller-Mller


Edited by Theo Meedendorp

This volume not only produces
new information on the provenance of certain van Gogh works,
but frequently comes up with a
sharper analysis of the techniques
and materials used by the artist,
as well as new dates for individual

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

2007 192 p. 8 x 101/2 455 color plates
221 Cloth ISBN: 978-90-78964-05-6 $99.95 CUSA
Your Price: $33.00

Edvard Munch

Psyche, Symbol and Expression

Edited by Jeffery Howe

Along with 60 color plates and
130 black and white illustrations,
this exhibit catalog includes
essays examining the meanings
of Munchs imagery, his sources
in Symbolist art, his legacy for
German Expressionism, and
comparisons with Ibsen and

Distributed for the Mcmullen Museum of Art

2001 168 p. 8 3/4 x 91/2 approx. 125 halftones,
24 color plates
222 Paper ISBN: 978-1-892850-02-7 $55.00
Your Price: $19.00

The Light Club

On Paul Scheerbarts The Light Club

of Batavia

Josiah McElheny
Translated into English for the first
An exciting hybridbeautifully
clear, yet complex; a meditation
on meta-narratives by a leading
artist and writer of his generation;
a work of art.Michelle Kuo,
Editor in Chief, Artforum

2010 104 p. 51/2 x 81/2 8 halftones

223 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-51457-4 $29.00
Your Price: $11.00

Rembrandts Late
Religious Portraits
Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.

With contributions by Volker Manuth,

Peter C. Sutton, and Anne T. Woollett

One of the most fascinating aspects

of Rembrandts extraordinary
artistic career is his suite of brooding half-length portraits of religious figures from the late 1650s
and early 1660s. Painted during
a difficult time in the artists life
these images are among the most
evocative Rembrandt created.

2005 150 p. 91/2 x 111/2

40 color plates, 30 halftones
224 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-89443-0 $42.50
Your Price: $12.00

Medieval Painting in

Jan Royt
First of all, [the book] has compassed the most recent knowledge
in the field, secondly, it can be
used as a textbook, and thirdly,
it fills a certain empty place in
contemporary literature. Last but
not least, its engaging written style
demonstrates the scholars sense
for significant manifestations and
clarity.Ji Kropek, Charles
Distributed for the Karolinum Press
2003 160 p. 8 x 10 80 color plates
225 Cloth ISBN: 978-80-246-0266-0 $40.00
Your Price: $13.00

Jewish Art

A Modern History

Samantha Baskind and Larry Silver

Unquestionably the most complete study of Jewish art ever
published, and it ranges from early
times to the conflicts and confluences between Israeli and Diaspora
Jewish culture.History

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2011 311 p. 71/2 x 94/5
60 color plates, 85 halftones
226 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-802-9 $35.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

Art, Word and Image

2,000 Years of Visual/Textual

John Dixon Hunt, David Lomas,

and Michael Corris
Especially noteworthy is the
treatment of the works of outsider
artists, such as August Walla. . . .
Those with an interest in twentieth-century art will find several
of the seven essays a fascinating
exploration of how artists in the
modern world have employed text
in their work.Cassone

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2010 410 p. 81/4 x 11
250 color plates, 70 halftones
227 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-520-2 $55.00 NSA
Your Price: $14.00
228 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-745-9 $39.00 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

art 19
Kazimir Malevich

Francesco Clemente

Rainer Crone and David Moos

Rainer Crone and David Moos
trace the artists development from
his beginnings in the Ukraine and
early years in Moscow through
to the late 1920s and beyond. The
authors demonstrate that it is only
through a close and sustained
reading of Malevichs lateand
still widely misunderstoodpainterly oeuvre that his extraordinarily
inventive stance can truly be comprehended.

Francesco Clemente

The Climax of Disclosure

1991 237 p. 81/2 x 11

58 color plates, 97 halftones
229 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-12093-5 $80.00 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

Framing Russian Art

From Early Icons to Malevich

Oleg Tarasov
This is not a book about the
frame-makers craft, but a lengthy
discussion of the purpose of
frames, borders and surrounds in
Russian art and architecture.
Art Newspaper

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2011 415 p. 8 x 10 81 color plates, 152 halftones
230 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-762-6 $70.00 NSA
Your Price: $19.00

Thierry de Duve

Sewn in the
Sweatshops of Marx

Beuys, Warhol, Klein, Duchamp

Translated by Rosalind E. Krauss

The book is a success at creating

a visual and textual cartography, as following the red thread
proves that you can indeed get
there (political economy) from
here (modern art/aesthetics) and
vice versa. Likewise, the author
provides fresh new perspective
where the four artists and Marx
are concerned.Visual Studies
2012 96 p. 51/2 x 81/2 35 halftones
231 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-92238-6 $20.00
Your Price: $8.00

Clement Greenberg
Between the Lines

Including a Debate with Clement

Translated by Brian Holmes

By reinterpreting Greenbergs
interpretations of Pollock,
Duchamp, and other canonical figures, de Duve establishes
new theoretical coordinates by
which to understand the uneasy
complexities and importance
of Greenbergs practice.John
OBrian, editor of Clement
Greenberg: The Collected Essays
and Criticisms
2010 160 p. 6 x 9
232 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-17516-4 $20.00
Your Price: $9.00


Text by Peter Lamborn Wilson

Few contemporary artists have

had the broad appeal of Francesco
Clemente, whose wide-eyed portraits and bold manipulation of
images from art and popular culture have established him as one of
the foremost artists working today.
Presented in this book are the
paintings that comprise his most
recent series, Nostalgia/Utopia.
Clemente continues to draw inspiration from a range of cultural
sources, from yellow taxicabs to
Piranesis etchings of subterranean
prisons to ancient Indian epics and

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

2012 72 p. 91/2 x 101/4 52 color plates
233 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-5321-7 $29.95 NAJ
Your Price: $11.00

Mantegna and Painting

as Historical Narrative

Jack M. Greenstein
Greenstein has raised the level of
sophistication of the historical criticism of Renaissance painting by at
least one whole notch; at the same
time, he has written a book for
everyone interested in problems of
interpretation.David Summers,
University of Virginia
1992 316 p. 6 x 9 61 halftones, frontispiece
234 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30707-7 $62.50
Your Price: $17.00

Museum, Inc.

Inside the Global Art World

Paul Werner
Werner uses Thomas Krenss
directorship of the Guggenheim
Foundation as a case study to
argue that museums have taken to
acting like monster corporations,
globalizing the art industry and
treating their collections as capital.ArtNews
All sorts of searing insights
about todays big-time art world,
its unholy mixture of funny
money, fake egalitarianism, and
backroom investment schemes.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Distributed for Prickly Paradigm Press
2005 88 p. 41/2 x 7
235 Paper ISBN: 978-0-9761475-1-0 $12.95
Your Price: $5.00

The Passionate Triangle

Rebecca Zorach
Has important implications for
how we understand subjectivity as well as painting during the
Renaissance. For students and
scholars of Italian Renaissance art,
The Passionate Triangle is not to be

2011 280 p. 61/8 x 91/4

8 color plates, 86 halftones
236 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-98939-6 $50.00
Your Price: $15.00


Visual Jokes, Natural History, and

Still-Life Painting

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

This elegantly illustrated book
offers us an abundance of complex
and elliptical reflections on art,
nature, philosophy, and poetry,
which makes the book an important working tool for research purposes.Art Newspaper
Arcimboldo provides for the first
time a brilliantly nuanced study of
paintings that, until now, had been
only superficially treated, despite (or
because of) their visual charm and
evident complexity.CAA Reviews
2010 336 p. 81/2 x 11
39 color plates, 43 halftones, 1 table
237 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-42686-0 $70.00
Your Price: $23.00

The Sensory World of

Italian Renaissance Art

Franois Quiviger
One major academic growth
industry has been the historical
study of the senses, in which the
sensory hierarchies and experiences of the past are reconstructed.
Franois Quivigers The Sensory
World of Renaissance Art is one of
the most stimulating and ambitious.Art Newspaper

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2010 206 p. 51/2 x 81/2
37 color plates, 58 halftones
238 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-657-5 $27.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00


Patrick Hunt
Caravaggio was the most revolutionary artist of the Italian
Baroque. The intensity and drama
of his chiaroscuro style is matched
only by his life. Outlaw, heretic,
murderer and sensualist are some
of the charges brought against him
by his contemporaries. Beyond his
penchant for unidealized representations of life, Caravaggios work
addressed a number of issues that
are as compelling today as they
were in early seventeenth century.

Distributed for Haus Publishing

2013 164 p. 5 x 8
239 Paper ISBN: 978-1-908323-23-1 $19.95 UK/EU
Your Price: $7.00

20 art
Artists Postcards

Image Factory

Jeremy Cooper
The first critical guide to artists
postcards and it sets about the task
in a methodical and comprehensive way. . . . For someone already
interested, its an excellent resource
and for someone new its a great
introduction. Well produced and
accesible, this publication is probably the key text so far in this rich
niche of the art world.Cassone
Art Review

Donald Richie
This thoughtful deconstruction
of Japans culture of images is an
essential aid to understanding for
those who live amid its proliferating messages and codes. Richie
applies his profoundly informed
but relaxed and conversational
analytic style to such different cultural manifestations as cell phone
culture, cuteness, pachinko and
myriad sex clubs.Daily Yomiuri

A Compendium

Victorian Miniatures

In the Collection of Her Majesty The

Queen - 2 Volume Set

Vanessa Remington
The Royal Collection houses one of
the largest groups of portrait miniatures in existence. These volumes
feature the more than one thousand pieces of this collection from
leading miniaturists of the time.
The neglected subject of
Victorian miniatures is deftly
explored in this sumptuous catalogue.Apollo

Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust

2010 864 p. 91/2 x 124/5 1,200 color plates, tables
240 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905686-23-0
$295.00 USCA
Your Price: $79.00

Treasuring the Gaze

Intimate Vision in Late EighteenthCentury Eye Miniatures

Hanneke Grootenboer
By examining the eye portrait
miniature, Grootenboer is able to
raise questions over issues of public and private display, to examine
the eighteenth-century cultures of
mourning, to trouble the divide
between subject and object, to
probe theoretical frameworks
such as gift giving, and finally, to
develop a new theory of intimate
vision. West 86th
2012 300 p. 7 x 10 24 color plates, 53 halftones
241 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30966-8 $45.00
Your Price: $22.00

Passionate Patrons

Victoria & Albert and the Arts

Leah Kharibian
Throughout the twenty-four years
of their marriage, Queen Victoria
and Prince Albert were enthusiastic supporters of British art,
commissioning a large number of
works and purchasing countless
others across a wide range of styles
and media. Passionate Patrons
offers a concise introduction to the
scope of Victoria and Alberts connoisseurship, tracing their evolving
tastes through the entire history of
Victorian art.

Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust

2010 192 p. 61/2 x 71/2 200 color plates
242 Paper ISBN: 978-1-905686-33-9 $14.95 USCA
Your Price: $6.00

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2012 344 p. 8 4/5 x 11 380 color plates, 70
243 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-852-4 $55.00 NSA
Your Price: $17.00

The Royal Portrait

Image and Impact

Jennifer Scott
A fresh assessment of the importance of portraiture in the imagemaking of monarchs from Richard
II to the present day, this book
covers a far wider timescale than
any previous studies of the subject.
Starting with the stylized royal
portraits of the early kings, it covers works by Holbein, Van Dyck,
Zoffany, Landseer and Freud.

Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust

2010 200 p. 10 x 81/4 175 color plates
244 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905686-13-1 $38.50 USCA
Your Price: $13.00

Unfolding Pictures
Fans in the Royal Collection

Jane Roberts, Prudence Sutcliffe

and Susan Mayor
The first fully detailed study
written from within the Royal
Collection on one of the most
important collections of fans in
the world. The Royal Collection of
fans is unique. Rather than being
purchased by connoisseurs, nearly
all the fans were created for or presented to their original royal owners, and have an unbroken provenance almost without precedent
in the history of fan collecting.

Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust

2010 232 p. 91/2 x 121/2 320 color plates
245 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-902163-16-1 $45.00 USCA
Your Price: $13.00

The Limits of Art

Two Essays

Tzvetan Todorov

Translated by Gila Walker

The strength of Todorovs . . .

essay lies not so much in its
originality as in the elegance and
persuasiveness of its thought. . . . It
is to be hoped that it will become
a required text for students of art,
literature and philosophy where it
will go a long way to clarifying the
obfuscations often found in such
courses.M/C Reviews

Distributed for Seagull Books

2010 101 p. 41/4 x 61/4
246 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-62-0 $15.00 IND
Your Price: $7.00

Fads and Fashions in Japan

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2004 192 p. 61/4 x 91/4
247 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-153-2 $24.95 NSA
Your Price: $8.00

Mekong Diaries

Viet Cong Drawings and Stories,


Sherry Buchanan
Buchanan journeyed across
Vietnam to gather previously
unpublished material from 10
Vietnamese artists who resisted
the U.S. The resulting volume is
a moving alternative to common
American narratives of the war
and offers extraordinary insight
into Vietnamese hearts, military
and civilian.Time
The book opens an important window onto the war. . . .
An important resource for those
studying the Vietnam War, particularly its cultural output.Choice

2008 264 p. 8 3/4 x 91/2 230 color plates

248 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-07830-4 $30.00 THVN
Your Price: $10.00

Art Under Control in

North Korea

Jane Portal
Fascinating study of the interface
between art and politics in North
Authoriative . . . clear and concise . . . many beautifully colored
reproductions and photos.
Concord Monitor

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2005 192 p. 71/2 x 93/4
80 color plates, 55 halftones
249 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-236-2 $35.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

Of What One Cannot

Doris Salcedos Political Art

Mieke Bal
Bal is a leading cultural critic,
known for her engaging writing style and clarity, even when
dealing with difficult theoretical
concepts. Bal also has incredible
respect for Salcedo and her work,
as this book models a process of
investigation akin to a dialogue
with art, rather than a clinical dissection of it.Choice
2010 296 p. 7 x 10 28 color plates, 31 halftones
250 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-03578-9 $65.00
Your Price: $21.00

Art / Photography 21
Winslow Homer
Poet of the Sea

Edited by Sophie Lvy

Winslow Homers raw, evocative
seascapes are among the most distinctive and powerful in American
art. Winslow Homer: Poet of the
Sea offers a fresh exploration of
Homer and his career-long preoccupation with the relationship
between humans and the waters
that define their world.
Distributed for the Terra Foundation for
American Art
2006 152 p. 82/3 x 11 100 color plates
251 Paper ISBN: 978-0-932171-50-4 $45.00
Your Price: $17.00

Power to the People

The Graphic Design of the Radical

Press and the Rise of the CounterCulture, 19641974

Geoff Kaplan
Reproduces stunning covers of
radical late 60s and early 70s
papers . . . including The Black
Panther, Paul Krassners The
Realist and the long-running Off
Our Backs. This is a remarkable
collection curating artifacts from
the diverse worlds of feminists,
leftists, technology visionaries,
gays and other factions all liberated by cheap printing.Chicago

Modern Life

2012 264 p. 10 x 12 700 color plates

255 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-42435-4 $45.00
Your Price: $22.00

Edited by Ortrud Westheider and

Michael Philipp
This new and sumptuously illustrated volume reproduces six of
Hoppers major works, together
with selections from more than
thirty other well-known artists
of the time, including Man Ray,
German-American expressionist
Lyonel Feininger, photographer
and precisionist painter Charles
Sheeler, and Georgia OKeeffe.

Robert Therrien

Edward Hopper and His Time Second Edition

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

2009 240 p. 9 x 11 143 color plates, 93 halftones
252 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-3401-8 $49.95 NAJ
Your Price: $17.00

Transforming Images
The Art of Silver Horn and His

Robert G. Donnelley, Candace S.

Greene, and Janet Catherine Berlo
Silver Horns lifespan placed him
in the midst of extreme cultural
transformations: by the time of his
death, highways, silos, and gas stations dominated the land that had,
at his birth, been the domain of
buffalo herds and Plains Indians.
Silver Horns art documents these
massive changes in the lives of the
Kiowa Indians, as well as changes
in Kiowa art itself.

Distributed for the Smart Museum of Art

2001 216 p. 91/4 x 12 75 color plates,
15 black and white photographs
253 Paper ISBN: 978-0-935573-31-2 $45.00
Your Price: $13.00

Chicago Makes Modern

How Creative Minds Changed Society

Edited by Mary Jane Jacob and

Jacquelynn Baas
Chicago Makes Modern applies
the missions of a brilliant group
of innovators to our own time.
From the radical social and artistic perspectives implemented by
Jane Addams, John Dewey, and
Buckminster Fuller to the avantgarde designs of Lszl MoholyNagy and Mies van der Rohe.


2012 304 p.
72 color plates, 30 halftones
254 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-38956-1 $35.00
Your Price: $13.00

Works on Paper

Edited by Christian Mller and

Kunstmuseum Basel
With Essays by Christian Mller

Represented in the permanent collections of world-renowned museums, including the Tate Modern
and Centre Georges Pompidou,
the works of Robert Therrien are
enigmatically complex and elude
classification. Robert Therrien now
reveals the compelling power of
Therriens art, demonstrating how
he draws upon everyday objects
such as dishware and furniture,
architectural elements, and other
unique inspirations to create his art.
Distributed for Scheidegger and Spiess
2008 124 p. 8 x 12 60 color plates
256 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-85881-217-9 $75.00 UK/EU
Your Price: $19.00

Between Sense and

de Kooning

Richard Shiff
Shiffs close attention to de
Koonings art produces a richer
and much more satisfying and
convincing understanding of its
core aesthetic qualities and firstorder meanings. As such, the book
deserves to be read by all practitioners of modern art history as an
experiment in close art writing as
a route to better interpretation.
Cassone Art Review

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2011 312 p. 81/4 x 11
100 color plates, 15 halftones
257 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-853-1 $49.00 NSA
Your Price: $17.00

Ballets Russes Style

Diaghilevs Dancers and Paris Fashion

Mary E. Davis
Davis conveys the electric excitement from a collection of talents
music by Stravinsky, sets by Picasso,
costumes by Bakstthat has never
been equaled.Independent
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2010 256 p. 6 x 8 30 color plates, 60 halftones
258 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-757-2 $29.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

Painting the Difference

Sex and Spectator in Modern Art

Charles Harrison
Harrison wants to show how
much more psychologically and
politically complex are the depictions of women in some key
Impressionist and early 20thcentury paintings than is generally
made out by their feminist interpreters.Art Monthly
Harrison thus proposes that
a central task of early modernist
painting was to generate critical
reflection about the automatic
identification of vision with the
viewpoint of one sex and class.
Art News
2005 312 p. 81/2 x 11
50 color plates, 130 halftones
259 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-31797-7 $75.00
Your Price: $17.00
260 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-31798-4 $49.00
Your Price: $15.00

Proust in the Power of


Translated by Richard Howard

An enormously appealing salute

by an artist who captured for all
time the night world of 1930s Paris
to a writer who, as much as any
man who ever lived, understood
what makes a metropolis tick.
New Republic
2001 176 p. 6 x 71/2 16 duotones
261 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-07144-2 $45.00
Your Price: $13.00


William Wylie

With an Essay by Eric Scigliano

The legendary Cava di Gioia

quarry in Carrara, Italy, was the
source of the luminous white marble
used by Michelangelo, Bernini,
Henry Moore, and other renowned
The photographs . . . capture the
life within the stone and bring to
life the hitherto-unseen beauty of a
land better known for its resources
than its distinctive beauty.
Photography Collector
Distributed for the Center for American Places
2009 84 p. 113/4 x 11
19 color plates, 32 halftones
262 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-98-4 $60.00
Your Price: $11.00

22 photography
Vintage People on Photo
Postcards by Tom Phillips
from the Bodleian Library


Foreword by William Fotheringham

2011 112 p. 7 x 71/2 200 color plates
266 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-368-6 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00


A Box of Photographs
Roger Grenier

Translated by Alice Kaplan

A Box of Photographs tells in

words and images the story of
a life spent with cameras and
typewriters, while also tracing
a path through the social and
cultural history of twentiethcentury France.Times Literary
Through charming anecdotes,
Grenier blends his own history
with that of photography, and
explains how the medium has
influenced his entire life.Library

2013 120 p. 51/2 x 81/2 16 halftones

263 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30831-9 $20.00
Your Price: $9.00

Circus Girl

Photographs by Saibal Das and

Text by Nola Rae
While the images are striking and
evocative, what makes this book
truly haunting and unforgettable is
the sparse text provided by worldrenowned mime Nola Rae. Rae
alternates between careful description of the images from an insiders
perspective and succinct prose
to elucidate the circus world.
Photographers Forum
Distributed for Seagull Books
2010 142 p. 91/2 x 91/2 79 halftones
264 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-33-0 $35.00 IND
Your Price: $11.00

The Rockabillies
Jennifer Greenburg

With Essays by Bruce Berenson and

Audrey Michelle Mast

Greenburgs carefully crafted

environmental portraits perfectly
reflect the attention to detail and
idealism of her subjects rockabilly
lifestyle. By making photographs
worthy of a glossy fashion magazine, Greenburg places the rockabillys nostalgia in a contemporary
context.Karen Irvine, associate
curator, Museum of Contemporary
Photography, Chicago

Distributed for the Center for American Places

2010 96 p. 91/2 x 9 45 color plates
265 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-99-1 $50.00
Your Price: $13.00
Much more information about each book is on our
website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

With a Foreword by David Lodge

2010 112 p. 7 x 71/2 200 color plates
267 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-359-4 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00


Foreword by Giles Waterfield

2011 112 p. 7 x 71/2 200 color plates
268 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-369-3 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00

The Steel

Photographs of the Bethlehem Steel

Plant, 19891996

Joseph E. B. Elliott
Aware of the decline and imminent demise of many integrated
steel mills in the United States and
fascinated by their monumental
architecture and machinery, Joseph
Elliott photographed the mills in
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania from
1989 until final shutdown in 1997.
Distributed for Columbia College Chicago
2012 101 p. 10 x 11 60 duotones
269 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-935195-25-2 $60.00
Your Price: $13.00

Stanley Greenberg

Time Machines

Introduction by David C. Cassidy

Having gained access to a variety of labs on five continents,

Brooklyn-based artist Stanley
Greenberg has taken ravishing,
even intimate photographs of
the objects they were built to
house.Art in America

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

2011 131 p. 101/4 x 11 80 halftones
270 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-4041-5 $59.95 NAJ
Your Price: $13.00

Architecture under
With a Foreword by Joseph Rosa

These magnificent photographs

capture the romance of construction sites with the precision and
poetry and insistent probing
curiosity we have come to expect
from Stanley Greenberg. For lovers of photography, architecture,
city life or simply the physical
world, this book is a musthave.Phillip Lopate
2010 120 p. 11 x 11 80 halftones
271 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30642-1 $45.00
Your Price: $11.00


Photographs of Jails, Schools, and

other Chicago Buildings

Scott Fortino

With a Foreword by Judith Russi Kirshner

The book is shockingly beautiful,

using rigorously formal compositions and ambient natural light
to illuminate the often austere
glories of Chicago public buildings by architects both deservedly famous (Mies van der Rohe,
Rem Koolhaas, Helmut Jahn) and
deservedly unknown. . . . In his
way, Fortino is as conscious an artist as his modernist forebears, from
Mondrian to Barnett Newman, Ad
Reinhardt, Dan Flavin and other
icons of American minimalism.
Chicago Sun-Times

Distributed for the Center for American Places

2005 88 p. 93/4 x 111/4 54 color photographs
272 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-39-7 $40.00
Your Price: $10.00


Western American Survey

Photographs by Bell and OSullivan

Joel Snyder

With Contributions by Josh Ellenbogen

One/Many brings together a group

of photographs by Timothy H.
OSullivan and William Bell, two
survey photographers who joined
expeditions to the American
West in the 1860s and 1870s.
Particularly noteworthy are their
never-before-published photographic panoramas, assemblages of
individual images joined together
to form a continuous, horizontal
landscape view.
Distributed for the Smart Museum of Art
2006 125 p. 10 x 8 70 four-color illustrations
274 Paper ISBN: 978-0-935573-43-5 $28.00
Your Price: $9.00

Western Rider

Views from a Car Window

Chuck Forsman
Visual poetry that conveys the
emotional essence of the western
road trip. Not the corporatized,
homogenous four-lane rush, but
the type of trip we might expect
from the likes of Abbey or McPhee
or Stegner.Great Plain Quarterly

Distributed for the Center for American Places

2003 120 p. 91/2 x 8 73 duotone plates
275 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-13-7 $32.50
Your Price: $8.00

Accommodating Nature
The Photographs of Frank Gohlke

John Rohrbach

With Essays by Frank Gohlke and Rebecca Solnit

There are precious few photographers who document the effect of

nature on landscapes, both human
and natural, as well as Gohlke.
Photographers Forum

Distributed for the Center for American Places

2007 176 p. 111/4 x 93/4 123 color plates
276 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-66-3 $65.00
Your Price: $11.00
277 Paper ISBN: 978-1-930066-65-6 $35.00
Your Price: $9.00

Photography / Film 23
Portraits from the Park
Comiskey Park Photographs,

Thomas W. Harney
Harney has captured, in rich
black and white, moments, many
of them quiet moments, some
of them private moments, all of
them compelling moments. Each
moment tells a story, and in doing
so, Portraits from the Park captures
a slice of history from the former
(some might say true) home of the
White Sox.Chicago Book Review
Distributed for Columbia College Chicago
2012 93 p. 9 x 8 67 halftones
278 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-935195-39-9 $35.00
Your Price: $11.00

Bob Thall

At Citys Edge

Photographs of Chicagos Lakefront

The inner struggle that Thall

obviously went through was
required for him to approach
this most defining of Chicagos
landscape elements . . . with a
maturity of vision that simply
was not available to him previously.Photo-Eye
This is a masterful work by
an artist still enamored with
the possibilities of his time, his
place, and his medium.Peter
Bacon Hales

Distributed for the Center for American

2005 96 p. 111/4 x 93/4 62 tritones
279 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-38-0 $45.00
Your Price: $9.00

City Spaces

Photographs of Chicago Alleys

In 1996, Bob Thall took one

picture though he didnt print
that picture for over a year. That
single alley photograph, however,
would stay with him, and eventually it would inspire the project
that led to this: an exploration of
the terrain of Chicagos alleys.
Distributed for the Center for American
2002 96 p. 12 x 9 66 halftones
280 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-930066-07-6 $40.00
Your Price: $9.00

Keeping Time in Sag


Stephen Longmire
Longmire has an eye for the glories of an historic villagethe way
its past endures in its doorways,
its gravestones, its fences, its finials. This lovely and loving book,
attesting to the unorganized acts
of preservation that have maintained the truth of a place for 300
years, is itself a scrupulous act of
preservation.E. L. Doctorow
Distributed for the Center for American
2007 312 p. 9 x 10 133 color plates
281 Paper ISBN: 978-1-930066-69-4 $35.00
Your Price: $9.00

The Great Movies III

Roger Ebert

With a Foreword by David Bordwell

Ebert offers informed critical

appraisals, as well as background
on the movies making and significance.Booklist
Eberts take-no-prisoners essays
packed with insidery insights will
send movie lovers back to the sofa
for a second look at old favorites
like Cool Hand Luke and My Fair
Lady while introducing more offbeat picks like Sansho the Bailiff
and Pixote.Parade
2010 440 p. 6 x 9
282 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-18208-7 $32.00
Your Price: $10.00

Minding Movies

Observations on the Art, Craft, and

Business of Filmmaking

David Bordwell and

Kristin Thompson
Bordwell and Thompsons
Minding Movies arrivesnot a
moment too soonas chicken
soup for the weary cinephile soul,
worn down by countless circular
discussions, in print, on the Web,
and on film festival panels, about
the sustainability of serious film
culture in the digital era.
Film Comment
The best single film criticism
site is arguably davidbordwell.
net, featuring the Good Doctor
Bordwell and his wife Kristin
Thompson.Wall Street Journal
2011 312 p. 6 x 9 75 halftones
283 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-06699-8 $22.50
Your Price: $8.00

Childhood and Cinema

Vicky Lebeau
Lebeaus deft look at cinemas
treatment of childhood puts aside
the cozy teddy bears in favour of
the harsher realities of murder,
death, child abuse and war.
Empire Magazine

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2008 192 p. 43/4 x 67/10 100 halftones
284 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-352-9 $16.00 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Sophia Loren
Moulding the Star

Pauline Small
Sophia Loren established herself as an actress whose stardom
spanned Italy, Europe, and finally
Hollywood. Hers was a highly
original rise to fame for a European
film actress. Sophia Loren is the
first book to explore in detail the
transfer of Lorens stardom from
Italy to Hollywood and the reasons
for her American success.
Distributed for Intellect Ltd.
2009 208 p. 7 x 9 10 halftones
285 Paper ISBN: 978-1-84150-234-2 $28.50
Your Price: $7.00

The Rise of the Vampire

Erik Butler
We realise that what is interesting
isnt just the vampires themselves
but why they appear in the first
place. . . . Butler is very good at
exploring vampirism as a psychological condition as much as
a physical one.Times (UK)
The breadth of Butlers sources
is a particular strength throughout
the book.PopMatters

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2013 175 p. 51/2 x 81/2 30 halftones
286 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-78023-110-5 $25.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

Under a Bad Sign

Criminal Self-Representation in
African American Popular Culture

Jonathan Munby
Moves deftly across decades
and disciplines to present wellresearched and theoretically fertile
analyses of the origins, evolution,
and practical utility of criminal
imagery in many different works of
fiction, film, and music.George
Lipsitz, author of How Racism
Takes Place
[Mumby] devote[s] serious
but not humorlesscritical and
historical attention to fascinating
but previously marginal figures
like Rudolph Fisher, Ralph Cooper,
Julian Mayfield, Rudy Ray Moore,
and Donald Goines.Carlo Rotella,
author of Cut Time
2011 224 p. 6 x 9
287 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-55036-7 $26.00
Your Price: $9.00

War and Film

James Chapman
Given its size, its breadth of coverage in terms of both films and
wars is truly impressive. This is
a testament to James Chapmans
expansive knowledge of the subject
and astute ability to select just the
right examples to make his points
. . . essential reading for anyone
interested in the subject, from the
general reader to the specialist.
Film and History

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2008 192 p. 43/4 x 67/10 100 halftones
288 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-347-5 $16.00 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

24 music
Duke Ellingtons


Martin Geck
Bach expert Martin Geck shows us
Bach in his time, offering a portrait of the personal, political and
social circumstances that shaped
some of the greatest music ever
written. It analyzes Bachs musical
achievement and considers why
music such as the Brandenburg
Concertos and the St. Matthew
Passion continues to hold its
appeal centuries later.
Gecks fresh and penetrating
portrait compels the reader.
Sddeutsche Zeitung

Distributed for Haus Publishing

2008 176 p. 5 x 8
289 Paper ISBN: 978-1-904341-16-1 $15.95 UK/EU
Your Price: $7.00


A Composers Life and the Awakening

of Finland

Glenda Dawn Goss

This exhaustive, straightforward
biography of Jean Sibelius (1865
1957), Finlands most famous composer, is full of stunning reproductions of Sibeliuss manuscripts
(some in color in order to reveal
the watercolor pictures the composer sketched on them) and
other images of Sibeliuss world.
A fascinating and exhaustive
study in all things Finnish, not just
its most cherished composer.
Classical World
2009 549 p. 7 x 10 12 color plates,
36 halftones, 47 musical examples
290 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30477-9 $60.00
Your Price: $23.00

Magic Flutes and

Enchanted Forests

The Supernatural in EighteenthCentury Musical Theater

David J. Buch
[Buchs] most valuable contribution . . . is undoubtedly the detailed
and comprehensive discussion of
the origins of the fantastic in eighteenth-century operas and stage
works.Opera Today
2008 480 p. 7 x 10 4 color plates, 6 halftones,
51 musical examples, 3 tables
291 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-07809-0 $55.00
Your Price: $15.00

Harvey G. Cohen
Illuminates Ellingtons career
as never before, and also helps to
deepen our understanding of larger trends and issues in American
politics and culture. No previous
book on Ellington has followed the
money so rigorously, laying bare
the interworkings of art and capital.Times Literary Supplement
The book makes nuanced
sense of the hard choices at every
turn, in years when it often fell
to Ellington to pioneer new audiences and new venues.New York
Review of Books
2010 720 p. 6 x 9 12 halftones
292 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-11263-3 $43.00
Your Price: $12.00
293 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-11264-0 $22.50
Your Price: $9.00

I Feel So Good

The Life and Times of Big Bill Broonzy

Bob Riesman

With a Foreword by Peter Guralnick and an

Appreciation by Pete Townshend


Libretto (in three acts) by Francesco

Maria Piave

Giuseppe Verdi

Edited by Kathleen Kuzmick Hansell

2003 552 p. 101/2 x 141/2
Two volume set: Score (1 volume cloth): xc,
423 p., 101/2 x 141/2 ; Commentary
297 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-85319-2 $300.00 EU
Your Price: $89.00

The Lucca Choirbook

Lucca, Archivio di Stato, MS 238;

Lucca, Archivio Arcivescovile, MS
97; Pisa, Archivo Arcivescovile,
Biblioteca Maffi, Cartella 11/III

Edited and with an Introduction

and Inventory by Reinhard Strohm
2007 208 p. 101/2 x 14 154 MS facsimile,
1 color plate, 3 halftones, 3 musical examples,
4 tables
298 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-49639-9 $199.00
Your Price: $33.00

Masses for the Sistine

Vatican City, Biblioteca Aposotlica
Vaticana, Cappella Sistina, MS 14

Edited and with an Introduction

by Richard Sherr

He was one of the most celebrated

blues artists of his era, a visionary
Chicago singer-songwriter who
mentored Muddy Waters, introduced the music to Europe and
inspired no less than Eric Clapton,
Ray Davies and Pete Townshend
(as theyve all acknowledged).
Chicago Tribune

2010 616 p. 9 x 12 8 halftones,

7 musical examples, 5 tables
299 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-75259-4 $295.00
Your Price: $69.00

2011 366 p. 6 x 9 31 halftones

294 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-71745-6 $27.50
Your Price: $9.00

1995 376 p. 105/8 x 14 facsimile:

291 halftones, 23 beta-radiographs of
watermarks, 14 ultra-violet pho
300 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-23706-0 $260.00
Your Price: $69.00

Music in German
An Introduction

Edited by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

and Oliver Frbeth

With an Introduction by Michael Spitzer and a

Foreword by H. James Birx
Translated by Susan H. Gillespie

Though many well-known German

philosophers have devoted considerable attention to music and its
aesthetics, surprisingly few of their
writings on the subject have been
translated into English.
2010 312 p. 6 x 9
295 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-76838-0 $40.00
Your Price: $13.00

Jewish Musical
Modernism, Old and New
Edited by Philip V. Bohlman
With a Foreword by Sander L. Gilman

[Bohlman] frames the five essays

with an introduction and epilogue
that lay out these questions and
point to answers in the complex
intersection of Jewish identity with
the rise of modernity in Europe.

2009 240 p. 81/4 x 91/4 19 color plates,

8 halftones, 1 line drawing, 4 musical examples,
1 CD
296 Cloth w/CD ISBN: 978-0-226-06326-3 $40.00
Your Price: $13.00

Oxford, Bodleian
Library, MS. Canon.
Misc. 213
Edited by David Fallows

Ottaviano Petrucci,
Motetti de Passione,
de Cruce, de
Sacramento, de Beata
Virgine et huiusmodi B
Venice, 1503

Edited by Warren Drake

2002 312 p. 9 x 12 8 halftones,
3 musical examples, 1 table
301 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-16236-2 $172.50
Your Price: $29.00

Music in the Culture of

the Renaissance and
Other Essays
Edward E. Lowinsky

Edited by Bonnie J. Blackburn

1989 1024 p. 9 x 12 Two volumes.
Volume 1: xxii, 432 p.;
Volume 2: viii, 562 p., 16 color plates
302 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-49478-4 $462.50
Your Price: $99.00

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

biography 25
Critical Lives from
Reaktion Books
Critical Lives is a major series
of short critical biographies that
present the work of important
cultural figures in the context of
their lives. Each book relates and
brings alive the life of the artist,
writer, philosopher, or architect in
question and assesses their major
works at the same time. Each book
includes 2040 illustrations.

Pablo Picasso
Mary Ann Caws

With an Introduction by Arthur C. Danto

2005 176 p. 5 x 77/8 30 halftones
303 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-247-8 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Salvador Dal
Mary Ann Caws

2009 192 p. 5 x 77/8 54 halftones

304 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-383-3 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Marcel Duchamp
Caroline Cros

2006 200 p. 5 x 77/8 50 halftones

305 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-262-1 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Gertrude Stein
Lucy Daniel

2009 192 p. 5 x 77/8 25 halftones

306 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-516-5 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Franz Kafka

Sander L. Gilman
2005 160 p. 5 x 77/8 30 halftones
307 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-254-6 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Charles Baudelaire
Rosemary Lloyd

2008 192 p. 5 x 77/8 35 halftones

308 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-363-5 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Simone de Beauvoir
Ursula Tidd

2009 187 p. 5 x 77/8 40 halftones

309 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-434-2 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Vladimir Nabokov
Barbara Wyllie

2010 223 p. 5 x 77/8 30 halftones

310 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-660-5 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Michel Foucault
David Macey


2004 160 p. 5 x
20 halftones
311 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-226-3 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00

Samuel Beckett
Andrew Gibson

2010 192 p. 5 x 77/8 25 halftones

312 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-517-2 $16.95 NSA
Your Price: $6.00


Nathalie Sarraute

With a new Foreword by Alice Kaplan

Translated by Barbara Wright

A dialogue with memory, a merciless coaxing of memory into

images and then into refractions of
images, until memory is stripped
of sentiment and becomes something close to sensation itself.
New Yorker
In these beautifully paced pages
the reader can watch a literary sensibility hunt persistently for that
most ridiculed of literary prizes:
the truth.New York Times Book
1984, 2013 264 p. 51/4 x 8
313 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-92231-7 $18.00
Your Price: $9.00

Madame Proust
A Biography

Evelyne E. Bloch-Dano
It not only explores AntiSemitism, assimilation and
naturalization of Jewish French
Nationals, and the Dreyfus affair
but also ably recreates the bourgeois milieu, familial and cultural
context and the physical layout of
the Paris in which Marcel Proust
It is essentially a study of one of
the most remarkable and fruitful of
mother-son relationships. As such it
is a book that every Proustian will
want to read.Literary Review
2007 272 p. 6 x 9 26 halftones, 5 line drawings
314 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-05642-5 $27.50
Your Price: $8.00

Memoirs of a Fortunate
An Italian Story

Dan Vittorio Segre

An unusually attractive book
attractive in its irony, its energy
and its moral insight. Mr. Segre
had some rich material to work
with, and he has done it justice.
New York Times
Beautifully written. . . . [A]
labyrinthine, spell-binding autobiography, full of passionate tenderness.New York Review of Books

1987 284 p. 51/2 x 81/2

315 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-74477-3 $17.00 COBE
Your Price: $6.00

One Must Also Be

Adam Biro

Translated by Catherine Tihanyi

A moving evocation and exploration of a Jewish familys history

extending over several generations.New York Sun
A superb reverie on a vanished
world, in a somewhat Nabokovian
2007 168 p. 51/4 x 8 29 halftones, 1 figure
316 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-05212-0 $20.00
Your Price: $6.00

First Son

The Biography of Richard M. Daley

Keith Koeneman
Native son Koeneman colorfully
and familiarly details the rise of
the Daleys and their imprint on
their hometown. . . . A highly
focused history of a 20th-century
metropolis and a compelling biography of the family that shaped it
for nearly half a century.
Publishers Weekly
A valuable book, admirably fair
and balanced, and vastly informative about four colorful and highly
eventful decades in the life of
Americas third-largest metropolis.Washington Monthly
2013 392 p. 6 x 9 24 halftones, 2 tables
317 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-44947-0 $30.00
Your Price: $15.00

Dialogue with Death

The Journal of a Prisoner of the

Fascists in the Spanish Civil War

Arthur Koestler

With a newIntroduction by Louis Menand

[Koestler] possesses a unity of

spirit and talent rarely met, for he
is both analyst and philosopher,
reporter and artist, adventurer and
thinker. He is an extraordinary
man, profound, compassionate,
erudite, and witty withal.Boston
It is a personal rather than a
mass record of suffering.New

1946 232 p. 51/2 x 81/2

318 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-44961-6 $18.00 USA
Your Price: $7.00

Backing into Forward

A Memoir

Jules Feiffer
Youthful, full of insouciance, vanity and playfulness. While other
accomplished men bronze their
success or dip it in amber, Feiffer
treats his own as one big wonderful
caper.New York Times
Writing with wit, angst, honesty, and self-insights, Feiffer
shares a vast and complex interior
emotional landscape.Publishers
2012 456 p. 6 x 9
319 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-24035-0 $19.00 COBE
Your Price: $7.00

26 History & Philosophy of Science

The Pontecorvo Affair

A Cold War Defection and Nuclear


Exploring the Scientific

Cases and Questions

Edited by Steven Gimbel

Focusing on scientific method
specifically, rather than on the
broader scope of philosophy of
science, allows Gimbel to include
an impressive variety of material while maintaining the clear
themes of characterizing scientific
reasoning and the structure of
2011 424 p. 6 x 9 4 tables
320 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-29481-0 $81.00
Your Price: $13.00
321 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-29483-4 $29.00
Your Price: $6.00

When Science and

Christianity Meet

Edited by David C. Lindberg and

Ronald L. Numbers
Taken together, these papers
provide a comprehensive survey of
current thinking on key issues in
the relationships between science
and religion.Isis
A superb introduction to some
of the most fascinating episodes in
the long history of the relationship
between science and Christianity.
Catholic Historical Review
With its illustrations, extended
endnotes and annotated guide to
further readings, the book reviews
old questions in a thoroughly
enlightening scholarly and interesting way.Christian Century
2003 368 p. 6 x 9 12 halftones, 47 line drawings
322 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-48214-9 $29.00
Your Price: $9.00

The Scientific Life

A Moral History of a Late Modern


Steven Shapin
Shapin asks if contemporary hightech science is a moral enterprise.
Does objectivity render scientific
achievement less personal than
that in the humanities, and does
the scientist possess any special
moral virtue?Nature
2008 488 p. 6 x 9 16 halftones, 2 line drawings
323 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-75024-8 $31.00
Your Price: $7.00
324 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-75025-5 $20.00
Your Price: $6.00

Simone Turchetti
The book is dense in details about
secrecy, FBI investigations, Cold
War politics, patents, spying, and
personal intrigues.Choice
[Turchetti] upends the notion
that Pontecorvos limited access to
atomic secrets made his defection
a minor footnote to cold-war history. He argues compellingly that
it was Pontecorvos expertise in
key areas of nuclear physics, rather
than access to secret work, that
made his defection significant.
2012 272 p. 6 x 9 19 halftones
325 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-81664-7 $50.00
Your Price: $13.00

Banquet at Delmonicos
The Gilded Age and the Triumph of
Evolution in America

Barry Werth
This apt fusion of form and content makes for a surprisingly suspenseful and fast-paced story.
. . . Banquet at Delmonicos crackles
with energy and wit. . . . Werth is
a gifted writer, and his subject is
especially important in our current
economic crisis.New York Times
Book Review
Histories of ideas are rarely page
turners, but Werth has done the
trick.Kirkus Reviews
2009 400 p. 6 x 9
326 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-89384-6 $19.00
Your Price: $6.00

Darwins Sacred Cause

Race, Slavery and the Quest for
Human Origins

Adrian Desmond and James Moore

A masterful achievement. . . .
It leaves in tatters a notion of a
protected apolitical and amoral
domain inhabited by Darwins science.London Review of Books
Arresting. . . . The case they
make is rich and intricate.New
York Times Book Review
2009 528 p. 6 x 9 30 halftones
327 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-14451-1 $22.50
Your Price: $7.00

The Making of Modern

Turning Points in the Treatment of

Michael Bliss
The perfect introduction for
anyone who hopes to understand
the modern history of medical discovery and its impact on
contemporary society.Howard
Markel, author of The Anatomy of

2010 112 p. 51/2 x 81/2 26 halftones

328 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-05901-3 $18.00 CAN
Your Price: $6.00

Galileo, Courtier

The Practice of Science in the Culture

of Absolutism

Mario Biagioli
In this brilliantly original reexamination of Galileo, Biagioli
frames the mathematicians career
within the intricate play of etiquette,
rhetoric, and patronage at Italian
princely courts.New Yorker
1993 416 p. 6 x 9 10 halftones, 4 line drawings
329 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-04560-3 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00

The Eye of the Lynx

Galileo, His Friends, and the

Beginnings of Modern Natural History

David Freedberg
Freedberg . . . uncovers a buried
chapter in the history of science
and art, when the two were closely
allied, and Galileos friends turned
his telescope around to view the
microscopic intricacies of nature
with the eye of the lynx. New
York Times Book Review

2003 528 p. 7 x 10 83 color plates, 89 halftones

330 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-26148-5 $37.50
Your Price: $9.00

A General History of
The Figures Engraved on Wood

Thomas Bewick

With a Foreword by Yann Martel

A General History of Quadrupeds,

first published in 1790, showcases
Bewicks groundbreaking engraving techniques that allowed text
and images to be published on
the same page. From anteaters to
zebras, armadillos to wolverines,
this volume features engravings
of over four hundred animals
alongside descriptions of their
characteristics as scientifically
understood at the time.
2009 544 p. 6 x 9 200 line drawings
331 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-04480-4 $19.00
Your Price: $7.00

Materials and Expertise

in Early Modern Europe
Between Market and Laboratory

Edited by Ursula Klein and

E. C. Spary
A very valuable addition to the
history of matter. A fascinating
and thought-provoking range of
studies of mundane substances as
lures to consumption, commerce,
warfare and science.Andrew
Pickering, University of Exeter
2010 408 p. 6 x 9
21 halftones, 1 line drawing, 2 tables
332 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-43968-6 $55.00
Your Price: $13.00

The Dictionary of
British Scientists

Edited by Bernard Lightman

2004 2400 p. 6 x 9 4 volumes, slipcased
333 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-48116-6 $1385.00 NAPA
Your Price: $189.00

science 27

Travels in Natures Time Machine

Piotr Naskrecki

Foreword by Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier

Embedded in this showcase book

of exotic plants and animals is a
plea to preserve whats left of the
planets evolutionary history.
Seattle Times
Comprises page after page of the
most jaw-droppingly spectacular
nature photography youve ever
seen. No matter how compelling
Naskreckis prose, no matter how
insightful his observations or
unexpectedly charming his facts,
his words reluctantly share pages
with his starkly beautiful images of
life with all its teeth and colors and
scales and spiny legs.Scientific

2011 384 p. 91/4 x 91/4 414 color plates

334 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-56870-6 $45.00
Your Price: $15.00

A Natural History of Time

Pascal Richet

Translated by John Venerella

Richet reminds us that each acre

of the continent of modern science
was won back from an ocean of
ignorance, by the hard work and
intellectual courage of individuals.New York Sun
The story of how the age of the
earth was determined is a marvelous concatenation of red herrings
and presuppositions from which
the truth eventually emerges.
Times Literary Supplement
2007 400 p. 6 x 9 12 halftones,
27 line drawings, 3 tables
335 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-71287-1 $31.00
Your Price: $11.00
336 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-71288-8 $22.50
Your Price: $7.00

Our Magnetic Earth

The Science of Geomagnetism

Ronald T. Merrill
Highly readable. . . . Merrill laces
his narrative with discourses on
the philosophy of science, and
with ripostes to creationist attacks
on evolution and the antiquity of
Earth. Ill recommend this book
to students eager to know how science is done, and anyone wondering what makes a compass needle
point north.Natural History
2010 272 p. 6 x 9 7 line drawings, 26 halftones
337 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-52050-6 $25.00
Your Price: $10.00

The Powers That Be

Global Energy for the Twenty-first

Century and Beyond

Scott L. Montgomery
This exhaustive yet accessible
look at the global energy supply
weighs the future of fossil fuels
and carefully considers the alternatives.Discover
2010 408 p. 6 x 9 12 halftones, 1 table
338 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-53500-5 $35.00
Your Price: $10.00

Wasted World

How Our Consumption Challenges

the Planet

Rob Hengeveld
Hengeveld argues that we are
depleting resources and polluting the environment faster than
human survival can bearliterally
wasting the planet.Nature
Hengeveld successfully reveals
how population size, resource
exploitation and the threat of system collapse are all interrelated
issues that humanity must face up
to if it is to avert collapse and have
a future on planet Earth.Times
Higher Education
2012 360 p. 6 x 9 9 line drawings
339 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-32699-3 $30.00
Your Price: $11.00

Science on Ice
Four Polar Expeditions

Chris Linder
Rightly casts those who are
charged with finding out more
about our changing planet as true
modern era explorers. This book
should be mandatory in all schools,
careers departments, and on polar
fanatics coffee tables across the
globe.BBC Wildlife
2011 288 p. 11 x 8 157 color plates
340 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-48247-7 $40.00
Your Price: $15.00


The Nature, the History, and the Uses

of an Astonishing Substance

Mariana Gosnell
By the time you finish this
remarkable book . . . youll never
think about freezing and melting
in quite the same way.New York
Theres a lot of good, hard
science here . . . and a lot of gripping human-interest stuff about
ice fishermen cracking through
Minnesota lakes and explorers
ships crushed in polar sea ice.
Washington Post

2005, 2007 576 p. 6 x 9

19 halftones, 33 line drawings
341 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-30496-0 $18.00 COBE
Your Price: $6.00

Does Science Need a

Global Language?

English and the Future of Research

Scott L. Montgomery

With a Foreword by David Crystal

Montgomery teases apart various

expected and several unanticipated
considerations in determining
whether science needs a global
language. . . . It is without a doubt
a meaningful read for scientists,
science educators and researchers.
Science Education
2013 240 p. 6 x 9
1 halftone, 7 line drawings, 1 table
342 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-53503-6 $22.50
Your Price: $11.00

Imaginary Animals

The Monstrous, the Wondrous and

the Human

Boria Sax
A thought-provoking analysis of
bestial creations, this illustrated
compendium by Boria Sax scrutinizes artistic and literary models,
ranging from Chauvet cave art
from 36,000 BCE to political cartoons, graphic Japanese novels, and
postmodern robotics. Conclusions
about the nature and purpose of
fantasy animals draw on scripture,
anthropology, medicine, myth, and
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2013 272 p. 71/2 x 10
115 color plates, 115 halftones
343 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-78023-173-0 $39.00 NSA
Your Price: $19.00

The Origin of the World

Science and Fiction of the Vagina

Jelto Drenth
Drenth has provided an excellent
basic resource for thinking about
womens genitalia as more than
flesh and function.BMJ Journals
A highly satisfactory collection
. . . fascinating accounts of the
physiology of vaginal response,
thoughtful readings of literature,
films, and works of art, and a surprising range of trivia. The erudite
book displays a brisk and slightly
demented sense of humor.
Village Voice

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2004 304 p. 63/10 x 94/9 34 halftones
344 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-406-9 $24.95 NSA
Your Price: $10.00


A Cultural History

Eluned Summers-Bremner
As crime fiction and drug prescriptions will attest, the inability to sleep is also a condition of
modernityof capitalist cultures
founded on protestant work ethics,
on 18th-century slavery and on the
subsequent devaluation of sleep
as an important activity in our
24-hour wired-up world.
Financial Times Magazine

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2008 176 p. 53/4 x 81/4 15 halftones
345 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-317-8 $29.95 NSA
Your Price: $10.00

28 Nature & Gardening

New York City Gardens

Natures Palette

The Science of Plant Color

David Lee
This beautifully illustrated book
. . . mixes scientific content and
personal anecdotes with some art,
history and sociology to show how
plant colour has enriched the lives
of men and women down through
the ages.Chemistry World
Lee makes no apologies for his
unabashedly personal approach,
and his love and enthusiasm for
the subject shine through on every
page.Times Literary Supplement
2007 432 p. 6 x 9
438 color plates, 31 halftones, 83 line drawings
346 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-47052-8 $38.00
Your Price: $11.00
347 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-47053-5 $22.50
Your Price: $7.00

An Orchard Invisible
A Natural History of Seeds

Jonathan Silvertown
A chapter on the evolutionary
rationale for fruit becomes a meditation on color perception. In one
paragraph Silvertown will tell you
about how plant poisons affect different populations of people, and
in the next youre learning that
Pythagoras didnt eat beans. A
discussion of seed dispersal begins
with a note about paper airplane
design. His chapters on beer and
coffee are particularly enthralling.
Boston Globe
2009 224 p. 51/2 x 81/2 21 halftones
348 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-75773-5 $28.00
Your Price: $8.00


The History and Science of Plant


Noel Kingsbury
Shoppers who shun genetically
modified foods in favor of natural fruits and veggies may be in
for a surprise. Horticulturalist
Kingsburys lively history documents the history of human meddling with plant genes since the
dawn of agriculture.Discover
2009 512 p. 6 x 9
349 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-43704-0 $38.00
Your Price: $8.00
350 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-43713-2 $20.00
Your Price: $7.00

Veronika Hofer and

Betsy Pinover Schiff
A visually inviting respite from
the city of steel, glass, concrete and
asphalt. [The authors] celebrate the
citys luxuriant public and private
spacesincluding one real estate
companys office terrace, which
required 98 tons of planters, dirt,
trees and material delivered over
six months.New York Times
This book had me at hello, with
the opening garden on a rooftop
terrace overlooking Central Park.
. . . Very cool and unexpectedly
marvelous.English Garden
Distributed for Hirmer Publishers
2010 240 p. 10 x 11 3/4 190 color plates
351 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-2751-5 $49.90 NAJ
Your Price: $15.00

Chicago Gardens
The Early History

Cathy Jean Maloney

A new book on historic gardens
in one city offers plenty of lessons
for what makes a beautiful landscape.Planning
A book full of fascinating tidbits
for any Chicago history buff or
gardening geek that includes many
maps, photos and old catalog illustrations.Chicago Tribune
2008 464 p. 7 x 10 11 color plates, 166 halftones
352 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-50234-2 $35.00
Your Price: $8.00

Paradise Found

Nature in America at the Time of


Steve Nicholls
Nicholls, in this fine new book,
makes an essential point: We
should measure the damage to our
natural heritage less by counting
extinctions, and more by understanding that it is abundance itself
that has been drained away.
Boston Globe
2009 536 p. 6 x 9
353 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-58340-2 $32.00
Your Price: $8.00
354 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-58341-9 $20.00
Your Price: $7.00

Forests Forever

Their Ecology, Restoration, and


John J. Berger

With a Foreword by Charles E. Little

Bergers analysis of a complex

topic brings a few key dichotomies
into stark relief, i.e., the political
cycle of four to six years vs. the forest tree cycle of hundreds to thousands of years; the value of wood
pulp vs. the value of standing trees;
and clear-cut logging vs. more sustainable harvesting methods.
Library Journal

Distributed for the Center for American

2008 424 p. 63/4 x 9 88 color plates, 6 halftones
355 Paper ISBN: 978-1-930066-52-6 $27.50
Your Price: $7.00

E. C. Pielou

The Energy of Nature

A lively read for anyone interested in how physics underpins
the natural world, and for instilling a sense of proportion.New
2001 256 p. 6 x 8 76 line drawings
356 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-66808-6 $23.00
Your Price: $7.00

Fresh Water
A wonderful natural history of
one of lifes necessities, a refreshing break from the grand theory
and special pleading of many a
science book. . . . Read it.New
1998 286 p. 6 x 8 81 line drawings
357 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-66815-4 $26.00
Your Price: $8.00

Wild World

A Journey in Sound to the Worlds

Wildest Places

Glorious soundscapes of birdsong

from all over the world, guaranteed
to lift urban hearts.Guardian
Distributed for the British Library
2011 2 compact discs with 1 booklet
358 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-5118-8
$25.00 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Poisonous Plants

A Guide for Parents & Childcare


Elizabeth A. Dauncey

With Contributions by Leonard Hawkins and

Katherine Kennedy

This book offers concise details

of the 130 most poisonous plants
that are likely to be encountered
in the home, garden, and countryside, together with a summary
of likely symptoms should they
inadvertently be touched or eaten.
Photographs of the plants are
included to aid identification.

Distributed for the Royal Botanic Gardens

2010 180 p. 6 x 91/5 300 color plates
359 Paper ISBN: 978-1-84246-406-9 $25.00
Your Price: $7.00

Growing Orchids from


Philip Seaton and Margaret Ramsey

Written for the amateur and the
professional without access to
sophisticated laboratory equipment
and chemicals, Growing Orchids
from Seed contains all you need to
know to become an expert! Careful
guidelines are given for buying
and making equipment, pollinating orchid flowers, harvesting and
storing seed, successful germination, transplanting seedlings, and
growing them on to healthy plants.
Distributed for the Royal Botanic Gardens
2005 83 p. 9.60 x 7.7
360 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-84246-091-7 $18.00
Your Price: $7.00

Life Sciences 29
Fragile Web

What Next for Nature?

Edited by Jonathan Silvertown

The authors do an excellent job
making the complex topics of evolution, biodiversity, and ecology
accessible to a wide readership. .
. . It is rare to find a volume that
presents these complex topics in
a way that the general public can
easily digest. This book hits that

2010 192 p. 10 x 81/2 225 color plates

361 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-75781-0
$25.00 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Marty Crump

Sexy Orchids Make

Lousy Lovers

& Other Unusual Relationships

Illustrations by Alan Crump

The book is a believe-it-or-not

treasury of glue-spitting soldier
ants, divorced birds, monkeys
that dose themselves with herbal
cures, and underwater day spas
where big fish suspend their
practice of eating little fish in
exchange for getting their scales
groomed and their teeth cleaned.
Less easily anthropomorphized
species, fungi and bacteria, come
in for their own share of behavioral observation.Boston Globe
2009 232 p. 6 x 9 120 line drawings
362 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-12185-7 $25.00
Your Price: $7.00

In Search of the
Golden Frog
While most armchair naturalists will never know how it feels
to be stung by a conga ant or
what wild rat tastes like, this is a
good introduction to a true field
researchers world.Reptile and
Amphibian Hobbyist
2000 320 p. 6 x 9 16 color plates, 60 halftones, 19 maps
363 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-12198-7 $27.00
Your Price: $9.00

Stinging Trees and


Confessions of a Rainforest Biologist

William Laurance
Just the sort of fly-on-the-fieldhut-wall view of life as a tropical
ecologist that we want. . . .
[T]he biology is splendid. . . .
Stinging Trees shows the courage
it demanded to be a greeny in
a Queensland logging town. No
less importantly, it documents the
ecology-shattering effects of forest
fragmentation.New Scientist
2000 196 p. 6 x 9 17 color plates,
32 b/w halftones, 4 maps
364 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-46896-9 $25.00
Your Price: $8.00

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

The Longevity Seekers

Science, Business, and the Fountain

of Youth

Ted Anton
[The Longevity Seekers] is an easy
and interesting read, with a clear,
well-structured format, comprehensive notes section, and a very
interesting summary of the timeline of developments.Ageing and
The characters are fascinating. And the stories behind the
breakthroughs that have already
occurred are gripping enough to
compete with a mystery novel.
Health Affairs
2013 240 p. 6 x 9
365 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-02093-8 $26.00
Your Price: $13.00

The Star-Crossed Stone

The Secret Life, Myths, and History of

a Fascinating Fossil

Kenneth J. McNamara
A fascinating story about sea
urchin fossils from Neolithic times
to the present. It is much more
than a summary of the folklore
surrounding a particular fossil,
however: it also traces the evolution of mythmaking, the human
urge to collect, and the development of complex symbolic thought,
combining archaeology, paleontology, folklore, and anthropology in
wonderful, surprising ways.
Adrienne Mayor, author of
The Poison King
2010 280 p. 6 x 9 26 halftones, 1 line drawing
366 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-51469-7 $27.50
Your Price: $6.00

The Fate of the


Fossils, Myth, and History

Claudine Cohen

Translated by William Rodarmor

With a Foreword by Stephen Jay Gould

Cohen has created a nuanced and

complex tableau of medieval fossil
lore and fitful progress of paleontological science. She has done an
admirable job of reanimating the
woolly mammoth in all its legendary and scientific glory.
American Scientist
2002 336 p. 6 x 9 23 halftones, 46 line drawings
367 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-11292-3 $35.00
Your Price: $11.00

The Evolution of
Vertebrate Design

Leonard B. Radinsky
A luminous text is matched by
lucid drawings rationally placed.
. . . A great teaching monograph,
the book will charm lay readers of
fossil history. For virtually every
college & public collection.
Scitech Book News
1987 195 p. 51 line drawings
368 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-70236-0 $22.50
Your Price: $8.00

The Dawn of the Deed

The Prehistoric Origins of Sex

John A. Long
From sharks that mate while
doing a headstand on the ocean
floor to ducks with enormous
corkscrew penises, John Long
humorously details the how and
why of that funny little act we
call sex. At times, the book is a
bit heavy on autobiography of his
paleontological finds, but thats
more than made up for by copious entertaining anecdotes about
things like fruit bat fellatio and
necrophilic snakes. Also, two
words: T-rex sex.Salon

2012 296 p. 51/2 x 81/2 37 halftones

369 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-49254-4 $26.00 CUSA
Your Price: $11.00

Evolution of Fossil

Paul A. Selden and John R. Nudds

Fourteen lagerstaetten are
explored in exquisite detail
Journal of Avocational Paleontology
There is no other book that
summarizes these unusual and
information-rich deposits in such
an accessible, well-illustrated manner.Choice
This excellent book describes
and illustrates fourteen sites that
range over 560 million years.
New Scientist
2005 192 p. 71/2 x 101/4 258 color plates
370 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-74641-8 $45.00 NSA
Your Price: $13.00

Rock of Ages, Sands

of Time
Paintings by Barbara Page,
Text by Warren Allmon

With a Foreword by Rosamond Wolff Purcell

One of the most exciting books

of the year, a marriage of art and
natural history that will appeal to
both science and art lovers.
Bloomsbury Review
A grand narrative in painted
image. It is science, scrupulously
close to the basic data from the
field, and art too, vividly augmented by the artists sensibility to form
and meaning. On both accounts it
is beautiful.American Scientist

2001 371 p. 103/4 x 7 272 color pages

371 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-64479-0 $47.50
Your Price: $15.00

30 life sciences
Dogs Best Friend

Annals of the Dog-Human Relationship

A World in One Cubic

Portraits of Biodiversity

David Liittschwager

With a Foreword by E. O. Wilson

Thanks to photographer David

Liittschwager, we now have a
visual inkling of what exactly lives
high in the cloud forest canopy,
below our feet in the parks, in the
sediments of rivers and on coral
reefs. . . . What was found even in
fairly nondescript places was wondrous.Observer (UK)
Lots of people photograph
plants and animals. But no one
does it more painstakingly, or
with greater compassion, than
Liittschwager. His gift is instantly
2012 224 p. 12 x 12 985 color plates
372 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-48123-4 $45.00
Your Price: $19.00

The American Bird

Conservancy Guide to
Bird Conservation

Daniel J. Lebbin, Michael J. Parr,

and George H. Fenwick
With a Foreword by Jonathan Franzen

Hands down, this is the most

important book of the year, one
every birdwatcher should own.
It provides distribution, threats,
and conservation status for all 212
Watch List species in the United
States. It describes the habitats all
birds rely on.Birders World

Mark Derr
A sweeping, lapidary history of
our relationship with dogs.
Kirkus Reviews
A thorough and well-researched
book that chronicles the evolution
of the dog-human relationship,
examines specific dog behaviors
and explores the various careers
of working dogs. No-nonsense
and refreshingly unflinching in its
approach, this book explains why,
as Derr puts it, the single greatest
problem with dogs is people.

Distributed for the University of Alaska

2009 399 p. 7 x 10 110 maps, 50 line drawings
380 Paper ISBN: 978-1-60223-072-9 $45.00
Your Price: $13.00

Mammals of South
America, Volume 1

The Vanishing Present

Edited by Alfred L. Gardner

This is the first of three volumes
intended to provide a contemporary and comprehensive taxonomic coverage of the mammals
of South America. Gardner and
36 colleagues have provided not
just a benchmark, but likely THE
contemporary benchmark in
Neotropical mammal biology.

Edited by Donald M. Waller and

Thomas P. Rooney
Brings together a distinguished
set of contributors . . . to examine how human pressures on
Wisconsins changing lands,
waters, and wildlife have redefined
the states ecology. . . . The authors
draw conclusions about changes
in temperate habitats that can be
applied elsewhere, and offer useful
insights into the future.
Northeastern Naturalist

Marsupials, Xenarthrans, Shrews,

and Bats

2007 690 p. 81/2 x 11 283 maps

376 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-28240-4 $95.00
Your Price: $21.00

Living New World

Monkeys (Platyrrhini),
Volume 1
With an Introduction to Primates

Philip Hershkovitz
A lavishly illustrated opus.
When all other works on the
subject have been long-forgotten,
Hershkovitzs book will still be
very much alive.The Sciences
1977 1132 p. illustrations
377 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-32788-4 $202.50
Your Price: $49.00

Bird Watch


Martin Walters

Consultants: Birdlife International and

Jonathan Elphick

As much an indispensable guide

as a timely call to action, Bird
Watch is an illustrated tour of
endangered birds and their habitats. Encyclopedic in scope, this
book features all 1,227 species
on the International Union for
Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Red List.

2011 256 p.
x 11 1000 color plates
374 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-87226-1 $45.00 NAM
Your Price: $11.00

Stephen O. MacDonald and

Joseph A. Cook
Biologists Stephen O. MacDonald
and Joseph A. Cook have compiled
the first comprehensive guide to all
of Alaskas 115 mammal species.
Detailed entries for each species
include distribution and taxonomic information, status, habitat, and
fossil history. Appendices include
quick reference listings of mammal
distribution by region, specimen locations, conservation status, and the
incidence of Pleistocene mammals.

1997, 2004 401 p. 6 x 9

375 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-14280-7 $20.00
Your Price: $8.00

2010 456 p. 63/10 x 9 600 color plates

373 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-64727-2 $45.00
Your Price: $11.00

A Survey of Planet Earths Changing


Recent Mammals of

Ecology and Evolution Taking Flight

Edited by Carol L. Boggs,

Ward B. Watt, and Paul R. Ehrlich
Butterflies . . . illustrates the
versatility of butterflies as model
organisms. The 26 chapters are
placed in five topical sections:
behavior, ecology, genetics and
evolutionary dynamics, systematics and species diversification, and
conservation and biodiversity.
2003 756 p. 7 x 10 30 color plates, 3 halftones,
110 line drawings, 59 tables
378 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-06317-1 $156.00
Your Price: $39.00
379 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-06318-8 $55.00
Your Price: $19.00

Wisconsins Changing Lands, Waters,

and Wildlife

2008 536 p. 6 x 9 16 color plates, 43 halftones

381 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-87173-8 $30.00
Your Price: $9.00

How Life Began

Evolutions Three Geneses

Alexandre Meinesz

Translated by Daniel Simberloff

Meinesz asserts there is no empirical evidence of a life-generating

molecular soup (and he doubts
that any will be forthcoming), but
evidence does exist to support the
theory that the seeds of life came
to earth on a meteor.Publishers
2008 296 p. 6 x 9 15 color plates, 69 halftones
382 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-51931-9 $27.50
Your Price: $8.00

Rodent Societies

An Ecological and Evolutionary


Edited by Jerry O. Wolff and

Paul W. Sherman
An excellent, comprehensive, and
valuable resource on the current
knowledge of rodent societies.
. . . With 61 contributors, this thoroughly referenced resource will
likely be one of the most authoritative works on the social behavior of
rodents for years to come.

2007 610 p. 81/2 x 11

69 halftones, 95 line drawings
383 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-90537-2 $55.00
Your Price: $15.00

life sciences 31

A series from Reaktion Books

A bold and fascinating series . . .
all are full of gorgeous graphics.
Independent on Sunday
Each volume combines lavish
illustration with incisive and often
quite witty text. . . . Passionate and
brilliant.New York Sun


John Sorenson
2009 224 p. 53/8 x 71/2
40 color plates, 60 halftones
384 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-422-9 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00


A Biography of the Ocean Gladiator

Richard Ellis
Ellis has trawled a vast range of
sources to present the current state
of swordfish knowledge in a clear,
accessible andto this pisciphile
reviewerriveting way.Wall
Street Journal
Swordfish has plenty to offer,
from striking facts to adventures on the high seas. . . . Ellis
paints the picture of an enigmatic
fish and delivers plenty for the
reader to enjoy.Times Literary


2013 296 p. 6 x 9 51 halftones, 3 line drawings

395 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-92290-4 $26.00
Your Price: $13.00

2008 224 p. 53/8 x 71/2

40 color plates, 60 halftones
385 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-374-1 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Fishes of the Open Ocean


Illustrations by Guy Harvey

Kelly Enright

Dean Crawford
2008 224 p. 53/8 x 71/2 60 color plates, 40 halftones
386 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-325-3 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00


Stephen Martin
2009 224 p. 53/8 x 71/2
40 color plates, 60 halftones
387 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-376-5 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00


Richard J. King
2011 216 p. 53/8 x 71/2
60 color plates, 40 halftones
388 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-795-4 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00


Peter Young
2004 208 p. 53/8 x 71/2
389 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-191-4 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00


Drake Stutesman
2005 216 p. 53/8 x 71/2
50 color plates, 52 halftones
390 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-239-3 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00


Victoria de Rijke

A Natural History and Illustrated Guide

Julian Pepperell

This book is far more than just

a description of pelagic, or open
ocean, fish. It is also a celebration
of their colourful lives and hunting skills. Each species account is
illustrated with stunning images
quite an achievement, given that
tracking and photographing fish
in blue water is, technically,
extremely difficult.BBC Wildlife
2010 272 p. 9 x 11 370 color plates
396 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-65539-0 $35.00 ANZ
Your Price: $10.00

Sex, Drugs, and Sea


The Oceans Oddest Creatures and

Why They Matter

Ellen Prager
Prager plumbs the depths for
strange or marvelous organisms, first wowing us with their
weirdness and then reeling us in
with their worthbe it culinary,
medicinal, biotechnological, or
recreational. Her exuberant writing reveals a personal enthrallment with her protagonists. Shes
the perfect guide for an undersea
exploration.Audubon Magazine

2008 224 p. 53/8 x 71/2 35 color plates, 65 halftones

2011 200 p. 6 x 9 26 color plates

397 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-67872-6 $28.00
Your Price: $9.00


Island Bats

2009 224 p. 53/8 x 71/2

40 color plates, 60 halftones
392 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-513-4 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Edited by Theodore H. Fleming

and Paul A. Racey
Will be of great interest to ecologists, biogeographers, conservation biologists, in general, and bat
biologists, in particularespecially
those interested in the biology of
island faunas.Thomas H. Kunz,
editor of Bat Ecology

391 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-350-5 $19.95 NSA

Your Price: $7.00

Barbara Allen


Simon Carnell
2010 230 p. 53/8 x 71/2
40 color plates, 60 halftones
393 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-431-1 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00


Kevin Jackson
2009 224 p. 53/8 x 71/2 40 color plates, 60 halftones
394 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-396-3 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

2010 560 p. 6 x 9 17 color plates, 47 halftones,

49 line drawings, 46 tables
398 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-25330-5 $70.00
Your Price: $15.00
Much more information about each book is on our
website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Underwater Eden

Saving the Last Coral Wilderness

on Earth

Edited by Gregory S. Stone and

David Obura
From the air, the Phoenix Islands
are tiny, low, remote, easily overlooked scraps of land in the Pacific
Ocean. Underwater, they are the
oceans equivalent of Amazon
rainforests, teeming with tropical
corals, fish, and sharks. But those
species are under increasing assault
from fishing boats, climate change,
and introduced species. This
remarkable book tells the story
of ongoing imaginative efforts to
create a huge protected area in a
biological treasure-house.Jared
Diamond, author of Guns, Germs,
and Steel
2012 184 p. 8 x 10 91 color plates, 2 tables
399 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-77560-9 $40.00
Your Price: $15.00

Floating Gold

A Natural (and Unnatural) History of


Christopher Kemp
Kemp (a molecular biologist) tells
stories about ambergris: fragrant
stuff, produced in the gut of the
sperm whale, that for centuries
has been both a prized commodity and a compellingly mysterious
substance. . . . Floating Gold offers
an enticing initiation into the
shadowy and intriguing history of

2012 232 p. 6 x 9 12 color plates, 21 halftones

400 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-43036-2 $22.50 ANZ
Your Price: $9.00

The Whale Book

Whales and Other Marine Animals

as Described by Adriaen Coenen in

Edited by Florike Egmond and

Peter Mason
Commentaries by Kees Lancaster

A captivating book.History Today

A rare collection of early zoological observations, accompanied by
a wealth of anecdotes, legends and
cultural histories.BBC History
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2004 208 p. 11 x 81/4
114 color plates, 2 halftones
401 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-86189-174-7 $35.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

32 Physical Sciences & Mathematics

The Tragic Intellect

The Pseudoscience

Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth

of the Modern Fringe

Michael D. Gordin
This wont put an end to the
debates that rage between legitimate scientific research and other
fringe doctrines, but it does lay the
Velikovsky affair to rest with fairness and clarity.Library Journal
Those who are interested in how
bad ideas start, how they diffuse,
how they covet and resist confrontation, and how they wax and wane
in popularity over time will find
much food for thought in this gripping book.Science
2012 304 p. 6 x 9 1 halftone
402 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30442-7 $29.00
Your Price: $11.00

Three Steps to the


From the Sun to Black Holes to the

Mystery of Dark Matter

David Garfinkle and

Richard Garfinkle
This book is not only an excellent introduction to the sun, black
holes, and dark matter, but also a
very good book about the scientific
process. . . . This work offers a
great introduction to astronomy
and to science.Choice
2008 280 p. 6 x 9 13 halftones
403 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-28348-7 $16.00
Your Price: $6.00


Physics, the Frontier, and Megascience

Lillian Hoddeson, Adrienne W. Kolb,

and Catherine Westfall
The first written history of
this unique place, covering both
the birth of the Fermi National
Accelerator Laboratory and its
journey to its current position as a
world centre of megascience.
Physics World
Fermilabs story is well told and
attractively framed.Science
2008, 2011 520 p. 6 x 9
65 halftones, 12 line drawings
404 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-34624-3 $32.00
Your Price: $10.00

Charles Thorpe
Thorpes book provides the best
perspective yet for understanding
Oppenheimers Los Alamos years,
which were critical, after all, not
only to his life but, for better or
worse, the history of mankind.
Thorpes superbly engaging book
is less a biography of Oppenheimer
than a study of social identity and
self-fashioning.British Journal
for the History of Science
2006 384 p. 6 x 9 18 halftones, 2 line drawings
405 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-79845-5 $45.00
Your Price: $15.00

Something Incredibly
Wonderful Happens
Frank Oppenheimer and His
Astonishing Exploratorium

K. C. Cole

Foreword by Murray Gell-Mann

By shunning a traditional biographical tapestry, Cole successfully, and at times movingly, limits
her focus to Franks infectious passion for science.Nature
It is unlikely that anyone will
ever write a more perceptive biography of Frank Oppenheimer.
New York Review of Books
2012 416 p. 6 x 9 13 halftones
406 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-11347-0 $19.00 COBE
Your Price: $9.00

Time Travel and

Warp Drives

A Scientific Guide to Shortcuts

through Time and Space

Allen Everett and Thomas Roman

Einstein meets Captain Kirk in
this improbable foray into the
frontiers of theoretical physics,
where readers survey the exciting
possibilities for traveling through
time and between galaxies. . . .
Armchair scientists share the thrill
of peeking into the universes
deepest secrets. Penetrating science
illuminates humankinds most
audacious dreams.Booklist
2011 280 p. 6 x 9 33 halftones, 9 line drawings
407 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-22498-5 $30.00
Your Price: $11.00

The Best of All Possible

Mathematics and Destiny

Ivar Ekeland
A run through the history of
the last four hundred years, seen
through the eyes of a French mathematician. Mathematics appears
as a unifying principle for history.
Ekeland moves easily from mathematics to physics, biology, ethics, and philosophy.New York
Review of Books
2006 208 p. 6 x 9 17 halftones, 10 line drawings
408 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-19994-8 $28.00
Your Price: $7.00

On Sunspots

Galileo Galilei and

Christoph Scheiner

Translated andwith an Introductionby Eileen

Reeves and Albert Van Helden

Essential to historians interested

in the development and use of the
telescope and in religion of that
This is an excellent addition
to the literature on Galileo and,
more generally, on the Copernican
Revolution. It makes available
important works that are relatively
inaccessible in their original
edition and have never been fully
translated into English.
Maurice Finocchiaro, University
of Nevada, Las Vegas
2010 432 p. 6 x 9 108 halftones, 2 line drawings
409 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-70716-7 $45.00
Your Price: $9.00

Foundations of HighEnergy Astrophysics

Mario Vietri
High-energy astrophysics has
blossomed over the last decade,
since the launch of Chandra and
XMM-Newton in 1999. . . . What
has been lacking is an up-to-date,
single-volume work that concentrates on the common physics
shared by the objects that emit at
X-ray and gamma-ray energies. It
is this void that Vietri wants to fill
with his authoritative book.
2008 568 p. 6 x 9 49 line drawings
410 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-85569-1 $80.00
Your Price: $15.00

The Calculus

A Genetic Approach

Otto Toeplitz

Edited by Gottfried Kothe

Translated by Luise Lange
With a New Foreward by David Bressoud

Appropriate for students who have

completed basic or high school
calculus but have not yet stepped
up to the rigors of advanced calculus.Scitech Book News
1963, 2007 201 p. 51/2 x 81/2
411 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-80668-6 $32.00
Your Price: $8.00

Selected Papers on
Discrete Mathematics

Donald E. Knuth
Over forty of Knuths classic
papers spanning the entire range of
discrete mathematics are collected
in this volume, all brought up to
date with extensive revisions and
the addition of new material.
Distributed for the Center for the Study of
Language and Information
2003 828 p. 6 x 9 50 line drawings
412 Paper ISBN: 978-1-57586-248-4 $40.00
Your Price: $9.00

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Seven Shots

An NYPD Raid on a Terrorist Cell

and Its Aftermath

Jennifer C. Hunt
This is the most honest, accurate,
and heartfelt look beneath the
surface of the NYPD that Ive ever
read. . . . The core event, the 1997
raid that prevented a Brooklyn
subway bombing, moves with the
pace of a thriller, yet Jennifer Hunt
perfectly, movingly captures the
thoughts and emotions of the cops
involved.Ed Dee, retired NYPD
Lieutenant, author of The Con
Mans Daughter
2010 384 p. 6 x 9 1 line drawing
413 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-36090-4 $29.00
Your Price: $7.00


How Medical Examiners Explain

Suspicious Deaths

Stefan Timmermans
The portrait emerging from the
authors study of the important
social role MEs play is a useful
corrective to the media-inspired
image of the all-knowing and perfect CSI technicians.Publishers
A landmark work in the sociology of death investigation and
should be read by all who are interested in the competing methods
of ascertaining how the dead can
constructively speak to the living.
Journal of Law and Medicine
2006 380 p. 6 x 9
414 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-80398-2 $32.00
Your Price: $8.00

Shaking the World for

Media and Conservative
Evangelical Culture

Heather Hendershot
Hendershot argues that, despite
their undeserved reputation (born
at the infamous Scopes trial in
1925) as anti-modern rubes, evangelicals have actually embraced
for decades any modern means
that could be used to spread the
Gospel.Washington Post Book
2004 266 p. 6 x 9 49 halftones
415 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-32679-5 $32.00
Your Price: $7.00

A History

Lennard J. Davis
Davis has compiled a thorough
history of obsession throughout
the ages and across disciplines. He
is particularly interested in how
our society distinguishes hobbies,
artistic pursuits and other excessive behaviours from obsessions.
Times Higher Education
2008 296 p. 6 x 9 17 halftones
416 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-13784-1 $17.00
Your Price: $6.00

Social Sciences / Education 33

The Squeezed Middle
The Pressure on Ordinary Workers in
America and Britain

Edited by Sophia Parker

With a Foreword by Gavin Kelly and

Jared Bernstein

For anyone who wants an allin-one primer on the economic

problems facing the middle class in
America today, this is your book. .
. . Books like The Squeezed Middle
wont solve our economic problems, but they do help give people
like you and me the information
we need to solve our problems.
Distributed for Policy Press
2013 208 p. 6 x 9 19 figures, 8 tables
417 Paper ISBN: 978-1-4473-0893-5 $29.95 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

Marriage and

Arland Thornton, William G. Axinn,

and Yu Xie
A brave attempt at providing
a review of the history of the
development of marriage and
cohabitation in prior centuries and
of utilising the life histories of a
generation of parents and children
who live out their lives across
much of the twentieth century to
benchmark, illustrate and facilitate
our understanding of the meaning
of marriage and cohabitation.
European Journal of Population
2007 456 p. 6 x 9 16 line drawings, 29 tables
418 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-79867-7 $31.00
Your Price: $7.00

The Genealogical

The Search for Jewish Origins and the

Politics of Epistemology

Nadia Abu El-Haj

Situating her work at the intersection of history of science, philosophy of science, sociology, and
anthropology, Abu El-Haj offers
specific, precise, and well-grounded arguments about how the meanings of biological difference have
changed over time.Metascience
2012 328 p. 6 x 9
419 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-20140-5 $40.00
Your Price: $15.00

The Flaming Feet and

Other Essays
The Dalit Movement in India

D. R. Nagaraj
In this volume of sixteen essays,
D. R. Nagaraj, the foremost nonBrahmin intellectual to emerge
from Indias non-English-speaking
world, presents his vision of the
Indian caste system in relation to
Dalit politicsthe Dalit being a
self-designation for many groups
in the lower castes of India.
A brilliant little book.The Hindu

Distributed for Seagull Books

2010 282 p. 51/2 x 81/2
420 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-80-4 $35.00 IND
Your Price: $8.00

The Chicago Handbook

for Teachers, Second
A Practical Guide to the College

Alan Brinkley et al.

This new edition is thoroughly
revised, including one chapter
devoted to the use of electronic
resources and another on creating
and sustaining an inclusive classroom environment. A new chapter
on science education broadens
the books audience beyond the
instructors in the humanities and
the social sciences. Its broad scope
and wealth of specific information
will make the Handbook useful
both as a comprehensive guide to
beginning teachers and a reference
manual for experienced instructors.
2011 224 p. 6 x 9
421 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-07528-0 $16.00
Your Price: $5.00

The Education Debate

Second Edition

Stephen J. Ball
Insightful and wholly accessible
and contributes to broader debates
about education policy, initiatives
and economic imperatives found
across public services.Critical
Social Policy

Distributed for Policy Press

2013 256 p. 5 x 73/4 4 figures, 4 tables
422 Paper ISBN: 978-1-4473-0688-7 $24.95 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

Learning in Depth

A Simple Innovation That Can

Transform Schooling

Kieran Egan
A fascinating, provocative, utterly
visionary and courageously speculative imagining of an educational
future that is simultaneously elite
and egalitarian, deeply intellectual
yet utterly connected to passion
and identity. A most audacious
proposal from one of educations
most audacious thinkers.Lee
S. Shulman, President Emeritus,
The Carnegie Foundation for the
Advancement of Teaching

2010 232 p. 51/2 x 81/2 4 tables

423 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-19043-3 $25.00 CAN
Your Price: $7.00

34 Political Science

Sen Sheehan
[Sheehan] has produced an
elegant and readable introduction
to many kinds of modern countercultural thought.Guardian
[Anarchism] makes many
important points with admirable
clarity, and opens up areas of
debate. It is a charming, wellproduced work, whose author
is clearly excited by anarchist
actions.Anarchistic Studies

The Almanac of
American Politics 2014

Michael Barone, Chuck

McCutcheon, Sean Trende,
and Josh Kraushaar
The new edition contains Michael
Barones analysis of the 2012 election, both congressional and presidential, exploring how the votes
fell and what they mean for future
The Bible of American politics.
George Will
The single best reference there
is for Congress and Washington
specifically and the country generally.Jim Lehrer
2013 1904 p. 6 x 9
424 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-10530-7 $115.00
Your Price: $30.00
425 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-10544-4 $90.00
Your Price: $20.00

Moral Politics

How Liberals and Conservatives

Think, Second Edition

George Lakoff
An unusual mix of judicious
scholarship, tendentious journalism and inflammatory wake-up
call.San Francisco Chronicle
Book Review
Lakoff, the cognitive linguist,
understands how you understand. In Moral Politics, [he] deftly
applies that seemingly arcane
understanding to the heart of
American politics.Christian
Science Monitor
2002 471 p. 53/8 x 87/16
426 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-46771-9 $25.00
Your Price: $5.00

The Chicago Companion

to Tocquevilles
Democracy in America
James T. Schleifer
Virtually everything one needs
to know about Democracy, including a taste for Tocquevilles prose,
is included in this fine companion.Michael Kammen, Cornell
2012 216 p. 6 x 9
427 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-73704-1 $15.00
Your Price: $7.00
Much more information about each book is on our
website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2004 176 p. 5.79 x 8.25
428 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-169-3 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Sick Planet

Guy Debord
Guy Debord is one of the 20th
centurys most prophetic critics. A
Sick Planet brings together three of
his key essays. The Rise and Fall
of the Spectacular CommodityEconomy is an analysis of the
Watts riots in Los Angeles in the
summer of 1965. The Explosion
Point of Ideology in China examines and celebrates the decomposition of bureaucratic power and its
ideology in China. A Sick Planet
presents an extremely prescient
polemic on global environmental

Distributed for Seagull Books

2008 104 p. 41/2 x 71/4 7 halftones
429 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905422-68-5 $60.00 IND
Your Price: $7.00
430 Paper ISBN: 978-1-905422-69-2 $16.95 IND
Your Price: $6.00

Conversations with
Edward Said
Edward Said

Edited by Tariq Ali

In his last years, looking back over

questions of life, history, exile,
identity and Palestine, Edward Said
brings his considerable intellect and
deep personal engagement to bear
on some of the most troubling and
volatile issues of our time.
Indefatigable, irascible, and
devastatingly charming, he leaves
legions of followers and fans in
every corner of the world.
Village Voice
Distributed for Seagull Books
2005 128 p. 6 x 8
431 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905422-04-3 $21.95 IND
Your Price: $8.00

The Fear of Barbarians

Beyond the Clash of Civilizations

Tzvetan Todorov

Translated by Andrew Brown

Now, of all times, there is a need

for cool heads, such as Todorov.
New York Review of Books
2010 248 p. 6 x 9
432 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-80575-7
$27.50 UKANZ
Your Price: $7.00

Combating Jihadism

American Hegemony and Interstate

Cooperation in the War on Terrorism

Barak Mendelsohn
Mendelsohn not only demonstrates a remarkable knowledge of
the complex webs and networks
which constitute the core of todays
international terrorist threat, but
he also effectively details how
states have responded to such a
challenge. Thus, this is one of
the very few books written since
the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that bridges the gap
between the study of contemporary
global terrorism and international
relations theory.Allen Carlson,
Cornell University
2009 304 p. 6 x 9 1 table
433 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-52011-7 $50.00
Your Price: $15.00

Founding Choices

American Economic Policy in the 1790s

Edited by Douglas A. Irwin and

Richard Sylla
Douglas Irwin and Richard Sylla
have brought together an impressive and accomplished list of
economic historians to examine
the long-run importance of the
economic decisions made in the
Founding Era, decisions which
helped foster sustained economic
growth and development in the
United States.Mark V. Siegler,
Sacramento State University
NBER Conference Report
2011 368 p. 6 x 9 17 line drawings, 22 tables
434 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-38475-7 $40.00
Your Price: $10.00

The Private Abuse of

the Public Interest

Market Myths and Policy Muddles

Lawrence D. Brown and

Lawrence R. Jacobs
When the inevitable reaction
pushing for a return to free markets comes back around, the lesson
of this insightful book is clear:
dont go there unless you want
even bigger government to clean
up after the failures that are sure to
follow.Washington Monthly

2008 160 p. 51/2 x 81/2

435 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-07643-0 $15.00
Your Price: $5.00

Health Care for Some

Rights and Rationing in the United

States since 1930

Beatrix Hoffman
Readers interested in the history of
American health care and medicine
will find this an informative look at
past attempts to provide health care
to more Americans and the forces
and fears that for so long have made
attaining universal coverage impossible.Library Journal
2012 360 p. 6 x 9 14 halftones
436 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-34803-2 $30.00
Your Price: $13.00

Social Security

A Fresh Look at Policy Alternatives

Jagadeesh Gokhale
Gokhale once again pushes the
state of the art in Social Security
analysis, warning us that the largest
federal spending program is in far
worse financial condition than commonly supposed.Andrew Biggs,
American Enterprise Institute
In Social Security, Jagadeesh
Gokhale provides a rigorous analysis
of options for reforming this important program.Jeffrey R. Brown,
University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign
2010 374 p. 6 x 9 34 line drawings, 25 tables
437 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30033-7 $60.00
Your Price: $19.00

Socialism and War

Essays, Documents, Reviews

F. A. Hayek

Edited by Bruce Caldwell

This volume documents the evolution of F. A. Hayeks thought on

socialism and war during the dark
decades of the 1930s and 1940s.
Each new addition to The
Collected Works of F. A. Hayek, the
University of Chicagos painstaking series of reissues and collections, is a gem.Liberty
1997 280 p. 6 x 9
438 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-32058-8 $55.00 C/E/J
Your Price: $17.00

Arms and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Alliances in

the Twenty-First Century Defense

James Hasik
Arms and Innovation deserves
a place in the library of anyone
interested in military procurement
and weapons development. For the
historian, the framework Hasik
used may be helpful in identifying
the circumstances in earlier time
periods that allowed smaller firms
. . . to bring forth new military
tools.Journal of Military History
A must read for anyone with an
interest in innovation in military
technologies.Andrew James,
Manchester Business School
2008 224 p. 6 x 9 48 halftones, 2 line drawings,
11 tables
439 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-31886-8 $40.00
Your Price: $13.00

Uncommon Sense

Economic Insights, from Marriage to


Gary S. Becker and

Richard A. Posner
The best way of getting into the
economics of what is known as the
Chicago School without paying
tuition.Chicago Tribune
2009 384 p. 6 x 9
440 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-04101-8 $31.00
Your Price: $9.00

Economics / Law & Legal Studies 35

The Collected Works of
Justice Holmes
Complete Public Writings and
Selected Judicial Opinions of Oliver
Wendell Holmes

Edited by Sheldon M. Novick

With a Foreword by Erin N. Griswold

Sure to be the standard reference

for all subsequent scholarship.
New York Times Book Review
A critical contribution to legal
literature, and definitely worth
1994 1444 p. 7 x 10 3 volume set
441 Boxed Set ISBN: 978-0-226-34966-4 $260.00
Your Price: $89.00

The Founders

Edited by Philip B. Kurland and

Ralph Lerner
Through their scholarship and
large-mindedness, Mr. Kurland
and Mr. Lerner have laid before us
a rich legacy of thought that will
help us understand the origins,
the historic Meaning in the fullest senses, of our basic charter.
Their book is a singularly valuable
offering.New York Times Book

1987 3260 p. 81/2 x 11 Five-volume set.

Volume 1: xiv, 714 p.; Volume 2: x, 672 p.;
Volume 3: x, 604 p.
442 Boxed Set ISBN: 978-0-226-46387-2 $550.00
Your Price: $199.00

The Medical
Malpractice Myth

Tom Baker
[Baker argues] that the real
problem is too much medical malpractice, not too much litigation,
and that the cost of malpractice is
lost lives and the pain and suffering of tens of thousands of people
every yearmost of whom do not
sue.Publishers Weekly
2005 222 p. 6 x 9 2 charts
443 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-03648-9 $25.00
Your Price: $6.00

Ensuring Corporate

How Liability Insurance Undermines

Shareholder Litigation

Tom Baker and Sean J. Griffith

Until now, those of us in the field
had reason for concern about litigation dynamics and the role of
insurance, but no real evidence.
Now we have detailed interview
excerpts to go to the heart of the
problem. More than any contribution to the field of corporate
litigation in the last decade, this
book breaks new ground.
Donald Langevoort, Georgetown
University Law School
2010 296 p. 6 x 9 4 line drawings
444 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-03515-4 $50.00
Your Price: $11.00


The Case for Revenge

Thane Rosenbaum
Revenge is seldom discussed
with seriousness when looking at various formats for the
delivery of justice. . . . But it does
need to be examined, as Thane
Rosenbaum shows in this wideranging consideration of revenge
as a cultural phenomenon. He
specifically targets the comfortable
fiction . . . that civilized adults can
and should rise above such emotions.Times Higher Education
Rosenbaum convincingly
argues for knocking down the false
distinction between justice and
revenge, for rescuing revenge from
its taboo status.Washington Post
2013 328 p. 6 x 9
445 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-72661-8 $26.00
Your Price: $13.00

The Trial in American Life

Robert A. Ferguson
Ferguson expertly analyzes the
cultural impact of American criminal trials.American Historical
Provides an intellectually
enriching and complex survey of
the meaning not only of the trial
as a concept, but of a variety of
famous trials in U.S. history.
2007 414 p. 6 x 9 21 halftones
446 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-24325-2 $31.00
Your Price: $7.00

The Death of the

American Trial

Robert P. Burns
A stimulating, impassioned, wellargued defense of the continued
importance of the trial.Choice
In impassioned prose, Burns
argues that the decline of civil and
criminal jury trials in the United
States is disastrous. . . . Without
trials, he submits, elites would
decide justice and the judicial
branch would decline.Library
2009 200 p. 6 x 9
447 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-08126-7 $32.50
Your Price: $7.00
448 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-08127-4 $23.00
Your Price: $6.00

36 Literary Studies
Shakespeares Freedom


A Radical Anatomy of Phantoms

Keston Sutherland
From Shakespeare to Beckett, the
contradictory figure of the fool
who possesses unexpected wisdom
has been a popular and effective
literary trope and rhetorical figure
for centuries. Philosophy needs idiots too, argues Keston Sutherland.
Here he examines how speculative and satirical descriptions
of stupidity function in art and
argument. His examples include
Alexander Popes dunce, Adornos
philistine, and Wordsworths
mechanical adopter of poetic diction. Sutherland also provides an
important new account of the figure of the bourgeois in Marx.
Distributed for Seagull Books
2011 264 p. 41/4 x 7
449 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-97-2 $19.00 IND
Your Price: $7.00

New Letters to a
Young Poet
Joan Margarit

Translated and with an Afterword by

Christopher Maurer

[This] is a discussion of poetry

and its role in todays literature.
Stating that poetry can express
more than just what the words
read, Margarit gives readers a bit of
memoir within the literary discussion.Midwest Book Review
Distributed for Swan Isle Press
2010 120 p. 5 x 73/4
450 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-9748881-9-4 $24.00
Your Price: $8.00


Three Inquiries in Disobedience

W. J. T. Mitchell, Bernard E.
Harcourt, and Michael Taussig
While the difference between
each of the essays is stark, it creates a strong sense of the pastiche
which is the Occupy movement.
Taussigs gonzo-academic narrative, Harcourts broad but
incisive analysis, and Mitchells
rich criticism combine to create a
whole greater than the sum of its
parts.LSE Review of Books
2013 152 p. 51/2 x 81/2 29 halftones
451 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-04274-9 $15.00
Your Price: $8.00

Stephen Greenblatt
[Greenblatt] argues that
Shakespeares genius lay in embracing and subverting the norms of his
age. . . . Yet, the books real lesson
is Shakespeares awareness of the
human condition in all its complexity.Financial Times
It is good, at a time when there
is danger of seeing Shakespeare
too exclusively as an entertainer,
to find an acknowledgement of
the intellectual powers that pervade his work.Times Literary
2010 160 p. 51/2 x 81/2
4 color plates, 10 halftones
452 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-30666-7 $26.00
Your Price: $6.00

Jeffrey Knapp

Shakespeare Only
This historically contextualized account of Shakespeares
sense of authorship alters our
understanding not only of him
and his chief rival, Ben Johnson
(who gets illuminating treatment
throughout as Shakespeares
foil), but also, more broadly, of
the changing nature of English
Renaissance dramatic authorship.Modern Language


2009 256 p.
453 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-44571-7 $38.00
Your Price: $8.00
454 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-44572-4 $22.00
Your Price: $7.00

Shakespeares Tribe

Church, Nation, and Theater in

Renaissance England

Challenging the long held

assumption that the public theatres of Tudor-Stuart England
were secular institutions . . .
Knapp argues that a number of
dramatists used the stage to promulgate a specifically religious
2002 277 p. 6 x 9
455 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-44570-0 $26.00
Your Price: $9.00

Loving Dr. Johnson

Helen Deutsch
I have hardly any doubt that
had Boswell been alive to read
Deutschs book today he wouldnt
have hesitated to doff his hat to
A beautifully, even eloquently
written book about anecdote and
author love: each chapter focuses
on some apocryphal Johnsonian
moment or fable and spins out of it
a wide, delicate reading that analyzes Johnsonian readers.
Studies in English Literature
2005 304 p. 6 x 9 23 halftones, 1 line drawing
456 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-14382-8 $45.00
Your Price: $13.00

Jane Austens Cults

and Cultures

Claudia L. Johnson
At the heart of Claudia Johnsons
warmly appreciative study is the
sole authenticated image of the
novelist: a portrait, by her sister, of
Jane Austen with her back to the
viewer. Johnson . . . traces out the
silences and losses surrounding
Austen. Her aim is not so much to
shine a light on the fiction as on its
admirers.Literary Review
2012 240 p. 6 x 9 35 halftones
457 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-40203-1 $40.00
Your Price: $13.00

Rewriting the

The Discourses of Sexual Difference

in Early Modern Europe

Edited by Margaret W. Ferguson,

Maureen Quilligan, and Nancy
With a Foreword by Catharine R. Stimpson

An outstanding array of scholarsliterary critics, art critics,

and historiansreexamines the
role of women and their relations
with men during the Renaissance.
In the process, the contributors
enrich the emerging languages
of and about women, gender, and
sexual difference.
1986 448 p. 6 x 9
458 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-24314-6 $32.50
Your Price: $11.00

Aguecheeks Beef,
Belchs Hiccup, and
Other Gastronomic

Literature, Culture, and Food Among

the Early Moderns

Robert Appelbaum
The useful material Appelbaum
incorporates into his interpretation
of these texts and into his study as
a whole, and his attention both to
detail and to broader social conditions and literary trends, make this
a useful book for a wide range of
readers.Renaissance Quarterly
2006 376 p. 6 x 9 21 halftones
459 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-02126-3 $32.50
Your Price: $7.00

One Kind of Everything

Poem and Person in Contemporary

Dan Chiasson
Chaisson argues that whether a
poet is actively employing autobiography or developing personas and barriers that veil his or
her true self, it is when the poet
engages the challenges of identity
in poems that the writing is at its
most thoughtful.American Poet
2007, 2011 208 p. 51/2 x 81/2
460 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-10383-9 $23.00
Your Price: $7.00

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the web, see the last page.

Margaret Laurence

This Side Jordan

A Novel

Based on Laurences experience

living on the Gold Coast (now
Ghana) in the years just before
independence, This Side Jordan
confronts issues of race relations,
sexism, and colonial exploitation. Highly recommended as a
good and timely read.Library
1960, 2011 312 p. 5-1/4 x 8
461 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-46998-0
$16.00 OBE/EU
Your Price: $7.00

The Prophets
Camel Bell

A Memoir of Somaliland

In 1950, as a young bride,

Margaret Laurence set out with
her engineer husband to what
was then Somaliland: a British
protectorate in East Africa. The
Prophets Camel Bell is both a
fascinating account of Somali
culture and British colonial
characters, and a lyrical description of life in the desert.
A small masterwork of perception, humor and love.Saturday
1963, 2011 256 p. 51/2 x 81/2
462 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-47007-8 $17.00
Your Price: $7.00

Summer of Caprice
Vladislav Vancura

Translated by Mark Corner

Summer of Caprice, a winning

comic novel first published in
1926, is a classic of Czech writing.
Mark Corner has rendered this
exceptional work in an English
translation that beautifully captures Vladislav Vancuras experimental styleor, as the author
himself called it, poetism in prose.
This translation is presented alongside the original illustrations and
Distributed for the Karolinum Press
2006 201 p. 5 x 7 8 color plates, 90 line drawings
463 Cloth ISBN: 978-80-246-1195-2 $30.00
Your Price: $7.00

Young Men and Fire

Norman Maclean
A magnificent drama of writing, a
tragedy that pays tribute to the dead
and offers rescue to the living.
New York Times Book Review
A somber and poetic retelling
of a tragic event. It is the pinnacle
of smokejumping literature and a
classic work of 20th-century nonfiction.Wall Street Journal

1992 316 p. 51/2 x 81/2

17 halftones, 2 maps, 4 graphs
464 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-50061-4 $22.00
Your Price: $7.00

Fiction, Poetry, & Literature at $7 37

The Prison Poems of
Nikolai Bukharin
Nikolai Bukharin

Translated by George Shriver

Bukharin (18881938) was

among the leading lights of the
Bolsheviks, a friend and colleague
of Lenin, who labeled him the
favorite of the party, and of Stalin,
who was later to order his death
in one of the show trials. . . . [The
poems] value, particularly those
in Lyrical Intermezzo, stems from
the human circumstances of the
Distributed for Seagull Books
2009 572 p. 5 x 8
465 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-16-3 $35.00 IND
Your Price: $7.00

Selected Poems of
Garcilaso de la Vega
A Bilingual Edition

Edited and Translated by

John Dent-Young
[John Dent-Young] has successfully rendered Garcilasos verse
in English in ways that capture
its rhythm and grace, while at the
same time conveying its sense with
all the directness and elusiveness
of the original.Ricardo Padrn,
University of Virginia

Shaggy Muses

The Dogs who Inspired Virginia

Woolf, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth
Barrett Browning, Edith Wharton,
and Emily Bront

Maureen Adams
Adams takes a fascinating look
at the private lives of five women
writers through their relationships
with their dogs. . . . Written in a
lively, accessible prose, this absorbing, wholly unique book is a mustread for literature- and dog-lovers
Lovers of both dogs and classic writers will identify with this
sweet, quirky book.Publishers

2009 248 p. 51/2 x 81/2 5 halftones

466 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-14188-6 $40.00
Your Price: $7.00

2007 320 p. 51/2 x 81/2 43 halftones

469 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-00536-2 $16.00
Your Price: $7.00

The Phantom of the


A Stricken Field

A Judge Dee Mystery

Robert van Gulik

This is one of the best, a spooky,
even grisly, tale of a double murder and decapitation, a missing
girl named Jade, and stolen gold
hidden in a deserted temple supposedly haunted by a phantom
woman.Publishers Weekly
1966 214 p. 51/4 x 8 11 line drawings
467 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-84877-8 $13.00
Your Price: $7.00


A Journey in Search of Moonlight

James Attlee
Attlee is a true enthusiast, and
is fascinated by, indeed loves, his
subject. He writes beautifully and
often thrillingly about the moon
in all itsher?aspects, and
it will be a dull-minded reader
who comes away from this book
without a new or at least renewed
regard for the extraordinary, silver
satellite that is our worlds constant
It makes you want to pull a chair
out into the garden and bathe in the
moonlight. No questions asked.
New York Times Book Review
2011 320 p. 51/2 x 81/2 6 halftones
468 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-03096-8 $26.00
Your Price: $7.00

A Novel

Martha Gellhorn

With a new Foreword by Caroline Moorehead

[A] brave, final novel. Its writing

is quick with movement and with
sympathy; its people alive with
death, if one can put it that way. It
leaves one with aching heart and
questing mind.New York Herald
Packed with as much tension,
menace and dread as any contemporary thriller.Chicago Tribune

1940, 1986,2011 328 p. 51/4 x 8

470 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-28696-9 $17.00
Your Price: $7.00

Four Lectures

Gertrude Stein

With an Introduction by Thornton Wilder and

a New Foreword by Liesl M. Olson

Gertrude Stein delivered her

Narration lectures to packed audiences at the University of Chicago
in 1935. Stein had not been back to
her home country since departing
for France in 1903.
Narration is a treasure waiting
to be rediscovered and to be pirated
by jolly marauders of sparkling
texts.Catherine Stimpson, New
York University
2010 96 p. 6 x 8
471 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-77154-0 $16.00
Your Price: $7.00

38 Fiction, Poetry, & Literature at $7

Stories from a Chicago Cab

Lee Siegel

Who Wrote the Book

of Love?
Hilarious. . . . A delicious, pageturning memoir that spans those
doctor-playing, sex-obsessed,
hormone-drenched years from
5 to 15. Its witty, warm, terribly
sweet in places, and theres never
a dull moment on any single
page. . . . Siegel has not just written a royally entertaining comic
memoir, but he has given us a
time capsule of our one-time
national innocence.Chicago
Never has [Siegels] humor been
sharper or his characters more
alluring than in this shrewdly
spiked, cheerfully erotic, incident-rich Hollywood coming-ofage tale.Booklist
2005 248 p. 6 x 9 3 figures
472 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-75700-1 $24.00
Your Price: $7.00

Love and the

Incredibly Old Man
A Novel

Whimsical, erotic and comic

all at the same time.Kirkus
Mix a history of Spanish conquistadors in the New World
with a porny pulp tale, and
the result is this entertaining
novel.Publishers Weekly
2008 240 p. 6 x 9 1 line drawing
473 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-75705-6 $22.50
Your Price: $7.00

A Novel

Steve Tomasula
IN & OZ bears a family resemblance to Orwells Animal Farm in
its political awareness and fabulist
inclination, Barthelmes Dead
Father in its stylized absurdity and
abstract intellect, and Diderots
Rameaus Nephew in its fusion of
cool aesthetic contemplation and
fictive techniques.American
Book Review

2012 152 p. 41/2 x 81/2

474 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-80744-7 $16.00
Your Price: $7.00

Dmitry Samarov
Utterly addictive. . . . Samarov
manages to capture the essential
oddity of the ephemeral relationship between driver and fare, that
fleeting intersection of guide and
Samarov drives late afternoon
and into the night, the best time to
cull material to create his vibrant,
detailed stories that would make
Nelson Algren proud.Chicago

2011 124 p. 51/2 x 81/2 66 halftones

475 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-73473-6 $20.00
Your Price: $7.00

Playing in Time

Essays, Profiles, and Other True Stories

Carlo Rotella
The strength of his new essay
collection comes from the odd
places he finds these headliners:
on the suburban D.C.-area blues
circuit, in Chicagos polka clubs
and at fantasy jazz camps in the
Northeast. But like other greats of
the nonfiction craftJoan Didion,
John Jeremiah SullivanRotellas
own personality eventually comes
through.Time Out Chicago
2012 288 p. 6 x 9 1 halftone
479 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-72909-1 $27.50
Your Price: $7.00

Mahasweta Devi


And Other Israeli Plays

Sharon Aronson-Lehavi
An anthology of seven contemporary Israeli plays, written by
established and emerging Israeli
playwrights and theatre creators.
The collection offers a look into
the variety of Israeli drama, theatre, and performance, reflecting
central questions of identity in
Israeli society.

Distributed for Seagull Books

2009 314 p. 20 halftones
476 Paper ISBN: 978-1-906497-05-7 $24.95 IND
Your Price: $7.00

Armed Response
Plays from South Africa

Edited by David Peimer

As a phenomenon of history with
social, political, cultural implications, the entire negotiated experience makes the South African situation unique in both the African
and global context. This collection
of plays reflects certain key trends
in both subject matter and aesthetics prevalent in South Africa at
this crucial moment in history. An
introductory essay for the anthology will provide the reader with
the artistic, cultural, and political
background to the plays.
Distributed for Seagull Books
2009 314 p.
477 Paper ISBN: 978-1-906497-07-1 $24.95 IND
Your Price: $7.00

Three Novellas
Thomas Bernhard

Translated by Peter Jansen and Kenneth J. Northcott

With a Foreword by Brian Evenson

The reader is instantly transported

into the comic nightmare we recognize from his longer novels and
theater. It is Bernhards postwar
Austria, menacing, provincial,
suffocating, where the beauty of
the Alpine setting serves as a mask
of hypocrisy concealing guilt and
decay.Chicago Tribune Books
2003 184 p. 6 x 8
478 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-04432-3 $25.00
Your Price: $7.00


Four Stories

Translated and with an Introduction by

Sumanta Banerjee

Unlike most of Mahasweta Devis

works, which focus on Bengali
tribes and the rural dispossessed,
the four stories collected in Bait
are located in the urban and
suburban criminal underworld,
and form an unusual segment of
Devis oeuvre.
Distributed for Seagull Books
2010 175 p. 41/4 x 7
480 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-49-1 $17.00 IND
Your Price: $7.00

The Queen of Jhansi

Translated by Sagaree Sengupta and
Mandira Sengupta

Lakshmibai, the Queen of Jhansi,

a legendary Indian heroine, led
her troops against the British in
the uprising of 1857. The image
of the young warrior queen captured the imagination of novelist
Mahasweta Devi. She wove a very
personal history of a heroinean
unusual woman, widowed at an
early age, who grew from a freespirited child into an independent young leader.

Distributed for Seagull Books

2010 344 p. 5 x 81/2
481 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-906497-53-8 $21.95 IND
Your Price: $7.00


Zdenek Jirotka

Translated by Mark Adrian Corner

A delicious dry humour and an

imaginative flair that makes it
much more than just the Czech
Jeeves. Owing more to Jerome K.
Jerome than to P. G. Wodehouse,
the writing is rich in homespun
wisdom and casual asides that
take on a life of their own, leading
the reader up charming byways
of irrelevance.Times Literary
Distributed for the Karolinum Press
2006 263 p. 6 x 91/5
482 Cloth ISBN: 978-80-246-0683-5 $30.00
Your Price: $7.00

literature 39
The Spoken Word from the
British Library

Is It Good for the Jews?

The Spoken Word is drawn from

the British Librarys vast sound
archive which holds the BBC
Radio Tapes among others

Adam Biro

American Writers
2008 3 CDs (210 minutes) and booklet
483 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-0544-0
$35.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

British Writers
2008 3 CDs (214 minutes) and booklet
484 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-0541-9
$35.00 NSA
Your Price: $11.00

An astounding collection of six

CDs of British and American
authors speaking and reading
aloud, collected by the British
Library. Arthur Conan Doyle,
Gertrude Stein, Raymond
Chandler (chatting with Ian
Fleming), F. Scott Fitzgerald,
Ralph Ellison, Evelyn Waugh,
Vladimir Nabokovits like a
dream of the perfect literary cocktail party. (Cocktails sold separately.)Time

H. G. Wells
2006 1 CD (73 minutes) with booklet
485 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-0532-7
$15.00 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Ted Hughes

Poetry in the Making

2008 2 CDs with booklet
486 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-0554-9
$25.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.00

The Essential
Shakespeare Live
The British Library and the
Royal Shakespeare Company
(RSC) join forces to present this
remarkable audio treasury of live
Shakespearean performances.
You can hear the changes,
across the decades, in how actors
read their lines (more freely
these days), and in how the audience reacts (more vocal now).
You also get a sense of the glorious plasticity of Shakespeares
material, how much it can
change in different hands.
2010 2 CDs with booklet
487 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-5100-3
$25.00 NSA
Your Price: $8.00

The Narrative of
John Smith
Arthur Conan Doyle

CD read by Robert Lindsay

2011 5 CDs and booklet
488 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-5115-7
$35.00 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

More Stories from the Old Country

and the New
Translated by Catherine Tihanyi

Sparkles with the happy anguish

of Jewish humor, with the wit of
threateningly cultured protagonists, and with the special case
treatment that lifes tangles invariably receive in this milieu between
old and new worlds.ForeWord
2009 152 p. 51/2 x 81/2
489 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-05217-5 $20.00
Your Price: $7.00


The Open Door

Ted Cohen
[A] wonderful, tight treatise on
the logic of humor.Gallery
[Jokes] tells us many remarkable things about intimacy, about
explanation, understanding and
belief, about Jews and, more or
less inadvertently, about philosophers.London Review of Books

Edited by Don Share and

Christian Wiman
If you need to be reminded of the
incomparable poems that Poetry
magazine published first in its
pages, read excellent poetry by an
author you might not have discovered yet, or simply remember why
poetry is worth loving, this is the
book to turn to. You wont be disappointed.Paris Review

Philosophical Thoughts on Joking


1999 112 p. 51/2 x 81/2

490 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-11230-5 $17.00
Your Price: $7.00

1000 Years of
English Literature
Revised Edition

Chris Fletcher
[B]eautifully designed. . . . Taken
in its entirety, this volume by
Fletcher and associates provides
an overview of Englands literary
heritage, a history of its language
and script, and a look at its practice and industry of replication
and publication from Beowulf to
Wendy Cope.Choice

Distributed for the British Library

2012 221 p. 71/2 x 10 200 color plates
491 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5873-6 $19.00 NSA
Your Price: $7.00

Thousands of Broadways
Dreams and Nightmares of the
American Small Town

Robert Pinsky
Pinsky offers a provocative take
on the relationship between artists and small-town America. He
explicates quotations from Cather,
Faulkner and Twain, as well as
scenes from filmmakers like
Hitchcock and Sturges, and reminiscences about his own upbringing in Long Branch, N.J.New
York Times Book Review
Interspersed with his recollections are deft analyses of fictional
small-town portrayals. . . . Pinskys
eloquent reflections on collective
memory and hypocrisy are well
worth absorbing.Boston Globe
2009 106 p. 51/2 x 81/2 17 halftones
492 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-66944-1 $16.00
Your Price: $5.00

One Hundred Poems, One Hundred

Years of Poetry Magazine

2012 224 p. 6 x 9
493 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-75070-5 $20.00
Your Price: $9.00

Mike Royko

Early Royko

Up Against It in Chicago

With a New Foreword by Rick Kogan

Royko was one of the most

respected and admired people in
the business, by readers and colleagues alike.Washington Post
Book World
1967, 2010 232 p. 51/2 x 81/2
494 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-73077-6 $16.00
Your Price: $5.00

One More Time

The Best of Mike Royko

With a Foreword by Studs Terkel

A treasure house for journalism

students, for would-be writers,
for students of writing styles, for
people who just like to laugh at
the absurdity of the human condition.Washington Times
1999 322 p. 6 x 9 11 halftones
495 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-73072-1 $12.00
Your Price: $5.00

Royko in Love

Mikes Letters to Carol

Edited by David Royko

The letters . . . are endearing

and often funny, as they provide a glimpse into the mind
and personality of young Mike
[Royko].Library Journal
2010 256 p. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 15 halftones
496 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-73078-3 $24.00
Your Price: $5.00

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
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40 Recent Books: Crime, Mystery, & spycraft at 20% Off

The Aristotle Detective Novels

Margaret Doody

Doody brings the Athens of 322

BC to life with skill and verve and
her story of the bloody murder,
the shards of evidence, the drama
of the trials, the odd twists and
turns of motives and events is
wonderfully plotted as she keeps
everyone guessing, except the
wily old philosopher who never
tips his hand.Publishers Weekly
Why did no one think of this
before?Times (UK)

Aristotle and Poetic


2003 344 p. 51/2 x 81/2 1 map

497 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-13198-6 $17.00 USA
Your Price: $13.60

Aristotle and the

Secrets of Life

2003 432 p. 51/2 x 81/2 1 map

498 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-13217-4 $18.00 USA
Your Price: $14.40

Aristotle Detective

1978 280 p. 51/2 x 81/2 1 map

499 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-13170-2 $17.00 USA
Your Price: $13.60

The Female Detective

Andrew Forrester

With an Introduction by Mike Ashley and a

Foreword by Alexander McCall Smith

A very welcome addition to the

ever continuing evolution of the
detective novel as we know it.
Pretty Sinister Books

Distributed for the British Library

2012 316 p. 5 x 71/2
500 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5878-1 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

Revelations of a Lady
William Stephens Hayward

With an Introduction by Mike Ashley

This is the second novel ever published to feature a female detective.

This heroine is a very different
character from her predecessor.
This much racier female detective is however equally inventive,
intuitive, and insightful, and with
a Colt revolver in hand she works
her way through a variety of cases.
Thoroughly entertaining.
Classic Mysteries

Distributed for the British Library

2013 278 p. 51/4 x 71/2
501 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5896-5 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

Mavis Doriel Hay

John Bude

Distributed for the British Library

Distributed for the British Library

Mavis Doriel Hay (18941979)

was a novelist of the golden
age of British crime fiction.
Her three detective novels were
published in the 1930s and have
been recently reissued.
Its a shame that Hay only
wrote three mysteries but its
lovely to have them now all back
in print in this beautifully produced series of British Library
Crime Classics.I Prefer
Reading blog

The Cornish Coast


Murder Underground

Distributed for the British Library

2014 288 p. 51/4 x 71/2
507 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5715-9 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

2014 288 p. 51/4 x 71/2

502 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5725-8 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

Death on the Cherwell



2014 288 p.
503 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5726-5 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

The Santa Klaus


2013 288 p. 51/4 x 71/2

504 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5712-8 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

The Notting Hill


Charles Warren Adams

With an Introduction by Mike Ashley and

Illustrations by George du Maurier

This is considered to truly be

the first modern detective novel.
This handsome new edition also
includes George du Mauriers illustrations.
The book is both utterly of its
time and utterly ahead of it.
New York Times Book Review
The mystery that started them
all is as masterful as anything it
inspired.Denver Post
[T]he way [The Notting Hill
Mystery] tells its bizarre tale of
murder is astonishingly modern.

Distributed for the British Library

2012 284 p. 5 x 73/4 6 halftones
505 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5859-0 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

Mr. Bazalgettes Agent

Leonard Merrick
Merricks Mr. Bazalgettes Agent
marks an important text in the
evolution of detective fiction. . . .
This is an absorbing early detective
story, with a plucky and interesting
female central character. It is intermittently and surely consciously
funny, too. . . . Reissues like [this]
are in everybodys interest.
Times Literary Supplement
A very enjoyable story, quite worth
reading.Classic Mysteries blog
Distributed for the British Library
2013 144 p. 51/4 x 71/2
506 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5702-9 $12.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.60

This is the first of thirty detective stories by John Bude, a

crime novelist not so much
forgotten by contemporary readers as never heard of in the first
place, which is a pity, because his
books are good examples of the
straightforward murder mysteries from the so-called Golden
Age of crime writing.Literary

The Lake District

John Bude is a welcome addition to an exciting explosion of
classic crime reprints from a
variety of independent presses
and the British Library seems
to be leading the way in discovering forgotten writers well
worth reading. Youd do well
to acquaint yourself with his
entertaining mysteries.Pretty
Sinister Books

2014 288 p. 51/4 x 71/2

508 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5716-6 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

E. Phillips Oppenheim
Distributed for the British Library

E. Phillips Oppenheim was one

of the greatest writers of spy fiction, known in his time as the
Prince of Storytellers. With this
pair of novels, the British Library
is proud to introduce him and
his classic work to a new reading
Probably no other writer of his
time entertained so many millions as E. Phillip Oppenheim.
His output was prodigious. . . .
As he recalls in his pleasant and
modest autobiography, his books
were easy to write. They were
equally easy to read, especially
on a summer vacation, when
escapist literature is most welcome.New York Times

The Great

With an Introduction by Tim Crook

2014 288 p. 5 x 71/2
509 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5721-0 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

The Spy Paramount

2014 288 p. 5 x 71/2

510 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5767-8 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Recent Books at 20% Off 41

The Spoken Word from the
British Library

Shakespeares Original
Speeches and Scenes Performed as
Shakespeare Would Have Heard Them
With an Introduction by David Crystal

This recording is the first of

its kind featuring speeches and
scenes which claim to be performed as Shakespeare would have
heard them.Telegraph (UK)

The Getaway Car

A Donald Westlake Nonfiction


Edited and with an Introduction by Levi Stahl

With a Foreword by Lawrence Block

Delightful and revealing. . . . A

must-have for Westlake fans.
Publishers Weekly
Westlake kept a list of possible
book titles, the last of which was
Read Me. It would have been just
the right one for this bright, witty
A serious, hilarious, penetrating
look at the process of writing and
the soul of the person creating it.
Ed Gorman
2014 256 p. 6 x 9
511 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-12181-9 $18.00
Your Price: $14.40

A Literary Christmas
An Anthology

The British Library

Readers will enjoy a convivial
Christmas Day with Charles
Dickens, Samuel Pepys, Anthony
Trollope, George Eliot, and
Nancy Mitford; venture out into
the snow in the company of Jane
Austen, Henry James, and Charles
Dickenss ever-popular Mr.
Pickwick; and warm up by the fire
with the seasonal tales of Dylan
Thomas, Kenneth Grahame, and
Oscar Wilde.

Distributed for the British Library

2013 160 p. 6 x 81/2 30 halftones
512 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-0968-4 $19.95 NSA
Your Price: $15.96
513 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-5130-0
$25.00 NSA
Your Price: $20.00

Dangerous Work

Diary of an Arctic Adventure

Arthur Conan Doyle

Edited by Jon Lellenberg and Daniel Stashower

The pages are sepia, Conan

Doyles drawings are crisp, his
maps are clear, his renderings
of the Hope, the animals they
encountered and his crewmates are
all gorgeously reproduced (this is
the kind of diary we all dream of

2012 368 p. 81/2 x 10

60 color plates, 12 halftones
514 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-00905-6 $35.00 NSA
Your Price: $28.00
515 Limited numbered slipcase edition
ISBN: 978-0-7123-5884-2 $250.00 NSA
Your Price: $200.00

2012 1 compact disc with 1 booklet

516 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-5119-5
$15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

Tom Stoppard Radio

To mark Tom Stoppards seventy-fifth birthday in July of 2012,
the British Library has released,
for the first time, the original
BBC broadcasts of four of his
most important radio plays. The
plays collected here are Alberts
Bridge, Artist Descending a
Staircase, The Dog It Was That
Died, and In the Native State.
2012 5 compact discs with 1 booklet
517 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-5123-2
$55.00 NSA
Your Price: $44.00

The Spoken Word:

Short Stories Volume 2
British and Irish Authors Read
Their Own Work

The stories range from humorous anecdotes to more extended

pieces investigating social
issues, and the twelve authors
include Beryl Bainbridge, Julian
Barnes, EM Forster, Alasdair
Gray, Somerset Maugham, Sean
OFaolain, Harold Pinter, Alan
Sillitoe, Osbert Sitwell, Rose
Tremain, William Trevor, and
Fay Weldon. All the recordings
are being made available for the
first time.
2013 3 compact discs with booklet
518 Compact Disc ISBN: 978-0-7123-5125-6
$35.00 NSA
Your Price: $28.00

The Eloquent

A Pronouncing Dictionary for the

Complete Dramatic Works with
Notes to Untie the Modern Tongue

Gary Logan
To browse through The Eloquent
Shakespeare is to be reminded
of the richness of Shakespeares
language, but also of the difficulty
of giving voice to his words. . . .
Logans dictionary provides guidelines for pronouncing Shakespeare
using a modern standard English
of the American variety.
Shakespeare Quarterly
2009 368 p. 6 x 9
519 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-00631-4 $25.00
Your Price: $20.00

Three Novels by

Anthony Powell
I do not see how anyone who
is not an imbecile can fail to
be amused and delighted with
Whats Become of Waring.
A must for Powell devotees.
New York Times Book Review,
on Whats Become of Waring?
A master of irony . . . a writer
of social comedy as revelatory as
any written by Evelyn Waugh or
Henry Green.New York Times
A Christmas tree for the display of a grand, glittering array
of splendid comic characters
doing funny things. Mr. Powells
prose is beautiful and hilarious,
and the whole nutty arrangement ends too soon.New

Agents and Patients

1936 224 p. 51/2 x 81/2

520 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-13735-3 $17.00
Your Price: $13.60

From a View to a

1933 224 p. 51/2 x 81/2

521 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-13296-9 $17.00
Your Price: $13.60

Whats Become of

1939 240 p. 51/2 x 81/2

522 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-13718-6 $17.00
Your Price: $13.60

Booklovers Book
of Jokes, Quips and

David Wilkerson
The Booklovers Book of Jokes,
Quips and Quotes spans centuries
to provide a collection chock-full
of bookish humor, pithy sayings,
one-liners, and just plain silly
thoughts. Included are the best
barbs from Oscar Wilde; insults
from Shakespeare; and wise words
from Jane Austen, John Milton,
and P. G. Wodehouse.

Distributed for the British Library

2011 112 p. 5 x 7
523 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5842-2 $12.95 NSA
Your Price: $10.36

42 Recent Books at 20% Off

Grimms Household Tales
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Illustrated by Mervyn Peake

[T]he images (this is the first time

since the original publication that
all of Peakes color illustrations
have been included) provide an
excellent excuse for obtaining a
new copy of this classic.

Distributed for the British Library

1946, 2011 303 p. 61/2 x 8
5 color plates, 60 halftones
528 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5858-3 $22.50 NSA
Your Price: $18.00


An Unnatural History

John Lindow
Lindow takes a long view of his
subject matter. . . . To follow a
thread throughout 1,000 years of
history, in several different countries, is not an easy task. In the
hands of someone less knowledgeable and less skilled in presenting
their arguments, a book can end
up as a mess. Here, Lindow avoids
all those traps, instead giving us a
coherent, insightful and informed
exploration of a fascinating subject
that deserves a wider audience.
Fortean Times

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2014 160 p. 51/2 x 81/2 29 halftones
527 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-78023-289-8 $27.00 NSA
Your Price: $21.60

The Cat and the Birds

And Other Fables by Aesop

With Illustrations by Arthur Rackham

This small-format gift edition

brings together some of Aesops
most popular and enduring fables
among these The Fox and the
Crow, The Goose that Laid the
Golden Eggs, and The Wolf in
Sheeps Clothingas well as some
lesser-known tales, with classic
illustrations by Victorian master
Arthur Rackham. Rackhams
lush images capture Aesops vivid
scenes and highlight the power of
his quick characterizations.

Distributed for the British Library

2014 72 p. 41/2 x 6 15 halftones
525 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5722-7 $12.00 NSA
Your Price: $9.60

Puss in Books

Catherine Britton
A celebration of feline wit, intelligence, aloofness, and charm as
presented through cats in books,
with examples from literature,
folklore, and popular culture.
Among the selections included in
this gorgeous volume are nursery
rhymes, cats in fiction, and contemporary feline characters.

Distributed for the British Library

2012 112 p. 5 x 8 80 color plates
526 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5882-8 $14.95 NSA
Your Price: $11.96

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

The Owl and the PussyCat and Other Stories

Edward Lear
Published to commemorate the
two hundredth anniversary of
Lears birth, fifteen of the bestloved tales are presented alongside
Lears original illustrations. In
addition to the classic title tale, the
book includes whimsical stories
about the adventures of imagined
creatures, such as The Jumblies,
The Pobble Who Has No Toes,
and The Quangle Wangles Hat.

Distributed for the British Library

2012 80 p. 41/2 x 6 29 halftones
529 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5876-7 $10.00 NSA
Your Price: $8.00

The Cat That Walked

by Himself
And Other Stories

Rudyard Kipling
The Cat That Walked by Himself is
one of the best-loved cat tales ever
written. This edition also offers two
other favorite childrens stories told
by Kipling, How the Camel Got
His Hump and The Elephants
Child. This charming book is the
perfect gift for children, cat lovers,
and Kipling fans alike.

Distributed for the British Library

2010 72 p. 4 x 6 10 drawings
530 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5809-5 $12.95 NSA
Your Price: $10.36

26 Postcards from the

A Bodleian Library A to Z

Edited by the Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library is home to
treasures from every corner of the
globe that mark major milestones
in cultural history. This book
contains twenty-six pull-out postcardsone for each letter of the
alphabeteach featuring a rare
or beautiful manuscript from the
librarys outstanding collections.
From Shakespeares First Folio to
the Gutenburg Bible, the Magna
Carta, an early Jane Austen manuscript, the works showcased represent the maths, music, medicine,
literature, and more.

Distributed for the Bodleian Library

2014 26 p. 4 x 6 26 color postcards
524 Paper ISBN: 978-1-85124-404-1 $17.50 NAM
Your Price: $14.00


Or, The Rules of Polite Behavior

Giovanni Della Casa

Edited and Translated by M. F. Rusnak

In its brevity, Galateo can almost

be viewed as a kind of Renaissance
Elements of Style, with the understanding that style here means
courteous behavior. Rusnaks
introductory essay, copious notes
and bibliography usefully fill out
some of the books historical context. But the counsel itself remains
timeless.Washington Post
It is somehow reassuring to know
that idiots and bores are the same
throughout the ages.Guardian

2013 144 p. 51/2 x 81/2 4 halftones

531 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-01097-7 $15.00
Your Price: $12.00
532 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-21219-7 $12.00
Your Price: $9.60

Kathleen Walker-Meikle

Medieval Cats
This book presents a wealth of
cat imagery from a variety of
medieval sources and is filled with
fascinating facts about the medieval view of cats and many stories
of people and their pets in the
Middle Ages. Among the amusing
anecdotes are tales of cats having
free rein of dining halls.
A thought-provoking work that
allows us to explore the history
of peoples ambivalent attitudes
toward animals living in their
own sphere.Sixteenth Century

Distributed for the British Library

2011 89 p. 6 x 71/2 75 color plates
533 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5818-7 $14.95 NSA
Your Price: $11.96

Medieval Dogs
Medieval Dogs presents a wealth
of dog imagery from a variety
of medieval sources and is peppered with fascinating facts
about the medieval view of dogs
and many stories of people and
their pets in the Middle Ages.

Distributed for the British Library

2013 89 p. 6 x 71/2 60 color plates
534 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5892-7 $14.95 NSA
Your Price: $11.96

The Medieval
Flower Book

Celia Fisher
Artfully presents an alphabetical
collection of over 100 of the major
flowers that appear in medieval
manuscriptsgathered with fascinating explanatory texts on their
history, significance, and usage.
Gardeners, plant lovers, fans of
herb and herbals, and book history
enthusiasts will particularly appreciate this book.Huntia

Distributed for the British Library

2007 128 p. 8 3/4 x 91/2 130 color plates
535 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5894-1 $20.00 NSA
Your Price: $16.00

Recent Books at 20% Off 43

Mary Louise Roberts

D-Day Through French

Normandy 1944

The Pleasures All Mine

A History of Perverse Sex

Julie Peakman
This seductive book traces changing attitudes to a dozen different
sexual perversions from the beginning of Western civilisation to the
present day. . . . The author does
an excellent job of tracking the
multiple and changing attitudes
towards non-mainstream sexual
preferences. The study is enlivened
by many telling examples. . . . The
illustrations within are fabulous,
albeit not for the faint-hearted.
Times Higher Education

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2013 472 p. 6 x 9 40 color plates, 90 halftones
536 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-78023-185-3 $39.00 NSA
Your Price: $31.20

A Brief History of

Philip Carr-Gomm
Carr-Gomms lushly illustrated
book takes a long and enthusiastic
look at the politics and culture of
nakedness. Nudism attracts eccentrics, and their stories, he feels,
deserve to be told.Economist
As Carr-Gomm reveals in his
academic romp through two millenniums of public exhibitionism
from the ancient Greeks to animalrights activists, you can be naked
anywhere. You are only nude if
someone is watching.Times (UK)
Distributed for Reaktion Books
2010 288 p. 6 x 9 99 color plates, 44 halftones
537 Paper ISBN: 978-1-78023-022-1 $25.00 NSA
Your Price: $20.00


The Rise and Fall of the Penis

Mels van Driel

Translated by Paul Vincent

Covers everything you wanted

to know about the penis but were
afraid to ask . . . this well-written
chronicle elucidates a plethora of
penile paradoxes for male as well
as female readers. Those wanting
comprehensive coverage of the
penis for personal, educational, or
therapeutic purposes will not be
left wanting.Choice

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2009 288 p. 6 x 9 52 halftones
538 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-866-1 $25.00 NSA
Your Price: $20.00

A moving examination of how

French civilians experienced the
Roberts uses the diaries and
memoirs of French civilians to
narrate a history of the French at
D-Day that has been occluded by
the mythology of the allied landing. The switch of point of view
is an exercise in empathy that
renews history at the core. What
a gripping and artful book!
Alice Kaplan, author of
Dreaming in French
2014 240 p. 6 x 9 2 halftones, 2 line drawings
539 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-13699-8 $25.00
Your Price: $20.00

What Soldiers Do

Sex and the American GI in World

War II France

This clear-eyed examination of

what randy American soldiers
got up to in France from D-Day
through 1946 strips away the
sentimentality from the overworked, clichd portrayal of
the Greatest Generation.
Publishers Weekly
2013 368 p. 6 x 9 22 halftones
540 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-92311-6 $19.00
Your Price: $15.20

112 Gripes about the


The 1945 Handbook for American

GIs in Occupied France

Edited by the Bodleian Library

To bridge the cultural divide faced
by American troops in France, the
American generals commissioned
this surprisingly candid guide that
paired common complaints about
the French with answers aimed at
promoting understanding.

Distributed for the Bodleian Library

2013 120 p. 41/4 x 6 10 halftones
541 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-039-5 $12.00 NAM
Your Price: $9.60

Travels in the Reich,


Foreign Authors Report from Germany

Edited by Oliver Lubrich

Translated by Kenneth J. Northcott,

Sonia Wichmann, and Dean Krouk

[This book] gives readers the

rare opportunity to peer into Nazi
Germany through the eyes of outsiders. . . . The vivid descriptions
in these reports convey a real sense
of the contrasting atmospheres in
which they were written.Times
Higher Education
2010 336 p. 6 x 9
542 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-49629-0 $30.00
Your Price: $24.00
543 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-00645-1 $20.00
Your Price: $16.00


400 Years of Exploration, Navigation,

and Power

Sylvia Sumira
A beautifully photographed tour
of the British Librarys collection
of globes. There are terrestrial
globes, celestial globes, pocket
globes, globes of the moon, and
a decadent blue globe made in
China in the early 1600s. Together,
they suggest something beyond
precision: a reverent effort to make
sense of the mysterious place we
plant our feet.Boston Globe
Brainiac Blog
A massive, gorgeous art book
tracing the history of globes.
Boing Boing

2014 224 p. 81/2 x 11 120 color plates

544 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-13900-5 $45.00 CUSA
Your Price: $36.00

Sea Monsters

A Voyage around the Worlds Most

Beguiling Map

Joseph Nigg
[Niggs] newest book, Sea
Monsters: A Voyage Around the
Worlds Most Beguiling Map, is
itself a neat trick. Unfold the book
jacket to reveal a poster-sized
reproduction of a richly detailed
map of Scandinavia that dates to
1539. The seas on the map are littered with fantastic creatures, such
as a sea unicorn and a giant worm
that wraps itself around a big ship.
Nigg is an extremely capable guide
through the treacherous waters.
Boston Globe
2013 168 p. 10 x 11 157 color plates
545 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-92516-5 $40.00 CUSA
Your Price: $32.00

London: A History in

Peter Barber
[A] skillful balance between the
citys shape-shifting actuality and
the various fantasies, cherished
by everybody from Christopher
Wren to the Luftwaffe, of what the
place, with a few crucial tweaks,
might become.Times Literary

Distributed for the British Library

2012 380 p. 12 x 91/2 400 color plates
546 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5879-8 $45.00 NSA
Your Price: $36.00

44 Recent Books at 20% Off

Lingo of No Mans Land
A World War I Slang Dictionary

Lorenzo N. Smith

With an Introduction by Julie Coleman

Originally published in 1918,

Lingo of No Mans Land provides
fascinating contemporary insights
into the soldiers experience of the
Great War. Among the terms and
phrases defined within are Cage;
Coote; Poultice wallopers; and
Rat poison.

Wrigley Field

The Long Life and Contentious Times

of the Friendly Confines

Stuart Shea
Amid Wrigley Fields birthday
revels much will be reported about
its vines, its scoreboard, its goat, its
very originmuch of it not quite
so. More than any other American
institution, baseball most wholeheartedly welcomes half-baked history and curdled lore. . . . But more
often than not the real stories are
even more delicious, and no one
has gathered more of them than
author Stuart Shea. His book is an
unceasing delight.John Thorn,
official historian, Major League


2014 448 p.
30 halftones, 1 map
547 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-13427-7 $20.00
Your Price: $16.00

From Black Sox to


A Century of Chicagos Best

Sportswriting from the Tribune,
Sun-Times, and Other Newspapers

Edited by Ron Rapoport

Growing up in Chicago, I was
privileged to read some of the
sports columnists that Ron
Rapoport includes in this marvelous collection. . . . Now, we can
re-read all of them, plus greats
from past years.Ira Berkow,
former New York Times sports
2013 328 p. 6 x 9
548 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-03660-1 $18.00
Your Price: $14.40

The Lost History

of the New Madrid

Conevery Bolton Valencius

A riveting tale of the production and forgetting of knowledge
surrounding these earthquakes,
massively disruptive events that
liquefied the soil in much of the
Mississippi floodplain and briefly
made the Mississippi River flow
backward.New Books in Science,
Technology, and Society
2013 472 p. 6 x 9 26 halftones
549 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-05389-9 $35.00
Your Price: $28.00

Distributed for the British Library

2014 112 p. 6 x 8 25 halftones
550 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5734-0 $15.00 NSA
Your Price: $12.00

From Downing Street to

the Trenches
First-hand Accounts from the Great
War, 19141916

Mike Webb

With a Foreword by Hew Strachan

From Downing Street to the

Trenches gathers eyewitness
accounts and photographs that vividly convey the lived experience of
World War I. In addition to political figures, the book draws on local
records to paint a highly personal
and immediate picture of the war
as it was happening to real people
in real time.
Distributed for the Bodleian Library
2014 304 p. 6 x 9 16 color plates and 20 halftones
551 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-85124-393-8 $35.00 NAM
Your Price: $28.00

When God Looked the

Other Way
An Odyssey of War, Exile, and

Wesley Adamczyk

With a Foreword by Norman Davies

A personal story of the horrors

that Poles lived through during
World War II. When God Looked
the Other Way, above all else,
explains why there is still a Poland.
. . . One of the most remarkable
World War II sagas I have ever
read. It is history with a human
face.Washington Times
2004 288 p. 6 x 9 21 halftones, 3 maps
552 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-00444-0 $17.00
Your Price: $13.60

Baltic Facades

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

since 1945

Aldis Purs
The first and so far the only
monographic exploration of the
historically omnipresent and continuing tension between an externally imposed regionalism and
three internally generated national
identities in which the Baltic concept is perhaps useful in times of
crises but not descriptive of their
sense of self.History

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2012 203 p. 51/2 x 81/2
553 Paper ISBN: 978-1-86189-896-8 $24.95 NSA
Your Price: $19.96

The Encyclopaedia of
Liars and Deceivers
Roelf Bolt

Translated by Andy Brown

Brimming with tales of forgeries, fakers, the faithless, and the

facile, it pays homage to the weird
and sometimes wonderful, from
criminal milkmen in 21st-century
China, Ptolemys plagiarism in AD
150, Clever Hans, the horse that
appeared to master arithmetic, and
Hitlers diaries.The Field

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2014 256 p. 61/3 x 91/2 30 halftones
554 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-78023-271-3 $30.00 NSA
Your Price: $24.00


The Complete Guide to Writing

Narrative Nonfiction

Jack Hart
If you have any interest in trying to craft the kind of narrative
nonfiction practiced by the likes of
John McPhee, Mary Roach, Tracy
Kidder, Susan Orlean and Erik
Larson, this is a book for you. . . .
It offers any nonfiction writer, and
freelancer, concrete ways to think
about a topic, visualize the most
interesting way of presenting its
narrative arc, and organize most
effectively the presentation of
2011 280 p. 6 x 9 15 line drawings
555 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-31814-1 $25.00
Your Price: $20.00
556 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-31816-5 $15.00
Your Price: $12.00

The Thinking Students

Guide to College
75 Tips for Getting a Better

Andrew Roberts
Roberts . . . wrote this great book
that can help students squeeze far
more value out of their college
years than any other book that Ive
read.U.S. News and World Report
2010 184 p. 6 x 9 2 tables
557 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-72114-9 $45.00
Your Price: $36.00
558 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-72115-6 $14.00
Your Price: $11.20

How to Succeed in
College (While Really
A Professors Inside Advice

Jon B. Gould
Gould brings many years of
college-level teaching experience
to bear on providing answers to
questions that many students wont
even realize they haveuntil they
find themselves on campus and
confused.Shelf Awareness
2012 160 p. 6 x 9 1 line drawing, 2 tables
559 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-30466-3 $14.00
Your Price: $11.20

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Recent Books at 20% Off 45

Musings on Mortality
From Tolstoy to Primo Levi

Serving the Reich

The Struggle for the Soul of Physics

under Hitler

Philip Ball
Praise for the UK Edition
Asks important questions, not
just about 20th-century German
science but about the nature of science and the response of scientists
to the political world we perforce
inhabit. All scientists should read
and ponder its contents.Times
Higher Education
Ball does an outstanding service
by reminding us how powerful and
sometimes confusing the pressures
were, and how it was not implausible to think that scientists could
and should stay above politics. . . .
Packed with dramatic, moving, and
even comical moments.Nature
2014 320 p. 6 x 9 6 halftones
560 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-20457-4 $30.00
Your Price: $24.00


The Sacred to Santa

Tara Moore
Black Friday. The War on
Christmas. Miracle on 34th
Street and Elf. From shopping
malls and Fox News to movie
theaters, Christmas no longer
solely celebrates the birth of Christ.
Considering the holiday in its global context, Christmas journeys from
its historical origins to its modern
incarnation as a global commercial
event, stopping along the way to
look at the controversies and traditions of this celebratory day.

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2014 224 p. 51/2 x 81/2
75 color plates, 10 halftones
561 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-78023-357-4 $30.00 NSA
Your Price: $24.00

Trick or Treat

A History of Halloween

Lisa Morton
Mortons interesting account of
Halloween is at its best when it
comes up to date and there are
many entertaining illustrations.
Times (UK)

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2012 232 p. 51/2 x 81/2
37 color plates, 16 halftones
562 Paper ISBN: 978-1-78023-187-7 $24.95 NSA
Your Price: $19.96

Victor Brombert
This handsome, compact book
is, in fact, a work of elegant,
beautifully written literary criticism, examining how eight major
writersFrom Tolstoy to Primo
Levidealt with death in their
fiction.Wall Street Journal
An eloquent and stylish book of
high-end, close literary criticism.
. . . Bromberts examination of
each authors work is the epitome
of academic objectivity and the
product of a lifetime of dedicated
scholarship and extraordinarily
wide reading.The Australian

2013 200 p. 51/2 x 81/2

563 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-06235-8 $24.00
Your Price: $19.20

Music at Midnight

The Life and Poetry of George Herbert

John Drury
Being an English country minister has inspired many writers, none
of them more lapidary, precise,
witty and surprising than George
Herbert, the frail intellectual who
preached to the parish of Bemerton
from 1630 to 1633. An account of
an Anglican priest and his poetry
that will probably never be bettered.Economist
2014 416 p. 6 x 9 24 color plates, 28 halftones
564 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-13444-4 $35.00
Your Price: $28.00

The Picture of
Dorian Gray

The Uncensored Lippincott Edition

Oscar Wilde

With an Introduction by Jeremy Reed

With a cover illustration by Aubrey

Beardsley, this is the first available
edition of The Picture of Dorian
Gray in its original, uncut form.
Distributed for Solar Books
2009 192 p. 51/2 x 81/2
565 Paper ISBN: 978-0-9799847-8-5 $14.95
Your Price: $11.96

A Philosophy of

Gay Watson
Ironically, Gay Watsons book on
emptiness is wonderfully full. Its
overflowing with clarity, insight, dry
humor, and sheer verve in its explorations of reality and our consciousness of it. Its rare to find a book so
saturated with scholarship to be also
so encouraging and helpful for those
whose interest in impermanence
and interdependence is more than
academic.Rick Hanson, author of
Buddhas Brain

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2014 206 p. 5 x 7 3/4
566 Paper ISBN: 978-1-78023-285-0 $28.00 NSA
Your Price: $22.40

On the Run

Fugitive Life in an American City

Alice Goffman
This is a truly wonderful book
that identifies the casualties of the
war on drugs that extend beyond
the prison walls. The punitive
ghettoisation of the poor leaves few
families untouched. The detail is
incredible. The research is impeccable. Read it and weep.Times
Higher Education
This is a remarkable chronicle,
informed by Goffmans scholarship, detailed from personal experience as participant observer, and
related with honesty and compassion.Publishers Weekly
2014 288 p. 6 x 9
567 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-13671-4 $25.00
Your Price: $20.00

House of Debt

How They (and You) Caused the

Great Recession, and How We Can
Prevent It from Happening Again

Atif Mian and Amir Sufi

Mian and Sufi are convinced that
the Great Recession could have
been just another ordinary, lowercase recession if the federal government had acted more aggressively to help homeowners by
reducing mortgage debts.New
York Times
2014 192 p. 6 x 9 15 line drawings
568 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-08194-6 $26.00
Your Price: $20.80

The Deepest
Human Life

An Introduction to Philosophy
for Everyone

Scott Samuelson
Defying the widespread perception of philosophy as an academic
specialty, Samuelson urges readers
to join him in a humanizing intellectual adventure, one that begins
with Socrates frank profession of
The Deepest Human Life offers
us the kinds of tools we have always
needed to face Pascals implicit
challenge to face ourselves.
Rain Taxi Review of Books
2014 240 p. 6 x 9
569 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-13038-5 $22.50
Your Price: $18.00

46 Recent Books at 20% Off

Culinary Herbs and
Spices of the World

The Library
A World History

Text by James W. P. Campbell

and Photographs by Will Pryce
Campbells new history of library
architecture, with spectacular
photographs by Pryce, takes us
on a global tour . . . from the
clay tablet storehouses of ancient
Mesopotamia and the beautiful
repositories of Buddhist sutra
blocks and paper prints in Korea
and Japan, to the grandiose designs
and multimedia extravaganzas of
the twenty-first century. . . . The
Library puts such creations into
long perspective, showing how
book technology, readers needs,
and architectural solutions have
co-evolved.Financial Times
2013 320 p. 91/2 x 12
275 color plates, 17 halftones
570 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-09281-2 $75.00 CUSA
Your Price: $60.00

Leonardo da Vinci:

Martin Clayton and Ron Philo

In his final years, [Leonardo da
Vinci] dissected about 30 human
cadavers, producing some of the
finest anatomical studies ever
made. . . . This book, containing 90
anatomical studies, is the largest
published collection to date.
Boston Globe

Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust

2012 260 p. 8 x 10 126 color plates, 11 diagrams
571 Paper ISBN: 978-1-909741-03-4 $22.50 USCA
Your Price: $18.00

Nude Men

From 1800 to the Present Day

Edited by Tobias G. Natter and

Elisabeth Leopold
Why have there been major exhibitions devoted to the female nude
but almost none to the male nude?
The fascinating essays, which
redress this lacuna, range from
discussions of the development of
an ideal of male nudity in the eighteenth-century to the performance
of emasculation in contemporary
Distributed for Hirmer Publishers
2012 348 p. 93/4 x 111/2
291 color plates, 52 halftones
572 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-5851-9 $49.95 NAJ
Your Price: $39.96

Ben-Erik van Wyk

If youre ready to go beyond the
basics and delve deeply into the
herbs and spices that characterize the worlds cuisines, then this
scholarly reference is for you.
New York Times
This beautiful, thorough, wellwritten and -researched text
will be of interest in any public
or academic library reference
collections as well as to chefs,
gardeners, lovers of food, culinary adventurers, and anyone who
enjoys a good encyclopedia.
Library Journal

2013 320 p. 61/2 x 91/2 600 color plates

573 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-09166-2 $45.00 NSAC
Your Price: $36.00

Vegetables for the

Gourmet Gardener

A Practical Resource from the Garden

to the Table

Simon Akeroyd
Modern cooking is heading back to
its roots, with home cooks embracing local ingredients and downto-earth recipes. With more and
more of us discovering the delight
of preparing and eating freshly
harvested food, Vegetables for the
Gourmet Gardener is the indispensable guide to what to grow,
cook, and eat.
2014 224 p. 6 x 9 200 color plates
574 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-15713-9 $25.00 NAM
Your Price: $20.00

Herbs for the Gourmet


A Practical Resource from the Garden

to the Table

Caroline Holmes
This user-friendly resource traverses
the realms of both the garden and
the kitchen, addressing the cultivation, storage, and preparation of
more than sixty herbs.
2014 224 p. 6 x 9 200 color plates
575 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-17283-5 $25.00 NAM
Your Price: $20.00

A Royal Cookbook

Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham


Mark Flanagan and Edward Griffiths

A Royal Cookbook brings together
recipes for both new and experienced cooks from royal chef Mark
Flanagan. Organized by season
and ranging from elaborate entrees
to tea-time treats, the recipes are
accompanied by tips on presentation and entertaining. Fully
illustrated with mouth-watering
photographs and easy-to-follow
techniques for each delicious dish.
Distributed for the Royal Collection Trust
2014 120 p. 8 x 8 200 color plates
576 Cloth ISBN: 978-1-905686-78-0 $24.95 USCA
Your Price: $19.96

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Strive for Perfection

Edited by Andreas Braun

This spectacular volume celebrates three anniversaries: 150
years since Royces birth, 110 years
since Rolls met Royce, and ten
years since Rolls-Royce production
began afresh under BMW ownership. . . . As an homage to 150, 110,
and 10, it doesnt get any better. .
. . The book is a sheer delight. . . .
The photos are in another league,
the cars as art, and words fail your
reviewer.Flying Lady

Distributed for Hirmer Publishers

2014 180 p. 91/2 x 12 200 color plates
577 Cloth ISBN: 978-3-7774-2193-3 $65.00 NAJ
Your Price: $52.00

The Appian Way

Ghost Road, Queen of Roads

Robert A. Kaster
This delightful, literally lightweight book takes you on a brief
journey from Brindisi in the heel
of Italys boot to Rome; but what
an engaging journey!Times
Higher Education
A wonderful preface for any
traveler planning an outdoorsy
day in Rome or, especially, a trip
through southern Italy.Library

2012 144 p. 51/2 x 81/2

24 halftones, 3 line drawings
578 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-42571-9 $22.50
Your Price: $18.00
579 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-14299-9 $15.00
Your Price: $12.00


Linda Jaivin
A pithy snapshot of a complex
city and its dynasties, literature,
theatre, music, shopping and
charismatic characters.Sydney
Morning Herald
Beijing is the perfect traveling
companion for visitors old and
new.Michael Meyer, author of
The Last Days of Old Beijing

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2014 192 p. 5 x 73/4
75 color plates, 25 halftones, 1 map
580 Paper ISBN: 978-1-78023-261-4 $22.00 NSA
Your Price: $17.60

Buenos Aires

Jason Wilson
Whether for tango, football or art,
passions in Buenos Aires run high.
The largest city in Argentina, it
is chaotic and lively, dangerous
and cosmopolitan, and presents
seemingly unlimited attractions
for tourists. This book provides a
view into the city today, and into
its past. Jason Wilson explores the
history behind the monuments,
buildings and people of the city.

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2014 192 p. 5 x 73/4
75 color plates, 25 halftones, 1 map
581 Paper ISBN: 978-1-78023-266-9 $22.00 NSA
Your Price: $17.60

A History of the Garden

in Fifty Tools

Bill Laws
Laws examines the history and
cultural bearing of everything
from a cloche to a lawn mower,
and he understands that gardeners
form deep attachments to the tools
they use.Washington Post
This is a truly entertaining
read that will appeal as much to
non-gardeners as to those who
have wielded many a tool to coax
plants from the soil.American
2014 224 p. 7 x 9 150 color plates
582 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-13976-0 $25.00 NAM
Your Price: $20.00

Practical Botany for

Over 3,000 Botanical Terms
Explained and Explored

Geoff Hodge
A gentle guide to the green world
. . . organized precisely how a
nonbotanist would need it done.
Chapters introduce the plant kingdom and how botanists classify
it; tackle growth, form and function; and take you inside a plant to
understand how its cells, nutrition
and hormones actually function.
Others explore reproduction, soil,
pests and disorders. . . . Its a beautiful book.Denver Post
2013 224 p. 7 x 9 200 color plates
583 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-09393-2 $25.00 NAM
Your Price: $20.00

Latin for Gardeners

Over 3,000 Plant Names Explained

and Explored

Lorraine Harrison
I have several books dedicated
to Latin plant names but none
fall into the category of Lorraine
Harrisons book which is not only
informative but entertaining and
beautifully illustrated. This is no
dull list of Latin plant namesit is
a book which begs to be picked up
and looked at.Reckless Gardener
2012 224 p. 7 x 9 200 color plates
584 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-00919-3 $25.00 NAM
Your Price: $20.00

Pleasures of the Garden

A Literary Anthology

Edited by Christina Hardyment

This collection of classic garden
writing presents the garden as
place of solace in our busy world,
a retreat for lovers, and even an
earthly paradise. Bringing together
a wide range of voices from across
the centuries and around the
globe, Pleasures of the Garden features fiction and poetry, memoirs
and letters, all in celebration of
Distributed for the British Library
2014 224 p. 63/4 x 93/4 75 color plates
585 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7123-5720-3 $30.00 NSA
Your Price: $24.00

Recent Books at 20% Off 47

How Animals Grieve
Barbara J. King
The title of Dr. Kings book is
called How Animals Grieve, not Do
Animals Grieve? This is an important distinction because she wants
to know how and why various animals grievewhy it has evolved
not if it has evolved. This line of
thinking applies to studies of animal emotions in general.
Psychology Today
2013 208 p. 6 x 9 7 halftones
586 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-43694-4 $25.00
Your Price: $20.00
587 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-15520-3 $15.00
Your Price: $12.00

The Last Walk

Reflections on Our Pets at the End of

Their Lives

Jessica Pierce
Pierce has made an important
contribution to the small body of
literature dealing with aging and
death in companion animals. . . .
Readers will identify with Pierces
feelings of ambivalence, and see
something of their own pets as
they read about Odys antics and
challenges.Library Journal
2012 272 p. 6 x 9 1 halftone, 1 table
588 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-66846-8 $26.00
Your Price: $20.80
589 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-15100-7 $17.00
Your Price: $13.60


On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of

the Ocean

Lisa-ann Gershwin

With a Foreword by Sylvia Earle

Not just about jellyfish, but rather

about the current and future state
of the worlds oceans. Gershwin
has done a superb job of summarizing all of the various indignities people have inflicted on the
marine world, from pollution,
overfishing, acidification, and
invasive species, to the problem of
eutrophication and dead zones.
2013 456 p. 6 x 9
16 color plates, 1 halftone, 4 tables
590 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-21303-3 $22.50
Your Price: $18.00

Sea Monsters
on Medieval and
Renaissance Maps

Chet Van Duzer

[B]eautifully illustrated. . . .
People interested in maps, cryptozoology, folklore, and arcane
zoology and zoological history will
want to check it out.Scientific
Sea rabbits, sea pigs and sirens
swim freely in a new book on the
aquatic beasts of old cartography.
Wall Street Journal
Distributed for the British Library
2013 144 p. 8 x 9 115 color plates
591 Paper ISBN: 978-0-7123-5771-5 $20.00 NSA
Your Price: $16.00

Planet of the Bugs

Evolution and the Rise of Insects

Scott Richard Shaw

Shaws detailed investigation
places the broad classifications of
ancient and modern insects in the
context of their development, and,
by showing specifics of coevolution, he makes a strong case for
valuing the interconnectedness of
all life.Publishers Weekly
Shaws Planet of the Bugs is the
most eloquent and passionate book
on insects in a generation.Mark
W. Moffett, author of Adventures
among Ants
2014 256 p. 6 x 9 12 color plates, 31 halftones
592 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-16361-1 $27.50
Your Price: $22.00

The Book of Beetles

A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred of

Natures Gems

Patrice Bouchard
Covering 600 significant beetle
species and featuring full-color
photos, The Book of Beetles celebrates the beauty and diversity of
this marvelous insect. Each entry
features a distribution map, basic
biology, conservation status, and
information on cultural and economic significance. Full-color photos show the beetles both at their
actual size and enlarged to show
details, such as the sextet of spots
that distinguish the six-spotted
tiger beetle or the jagged ridges of
the giant-jawed sawyer beetle.

2014 656 p. 71/8 x 101/2 2400 color plates

593 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-08275-2 $55.00 CUSA
Your Price: $44.00

The Trilobite Book

A Visual Journey

Riccardo Levi-Setti
A tour-de-force, spanning the
Cambrian to the Devonian, and
roaming from Newfoundland to
Morocco.New Scientist
This coffee-table gem . . . marries
the intertwined story of [Levi-Settis]
global hunt for specimens and
trilobites place in prehistory with
235 superb colour photographs of
select fossils. Perhaps most astounding is the array found by Arkadiy
Evdokimov in Russia.Nature
2014 288 p. 8 x 10 235 color plates
594 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-12441-4 $45.00
Your Price: $36.00

48 Recent Books at 20% Off

A Planet of Viruses

The Oldest Living

Things in the World
Rachel Sussman

With Essays by Hans Ulrich Obrist and

Carl Zimmer

Sussman has spent the past

decade looking for the oldest
things alive. Her search has led her
to every continent, to specimens
such as a 2,400-year-old fungus
in Oregon to an ancient shrub in
Tasmania (age: 43,600). She documents 30 of those organisms in her
new book.Wall Street Journal
2014 304 p. 111/2 x 10
124 color plates, 4 infographics
595 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-05750-7 $45.00
Your Price: $36.00

The Lost World of

Fossil Lake
Snapshots from Deep Time

Lance Grande
The fossil lakes of the Green River
Formation are fantastic paleontological goldmines, and Lance
Grandes new book is a detailed
tribute to the wonderful forms
of life that thrived among those
ancient habitats. From damselflies
to bats, The Lost World of Fossil
Lake is a comprehensive fossil
catalog that fleshes out scenes of
Eocene life from the lake bottom to
the shore.Brian Switek, author
of My Beloved Brontosaurus
2013 432 p. 8 x 10 243 color plates, 1 halftone,
2 line drawings, 3 tables
596 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-92296-6 $45.00
Your Price: $36.00

The Wild Cat Book

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

about Cats

Fiona Sunquist, Mel Sunquist,

and Terry Whittaker
Domestic cats are family members in millions of homes. To what
extent do they still reflect their wild
ancestors, species that range in
size from the majestic tiger to the
diminutive sand cat? Read The Wild
Cat Book and find out. It is the most
authoritative source on every kind
of cat.George B. Schaller, author
of The Serengeti Lion
2014 280 p. 8 x 10
137 color plates, 34 halftones, 1 line drawing
597 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-78026-9 $35.00
Your Price: $28.00

Much more information about each book is on our

website at To order from
the web, see the last page.

Carl Zimmer
Zimmer tells the stories of viruses
in short chapters, describing the
history, microbiology, and impacts
of viruses in interesting, informative, readable chapters.Microbe
Packs into 109 pages just about
everything youve always wanted
to knowand a lot youll probably
wish you didnt knowabout the
viruses that have caused humanity
so much grief throughout history.Forbes

2011 122 p. 51/2 x 81/2 12 color plates

598 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-98335-6 $22.00
Your Price: $17.60
599 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-98336-3 $12.00
Your Price: $9.60

The Secrets of Alchemy

Lawrence M. Principe
The books greatest accomplishment is its depiction of the values
and assumptions that formed the
alchemical worldview, and how
they preceded, coexisted with, and
led to a structured scientific methodology.Library Journal
Comes closer than any other
single work to explaining the
groundsrational and empirical,
as well as religious and wishful
for alchemys longevity.Nature

2012 288 p. 6 x 9 12 color plates, 23 halftones,

4 line drawings
600 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-10379-2 $15.00
Your Price: $12.00

Nonsense on Stilts

How to Tell Science from Bunk

Massimo Pigliucci
[Pigliuccis] book serves a seriously worthwhile purpose: that of
giving you, the reader, tools and
instructions for assembling your
very own baloney-detector.
Times Higher Education
How can we decide what counts
as science? That is the central
question of this brilliant book.
New Scientist
2010 336 p. 6 x 9
601 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-66786-7 $20.00
Your Price: $16.00

The Puzzle of Lefthandedness

Rik Smits
There is a whiff of negativity
around left-handedness, admits the
science journalist and left-hander
Rik Smits in this fascinating study
of the phenomenon. . . . Popular
legends about left-handedness
and left vs. right in generalare
scarcely less virulent, and Smits
dispatches them entertainingly and
ably. . . . Thoroughly enjoyable.
Sunday Times

Distributed for Reaktion Books

2011 304 p. 51/2 x 81/2 81 halftones
602 Paper ISBN: 978-1-78023-043-6 $20.00 NSA
Your Price: $16.00

The Long and the

Short of It

The Science of Life Span and Aging

Jonathan Silvertown
The puzzle of longevity, Mr.
Silvertown points out, is not why
we die so soon but rather why we
live so long.. . . [He] has managed
to distill the thousands of years of
thought and research behind this
and many related biologic questions into a small book so captivating and enlightening that . . . you
will read it for pure pleasure.
New York Times

2013 208 p. 51/2 x 81/2 2 halftones, 1 table

603 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-75789-6 $25.00
Your Price: $20.00

The Accidental Species

Misunderstandings of Human

Henry Gee
Gee . . . confronts two commonly held views of evolution
and effectively demolishes both,
persuasively arguing that evolution
doesnt work the way most people
believe it does and that the entire
concept of human exceptionalism
(the idea that humans are fundamentally superior to other animals
due to language, technology, or
consciousness) is erroneous.
Publishers Weekly
2013 224 p. 6 x 9 8 line drawings
604 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-28488-0 $26.00
Your Price: $20.80


How Science Became Interested in


Philip Ball
A first-rate popular account of
how science in Europe began.
Accurate, witty, and reliable, the
book ably shows modern readers
how we got to be modern. Philip
Ball adeptly sketches the virtuoso
sensibility: a combination of intellectual nosiness and experimental
dexterity plus the belief that, as he
writes, to understand everything,
you could start from anywhere.
Wall Street Journal
2013 480 p. 6 x 9 38 halftones, 5 line drawings
605 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-04579-5 $35.00 COBE
Your Price: $28.00
606 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-21169-5 $20.00 COBE
Your Price: $16.00

The AMS Weather Book
The Ultimate Guide to Americas

Jack Williams

With Forewords by Rick Anthes

and Stephanie Abrams

Whether for the weather enthusiast or the reader simply curious

about the many faces of our everchanging atmosphere, The AMS
Weather Book is a must read!
Tom Skilling, WGN/Chicago
Tribune Chief Meteorologist

Secrets of the Universe

How We Discovered the Cosmos

Paul Murdin
[This] is a storytellers history of
astronomy, constructed like a collection of short stories that invites
readers to delve in at any point.
Murdin approaches each subject
with passion, insight, and explanations that make the most complex
topicsrelativity, gravitation,
cosmologynot just accessible, but
completely absorbing.Ad Astra:
The Magazine of the National
Space Society

2009 342 p. 105/8 x 8 3/8 400 color plates

607 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-55143-2 $49.00 CUSA
Your Price: $11.00


An Illustrated Reference

Dorrik Stow
Magnificently designed, Oceans is
a reference book that offers clearly
written text that is never upstaged
by the books many illustrations,
photographs, high-definition
imagery, diagrams, drawings, and
charts.Books in Canada
A book that accomplishes the
near-impossible: It could be used
as a text; it could grace anyones
coffee table; it could sit happily on
a reference shelf.Oceanography
2005 256 p. 9 x 12 Illustrated in color throughout
608 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-77664-4 $55.00 CUSA
Your Price: $11.00

The Chicago Guide to

Your Career in Science
A Toolkit for Students and Postdocs

Victor A. Bloomfield and

Esam E. El-Fakahany
A comprehensive look at the process of making a successful career
in the sciences, whether that career
is at the bench, in the classroom, or
in the corporate world. This book
would be an excellent choice for
every undergraduate student who
has ever asked What can I do with
a biology degree except go to medical school? or indeed for any student who is already contemplating
the possibility of a graduate degree
in the sciences. . . . A very useful
volume and long overdue.Choice
2008 336 p. 6 x 9 2 line drawings, 1 table
609 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-06064-4 $20.00
Your Price: $5.00

2009 368 p. 81/2 x 107/8

140 color plates, 70 halftones
610 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-89898-8 $35.00
Your Price: $10.00

The Welsh Academy

Encyclopaedia of Wales
Edited by John Davies, Nigel
Jenkins, Menna Baines, and
Peredur Lynch
Running the gamut of in-depth
research and thought-provoking
knowledgefrom folk heroes
to rock stars, ancient bards to
Dylan Thomas, and all the men
and women in between who have
excelled in art, culture, politics,
commerce, and sportthis thrilling volume provides easily accessible information on any aspect
of Wales and Welsh life, past and
present, letting you know why this
centuries-old nation enjoys the
nickname, Cool Cymru.

Distributed for the University of Wales Press

2008 1059 p. 73/4 x 103/4 300 halftones
611 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7083-1953-6 $99.00
Your Price: $15.00

Insiders French
Beyond the Dictionary

Eleanor Levieux and Michel Levieux

More than a linguistic exercise,
the carefully chosen entries and
entertaining examples provide
a verbal snapshot of todays
Brings the French language
into the 21st Century, with its rich
selection of high-tech words and
street-corner colloquialisms.
Chicago Tribune
1999 270 p. 5 x 8 11 line drawings
612 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-47503-5 $15.00
Your Price: $5.00

Indexing Books,
Second Edition

Nancy C. Mulvany
When you are an acknowledged
leader in your field, and you have
literally written the book on
indexing, what do you do for an
encore? If you are Nancy Mulvany,
professional indexer and author
of the industry standard Indexing
Books, you write a second edition.
Technical Communication
2005 320 p. 6 x 9 8 line drawings, 3 tables
613 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-55276-7 $49.00
Your Price: $10.00

The Book of Fungi

A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred

Species from around the World

Peter Roberts and Shelley Evans

How dazzling is the world of
mushrooms? The fan-shaped
cinnabar oysterling looks like
something you would find undersea. The violet webcap is vibrant.
These are among the more than
600 fungi described and illustrated
in this scholarly and beautiful
book.New York Times
The lurid photographs and
enticing, offhandedly witty
descriptions make the reader want
to go out collecting specimens
right away.Popular Science

2011 656 p. 7 x 101/2 2000 color plates

614 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-72117-0 $55.00 CUSA
Your Price: $21.00

The Child

An Encyclopedic Companion

Richard A. Shweder, Editor in Chief

Edited by Thomas R. Bidell, Anne C. Dailey,
Suzanne D. Dixon, Peggy J. Miller, and John

If the common thread connecting U.S. toilet-training theories,

divorce customs during the French
Revolution and Spot, the family
dog, eludes you, pick up a copy of
The Child.Chicago Tribune

2009 1144 p. 73/8 x 95/8

12 halftones, 6 line drawings, 7 tables
615 Cloth ISBN: 978-0-226-47539-4 $80.00
Your Price: $17.00

The Chicago Guide to

Your Academic Career

A Portable Mentor for Scholars from

Graduate School through Tenure

John A. Goldsmith, John Komlos,

and Penny Schine Gold
The single best guide to academe
I have ever read. Both thorough
and thoroughly honest, the Guide
provides the kind of inside information every graduate student and
young professor needs, but seldom
finds. The conversational approach
is inviting, and the authorial voices
appealing. Would that such a book
existed when I was getting started!
Peter A. Coclanis, University of
North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2001 272 p. 6 x 9 8 tables
616 Paper ISBN: 978-0-226-30151-8 $16.00
Your Price: $5.00

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978-0-226-28954-0 $7.00
978-1-85124-353-2 $11.00 NAM
978-0-226-75252-5 $10.00
978-0-226-75253-2 $9.00
978-0-226-10109-5 $10.00
978-1-85124-286-3 $5.00 NAM
978-1-905686-80-3 $7.00 USCA
978-1-905686-84-1 $5.00 USCA
978-0-7083-2003-7 $5.00 NSA/AU/NZ
978-0-7083-1936-9 $5.00 NSA/AU/NZ
978-1-85124-377-8 $9.00 NAM
978-1-85124-334-1 $12.00 NAM
978-0-226-73233-6 $15.00 NSA
978-1-86189-810-4 $13.00 NSA
978-1-86189-867-8 $13.00 NSA
978-1-86189-219-5 $13.00 NSA
978-1-86189-907-1 $13.00 NSA
978-1-86189-202-7 $13.00 NSA
978-1-86189-339-0 $9.00 NSA
978-1-86189-527-1 $9.00 NSA
978-1-78023-018-4 $11.00 NSA
978-1-86189-314-7 $11.00 NSA
978-1-905422-32-6 $15.00 IND
978-1-905422-33-3 $10.00 IND
978-0-226-46757-3 $99.00
978-0-226-58074-6 $9.00
978-1-905422-02-9 $17.00 IND
978-1-906497-90-3 $7.00 IND
978-0-226-98152-9 $11.00
978-0-226-46741-2 $8.00
978-0-226-46729-0 $7.00
978-0-226-68509-0 $17.00
978-1-86189-144-0 $9.00 NSA
978-1-86189-651-3 $9.00 NSA
978-1-86189-919-4 $15.00 NSA
978-1-86189-101-3 $10.00 NSA
978-0-226-46567-8 $19.00
978-0-226-42896-3 $11.00
978-0-226-20146-7 $9.00
978-0-226-57180-5 $7.00
978-0-226-16914-9 $8.00
978-0-226-23348-2 $8.00
978-0-226-03743-1 $8.00
978-0-226-42329-6 $9.00

Quant. #



71 978-0-226-42330-2 $5.00
72 978-0-226-91026-0 $8.00
73 978-0-226-91068-0 $8.00
74 978-0-226-87182-0 $10.00
75 978-0-226-07979-0 $8.00
76 978-0-226-88716-6 $9.00
77 978-0-226-53269-1 $9.00
78 978-0-226-90567-9 $10.00
79 978-0-226-90568-6 $9.00
80 978-0-226-14883-0 $7.00
81 978-3-7774-2020-2 $9.00 NAJ
82 978-0-226-84170-0 $5.00 UK
83 978-0-226-29310-3 $11.00
84 978-0-226-35476-7 $8.00
85 978-1-86189-288-1 $8.00 NSA
86 978-0-226-38949-3 $7.00
87 978-0-226-20268-6 $6.00
88 978-0-226-42438-5 $12.00
89 978-0-226-30131-0 $8.00
90 978-0-7123-5875-0 $7.00 NSA
91 978-0-226-92367-3 $9.00
92 978-0-226-51927-2 $17.00
93 978-0-226-51928-9 $12.00
94 978-1-86189-518-9 $10.00 NSA
95 978-0-226-46828-0 $9.00
96 978-1-906598-78-5 $7.00 UK/EU
97 978-1-906598-77-8 $7.00 UK/EU
98 978-1-905791-39-2 $7.00 UK/EU
99 978-1-906598-20-4 $7.00 UK/EU
100 978-1-906598-88-4 $7.00 UK/EU
101 978-1-60223-088-0 $19.00
102 978-1-60223-045-3 $15.00
103 978-1-930066-96-0 $10.00
104 978-1-930066-27-4 $8.00
105 978-3-85881-713-6 $20.00 UK/EU
106 978-1-930066-79-3 $10.00
107 978-1-930066-80-9 $9.00
108 978-0-226-29349-3 $9.00
109 978-0-226-10140-8 $7.00
110 978-0-226-77205-9 $11.00
111 978-0-226-31015-2 $27.00
112 978-0-226-70936-9 $10.00
113 978-1-78023-086-3 $15.00 NSA
114 978-0-226-65140-8 $12.00
115 978-1-86189-790-9 $10.00 NSA
116 978-0-226-47026-9 $9.00
117 978-0-226-47028-3 $8.00
118 978-0-9794057-1-6 $5.00
119 978-1-86189-348-2 $11.00 NSA
120 978-1-86189-133-4 $9.00 NSA
121 978-1-86189-227-0 $8.00 NSA
122 978-1-86189-925-5 $5.00 NSA
123 978-1-86189-426-7 $5.00 NSA
124 978-1-86189-656-8 $5.00 NSA
125 978-1-86189-796-1 $5.00 NSA
126 978-1-86189-848-7 $5.00 NSA
127 978-1-86189-650-6 $5.00 NSA
128 978-1-86189-771-8 $5.00 NSA
129 978-1-86189-774-9 $5.00 NSA
130 978-0-226-02986-3 $11.00
131 978-1-86189-404-5 $9.00 NSA
132 978-0-226-11477-4 $13.00
133 978-0-226-11478-1 $8.00
134 978-1-906497-19-4 $10.00 IND
135 978-0-226-74046-1 $249.00 NSA
136 978-0-226-54825-8 $13.00
137 978-0-226-51462-8 $13.00
138 978-1-86189-077-1 $9.00 NSA
139 978-0-226-46774-0 $13.00
140 978-0-226-46775-7 $12.00

Quant. #



141 978-0-226-14878-6 $13.00

142 978-0-226-14879-3 $9.00
143 978-0-226-66278-7 $12.00
144 978-0-226-70581-1 $12.00
145 978-0-226-66975-5 $10.00
146 978-0-226-66976-2 $9.00
147 978-0-226-14316-3 $11.00
148 978-1-905422-88-3 $7.00 IND
149 978-1-905422-01-2 $7.00 IND
150 978-1-906497-17-0 $7.00 IND
151 978-0-226-02796-8 $12.00
152 978-0-226-14315-6 $11.00
153 978-1-905422-89-0 $12.00 IND
154 978-1-906497-43-9 $7.00 IND
155 978-0-226-77682-8 $10.00
156 978-0-226-34541-3 $7.00
157 978-0-226-01382-4 $15.00
158 978-0-226-54210-2 $11.00
159 978-0-226-26094-5 $11.00
160 978-0-226-07518-1 $12.00
161 978-0-226-85383-3 $10.00
162 978-0-226-30128-0 $7.00
163 978-0-226-47757-2 $13.00
164 978-0-226-34843-8 $9.00
165 978-0-226-06916-6 $10.00
166 978-0-226-06917-3 $9.00
167 978-0-226-76882-3 $13.00 CUSA
168 978-0-226-76824-3 $11.00 COBE/EU
169 978-0-226-94764-8 $9.00
170 978-0-226-94765-5 $8.00
171 978-0-226-04412-5 $7.00
172 978-0-226-45369-9 $9.00
173 978-1-86189-117-4 $9.00 NSA
174 978-0-226-79159-3 $9.00
175 978-0-226-90518-1 $5.00 COBE
176 978-0-226-07152-7 $7.00
177 978-0-226-06453-6 $109.00
178 978-0-226-32398-5 $9.00
179 978-0-226-01073-1 $10.00 CAN
180 978-0-226-14483-2 $10.00
181 978-0-226-14484-9 $7.00
182 978-0-226-33228-4 $59.00
183 978-0-911028-71-3 $7.00
184 978-0-226-53403-9 $8.00
185 978-0-226-53468-8 $7.00
186 978-0-226-34226-9 $7.00 COBE/EU
187 978-0-226-90604-1 $19.00
188 978-0-226-47701-5 $13.00
189 978-0-226-07989-9 $15.00
190 978-0-226-90732-1 $149.00
191 978-0-226-90728-4 $69.00
192 978-0-226-38953-0 $23.00
193 978-1-86189-010-8 $19.00 NSA
194 978-1-86189-121-1 $11.00 NSA
195 978-0-226-01506-4 $19.00
196 978-0-226-15181-6 $29.00
197 978-0-226-76140-4 $23.00
198 978-0-226-76134-3 $13.00
199 978-0-226-76471-9 $7.00
200 978-0-226-34172-9 $5.00
201 978-1-86189-818-0 $8.00 NSA
202 978-1-935195-45-0 $13.00
203 978-0-226-84694-1 $6.00
204 978-1-935195-24-5 $10.00
205 978-1-905422-91-3 $8.00 IND
206 978-1-86189-356-7 $13.00 NSA
207 978-0-226-20323-2 $12.00
208 978-3-7774-5001-8 $19.00 NAJ
209 978-0-226-67649-4 $15.00
210 978-1-905686-10-0 $199.00 USCA
211 978-0-226-03575-8 $13.00
212 978-3-7774-3691-3 $14.00 NAJ
213 978-0-226-28480-4 $17.00
214 978-0-226-28055-4 $20.00
215 978-1-86189-027-6 $15.00 CUSA
216 978-0-226-57063-1 $23.00
217 978-0-226-57064-8 $20.00
218 978-0-947912-99-4 $9.00 NSA
219 978-0-935573-49-7 $10.00
220 978-1-86189-820-3 $10.00 NSA

AD1209 The Great Chicago Book Sale 2014/2015

Quant. #



221 978-90-78964-05-6 $33.00 CUSA

222 978-1-892850-02-7 $19.00
223 978-0-226-51457-4 $11.00
224 978-0-226-89443-0 $12.00
225 978-80-246-0266-0 $13.00 CZE/SVK
226 978-1-86189-802-9 $11.00 NSA
227 978-1-86189-520-2 $14.00 NSA
228 978-1-86189-745-9 $13.00 NSA
229 978-0-226-12093-5 $13.00 NSA
230 978-1-86189-762-6 $19.00 NSA
231 978-0-226-92238-6 $8.00
232 978-0-226-17516-4 $9.00
233 978-3-7774-5321-7 $11.00 NAJ
234 978-0-226-30707-7 $17.00
235 978-0-9761475-1-0 $5.00
236 978-0-226-98939-6 $15.00
237 978-0-226-42686-0 $23.00
238 978-1-86189-657-5 $9.00 NSA
239 978-1-908323-23-1 $7.00 UK/EU
240 978-1-905686-23-0 $79.00 USCA
241 978-0-226-30966-8 $22.00
242 978-1-905686-33-9 $6.00 USCA
243 978-1-86189-852-4 $17.00 NSA
244 978-1-905686-13-1 $13.00 USCA
245 978-1-902163-16-1 $13.00 USCA
246 978-1-906497-62-0 $7.00 IND
247 978-1-86189-153-2 $8.00 NSA
248 978-0-226-07830-4 $10.00 THVN
249 978-1-86189-236-2 $11.00 NSA
250 978-0-226-03578-9 $21.00
251 978-0-932171-50-4 $17.00
252 978-3-7774-3401-8 $17.00 NAJ
253 978-0-935573-31-2 $13.00
254 978-0-226-38956-1 $13.00
255 978-0-226-42435-4 $22.00
256 978-3-85881-217-9 $19.00 UK/EU
257 978-1-86189-853-1 $17.00 NSA
258 978-1-86189-757-2 $11.00 NSA
259 978-0-226-31797-7 $17.00
260 978-0-226-31798-4 $15.00
261 978-0-226-07144-2 $13.00
262 978-1-930066-98-4 $11.00
263 978-0-226-30831-9 $9.00
264 978-1-906497-33-0 $11.00 IND
265 978-1-930066-99-1 $13.00
266 978-1-85124-368-6 $8.00 NAM
267 978-1-85124-359-4 $8.00 NAM
268 978-1-85124-369-3 $8.00 NAM
269 978-1-935195-25-2 $13.00
270 978-3-7774-4041-5 $13.00 NAJ
271 978-0-226-30642-1 $11.00
272 978-1-930066-39-7 $10.00
274 978-0-935573-43-5 $9.00
275 978-1-930066-13-7 $8.00
276 978-1-930066-66-3 $11.00
277 978-1-930066-65-6 $9.00
278 978-1-935195-39-9 $11.00
279 978-1-930066-38-0 $9.00
280 978-1-930066-07-6 $9.00
281 978-1-930066-69-4 $9.00
282 978-0-226-18208-7 $10.00
283 978-0-226-06699-8 $8.00
284 978-1-86189-352-9 $7.00 NSA
285 978-1-84150-234-2 $7.00
286 978-1-78023-110-5 $12.00 NSA
287 978-0-226-55036-7 $9.00
288 978-1-86189-347-5 $6.00 NSA
289 978-1-904341-16-1 $7.00 UK/EU
290 978-0-226-30477-9 $23.00
291 978-0-226-07809-0 $15.00
292 978-0-226-11263-3 $12.00
293 978-0-226-11264-0 $9.00
294 978-0-226-71745-6 $9.00
295 978-0-226-76838-0 $13.00
296 978-0-226-06326-3 $13.00
297 978-0-226-85319-2 $89.00 EU
298 978-0-226-49639-9 $33.00
299 978-0-226-75259-4 $69.00
300 978-0-226-23706-0 $69.00

Quant. #



301 978-0-226-16236-2 $29.00

302 978-0-226-49478-4 $99.00
303 978-1-86189-247-8 $6.00 NSA
304 978-1-86189-383-3 $6.00 NSA
305 978-1-86189-262-1 $6.00 NSA
306 978-1-86189-516-5 $6.00 NSA
307 978-1-86189-254-6 $6.00 NSA
308 978-1-86189-363-5 $6.00 NSA
309 978-1-86189-434-2 $6.00 NSA
310 978-1-86189-660-5 $6.00 NSA
311 978-1-86189-226-3 $6.00 NSA
312 978-1-86189-517-2 $6.00 NSA
313 978-0-226-92231-7 $9.00
314 978-0-226-05642-5 $8.00
315 978-0-226-74477-3 $6.00 COBE
316 978-0-226-05212-0 $6.00
317 978-0-226-44947-0 $15.00
318 978-0-226-44961-6 $7.00 USA
319 978-0-226-24035-0 $7.00 COBE
320 978-0-226-29481-0 $13.00
321 978-0-226-29483-4 $6.00
322 978-0-226-48214-9 $9.00
323 978-0-226-75024-8 $7.00
324 978-0-226-75025-5 $6.00
325 978-0-226-81664-7 $13.00
326 978-0-226-89384-6 $6.00
327 978-0-226-14451-1 $7.00 OBE/EU
328 978-0-226-05901-3 $6.00 CAN
329 978-0-226-04560-3 $8.00
330 978-0-226-26148-5 $9.00
331 978-0-226-04480-4 $7.00
332 978-0-226-43968-6 $13.00
333 978-0-226-48116-6 $189.00 NAPA
334 978-0-226-56870-6 $15.00
335 978-0-226-71287-1 $11.00
336 978-0-226-71288-8 $7.00
337 978-0-226-52050-6 $10.00
338 978-0-226-53500-5 $10.00
339 978-0-226-32699-3 $11.00
340 978-0-226-48247-7 $15.00
341 978-0-226-30496-0 $6.00 COBE
342 978-0-226-53503-6 $11.00
343 978-1-78023-173-0 $19.00 NSA
344 978-1-86189-406-9 $10.00 NSA
345 978-1-86189-317-8 $10.00 NSA
346 978-0-226-47052-8 $11.00
347 978-0-226-47053-5 $7.00
348 978-0-226-75773-5 $8.00
349 978-0-226-43704-0 $8.00
350 978-0-226-43713-2 $7.00
351 978-3-7774-2751-5 $15.00 NAJ
352 978-0-226-50234-2 $8.00
353 978-0-226-58340-2 $8.00
354 978-0-226-58341-9 $7.00
355 978-1-930066-52-6 $7.00
356 978-0-226-66808-6 $7.00
357 978-0-226-66815-4 $8.00
358 978-0-7123-5118-8 $7.00 NSA
359 978-1-84246-406-9 $7.00 CMUSA
360 978-1-84246-091-7 $7.00 CMUSA
361 978-0-226-75781-0 $7.00 NSA
362 978-0-226-12185-7 $7.00
363 978-0-226-12198-7 $9.00
364 978-0-226-46896-9 $8.00
365 978-0-226-02093-8 $13.00
366 978-0-226-51469-7 $6.00
367 978-0-226-11292-3 $11.00
368 978-0-226-70236-0 $8.00
369 978-0-226-49254-4 $11.00 CUSA
370 978-0-226-74641-8 $13.00 NSA
371 978-0-226-64479-0 $15.00
372 978-0-226-48123-4 $19.00
373 978-0-226-64727-2 $11.00
374 978-0-226-87226-1 $11.00 NAM
375 978-0-226-14280-7 $8.00
376 978-0-226-28240-4 $21.00
377 978-0-226-32788-4 $49.00
378 978-0-226-06317-1 $39.00
379 978-0-226-06318-8 $19.00

Quant. #



380 978-1-60223-072-9 $13.00

381 978-0-226-87173-8 $9.00
382 978-0-226-51931-9 $8.00
383 978-0-226-90537-2 $15.00
384 978-1-86189-422-9 $7.00 NSA
385 978-1-86189-374-1 $7.00 NSA
386 978-1-86189-325-3 $7.00 NSA
387 978-1-86189-376-5 $7.00 NSA
388 978-1-86189-795-4 $7.00 NSA
389 978-1-86189-191-4 $7.00 NSA
390 978-1-86189-239-3 $7.00 NSA
391 978-1-86189-350-5 $7.00 NSA
392 978-1-86189-513-4 $7.00 NSA
393 978-1-86189-431-1 $7.00 NSA
394 978-1-86189-396-3 $7.00 NSA
395 978-0-226-92290-4 $13.00
396 978-0-226-65539-0 $10.00 ANZ
397 978-0-226-67872-6 $9.00
398 978-0-226-25330-5 $15.00
399 978-0-226-77560-9 $15.00
400 978-0-226-43036-2 $9.00 ANZ
401 978-1-86189-174-7 $11.00 NSA
402 978-0-226-30442-7 $11.00
403 978-0-226-28348-7 $6.00
404 978-0-226-34624-3 $10.00
405 978-0-226-79845-5 $15.00
406 978-0-226-11347-0 $9.00 COBE
407 978-0-226-22498-5 $11.00
408 978-0-226-19994-8 $7.00
409 978-0-226-70716-7 $9.00
410 978-0-226-85569-1 $15.00
411 978-0-226-80668-6 $8.00
412 978-1-57586-248-4 $9.00
413 978-0-226-36090-4 $7.00
414 978-0-226-80398-2 $8.00
415 978-0-226-32679-5 $7.00
416 978-0-226-13784-1 $6.00
417 978-1-4473-0893-5 $11.00 NSA
418 978-0-226-79867-7 $7.00
419 978-0-226-20140-5 $15.00
420 978-1-906497-80-4 $8.00 IND
421 978-0-226-07528-0 $5.00
422 978-1-4473-0688-7 $9.00 NSA
423 978-0-226-19043-3 $7.00 CAN
424 978-0-226-10530-7 $30.00
425 978-0-226-10544-4 $20.00
426 978-0-226-46771-9 $5.00
427 978-0-226-73704-1 $7.00
428 978-1-86189-169-3 $7.00 NSA
429 978-1-905422-68-5 $7.00 IND
430 978-1-905422-69-2 $6.00 IND
431 978-1-905422-04-3 $8.00 IND
432 978-0-226-80575-7 $7.00 UKANZ
433 978-0-226-52011-7 $15.00
434 978-0-226-38475-7 $10.00
435 978-0-226-07643-0 $5.00
436 978-0-226-34803-2 $13.00
437 978-0-226-30033-7 $19.00
438 978-0-226-32058-8 $17.00 C/E/J
439 978-0-226-31886-8 $13.00
440 978-0-226-04101-8 $9.00
441 978-0-226-34966-4 $89.00
442 978-0-226-46387-2 $199.00
443 978-0-226-03648-9 $6.00
444 978-0-226-03515-4 $11.00
445 978-0-226-72661-8 $13.00
446 978-0-226-24325-2 $7.00
447 978-0-226-08126-7 $7.00
448 978-0-226-08127-4 $6.00
449 978-1-906497-97-2 $7.00 IND
450 978-0-9748881-9-4 $8.00
451 978-0-226-04274-9 $8.00
452 978-0-226-30666-7 $6.00
453 978-0-226-44571-7 $8.00
454 978-0-226-44572-4 $7.00
455 978-0-226-44570-0 $9.00
456 978-0-226-14382-8 $13.00
457 978-0-226-40203-1 $13.00
458 978-0-226-24314-6 $11.00

The Great Chicago Book Sale 2014/2015 AD1209

Quant. #



459 978-0-226-02126-3 $7.00

460 978-0-226-10383-9 $7.00
461 978-0-226-46998-0 $7.00 OBE/EU
462 978-0-226-47007-8 $7.00 OBE/EU
463 978-80-246-1195-2 $7.00 CZE/SVK
464 978-0-226-50061-4 $7.00
465 978-1-906497-16-3 $7.00 IND
466 978-0-226-14188-6 $7.00
467 978-0-226-84877-8 $7.00
468 978-0-226-03096-8 $7.00 COBE/EU
469 978-0-226-00536-2 $7.00 COBE/EU
470 978-0-226-28696-9 $7.00
471 978-0-226-77154-0 $7.00
472 978-0-226-75700-1 $7.00
473 978-0-226-75705-6 $7.00
474 978-0-226-80744-7 $7.00
475 978-0-226-73473-6 $7.00
476 978-1-906497-05-7 $7.00 IND
477 978-1-906497-07-1 $7.00 IND
478 978-0-226-04432-3 $7.00
479 978-0-226-72909-1 $7.00
480 978-1-906497-49-1 $7.00 IND
481 978-1-906497-53-8 $7.00 IND
482 978-80-246-0683-5 $7.00 CZE/SVK
483 978-0-7123-0544-0 $11.00 NSA
484 978-0-7123-0541-9 $11.00 NSA
485 978-0-7123-0532-7 $7.00 NSA
486 978-0-7123-0554-9 $9.00 NSA
487 978-0-7123-5100-3 $8.00 NSA
488 978-0-7123-5115-7 $7.00 NSA
489 978-0-226-05217-5 $7.00
490 978-0-226-11230-5 $7.00
491 978-0-7123-5873-6 $7.00 NSA
492 978-0-226-66944-1 $5.00
493 978-0-226-75070-5 $9.00
494 978-0-226-73077-6 $5.00
495 978-0-226-73072-1 $5.00
496 978-0-226-73078-3 $5.00
497 978-0-226-13198-6 $13.60 USA
498 978-0-226-13217-4 $14.40 USA
499 978-0-226-13170-2 $13.60 USA
500 978-0-7123-5878-1 $12.00 NSA
501 978-0-7123-5896-5 $12.00 NSA
502 978-0-7123-5725-8 $12.00 NSA
503 978-0-7123-5726-5 $12.00 NSA
504 978-0-7123-5712-8 $12.00 NSA
505 978-0-7123-5859-0 $12.00 NSA
506 978-0-7123-5702-9 $9.60 NSA
507 978-0-7123-5715-9 $12.00 NSA
508 978-0-7123-5716-6 $12.00 NSA
509 978-0-7123-5721-0 $12.00 NSA
510 978-0-7123-5767-8 $12.00 NSA
511 978-0-226-12181-9 $14.40
512 978-0-7123-0968-4 $15.96 NSA
513 978-0-7123-5130-0 $20.00 NSA
514 978-0-226-00905-6 $28.00 NSA
515 978-0-7123-5884-2 $200.00 NSA
516 978-0-7123-5119-5 $12.00 NSA
517 978-0-7123-5123-2 $44.00 NSA
518 978-0-7123-5125-6 $28.00 NSA
519 978-0-226-00631-4 $20.00
520 978-0-226-13735-3 $13.60 COBE
521 978-0-226-13296-9 $13.60 COBE
522 978-0-226-13718-6 $13.60 COBE
523 978-0-7123-5842-2 $10.36 NSA
524 978-1-85124-404-1 $14.00
525 978-0-7123-5722-7 $9.60 NSA
526 978-0-7123-5882-8 $11.96 NSA
527 978-1-78023-289-8 $21.60 NSA
528 978-0-7123-5858-3 $18.00 NSA
529 978-0-7123-5876-7 $8.00 NSA
530 978-0-7123-5809-5 $10.36 NSA
531 978-0-226-01097-7 $12.00
532 978-0-226-21219-7 $9.60
533 978-0-7123-5818-7 $11.96 NSA
534 978-0-7123-5892-7 $11.96 NSA
535 978-0-7123-5894-1 $16.00 NSA
536 978-1-78023-185-3 $31.20 NSA
537 978-1-78023-022-1 $20.00 NSA

Quant. #



538 978-1-86189-866-1 $20.00 NSA

539 978-0-226-13699-8 $20.00
540 978-0-226-92311-6 $15.20
541 978-1-85124-039-5 $9.60 NAM
542 978-0-226-49629-0 $24.00
543 978-0-226-00645-1 $16.00
544 978-0-226-13900-5 $36.00 CUSA
545 978-0-226-92516-5 $32.00 CUSA
546 978-0-7123-5879-8 $36.00 NSA
547 978-0-226-13427-7 $16.00
548 978-0-226-03660-1 $14.40
549 978-0-226-05389-9 $28.00
550 978-0-7123-5734-0 $12.00 NSA
551 978-1-85124-393-8 $28.00 NAM
552 978-0-226-00444-0 $13.60
553 978-1-86189-896-8 $19.96 NSA
554 978-1-78023-271-3 $24.00 NSA
555 978-0-226-31814-1 $20.00
556 978-0-226-31816-5 $12.00
557 978-0-226-72114-9 $36.00
558 978-0-226-72115-6 $11.20
559 978-0-226-30466-3 $11.20
560 978-0-226-20457-4 $24.00 COBE/EU
561 978-1-78023-357-4 $24.00 NSA
562 978-1-78023-187-7 $19.96 NSA
563 978-0-226-06235-8 $19.20
564 978-0-226-13444-4 $28.00 CNAM
565 978-0-9799847-8-5 $11.96
566 978-1-78023-285-0 $22.40 NSA
567 978-0-226-13671-4 $20.00
568 978-0-226-08194-6 $20.80
569 978-0-226-13038-5 $18.00
570 978-0-226-09281-2 $60.00 CUSA
571 978-1-909741-03-4 $18.00 USCA
572 978-3-7774-5851-9 $39.96 NAJ
573 978-0-226-09166-2 $36.00 NSAC
574 978-0-226-15713-9 $20.00 NAM
575 978-0-226-17283-5 $20.00 NAM
576 978-1-905686-78-0 $19.96 USCA
577 978-3-7774-2193-3 $52.00 NAJ
578 978-0-226-42571-9 $18.00
579 978-0-226-14299-9 $12.00
580 978-1-78023-261-4 $17.60 NSA
581 978-1-78023-266-9 $17.60 NSA

Quant. #



582 978-0-226-13976-0 $20.00 NAM

583 978-0-226-09393-2 $20.00 NAM
584 978-0-226-00919-3 $20.00 NAM
585 978-0-7123-5720-3 $24.00 NSA
586 978-0-226-43694-4 $20.00
587 978-0-226-15520-3 $12.00
588 978-0-226-66846-8 $20.80
589 978-0-226-15100-7 $13.60
590 978-0-226-21303-3 $18.00
591 978-0-7123-5771-5 $16.00 NSA
592 978-0-226-16361-1 $22.00
593 978-0-226-08275-2 $44.00 CUSA
594 978-0-226-12441-4 $36.00
595 978-0-226-05750-7 $36.00
596 978-0-226-92296-6 $36.00
597 978-0-226-78026-9 $28.00
598 978-0-226-98335-6 $17.60
599 978-0-226-98336-3 $9.60
600 978-0-226-10379-2 $12.00
601 978-0-226-66786-7 $16.00
602 978-1-78023-043-6 $16.00 NSA
603 978-0-226-75789-6 $20.00
604 978-0-226-28488-0 $20.80
605 978-0-226-04579-5 $28.00 COBE
606 978-0-226-21169-5 $16.00 COBE
607 978-0-226-55143-2 $11.00 CUSA
608 978-0-226-77664-4 $11.00 CUSA
609 978-0-226-06064-4 $5.00
610 978-0-226-89898-8 $10.00
611 978-0-7083-1953-6 $15.00 NSA/AU/NZ
612 978-0-226-47503-5 $5.00
613 978-0-226-55276-7 $10.00
614 978-0-226-72117-0 $21.00 CUSA
615 978-0-226-47539-4 $17.00
616 978-0-226-30151-8 $5.00
992 978-0-226-11649-5 $56.00
993 978-0-226-02637-4 $10.40
994 978-0-226-04314-2 $16.00
995 978-0-226-16764-0 $48.00
996 978-0-226-16778-7 $16.00
997 978-0-226-06566-3 $13.60
998 978-0-226-10420-1 $52.00
999 978-0-226-81638-8 $14.40

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EU Not for sale in Europe
IND Not for sale in India
NAJ For sale only in North America and Japan
NAM For sale only in North America
NAPA For sale only in North America, the Philippines, and Australia
NSA For sale only in North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom
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UK Not for sale in the United Kingdom
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