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Free Gymnastics by Staff Sgt. Moss!5x4m3JrD!nH503i4guI-O2rbWFCigMUCMkGWiMBrkSP6i0H8JmNM
Gospel of Strength by Eugen Sandow!F8plSCCZ!4GHDXFt5FJVDtt-YHK6cRacTZr0iGJN_CooOl0c5b5M
Gripping Your Way to Strength by WJ Hunt!99IAwBxJ!J_qY5kf313_ZCqTobqdw3azGFibWADwuBqVU4JUStBE
How to Acquire Super Strength by Otto Arco!gohClaZL!oT1mVqml1x5x7nU2gvOJex_TdFDBaR4bx18qzDGB_xU
How to Get Strong and Stay So - William Blaikie!JwoQmZwa!2-yeIhFCh2JCS1At8LJ8BGDZvVTc0MRZbRM5QaJ4RVU
How to Keep Fit and Like It - Arthur Steinhaus!Q0YEhb7Z!8AScdo5GojvmaRdKjwJQFQHX_EYEmdtk5IUtTrqW4Do
Illustrated Hints for Health and Strength - Adrian Peter Schmidt 1901
Inch - Advanced Exercises.pdf 2.3 MB!IxBXnBgA!o83Gwi6Hwo0_a404QJa4Os4qsXZkA11CvcLZUQ95Sw4
Inch - Strength Secrets.pdf 3.9 MB!c9AwnA5Y!nqx4H4Fgrj6auvAZUPs5DXuUjFaFGeQWq21kaPciLzc

IndianPhysCult.pdf 151.0 MB!ZpgWSJ6J!jl-DVylz8z_UWuhPLOgFBVBSo4FFTW72c8kxsztSAyU
The Encyclopedia of Indian Physical Culture - one of the best books of its kind ever written, with a few pages
Want to be good at calisthenics and wondering what 50 year old book Matt Furey scanned on an old Xerox to
make Combat Conditioning? This is the book for you.
Want to do yoga, obscure sports, club swinging, wrestling, horse riding, fight winning? This is the book.
Joe Bonomo's powerplus exercises.pdf 10.6 MB!5wAljK7I!QvTiJLiR3kJp8XnYbXn9srxjyOKTjpFhw0sQl0hdyrs
Kiphuth - How To Be Fit.pdf 4.7 MB!50RzUbbT!4175BEUyIBGPSjpy5K_rQ-UzNjq9iKt4tTP_y5RAgxw

Muscle Building - Earle Liederman.pdf 14.3 MB!RpAmHBjb!gVa3pERjeEM5GjYncYbynedxdhgGemTpyej8mlVk2nU

Muscle Control by Maxick.pdf 22.3 MB!84p0QY4T!CNLgg-Q2bJ2qQPYb7wOfmgpt7DoDyiXjsEEz2EQDv94
PerfectPhysique.pdf 1.9 MB!4pZ0gK6J!-KgDys5pEzbZSKxhvxg8w4d1joqLUOmUodFW8T2pkvw
Philosophy Science and Practice of Maxalding.pdf 4.9 MB!91ZEmKpK!0D5NSzRWuiOkDOTlglf43yRwQkSTLJEDBKTq3uChBdY

physicalpower_-_arthur_saxon.pdf 1.4 MB!o9Bn0LhS!XCY6-BPC1YcHXiLlrRiuMGabEE8uMKv_fYNJQwr1svE
This is Arthur Saxon's classic book: The Development of Physical Power.
His form on the two hand snatch and jerk may be way outdated and superceded by his descriptions in The
Textbook of Weightlifting (also way outdated),
but the general training advice and odd lifts are as good today as at the turn of the 20th century.
Physique & Figure by KV Iyer.pdf 11.8 MB!c05znbLD!ZXHKMQJYKqMnYn_HP_09Dyv-1Ko3LjzOTlERsTJ_LEY
Practical Guide of Physical Education by Georges Hebert - abridged translation.pdf 3.8 MB!dxoiFZ4S!rM72ana816B8RXE7k-eNLQ5d4yHlc9M4ULPpq6vtSMI
Hebertism was the physical culture movement that spawned modern obstacle courses, all of the "functional
fitness" style training that doesn't look ridiculous,
and the sport of Parkour, which is just Hebertism in urban obstacle courses. Hebert knew what he was doing,
and he did depth jumps before the commies.
Practical Training for Running Walking Rowing Wrestling Boxing Jumping And All Kinds of Athletic Feats James.pdf 11.2 MB!A4gXlRbL!s9PpreLTlW79eDDejR2Ic8ADt7Ago8XSspfwaMnPPAA

Promotion and Conservation - Lionel Strongfort.pdf 7.9 MB!NshEwbrb!XHy4Qx4Pb-KpgCrPhCrrQtAbnKs_nfBDvO_bq3bw5TM
pullum-aston.wmv 1.1 MB!QtgSQaaZ!9Z7AB6XRqwnM8ZuUEzrwcNRQ5cvPDVKTJT6zMrL_oMo
Ronald Walker Championship Course.pdf 19.2 MB!ksRShADA!8O1-nEfLMvy7KDxAf2SHbzfWsMKp_0UXJjYAhDItLvk
Sandow Mighty Monarch of Muscle.pdf 2.7 MB!Q8AmnIoY!nsynBNPP3ulqXm8s9ANOjEDDa3SKhG5cPJwwl1P8epw
sandow_physical_training.pdf 4.1 MB!I9ongQSA!PxpCDii6I3BbOJnPgqdIXBdoUTST1EPCeLxaP8yfMJM
Secrets of Strength and Development - Bob Hoffman.pdf 60.8 MB!5lgU3LzL!YFJZBHSKZbHX-HYPaO_zOVF5x7nmi1z5qz_SxVS2lmU
Short Table of Muscle Control Exercises.pdf 5.2 MB!popXwCxI!vXBHaUfyv2jDXgdodY3nmM1MMPvQgs3r5e2F9utgKuY
Tensile Contraction Master Build.pdf 2.0 MB!o44BwQBQ!nm1n9CPQ1z2HwcoqNzQcKYLSuW64bmTZFdB733tutEg
bodybuilding course with progressive cals and a weight routine.
Tensile Contraction Muscle Building Course.pdf 13.9 MB!184UiYCC!zMPt-V6NwpZz5e9Yqzt-VPAMLdkztSZ_6fPwonuRnx4

The Grip of Steel- Jowett OC-3180.pdf 6.3 MB!8wRmUISJ!o0d-WP-LGQBsneo5leqtK2v9187drDLaXM9ieSNkmLU

The Skill of Muscle Control.pdf 8.5 MB!wlZBXJjJ!lJbpv6uiCc19i2fzMEuEvjfzkUawC_i1Gao9mivklUs

Us Army Manual of Physical Training 1914.pdf 15.1 MB!g1wDGZxa!iBPeQuPcUDKPbGf8sUm2_wOVsRpEzqbyeqgmBF-smIA