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April 2009

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April 2009 • TAKOMA VOICE 3

Wanted: Citizen-journalists
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We can’t promise that you’ll get rich writing

for the Voice. None of us have so far. But
you will be contributing to a vital American
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4 VOICE • April 2009
Voice Mail should have some impact. However, one
critical element seems to be continuously
The Greatest Generation speaks
overlooked, and it has me very confused.
What is the point of working to limit
environmental damage (caused by humans)
if we are just going to add more humans?
Gordon S. Clark to convert to the production of plug-in

If cookie crumbs were being dropped by

by party guests on a rug, and you were hybrids, electric cars and vehicles for mass
desperately trying to vacuum them up, t was only a matter of time before transit, such as buses, light rail cars, etc.
wouldn’t more guests eating more cookies, the imminent failure of one or more (They’re made of the same stuff as cars,
drop even more crumbs? No mention U.S. auto makers pushed AIG and the and it’s what we want to encourage, right?)
is ever made of what I would consider financial crisis off the front pages, at least Oh hell, give ‘em two years - but that’s
the biggest threat to the success of temporarily. it. They’ll get all the support they need
environmental efforts. For this reason, And now that it’s here, and we have from Washington, including appropriate
to listen to talk of “restructuring” and subsidies for consumer purchase and a
For fewer crumbs, I am reluctant to invest much emotional
“automobiles of the future” for the next desperately needed revitalization of our
energy into environmental concerns.
stop making cookies month or so, I urge you to remember just national and metropolitan rail systems. But

I’ve already wasted twenty eight years in
another cause, that was marked for failure, one historical fact: just two years.
very issue of this paper is heavily from the start. At the beginning of World War II, And if the industry execs don’t like
weighted with tips on how to help the entire U.S. auto industry, then the the idea, they should be shown the door
the environment. Useful measures — Walt Rave largest industrial manufacturing center as summarily as G. Richard Wagoner of
are presented again and again that are Takoma Park, Md in the world, completely converted from General Motors was, and replaced with
intended to turn a bad situation around. making passenger cars to military vehicles, business leaders who do.
And if embraced by enough people, they more letters on page 54 including tanks and airplanes, in less than Are we capable of such truly great,
one year. One year. transformative changes anymore? Because
They went from producing 4 million that is exactly what is required to meet
Opinion cars in 1941 to virtually none in 1942- many of the challenges we face. Simply

Restore the Chesapeake Bay

1944, as they pumped out a quarter million spending prodigious amounts of money
aircraft, along with tens of thousands of (borrowed money, lest we forget) is not
tanks and additional military vehicles. a substitute for the systemic changes we
Defund the Intercounty Connector Think of that whenever you get into and
out of your car. One year.
Take the health care crisis. President
by Sally Osterling forest in a watershed is converted to This small miracle is emblematic of the Obama is trying to cobble together more
development, stream health and water group we call “the greatest generation.” It than $600 billion as a “down payment” on
Without halting sprawl, movements quality decline. Today, about 58% of exemplifies their discipline, willpower and universal care, while leaving the system in
toward Chesapeake Bay restoration, the land in the watershed is forested, ability to work collectively against great the hands of private insurance companies
including promises of funds, are and every day about 100 acres of forest odds to win a titanic struggle. The sort of that limit or deny coverage to increase
hollow gestures. Construction of the are removed. Non-tidal wetlands in the grit and American can-do personified by their profits. The greatest generation would
Intercounty Connector (ICC) will watershed protect and improve water Rosie the Riveter. simply scrap the current dysfunctional
bring thousands of acres of sprawl quality by reducing the flow of pollutants It turns out, oddly enough, that system and switch to a privately delivered,
within the Chesapeake watershed. The into the Bay and its tributaries, and Rosie was a lot more willing than the publicly financed “single payer” system -
environmental impact of the ICC spells they reduce erosion and flooding by auto company executives, who had to one used successfully in other nations and
disaster for the Bay. soaking up large amounts of flood and be threatened and coerced by Franklin which would be a huge boon to businesses
The Chesapeake Executive stormwater. The value of natural capital Roosevelt to make the shift. Which is one struggling with health care costs (like the
Council recently declared that the and ecosystem services provided by lesson the greatest generation has for us auto industry). But it’s not “on the table”
25-year goal of Bay cleanup set in forests and wetlands in the Chesapeake in our own time of titanic struggle: don’t for discussion. Why not?
1983 is a failure. Three main reasons watershed is incalculable. leave it up to the “captains of industry” to How about the collapsing financial
for the Bay’s degraded condition The Intercounty Connector must chart the path. system? Congress and the new President
are: over-development, agricultural be abandoned if we are serious about The more important lesson, though, are continuing to dump literally trillions
runoff, and air pollution from power saving the Chesapeake Bay, moving is the sweeping, transformative nature of (our) dollars into failing banks, with
plants and motor vehicle emissions. to sustainable, transit-oriented growth of the changes they wrought - and the little or no evidence it’s working, or any
Against this background of a Bay in planning, and investing in our existing
extraordinarily short time in which they idea what we’re getting for it. Why not,
peril, construction proceeds on the communities during these challenging
were accomplished. The greatest generation the greatest generation might ask, simply
Intercounty Connector, an 18.8 mile, fiscal times. We cannot take seriously
didn’t deal in half-measures. march in to insolvent banks, kick out
6-lane, interstate-grade highway that, Maryland’s commitment to combating
if completed, will result in destruction global warming or to Bay restoration A comparison to the present day is not a corrupt bankers, clean up the books and
of some of the healthiest forests and when the state highway administration is particularly favorable one. Short timelines then reopen under new management? (And
wetlands in Maryland’s Montgomery involved in extensive deforestation and notwithstanding, the Obama Administration if the companies are “too big to fail,” but
and Prince George’s Counties. State removal of wetlands and streams. is still leaving it up to the auto not too big to destroy our economy, then
studies show that ICC construction The Chesapeake Bay is a priceless companies themselves to determine the they should be broken up. The President
will destroy nearly 800 acres of forest, resource. As the second largest estuary “restructuring,” with even greater layoffs should channel the other Roosevelt, trust-
68 acres of 100-year floodplains, on earth, it is part of the global common and decreased health care for workers a busting Teddy, on this one.)
ten miles of streams, and 75 acres of wealth, for us and for future generations. given. And the President’s goal of putting Of course it’s not just up to our political
wetlands. And that’s not all. The state It must be restored to the thriving body of two million hybrid and electric cars on the leaders. We need to make great personal
estimates that the ICC will trigger water it once was, and actions that bring road by 2015 represents a mere 2.2% of changes ourselves. Americans in the 1940’s
thousands of acres of new development further degradation, such as construction the roughly 90 million cars that could be sacrificed all manner of material goods to
(subdivisions, malls, and parking lots), of the ICC, must be vigorously opposed. sold between now and then (at 2008 sales win the war. They learned whatever job
bringing untold further environmental The ICC is not a done deal – it can be rates) - and less than 1% of the 250 million needed to be done. They grew more than
damage in the watershed. defunded. Let your legislators know that registered vehicles in the U.S. 40% of their own produce needs in 20
The Chesapeake Bay receives you oppose this $4 billion highway that One year? More like one century. million Victory Gardens.
its water from a 64,000 square-mile the state’s own studies show will not If the twin crises of global warming We all need to be part of the change.
watershed. Its vast size makes this reduce traffic congestion. Tell them that and job loss are to be met, the greatest Because now is the time not simply for big
estuary exquisitely sensitive to the your commitment to the Bay demands a generation’s approach would be far or bold action, but for truly great action,
condition of the land. When too much rejection of this highway. different. The President should simply something to make our grandparents proud.
tell the auto industry that it has one year Are we up to the challenge?
April 2009 • VOICE 5
Sin of the Month • Abby Bardi

“It’s all a giant Ponzi scheme,” music stops.
Susan said. Is that not a Ponzi scheme?
We were in Chicago at the Similarly, let’s look at the stuff
annual conference of the AWP, we buy. Someone pays a worker
the professional organization in a developing nation two cents
of creative writing programs. to make a shirt. Someone else
Susan and I had just met, though pays fifty cents for it and sells
like almost everyone else at the it to someone else for a dollar,
conference, it seemed, she had and so on. The shirt ends up in
grown up in the same Chicago Nordstrom and you, like a big
neighborhood I had. dope (no offense!), pay $150 for it.
“Look at all these people.” Ponzi!
She gestured at the vast basement I don’t pretend to understand
room housing the book fair, in economics, but it looks to me like
which hundreds of writers sat at the entire American economy
tables hawking literary journals is basically a big—let’s use the
and other products of the creative term “pyramid scheme” to avoid
writing biz. “The MFA programs litigation. I create something and
turn out students in record sell it to you for a profit. You
numbers, but there are no jobs. mark it up and sell it for a profit.
What are all these people going Someone else buys it and—the
to do?” last person in the chain is the one
“Work on Wall Street?” I suggested. We who loses. There is no such thing as a
But what are all these people going to
both knew I was kidding. “fair price” for anything; the only value
do with those MFAs? Who knows. No
It was true that the conference was something has is what someone else is
one—except Susan—seems to have given
enormous: 8,000 people had gathered at the willing to pay. Or, in the case of stocks,
any thought to that.
Michigan Avenue Hilton, site of some of what someone else thinks someone else
As I made my way back from AWP,
the 1968 Democratic Convention travails, thinks someone else is willing to pay.
returning to my real life, in which I teach
to listen to presentations on a variety of Nothing has any inherent worth at all.
creative writing to people whose interest
topics of interest only to writers, a group No wonder people want to be writers!
in writing ranges from minimal to wanting
that includes, it would appear, just about At least writing creates the illusion of
to be on Oprah, I thought about Ponzi
everyone in America. inherent meaning.
schemes, a concept that has been much in
As I fought my way through the Unfortunately, the whole world was part
the news of late, thanks to the shenanigans
throngs, I found myself wondering why of this economic pyramid, and it has all just
of investment broker Bernard Madoff,
so many people are interested in writing. collapsed, and now everyone realizes that
who has recently pleaded guilty to a giant
Is it because it pays so handsomely as a all that money they had put on their credit
scheme to defraud his investors of zillions
profession? Clearly not. Is it because the cards to sustain our national illusion of
of dollars. I recalled that recently, the
average person would like nothing more wealth has to be paid back, which is where
Ponzi family had sued in federal court to
than to talk with Oprah about their work? the rubber meets the road.
prevent the media from using the name
Maybe. Is it because we’re all convinced (Speaking of the economy, here’s
“Ponzi” in connection with the Madoff
we have something important to say? No what I don’t get. If the economic crisis
(pronounced, charmingly, “made off”)
doubt. But as to why so many people was caused by the failure of sub-prime
case. Apparently, in one of those strange
would devote their time and money to mortgage holders to pay their mortgage,
ironies that you just can’t make up, the
MFA programs, in which one kneels at the why not just give the bailout money to
Ponzi family were Madoff investors and
feet of famous, or not-so-famous, writers them so they can pay? Problem solved!
lost millions in his giant scheme to defraud
to try to learn the secrets of a trade that is Instead, we bail out the people who hold
everyone whose money he invested—i.e.,
in danger of imminent extinction, I admit those mortgages so they can do more
made off with—by faking returns on their
I was baffled, despite the fact that I, too, lending—but they don’t do any lending!
had attended an MFA program and knelt at Can you say “Ponzi”?)
Yes, creative writing is a Ponzi scheme,
those feet. (I mean “Pyramid”?)
as Susan alleges (note to the Ponzi family:
For it was clear that Susan was exactly So in all this morass of economic
sue Susan—I’m just quoting her), but if
right: it was all a huge Ponzi scheme. illusion, or delusion, this vast tulip craze
you think about it, just about everything
For decades, MFA programs had been in which we have all participated, what
else in America is, too.
proliferating, run by people at the top is left that is real? The ancient Egyptians
Take real estate. It turns out that our
of the profession—by which I mean built the Pyramids; we built the Pyramid
houses are only worth the amount of
the profession of “literary” writing, not Scheme.
money people are willing to pay for them;
necessarily the kind that sells; ergo, Well, it turns out that what’s real are the
they have no true inherent value. If I buy
creative writing celebrities are people of things that have always been real—love,
a house for a hundred bucks and sell it to
whom the average reader may never have family, friends, the natural world (or what’s
someone else for two hundred, that’s what
heard—to mentor aspiring writers, using a left of it), and poetry. In the giant Creative
the house is worth. If the next person buys
“workshop” approach to help them hammer Writing scheme, at least we’re creating an
is for four hundred, now it’s worth that.
their dross into gold. Are these programs army of poets who will be there reciting
As house prices climb higher, the house’s
effective? Sure. Are they fun? Mostly. the great sagas of our age, the stories of our
“value” ostensibly increases, and then the
Do they serve a purpose to our society? I heroes, if we have any, as we gather around
final person in the chain, the one who pays
think so; we’re far better off with a vast the dying embers of our fire.
$5 million for a hundred-dollar house, is
army of trained poets than one of trained
left holding the bag—the deed—when the
6 VOICE • April 2009
April 2009 • VOICE 7
Q: What is your heart’s desire?
Janene Cielto: “At this point in time
by Julie Wiatt I would love to throw in the towel and
prepare my retirement plan, so I’d never
have to lift a finger again.”

Caroline Hebel: “Return to the barter system. That would be interesting, mix things up.”
Julia Alexandra Smith: “To fly!”

Ted Belland: “My heart’s desire is to end up living somewhere there aren’t any cars,
or there’s only one car in the village, and they call it a village. And there are no police
reports, no doctor or lawyer fees.”
Mary Clare Erskine: “My heart’s desire
is probably to have a really interesting life,
traveling all over the place and doing really
interesting things, so when I’m old, I’ll
have stories to tell.”

Sat Jiwan Iklé Khalsa: “My heart’s desire is that spring’s new growth will Ann-Marie VanTassel: “My heart’s desire
help heal old wounds.” is to somehow find a way to travel the
world and get paid for doing it. And I hope
Siri Tapa: “My heart’s desire is that my children have as much fulfillment to do that through photography. That’s my
and joy in their lives and choices as I feel I have, in mine; that they be ultimate ultimate heart’s desire.”
happy in relationships. I think family relationships are the best and the
hardest thing on the planet. You have to work on them every day. That is my
personal heart’s desire. My global one is bless this earth with peace.”

Check out past Questions of the Month and Mark Podger: “At the moment I’ve got
let the Voice know what your heart’s desire is, at one worry in my head, and that’s make my and business successful. I’d like my wife to be
able to take up a new career if she wants to.”

8 VOICE • April 2009

Azalea Awards bring red-carpet Acro-Airs highlight
glamour to Takoma Park Taste of Takoma
photos by ann-marie van Tassell
by Kevin Adler recognition for two long-time Takoma Park
activists who died recently: Belle Ziegler,
Takoma Park’s local heroes will get the driving force for the Independence Day
the red-carpet treatment on April 25 at the celebrations, and John Hyde, a founder of
annual Azalea Awards ceremony and party. the two local farmers’ markets. Both were
The awards, sponsored by the Takoma previous recipients of Azalea Awards.
Foundation, honor individuals who have “It’s truly inspiring to see what people
contributed to the community’s civic and are doing in our community, working with
cultural life. youth groups, immigrants, the elderly, and
Awards will be presented in nine others,” said Larson. “We also expect to see
categories: Spirit, Green Takoma, Educator, several local political leaders in attendance
Coach, Arts, School Activist, Business, because they’ve told us how impressed
Mentor, Takoma Activist, and Volunteer/ they are by the work of the Foundation’s
Superhero. Voting for the Azalea Awards is grantees and Azalea Award winners.”
open through April 15. Go to www.takoma.
com to choose from among this year’s Foundation debuts
new website
“The Azalea Awards is a celebration,”

said Pam Larson, a Takoma Foundation
The Takoma Foundation recently went
Board member and co-chair of the awards
live with its upgraded website. The colorful
committee. “It’s a fun evening, even
site, found at,
occasionally silly. We hope to have our
enhances the Foundation’s ability to reach
largest crowd ever this year and to just
out locally and to share information about
have some fun.”
activities that the Foundation supports. It
With so many vital community
includes descriptions of the Foundation’s
organizations struggling during a difficult
key programs, such as the Azalea Awards,
financial period, Larson added that the
grants, Buy-a-Brick campaign, and
Azalea Awards are a time to remind
Welcome Wagon for newcomers to Takoma
citizens about the importance of giving
generously and giving locally. “All of us
New functionality on the site
can donate our time and/or our money,” she
enables online submission of grant
said. “It’s even more important today than
applications. Donations and membership
forms are downloadable, and soon the
The evening will begin with a reception
Foundation will be able to accept online
in the atrium area of the Municipal
Building at 5:30 p.m. While enjoying
Columbia Union College acrobatic team, the Acro-Airs thrilled the crowd at the
dinner and desserts, visitors will have the
Buy a brick! annual Taste of Takoma event April 5th, inspiring at least one budding gymnast
opportunity see the newest permanent art (bottom photo).
installations in the building—purchased The Takoma Foundation is again
for the city by the Takoma Foundation. offering commemorative bricks for $150.
“The new artwork is really impressive,” The bricks are inscribed with two lines
said Howard Kohn, Foundation Board of up to 14 letters and spaces each, and
member. “We will be officially ‘unveiling’ then they are installed in front of the
two stunning silk banners created by Community Center.
Diane Tuckman, and also Marty Ittner’s “The bricks have been one of the
beautiful large glass-negative blowup of Foundation’s most popular fundraising
an iceskating scene on Sligo Creek from a programs,” said Kathy Porter, Foundation
hundred years ago.” chair. “Sales of bricks at the Azalea
At about 6:30 p.m., the official program Awards will kick off our new fundraising
will begin. Presentations to Azalea Award campaign.”
winners and announcements of Foundation For information, go to www.
grants from the Spring 2009 cycle will be
interspersed with music by The Takoma
Zone and drawings for door prizes from
local merchants. There will be special

April 2009 • TAKOMA VOICE 9

Granola Park • by Gilbert •

Enter the Takoma League

No Speed Racer, No! companies, and waives the bill for That has been inhibited lately because the admission to any event in that space. This
uninsured people. Bush Administration made that information is news to Your Gilbert, and we wonder
March 9, 2009—The city’s speed With that bill apparently doomed, one secret, so the list the city has been using is how the city plans to earn income from that
alternative is to raise taxes to cover the out of date. The committee is working on space. Who will rent it if admission can’t
cameras will “go live” on St. Patrick’s day,
costs, he said. finding a new list. be charged?
says Mayor Bruce Williams. There will
The committee said that though the
be a 2 week period in which people will ordinance was an appropriate response to
receive warnings, then around April Fools
Day, fine-levying tickets will be issued. Curtains for the auditorium? the Cold War it is still relevant given the Begging for it
proliferation of nuclear weapons. A new
At the same March 9 city council meeting focus for the committee, they said, was
March 16, 2009—Of course, the new March 31, 2009—Asking the city
councilmember Josh Wright asserted that nuclear energy. They urged the city to buy
auditorium can’t be built if there’s no council for money can be tough. It certainly
pedestrian safety, not income generation, money to build it. electricity from renewable energy sources,
not nuclear power plants. This appeared was for the Community Indicators Project
was the motive for installing the cameras. The city would probably not be able to
to dovetail with the council’s interest in director Bruce Baker.
The reverse has been claimed by a number renovate the auditorium without Program
renewable energy, and councilmember The Community Indicators Project’s
of local cynics writing on community Open Space (POS) funding from the state.
Dan Robinson lauded what he said was the purpose is to measure at least three of the
listserves and certain blogs. Wright Contrary to past assurances from the staff
committee’s “proactive” approach. city’s “quality of life indicators:” housing,
said that the city’s share of the income that indoor projects such as the city’s
qualify for POS funding, POS may give The committee brought up the “Nuclear economic development, and health.
(a percentage goes to the independent
such projects the boot. Free Zone” signs that have disappeared Even with former mayor Cathy Porter
contractor who sets up and runs the
That is what the city’s lobbyist reports. over the last 25 years, but the council sitting next to him, the project director’s
cameras) will only be spent on pedestrian assured them that some have already been
In her legislative update March 16 she said update presentation to the council did not
safety. replaced and the rest are on the way.
that though Project Open Space has in the go over well, particularly the part about
The Mayor pointed out that the county
past funded projects that are not strictly needing an increase in funds to, . . . well,
speed camera located in front of the
outdoors, the current state committee to pay more to the project director. The
Takoma Middle School has caused traffic overseeing POS has mixed opinions on Bless you amount of work, he said, is much more
to slow noticeably on that section of Piney that practice. Some on the committee say than anticipated, and the current amount
Branch Road. He was implying that traffic the purpose of the project should be to March 23, 2009—The citizens granted by the city does not cover his time
would also inevitably slow to legal rates of purchase undeveloped land in order to committees approacheth the city council
speed on those sections of New Hampshire preserve it for recreation. dais, and yea, they sitteth before those
The mayor noted that usually such
and Ethan Allen Avenues where the city has The lobbyist, staff, and councilmembers wise councilors, and speaketh they of
have been on this like fleas on a dog, proud deeds they hath performed and lo, projects get DECREASING amounts of
placed its cameras.
going to and calling Annapolis to plead the they chatteth aimlessly with the mighty money from year to year, lest they become
Of course, the city doesn’t want to quell
city’s case with state legislators. Though councilmembers. Thus, behold, the council a permanent burden on the budget.
speeding entirely. They want each camera
they are nervous about the outcome, they from on high blesseth them and chatteth a The information presented to them
to issue at least 185 tickets a month. Any
have assurances that some provision will bit more, heedless of the time they wasteth about housing costs and disparities was
fewer would mean that the contractor
be made for the city’s project - that it will of observers who would rather be doing not particularly new, said Councilmembers
would be earning less than $2229 monthly
be grandfathered in or that the pro-indoor their taxeth. Wright and Seamens, the self-appointed
from that camera. If that happens for two project committee members will prevail. Some committees are more dynamic wet-blanket brigade.
months out of six, a contract clause kicks There are no guarantees at this point, than others. The Noise Control Board Councilmembers Clay and Snipper,
in allowing the contractor to negotiate for a however. (NCB), whose job is to assist and advise however said they appreciated the report,
different rate. While worry about that has increased, it the city on noise control issues said they
and Clay encouraged Baker to “value your
So, while safety may be the city’s has decreased about legislation that would don’t get a lot of “business,” especially
time” and seek adequate compensation.
motive, profit is clearly the contractor’s, withhold state aid to “sanctuary cities” such since the police department has a noise
as Takoma Park. That bill appears to have abatement officer (who also serves on the Former mayor Porter also stuck up for
and neither party really wants a 100%
been derailed, the lobbyist reported. Other committee). They requested the council to Baker, saying that the project participants
decrease of unsafe driving on those roads.
bills of concern to the city are one that give them more direction. didn’t expect to find any startling new
prohibits local governments from having The only issue they really addressed information at this early point. The idea,
rent control, and one that would require a last year, they said, was leaf-blower she said, is to take detailed measurements
Infeesable study before rent control was enacted. noise, which NCB member Steve Davies of social, economic, and other conditions,
took up outside the NCB’s purview as an and compare them over time. This will
March 9, 2009—Marc Elrich gave
another one of his periodic reports on the Non-Glowing Report environmental issue. Davies is one of the help them track the indicators to see how
city activists who requested a ban on gas- they work. Eventually, it will be possible
county council to the city council. Elrich, a
March 16, 2009—Also blessed was the powered leaf blowers last year.
former Takoma Park city councilmember, to see whether city and county policies are
Nuclear Free Takoma Park Committee, In contrast, the Recreation Committee
was a bit wistful about his former effective or not.
which gave it’s annual report March 16. hooted and frolicked as they approached
colleagues’ lighter work load, but the smug The indicators project, by the way, is
Other than celebrating the 25th anniversary the dais. They were full of excitement
council told him he was stuck with his supposed to be for both Silver Spring and
of the city Nuclear Free Zone ordinance, about their achievements since the
current job. Takoma Park. But the cash-strapped county
the committee has been monitoring a court committee was formed last year. They
Elrich was unhappy about the “losing has not chipped in their share of grant-
case involving the transport of hazardous successfully organized a coed basketball
public relations battle” over a proposed money.
materials through Washington, DC. This league for young children, have worked on
county ordinance concerning ambulance
could impact on possible transport of a public-art mosaic project, and assisted to The Community Indicators Project could
fees. The public perception is that the
nuclear waste through Takoma Park. open the Piney Branch Pool. take lessons in asking the city for money
county council wants to charge the cost
The toothy part of the Nuclear Free In fthe uture they plan to focus on the from Historical Takoma, Inc. (HTI) It helps
of an ambulance ride to every unfortunate
Zone ordinance prohibits the city from city council auditorium renovations. One to bring an air of outrage, apparently.
person who gets one. The proposed bill,
purchasing anything from companies stumbling block there, they mentioned, is The back story here is that HTI recently
says Erlich, actually charges insurance
involved in the making of nuclear weapons. that it is currently not allowed to charge purchased a property on Carroll Ave, the
10 TAKOMA VOICE • April 2009
former Barcelona Nut Shop, to use as its Dear Readers, we assure you it all worked footprints with his Frostovision), and
offices, meeting space, and archive. HTI out at the end, though on the way there Reuben “Snipperman” Snipper (able to
is a nonprofit volunteer organization. It is were some flashes of annoyance and terse cut red tape with his new scissor-bladed
independent of the city government. The exchanges about lack of trust - on both appendages), and Terry “The Suit”
money to buy the building came mostly sides. Seamens (supermodel). Councilmember
Colleen Clay said she needed no additional
from state and county grants - $260,000 Details such as whether the money
special powers or name - “I’m already a
each. That’s not enough to finish the job, should be distributed as a lump sum or
but the work is ongoing and at a crucial in small increments, restrictions on how Strangely absent was Councilmember
stage - and more money is needed. the money could be spent, how much Josh Wright. And the rest of the council
The city promised to kick in $30,000 free use of the building the city would refused to explain his whereabouts. Your
this year. They chatted with the HTI folks receive in return, how much if anything Gilbert wonders if the rumors are true - that
about it last September, had the city staff HTI would owe the city if they decided to there is something more than an uncanny
write up a Memorandum of Understanding, sell the building, and a number of word resemblance between Wright and the
and sent a copy to HTI. edits, deletions, and clarifications were infamous Doctor Horrible!
The Historic Takoma folks were finally made at a late hour. The March Following the announcement, the
unhappy with some of the memorandum’s 23rd council meeting adjourned and all council deliberated for four hours about
terms. “Unhappy” doesn’t quite describe dispersed, tired and more-or-less happy. what their super-hero league should be
called. They eventually settled on a draft
it. They were unhappy in the way most
version of the name, ‘The Takoma Park
property owners are in the final stages of
Community Project for Sustainability,
a renovation. That’s when they are worn The Takoma League Livability, and Environmentally Positive
down to the last frizzle of their frazzle and Development and Community-Oriented
their response to anything from “We have April 1, 2009—The Takoma Park City Safety, Outreach, and Recreational
a little problem,” to “Good morning!” is Council made the surprise announcement Opportunities Project, but they didn’t feel
“WHAT!? WHAT!? NOW WHAT?!” that most of the councilmembers have the name adequately conveyed their entire
Their construction company, HTI recently acquired extraordinary powers and mission, so they asked for a staff review
said, might leave them in the lurch for were forming a league of super heroes. and recommendations for lengthening it.
Mayor Bruce “Captain Takoma” The council then adjourned and colorful
a another job unless the city’s donation
Williams made the announcement at the capes billowing in the cool night air, flew
was made available pronto. So, they
special work session April 1. He introduced off to their secret headquarters.
were under considerable stress to get the each councilmember present by his super-
Memorandum of Understanding amended hero nomenclature and a brief description
that very evening. They were a desperate Read more Granola Park at
of his new power: Doug “Neatman”
bunch at the eleventh hour - literally and Barry (ability to clean up neighborhoods
figuratively. with a blast of his super-breath), Dan
To reduce YOUR stress and desperation, “Enviroman” Robinson (shrinks carbon

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April 2009 • TAKOMA VOICE 11

Talk of Takoma • Howard Kohn

Kevin’s gap year

“What am I getting myself into?”

he cold was bad last September 19 ferry, and for a while they tried thumbing
in the King’s Inn parking lot on the along the roads. A friendly motorist picked
first morning of Kevin Edwards’ them up with a warning, “You’re really
Tacoma-to-Takoma odyssey, biking east dumb to be out here. Two kids with big
from the state of Washington toward the packs – you’re sitting ducks.” So they
Washington on the opposite coast. After bought a bus pass, and for a while they
a while his hands hurt so much he could teamed up with a few road-wise local teens.
barely switch gears. Of course, he had They had no set itinerary and changed
forgotten his gloves. He had packed his plans almost every day, which was exactly
gear in a rush after eleven days of hiking how Kevin had envisioned it when he
across the face of Mt. Rainier with his dad, decided to defer college, a not uncommon
Bruce. decision for the modern teenage graduate.
Bruce said good-bye in the parking lot, Trendsetters popularized the idea in
but fifty miles down the road he happened Europe almost a generation ago, and now
to find his son along the highway and it’s fashionable among large numbers of
stopped to chat. Kevin was tempted to Americans. A term has been coined for it
crawl into his dad’s warm car. “I kept – “gap year” -- and it’s possible to enroll in
thinking, ‘What am I getting myself into?’ gap-year programs. photo courtesy of lucas braun

It was hard to say good-bye after that,” he Kevin, though, wanted the open road, Kevin Edwards and Lucas Braun biked across the country from Tacoma to Takoma
said one morning, back temporarily at the and when he made it back on New Year’s
family home on Sycamore Avenue.
On the roadside outside Tacoma, after
Eve from his second tour, having avoided
all known perils except for one pickpocket Case solved the pebbles and replaced them with an
asphalt covering. Over the asphalt they
one more hug, Kevin had watched his dad’s
car speed away, leaving him and his biking
in Madrid, his parents were still solidly
behind his decision. “I wish I’d done this Mystery of the affixed a sheet of synthetic, watertight,
elastic-looking fabric; they called it a
pal, Lucas Braun, finally on their own, when I was young,” Bruce said, a few
“drive-in bank” “membrane.”

without gloves and without cell phones. evenings after Kevin had settled back in. But the workers quickly departed,
Within minutes, though, they spotted a herd Peggy agreed, “People told us, ‘Oh, he having added mainly more intrigue.
ver since the Takoma Park
of elk loping through an open forest, and a should join a program.’ But I like the fact Meanwhile, a few miles away on Capitol
community center opened more
long-anticipated sense of adventure began he’s doing it his own way.” Hill, the staff of the congressman who
than three years ago an unfinished
to take hold. In Idaho, Kevin had encountered a represents the area encompassing Takoma
concrete jut-out to the side of the front
For Kevin, who had decided to take hitchhiker for whom wanderlust had Park, Chris Van Hollen, was shuffling
entrance has been a sort of mystery. A
a year off to experience the world of become an obsession. The man had been through stacks of paper in search of what
surface of pea gravel made for difficult
bohemian travel after finishing high school on the road twelve years, he told Kevin, the new Obama administration was calling
walking, and anyway trespassers were
last spring, this was only the first stage. operating “by faith.” “shovel-ready” projects for a spend-quick
unwelcome. City Councilmember Doug
It took seven weeks. In Wyoming they Might Kevin ever be tempted by such plan to pull the national economy back
Barry joked that, flat and empty, suspended
awoke to ice on their tent. One night, an impermanent life? “No, never, I’ll from a free fall. In that stack was the
over open concrete walls, the space looked
tired to the bones, Kevin fell asleep in a definitely be in college in the fall. I’ve mystery unraveled.
like “the roof of a drive-in bank.”
parking lot after patching a flat tire and already been accepted and everything,” he All along, it turned out, the dormant
Then, early this year, there were signs it
was awakened by a local cop beaming a replied. “But I do want to get the most out plaza-like area, with a perimeter of classy
had come to someone’s attention. During
flashlight. In Odebolt, Iowa, a man put of this year.” black railings, had been reserved for a
mild January days workers removed
them up on a cold night in his farm shed, Hoping to finance a third tour Kevin
next to three tractors. spent a few weeks looking for a job, and
Bruce and his wife Peggy tracked Kevin when he came up empty he enrolled in
through his ATM withdrawals, although a work-for-food program, the WWOOF
they were infrequent. He and Lucas were (Willing Workers on Organic Farms). He
frugal, sleeping outdoors and eating at chose a farm in a remote area near the
cheap buffets. At a Pump ‘N Pantry/Taco Copper Canyon, east of Mexico City. By
Express they wolfed down burritos but the first part of March, though, he had
were still hungry and waited until after tired of the routine. He e-mailed Bruce
hours for eight free leftover hot dogs. and Peggy, “There are too many American
They ate a lot of greasy meats. “I was a kids here,” and he let them know he
vegetarian when I started the trip, but I was heading into the mountains with his
totally gave it up,” Kevin said. backpack.
Kevin had a deadline for his return – At this point Bruce and Peggy did
Election Day, his first time in a voting the sensible thing. They decided to join
booth. “When I saw Sligo Creek I got him. As it worked out, Bruce could not
excited. I knew I was home.” The reunion get vacation time, but, on April 4, Peggy
with his folks went well, but it was short. and Kevin’s younger brother Eric left for
Less than week later he was off again, this Mexico. Kevin had contacted them, and
time for a Dublin-to-Madrid wandering, they had identified a Quaker camp as a
eleven countries in another seven weeks, point of rendezvous.
without his bike but with a Takoma Park Preparing for her departure, Peggy said,
friend, Tyler Kelly. “I guess we’ll go where the road takes us.” photo by julie wiatt

Across the English Channel they rode a The ground-floor “roof” of the Community Center is slated for greening.

12 TAKOMA VOICE • April 2009

heavenly garden, or at least one elevated Park guy who, more than anyone else, sold
about fifteen feet over Mother Earth. A pot Congress on the philosophy that earlier is
of sufficient money, or lack thereof, had put better.
the plan on hold. Back in the 1980’s, when DST did not
On March 23 news traveled down from take effect until spring was half over, in
Congressman Van Hollen’s office. The late April, Jim made a pest of himself on
wait was over. A pot of $70,000 was on its the Hill. It didn’t particularly matter that
way. his principle belief was that people bought
“It is great news!” rejoiced Daryl more breakfasts in the morning dark or that
Braithwaite a couple days later in her he was working at the time for fast-food
office. As public works director, she had chains. Jim, who died in 2002, was a
overseen the winter work, thus insuring lobbying legend, and he managed to get the
its eligibility for the federal grant, and date moved up three weeks to early April.
she will be overseeing the rest of the The forward momentum hasn’t slowed
transformation. Plant-ready soil will yet.
go over the membrane. Succulents and

Kay’s Corner
sedums, favored for rooftops because they
love basking in intolerant heat, will go
into the soil. There will be picnic benches
or perhaps picnic tables. There will be “Something even more
stepping stones. Space may be left for a
photo by julie wiatt

sculpture or another type of fine outdoor 12-year-old Alanna Natanson, founder of a Banned Books Club for middle-

art. schoolers, with children’s librarian Karen McPherson
“We could also add some planters for
height or potentially berms that could
n recent months Kay Daniels-Cohen
noticed the dwindling of the odd lot of Banned Books Club wins library award
hold different plants, depending on the collectibles that had always been on Alanna Natanson says, “I wanted to start a book club because I love to read.” But
load limitations,” Daryl said. She was display just inside the picture window of reading the likes of Diary of Anne Frank, Catcher in the Rye, The Outsiders and To
engrossed in the possibilities. Takoma Framers, a historic shop at Takoma Kill a Mockingbird meant that Alanna had started the “Banned Book Club.” With
“We need to run load figures. That will Junction. “Maybe it’s just me, but I felt help and encouragement from Karen MacPherson, children’s librarian at the Takoma
set the parameters.” depressed not seeing all those little items,” Park Library, Alanna recruited other young students for monthly readings of books
she said, before venturing into the store to that have occupied a spot on lists of censored writings.

Jim: Longer
make an inquiry. Recently the Banned Book Club came to the attention of the American Library
When she came out of the store, she had Association, which awarded Alanna and Karen the 2009 John Phillip Immroth
a solution. On the last weekend in March Memorial Award in recognition of their stand in favor of intellectual freedom.

evenings earlier an even odder lot of items appeared –

gremlin-like figurines, Easter eggs, a pair

in spring
of ceramic Dutch shoes, and a tall, lighted Military kicks off conservation partnership initiative with
bird of indistinct lineage with a bobbing
community seminar

head and wings that rise but don’t flap.
t the moment clocks sprang Everything in the new display is The Department of Defense, a major sustainability drive, an intensive effort calling
forward an hour in the wee of courtesy of Kay, who, on a consignment landowner and employer in Montgomery on community stakeholders to help “green” the
March 8, the earliest date ever for basis, has put them up for sale. “I call County, is seeking conservation partnerships county.
Daylight Savings Time, someone should in Kay’s Corner,” she said. “As soon as with the community to increase the impact The partnership initiative will kick off with
something gets sold, I’ll find something of the military’s internal natural resources a community seminar, co-hosted by the local
have inserted an asterisk in the record book programs and the community’s parallel efforts. Naval District, the DoD’s Legacy program
to give credit to Jim Benfield, the Takoma else that’s even more interesting.” This call echoes the county’s recently christened and the Silver Spring-based nonprofit Wildlife
Habitat Council, at Naval Support Facility
Carderock in Bethesda on April 30.
The military is encouraging the public
to attend this free event. “The installation at
Carderock is a wonderful venue to host this
event,” said CDR Scott Merritt, Commanding
Officer of Naval Support Activity North
Potomac and leading force behind this push for
conservation partnerships. “It is a great example
of how well DoD and nonprofit can partner to
achieve dramatic conservation results.” Don
Schregardus, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the
Navy – Environment, accepted Commander
Merritt’s invitation to open the event,
demonstrating the DoD’s interest in making
the Montgomery County effort a regional and
national model.
Bob Hoyt, director of the Montgomery
County Department of Environmental
Protection, and Peter Boice, leader of the
DoD Conservation Team, will be featured
speakers at the seminar. In addition, there will
be interactive workshop activities focused on
invasive plant management, a hot-button issue
in environmental conservation and a potential
photos by eric bond jumping-off point for partnership projects.
The seminar is free; registration is
Is that a ghost, or is it actually the legendary bare-footed soccer organizer Ed required. Community members can email
Wilhelm for whom the field behind Piney Branch Elementary is named? Indeed, or call
it is Ed, who, even though his three sons are now men themselves, has returned Susan Reines Robinson at 240-247-0912 for
to the Takoma Soccer league as a Sunday afternoon referee for third-grade girls. more information or to register.
Where better to show up than on his namesake field, and what else would he wear
on his feet, even on a cold day in March, but nothing at all?

April 2009 • TAKOMA VOICE 13

Takoma Archives • Diana Kohn
Sligo Creek: Restoring the Chesapeake Bay eight miles at a time

riends of Sligo Creek chose to ago in the Delmarva region and set up the
celebrate Earth Day, April 18, with underlying structure that presaged the Bay.
it’s semi annual “Sweep the Creek.” It wasn’t of the magnitude of the meteorite
Volunteers are given plastic bags and that hit the Yucatan and wiped out the
gloves and turned loose to collect trash. dinosaurs, but it was pretty big. Sea drilling
Every year more people turn out, and in 1983 confirmed what had been only a
become astounded by the piles of trash. But theory.
that wasn’t the case in the year 2000. No one was around 35 million years ago
That spring, Sally Gagne, who on the to record what happened. But the 1600s
edge of Sligo Creek Park in North Sligo brought an astute observer to the New
Hills, noted with alarm the increasing World, whose records are the basis for
invasion of exotic plants into Sligo Creek. most of our modern-day understanding. —
Looking for someone to listen, she found John Smith of Pocahontas fame. Between
a sympathetic ear in John Galli, then chief 1608 and 1609 he explored every inch of
engineer for the Council of Governments (a the Bay - that’s 11,684 miles of coastline
collective of all the municipal bodies). (more than the entire West Coast), drawing
He encouraged her to contact other precise maps that remained valid for
concerned activists, and she reluctantly centuries and compiling detailed journal
agreed, uncertain how many were out there. entries of what he saw, much like Lewis &
Gradually the small cadre expanded and by Clark two centuries later. Ironically, he was
Parkway in 1935 to bar development long Covering 64,000 square miles, the Bay
2002, they had enough members to form free to embark on this exploration because
before developers were clamoring to move watershed is the largest estuary in the U.S.
a 5011(c)(3) they called Friends of Sligo he had been ousted from Jamestown.
forward. and home to 16 million people. “Estuary”
Creek. His detailed maps remained the standard
Although the creek is only 8.5 miles long is a fancy word for any place where fresh
The structure was simple. They divided
from its headwaters at Wheaton Regional water mixes with salt water. The Bay is
Sligo Creek into smaller sections, marked
Park to the point in Prince George’s county approximately half and half. It covers five
by where roads crossed the creek. “We
where it joins the Anacostia River, it is a states (New York, Pennsylvania, Deleware,
discovered that people would volunteer if
mass of overlapping jurisdictions – the Maryland, Virginia and West Virgina) plus
they didn’t have to travel far, even a mile.”
city of Takoma Park, National Capital Park the District of Columbia —­ talk about
recalls Gigne. Each section was appointed
and Planning Commission, Montgomery overlapping jurisdictions.
a steward.
County, Prince George’s County, and the In the deep geological past, it was part
Although “Sweep the Creek” was
Council of Governments, not to mention a of the Susquehanna River, which has
the most visible activity, they began
welter of federal agencies. Someone had to submerged over time. Scientists think they
stormwater efforts, removing invasive
be on watch at the local level. That turned have a partial explanation: a meteorite Volunteers adhere these decals to
plants (RIP), and monitoring water quality,
out to be FOSC. collided with the Earth 35 million years stormwater drains.
all the while earning enough clout to be
If it is only eight miles, why does it
listened to by the government officials who
matter what happens anyway? Where does
could actually do something.
the water go? Sligo Creek is a tributary
Sligo Creek had the good fortune decades
of the Anacostia River, which dumps into
ago when a group of powerful folks
the Potomac, which finally reaches the
thought ahead and created Sligo Creek
Chesapeake Bay.

photo by diana kohn

photo by victor augustine
Some of the primary movers and shakers in FOSC: (back row, from left: President
Bruce Sidwell, Clair Garman, Sally Gagne, Kathy Michels, Ed Murtagh; front row, “Sweep the Creek” is set for Earth Day this month - Saturday April 18. Volunteers are
from left: Ann Hoffnar and Marty Ittner. encouraged, no experience necessary - bags and gloves provided.

14 TAKOMA VOICE • April 2009

Sligo Creek overseeing the Bay, applauded the move. Regarding new development, FOSC Diana Kohn is Education Chair at Historic
continued from previous page This seachange in attitude might offer the helped push a stricter stormwater Takoma, Inc. Previous columns can be
first real hope for progress. permitting bill through the Montgomery found online at For
for centuries (the Pilgrims the first of many Meanwhile back in Takoma Park, county council which is intended to be a those interested in Silver Spring history,
groups to use them). But they sparked FOSC and their fellow weed warriors as model for other states. check out Jerry McCoy’s monthly columns
the curiosity of settlers and helped set in some call themselves, provide the local And the outreach never stops. “People in the Silver Spring Voice or at www.
motion the dynamic that threatens the Bay eyes-on monitoring so crucial to making need to take pride in our parks and
today. Modern scientists use Smith’s details progress. In the end, it will take everyone’s streams,” Murtagh stressed. Volunteer for
to set the baseline for future cleanup. involvement to make it work. this year’s “Sweep the Creek” and you will
Groups with the longest seniority see Ed Murtagh, who heads the Stormwater be able to take pride in your own efforts to
themselves as “big picture” folks: The committee, notes that there are 20,000
Chesapeake Bay Foundation, for instance, homeowners in the Sligo Creek watershed
was founded 40 years ago to improve water and scientists say it will take the
quality by reducing pollution. It pushed involvement of 10,000 of them to make a
to add the Bay to the endangered list, but difference.
despite decades of effort, it is still not on “There’s been a huge shift in awareness,”
the list. Agreements have been negotiated he continues, “but more people need to
and goals have been set — repeatedly — understand that cloudy creek water is not
but they are never met. natural.” One solution is rain gardens - a
But even with the massive grassroots way to retain stormwater and give it time
effort, it takes a group like the Chesapeake to soak in. Toward that end, FOSC recently
received two grants to build a network
Spring Garden
Bay Foundation to sue the EPA for not
enforcing their own rules. And, not of rain gardens - $1500 from the City of R ES T A U R A N T
surprising in this new political age, Takoma Park and $8000 from the xx for its Best Chinese Cuisine & Sushi in Silver Spring
Chuck Fox, the the EPA czar in charge of organizing efforts.

Sligo Creek - 100 years ago

Sushi lunch special — $7.50 ($7.95 w/ soup)

50 % OFF Dinner $3.00 OFF 15% OFF Total bill
Dine In & Carryout Minimum purchase: $20.00 (10% off w/ sushi)
Buy 1 Dinner, get a Carryout and Delivery. Dine In only
photo by Debra Haiduven

Dinner of equal or lesser Please mention coupon when

Not valid with lunch specials. Must
value for Half Price. ordering. mention coupon when ordering. No
carry-out or delivery. One coupon per
Not valid with any sushi. One Not valid with lunch specials. One order. Coupons may not be combined
coupon per order. Coupons may coupon per order. Coupons may not be with any other offer. Expires 3/31/09.
not be combined with any other combined with any other offer. Expires
offer. Expires 3/31/09. 3/31/09.

HOURS: Mon-Thurs. 11 AM - 10:30 PM • Fri - Sat 11 AM - 11:00 PM • Sun noon - 10 PM

Spring Center • 8613 16th St. • Silver Spring, MD 20910

Marty Ittner received a grant from Historic Foundation to silkscreen an image of the carefree
days of Sligo Creek to hang in the community center. Taken from a glass negative in the 301-588-9337
History Takoma archives, the official unveiling will be at the Azalea Awards on Saturday, April

Vegetarian Kefa Café The Olive Lounge & Grill

Asian Serving you since 1996!

Tuesday, April 17

Restaurant Benefit:
Takoma JazzFest
Organic, gourmet, fair trade coffee,
“a place where vegetarians and sugar-free gelato, pastries, sandwiches, located in the rear of
carnivores can dine without losing and more— Middle East Cuisine
respect for one another” in the heart of Silver Spring exotic and organic beers and wines
7006 Carroll Ave. • Takoma Park New Hours!
Mon - Thurs: 7 am - 5 pm
301-270-1884 Monday-Saturday: Opening at 4:30
Fri: 7 - 9; Sat: 8 am - 5 pm
Happy Hour: 4:30-7:00 Closed Sunday
3 blocks from Takoma Metro
7006 Carroll Avenue • Takoma Park, MD
Free parking behind the restaurant 963 Bonifant St. • 301-589-9337 301-270-5154

April 2009 • TAKOMA VOICE 15

CityDance performs Carbon
—Choreography warns of global climate change

Carbon presents a series of environmentally inspired dances. At left, The

Mountain, choreographed by CityDance Ensemble company member
Jason Garcia Ignacio, is a choreographic exploration of two mountains in
Manila—Mt. Pinatubo and “Smokey Mountain,” an enormous two-million-
ton man-made mountain of garbage that grew over a 40-year span. Ignacio
is a native of the Philippines and grew up in Manila in the shadow of Mt. photos by Veronica Melendez
Pinatubo. He was in the city in 1991 when the volcano erupted after being
preceded by almost a year of seismic
activity. The score for The Mountain was
created from this seismic activity by Dr.
Domenico Vicinanza through the process
of “volcano sonfication.” First developed
in 2006 by Dr. Vicinanza at the Italian
National Institute of Nuclear Physics,
volcano sonification consists of digitally
collecting geophysical information on
seismic movements and transforming
them into audible sound waves through
the sonification process.

The Mountain is a work in progress

that will premiere on the John F.
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Millennium Stage in September 2009
as part of The Millennium Stage Local
Dance Commissioning Project.

ShadowPlay: Borderlands The Takoma Park Community Center hosted an innovative

multimedia photo / music / poetry event on the theme of
Borderlands March 21. The dramatic images taken by
international photographers interpreting this theme were
projected as slides, with live music accompanying them,
interspersed with poetry read by Takoma Park poet laureate
Anne Becker. Becker also led workshops the preceding
week, in which the public was invited to create poems,
select images, and create an artistic installation in the lobby
of the community center. Event organizer Stefan Janin
hopes ShadowPlays will be an ongoing annual event.

Photographers Hector Emanuel of Peru, Sarah Voisin

of Takoma Park, and Shraddha Borawake of India
attended the event. Their work was featured, along with
that of eight other international photographers.
photos by
julie wiatt

photo by john borstel

The public was invited to participate in the creation of

an installation of words and images on the Borderlands Photographer Brendan Hoffman took a selfportrait on PeterMaybarduk, JaneLeppin, and AnthonyPirog
theme. Artists Nicole Salimbene and John Borstel the spot. His contribution to the event was a photo improvised evocative music to accompany the slide
guided the creation of the work. series starkly illustrating the Mexico-US border. show.

16 VOICE • April 2009

Westmoreland Avenue Festival
On a drippy March 15, the shops on Westmoreland Avenue in Takoma Park
brightened the day with a minifest, highlighting the creative shops and services
on the corner. Voice photographer Tooky Bunnag stopped by. To see more of her
photos from this event, visit

April 2009 • TAKOMA VOICE 17

Mixed Unity makes concerted effort for peace
street, steps and sidewalks surrounding
Ellsworth Street peacefully for nearly
four hours before any disturbance began.
According to police, the fighting broke
out among a small group of people near
the stage toward the end of the event.
Sixteen adults and juveniles were arrested
for offenses such as assault and disorderly
conduct, but no serious injuries were
reported, according to a police press
Kubo said for every one person that
fought, 100 families and young people got
a clear message about non-violence. She
reiterated that the concert was a starting
point for Mixed Unity’s peace efforts.
“Peace is accessible, reachable—this
is not a short distance thing,” she said.
“One concert is the start of a larger
photo by Tooky Bunnag
photo by ann-marie van tassell
Although the event didn’t go completely
as planned, it served as a learning
by Ashley Bryant as a conduit to inform a multitude of teens Albert Einstein High School, said she experience for those involved. Group
about their mission, while inviting them to came to be supportive of friends who are members are working on building a bond
Fighting ensued at a teen-organized support their goals. According to Heather performing. “It’s a good cause—this area with police so they will be in support of
Stop the Violence Concert in downtown Bradley Kubo, program manager for Mixed is where crime is happening…it may have each other, according to Kubo. “Police
Silver Spring Saturday March 7, but youth Unity, violence affects everyone, but music impact,” she said. totally get our mission and support the
advocates say they still have a lot of fight is a bridge to all cultures. Timbo Minkailu, an 18 year-old intern youth,” she said. “We want to make the
left in them to defend the issue of non- “Music is universal,” said Kubo. “It for the Gandhi Brigade—a local group relationship stronger.”
violence. speaks to different cultural groups…a basis that works to empower youth through the
The event was hosted by Mixed Unity, to bring people together.” use of media—hopes the event will create
an area youth alliance comprised of several Mixed Unity business cards were given excitement and dialogue. He hopes the
local youth groups—a partnership which out to over 1,000 people, and as a result, energy of the concert will create a buzz and
was formed to raise awareness about youth are inquiring about becoming a part bring more teenagers to support and form
violence in memory of Tai Lam, a Silver of their organization, according to Kubo. more organizations.
Spring teen who was slain in November of As the group’s numbers grow, she said the Laurie Yankowski, the marketing
2008. organization will be able to do more in manager for Downtown Silver Spring, said
Some of the groups that joined forces their efforts toward peace. she provided the stage, venue, and some
to create Mixed Unity include members The concert showcased bands, break guidance, but Mixed Unity did most of the
of Asian American Lead, Blair Sports dancers, poets, lyricists, a DJ, and a work to make their ideas come to fruition.
Academy, Identity, Maryland Multicultural motivational speaker. The event began with According to Kubo, the event was really
Youth Centers, Gandhi Brigade, Gap a DJ playing various radio hits to engage saddening for many of the teen organizers,
Busters Learning Center, IMPACT Silver the crowd and an introduction from Mixed who had a lot invested in the concert; they
Spring, and Street Outreach Network. Unity. It later featured the band Class 6, a felt unfairly criminalized and blamed for
The concert was a tool to get the group’s reggaeton group Latin Royalty & Desafio the violence that transpired at the end of
message out to various cultures, and served and Son of Nun, a political rapper and the concert. “It was a disappointment for
former teacher, who rapped about Darfur, young people,” she said.
photo by
poverty and ghetto life being a form of Youth, adults, and passersby filled the
ann-marie van tassell child abuse. photo by Tooky Bunnag

Crucial Thought, a rapper, professed,

“the number one rule—don’t start none
won’t be none,” as he ignited the crowd
with lyrics about positive decision making,
non-violence, education and making
While some used music as a way into
listeners minds’, motivational speaker Juan
Pacheco relied on his words and props,
which included a cap and gown, diploma,
and doctor’s lab coat to symbolize his
reached goals and future aspirations. He
told the crowd to “wake up to the system
that’s destroying you,” as he spoke of gang
warfare, violence, and making decisions to
follow the right path.
Many teens came out to support the
cause and friends, while others were drawn
in by the crowd and live performances.
Kathryn Scott, a 15-year-old student from photo by ann-marie van tassell

18 VOICE • April 2009

Teens continue campaign against violence
by Ashley Bryant crime in comparison the D.C. area, but

crime has increased since last year. “Police
fter a fight broke out in downtown need to listen to the public,” he said.
Silver Spring at an unlikely “There is something they can usually do to
event—a non-violence concert, prevent these things from happening.”
some locals have stepped behind their Despite some bitter reviews of the stop
computers to address their discontent with the violence concert, the group still has
the level of escalating violence in the area, the support of downtown Silver Spring.
while youth advocates regroup in their Laurie Yankowski, the marketing manager
journey toward non-violence. for Downtown Silver Spring, said “we
At the youth-led non-violence concert don’t turn our backs on any groups,” while
held March 7 on Ellsworth Street, a circle vowing to work with Mixed Unity again.
opened up in the middle of the crowd, there She said the fighting was a disappointment
was screaming, and individuals wrestling to everyone because of the time and effort
and fighting on the ground, according to a put into the event. “The actions of a few
police report. Sixteen adults and juveniles people shouldn’t overshadow what the
were arrested for offenses such as assault event was intended to do,” she said.
and disorderly conduct, according to a According to Yankowski, there will
police press release. be an events committee formed to decide
Many bloggers have addressed their photo by ann-marie van tassell what the next steps are for event planning.
discontent with the chaotic scene at the She said the group plans to scale down
concert, while others applaud the efforts of method and motives behind the violence. conflict security, undercover security and their events with more focus on raising
Mixed Unity. Bloggers cited lack of adult Kubo said the group wants to reach undercover police in the event. awareness. She mentioned a bake sale as
supervision, the large crowd of teenagers, out to everyone because violence affects According to Officer Duffy, of the one of their potential smaller efforts.
and effectiveness of police as qualms— everyone. “[We] wanted to get the message Montgomery County Police, there is no Youth advocate Herson Bautista said
some people were shaken up and upset the out to recruit more youth,” Kubo said of need for residents to be scared to carry the violence gave them motivation to keep
fighting ruined their night out. the group’s mission with the concert. “We on with their usual business. She said their mission going. He said Mixed Unity
Despite the sour sentiments to the want to show youth can address things in large events like the concert, are usually was able to reach a lot of people behind
end of the event, organizers said the a positive way.” According to Kubo, the accompanied by police to control the the scenes, and the group will have more
presence of violence substantiated many youth have a lot of influential power among crowd. The cause of the fight has not been conferences, activities and events in store.
of Mixed Unity’s concerns and showed the their peers, while sometimes adults aren’t determined, but Duffy, said there was “no “We know we did our part,” he said. “We
concert wasn’t an end to violence, but the able to relate. real reason…too many people in one area.” are not stopping anytime soon.”
beginning of their journey to non-violence. Many teens as well as adults are woeful Armando Morales, a Silver Spring
According to Heather Bradley Kubo, about the area’s violence and want to resident, said we are doing fairly well with
Mixed Unity’s program manager, there have a voice in efforts to end the violence.
weren’t many people fighting, but people Adrian Hinojosa, 17, a member of Identity,
who were running made the area seem a local youth organization, is weary from
violence and wants to help make the voices
Young environmentalists
more chaotic. She said fear shouldn’t
overshadow the group’s goals—instead, the of the youth heard. “We’re tired of it—we
emphasis needs to be put on the work that want people to stop acting like fools,” he
needs to be done. said. “We want to bring people together…
“Youth need to be reached out to… people are scared to come outside—we’re
there is a lot of critical discussion in Silver not scared—we’re a community.”
Spring that needs to be discussed,” she said Mixed Unity has been working together
to the group’s critics. “There was a fight, on the safety issue for residents and youth,
but other sentiments are coming out—the according to Noelle Haile, a member of
bloggers missed the message.” Impact Silver Spring. While some residents
At the event, councilmember George are fearful of events such as the concert
Levanthal told residents to be courageous because they are said to bring in large
and reclaim the streets of Silver Spring. crowds and violence, some residents,
“The streets of Silver Spring do not belong youth organizers and police have different
to gang bangers…the streets of Silver viewpoints.
Spring belong to us,” he said. While Grace Henry said it’s important for teens
Levanthal spoke of taking the city’s streets to know that healthy relationships exist and
back from gang members, Kubo said the that they don’t have to deal with negative
group supports inclusiveness as a solution relationships. She said these events raise
to stopping the violence by engaging thought and awareness. “Although it’s
everyone. become commonplace—it shouldn’t be so
Mixed Unity works with youth, former common,” Henry said of youth violence.
On April 1, Girl Scouts in troop 5831 participated in an all-day environmental
gang bangers and immigrants to prevent “It’s very important for the community to
awareness project in partnership with the Friends of Sligo Creek. They prepared
violence. “Pushing young people away isn’t have these types of events.” a skit, a presentation, a classroom activity, and a display board about water
going to solve the problem,” said Kubo. Although the estimated 7,000 people conservation and cleanliness for eight 2nd grade classes at Takoma Park
“Bringing them to the table is a must.” that gathered at the concert was more Elementary School. Pictured above are Sarah Trunk (left front), Louisa McGarvey

Kubo said the organization isn’t trying to than Mixed Unity had projected, the (left back), Eva Blockstein (right back), Marina Kerlow (right front).

validate gangs, but trying to determine the group said its plans included local police,

April 2009 • VOICE 19

World View

Times of Change in El Salvador

Takoma Park Resident Reports Back from Presidential Elections
After the Peace Accords were signed in 1992, a new era Ilopango, Soyapango, and San Miguel. I was part of a
Ernesto Campos

by began in El Salvador and the FMLN began to participate communications team in the capital, and we documented
openly and safely in the political arena. Funes became any violations of the rules we had learned about. For
n March 15 Mauricio Funes, the presidential known as a journalist and CNN correspondent during example. on the morning of March 12th four full buses
candidate of the former rebel FMLN party, won the war and for many years after. In fact, he came to of people with Nicaraguan license plates, traveled form
the country’s presidential election, ending two Washington in the late 1990s and as part of his interest in Nicaragua towards El Salvador after entering the country
decades of conservative rule in El Salvador. Funes won 51 the local immigration situation, interviewed me when I was by the Amatillo border, situated to the east of the country.
percent of the vote to 49 percent for Rodrigo Avila of the on staff with CASA of Maryland. We discussed the plight The Nicaraguans avoided answering questions from other
ruling right-wing ARENA party. Avila conceded defeat at of day laborers in this area. My uncle in San Salvador people, and especially after seeing them wearing t-shirts
the close of the day of the elections. No one could fully always watched Funes’ reporting in the late ’80s but since with the image of the presidential candidate Mauricio
believe it-- the right wing party giving in without a fight. he was speaking about the atrocities, my uncle has to Funes.
Much corruption had been expected and the left expected secretively listen to his program on a small, battered black- Around 4 o’clock p.m. of the same Thursday, it was
to be protesting the results, not assuming power. and-white television set during his lunch breaks, He was reported that six yellow buses full of foreigners were
You may recall from the history of the Reagan era surprised to hear my voice and see me on tv down there. transported towards El Salvador from Guatemala. The
that throughout the 1980s, the FMLN was a coalition In recent years, Funes branched out and got involved person that offered this information required that measures
of rebel guerrillas who resisted the US-backed military in electoral politics and his public prominence certainly be taken to prevent these foreign nationals from voting in
government. More than 70,000 people died over an helped him win the presidency and attract the support of the electoral process of El Salvador.
eighteen-year period, the overwhelming majority killed by broad sectors in El Salvador such as small and medium Similarly, in Villa Olimpica, multiple denunciations
military and paramilitary forces. This brutal war caused sized business owners. reported the presence of hundreds of foreign nationals at
thousands and thousands of Salvadorans to leave their The history of El Salvador, consists of almost 190 years the Cuscatlán Stadium, as well as over a hundred buses in
country, and explains why there are so many of us in the of conservative governments and more than 50 years which they were transported. Well over 200 Salvadoran
DC area. of struggle for self-determination. Now the progressive citizens made their presence know and prevented buses
movement has won the presidential elections in El and people from leaving the Cuscatlan Stadium during late
Salvador. A broad alliance of different sectors of the hours of the night. The police had to tear down the gate
Salvadorean society and various organizations and their of the stadium with pliers because all entrances had been
accompanying political party, the FMLN, are the latest blocked by citizens, who used their bodies and vehicles to
addition to the breathtaking progressive shift happening from barricades in order to prevent the exiting of foreign
throughout Latin America. And this is the first election nationals from the facility. The Salvadoran Riot Police
in which the US did not get involved directly to sway the (UMO) attempted to prevent international observers from
elections, which also makes it an historical occasion. The effectively denouncing this act by evacuating everyone in
people in my country were making a statement that change side the facility including the buses. Nevertheless as an
was needed, both political and economic change that will international observer I was able to manage and take these
hopefully improve the plight of so many people who are pictures between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. the day of the
struggling to survive.. election.
I had the opportunity to go with other activists to The impediments to a fair and transparent election that
witness firsthand the election we observed, indicate to me that El Salvador still has to
I went as part of the delegation for the Salvadorean go a long way in the road to democracy. Nonetheless,
American National Association. SANA, a national it was very exciting to be part of the first step in that
organization, took 93 members from various cities and process becoming a permanent reality. In spite of many
organizations from the U.S together with other observers irregularities, including those efforts to have foreigners
from around world to monitor the presidential elections vote, Mauricio Funes received a majority and the ruling
in El Salvador on March 15th, 2009. We were trained party had to admit it had lost. The presence of numerous
and accredited by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) observers was undoubtedly a support—there were about
and observed the entire Election Day process, from the 5000 in all. As in the United States’ November presidential
installation of the voting tables to the final vote count. elections, the Salvadoran people voted for a change.
My focus was in the municipality of San Salvador, Now they will look to see in what ways their society will
the capital, while others went to Santa Ana, La Libertad, improve to benefit the majority.

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20 VOICE • April 2009

Health & Fitness

Russian Revolution
Kettlebells take strength training back to the basics

One handed swing with 35 lb. kettlebell Squat position

Eric Bond don’t move enough. As a result, they pay

story and photos by
for it with diabetes, obesity and decreased
ichael Belan stands with his quality of life.” This observation motivates
feet at shoulder width. He folds Belan to maintain his own helath and teach
himself back into a squat and others to improve theirs through whole
leans forward to grasp a handle attached to body fitness.
a 53 lb. cast iron ball. He swiftly “hikes” “One thing that I noticed when I began
the weight between his legs and lets it working out with kettlebells is that my
swing forward as he snaps up. Then he energy level went up,” relates Belan. And
drops back into a squat and repeats the his total body strength improved as well. “I
motion ten times, with the efficiency of a have to carry large patients out of cramped
machine. rooms. You have to be able to maneuver
“That’s 60 percent of your fitness,” says yourself and your equipment and the
Belan after he has placed the kettlebell patient and do it safely.”
back in front of himself. “Strength is a skill,” says Belan, “and
Belan is a kettlebell trainer at Blue like all skills, it is something that you
Heron Wellness, an integrated health center practice.””
in Silver Spring that is generally more
inclined toward yoga and acupuncture than Typical kettlebell exercises involve When I found kettlebells I was
weight training. Belan, a certified kettlebell swinging the weight or pressing it. But looking for something that I could do
trainer, introduced the discipline in the unlike the sorts of presses that are typically that wouldn’t require a gym and would
fall of 2008 and has been pleased to find a done with dumbbells or barbells, kettlebells keep me in superior conditioning,”
receptive audience. Belan says kettlebells challenge the muscles in the body to work says Belan. “I’m a minimalist.
require a focus on form that is congruent together to move the weight efficiently. Kettlebells are great because you can
with yoga. The emphasis is on doing it There is no such thing as isolated muscle develop a full body workout in 30
right rather than simply knocking out reps. work. Belan describes the kettlebell minutes with a single kettlebell.
Once little more than the props of workout as a means to creating a muscular As an Emergency Medical
strong men in circus clichés, kettlebells shield to protect the body. Technician with the Wheaton
have been gaining in popularity in the Kettlebells, or giryas, go back to at Volunteer Rescue Squad, Belan found
United States since the fall of the Soviet least the 17th century Russia. According himself short on time, but in need of a
Union when Pavel Tsatsouline, a former to Belan, the prevalent theory is that they superior fitness program. He had some
trainer for Soviet special forces, introduced were originally counter weights in the experience with martial arts, but says
them to elite fighters in the United States. market to determine quantities of grain and that he never stuck with anything long
Tsatsouline began teaching marines, SWAT other commodities. The handles were used enough to get good at it.
teams, and other professionals who needed to add the weights to a hook on the scale. In his work with the rescue squad, Michael Belan demonstrates the Turkish
a full body strength without the big showy But such handy objects naturally invited Belan hnoticed that most of his calls are a Get Up, an exercise that requires that the
muscles. According to Belan, kettlebell feats of strength. Russian peasants didn’t result of “people’s poor lifestyle choices. subject move from a prone position to a
training encourages “strength, stamina and have gym memberships, but they did have “They eat too much, they drink too standing one-arm press through a series
a classical physique.” their kettlebells. much, they smoke too much, and they of precise movements.

April 2009 • VOICE 21

Health and Fitness

The wild spring garden

Bodil Meleney and cut the root off, or just pick leaves if dried garden greens ready and drop into lasagna or…

they have grown big enough. If you have the whirring oil/garlic mix. Mix well and Another delicious dish in late spring
ne of my favorite things to do in Oxeye Daisies in the garden, you can add add enough greens to make it somewhat early summer is Elderberry flower fritters.
the early spring is walking about a few sprigs or leaves. Wash and dry the thick. If you need more oil, just add. Pour Make a simple pancake batter with or
in my small garden and wishing salad. the mixture into a bowl and add enough without baking powder. Pick, dip/wash and
the early plant arrivals welcome and I Wash the Wild onions well. Cut off grated parmesan cheese and well crushed dry (upside down on a towel) the flower
do it almost every day. The snowdrops the stems and rootlets, peel if necessary, cashews, which are a great substitute for clusters. When ready put some butter in a
make a very early entrance, generally by the skin will slide right off and crush the pine nuts and much cheaper. You can use frying pan and heat somewhat, dip flower
the end of February soon to be followed bulbs on the inside of the salad bowl. sunflower seeds in a pinch. I have had clusters well in the batter and fry, both
by the crocuses, daffodils and more. On Make light oil and vinegar dressing right guests who simply devour whole dishes sides till golden brown. Serve with very
the culinary front, by the end of March in the bowl, add a touch of orange juice of this with a sheepish grin on their faces, light coating of confectioners sugar and
the chives are coming up and the nettle is and a little ground mustard seed, a dash but no apology. If you don’t want all the some drops of fresh lime or lemon juice or
leafing out. In fact if the temperature didn’t of salt and pepper and stir. Add the salad fats from the nuts and the cheese, just use any sweetener like stevia or any other way
drop too low in the winter, the nettle would mix and sprinkle over it a few flowers the plain mix on fresh bread and in or on that tickles your fancy.
grow all year, low to the ground, but grow. from the Violet and/or Pyle wort, Broom, other foods. During the summer an early The season is just starting and many
By the time April arrives the violets Dandelion (pull the leaves apart) and the fall months I make enough of this as well a culinary delight await the intrepid forager.
are in full swing, the Lambs quarters are Redbud tree and mix. You will have made pure basil pesto and freeze; it is a whole lot
showing their little heads and may need a very pretty little salad. A recipe from The cheaper than buying. It should be frozen Bodil Meleney is an herbalist
thinning, Dandelion, Chicory can be picked English Husband dated 1615, is described without the nuts and cheese which will get practising in Takoma Park. www.
and the Sow’s Thistle is still young enough in A garden of Herbs, by Eleanour Sinclair soggy. These greens can be used in many
to have soft prickles. The weather can Rhode as a salad made entirely of flowers, dishes, try them in an omelet, quiche, and
still be a bit unpredictable, but in sunny particularly naming Violet and Broom.
warm location Chickweed may also be big There is nothing new under the sky, is
enough to be picked, later the Spiderwort. there? Since flowers never last long,
There are enough greens to make an early there are a number of others that can be
spring salad, but never fear, a few wild used as they come along; oregano, thyme,
greens added to your own salad base is rosemary, sage, roses of various kinds,
delicious as well. When the stalks of the valerian, mint, pansies (provided that the
Wild Onion have hardened enough, a few first crop of leaves after planting is not
of the bulbs can be eased out by sticking used, because of sprays), chicory, clover,
a table knife down alongside the stalk, lavender, elderberry. Pick, experiment and
wriggle it a little and ease the bulb out, they try. They are all safe to eat.
can be used in the dressing. Another favorite dish in the summer is
As a base for a wild salad I use chick nettle soup, which I described last spring.
weed if there is enough. Do not pull the You can substitute sorrel, spinach, chard,
roots yet or you’ll run out of chickweed or any a mix of wild greens for the nettle
early. One can substitute Boston Bib if it is hard to find. It is delicious served
lettuce it is reasonably similar in taste. hot or cold. As the season wears on and
Pick a few leaves of Dandelion, Violet, I am dying for some fresh basil pesto
Chicory and Sow’s thistle these are small but don’t have enough fresh basil yet,
enough to use without cutting them up. I make a mock one from a mix of wild
With Lambs Quarters, you can pick either greens, just not chick weed or spiderwort
the whole plant, they will still be small which are too watery. There are no exact photo by ann-marie van tassell

measures, just pour a little olive oil into

the blender, add a clove or Rope Jumpin’ and Jivin’
two or three peeled garlic,
David Fisher, the Rope Warrior, taught some jumpropiing moves at a
mix well. Have a couple
Kaleidoscope Family Performance March 4 at the Woodside Methodist Church.
of handfuls of washed and

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22 VOICE • April 2009

Health and Fitness
Wisdom Path
Patients urge legalization of medical marijuana Healing Center

MICHAEL FROST Those with drug offenses on their Classical Homeopathy

by Menz said doctors need to use more
Traditional Acupuncture
Capital News Service records could also face eviction from care in their examinations to better Nutrition • Chinese & Western Herbs
subsidized housing. prevent people from abusing the intent of Meditation • Vegan Cooking Classes
When a police officer asked her what John McCarthy, an AIDS activist who medical marijuana laws. He said that some
she was doing behind a van in the park, has been HIV-positive for 18 years, said problems could be prevented by having Nazirahk Amen, ND, L.Ac.
Pamela Hughes told him the honest truth. that medical marijuana has allowed him to the federal government regulate medical Naturopath/Acupuncturist
“I said I was smoking a cannabis reduce his pill intake from 45 to 13 pills a marijuana like any other drug, although he
cigarette,” she said. day. Most of those pills had been prescribed did not endorse such a move. 301.891.2488
She presented the stunned policeman merely to alleviate the side effects of other For Judiciary Committee Chairman 7120 Carroll Ave.
with a written recommendation from pills, which include vomiting, headaches Joseph Vallario Jr., D-Prince George’s, Takoma Park, MD 20912
her doctor and a copy of Maryland’s and neuropathy, a condition “where the
federal law is the line that shouldn’t be
“Compassionate Use Act,” which reduces nerve endings burn.” crossed -- and the reason for the 2003 “Prevention is better than cure”
the penalties for possession of medical McCarthy, who lives in subsidized compromise legislation in the first place.
marijuana. housing, said a drug conviction under the “How can you pass something that’s
“I honestly thought that I wasn’t present law could cause someone to be against federal law?” he said. “That really
breaking the law,” Hughes said. evicted from public housing no matter how is the bottom line.”
Rather than take her word for it, the old they were or what their condition was. Delegate Henry Heller, D-Montgomery,
officer called for backup that included a Eric Sterling, a Chevy Chase lawyer the sponsor of the bill, said the task force
canine unit, she said. and president of the Criminal Justice would also consider establishing research
Hughes ended up spending several hours Policy Foundation, said the law needs to be programs at Johns Hopkins University
in jail. She fought the charges and won, but revised. and the University of Maryland medical
only after a lot of time, stress and money -- “It’s really barbaric to think that we schools. He said this would not only allow
three things that her fibromyalgia, a chronic would prosecute sick people,” he said. further research on medical marijuana, but
condition characterized by widespread pain “These (cases) should never go to court.” also help provide a safe product.
and fatigue, and a reoccurrence of stage IV The American College of Physicians, As the law stands, Heller said glaucoma
cancer were already monopolizing. which calls itself the “largest medical- and cancer patients at Leisure World, a
Hughes and several other patients specialty organization and second-largest retirement community in Silver Spring
told the House Judiciary Committee physician group in the United States,” has where he lives and represents, have to buy
in late March that while Maryland’s endorsed the use of non-smoked marijuana their marijuana on the street.
Compassionate Use Act was a step forward in cases where it has been proven to have “It’s not the safest way to buy
for its time, the law merely provides them therapeutic value. medicine,” he said.
with a false sense of security. A 2008 policy paper said the
The patients testified on behalf of a bill organization “strongly urges protection
that would establish a task force to evaluate from criminal or civil penalties for patients
the effectiveness and fairness of the who use medical marijuana as permitted
current law and consider whether medical under state laws.” It advocated further
marijuana should become legal in the state. research on the issue and said that “the
They said medical marijuana provides science on medical marijuana should not
relief for certain ailments in ways no other be obscured or hindered by the debate
medication can replicate. surrounding the legalization of marijuana
No one testified against the bill, and for general use.”
a vote on the legislation has not been Americans for Safe Access, a group
scheduled. that advances legalizing marijuana for
Medical marijuana has been legalized therapeutics and research, and brought
in 13 states, including California, Maine, many of the witnesses together in
Rhode Island and Vermont. U.S. Attorney Annapolis last week, was careful to clarify
General Eric Holder said recently that its intentions.
federal law enforcement will no longer Caren Woodson, director of government
target providers that are operating within affairs for the group, said the goal was
state law, a major departure from the Bush to have safe and legal access to medical
administration’s stance on the issue. marijuana for patients and researchers
The Darryl Putnam Compassionate Use -- “and that’s it.”“That’s the line, and we
Act, passed by the General Assembly in don’t cross over it,” she said.
2003, was a compromise between those However, some say others are crossing
advocating the legalization of medical that line every day.
marijuana and those against such a move. Jerrod Menz, president of A Better
The act is named after Putnam, a former Tomorrow Treatment Center Inc., a
Green Beret and Howard County Farm drug and alcohol rehabilitation center
Bureau director who advocated for the in Murrieta, Calif., said some young
legalization of medical marijuana. He died people in his state are faking back pain
of cancer in 1999. and other hard-to-prove ailments in order
The Compassionate Use Act reduced to legally obtain marijuana. He said a
the penalties for marijuana possession to a client in his early 20s recently admitted
maximum $100 fine, provided a patient has telling his doctor he was suffering from
a recommendation from a medical doctor. foot pain, which helped him obtain a
However, patients still have to buy their medical marijuana card after a five-minute
“medicine” on the street and face the health examination.
and legal risks inherent in doing so.
April 2009 • VOICE 23
Health and Fitness

Local martial artists join Report finds contaminants

forces to kick cancer in baby products
by Maren Wright
Capital News Service

Protecting J.J., the 4-month-old son of

Shawna Bader-Blau, is time-consuming,
what with checking labels, reading safety
information, buying chemical-free baby
wipes and finding phthalate-free baby
“There are so many recalls, they just
make you scared of everything,” said
On March 12, the Silver Spring mom
attended the release of the Campaign for
Safe Cosmetics’ report on children’s bath
products to see if she has anything new to
worry about. The group’s report showed
that 61 percent of baby products tested
were contaminated with the cancer-causing
chemicals formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane. photo by Maren Wright

“It’s maddening that these chemicals Shawna Bader-Blau of Silver Spring,

aren’t regulated,” Bader-Blau said. and her 4-month-old son, J.J., came
Stacy Malkan, campaign cofounder, said to the release of the Campaign for
photos by mark podger • these chemicals aren’t disclosed on product Safe Cosmetics report to learn about
labels because they are exempt from the children’s bath product safety.
Nine area martial arts organizations
Food and Drug Administration’s labeling
performed at the 2009 Kick Cancer
laws. formaldehyde, or 2,000 ppm.  The highest
Fundraiser March 28 at the John F.
The FDA has been monitoring level found in the campaign’s testing was
Kennedy High School in Silver Spring.
1,4-dioxane since the 1970s. It is a 610 ppm in the product Baby Magic “Soft
Clockwise from top, representatives
byproduct of the manufacturing process, Baby Scent” Baby Lotion, well under the
from Wong’s Chinese Boxing, Ultimate
but methods such as vacuum stripping, EU’s allowance.
Escrima International, Paul Ramos of Wu
where ingredients are heated and the “This is no cause for concern,” said
Shen Tao, and capoeira performers from volatile 1,4-dioxane is lifted off, minimize council spokeswoman Kathleen Dezio,
Roda Brazilian-Latino Movements. the presence of the chemical. calling the publicity over these trace
John Bailey, chief scientist of the chemicals “ridiculous.”
Personal Care Product Council and past Director of the Center for Environmental
director of the FDA’s Office of Cosmetics, Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh
said the reported levels of the byproduct Cancer Institute, Devra Lee Davis,
in baby items are not hazardous. His disagrees.
organization represents manufacturers of “When the FDA law was passed it was
cosmetic and personal care products. an anti-poison act and the focus was to
“The companies take steps to get it get rid of poisons,” Davis said. “We are
down as low as possible, and I think the dealing now with chronic issues; asthma,
levels we’re seeing here represent the steps autism, cancer where trace chemicals make
they have taken to keep them low.” a difference over time.”
FDA spokeswoman Stephanie Kwisneck As proof, the Campaign for Safe
concurs. Cosmetics refers to an unofficial report
“At this time we have no evidence that by a technical staff member of the U.S.
the levels of 1,4 dioxane at its current Consumer Product Safety Commission
levels are harmful. We are constantly who wrote, “the presence of 1,4-dioxane,
monitoring science and if new data or new even as a trace contaminant, is cause for
information emerges we will advise the concern.”
public accordingly,” Kwisneck said. Consumers don’t want to guess if
Formaldehyde is an anti-microbial products are safe, Davis said, so even the
additive. It’s not FDA-regulated, Kwisneck presence of low levels of carcinogens
said, because it has not been determined to should be labeled.
be harmful under the intended use. “The important message is that none
The European Union does regulate of these contaminants are required to be
formaldehyde, Bailey said, allowing on the label,” said Robyn Gilden, of the
cosmetics to contain .2 percent University of Maryland School of Nursing
Environmental Health Education Center.
Gilden, both as a mother and a nurse,
wants to see new regulations by the FDA
to require label lists of all personal care
product ingredients.
“On their own, the industry could step
up,” Gilden said. “But a lot of times they

24 VOICE • April 2009

Home & Garden
Dr. Amen takes sustainability to the soil, soul
by Ashley Bryant Dr. Amen intends to spread his greeting in particular—and pointed to organic
Julie Wiatt of peace to the soul and soil of his gardening as a viable option to eradicate

photos by
neighbors by breaking the disconnect he the negative chemical effects on food. He
hile incense and meditative says individuals have with gardening. said people today use harmful pesticides to
music fill the air, the customary “There is a lot of disconnect that needs make gardening faster instead of educating
greeting of “peace” flows to be reconnected,” said Amen. “We themselves about natural methods.
through the purple halls of Dr. Nazirahk have to make the places where we are In his basement and attic, Dr. Amen
Amen’s Carroll Avenue shop, Wisdom sustainable—everyone can’t run to the uses a coconut core base growing medium
Path Healing Center. He hopes the word mountains when there is a crisis.” and compost to soil the plants in his
peace doesn’t loosely deflect from one
person to the next—but penetrates the
minds and souls of those his words meet.
He is taking steps to get beneath the surface
with his words as well as his hands by
connecting the community back to its roots,
not through any genealogic pursuits, but
literally through gardening.
The doctor is a father, husband, organic
merchant, community gardener, practitioner
of naturopathy, and acupuncture, who many
in the community have seen cloaked from
head to toe in purple garments with locks
more than 20 years in the making draped Dr Amen, one of the “Purple People”
well beyond his back. offers guidance in gardening and health.
Dr. Amen is a man of many virtues—but
a natural gardener. to farming in healthy ways. “The farm
He began gardening as small boy with experience needs to be re-embraced,”
his family in the rural south—where he was said Dr. Scott. According to Dr. Scott,
introduced to the techniques of organic and there is no place for small farmers and
container gardening. As a child, his family conventional farming because of subsidies
cultivated their own crops and bartered that make it hard for individuals with small
food with neighbors. Dr Amen tends to his attic plant nursery, in the rosy glow of red and blue LED grow crops to earn a living.
lights. The plants will be sold at the TPSS Co-op and planted in the Blair community He wants to “get to a place where you
“Can and freeze—that’s what we
did,” Dr. Amen said jokingly of his early don’t have to do anything,” with the soil.
experience with farming. “That was the “All we have to do is feed the soil—it will
only stock market I knew.” According to Dr. Amen, the act of greenhouse. The area is lined with a fan, take care of the plants,” said Scott. “We are
It was the autobiography of Malcolm gardening was devalued as individuals humidifier, flower pots, and colorful blue putting stuff in with the intention that the
X, the declining health of members within put more focus on the need for higher and red LED lights that give off a violet garden will be sustainable in the future,”
his community—the ultimate search for education; school was important, while hue to sustain the green life within the Scott said of using compost to nurture the
a purer spiritual and physical body that gardening was considered menial labor. purple confines of his home. “I’m sure soil.
lead him to his current organic state of “Gardening is like a love—a movement other people that have this type of set up Dr. Amen’s gardening techniques have
being. As a paramedic and volunteer for that needs to happen,” said Dr. Amen. aren’t growing anything legal,” he said subtly followed him since his childhood,
EMS (emergency medical services), Dr. “[We] can’t wait for the government to of his greenhouse filled with houseplants, and continue to be an emerging force in his
Amen saw the ins and outs of the nursing decide local organic produce is the way to figs, pomegranate, ginger, tomatoes and current approach to the soil and the soul.
home and emergency room. He observed go.” peppers. The adage ‘you are what you eat,’ is no
a culture where black men were being Dr. Amen says that many people are Dr. Scott Lastrapes, a medical doctor play on words in the purple house, where
self-destructive, and thought “I don’t want overly focused on earning a living, with a specialty in family medicine, the belief is the diet directly correlates to
to do that.” He gave up meat, along with while other aspects of society are being Howard University assistant professor and the workings of the body. According to
negativity and hostility in his cultural neglected. People are in a “rat race to pay colleague of Dr. Amen, who many know Dr. Amen, western medicine doesn’t fully
adaptation and began to take responsibility bills—we don’t even know our neighbors as Dr. Scott, shares a plot of land within recognize the role food has in disease, and
for himself, which led into his spiritual anymore,” he said. “It’s about getting some Blair Community Gardens, located in the genetic manipulation isn’t being taken
adaptation. “You have to open your heart of that back.” District of Columbia with Dr. Amen. In seriously either. “In health there is no
and realize you have what you have,” he According to Dr. Amen, gardeners are their garden, plots had rows of trenches that other—you create your own situation,”
said. natural time keepers who observe and they were going to mulch and use as paths said Dr. Amen. He says he teaches patients
He is a member of the Nahziryah follow nature instead of “working with a as well as rows of soil piled higher than the “energetics” of food to help them find
Monastic Community—a community force beyond egotistic capacity to control ground level for the plants. White onions which food bests suits their bodies. “There
many people affectionately call “the purple the environment.” and red onions are scattered on a patch of just is—people do what’s right for them,”
people.” According to the community’s He champions the initiative to grow raised land, while sugar snap peas are set he said of people taking responsibility for
website, “the color purple is a color of the locally for healthy alternatives and to grow tall alongside carrots on both sides what food enters their bodies.
highest spiritual vibratory light…the age of community sustainability. “It’s very clear of the raised beds—an intensive gardening According to Dr. Amen and Dr. Scott,
enlightenment….universal consciousness… to a lot of people that we need to grow plan they implement to effectively use their there are proposals in the works for future
an aura conducive to, assists in, and locally—eat locally,” he said. His business land resources. community gardens at Sligo Mill Park and
embraces the direction, the goal.” helps members of the community design Dr. Scott is working with Dr. Amen Poplar Mill Park. The doctors advocate a
Although the NMC practices intensive their own gardens, produce more food for to bring alternative medicine to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
organic gardening as a part of their vegan/ an area, and teach them how to prepare conventional scene. He wants to bring model, where advanced gardeners teach
vegetarian diet, Dr. Amen’s passion for meals with the food they grow. healthier food into hospital menus by others how to plant in order to have a cycle
gardening transcends beyond just that. Dr. Amen cited the levels of toxicity advocating for care facilities to grow their of effective harvests.
within the environment and the Chesapeake own food. He wants to reconnect people

April 2009 • VOICE 25

Home & Garden
Easy Gardener • Pat Howell

It’s hummingbird time.

Continuing our biodiversity theme:

id-March was a good time to put weight in food and eight times their weight
out your Hummingbird feeders, in water per day!
according to Bill Hilton of Their average weight is less than half an
Operation Ruby-Throat (www.rubythroat. ounce, and length is 3-3/4 inches.
org). Visit this site for the formula for the RTHUs (Ruby-throated Hummingbirds)
sugar water for the feeders. breed in eastern North America and
Missed the date? Fear not. With our southern Canada. Most spend the winter
cool weather, the arrival of the Ruby- months in Mexico and central America, as
Throats will be delayed a week or two, far south as Panama. Their lengthy trek
so you can put the feeders out today or back to the Eastern U.S. (over water!) is
tomorrow or maybe the day after! tiring So, they arrive when they are ready,
Hummingbirds are ‘delicate, fearless and they are hungry.
and quick as lightening’. But the multiple The serious watchers plant their gardens
qualities of these birds does not include to attract these birds, both coming North
reading. They keep their own schedules. and ‘going south’ for the winter. The ideal
Hummingbirds are one of the glories hummingbird plant is red, orange, or pink, photo by Julie Wiatt

of eastern America, and although we have although my friend Scott in NW DC tells Lantana is among the many colorful flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies
only one kind, the ruby-throated, that one me his visitors are crazy about his Salvia
is glorious and should suffice. Their habitat guaranitica ‘Black and Blue’ (perhaps the • Buddleia davidii, Butterfly bush, spectacular red berries in winter.
is dwindling and so we must do our best to most vibrant blue in the plant world). Summer lilac. Note that Buddleia • And a great annual: Lantana, ‘Miss
lure them back into our gardens. And plan to provide water. davidii, the butterfly bush, is a shrub, Huff’. Semi- shrubby plant of
Gardeners love hummingbirds – I cannot Once the RTHus have identified and Asclepias tuberosa, the butterfly intoxicating colors.
recall ever hearing anybody complain of your garden as a ready source of food/ mildweed, is a perennial.
‘those damned hummingbirds’, though water, they will return every year on their • Digitalis species, Foxglove. For the above-named plants, contact
gardeners complain of everything else. migrations. • Hibiscus mutabilis ‘Rubrum’, the Red, 919-967-0078
So, better than feeders, you can lure Confederate Rose. Be sure to plant perennials in sizable
them in by what you plant. The serious What to plant? • Lobelia cardinalis, the Cardinal flower. groups, so they can be seen from a
hummingbird watcher plants a garden that • Monarda didyma ‘Jacob Cline’, Red distance: group 5, 7 or 9, if you can spare
will lure them in from April to mid-fall • Agastache rupestris, a certified Bee Balm. the space.
because these ‘glittering fragments of the hummingbird magnet, the 2’ coral spikes • Salvia microphylla ‘Hot Lips’,
rainbow’ (the artist, John James Audubon), are beacons. Liittleleaf Sage, a hummingbird magnet. Pat Howell is a Takoma Park gardener,
and ‘ no bigger than the end of your thumb’ • Asclepias incarnata, swamp milkweed, and a landscape designer/garden builder.
. . . and of such swiftness of flight that you and Asclepias tuberosa, butterfly • The large shrub/small tree Ilex She is available for hand-holding and
cannot see the movement of their wings’, milkweed or butterfly weed. (Both these verticillatta – dwarf Winterberry Holly answering questions through Deephaven
(artist, Ovieda y Valde, 1534) feed every milkweeds are favored food for the (deciduous). ‘Red Sprite’ – the female, Landscapers.
10 to 15 minutes from dawn to sunset, Monarch butterfly as well as hummers.) and ‘Jim Dandy’ -- the male, need to
often consuming more than half their be planted together to produce the

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CurB appeal!
Mulberry bush
landscape design

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Fences and Lighting

April 2009 • VOICE 27

Home & Garden
Community gardens coming soon to a park near you (maybe)
by Catherine Krikstan

of the park. But if this space were to be The gardens will be organic—“No
converted to a community garden, some of chemicals will be allowed,” said Vismara—
he Montgomery County Department
these uses might disappear. and restrictions will be placed on the
of Parks announced last month three
“For some reason [the Department of species of plants that can be brought into
potential sites for a community
Parks] said that the land was underutilized, the garden. Illegal or invasive species will
garden pilot program in Silver Spring:
and I nearly fainted when I heard that, be banned, as will those that will grow
Silver Spring Intermediate Park, Sligo Mill
because I see it utilized,” said Nickell. higher than six feet, “because anything
Overlook Neighborhood Park and Red
“They need to do the work of finding some higher than six feet is going to bring shade
Door Store Historical and Cultural Park.
land that’s not going to take away from to your neighbor’s garden,” said Vismara.
Although these parks are not the
parks.” Individual gardeners will be responsible
program’s definite locations—“Nothing is
Other residents who feel the need for for plot maintenance and weed-control,
going to be imposed if the community’s
green space in Silver Spring cannot deny which the Department of Parks will
will is to not do it,” said Councilwoman
the benefits that a community garden has to regulate.
Valerie Ervin, and these sites still await
offer. At this same meeting of the SSSNA, But, Vismara stressed, the department
approval—the locations are promising, and
several people pointed out a community will do much more than merely oversee
the Department of Parks hopes to open up
garden’s ability to improve personal health the garden. “We’re not just coming in and
the garden gates in May.
and its tendency to bring a neighborhood tilling the plots and collecting your money
Local interest in community gardening
closer together. and saying goodbye,” he said. “We’re
is undeniably strong, but the program has
With these benefits in mind, the going to be there with you.”
met some public resistance.
Department of Parks has forged ahead into The department hopes to bring
At a recent meeting of the South Silver
the garden’s planning process. A draft photo by julie wiatt
knowledge about gardening to the
Spring Neighborhood Association, several
of garden guidelines has already been The plot thickens. community in the form of weekend
Silver Spring residents expressed concern
drawn up, and includes regulations on question-and-answer sessions. The
over the Department of Parks’ choice in
everything from personal plot maintenance “Seventy to 80 percent of the plots will department also hopes to hire volunteer
location, citing the senselessness of seizing
to permissible plants. go to immediate, local and somewhat garden coordinators, who would serve as
what little green space this area has.
The Department of Parks hopes to till adjacent folks who have applied,” said on-site liaisons between the department and
For Joe Simpich, whose home overlooks
close to 15 20-by-20 plots at a site, said Benjamin Stutz, legislative aide to the community and who would “be given
the Silver Spring Intermediate Park, the
David Vismara, chief of the department’s Councilwoman Ervin. This will “reduce a small plot… so they’re actively working
prospect of a community garden in Silver
Horticultural Services Division. the amount of people coming in and out with you on that site,” said Vismara.
Spring “is wonderful,” he said. “They
The plots will cost $45 per year and will of the neighborhood and make it easier” Through such community interaction,
picked the wrong location for the pilot test,
be given out through a lottery system. Plot for gardeners to transport their tools. The Vismara hopes to garner a sense of
though. It’s really just that simple.”
ownership continues indefinitely—“We range of local residents has yet to be support for community gardening. The
Neighbor Nancy Nickell agrees. While
want consistency with these plots,” said determined. most common reason that community
she supports the idea of a community
Vismara—but a plot will be put back into There will be compost bins on-site, gardens fail, he said, “is because of lack
garden in Silver Spring, she doesn’t think
the lottery system if it is given up by its and the Department of Parks has begun of water and lack of support.” But in this
that the Silver Spring Intermediate Park
gardener. “collaboration with the Friends of Sligo community, Vismara remains optimistic: “I
is “appropriate land” for the project.
The lottery is open to everyone, but Creek to install rain gardens… so that we definitely have the backing.”
From pick-up sports to solstice rituals,
most plots will go to nearby residents. can control stormwater runoff,” said Stutz.
Nickell has witnessed the countless uses

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April 2009 • VOICE 29

Home & Garden
Sligo Naturalist • Alison Gillespie

New tree champions are announced

The new county champions will be honored during
ts that Lorax-like month again: April. Time for Earth
a celebration on April 26 at the Agricultural History
Day and wildflower walks and garlic mustard pulls.
Farm Park, when the residents who own them will be
Time for box turtles to spring out and try to cross the
given certificates at a public ceremony hosted by County
most improbable streets up and down the watershed. Time
Executive Ike Leggett.
for beavers to annoy the park managers, and wood peckers
The farm will also have live music performances, hay
to make loud noises on my neighbor’s metal-plated TV
rides, visits by Woodsy the Owl, Smokey the Bear, Johnny
Appleseed and someone called Woody the Tree. There
Its also time for Arbor Day, that old-fashioned holiday
will also be demonstrations of chainsaw sculpture making.
which doesn’t fall on any one day but is celebrated
For more information visit:
on whatever day your town picks, according to their
municipal needs and the planting calendar.
There are also great tips on ways to celebrate the trees
Although it is often now overshadowed by Earth Day,
all year round at the National Arbor Day website. http://
I think I actually like Arbor Day a bit better. Maybe
because I have happy memories of bringing home tiny tree
Takoma Park will also be hosting an Arbor Day
seedlings from elementary school on Arbor Day, packed
celebration, complete with free native trees for residents,
carefully in those pungent, brown paper towels they always
on April 11 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the library. For more
had in the art room.
information visit
This year, five families in Takoma and Silver Spring
And if you can’t make it to the Arbor Day festivities,
will have some extra reasons to celebrate; the new list
you might try pitching in to help the trees by removing
of Champion Trees of Montgomery County has been
the garlic mustard that the researchers say is limiting their
completed and their trees have made the list. In a time
growth. Join in and help with the big Garlic Mustard
when many environmentalists in our area lament the
Challenge, April 18, 25 & 26. Show up to pull and you
number of trees that are cut down each season, its nice to
might even win a prize for your efforts. For more info
have some big, old giants out there to herald.
go to: Groups are welcome to
“We’ve been doing this almost 20 years, and still we
keep finding champion trees,” said Joe Howard with
Alison Gillespie is a science writer and garden coach,
Joe has been coordinating the Champion Tree Registry
specializing in gardens to attract and support wildlife. You
and working on the Forestry Board since 1979. I first
can read more of her writing at www.whereyouareplanted.
talked to him last November.
He loves trees so much, he recently drove twenty miles This huge sycamore in Silver Spring is a champion.
off course on his way back home from a family vacation,
just to see what he called a “humongous” bald cypress TerrificTreesOct2007-1.htm Be sure to link from there
someone told him about in Florida. “I do love trees. Its to the Champions homepage (www.mcmdforestryboard.
kind of exciting to me,” he said. org/home.html), where you can get details about how to
According to Joe, there are six or 7 new species on this register your own big tree.) The list was started as a way
year’s updated list. Six of the trees on the county’s list also to encourage people to take care of their large, mature
photos by julie wiatt

made the list of state champions. trees and as a way to recognize how important all of the
To be an official champion, a tree must meet strict older trees are to our county’s environment. There are
guidelines involving measurements of circumference, currently about 160 on the list that have made the grade of
height and the spread of the crown. (If you want to “champion.”
read about the Tree Registry and see a slide show of a Ask Joe which tree on the list is his favorite and he’ll
walk Joe gave about Sligo’s champions last year, visit pause before saying with a grin, “That’s like asking me to
the Friends of Sligo Creek website at pick a favorite child. I love them all.”
Close-up of sycamore bark


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enjoy this high-end remodel—
a gourmet’s gourmet home.

R.W. Russell
• Restoration painting
• Custom carpentry
• Floor finishing
• Home improvement

Specializing in
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Serving the area for over 25 years
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April 2009 • VOICE 31

Home & Garden
Going Green • Sat Jiwan Iklé-Khalsa

Green tax (credits) and the economy

hat’s certain in life? Death and Taxes... and the grant covers about 33 percent of costs. (2.) DC is also
the costs of dirty energy going up! While gas still offering free energy audits to residents (Two friends
prices have gone down due to the (temporary) and a client of mine got it and it’s pretty good for a free
economic downturn, they’ll soon be up again as we keep audit). More at: or call 202-673-6700.
tapping limited and dwindling resources with a staggering
global demand. Conservation and efficiency are certainly Montgomery County – (1.) Clean Energy Rewards
the cheapest and fastest ways to extend that dwindling program rebates you .5 cents per kilowatt hour of clean
supply, but we’ll need to seriously integrate lots of electricity you buy for your home. (2.) You can receive
renewable energy supplies as well. up to $250 property tax reduction by installing energy
Efficiency and renewable energy incentives have efficiency measures. (3.) There’s a new, proposed bill with
been around for a few years, in their most recent form, expedited implementation: HELP – Home Energy Loan
and in general they are getting better with age. While, Program. You can get a zero- or low-interest, 15-year loan
some components of the bailout and stimulus bills are for “cost effective” energy efficiency improvements. If
certainly dubious, the energy incentives have multi-faceted you’ve done the improvements or your house is already
benefits for the green jobs economy: reducing global efficient, you can apply the loan to renewable energy
warming emissions, creating jobs (especially ones good (solar, wind, geothermal) systems. The loan is assessed
for retraining auto, steel and coal union workers), saving as a lien on the house so it stays with the home during a
money for homeowners, reducing imported fuels and sale, and is paid back via the county tax bill. (There’s a
promoting energy independence! national counterpart to this bill introduced by Rep. Chris
Fortunately, just as you’re finishing up your taxes for Van Hollen.) More info at: www.MontgomeryCountyMD.
this year, you can look forward to a number of new (and gov (look for renewable energy tax credit or clean energy
old) financial incentives to help you pay upfront costs rewards)
for reducing energy use and increasing renewable energy
production, which can save you even more money in the photo by Matthew Rosenfield
Hypothetical Case Studies – How this might look
long run. Here’s a quick summary of some of the best on your house: (These just lay out the upfront costs and
current local and federal incentives.
Seal-up party - Here I am after an energy-efficiency savings for a house in Montgomery County. They don’t
shopping spree, ready to fix any air leak. I went include the additional savings on energy and utility bills
shopping with a friend for seal up and weatherizing
which will typically pay for the balance of the cost in close
Federal Tax Incentives: New federal tax credits went supplies (caulk, weather stripping, spray foam, door
to 5 years for weatherization and close to 10 years for
into effect February 2009 as part of the stimulus bill. sweeps) and got some leftover foam board from
EnergyStar energy efficient products installed in 2009 and neighbors. My friend paid about $100 for materials
2010 qualify for a tax credit of 30% up to $1500. (the old (including pizza and beer). We spent an afternoon
installing, saving him some money and energy. We’ll Weatherization – If you had a whole-house air sealing
incentive was 10% up to $500). Covered products include
pass along extra materials to another friend and have and insulation job at a cost of $5,000 and combined the
insulation, water heaters, furnaces, biomass stoves (such another party. federal tax credit (30 percent) and a county property tax
as corn stoves), windows, doors, roofs. Renewable energy
credit ($250), the final cost would be $3,250 (35 percent
systems (wind, solar, geothermal) qualify for 30% tax
savings equal to $1,750).
credit with no upper limit, and can be installed up to 2016 The newest version of this program opening July ‘09 will
(the old incentive had a $2000 cap). More details at: www. likely be less than that (10-12.5 percent?), but hopefully PV (solar electric) – If that same house installed a still better than the program they had 2 years ago when I 1.5kw solar system (retail cost ~$15,000) and combined
got my panels. Solar hot water incentives are similar. More the federal tax credit (30 percent) and a MD solar grant
Local Incentives: (can be combined with the federal at (~12.5 percent (proposed)), the final cost would be $8,625
incentives.) More information at
(42.5 percent savings, equal to $6,375).
DC – (1.) In DC they recently re-opened their very
MD—In Maryland, last year’s solar electric (and generous solar grant program (grants for PV available now, ...and under the proposed Home Energy Loan Progam,
geothermal) grant program provided $2,500 per kilowatt solar thermal (hot water) and geothermal (heating and both of those remaining costs for weatherization and solar
of installed capacity, saving about 25 percent of the costs. cooling) later this year). For smaller systems (up to 3KW) could be financed as a zero- or low-interest, 15-year loan
– paid for by reduced utility bills, resulting in no out of
The Washington area’s premier growers-only farmers’ market. pocket expenses.

Takoma Park So, what seems to also be certain in life is tax credits

Farmers’ Market for efficiency and renewables. Tell the county council to
pass the HELP (Home Energy Loan Program), do your
conservation and efficiency upgrades now, and look to go
At Laurel & Carroll Avenues
solar in the near future!
At the spring market, you can find
bedding plants, flowers, salad Sat Jiwan Iklé-Khalsa is a recent green home renovator
greens, apples, herbs, bread, meat, and a green building/renovation consultant. Find past
cheese, eggs, honey, and more! articles, local green building stores, info, resources,
including annotated green house renovation photos and
open every no-fee services at or call 301.891.8891
Sunday market ATM For latest green articles and discussion visit the Green
10 A.M. - 2 P.M. available Voice blog: See Green Resource Box on next page

32 VOICE • April 2009

Home & Garden
Green Resource Box Together, to better serve you — 301-388-2600
in 100% wind power for your home at just
Keeping with the Green Home mantras $0.118/KWh (including generation and
theme from last month we’ve got three transmission costs) for two years. That’s
prioritized resources: first conservation 11% below PEPCO’s new summer rate
and efficiency, then cheap renewables, ($0.13159) and it’s only 0.3% higher than
and last more costly (but discounted) current winter rates ($0.11763), which
solar. could go up by next fall. Visit: www. or call 301-754-0430.
(If you’re a Montgomery County resident,
Seal-up party you can get an additional ½ cent rebate
Get together with friends to share skills, for every KWh of clean energy purchased
tools and materials for doing basic seal through the Clean Energy Rewards
up work: caulking, weather stripping, program.)
spray foam and foam board. Materials GAIL YOUNG LISA BRADY
(including pizza and beer) could cost less 301-388-2620 / 301-257-7675 (cell) 301-388-2781 / 301-742-5472 (cell)
than $100. You’ll have fun, and probably Local Solar Co-ops
save enough money during the first year If you’re looking to save even more
to cover your costs (unless of course you money on solar (beyond the grants
pay for materials with a tax credit). Have and tax credits), consider contacting
several of these in a row to pass along and some of these local solar cooperative
use up extra materials, and get yourselves organizations. Common Cents Solar, DA
Silver Spring Solar Collective, and Mt 5
ready for the next step: adding more IN
insulation. Pleasant Solar Coop. Some benefits LD
of the coops include assistance and SO
discounts with site evaluations, financial
Wanna get “cheaper than coal” incentives, bulk purchasing of panels and
wind power for the house? materials, collective installation contract
My last resource box said you could get negotiation, and buying in to larger school/
100% wind power for $500/year. That church installations which are more
was based on the rates I signed up for cost-effective and provide options for
two years ago. Right now you can save people with too much shade. More info:
money with wind power! By signing up, www.
now with Clean Currents you can lock, and www.
Just Listed Near Glenmont Metro: $319,000
Lovely Cape Cod with a new kitchen/granite counter tops, stainless
appliances, in-law suite on lower level, gleaming hardwood floors,
addition with fam room and dining room, 1 car garage.
Just 3 blocks from metro.


Four Corners/Silver Spring Takoma Park • $350,000

Picture-perfect cape w/4 BR, Don’t miss out on this home with
2.5 BA, gleaming hardwoods, ENORMOUS POTENTIAL. Situ-
screened porch, corner lot, exten- ated on the edge of Sligo Creek
sive landscaping. Low $400s Park and the hiker-biker trail.
Estate Sale, sold “AS IS.”

Freshly updated rambler with lower Cape Cod with 6 Bedrooms, 3

level in-law suite. 5 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths. Hardwood floors.
Full Baths. Mid $200s Lower level in-law suite. $289,900
The Brady-Young Team—#1 Team in the White Oak/
Silver Spring Long & Foster Office, and among the top
10 teams in the Washington, DC/Maryland Region

301-388-2620 •

April 2009 • VOICE 33

House & Garden Tour honors North Takoma on May 3
& photos By Diana Kohn

very spring, Historic Takoma invites Takoma Park
the public to explore the homes House & Garden Tour:
and gardens of a particular Takoma “Almost Lost”
Park neighborhood. This year’s House
and Garden Tour, set for Sunday May 3, When: May 3, 2009 - 1-5 p.m.
features a dozen homes and gardens in
North Takoma adjacent to Montgomery Where: North Takoma, starting at the
College. Jequie Park Picnic Pavilion, on the corner
The houses will be open from 1-5 p.m. of Fenton Street and Albany Avenue (a
for self-guided tours. The event is the five-block walk from Takoma Metro).
group’s major fundraiser, with proceeds Tour guidebooks will be distributed here
supporting the continued renovation of the beginning at noon (no advance copies).
archives space in Takoma Junction.
This year’s theme is “Almost Lost” The Davis House ((left) and the Carroll House (right) were two of the homes on Block Cost: $15 if you purchase advance tickets
which reflects the confrontation in the 69 adjacent to Montgomery College which were spared demolition in 1972. Both from local merchants; $20 if purchased
early 1970s when the College’s plans for houses are part of the May 3rd tour. online. $20 cash on May 3.
expansion included razing 22 neighboring
houses Details:
Open since 1950, Montgomery College
occupied the same buildings which once
housed the Bliss Electrical School. Louis
Bliss set up one of the first centers to train
electrical engineers here in 1906. It played
a prominent role in preparing soldiers for
wartime applications, including nearly all
the radio operators in World War II.
The returning soldiers didn’t need
electrical training, but given the
willingness of the government GI bill to
foot their college expenses, many needed
help improving their academic skills.
Montgomery County had started a two-
year junior college to fill the void, but
they needed a campus. Bliss seized the
opportunity and offered his buildings.
By 1970, enrollment was booming. The
Rockville campus was under construction Courtesy DC Public Library, Star Collection, © Washington Post
and the college wanted to expand in
Takoma. The adjacent houses were a On September 22, 1972, Etta Mae Davis confronted bulldozers for nine hours in an
tempting target, in particular Block 69, unsuccessful effort to save her next-door-neighbor’s house from destruction. A
bounded by Philadelphia, Takoma, New Washington Star photographer captured the college’s supervisor of construction
York and Chicago Avenues. offering Ms. Davis a glass of water during the standoff.
Sally Brucker’s art studio will be open
Accordingly, the college drew up plans for the tour
to acquire 22 houses for their expansion Roderick and Etta Mae Davis, at 703 rubble in a desperate attempt to stave off
and got the county council’s approval. New York Avenue were among the most the inevitable. For nine hours she held her corner of Takoma and New York Avenue, is
Although they were able to convince half staunchly opposed. City activists like ground before she and nine others were another home-in-grand style that was saved
of the neighbors to sell, the other half Sammie Abbott joined in the picketing and arrested for trepassing. from the bulldozers.
raised intense oppostion to the idea. leafletting campaign and things escalated The Washington Star recounted the This turreted Victorian with a sweeping
This neighborhood had been estabilished until the morning of September 22, 1972. standoff in vivid detail: “Mrs. Davis’ wrap-around porch is still refered to as
by city founder Benjamin Franklin Gilbert Etta Mae heard the sound of bulldozers 19-year-old son brought her a lawn chair, the Carroll House, even though it is now
as the most elegant of his subdivisions, outside, and realized that contractors were her husband brought a sandwich at noon, owned by artist Sally Brucker. Emma
with stately Victorians set on deep, wide preparing to raze the house next door. She and Schyuyler Conklin, the college’s Carroll (no relation to Takoma Park’s
lots. rushed to the scene and stood amid the superintendent of constrction gave her a General S.S. Carroll), was a widow whose
white hardhat to protect her from falling many neighbors still recall afternoons spent
debris. in her house for piano lessons.
MHIC: 67123
It turned Davis into a local folk hero. Brucker says she bought the house
The demolished house was replaced by because it reminded her of her grand-
a concrete block building and a second mother’s house in OHIO, and only
building to the other side of the Davis’ later was surprised to learn about the
residence sandwiched them in. neighborhood’s turbulent history. An
Landscapers In the end, the college expanded along added bonus for her was the small garage
Chicago Avenue and parts of Philadelphia
Deephaven Avenue, but backed down when it came to
in the side yard which she has converted
into a studio (included on tour). Brucker’s
Building Beautiful Gardens Since 1965 the houses along Takoma Avenue. Seeking artwork will be on display, along with a
a more permanent solution, the owners filed recently published book, Inspired Results,
Member: for and were granted historic preservation that documents the collaboration between
Takoma Foundation status. These homes form the core of the local poets and artists, and was a popular
Landscaping Designers Group May 3rd tour. exhibit at the Takoma Park community
Perennial Plant Association Thirty five years later, history is center a year or so ago.
North American Rock Garden Society repeating itself as the college once again This year’s tour highlights what might
seeks to expand. The Block 69 houses are have been lost if people like Etta Mae
301-270-4456 safe but residents face the prospect of being Davis had not taken a stand to preserve the
Pat Howell dwarfed by high-rise classrooms. city’s heritage.
Two doors from the Davis house, on the

34 VOICE • April 2009

April 2009
Ongoing ART soft-block arch. Daily, 10 AM-5 PM.
• Bridging the Gap: Saturdays 10:30 AM;
Takoma Park Community Center: Por- Sundays at 11:30 AM.
traits of Life - Student Experiences, Atrium • Arches and Trusses: Saturdays at 10:30
Gallery, thru April 22. Sheila Blake’s Takoma AM; Sundays at 11:30 AM.
Park (paintings), April 24-May 31 (Reception:
April 24, 6-8 PM). Takoma Park Community National Cherry Blossom Festival. Thru
Center, 7500 Maple Avenue. Free. Info: 301-891- April 11. Details: www.nationalcherryblossomfes-
• National Park Service Ranger Talks: Thru
Takoma Park Mosaic Project: Volunteer April 12. multiple times. Meet at Tidal Basin
to help construct panels for Community Center FDR Memorial Entrance or Thomas Jef-
Mosaic. Work has shift from design stage to con- ferson Memorial.
struction. Workshops on Saturdays, March-May. • Cherry Blossom Lantern Walks: Evening
11 AM-1 PM or 1:30-3:30 PM. Sign up: www. Tours with Park Ranger (8-10 PM), meet at Tidal Basin near paddle boats, 1500 Maine
Ave. SW
Space 7:10 at Kefa Cafe: Healing Images: • Park Service Junior Rangers Program -
Creative Expressions of Survival. Throughout cherry blossom activities, check dates, 10
April, closed Sundays. 963 Bonifant St., Silver AM-5 PM. Tidal Basin near paddle boats,
Spring. Info: 301-589-9337 or www.artforthep- 1500 Maine Ave. SW • National Cherry Blossom Festival Fire-
works - April 11, Musical Prelude (5-6:30
Pyramid Atlantic: BookEnds: The Book as PM at Waterfront Park), Display ()8:30-9
Art thru April 18-30. Mon-Fri, 9 AM-5 PM. 8230 PM. Southwest Waterfront, 7th Street &
Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. Info: 301-608-9101 Maine Ave. SW).

Adams Bank Lobby in World Building: CLASSES & WORKSHOPS

Washington Gardener Photo Contest Win-
ners. 16 winning shots taken in local gardens. AXTMANN ART STUDIO:
March 27-May 10. 8121 Georgia Ave. Info: www. On-going Art Workshop: “Life & Abstraction.” Sheila Blake’s paintings of Takoma Park will be on exhibit at the Takoma
Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media. Color, Black
Park Community Center from April 24-May 31 (Reception: April 24, 6-8 PM). & White. Studio Visits & Workshop Information:
Cafritz Art Center Gallery at Montgom- Joanna at or 202-723-4428.
ery College: The County Collects: Mont-
gomery County Arts and Humanities Council Silver Spring Library vary). Fridays at 11 AM and Saturdays at ZUMBA at RODA Movments, Takoma Park
Collection, curated by Joyce Jewells, thru April 8901 Colesville Rd. RSVP: 240-773- 9420. 11:30 AM & 1:30 PM. Free. Start the week off with a Latin kick! Sweat to
11, Mon-Fri, 8 AM-4 PM. 930 King St, Takoma • Born to Read (1-23 months): Thurs April • Family Day: Explore the Universe. Sat April salsa, merengue, samba, and more! Evenings,
Park. Info: 240-567-1368. 16, 23 & 30 at 10:15 and 11 AM and Sat 4 from 10 AM-3 PM. Free. weekends, and Monday Morning Express. 8:10-
April 4 at 10:30 AM. • Book Signing with Sally Ride (Mission 8:55 AM. FREE to try April 6. www.rodamove-
Gala Theatre Gallery: Toma Lo Bueno, • Preschool Storytime (ages 1-6): Tues April Planet Earth): Sat April 25,10 AM-12:30 PM. 202-679-5149.
photographs by Sally Brucker & Jim Williams in 21 and Sat April 25at 10:30 AM.
conjunction with “The True History of Coca-Cola • Game Break Special (ages 5-12): April 7 at American Art Museum and National Now and Then. 6927 Laurel Ave. 301-270-
in Mexico.” April 1-31. 3333 14th Street NW DC. 2 PM. Portrait Gallery. 2210. Classes limited to six students.
Free. Info: 202-234-7174 or 8th and F Streets NW. 11:30 AM-7 PM. • Beginning Knitting: Learn basic knitting
Long Branch Library • Family Day: Jazz Appreciation Month. techniues, then complete simple cotton
Mansion at Strathmore: Fabric of Sur- 8800 Garland Ave. RSVP: 240-777-0910 Crafts, stories and live jazz concert. Sat washcloth. Two 2-hour sessions/$50. April
vival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz. • Born to Read (0-23 months): Wed, April 8 April 4 from 1-5 PM. Kogod Courtyard. 13-20, 10 AM-Noon.
April 2-30. Baltimore Watercolor Society at 10:30 AM. • Ghosts of a Chance: Multimedia scaven- • Year of the Blanket: with Kath Meadows.
Regional Exhibition, April 10-May 23. 10701 • Preschool Storytime (ages 2-5): Fridays ger hunt. Sat April 11 from 2:30-6 PM (reg- One two-hour session/$30 per class. 7-9
Rockville Pike, North Bethesda. Free. Info: 301- March 10, 17 & 24 at 10:30 AM. ister by 4 PM at Luce Foundation Center). PM. Wed April 15, May 13 and June 17.
581- 5100 or • Bilingual Storytime (English-Spanish for • Celebrate Earth Day (art tour): April 22 at 4 • Tunisian Crochet - 2-hour sessions/$50.
ages 2-5): Sat, April 11 at 11 AM. PM in F Street Lobby. Thursday class with Helen Spencer - May
Brookside Gardens: Spring Landscapes, • Chess: Wednesdays at 3:30 PM. • Family Day: Remembering the 30s. 21 and 28
Summer Blossoms (paintings), Hometown • Celebrate Many World Cultures: 2 PM. Games, dancing & “Annie.” Sat May 9 from • Toe-up Sock - Learn skills for knitted
Gardens, Electric Heavens (watercolors & April 4 (Goombay, Caribbean); May 2 (Spill- Noon-5 PM. Kogod Courtyard. socks. Four two-hour sessions/$100.Thurs-
acrylics) thru May 29. Brookside Gardens, 1800 ing Ink, India). days with Helen Spencer - April 23 and 30th
Glenallan Ave, Wheaton. Info: 301-962-1400 or American History Museum and May 7 and 14th. 7-9 PM. Experienced White Oak Library 14th and Constitution NW. Info: knitters only.
11701 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring. 240- 10 AM-5:30 PM Daily.
773-9555. • Hands-On Carts: Daily, generally 10:30 AM
Ongoing for CHILDREN • Preschool Storytime: Thursdays at 2 PM. • Spark!Lab: Daily, generally 10 AM
Park Florist. 6921 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park.
• Cuddleups: April 14 & 28 at 10:15 AM. • Historic Theatre: “Broad Stripes & Bright • Monthly Floral Design Workshops. Work
Takoma Park MD Library Stars” plus “Join the Student Sit-ins,” week-
101 Philadelphia Ave. 301-891-7259. RSVP at with seasonal flowers, foliages, fruits and
Piney Branch Pool. ends. vegetables to create a centerpiece, a spe- Inside Piney Branch Elementary, 7511 Maple
• Neighborhood Circle Time (ages 18 mos.- cial gift or floral arrangement. Classes for
Ave. Support your local pool. Lessons and free Museum of Natural History all skill levels. 6:30 PM. Class size limited,
5 yrs.): Tuesdays at 10 AM, repeated 11 swim details: 301-588-6557 or vakehurst@ 10th St and Constitution Ave NW. (L’Enfant Plaza
AM. Also Sat, March 21 at 10:30 AM RSVP required: 301-270-1848 or email to or Smithsonian Metro). Info: 10
• Spanish Circle Time (with Senora Maria): • Hours: Sunday (8 AM-8 PM). Mon-Fri (6:30 AM-5:30 PM.
Thursdays at 11 AM. • Easter centerpiece: Wed April 8 ($30 fee
AM-8:30 AM). Mon-Thurs (4 PM-10 PM). • Discovery Room: Fridays, Saturdays & plus $30 materials).
• French Bilingual Circle Time: Sat, April • Rates: Kids under 18—$2.50/county; Sundays at 10:30 PM.
24at 10:30 AM. • Flower basket for Mom: Wed May 6 (Free
$1.25/low-income; $3.50/non-resident. • Live Tarantula Feedings: Daily at 10:30 & plus $75 materials).
• Wonderful Ones (12-24 months): Wednes- Adults—$3.50 county; $1.75/low-income; 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.
days in April at 11 AM (alternates with $5/non-resident).
Twosies and Lapsit). RSVP required. Safe Takoma - contact Ronnie Miller at 202-
Sackler Gallery 722-7122 or
• Banned Book Club (6th Grade & up): “Of National Museum of Health and Medi- 1050 Independence Ave SW. (Smithsonian
Mice and Men.” Mon, April 20 at 7:30 PM. • Try Peace - Resolve Problems without Vio-
cine Metro). Info: Daily, 10 Am-5:30 PM. lence. Four days over two weekends (April
RSVP required. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia ImaginAsia Program (ages 8-14 with adult, no
• Bedtime Stories: Mon, April 6 at 7 PM 17-18 & 24-25). interactivce, intergenera-
Ave., NW DC, Bldg 54. Enter through Elder RSVP unless large group), 2 PM: tonal program.
(wear PJs). Street gate; photo ID required. Info: 202-782- • Moonlight & Clouds: explore Japanese
• Comics Jam: Fri, April 17at 4 PM. Share 2200 or gold/silver painting and make your own.
favorites. RSVP required. Art Rhythmz. Silver Spring.
• Ongoing Exhibit: Resolved: Advances in Sun, April 5, 12 & 19. Sunday April 11, 18, • Spring Art Workshop: Sunday April 19.
Forensic Identification of U.S. War Dead. 25. Free. Create art from nature. Bring your favorite
Takoma Park DC Library • Forensic Family Discovery Cart: Finger-
416 Cedar St. NW, DC. Info: 202-576-7252. plant, flower, something from the garden
prints: Whorls, Ridges and Sat April 11 & 25 National Building Museum or the outdoors or just bring yourself. We’ll
• Eggstravaganza — Egg Hunt and more, at 2 PM. 401 F Street, NW (Judiciary Square Metro).
April 4 from 10:30 AM-Noon. draw and add color with pastels and paint.
Free. Info: 202-272-2448 or Mon- No experience necessary. $20. Call 240-
• Preschool Story Time (ages 3-5) — Air and Space Museum Sat, 10 AM-5 PM. Sun, 11 AM-5 PM.
Wednesdays at 10:30 AM. 899-4193 or emai
6th and Independence Aves. (L’Enfant Plaza or • Family Day--Green Together. Sun, April or
• Pajama Story Time (0-6 with adult) — April Smithsonian Metro). Info: Daily 10 19, 1-3 PM. Most RSVP by April 16. $15/
14 at 7 PM. AM-5:30 PM. adult, $10/child. Institute of Musical Traditions at Contra-
• Flights of Fancy: Stories for children (titles • Amazing Arches: construct a 7-foot-tall diction Dance Studio, 7014 Westmoreland Ave,

April 2009 • VOICE 35

Drama Queen • Gina Guglielmo Voice Calendar

Leaving the nest

Takoma Park. Austin Grill
• Workshop - How to make your own “pan” 919 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring. Info: 240-247-

flute with brothers of Andes Manta. Sun April 8969 or
26 at 7 PM. $35 includes materials. Info: www. • Tuesdays: Acoustic Open Mike. Hosted by RSVP: Jon Kaplan. 9 PM (sign up at 8:30 PM).
hose of us old enough to production there were moments when Free.
• Wednesdays-Saturdays. 9:30-midnight,
have read Ken Kesey’s 1962 each of the cast was magnificent. When cover charge on weekends.
novel, One Flew over the Kathryn Kelley intoned to the patients, ONGOING FILM Ceviche
Cuckoo’s Nest, likely found it a riveting “Now be good, Boys,” her syrupy AFI Silver Theatre
912-J Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring. 301-608-
experience. High school and university intonation epitomized the wicked Nurse 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring. $10/gen-
• Fridays: Latin Sound. 9:30 PM-2 AM. Free.
eral; $9/students; $8/before 6 PM. Info: 301-495-
students who have recently discovered Ratched. Since this is a family paper, 6720 or
• Saturdays: Latin Jazz/Salsa. 9:30 PM-2
AM. Free.
this book would agree: it’s one of those Drama Queen will not elaborate on how • Paul Newman Remembered. Thru April
books that grabs your heart and gives Detmer mispronounced that lady’s last • In the Realm of Oshima - Thru April 26
Los Arrieros Restaurant
7926 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. 301-495-9445.
it a sound shake. Chief Bromden, the name. • Korean Film Festival DC - April 18-May 3.
• Fridays & Saturdays: Latin DJ. 10 PM-3 AM.
• In Focus: Alan J. Pakula. April 25-May 4.
schizophrenic narrator, lost for so many The first act of the play was slow • Montgomery College Series: April 8
Sat. only $10 cover. before 11 PM.
(The Verdict). April 15 (In the Realm of the
years in the miasmas of his illness, and did not generate the laughter that Senses). 6:30 PM. $6/Students with ID.
Mayorga Coffeehouse
8010 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. Info: 301-562-
narrates the tale, and it is through his erupted when McMurphy and his guys 9090 or
IMAX at Natural History Museum.
eyes we meet Randle P. McMurphy, the became a team. John Lescault as Harding 10th St and Constitution Ave NW. (L’Enfant
• Most Saturdays: 7:30-9:30 PM. Occasional
anti-hero, the savior who dispels the became increasingly bizarre but also Plaza or Smithsonian Metro). Info: www.mnh.
fog for The Chief and the other mental grew “bigger”. Growing big was what • U2 in 3D, Fridays and Saturdays, 7:35 and
McGinty’s Public House
911 Ellsworth Ave., Silver Spring. www.mcgintys-
institution inmates. the Chief was all about and Michael 9:20 PM. or 301-587-1270.
Those of us who saw the Milos Nichols seemed to grow more into his • Tuesdays: Traditional Irish music. 8 PM.
Forman 1975 film starring Jack role until the emotional climax of the Ongoing NATURE • Thursdays: Acoustic Live. 8PM - 12:30 AM,
no cover.
Nicholson, Estelle Parsons, and Louis de last few moments. Somehow, his asides Brookside Gardens • Fridays & Saturdays: Live rock and roll. 10
Palma among other perfectly-cast actors to his dead father did not work well in a 1800 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton. Daily, 10 PM. Cover (usually $5).
AM-5 PM. Info: • Sundays: Swing Dancing. 6-8 PM, includes
will never forget a minute of its footage dramatic format as they did in his stream or 301-962-1400. dance lesson.
not because it won five of those gold- of consciousness of the novel. Cheswick • Flower Buds. 2nd Monday of the month.
Garden related activities and stories for New Deal Cafe
plated statuettes, but because it was truly (Hugh Nees), Billy Bibbit (Matt Farabee) ages 3-5. $2; registration required (see Roosevelt Center, 113 Centerway, Greenbelt
one of those rare times when a movie and Martini (Michael Vitaly Sazonov)
• Displays: Spring Display ends April 12.
(mile north of Exit 23 of 495). 301-474-5642 or No cover.
actually outdoes the book on which it is added humor as well as pathos to the Summer Display runs April 25-Sept 27. • Tuesdays-Thursdays. Most nights til 9 PM,
Conservatory. Free. including Thurs open mic. No cover.
based. unfolding tale. • Friday-Saturday - live bands til 11 PM close.
Having written this unstinting praise The play disappoints in that it gives Brookside Nature Center No cover
1400 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton, next to Brook- • Sundays - Lute music during brunch, 11
of Kesey’s art and Forman’s film, an all-too early foreshadowing of the side Gardens. AM-1 PM.
reviewing a play with the same title, electric shock treatments as well as the • Family activities Tuesdays through Satur-
days, from 9 AM-5 PM, Sundays 1-5 PM, Piratz Tavern
characters, setting and themes becomes a lobotomy that effectively destroys the closed on Mondays and major holidays. 8402 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. Info: www. or 301-588-9001.
thorny assignment. person of McMurphy. The Big Nurse as For complete schedule of events see: www. or 301-946-9071. • Fridays: Live music. 10 PM until close (just
Any company who takes on a story characterized here is also no match for • Nature programs (ages 6-12): most after 1 AM).
Wednesdays and Thursdays, 4-5 PM. $4
that wrestles the dichotomies of reality McMurphy; not even vaguely. Even in or $5 fee. RSVP required: www.ParkPASS. Quarry House Tavern
and illusion, sanity and madness, justice his destruction, his character is stronger org. 8401 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. Info: 301-587-
and injustice has raised the bar of its and his struggle at the end gives strength Rock Creek Park Nature Center • Saturdays: Live music. 9:30 PM, $6 cover.
expectations. Round House Theatre to The Chief. 5200 Glover Rd., NW, DC. Open Wed-Sun. All
Red Dog Cafe
programs free. For complete schedule of events
is one of those “game” companies to The Director Jerry Whiddon and see: or 202-895-6239. 8301-A Grubb Road, off Hwy 410. Info: 301-588-
• Planetarium Shows. Saturdays and 6300 or
attempt to give the story the professional set designer Daniel Conway deserve Sundays at 1 PM (Winter Night Sky), • Sundays - live music, 6:30-9 PM.
treatment it merits. applause for bringing this play to the Saturdays and Sundays at 4 PM (Exploring
the Universe). Wednesdays at 4 PM (Young Savory Café
In the first place, the entire cast must Bethesda theatre. It is therapeutic for Planetarium). Sun March 29 (Exploring 7071 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park. Info: www.
be not just good actors; they must be top people of this generation to experience Mars).
• Creature Feature. Fridays (meet and feed • Saturdays: Takoma Zone. Bluegrass to rock
of the line. McMurphy must embody the tensions Kesey and Wasserman (the live animals), 4 PM. to zydeco. 7-11 PM. Free.
the antithesis of the stereotypical hero: playwright) portray in the ever-epic • Nature Hikes. Sat April 4 (Rapids Bridge, 2
Takoma Station
PM). Sun April 5 (Riley Springs, 2 PM). Sat
he must be bad and irreverently thumb struggle of good against evil. The Chief, April 11 (Shadows of Past, 2 PM). Sunday 6914 Fourth Street NW, DC. 202-829-1999 or
April 19 (Migatory Bird Walk, 10 AM). Sat
his nose at God, society, religion, and referring to the amazing events he is April 25 (Milkhouse Ford, 2 PM). See date • Wednesdays - Saturdays: Jazz, 8 PM-close.
hypocrites of all stripes, and yet he must about to recount, says in the first pages for details.
embody the only important virtue: love of the novel: “. . . it’s the truth even if it
• Nature Programs for ages 4 & up. Thurs-
days at 4 PM.
of his fellow man. Matthew Detmer didn’t happen.” Silver Spring Stage: “Columbinus.” April
makes us believe in McMurphy in the Live MUSIC 3-26, matinee April 12 & 26. Fri/Sat (8 PM). Sun
(2 PM). 10145 Colesville Rd. (Woodmoor Shop-
limited scenes of the play. Hollywood One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Artmosphere Café ping Center). $18-13. Info: or
often falls on its pancake made-up face runs until April 26 at The Round House 3311 Rhode Island Ave., Mt. Rainier. 301-927-
2233 or
by opening books up far too much, but Theatre Bethesda. 240-6440-1100. • Mondays: Jazz Happy Hour. 5-8 PM. Olney Theatre: “King of the Jews.” Thru
• Wednesdays: Comedy Night. 8 PM ($5-10). April 12. Sun & Wed (1:45 & 7:45 PM); Thurs-Sat
the Director lovingly preserved the Special $10 ticket offer for patrons 30 & • Thursdays: Neo-Soul Open mic. 9 PM. (7:45 PM). “Call of the Wild.” April 8-May
famous fishing trip in which Randle under. ($10). 3. Wed-Sat (8 PM), Sun (7:30 PM), Sat/Sun
• Fridays & Saturdays: Live bands. 9 PM- matinee (2 PM) 2001 Olney-Sandy Spring Road.
shone like the sun. In Round House’s Midnight. $10 (Fri), $15 (Sat). $38-48; student discount ($21.50-25). Info: www. or 301-924-3400.

36 VOICE • April 2009

Voice Calendar
Round House Presents: “FarFar Oasis” AM-3 PM). The Big Bad Woof, 117 Carroll St.
produced by Happenstance Theatre Co. April NW, DC. Free. Details: 202-291-2404 or www.
16-26. Thurs-Sat (8 PM). Sunday (3 & 7:30 PM),
8641 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring. $15/general;
$12/students. Info: 240-461-1100 or www.round- WORSHIP: Takoma Park Friends Meet- or 240-461-1100. ing (Quakers). Unprogrammed worship at 10
AM.. following Meeting for Worship: Potluck
Blair Mansion Dinner Theatre: “Dead lunch (April 5, 11:30 AM-1 PM). Second Hour
Dog Millionaire.” April 3-May 16. Opens 6:30 (adult education discussion (April 19). Meeting
PM. Thru March 28. Friday show at 8:30 PM; Sat for Worship for the Conduct of Business (April
Show at 8 PM. 7711 Eastern Ave. Silver Spring. 26). Everyone is welcome .Liz Lerman Dance
$49.99/dinner & show. Info: 301-688-1688 or Exchange, 7117 Maple Ave., Takoma Park, MD. Info: 301-270-4239.

Montgomery College Black Box The-

atre: “Contortion Comedy” with Jonathan
Burns. Park of Arts Alive! by Class Acts Arts. 6
CONTEST: Brainstormer pub trivia with
& 8 PM. Corner of Philadelphia and Chicago
prizes. 7 PM. McGinty’s Public House, 911 Ells-
Avenues on the TP/SS campus of Montgomery
worth Dr., Silver Spring. Free. Info: 301-587-1270
College. $15/general; $10/children. Info: 301-
588-4475 or

University of Maryland Clarice Smith TUESDAYS

Center: “Illusion” thru April 23-May 2. Tues/
Wed/Thurs (7:30 PM), Fri/Sat (8 PM), Sun (2 CARDS: Takoma Tuesdays Bridge Club.
PM). $25/general; $7/students. University Ave Open to all. 7-9:30 PM. Victory Tower Retirement
at Stadium Drive. Info: 301-405-ARTS or www. Center, 7051 Carroll Ave. Free. Info:
CHILDREN’S THEATRE CIVIC: Meet with the Mayor Bruce
Williams. 2-5 PM (by appointment); 5-7 PM
Imagination Stage: “Heidi.” April 4-May
(walk-ins). Third Floor, Takoma Park Community
17. Sat/Sun (12:30 & 3:30 PM ) plus Sat at 7
Center, 7500 Maple Ave. RSVP: 301-891-7230 or
PM. Spriing break matinees April 7-10 & 13.
4908 Auburn Ave, Bethesda. $10-20 ($10/
preview April 4-5). Info: 301-280-1660 or www.
CLASSES: Meditation with Wisdom Path
Healing Center. 7:30-9:30 PM. 7120 Carroll
Ave, Takoma Park. Free (donations welcome).
Adventure Theatre: “If You Give Mouse
Info: 301-891-2488 or
a Cookie.” Thru April 11. “Strega Nona”
opens April 24. Check website for times. Glen
CLUB: Club de conversation française.
Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd. $15/adult; $12/
7:30 PM. Savory Café, 7071 Carroll Ave. Info:
child. Info: 301-320-5331 or www.adventurethe-
GAMES-ALL AGES: Takoma Park Inter-
The Puppet Company: “Peter and the
generational Strategy Games Club. All
Wolf.” March 4-April 12. Fri (10 AM & 11:30
ages are welcome to play dozens of innovative
AM); Sat & Sun (11:30 AM & 1 PM). Glen Echo
strategy games. 7-9:30 PM at the Victory Tower
Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd. $10. Info: 301-320-
Retirement Center, 7051 Carroll Ave. Free. Info:
6668 or
contact John at 301-613-8297 or spineyone@ or
KIDS: Ms. Belle, folk guitar for kids. 10:30-
BIBLE SERVICES: Seekers Church. Inter- 11:30 AM. Mayorga Coffee, 8040 Georgia Ave.,
generational classes begin with 9:30 AM circle Silver Spring. Free. Info: www.thebiggestbelle.
time (share personal and community news), 10 com.
AM worship and 11:30 AM coffee and conver-
sation. 276 Carroll St. NW, Takoma DC. Info: KIDS: Neighborhood Circle Time (ages
202-829-9882. 18 mos.-5 yrs). Tuesdays at 10 AM & 11 AM.
Takoma Park MD Library, 101 Philadelphia Ave.
CLASSES: Meditation with Wisdom Path Info: 301-891-7259.
Healing Center. 9:30 AM-Noon. 7120 Carroll
Ave., Takoma Park. Free (donations welcome). SENIORS: Classics Club at City Place.
Info: 301-891-2488 or Book discussions and special events. First Tues-
day each month, Center Court, 8661 Colesville
DANCING: Waltzing and more. (3-6 PM) Rd., Silver Spring. Free. Info: 301-589-1091.
$8; Contra/Square Dance (7-10:30 PM) $12.
Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo Park, 7300 Mac-
Arthur Blvd. DC, inside the Beltway. Info: www. WEDNESDAYS or 301-634-2222.
CLUB MEETING: English Conversation
DRUMMING: TaKeTiNa with Marcus Club. Improve your language skill while learning
Sims. Use power of rhythm to increase self- about U.S. culture. 7 PM. Silver Spring Library,
awareness. First and third Sundays, 6-8:30 PM. 8901 Colesville Rd. Info: 240-773-9420.
Crossings, 8505 Fenton St., Silver Spring. Sug-
gested $25 donation. Info: or GAMES: Chess - beginners and experienced players. 3:30 PM. Long Branch Library, 8800
Garland Ave., Silver Spring. Info: 240-777-0910.
FARMERS MARKET: Takoma Park Farm-
ers Market. Year-round, 10 AM-2 PM. Laurel KIDS: Ms. Belle, folk guitar for kids. 5-6 PM.
Ave. at Carroll Ave. More info: takomaparkmar- Mayorga Coffee, 8040 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. Free. Info:

KIDS: Planetarium programs: Winter Night KIDS: Young Planetarium. 4 PM. Rock
Sky (1 PM) and Exploring the Universe (4 Creek Nature Center, 5200 Glover Road, NW off
PM). Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 Glover Military Rd. Free. Info: 202-895-6070 or www.
Rd. NW, DC off Military Rd. Free. Info: 202-895-
6070 or
FARMER’S MARKET: Crossroads Farm-
PETS: Animal Adoptions. Noon-2 PM. April ers Market (Holton at New Hampshire) closed
5 (greyhound), April 12 (cats), April 19 (cats), until spring. Info:
April 26 (National Variety Food Promotion, 10

April 2009 • VOICE 37

Voice Calendar
OPEN STUDIO: Letterpress Happy Hour KIDS: Planetarium programs: Winter rocr or 202-895-6239. Willow Street Gallery. Info: w202-882-0740 or
at Pyramid Atlantic. Share printing techniques. Night Sky (1 PM) and Exploring the Uni-
2nd and 4th Wednesday. $20 (members, $10). verse (4 PM). Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 POLITICS: Evening with Muriel Coun-
6:30-8:30 PM. 8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Glover Rd. NW, DC off Military Rd. Free. Info: cilmemeber Bowser of DC. 6-7:30 PM. CELEBRATION: City of Takoma Park’s
Spring. Must RSVP: 301-608-9102 or www. 202-895-6070 or Culture Shop, 341 Cedar Stree, NW DC. $10 Arbor Day. Free tree giveaway, information donation for Bowser’s chosen charity (Avon tables. 10 AM-2 PM. Library grounds, 101 Phila-
MARKET: Silver Spring Farmer’s Market. Walk). RSVP by March 31: 202-726-2221 or delphia Ave. Info: City’s
POKER NIGHT: at McGinty’s Public Closed Until May 2009. Ellsworth Drive between “Mock Election” held concurrently, to test
House. 911 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring. Free Fenton St, and Georgia Ave. Info: www.fresh- new voting machines. See VOLUNTEER below.
to play. Info: or VOLUNTEER: Potomac Watershed
301-587-1270. Cleanup. 9 AM-Noon. More than 400 sites, CELEBRATION: National Cherry Blos-
PETS: Animal Adoptions. Noon-3 PM. April Including Cleanup of Fenwick tributary (original som Festival Fireworks. Musical Prelude
4 (cats), Apirl 18 (dogs), April 25 (dogs and cats). Silver Spring (1801 East Beach Drive NW DC). (5-6:30 PM at Waterfront Park), Display (8:30-9
THURSDAYS The Big Bad Woof, 117 Carroll St. NW, DC. Free. Details: 301292-5659 or www.potomaccleanup. PM). Southwest Waterfront, 7th Street & Maine
Check for details: or org or Ave. SW).
DRUMMING: A Different Drum. Kids block 202-291-2404.
(5-6 PM), Instruction Block (6-7 PM), Open Jam THEATRE: “Lumina’s Revenge of the DANCE: Virginia Repertory Dance Com-
(7-8 PM). Contradiction Dance, 7014 Westmore- SUPPORT: NAMI Connection Support Surreal Plays.” 3 & 7 PM. Roundhouse The- pany. 8 PM. Dance Place, 3225 8th Street, NE
land Ave., Ste A, Takoma Park. $15 for instruc- Group, for those with any kind of mental health atre. See April 3. DC. $22; $8/age 2-17. Info: 303-389-2600 or
tion/jam; kids or jam session by $5 donation. Info: diagnosis, sponsored by Silver Spring Drop-In or 703-568-3813. Center. Second & fourth Saturdays, 3-4:30 PM.
7961 Eastern Ave., first floor (half mile from SS Sunday, April 5 GARDENING: Daffodil Show. 2-5 PM, also
KIDS: Ms. Belle, folk guitar for kids. 10:30- Metro). Free; drop-in basis. Info: 301-589-2303 Sunday, April 12. Brookside Gardens, 1800
11:30 AM. Mayorga Coffee, 8040 Georgia Ave., X 108. FESTIVAL: Tastes of Takoma. Columbia Glenallan Ave., Wheaton. 301-962-1400 or www.
Silver Spirng. Free. Info: www.thebiggestbelle. Union College Campus, Flower at Carroll Aves.
com. VOLUNTEER: Invasive Plant Removal Noon-6 PM.
sponsored by Audubon Society. Rock Creek NATURE: Shadows of the Past, two-mile
KIDS: Crafts at Pyramid Atlantic Com- Park, East-West Highway at Beach Drive (first NATURE: Riley Springs Hike (1.5 miles) for hike looking for man’s impact on urban forest for
munity Store. Instructor leads different crafts Saturday of month) and Underground Railroad ages 8 and up. 2 PM. Rock Creek Nature Center, ages 8 and up. 2 PM. Rock Creek Nature Center,
every week, suitable for ages 7 and up. 4-6 PM. Park, 16501 Norwood Road, Sandy Spring (sec- 5200 Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: www.nps. 5200 Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: www.nps.
924 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring. $10/material ond Saturday of month). 10 AM-Noon (regardless gov/rocr or 202-895-6239. gov/rocr or 202-895-6239.
and instruction. RSVP: in store or jdominguez@ of weather). RSVP: 240-398-3635 or Jeremy (limit 8). Arling at THEATRE: Lumina’s “Revenge of the VOLUNTEER: “Mock Election” Test. All
Surreal Plays.” 3 PM. Roundhouse Theatre. ages welcome to try out the Scantegrity voting
MEETING: Monument Toastmasters See April 3.
Club dinner meeting. Learn art of public speak- Wednesday, April 1 system and give city your feedback. 10 AM-2 PM
(during city’s Arbor Day Celebration). Takoma
ing. First and third Thursdays, 7-9 PM, Vicino’s
Restaurant, 959 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, (south BOOK GROUP: “The Beautiful Things Monday, April 6 Park Community Center, 7500 Maple Ave. Info:
Jessie Carpenter at 301-891-7267 or JessieC@
of Wayne, just before overpass). Menu: $4 and that Heaven Bears.” African American Book
CONCERT: Giveway (Scottish traditional and
up. Info: Lisa Covi, 301-588-2990 or covi@umd. Group. 7 PM. Silver Spring Library, 8901 Coles-
ville Rd. Info: 240-773-9420. folk music). Institute of Musical Traditions Series.
edu. BENEFIT: Clothing Drive for Progress
7:30 PM. St. Mark Presbyterian Church. 10701
Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville. $15/advance; Place at Kefa Cafe. Bring adult clothing or new
OPEN STUDIO: Papermaking Society.
2nd and 4th Thursday. $20 (members, $10).
Thursday, April 2 $20/door. Info: 301-754-3611 or packages of underwear and get 15% food dis-
count and tax-deductible receipts. 10 AM-Noon.
6:30-8:30 PM. 8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver BOOK GROUP: Barack Obama’s 963 Bonifant St, Silver Spring. Info: 301-589-
KIDS: Bedtime Stories, teddy bears and pjs
Spring. Must RSVP: 301-608-9102 or www. “Dreams from My Father.” Friends of 9337.
welcome. 7-7:30 PM. Takoma Park MD Library, Takoma Park MD Library. 7:30 PM. Community 301 Philadelphia Ave. Info: 301-891-7259.
Center Rose Room, 7500 Maple Ave. Info: 301-
Sunday, April 12
FRIDAYS 891-7259.
Wednesday, April 8 HAPPY EASTER!
DANCING: Contra Dancing at Glen Echo.
7:30-11:30 PM. Spanish Ballroom, $9. Glen Echo
Friday, April 3 LECTURE: “Sculpture and the Visual GARDENING: Daffodil Show, 9 AM-4 PM.
Storyteller” with Sculptor Ivan Schwartz (new Brookside Gardens, see April 11.
Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd., DC. $10-13. Info: ART: Reception for Artists of “Heal- sculpture at Lincoln Cottage). 1 PM. Resource ing Images: Creative Expressions of Center, Montgomery College at TP/SS (Room SPIRITUAL: Monthly Circle of Connec-
Survival.” 6:30-8:30 PM. (Exhibit up for rest of 204). Free. Info: 240-567-7970 or www.mont-
DISCUSSION: Chat & Chew on Relation- tion, sponsored by Becoming, an interpath pan-
April). Kefa Cafe, 963 Bonifant St., Silver Spring.
ships. 6-8 PM Highland Origin Coffee, 8200 theist circle in DC. 3 PM, ritual at 3:15, potluck
Info: 301-589-9337.
Fenton St., Silver Spring. Free. Info: 301-238- to follow. $10-15 suggested donation. Info: www.
4396 or THEATRE: “Revenge of the Surreal Thursday, April 9
Plays” presented by Lumina Theatre. 7 PM.,
KIDS: Ms. Belle, folk guitar for kids. 10:30-
11:30 AM plus 12:30-1:30 PM. Mayorga Coffee,
also April 4 & 5. Round House Theatre, 8641 NATURE: Explore the Forest for ages 3
and up. 4 PM. Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200
Monday, April 13
Colesville Rd., Silver Spring. $15/adults; $8/
8040 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. Free. Info: youth. Info: 301-565-2281 or www.luminastudio. Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: CONCERT: Dede Wyland CD Release org. rocr or 202-895-6239. “Keep the Light on!” Institute of Musical Tradi-
tions Series. 7:30 PM. St. Mark Presbyterian
KIDS: Creature Feature. Meet live animals
and help feed them. 4 PM, Rock Creek Nature Saturday, April 4 Friday, April 10 Church. 10701 Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville.
$15/advance; $20/door. Info: 301-754-3611 or
Center, 5200 Glover Rd. NW, DC off Military Rd.
ART: Reception for Emerging Artists Ex-
Free. Info: 202-895-6070 or ART: Pyramid Atlantic Open House cel-
ebrates five years with Glass artist Karll Minnick. hibition (from Montgomery College School of
Art & Design) 4-6 PM. Pyramid Atlantic Commu- FAMILY: African American Family Day at
5-8 PM. 8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring.
SATURDAYS Free. Info: nity Arts Store, 924 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring. the Zoo. Easter egg roll, performances, crafts.
Info: 11 AM-4 PM. National Zoo, 3001 Connecticut
COMEDY: Laugh Riot at the Hyatt - Live Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008. You can
FAMILY: Takoma Park Annual Egg Hunt.
standup comedy show plus joke contest ($25 DANCING: Slow Blues and Swing Dance get to the Zoo by taking public transportation and
Four rounds of egg gathering (ages 2 and under,
prize). 8-10 PM. Hyatt Regency, 7400 Wisconsi- at Glen Echo. 8 PM-Midnight (beginner lesson driving. Free. Info:
3-4, 5-6 and 7-8). 11 AM, sharp! at Wilhelm Field,
nAve., Bethesda. $10 cash admission. Info: 301- y7510 Maple Avenue, behind Piney Branch at 8 PM). Bumper Car Pavilion. 7300 MacAr-
657-1234 or thur Blvd. $14. Info: 703-634-2231 or Donna@ KIDS: Flower Buds. Garden related activities
Elementary. Free. Info: 301-901-7290. and stories for ages 3-5. Brookside Gardens,
COMPUTERS: Beginner classes for 1400 Glenallen Rd., Wheaton. $2; registration
FAMILY: Eggstravaganza - Egg Hunt, crafts,
webpages & catalog access. 9:15 AM. White Oak GARDENING: Plant Sale sponsored by Boy required (see Info: www.
refreshments for children 1-12. 10:30 AM-Noon.
Library, 11701 New Hampshire, Silver Spring. Scout Troop 249. 8 AM-8 PM, continues April 11.
Takoma Park DC Library, 416 Cedar St. NW, DC.
RSVP: 240-773-9555. Info: 202-576-7252. Variety of flowers for $5 and up. Mulch also avail-
able. Marvin Memorial United Methodist Church,
DANCING: Swing Dancing. 8 PM-Midnight. FAMILY: Many World Cultures Series 33 University Ave East (across from Blair High Tuesday, April 14
Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacAr- explores Caribbean music with Goombay, spon- School). Info: Tanya at 301-593-8835across from
thur Blvd., DC, inside Beltway. $13-18 (depend- sored by Long Branch Library. 2 PM (Book Sale Blair High. BOOKCLUB: “Infidel.” 7 PM. White Oak Li-
ing on band). Info: starts at 11 AM). brary, 11701 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring.
ENGLISH CLUB: English Conversation
Club. Improve skills and learn about U.S. cul-
NATURE: Rapids Bridge Hike, 2-mile
guided hike for ages 8 and up (boots recom-
Saturday, April 11 KIDS: Pajama Story Time. Infant to six with
ture. 11 AM. Long Branch Library, 8800 Garland mended). 2 PM. Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 Happy Arbor Day! adult, pjs and stuffed animals welcome. 7 PM.
Ave., Silver Spring. Free. Info: 240-777-0910. Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: Takoma Park DC Library, 416 Cedar St. NW, DC.
ART: A.Salon Open Studio Tour. 1-6 PM. Info: 202-576-7252

38 VOICE • April 2009

Voice Calendar
LECTURE: The Truth About Psychic FAMILY: The Recycle Lady. Kaleidoscope
Detectives with Benjamin Radford, sponsored Family Performance of Class Acts Arts. 2 PM.
by Capital Area Skeptics. 7:30 PM. Bethesda Woodside Methodist Church, 8900 Georgia Ave.,
Library, 7400 Arlington Rd. Free. Info: 301-587- Silver Spring. $7/advance; $10/door. Info: www.
3827 or

FAMILY: Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Li-

Wednesday, April 15 bros for babies through preschoolers. 10:30 AM-
Noon. Takoma Park MD Library, 301 Philadelphia
BOOK GROUP: TITLE. 2 PM. Long Branch Ave. Info: 301-891-7259.
Library, 8800 Garland Ave., Silver Spring. Free.
Info: 240-777-0910. FAMILY: Fireside Chat (7:30 PM) and Ex-
ploring the Night Sky (8 PM) via telescope
BOOK SIGNING: Crime novelist Laura with National Capital Astronomers (canceled if
Lippman reads from “Life Sentences.” 7-9 PM. rain). Military Road Field. near Picnic Grove 13.
(See book club on April 21). White Oak Library, Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 Glover Rd.,
11701 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring. Free. NW, DC. Free. Info: 202-895-6239 or www.nps.
Invo: 240-773-9555. gov/rocr.
GARDENING: Rejuvenating the Estab- FUNDRAISER: University United Meth-
lished Garden, sponsored by Takoma Horti- odist Church rummage sale. 9 AM-2 PM.
cultural Club. 7 PM. Azalea Room, Takoma Park See April 18.
Community Center, 7500 Maple Ave. Info: www. OPEN HOUSE Clean Energy Open
House. Solar panels, biodiesel & hybrid cars,
Thursday, April 16 wind power certificates, test ddrive tofu-powered
lawn mower. Sponsored by Chesapeake Climate
BOOKS: “War and Peace,” Friends of Action Network and Chesapeake Native Nursery.
Takoma Library’s ongoing discussion. 7:30 PM. 1-4 PM. 7125 Willow Ave., Takoma Park. Free.
Takoma Park Community Center, 7500 Maple Info: 240-396-2025 or email jay@chesapeakecli-
Ave. Info: 301-891-7259.\.

KIDS: Our Solar System for ages 5 and up. VOLUNTEER: “Sweep the Creek” Clean
4 PM. Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 Glover Up, sponsored by Friends of Sligo Creek. 9-11
Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: or AM. Collect litter in 8 locations along the Creek
202-895-6239. (two more on Sunday). Dress to work in water.
Gloves, bags and drinking water provided. De-
tails of locations:
POETRY: Takoma Park Thursday series
features May Beth Hatem, Robin Schafer, VOLUNTEER: Long Branch Earth Day
adn JoAnne Growney. 7:30 PM. Takoma Park Clean-up, sponsred by Silver Spring Regional
Community Center, 7500 Maple Ave. Free. Info: Center. 9 AM-Noon. Long Branch Community
301-891-7224. Center, 8700 Piney Branch Rd. Bags and gloves
provided; first 100 receive T-shirts. Details: 240-
777-3652 or Cythia.buter@montgomerycoun-
Friday, April 17

CONCERT: Michael G. Ronstadt & Josh VOLUNTEER: Earth Day Cleanup at the
Hisle, “Lost in Holland” acoustic, unplugged Zoo. (meet in Picnic Pavillion next to Mane Res-
house concert, sponsored by dawsonconcerts. taurant). 8 AM-Noon. 3001 Connecticut Avenue
8-10:30 PM. 12914 Acorn Hollow Lane, Silver NW, Washington, DC. Info: www.nationalzoo.
Spring. Donation: $15, includes refreshments,
potluck welcome. Info: dawsonconcerts@aol.
com or 301-949-1888. VOLUNTEER: Orientation for Rock
Creek Park volunteers. Must be 18. 2 PM, fol-
FUNDRAISER: University United Meth- lowed by Rapids Bridge Hike. Rock Creek Nature
odist Church rummage sale. Proceeds Center, 5200 Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info:
benefit church’s missions. 9 AM-6 PM, also Sat- or 202-895-6239.
urday. 3621 Campus Drive, College Park. Info: or 301-422-1400. Sunday, April 19
FUNDRAISER: Montgomery Blair Fair
and PTSA Auction plus Mr./Ms. Blazer honoring Mother Earth
contest. 5:30-9:00 PM. 51 University Ave East
(at Colesville). Info: or 302-649- ART: Spring Art Workshop. Create art
2800. from nature. Bring your favorite plant, flower,
something from the garden or the outdoors or
TEENS: Comics Jam. Bring comics to read just bring yourself. We’ll draw and add color with
and share. 4 PM. Takoma Park MD Library, 301 pastels and paint. No experience necessary. $20.
Philadelphia Ave. Info: 301-791-7259. Call 240-899-4193 or emai artrhythmz@gmail.
com or
THEATRE: “ESOL Stories.” Theatrical col-
lage of original stories and skits by adult ESOL CONCERT: Ensemble Galilei. Stories fromt
students from around the world. 7:30 PM. Azalea he edge of the world. 7:30 PM. Clarice Smith
Room, Takoma Park Community Center, 7500 Concert Hall, University Ave at Stadium Drive.
Maple Avc. Free. Info: 301-270-2114 or leslie. $35; $7/student. Info: 301-405-ARTS or www.

DANCE: Deborah Riley Dance Project. 7

Saturday, April 18 PM. Dance Place. See April 18.
ASTRONOMY: Space-Time Invariance &
FESTIVAL: Earth Day/Junction Day spon-
Quantum Gravity. Continuing series at Mont-
sored by Old Takma Business Association. Co-op
gomery College Planetarium. 7 PM. 7651 Fenton
Parking lot (Ethan Allen at Carroll) plus sidewalk
Street, Silver Spring. Info: 240-567-1463 or www.
sale and street performers at Takoma Junction.
10 AM-6 PM. Free. Info:

GARDENING: Bonsai Exhibit. 9 AM-5

DANCE: Deborah Riley Dance Project.
PM. Rose Garden at Brookside Gardens, 1800
8 PM, repeats April 19. Dance Place, 3225 8th
Glenallan Ave., Wheaton. 301-962-1400 or www.
Street, NE DC. $22; $8/age 2-17. Info: 303-389-
2600 or

April 2009 • VOICE 39

Voice Calendar

NATURE: Migratory Bird Walk for ages 8 PERFORMANCE: Laser Light Show
and up. 10 AM. Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 with Doris Justis & Sam McGee. 8 PM.
Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: Montgomery College Planetarium, 7651 Fenton
rocr or 202-895-6239. Street, Silver Spring. Info: 240-567-1463 or www.
OPEN HOUSE: Interfaith Familities
Project of Greater Washington. Visit our Gath- VOLUNTEER: Garlic Mustard Pull along
ering (Service), learn about IFFP, visit Sunday Sligo Creek (as well as in all participating County
School classes. Rev. Julie Jarvis and Rabbi Parks). County Department of Parks will award
Harold White. Albert Einstein High School, 11135 prizes for most vines pulled. Info:
Newport Mill Rd, Kensington. RSVP appreciated: RIPEventSched.htm
YOUTH: Job Fair for Ages 16-21. Noon-4
OPEN HOUSE: Religious School at PM. Silver Plaza, Ellsworth Drive. Info: www.
Temple Shalom. 9:30-10:30 Am and Noon-1
PM. Pre-K through grade 12. East-West Hwy at
Grubb Rd., Chevy Chase. info: 301-587-2273 or
Sunday, April 26
CONCERT: Ottley Music School pres-
PARENTING: Children’s Literature and
ents Piano Masters in Concert. 4 PM.
Parenting Values, sponsored by Takoma At-
First United Methodist Church, 6201 Belcrest
tachment Parenting. Bring books to share. 3:30-
Rd., Hyattsville. Free, but donations support
5:30 PM, followed by potluck. Heffner Community
Foundation for the Advancement of Music &
Center, 42 Oswego Ave. Free. Info: 301-864-

Got hometown spirit?

Education. Info: 301-454-0991 or www.ottleymu-
1889 or
RUNNING: Earth Day 5K through down-
DANCE: Deviated Theatre. 7 PM. Dance
town Silver Spring, sponsored by Pacers and
Place. See April 25.
The Nature Conservancy. 8:30 AM. Info: www.
April 25
Don’t miss the Takoma Park party of the year. The Azalea Awards, celebrate FESTIVAL: Shakespeare’s Birthday
Open House at Folger Theatre. Jugglers
VOLUNTEER: “Sweep the Creek” Clean the people who make our hometown great. This annual event—co-sponsored and jesters, music and theater performances,
Up, 9-11 AM. See details at April 18 (above) or
by the Takoma Voice and the Takoma Foundation—features music by birthday cake, and a tour of the Folger’s reading
Takoma Zone, food, door prizes, and a whole lot of community spirit. From rooms! Noon-4 PM. 201 East Capitol Street, SE
DC. Free. Info: or 202-544-4600.
Monday, April 20 5:30 - 8:30 at the Takoma Park Community Center, 7600 Maple Avenue.
FUNDRAISER: Friends of Brookside
CONCERT: Bruce Molsky & Darol Angor. Vote online for nominees: Gardens Silent Auction. 1-4 PM. Brookside
Institute of Musical Traditions Series. 7:30 Gardens, 1800 Glenallan Ave., Wheaton. 301-
PM. St. Mark Presbyterian Church. 10701 Old 962-1400 or
Georgetown Rd., Rockville. $17/advance; $22/
door. Info: 301-754-3611 or KIDS: Exploring Mars. Navigate a “rover” on
Mars surface. 11 AM. Rock Creek Nature Center,
POETRY - Writing a Village Workshop, Marian Koshland Science Museum, 6th and E 5200 Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: www.nps.
led by Anne Becker. Bring a poem and 20 copies streets, N.W., (Gallery Place or Judiciary square gov/rocr or 202-895-6239.
to share. 7:30-9:30. Takoma Park Community Mero). $7; $5/students. Info: 202-334-1201 or CLASS: First Time Home Buyer Work-
Center, 7500 Maple Ave. Info: sarad@takoma- shop, sponsored by City of Takoma Park. 8:30- VOLUNTEER: Main Street Takoma or 301-891-7224. AM-1:30 PM. (in Spanish). Takoma Park Com- Clean-up Day, sponsored by Old Takoma
munity Center, 7500 Maple Ave. Free. Limited
TWEENS: Banned Book Club for grades 6
Thursday, April 23 space, RSVP: 301-891-7222.
Business Association. Make the city sparkle. 9
AM-Noon. Gather at Laurel Ave. under the clock,
and up. This month: “Of Mice and Men.” Takoma Morrison Park at the Junction or Triangle Park
CONCERT: Kathy Mattea. 8 PM. Clarice DANCE: Deviated Theatre premieres
Park MD Library, 301 Philadelphia Ave. RSVP on 4th Street in Disrict. Gloves and bags, mulch
Smith Concert Hall, University Ave at Stadium “Lore.” 8 PM, repeats April 26. Dance Place,
required: 301-891-7259 or and plantings provided. Info: www.MainStreet-
Drive. $35; $7/student. Info: 301-405-ARTS or 3225 8th Street, NE DC. $22; $8/age 2-17. Info:
library/registration.html. 303-389-2600 or

Tuesday, April 21 FORUM: Global Climate Change Science DANCING: Cajun & Zydeco Party with Monday, April 27
Cafe: Problems and Solutions. Informal Squeeze Bayou at Glen Echo. 9 PM-Midnight
BENEFIT: Takoma Park JazzFest Day at discussion hosted by American Chemical Society. (beginner lesson at 8 PM). $12. Bumper Car CONCERT: Andes Manta (Andes folk mu-
Mark’s Kitchen. Noon-9 PM. Portion of re- 6:30-8 PM. Marian Koshland Science Museum, Pavillion, 7300 MacArthur Blvd. Info: 301-762- sic). Institute of Musical Traditions Series. 7:30
ceipts supports JazzFes on June 14. 7006 Carroll 6th and E streets, N.W., (Gallery Place or Judicia- 6730 or PM. St. Mark Presbyterian Church. 10701 Old
Ave., Takoma Park. Info: 301-270-1884 orwww. ry square Mero). $7; $5/students. Info: 202-334- DANCING: Georgetown Rd., Rockville. $15/advance; $20/ 1201 or door. Info: 301-754-3611 or
FAMILY: “Contortion Comedy” with
BOOK CLUB: “Laura Lippman’s “Sugan KIDS: Who “Dung” It in Rock Creek Jonathan Burns. Part of Arts Alive! by Class KIDS: Intro to Opera for Children.
House,” Mystery Book Club. 7 PM. White Park. Learn animal identification, ages 5 and up. Acts Arts. 6 & 8 PM. Black Box Theatre, corner Washington National Opera presents “Madame
Oak Library, 11701 New Hampshire Ave., Silver 4 PM. Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 Glover of Philadelphia and Chicago Avenues on the TP/ Butterfly for ages 4-10. 7 PM. PLACE.
Spring. 240-773-9555. Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: or SS campus of Montgomery College. $15/general;
BOOK GROUP: “Rise of Theodore
$10/children. Info: 301=588=4475 pr www/clas- Tuesday, April 28
Roosevelt” by Edmuch Morris. 7:30 PM. Silver
Spring Library, 8901 Colesville Rd. RSVP: 240-
Friday, April 24 BOOK CLUB: “Theft: A Love Story,” by
FAMILY: French Bilingual Circle Time. Peter Carey. 10:30 AM. White Oak Library,
773- 9420. FUNDRAISER: Change for China: Sich- 10:30 Am. Takoma Park MD Library, 101 Phila- 11701 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring. 240-
uan Benefit Concert, sponsored by Blair delphia Ave. Info: 301-891-7259. 773-9555.
FUNDRAISER: Spring Fling benefits Dupont High School Communication Arts Program. Food,
Circle Main Streets. 6-9 PM. Silent Auction at dancing, local bands including Sitali and Uncle FAMILY: Saturday Crafternoon - story and
Carnegie Institution, 16th at P. $25 includes
food and open bar. info:
Chunky. 7-10:30 PM. 51 University Blvd. East, seasonal craft for ages 4 and up with adult. 2
PM. Takoma Park DC Library, 416 Cedar St. NW,
Wednesday, April 29
Silver Spring (at Colesville). Suggested donation
springfling.htm. $5. Info: or 301-593-3970. DC. Info: 202-576-7252.
PARENTING: Helping Shy Adolescents
Make Friends. Nora School Lecture Series.
Wednesday, April 22 ART: Opening Reception for Sheila FESTIVAL: Maryland Day at University
of Maryland, College Park —“Explore Our
7-8:30 PM. 955 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring. Free.
Blake’s Takoma Park (paintings), 6-8 PM. info: 301-495-6672 or
FORUM: Creative Dialogues: Living in Exhibit continues through May. Atrium Gallery, World,” performances and workshops, sneak
Our Landscape with musician Kathy Mattea, Takoma Park Community Center, 7500 Maple peek at upcoming artists. 10 AM-4 PM. Multiple
POETRY: Spring for Poetry. Come write
manager Brian Allenby, guitarist Adrian Zelski. Avenue. Free. Info: 301-891-7224. venues. Free. Details: www.marylandday.umd.
poetry with poets Rosanne Singer and Elizabeth
Musicians going green. 7 PM. Recital Hall, edu.
Rees. Takoma Park MD Library, 301 Philadelphia
NATURE: Milkhouse Ford Hike, 1.5 mile
Clarice Smith Center,University Ave at Stadium
Drive. Free. Info: 301-405-ARTS or www.clarice-
Saturday, April 25 guided hike for ages 8 and up (boots recom-
Ave. RSVP required: 301-891-7259 or www. mended). 2 PM. Rock Creek Nature Center,
AWARDS: Azalea Awards honors Best in 5200 Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: www.nps.
Takoma Park. Sponsored by Takoma Foundation gov/rocr or 202-895-6239.
POETRY: Earth Day Poetry Slam. New and Takoma Voice. 5:30-8:30 PM. Takoma Park
slant on climate change solutions. 6:30-8:30 PM. Community Center, 7500 Maple Ave. Info: www.
40 VOICE • April 2009
Voice Calendar

Thursday, April 30 WALKING TOUR - History Takoma’ An-

nual House and Garden Tour explores
KIDS: Discovering the Moon for ages 5 North Takoma district near Montgomery College.
and up. 4 PM. Rock Creek Nature Center, 5200 Brochures with house locations available on day
Glover Rd., NW, DC. Free. Info: of tour. 1-5 PM. Tickets $15/advance or $20/
rocr or 202-895-6239. online or day of event. Info: www.historictakoma.
POETRY: Favorite Poem Celebration.
Share your favorite poet and their work in read- RUNNING: Takoma Park 5-K Challenge,
aloud roundtable. 7:30 PM. Takoma Park MD sponsored by Takoma Foundation. Begins at
Library, 301 Philadelphia Ave. Register poem Takoma Park Community, 7500 Maple Ave. and
in advance: 301-891-7259 or email ellenr@ follows Sligo Creek. Info:

SEMINAR: Conservation Partnering:

Monday, May 4
Invasive Species Management for Suc- CONCERT: Happy 92th Birthday Pete
cessful Watershed Protection. Sponsored Seeger - Various artists offer tribute (Seeger is
by Wildlife Habitat Council. 8 AM-4 PM. Naval not attending). Proceeds support Hudson River
Support Facility Carderrock, Building 40, 9500 Sloop Clearwater ( Institute
MacArthur Blvd., West Bethesda. Free but RSVP of Musical Traditions Series. 7:30 PM. St. Mark
required: ConservationTrainingRSVP@gmail. Presbyterian Church. 10701 Old Georgetown
com. or 240-247-0912. Dtails: Rd., Rockville. $20/advance; $25/door. Info: 301-
events. 754-3611 or

Friday, May 1 Saturday, May 9

PERFORMANCE: May Day Dancing, with DANCE: Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh
Foggy Bottom Morris Men. Sunrise. Takoma Park and Company. 8 PM, repeats May 10. Dance
Gazebo, Carroll Avenue. Place, 3225 8th Street, NE DC. $22; $8/age 2-17.
Info: 303-389-2600 or
Saturday, May 2
FESTIVAL: Greenbelt Green Man Festi-
ASTRONOMY: Search of Extraterrestrial val. Music, vendors, films, food, crafts, environ-
Intelligence. Continuing series at Montgomery mental awareness. 10 AM-7 PM, repeats Sunday.
College Planetarium. 7 PM. 7651 Fenton Street, Greenbelt Center, Greenbelt. Free. Info: www.
Silver Spring. Info: 240-567-1463 or www.mont-

DANCE: Keo Woolford’s I Land, part of

Sunday, May 10
Dance is the Answer Festival. 8 PM, also May 3. FESTIVAL: Green Man Festival. 10 AM-7
Dance Place, 3225 8th Street, NE DC. $22; $8/ PM. Greenbelt. See May 9.
age 2-17. Info: 303-389-2600 or SPIRITUAL: Monthly Circle of Connec-
tion, sponsored by Becoming, an interpath pan-
FAMILY: Many World Cultures Series theist circle in DC. 3 PM, ritual at 3:15, potluck to
offers an Indian performance with Spilling Ink, follow. Class at 4:45 PM (Power of Names and
sponsored by Long Branch Library. 2 PM. 8800 Words) offered in odd-numbered months. $10-15
Garland Ave., Silver Spring. Free. Info: 240-777- suggested donation. Info:

FESTIVAL: Community Center Unity Monday, May 11

Festival (11 AM-2 PM); Celebrity Basket-
ball Game (2 PM). benefits the Long Branch CONCERT: Tanglefoot - Final Tour. Institute
Athletic Association. 8700 Piney Branch Rd., of Musical Traditions Series. 7:30 PM. St. Mark
Silver Spring. $5 suggested donation. Info: 301- Presbyterian Church. 10701 Old Georgetown
576-00285. Rd., Rockville. $17/advance; $22/door. Info: 301-
754-3611 or or www.tanglefoot-
FESTIVAL: Herdeljezi International Rom
(Gypsy) Music & Dance Festival. Daytime KIDS: Flower Buds. Garden related activities
Classes in Romani dance & music from Turkey, and stories for ages 3-5. Brookside Gardens,
Russia, India and the Balkans, Romani craft 1400 Glenallen Rd., Wheaton. $2; registration
Bazaar and Evening Dance Party with Live required (see Info: www.
Gypsy Music. Classes, 11 AM-5:00 PM. Evening
Party, 7-11:00 PM. Paint Branch Unitarian Uni-
versalist Church, Adelphi. Classes: $20, Party
Tickets: $30/Adults, $25/Students & Seniors, Saturday, May 16
$15/Kids 7-16, under 6 are free. All Day Festival
Passes: $50. Info: 571-332-4865 or www.wm- CLASS: First Time Home Buyer Work- shop, sponsored by City of Takoma Park.
8:30- AM-1:30 PM. (in Spanish). Takoma Park
FUNDRAISER: Arthritis Walk Greenbelt Community Center, 7500 Maple Ave. Limited
(three-mile and one-mile course). 9 AM-Noon. space, RSVP: 301-891-7222.
Eleanor Roosevelt High School, No fee to
register, pledge minimum $100 (for T-shirt). Info: Church, 8900 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. $7/ or 202-537-6800. advance; $10/door. Info:

Sunday May 3 Sunday May 17

DANCE: Keo Woolford, 7 PM. Dance Place. FESTIVAL: Taste of Wheaton. Billy Coulter
See May 2. Band plays 1:30-3 PM. Reedie Dr. and Grand-
view Ave.
FESTIVAL: Audubon Nature Fair. Music
with Washington Revels and Banjo Man Frank
Cassel among others, Stories local artaicans,
native plants and hands-on nataure activities. 11
Am-4 PM. Kids Free Adults $5. www.audubon-
naturalist.og. WHERE.

April 2009 • VOICE 41

School Scene • Sue Katz Miller

Psst! Pass it down....

Sue hands out the latest school gossip

I Psst! Hope for writing

n April, cherry blossoms drift through the 2009-2010 school year and delivered to seven periods next year will be that
the sunshine, student minds warm to the Grosvenor “holding school” on the humanities magnet students cannot take
and wander, and information starts border of Bethesda and Kensington. “It’s both foreign language and an arts elective instruction?
to flow behind the teacher’s back. In the been an easier process than I anticipated,” such as band or orchestra. There are other
says PTA co-President Nina Garfield, middle schools (including the three Magnet Perhaps you missed the fact that MCPS
1970s, I would fold a paper note up into a
mother of a current first-grader. “We’ve Consortium schools) getting funding to staff presented an elaborate defense of
small square or triangle, and decorate the the writing curriculum at the March 23rd
been working with the staff, the teachers, support eight-period schedules. So one
front with psychedelic Peter Max bubble Board of Education meeting. I almost
the parents, the county, in a really has to think Eastern parents are correct
letters drawn with fine-line markers. As the constructive way.” In May, there will be in interpreting the schedule change as an missed it myself, since it was listed on
note passed from hand to hand below the weekend tours of Grosvenor for incoming erosion of support for the magnet program. the agenda under the vague title “Literacy
desktops, everyone in the row could admire parents and students. Frequently asked But magnet parents may have made a Education.” In a memorandum on this topic
the artwork spelling out “Sandy” or “Paul.” questions about the move are posted at strategic error in not stressing how the to the Board on the morning of the meeting,
Nowadays, I guess maybe students text eight-period schedule also benefits non- Superintendent Jerry Weast admitted “we
on the sly instead. Anyway, in the sneaky html. Many parents remain concerned magnet students and creates social cohesion have more work to do to ensure continued
spirit of spring, I pass you the current about the longer bus ride, since the holding at the school. MCPS has countered with improvements in student achievement,
school gossip. school is half an hour away. Some students an offer to let Eastern students stay after sustained implementation, and stakeholder
who have been walkers, however, are school for an extra period of instruction buy-in.” That last point was made
attracted by the idea of that big yellow bus three days per week. This will presumably abundantly clear at the meeting, when
Psst! Takoma Park so often depicted in children’s song and not be a popular solution. various Board members pointed out that
parent stakeholders remain unconvinced
Elementary On the Move literature. Says Garfield, “My daughter is
really looking forward to finally taking a that the system is delivering adequate
school bus.” Psst! Wacky boundary instruction in spelling, vocabulary-
The construction zone on Holly Avenue
will begin even before school ends this options building, handwriting, grammar, essay
composition, and the writing of research
year. The first dramatic change is scheduled Psst! Eastern students act up The school system just released the papers. To read Weast’s description of
to begin this month: the demolition of the writing program, go to http://www.
the Morgan Day Care building facing official “boundary options” laying out the
Students arrived with hand-drawn
Philadelphia Ave. Also in April, nervous supposed choices for which students will
signs and a saxophone to plead before agenda/2008-09/2009-0323/4.0%20
parents will get the bus schedules, go to which schools after the construction
the Board of Education on March 23rd to Literacy%20Education%20Board%20
describing how children in Kindergarten, of the additions at Takoma Park Elementary
save the eight-period schedule at Eastern Memo.pdf
1st and 2nd grade will be picked up during and East Silver Spring Elementary are
Middle School. One result of the shift
complete. All the options involve sending
students from the overcrowded Sligo Creek Psst! School Board seat to
Kids love our camps! Elementary to Takoma Park Elementary.
Surprisingly, several options accomplish open?
this by busing students from north of Sligo
Summer Science Creek Elementary, past that school, and Will there be a midterm opening on the
down to Takoma Park schools. This seems Board of Education? Board member Nancy
& Art Camp ironic, considering that the assumption Navarro is making a run for the County
all along has been that the students in the Council seat that opened up when Don
Register today! easternmost part of Takoma Park, who have Praisner died in office. The special primary
been bused past Takoma Park schools all election will be held this month, on April
Visit our website for details. these years to go to Sligo Creek, would
21st. Navarro is attempting to follow in
finally be able to go to the much closer
Takoma Park schools. Presumably, that’s the footsteps of Valerie Ervin, who jumped
Friends Community School the option that will be chosen. Apparently, from the school board to the County
Council. Local County Councilmembers
Progressive Quaker Education — Kindergarten through 8th Grade the other options were put on the table,
because, well, the system requires options- Ervin and George Leventhal have joined
5901 Westchester Park Drive Tel: 301-441-2100 Fax: 301-441-2105 -even when the result is essentially a long list of officials and organizations
College Park, MD 20740 predetermined. endorsing Navarro.
Nurturing life-long learners, courageous risk-takers, and joyous peacemakers.

Acorn Hill Waldorf

Kindergarten & Nursery
Parent-Child, Half and Full Day Programs for ages 2 - 6

Spring Fair
Saturday, May 9th: 10am-2pm
Fun for the whole family!
Summer Program: June 15–July 24
Enrolling now!
Find us on the web at
9504 Brunett Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20901

42 VOICE • April 2009


June 22 - 26
June 29 - July 3

July 20 - 24

April 2009 • VOICE 43

The Heart of Parenting takomasilversports • pete volk
Emory Luce Baldwin
Public upsets private in
Afraid to try, quick to cry VOLiSports All-Star Challenge
Emory is now using a new format they would like to try. It might be cutting
for “The Heart of Parenting” and will carrots with a sharp knife or, it might be
On March 24, the first annual game, there was only one dunk. Only
be responding to reader’s questions. If walking alone a block or two by himself Montgomery County All-Star Basketball a few minutes into the third quarter,
you would like to submit a question to his friends house. When a child grows game—sponsored by— Tex McClinton (Bullis) lobbed a pass
for her, you can e-mail her at Emory@ their courage bigger in one area of their pitting the best public school players in to Alexander Zurn (St. Andrew’s), who life, their courage grows larger in all other the county against the best private school slammed it down for the private squad.
areas of their life as well. players. The Public squad prevailed in an On the following possession for Public,
upset, winning 107-98. Nash Oh (Walter Johnson) faked out
My 7 year old son has always been The important thing is to not feel like
The game was held in the arena at multiple defenders with a behind-the-
a cautious boy, but lately he has been you have to protect your fearful child from Richard Montgomery high school, and back pass to Myles Petretti (Northwest),
telling us that he is too afraid to go all scary experiences. Any child is going to the stands were packed with enthusiastic who made the jumper to make the score
upstairs alone at night, and he has a be much more impressed with their parent’s fans. 65-52 Public. Oh led all players with 10
hard time falling asleep without one of worries than their own. All too often, the It was a fast-paced game throughout, assists.
us nearby keeping him company. His parents’ worries become the child’s fears. and both teams were able to shoot well Oh was consistently able to find
from beyond the arc. A buzzer beating Walter Johnson teammate Carl Yaffe—a
worries make me worried too! More than anything else, what anxious three by Brandon Davis (Springbrook) main reason for Yaffe’s 11 points. “Me
I hope you can help, children need to hear their parents say: “I ended the first quarter at 34-20 Public. and Carl have been playing together
can see that you are scared, and I trust that Davis said that one of the reasons since we were freshmen,” Oh said. “So
— Afraid on Fenton you can still figure out how to do what you the Public squad was able to mesh we’ve gotten to know our tendencies.”
need to do.” together on the court was that many of Zurn said the atmosphere for the
them played Amateur Athletic Union game was far different than those at St.
There is something so pitiful about So, for instance, when your son asks
basketball, a high-level popular off- Andrew’s. “All of my games this year
a frightened child. Naturally, your first you to go upstairs with him because he season alternative to school basketball. had nothing close to this amount of
instinct is to comfort and soothe him. doesn’t like to go alone, you can politely With about four minutes left in the fans.”
Your little boy may be genuinely anxious decline. This isn’t because you don’t love second quarter, an exchange worthy of an With minutes left in the game Public
about what scary stuff is in the corners him, but because you love him too much All-Star game took place. Recardo Gaddy held only a 89-87 lead. Travis Marcus
or behind the doors waiting to jump out to treat him as less than the capable boy he (Good Counsel) of the Private team took (Wheaton), who had replaced star
the ball down the court, was knocked Springbrook player Jamal Olasewere
at him. By now, his 7-year-old creativity is. If, and when, he needs to go upstairs, he over in the paint, and tossed the ball over on the Public roster, drilled a three on
can conjure up plenty of ideas about scary can figure out for himself how to do that. his shoulder for the basket. Gaddy made the next possession. Twenty seconds
things that can happen. At seven, he is also He will “feel better” when he solves that the free throw attempt, bringing Private’s later Jeremy Williams, from the state
fully aware that his small size makes him problem, but he won’t “feel better” because deficit down to 53-44. champion Springbrook team, hit a three-
especially vulnerable in a big, scary world. you always stop what you are doing to Gaddy led all players with 23 points pointer well beyond NBA range to make
on the night, and also had five rebounds. it 95-87 Public. They held to that margin
By this point, your son has been accompany him upstairs.
“Today was just a fun game to come the rest of the way.
cautioned to be careful a million times. You can also have a friendly talk with out and show what you got,” Gaddy Olasewere did not play in the game
“Be careful, there are cars in the street. Be your son about his nighttime routine. said. “It was a good overall game, and because he is already signed up for
careful, don’t talk to strangers. Be careful, You might let him know how much you I was glad to have an opportunity to two other All-Star games. The power
don’t climb so high.” Modern day parents appreciate his perfect record of falling play with all of these guys. I knew some forward, who is being courted by
tend to be worried parents, and they pass asleep every night for the last 2,555 nights of these guys from AAU, and some Georgetown University, was honored
from the regular season and preseason. by friends Williams and Stephen Griffin
their concerns on to their children through of his life. No one “needs” someone to Stephen Griffin impressed me the most, (Paint Branch), who decided to wear
their sincere desires to keep them safe. Of keep them company in order to fall asleep. the stuff he was doing with the ball and their shorts up well past their waists in
course, it is important to teach a child how In fact, most children willingly force ball handling, it surprised me because I the second half.
to live safely, but it is equally important to themselves to stay awake to keep a parent haven’t seen that from him before.” “That’s our man, and he doesn’t like it
teach them how to live courageously. close by! And so, respecting your son’s Uncharacteristic for an All-Star when we wear small shorts, so we pulled
One way to do that is to teach children excellent skills at quieting his own body
some perspective. When you point out and helping himself to fall asleep, you will
unsafe places to play, remind your child leave him to practice those skills while you
that most places are safe to play. When enjoy your evening relaxation time doing
you caution your child that there are some what you enjoy. Once again, it is more Earthquake benefit concert planned for April 24
bad people in the world, add that most loving and kind to help your child grow his
people are not going to do them harm. courage, then it is to comfort him for being Tenth graders at Montgomery Blair High devising projects to raise money and
School have been working for some time awareness for Sichuan.
When your child worries that, sometimes, afraid. on four separate projects, all intended to Edelman team, otherwise known as the
surprising and scary things can happen, benefit the Sichuan province in China that Poverty Group, as all their proceeds will
remind them that, for the most part, life was hit by an earthquake in 2008 and is go towards lowering poverty in Sichuan,
is going to be predictable and reasonably Emory Luce Baldwin, LCMFT, is both still recovering. have been working for some time to get the
safe. The point here is to provide a balance a Family Therapist and a Certified Parent One group, headed by Sam Edelman, concert off the ground. Edelman discusses
Colin Wiencik, and Leah Ragen, are the few monetary barriers the group has
between a realistic understanding of danger Educator with the Parent Encouragement
organizing a benefit concert at Blair in encountered in their process, but still
and security in the real world. Program (PEP). On May 30, she is leading April 24th that will feature both local and remains positive. “We’re pretty confident
Another way to help your son is to give a session on “Afraid to Try, Quick to Cry.” Blair bands. A few of the featured bands we’re going to make this happen.”
him many, many opportunities to grow his Call PEP (301-929-8824) for more details. include The Attributes, Gene Gregory, and The concert is being held in the schools
courage bigger. I often work with anxious Her family therapy private practice helps Uncle Chunky. SAC from 7 to 10 p.m. There is no entrance
and fearful children, and I have never yet families with children and adolescents The tenth graders, and part of the fee, but the suggested donation amount is
Communications Arts Program (CAP) $6 for students and $10 for adults.
met one who was afraid of everything! grow well. You can contact Emory at 301- at Blair, were divided into four groups
Even the most cautious child has an idea 588-1451 or go to www.emorylucebaldwin. comprised of approximately sixteen —Gemma D’Eustachio
about something daring and difficult that com. members each, and are in charge of

44 VOICE • April 2009

Baseball on the plaza
n early spring when baseball diamonds are still muddy and forlorn, it’s better to bring
the ball game to where the kids are. Thus, on the afternoon of March 28, dozens of
aspiring players took turns hitting whiffle balls and playing catch on Ellsworth Avenue
in downtown Silver Spring and signed up to play in the spring. The event was organized
by the local TPSS Youth Baseball and Girls’ Softball League – in partnership with the
Silver Spring-Takoma Park Thunderbolts, a college-age hardball team that plays here
during the summer.

Clockwise from left: Jelly Roll Mortals; Thunderbolts pitcher Sean Swetnam; Jack
Wagner about to smack a T-ball; Coach Ray Scannell sharing a wealth of cleats;
Sarah Manhardt, Camille Kellogg and Kerry Madden face-painting Bernadette
Hargrove; and the band Jalopy.

photos by julie wiatt

Revenge of the
Surreal Plays
“From the fevered brain of Lumina
Studio Theatre director David Minton,
the author of The Surreal Plays, and the
even more baffling Son of The Surreal
Plays, comes the truly mind-bending
Revenge of the Surreal Plays.”
Lumina Ensemble performances,
Round House Theatre April 3-5.

photos by linda parker

April 2009 • VOICE 45

The World on a Plate

Torch bearers
The staff at Golden Flame Restaurant maintain a standard from yesteryear

Zorba Platter Club Sandwich Salmon Salad

seemed like one of those old steakhouses be found. The interior is country club restaurants, both casual and fine dining,
by Elizabeth Brinkama from the ‘50s. You know the kind I mean. chic, but in a good way. There is comfort are employing sophisticated websites that
photos by Julie Wiatt Heavy red damask drapes, waiters in and familiarity in a wait staff that is both include their menu offerings so I was able
tuxedos who prepare your Caesar salad professional and personable. They are old to do a little research beforehand. The
Back in the day, I used to work in an tableside and cigar smoke wafting through school in the very best sense. Both lunch Golden Flame’s website is replete with
office building in downtown Silver Spring. the room. Though intrigued, I never and dinner boast an extensive menu heavily mouth watering food photography, shots
A mere two blocks away was the Golden ventured inside. Ah, the perks of reviewing influenced by the family’s Greek heritage. of the interior and information on special
Flame Restaurant, which always appeared for the Voice. With a refreshing glass of unsweetened events. It also includes their lunch and

to be a somewhat mysterious place. The Established in 1972, there are in fact no tea and a basket of still hot from the oven dinner menus, including daily specials, and
windows were tinted, so I really couldn’t heavy drapes, but instead floor to ceiling bread set before me, it was time to peruse their complete wine list.
see inside and from the name it somehow windows and, of course, nary a cigar to the menu. Fortunately more and more I’m a big fan of the Club Sandwich. It’s

a directory of local merchants and businesses
Helicon Works • Bill Hutchins, AIA ATTORNEYS: Immigration Law
Join your deepest self with the spirit of the Labovitz Hanrahan • 202-291-9648
Robert A. Medbery, CPA • 301-565-2333 land to create your home. We offer expertise in Adele L. Abrams, Esq. 301-595-3520 Priscilla Labovitz and Patricia M. Hanrahan
1112 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910 combining environmentally sensitive architecture 301 - 270 - 2625. 6856 Eastern Ave., NW, Washington, DC
Planning for tax savings **Income Tax** and building practices with spiritual and 4740 Corridor Place, Beltsville, MD 20705 (Takoma) 33 years experience in immigration law.
Prep for individuals & small businesses, psychological wisdom. Employment, OSHA, Family Law, Wills,
Accounting. Email: Traffic, DWI, Worker’s Compensation,
Paul Treseder, Architect AIA • 301-320-1580 MD & DC Bar. Trained Mediator.
Bradley A. Ralph, CPA • 301-980-2852 AUTO
Renovations & additions that respond to context,
1824 Billman Lane, S.S. Business and Individual tradition, energy, and economy. 100+ projects in John B. Dunn, Esquire • 301-270-1002
Tax Preparation. Certified Quickbooks Advisor. I email: Moshe’s Auto Care • 301 - 588 - 4445
Takoma area since 1986.
do house calls. 906 Heather Ave., Takoma Park. 9200 Talbot Ave (off Brookville Rd) SS, MD
Wills, probate and estate planning. Hours by appointment. What? An Honest
Studio Partnership Architects • 301-270-0990
Mechanic!! Specializing in Volvo • Toyota • Honda
APARTMENTS Affordable, high-quality residential design.
Silber, Perlman, Sigman & Tilev, P.A. • Nissan • Subaru • Servicing all vehicles.
Serving the T.P. community since 1984.
301-891-2200. Full service law firm in Old Town
Montgomery Gardens • 301-408-0300
Takoma Park—serving MD, DC & VA. Family, 20 - 40% off dealer prices
Great landlord looking for great tenants! Walk Personal Injury, Immigration, Employment,
to Metro, AC, free parking, caring, attentive Vitullo Architecture Studio, P.C • 301-920-0737
Rick Vitullo AIA • Wills & Trusts, Real Estate (MD), Adoption and RS Automotive, Inc. • 301-270-4418
management, excellent value.1 & 2 bedrooms. Mediation. FAX 301 - 270 - 4419 - 7224 Carroll Ave., TP
Finest in Takoma. Residential additions and renovations designed
for sustainability, affordability and beauty. at Takoma Liberty Station. Honda, Acura &
Wayne Moore & Associates • 240-337-0187 Subaru Specialist. ASE Certified in all import
ARCHITECTS Affordable Legal Services. Wills, Living trusts, and domestic cars. Service hours: Mon • Fri 8 am
ART Powers of Atty, Deeds, more. Also help small • 5:30 pm.
Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc. businesses. Former Dir of AARP Legal Advocacy.
301-585-2222 Residential Additions, James Colwell and Alison Baker 30 years experience. Serving DC & MD.
Renovations, Kitchens, Family Rooms, Master Boathouse Arts BUILDERS
Suites, Historic Restorations. Original art by local artists.
Affordable Geclee prints, Heritage Building & Renovation, Inc.
Oil and Acrylic Paintings 301-270-4799. Design /Build, Historic and whole
Commissions. house renovation, additions, kitchens, baths. In our 23rd year. Many references. MHIC 32422.

46 VOICE • April 2009

The World on a Plate Hometown r e s o u r c e S
a veritable smorgasbord of deliciousness. disappointment at most restaurants as it is CONSIGNMENT
The thing about a club sandwich is that virtually guaranteed to be served dry and
it is often perceived to be as simple as a stale, was unbelievably rich, dense, and Mia Bella’s cleaner-burning gourmet candles. Kensington Caboose • 301-929-0178
peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No flair, moist. Each layer is bathed in a decadent The best performing candles you can buy. Made 10508 Connecticut Avenue, Kensington.
from the highest quality all-natural waxes. Burns Children’s clothing, cribs, toys, maternity, gifts.
no style, so what’s the big deal? It is in ganache with what was either a hint of
long and clean and features over 100 scent-
sational fragrances. Experience the difference.
CATERING Dance Addition of Takoma Park • 301-270-
4409 · Directed by Meryl Shapiro. 7502 Flower
Taste of Takoma • 301-891-2549 Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912. All Ages: Modern
Fine vegetarian/vegan catering for all occasions. • Ballet • Jazz • Creative • Popping & Locking •
Personal chef sevices. Customized classes. Hip-Hop · Pilates.
Gina Gaspin.
Dance Place • 202-269-1600
CHILD CARE 3225 8th Street, NE, DC 20017. Adult classes in
Modern, African, hip-hop and Afro-Cuban. Kids
Our Expanding World • 301-270-1818 classes in tap, ballet, hip • hop, modern, and
7212 Flower Avenue, Takoma Park. 2-10 years. tumbling. Weekly performances. Call for free
Full/part • time. B&A • school care. Summer brochure. Visit
camp. “Opening New Worlds to Young Minds.”
Joe’s Movement Emporium • 301-699-1819
Takoma Park Child Development Center Adult & youth classes with a World Arts focus.
301-270-6824 • Studio space rental, camps, productions
Est. 1981. Licensed. 18 months • 12 years. Mt. Rainier, MD.
Greek Salad Our waiter, Bill M • F, 7:00 • 6:00. Full / part time. Before /
after school care. Summer program. NAEYC Liz Lerman Dance Exchange
the execution of the basics, however, that rum or Grand Marnier. Needless-to-say, accredited. 301-270-6700 x24
I find the true test of any kitchen. Is the the plate was practically licked clean. The Why just take a class when you can expand,
same attention to detail, i.e. care in plating almond cake was equally delicious with CLEANING improve, and explore with one of the country’s
top 15 modern dance companies? All abilities,
and ingredient selection used as with a a generous layer of marzipan on a thin Maid to Clean • 301-656-7171 kids to adults.
more “glamorous” selection? Passing with layer of cake, topped with another layer of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service! BBB Members.
flying colors, the club sandwich at the custard and toasted crushed almonds. Highly Rated by Angie’s List and Consumers’
Golden Flame is bountiful. Served warm The restaurant serves the community Checkbook.
with shredded romaine lettuce, crisp apple not only gastronomically, but artistically MaidPro • Let us take care of the dirty work.
AB Discount Driving School • 301-962-4700
smoked bacon, roasted turkey and sliced with paintings adorning the walls from area 301-562-1477 • Weekly • Bi-weekly • Monthly
MVA- and DMV-Certified Classroom & Behind-
The-Wheel Instruction for All Ages. We Offer
tomato on toasted white bread and covered artisans. The artists currently featured are One-time cleanings. Bonded & insured. Call
3 Hour Drug and Alcohol Education and 6 Hour
liberally with crispy golden fries, and just all members of the Prince George’s Artists MaidPro today for a free phone estimate. www.
Driver Improvement Program.
the perfect sprinkling of salt, that literally Association (
almost melts in your mouth. The old adage of not judging a book by No Chemical Cleaning, Inc. • 240-723-0802 FLORISTS
The Grilled Salmon Salad is a comfy its cover can most definitely be applied to Pet, people, and environmentally friendly!
Park Florist • 301-270-1848
bed of mesclun greens smothered in restaurant exteriors. You never know what No chemicals used—Breathe the difference.
6921 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park
Free phone estimates. Bonded & Insured.
generous slices of grilled salmon. The kind of gem you will find unless you are Eco-friendly source of fresh flowers. Unique
edges are perfectly crisp and the meat willing to open the door and see what’s designs every day! Open M-F 9-5:30,
is flaky and tender. Fennell is lightly inside. CLOCK REPAIR Sat 9-2.
sprinkled throughout giving a slight aroma
and taste of licorice. Having never been Golden Flame Restaurant R.Cleaver Clock Repair & Restoration FRAMING
240-687-0696 • All work guaranteed!
a fan of licorice, I actually found the 8630 Fenton Street Graduate of the School of Horology Artful Framing and Gallery • 301-270-2427
restrained us of fennel added to the dish Silver Spring, MD 20912 7050 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. 20912
only added to its flavor and was in no way 301-588-7250 Quality custom framing, prints, posters, and
overpowering. The House Vinaigrette, a COMPUTER / INTERNET
fusion of Iranian and Greek ingredients,
is sweet and tangy and brings out of the Monday – Friday 11:30 am – 10:00 pm Computer/ Network Problems? • 301-495-3390 FUNERALS
flavors of the salad. Saturday 4:00pm – 10:00 pm HW/SW Repairs/Upgrades/Sales, PC/Mac/Linux.
Service at HOME/OFFICE or DropOff. Thibadeau Mortuary Service • 301-495-4950
The Zorba Platter is a plentiful medley Sunday Brunch 10:30 am – 2:30 pm Since 1999. Low cost Burials and Cremations
of grilled chicken spiced with Greek Sunday 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm Veteran Owned • Pre-planning Available.
oregano, pork souvlaki and slices of gyro Pre-theatre menu 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm M-5 Services • 301-641-4242
with a tazaziki sauce comprised of yogurt, HOUSECALLS. PC maintenance/training.
Virus removal, upgrades, wireless.
cucumber and dill. It’s accompanied by GAY / LESBIAN
a small greek salad laden with chunks of
herbed feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and MacLab • 301-270-8445 Robyn S. Zeiger, PhD, LCPC • 301-445-7333
Macintosh diagnostics, sales, upgrades. Licensed Counselor — Individuals, Couples,
anchovies and the most wonderful, warm Groups. Specializing in Lesbian and Gay Issues,
Supporting businesses and residences
and chewy pita bread. Once you have had since 1991. Pet Loss Counseling and pet-related relationship
their fresh pita, you will definitely think issues. Email:
twice before buying the thin, stale version PC Troubles? Call Rajeev @ 240-764-2466
$75 Service Calls+Eve/Wknd+Home/Office Focused Therapy: Don Zuckerman, MSW 202-
you find in most grocery stores. 2nd service call free! 10% Sen. Disc.! 483-2660, x6 Work with an active and engaged
There are many desserts baked on • therapist who will help you identify and resolve
the premises, including bread pudding the barriers to your fulfillment in love and work.
and baklava. The chocolate cake, a Sligo Computer Services • 301-270-9673 Woodley Park, DC, & Takoma Park, MD. www.
Serving MD/DC Business & Home Offices
Read more reviews Network/Server/Workstation Support
IT Planning • Setup • Security • Email Telecommuting • Data & Disaster Recovery
Data Analysis • Interface Development Queries • Migrations • App Design/Support • Takoma Park MD
April 2009 • VOICE 47
Hometown r e s o u r c e S Biz Buzz • by Elizabeth Brinkama
Mardi Fisher, CMT • 301-585-7575
GROCERIES Integrative Bodywork for the physical, emotional,
mental, and spiritual levels. Massage • Reiki
TAKOMA PARK CO-OP • SILVER SPRING CO-OP Intuitive Bodywork • Spiritual Energywork.

Artisan haven
201 Ethan Allen Ave 8309 Grubb Rd A journey of transformative experience and
301-891-2667 240-247-2667 processes. Downtown Silver Spring.
Open Daily 9am-9pm.

moves to cyber
We are a natural food grocery store with a Integrative Massage • 301-270-2114
complete selection of organic produce, organic Leslie Sapp, LMT, NCTMB
& grass-fed meat, a full line of natural groceries A remarkably relaxing, revitalizing, and nurturing

and personal care products, supplements, fresh blend of Swedish Massage, Caring Touch, Deep
breads, bulk items, gifts and more. We’ve been Tissue Massage, and Intuitive Energy Work,
serving the community since 1981. tailored to meet your needs. Office in Takoma.
301-270-2114 or
HEALTH Carol Iverson, CMT, CPP • 301-565-3492 After 30 years,
American Craft closes
Experience relaxation, vitality and healing
HEALTH: Acupuncture through a program customized to your needs.
Connective Tissue and Kapsos Deep Muscle
Acumedicine Associates, PC •  301-562-0305
Sheryl Hongsermeier, RN, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
Massage; Shiatsu/Thai Massage; Polarity/
Craniosacral Therapy. Over 20 years in its doors
Kevin Mutschler, RPP, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. complementary care. Offices in Takoma Park,
Pamela Broomall, CMT Silver Spring, and Tenleytown, D.C. In The Great Good Place, and his
Traditional Chinese Medical treatment for subsequent anthology Celebrating the Third
muscle and joint pain, Gyn issues (infertility,
Robert Wedemeier, MS, LMT • 301-254-8395 Place, sociologist Ray Oldenburg argues
PMS, menopausal syndrome, etc), reflux and
indigestion, insomnia, fatigue, all kinds of Affordable! In-call, Swedish/deep tissue, full-body that it is the third place in our lives where
headaches. Cancer therapy support. Downtown
massage tailored to client. State of MD Certified
Massage Therapist. we feel most connected, have a sense
Silver Spring. of place, and become engaged with our
HEALTH: Nutrition neighbors and our community. The first overwhelmed with broken parking meters
HEALTH: Audiologist
place is, of course, home while the second and construction, turning away potential
Steve Seater, MA ,CN, CNC, CPT
Auditory Services, Inc. • 301-434-4300 301-920-0801 or 240-888-5453 place is where we work. The third place customers.
Clinical Audiology and Hearing Aids. Learn to make the right food choices and avoid may well be our local coffee bar or café, Then there is the proverbial elephant
Jeff Zolt & Kathy Grace, Audiologists. dietary imbalances; learn which oils to cook bookstore or boutique, watering hole or in the room as no one business has been
Helping Silver Spring for over 25 years! with, why you must exercise & which exercises
any of the myriad of commercial places we immune to the current catastrophic
are best for your body type, which nutritional
HEALTH: Chiropractic and herbal supplements to take and how to lose visit with some kind of regularity. economic debacle. If the big box stores
weight & avoid yo-yo dieting. I make housecalls! Takoma Park has lost yet another third are downsizing or closing outright,
Zinn Chiropractic • 301-853-6074 place in the closing of American Craft. how can an “anchor” store on Carroll
Victoria M. Wood, MPH, RD, CNS • Avenue fare any better? Potential new
7000 Carroll Ave., Suite S101 The original store opened in 1979 by Mary
Takoma Park, MD 20912 301-270-4244 • Therapeutic nutrition. Functional
testing to determine your best foods for optimal Giammatteo as Craft Studio. The store customers are hunkering down in their own
HEALTH: Eye Care genetic expression. Acne, allergies, cancer, was then purchased two years later by Jan neighborhoods while Takoma Park and
anxiety/depression, fatigue, irritable bowel, Schwartz and renamed Finewares. Current Takoma, DC residents are not spending, at
Dr. Steven Schneid, Optometrist diabetes, chronic illness.
owner Kathy Brooks began working for least not the way they used to. On average,
Takoma Park Vision • 301-270-2020 American Craft customers trimmed their
HEALTH: Pediatrics Jan in 2003 and shortly thereafter in 2005
Uptown Vision • 202- 363-2300 bought the store, renaming it American spending by over 50 percent. As most • Laser Vision Sunshine Pediatrics • 301-593-5440 Craft and expanding its focus to include purchases were already seasonal, mainly
Consultation and Co • management. Medical 344 University Blvd. W Ste. 325. Most artisans from across the country to consisting of wedding and graduation gifts,
insurances accepted. Convenient location in Four
treatment of eye disease. Eyeglasses, Contact
Corners, Saturday hours. Dr. Clark is a board-
complement her current staple of local plus a smattering of holiday, anniversary
lenses, Eye exams.
certified pediatrician. We look forward to meeting artists. and occasional birthday gifts, there was
HEALTH: Fitness you!” However, over time and with the ever not the day-to-day purchasing to buoy the
Fitness Together • 301-587-0012 • 912 Thayer increasing competition from national business. Sounding the battle cry to “just
Ave. Private suites. Goal oriented programs. HEALTH: Reiki chains offering mass produced items at a hang on” rang empty as there was nothing
Work with a certified and qualified personal
Ardrea Burrell, Reiki Master, MSW/LCSW fraction of the cost, it was becoming more left with which to hang on to.
trainer who will provide a custom-designed
fitness routine. Our clients look great in public
Experience the marvel of hands-on energy and more difficult to sell hand crafted, Not too long ago, I came across this
healing in downtown Silver Spring @Oneness
because they train in private! Try your first Place call 301-943-9113 for appointment. one of a kind pieces with the frequency message from the owners of Politics &
session for FREE! • needed to sustain the business. Further Prose which they had posted on their
HEALTH: Shiatsu/Reiki exacerbating the situation was a common website. One can easily substitute any
HEALTH: Internal Medicine
Sooyong Kim • 301-589-3998 • 301-404-1314 misconception about the mission of small business for their book business and
Husna R. Baksh, M.D. • 301-593-6072 Open to your healing and transformation of mind, American Craft…..that it was a gallery it would still be applicable. With apologies
body, spirit. Children welcome.
Flexibilty of appointments. Attentive visits. space as well as a shop. While no doubt to Barbara and Carla, I am paraphrasing….
Thorough, competent evaluations. Personalized
a showplace for the artists, it was always “We are often asked how we are able to
care. Let us partner with you to help you
understand how best to prevent, or if you already HEALTH: Wellness intended to be first and foremost a place of compete against the chains. We have built a
have these diagnoses: Live healthfully with business. business that reflects our values of selection
Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal
diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterol,
Medicine Blue Heron Wellness • 301-754-3730
The stores’ layout, with its second and service. Our objective was to fill a
anxiety, depression, osteoporosis, etc. Have a
10723B Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20901 floor, posed its own set of problems as niche and to create a place where the staff
medical concern or need an appointment? Give
us a call!! (above Trader Joe’s • Entrance behind California the navigation of stairs often dramatically recognizes and greets you, maybe even by
Tortilla) Exciting new yoga studios and wellness results in a decrease of sales. In addition, name. An independent store is embedded
center in Silver Spring offering integrated
HEALTH: Massage Therapy
wellness services and yoga classes, including
unlike the Laurel Avenue corridor, there is in its community. We need your regular
pilates and Qi Gong. Enhance your well-being. no critical mass of retail on the particular business to thrive and we rely on your day-
Alternative Therapies • 301-588-6594
Let me help you achieve relief from chronic stretch of Carroll Avenue were American to-day patronage.”
pain. Deep tissue massage and therapeutic Craft once stood, along with current Kathy is somewhat philosophical about
Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center
stretches. Start healing today!
301-270-8353.Cultivating mindfulness and
residents Amano and Fair Day’s Play. More the closing of her business. “Owning the
compassion in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. recently, over the holiday season when store was a good experience”, she said.
Offering programs in Takoma Park, Silver Spring, retailers typically generate the majority of “I’m just sorry I couldn’t make it last.”
and Columbia, Maryland, and Chevy Chase, their annual income, the streetscape and However, there is no time to wallow. Along
District of Columbia.
sidewalks in front of American Craft were with longtime employee Betsy Broughton,

48 VOICE • April 2009

Hometow S
Local economies and ways to join in
n r e s o u r c e


Roz Grigsby Then, or jewelry-making at S & A Beads.

Handyperson/Home Repair
The area has rich possibilities in dance, Willow Street Yoga Center • 301-270-8038
n a politically active community, movement and yoga classes, as well as 6930 Carroll Ave. Takoma Park, MD 20912 Littman’s Latest • Call Mark at 301-565-4412
8561 Fenton St. Silver Spring, MD 20910
the challenge has always been fitness and health classes of all kinds. Carpentry, drywall, ceramic tile, window repair,
Quality certified instruction since 1994. pet and storm doors, storage shelves, locks,
how to match ones spending Share an afternoon of small indulgences Anusara Yoga and Pilates. All Levels. electrical & plumbing repairs, furniture
habits to one’s conscience. But as we with a friend at The Still Point with spa Pre-natal, Babies, Kids, Families, more! assembly, light hauling. MHIC# 67152
lurch our way through these troubled treatments or Sassy Nails for a manicure
times, the challenge has gotten easier. or pedicure.
Kripalu Yoga • 301-565-3492 • Tenleytown, DC Free Estimate. Syahroni • 301-792-1004
The importance of supporting local Or maybe you’d like great Kripalu Yoga is the yoga of awareness, self- Reliable, professional,top quality. We do
economies and local communities is entertainment without having to fight acceptance and Meditation-in-Motion. Beginner/ kitchen & bathroom remo, siding,tile, ceramic,
highlighted now as the connections traffic, parking and crowds. Check Intermediate classes available in Tenleytown, DC fence, drywall, painting, door, window, plumbing.
at The Center. Call Carol at 301-565-3492.
between how we spend our money out the Institute of Musical Traditions HOME IMPROVEMENT: Hauling
and how that money shapes our world “Next to the House” Concert Series
become clearer. So, in addition to held at Contradiction Dance, 7014 HOME PRODUCTS Mike’s Hauling Service - 301-588-9171
spending money in local business, Westmoreland. Look for dance Special pick-ups; bulk item disposal; short
what else can we do to encourage our performances at local studios. Catch a Tupperware • Dan R. Ezell, Consultant notice service; friendly, reliable removal of junk,
Fundraising, online and in-home party sales
community to thrive? poetry reading or political discussion at • 301-523-9317
furniture, appliances, construction debris, yard
waste, etc; garage, basement clean-ups; Estates,
Invite a friend. Introducing more The Culture Shop. moving clean-outs. Commercial and residential.
folks to Old Takoma will help support If you have a favorite local place, Full service. All you have to do is point! We
local business. Have lunch with a friend write a web review to help get the word recycle and donate when possible. Call today.
in Takoma or Silver Spring and spend out. Many search systems use Google HOME IMPROVEMENT Simplify and de-junk your life. Visa & Mastercard
an afternoon browsing. Now is the Maps or Yelp as the basis for their
time to visit the new stores that have mapping, and you can add a review to HOME IMPROVEMENT: Builders Yard by Yard Makeovers, Brian D. Mahan
opened in the past year. When you help others discover a local business. phone: 301-270-4642 • FAX: 301-920-1133
carp & tree design/build • 301 775 5369
see the area through fresh eyes, with Check out or Additions, renovations, new houses.
Cleaning and hauling away debris for disposal
and recycling. Creative yard maintenance and
someone who hasn’t been here before, . Specialty stores may Walled off, walled in, awkward, cramped? beautification makeovers. Jungle clearing/poison
you’ll develop a new appreciation for have specific sites where potential —Your home can be more accommodating— ivy removal, gutter cleaning and snow removal
Life will be good on your new screen porch.
independent business and introduce new customers search for local outlets. For Free estimates.
people to the area. Out-of-towners aren’t instance, Green America/Co-op America HOME IMPROVEMENT: HOME IMPROVEMENT:
interested in the same old stuff that lists fair trade goods, which many local Cooling, Heating, Plumbing & Gas Interior/Exterior Design
can be found anywhere -- chain stores stores sell like The Tranquil Soul, The
with the same merchandise whether Culture Shop, The Big Bad Woof, and Sickler Service, Inc. • 301-421-4010 Zoe Kyriacos • 301-270-0167
Full service. Family owned, 80 yrs. Licensed &
you’re in Takoma Park, Maryland or of course, our own Takoma Park Co-op Architectural color consulting.
insured. Residential/Commercial. Heating & AC
Tacoma, Washington). Here you can ( Also, consider Specials: $100 off new system, 10% off service.
Interior and exterior color selections.
find fair-trade products combined with helping your favorite places spread the
a political flair, health products with an word. Check to see if they have a menu, HOME IMPROVEMENT: Door &Hardware HOME IMPROVEMENT: Paperhanging
eye toward environmental sustainability, brochure, or coupon you could distribute
and beautiful art work. If you’re looking at your office or in your neighborhood. Door Detail • 301-270-0826. Door & hardware Takoma Paperhangers • 301-270-1681
contractor. Door repair, hardware, installation,
for books, many stores sell books in Even in tough times, our local refurbishing. Locksmithing & weatherstripping.
House need a new look? We install all residential
wallcoverings. 30 years’ experience.
specialty niches. Do a little sleuth work community can thrive with the Serving area 20+ years.
and enjoy the process of poking around. engagement of the folks who live, work
You might be surprised by what you find. and celebrate here. Join in creating the HOME IMPROVEMENT: Electrical HOME IMPROVEMENT: Painting
Not in the market to buy things? future we want to see.
Meyer Electrical Services • 301-593-0565
Consider developing some new skills. Service Heavy Ups, Switches • Plugs • Fixtures
Elegant Environments • 301 938 6862
Many businesses offer classes for adults Roz Grigsby is the Executive Director Code Violations. Remodeling & Repairs. Painting & Home Improvement. Serving area for
10 years. Painting, drywall plaster, ceramic tile.
as well as kids. Learn flower arranging of the Old Takoma Business Association. Residential/Commercial. Same-day service. Free
estimates. Licensed & Insured. Handyman services, power washing, restoration
at Park Florist, knitting at Now and work. Specialist in older and historic homes.
GREEN PRODUCTS, free estimates. Licensed &
HOME IMPROVEMENT: Fireplace insured.

Biz buzz, continued Is this our future? Will the third place
Gas Galore • 301-608-3111 M. T. Rupard Painting and Drywall
reinvent itself completely as yet another Sales/Install/Service of Heat-n-Glo, Regency 301-674-1383
Kathy will continue a smaller version of online community instead of the actual Fireplaces/Inserts, Peterson, Eiklor Gas Logs. Interior and exterior painting, siding, and window
American Craft online at www.actakoma. living, breathing community we now Call for free in-house Estimate. installation. 30 years experience. Work done the
com. Original owner Mary Giammatteo
enjoy? Without careful stewardship, this old-fashioned way. No job too small. Licensed,
will continue as director of ceramics at the solitary and sobering hypothesis may well HOME IMPROVEMENT: Green Services
bonded. MHIC #97309.
Prince George Community Center while become a reality. R. W. Russell • 301-585-4515. Over 25 yrs exp.
Chessie and Madison will continue their TerraLogos Green Home Services Restoration painting, custom carpentry, floor
daily parade up and down Carroll Avenue American Craft 443-451-7130, Baltimore finishing, home improvement. Specializing in
Performing Home Energy Inspections to
in their never ending search for treats. improve home comfort and health while
older homes & sales prep. Licensed. & Insured.

reducing costs and environmental impact. HOME IMPROVEMENT: Plumbing
Durance Plumbing • 301-270-6663
Truthful Living • 301-891-8891
Get buzzed on local business! Green building and environmental consulting.
Design, research, analysis, and coaching.
For all your service plumbing and drain cleaning
needs. No job too small. Registered Master
Plumber WSSC#71643. Licensed and insured.
Sat Jiwan Iklé-Khalsa
Read the biz buzz blog
April 2009 • VOICE 49
Hometown r e s o u r c e S Memorializing Harriet Tubman’s
Blake & Wilcox Plumbing & Heating with nature. I offer consulting and training about Railroad is 100-year path
301-589-1771 the installation and maintenance of flower,
Residential Remodeling, 24 hour phone vegetable and herb gardens, and shrubs.
service. Licensed & insured. Mention this
ad and save 10%.
Tillerman Gardens, LLC • 301-270-6860
HOME IMPROVEMENT: Stonework & Landscaping. A Design and Build
Remodeling/Carpentry Company. Patios, Walls, Walks, Steps, Veneer,
Driveways. Ponds, Rock Gardens, Waterfalls,
Gil Painting Co., Inc • 301-370-9940, Lighting.
301-445-4385. Interior and Exterior Painting.
Drywall, Plastering, Wallpaper, Carpentry. Yard by Yard Makeovers, L.L.C.
Roofing and Remodeling.Excellent references, Brian David Mahan •  phone: 301-270-4642
low prices, free estimates. Licensed, bonded, FAX 301-920-1133. Yard cleanup and
insured. beautification makeovers. Creative trimming/
pruning, weeding, dividing perennials, edging,
Kingston Custom Builders, Inc • 301-927-9249 lawn cutting, mulching, jungle clearing /
Award-winning Design/Build. Historic poison ivy removal, and gutter cleaning.
Renovations. Additions, Sunrooms, Kitchens, Hauling debris for disposal and recycling. Free
Baths, Serving MD for 26 years. AIA Architects. inspection of yard for poison ivy. Free estimates.
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
(NARI). Certified Remodeler. Numerous
references. MHIC 92442. Susan Harris, Gardening Coach 301-270-5481
P. L. Johnson Construction, Inc. Hands-on training in your garden: where to
301-495-9767. Design/Build Additions • start, how to maintain your existing garden,
Kitchens • Basements • Bathrooms • Porch how to prune your overgrown shrubs, how to
Enclosures • Decks & Floors • Drywall & divide, mulch, water - you name it. Plus lots of
Painting • FREE Estimates. MHIC#70363. www. design ideas and plant suggestions. I specialize in low-maintenance, sustainable gardening for
homeowners on a budget.  Full details at  At a roadside in Dorchester County, this plaque says Harriet Tubman helped nearly
Strategies for Independent Living
300 slaves reach freedom. In her recent biography of Tubman, “Bound for the
Provding universal design & aging in place
Promised Land,” Kate Larson puts the number at closer to 70.
MARTIAL ARTS Photo by Steven Mendoza, Capital News Service.
construction SRH services for seniors and people
with disabilities.
Gentle East Taekwondo—Master Holloway
301-585-2272 • 8749 Flower Avenue byMAREN WRIGHT Canada. She retraced those steps 19 times
INSURANCE Great for Kids/Adults Discipline • Confidence • Capital News Service to conduct her fellowmen to freedom;
Self-Defense. Free Introductory lesson—Since
State Farm Insurance, Leslie Riehl Agency 1982. Master Holloway—U.S. Taekwondo Team
earning the title “the Moses of her people.”
912 Thayer Ave. #201, Silver Spring. Leader 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Acres of farms and marshy wetlands The bill would preserve more than 5,000
Auto, home, life, health. dominate the landscape of Maryland’s acres on the Eastern Shore, establish the • 301-270-6070
American Wu Shen Tao • 301-270-0665 Eastern Shore, little changed from when Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad
investment help
7117 Maple Ave., Takoma Park Harriet Tubman was born and enslaved Byway in Maryland, and protect sites in
Yang, Chen & Wudang style Tai Chi, Xing-I,
Bagua, Shao Lin, Qigong, Fencing, Self Defense.
there for the 30 years before her escape. Auburn, N.Y., where Tubman lived and
Steven T. Goldberg • 301-650-6567 • Fee-only
Group & private instruction, children & adults. Visitors have come to follow her path continued her community service after the
investment management. Confused by 401(k)
and other investment choices? Tired of
Paul Ramos, director. along the boggy Choptank River for years, Civil War.
stockbrokers and other salesmen? Simply
MORTGAGE but renewed efforts of county, state, and Much of the land is privately owned,
don’t have time to pick good stocks or funds?
We offer quality investment management at a national organizations have made the such as the 1803 Tuckahoe Neck Meeting
reasonable price. Let’s talk. Bruce Meyers • 301-562-9540 ext 100 pilgrimage process easier. They have House in Caroline County, where Quakers
website: First Home Mortgage 8601 Georgia Ave # 701
Serving Silver Spring and Takoma Park for created a historic byway that guides visitors aided escaping fugitives. Maryland’s
over 20 years. to 19 sites where the struggles of escaping portion of the bill’s $11 million in grants
kids slaves on the Underground Railroad are could be used to purchase easements to
MUSIC revealed. protect these lands from development,
Kindermusik with Becky Linafelt • Music &
Movement classes newborn to age 7. Birthday House of Musical Traditions • 301-270-9090 A congressional bill awaiting committee Fenstermaker said.
parties and more! Folk instruments from around the world • Books, approval would create the Harriet Tubman The office of co-sponsor Sen. Benjamin
lessons, repairs, band rentals, and the largest
selection of DC area recordings • Tues-Sat 11-7;
National Historic Park to protect this Cardin indicated the bill has a lot of
Sun & Mon. 11-5 • 7010 Westmoreland Ave, landscape from future development. This support, though the staff said they don’t
Takoma Park, MD 20912 is the second year the Maryland and New expect any action until spring. But Tubman
Deephaven Landscaping Design • York Senate delegations have introduced fans are used to waiting.
301-270-4456 • Designing and building beautiful
gardens since 1985. Pat Howell, proprietor.
Laura Sperling, CMP • 301-891-0725 the bill. Their struggle to restore her place in
Experienced professional teacher.
Flute/Recorder Lessons. Therapeutic Music.
“People have been talking about the nation’s memory has taken more than
Gardens b y Slava • 301-801-9466
Planting, flowers, shrubs, trees, pruning and, this for 30 years and it’s finally gaining 40 years, beginning when the late Addie
trimming. Garden design, soil erosion prevention. momentum,” said Dorchester County C. Travers held the first sparsely attended
Piano lessons • all levels & ages • BM Berklee
Maintenance all year round. 8 years in business
Coll. of Music, MA UMD. Jazz, classical & Tourism Director Amanda Fenstermaker. Harriet Tubman Day in the 1960’s.
in Takoma Park, Silver Spring, and Washington,
popular styles. 20 yrs teaching & performing exp. Tubman, born around 1820 as Araminta Tubman memories had faded from
Call 301-257-0378.
Ross, labored at the Broddess Farm their height at her death in 1913, where
Alison Gillespie, Gardening Coach
301-385-0313 ORGANIZING SERVICES in Dorchester County. When her slave she was given a funeral with full military
Designers will plan a gorgeous yard for you, and master died and she learned she would honors. Booker T. Washington, perhaps the
Around Tuit, LLC • 202-489-3660
mowing companies will keep the grass short
Professional Organizing of closets, basements,
be sold as part of the estate, she escaped, most respected African American of his
and edged. A Garden Coach takes care of what
falls in between. I specialize in gardens which attics, garages, playrooms, kitchens, and more! using knowledge she had gained of an day, spoke at the unveiling of a plaque to
are hospitable to songbirds, hummingbirds, underground network of safe houses memorialize Tubman a year later.
butterflies and other pollinators, and spaces
where children can enjoy a close-up encounter
from Maryland, up to New York and into
50 VOICE • April 2009
Hometown r e s o u r c e S
Just That Simple • Barbara Blitzer, LCSW-C • 301-588-6461
Home & small office decluttering & organizing. Psychotherapy and coaching to help you reduce
Personalized • Creative • Nonjudgmental. stress, improve relationships, thrive during
Reclaim & enjoy your space! 202-726-8667 transitions and feel good about yourself.

Kathie Hart, LCSW • 301-270-2644

PARENTING SUPPORT Old Town Takoma Park. Individual psychotherapy.
Specializing in integration of mind, body, spirit,
Emory Luce Baldwin, LGMFT • 301-588-1451 and health-related issues. Finding opportunities
Helping families with children and adolescents in times of transition. Clinical supervision
grow well–with family therapy, parent available. Provider for Medicare, BC/BS.
consultations, groups for parents and
adolescents. Family Therapist and Certified Nancy Henningsen, LCSW-C, LICSW
Parent Educator. 301-661-4433 
Want to overcome challenges or make changes
PETS in your life? Work with an empathetic therapist
who uses a strength-based, mindfulness
Animals 24/7 • 301-233-4231 approach. Specialties: children, teens and school
Pet Sitting/House Sitting Services. VOTED #1 performance, adult depression and anxiety, loss,
IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY! Veterinarian behavioral and family issues. I take CareFirst,
Recommended. Professional, loving care for your Aetna, Tricare, FEP insurances. My office is
beloved pets 24 hours a day, 365 days/year. Mid in downtown Silver Spring near the Metro and
day walks, vacation care, house sitting, cageless buslines.
boarding, administering meds & shots. Vet techs
Runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad had to traverse harsh and on staff. Insured, bonded, excellent references. Hetty Irmer, LCSW-C 301-422-5422
demanding terrain on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, such as this swamp in Dorchester Red Cross First Aid Certified. Members NAPPS, Therapy for the whole self. I offer an
County. Harriet Tubman traveled it repeatedly to help others reach freedom. PSI. www.Animals247.com_ attentive, holistic approach to issues
Photo by Steven Mendoza, Capital News Service E-mail: including addictions, depression, anxiety,
stress, and relationship difficulties.
Fetch! Pet Care 301-850-1274 We’ve got your Welcoming of spirituality. Individuals
“It is most fitting and proper from every planned 17-acre Tubman state park. On tail covered (TM). Bonded and Insured, Members and couples. Convenient to SS Metro, Beltway.
point of view that the name of Harriet Jan. 28 the state Board of Public Works of Pet Sitters International. Private Dog Walks,
Group Dog Exercise, Cat and Small Pet Visits, Dr. Joseph M. Jeral, MD • 202-457-8899
Tubman should be perpetuated by means approved a $2.2 million design contract for In-Home Overnight Sitting, Private Pet Boarding, Psychiatrist and therapist. I use therapy and,
of this tablet so that her memory and the park, memorial gardens and visitor’s and more! when necessary, medication, to help individuals

deeds can live in the minds and hearts of center to be located near the Blackwater dealing w depression, anxiety, relationship and
Veterinary Acupuncture by Dr. Winnie other problems. Downtown Takoma Park.
the present generation, and can be held National Wildlife Refuge, in the area of Neunzig • 301-949-2511 • Kindness Animal
up as an object lesson for all time to the Tubman’s birth. Hospital • 2130 University Blvd. West, Wheaton, Tina Levin, LCSW-C - 301-254-8708
MD 20902. A full-service AAHA Certified Compassionate care supporting growth of the
generations that follow,” Washington said. “Our goal is to be visitor-ready by the Veterinary Hospital. Call for more info. M-F 7:30 mind, body, and spirit. Therapy for adults -
But generations have a way of 100th anniversary of Harriet Tubman’s a.m.-8:00 p.m., Sat. 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. life transitions, depression, anxiety, illness, loss,
death,” said Fenstermaker, which is fast death & dying, sexual identity, women seeking
forgetting. Travers, who had heard little of Robyn S. Zeiger, PhD, LCPC • 301-445-7333 their voices. Downtown Silver Spring.
Tubman while growing up in Dorchester approaching in 2013. Licensed Counselor — Individuals, Couples,
County, used the last years of her life to The Dorchester County Tourism Council Groups. Specializing in Lesbian and Gay Issues, Maryland Psychotherapy Clinic & Research
Pet Loss Counseling and pet-related relationship Lab: low-fee, adult, individual therapy, research
restore Tubman’s name to prominence. She hopes to have information kiosks at each issues. Email: involvement. Psychology Dept, U of MD, College
founded the Harriet Tubman Association of historic site, with an audio tour prepared Park.
PIANO TUNING & • 301-405-5820
Dorchester County in 1983. for those who take the freedom trail.
Even with so much information RESTORATION
By 1989, the organization achieved Mary Ita O’Connell, LICSW, LCPC, ADTR
its goal of opening a community cultural compiled, research into Tubman’s life James Colwell • 301-996-2588
301-565-3072. Body movement awareness
integrated with verbal psychotherapy. Energize
center, which now hosts exhibits in continues, according to biographer and 33 years experience. All types of repairing, refi spirit.Balance emotions. Achieve Peace.
voicing and regulation. Used pianos for sale.
Cambridge. historian Kate Larson, an adjunct history Spence Porter, LCSW-C, L.Ac.
Travers died in 1994, but the army of professor at Simmons College in Boston.
301-891-2737 x2. Find personal sources of
memory keepers grew. Others such as “The mystery about the Underground PRINTING health + transformation Jungian, mind/body
Eastern Shore history buffs Brice Stump Railroad isn’t so mysterious anymore,” psychotherapy. Takoma/Dupont.
Wendon Communications • 301-270-7640
and John Creighton, along with past Larson said. Digital & offset Printing. Large or small projects. (click ‘our therapists’)
Tubman organization president Evelyn New research has revealed some B/W to full-color process. Brochures, magazines,
newsletters, club cards, wedding invitations, Katherine Richardson, LCSW-C
Townsend have brought Tubman’s memory historical inaccuracies. Larson’s findings business cards, flyers, resumes, menus, Notary 301-588-4183 • Individual, Couples and Group
out of the shadows. suggest that Tubman assisted 70 slaves to & fax services. Desktop design services at psychotherapy. Specialties in relationship
reasonableprices. Free local pick-up & delivery.
The work of those early advocates began freedom, not the 300 of previous estimates. issues, depression, anxiety. Develop your inner
6495 New Hampshire Ave., Hyattsville. resources and improve your connections with
to resonate another decade later. In 1990, It is also unlikely that Tubman ever uttered fax 301-270-7642 others for greater fulfillment. • Silver Spring office
Congress authorized a national celebration the often quoted words, “If you are tired, • Close to Metro • Insurance accepted.

of Harriet Tubman Day, granting the keep going; if you are scared, keep going; Sandy Silbermann, LCSW-C • 301-588-6515
if you are hungry, keep going; if you want PSYCHOLOGY & THERAPY
perpetuity that Booker T. Washington Very close to Silver Spring Metro. Specializing in
thought was proper. to taste freedom, keep going.” Emory Luce Baldwin, LGMFT • 301-588-1451
helping individuals & couples stop repeating the
same relationship mistakes over and over.
Tubman’s memory is one step closer But these new revelations don’t diminish Helping families with children and adolescents
Down-to-earth therapist with sense of humor.
grow well–with family therapy, parent
to permanence, with last month’s release the national significance of a woman consultations, groups for parents and
Walter Teague, LCSW-C, LICSW
of Congress’ Harriet Tubman Special who took action to offer freedom to the adolescents. Family Therapist and Certified
301-439-6755 • Individual, couple, family, and
Parent Educator.
Resource Study Act of 2000. The study said oppressed. The state park, and perhaps a group psychotherapy • Maryland & DC offices •

the area meets the National Park Service national park, will preserve this piece of Lorraine Biros, LCPC • 301-588-3531
Insurance reimbursable • Day and eve • General
practice and disability issues.
standards for significance, suitability, and our national past. Licensed Counselor specializing in
lesbian and gay issues, relationships,
feasibility. “Her story is even greater,” Larson said, and bereavement. Close to Silver
Maryland is moving ahead with a “than the myths we’ve grown up with.” Spring Metro. Sliding scale

April 2009 • VOICE 51

Hometown r e s o u r c e S The Eclectic Ear
Women’s Psychotherapy Services • 301-585-6904
“From Deep Listening to Lasting Change” psycho
Tamara Kucik, GRI, Realtor, W.C. & A.N. Miller.
cell 301-580-5002 office 202-966-1400. Simply
Takoma Park’s own bluegrass star
releases new CD
therapy, art therapy for women and adolescent Success for my buyers and sellers. #1 W.C. & A.N.
girls in Takoma Park and DC. Ins. reimbursable. By Miller agent. Top 1% of Long and Foster agents.
appointment. Sally Brucker, LCSW • C, ATR.

Robyn S. Zeiger, PhD, LCPC • 301-445-7333 David Maplesden, GRI, SHS, Realtor
Licensed Counselor — Individuals, Couples, Long & Foster • Takoma Old Town
Groups. Specializing in Lesbian and Gay Issues, Office: 301-891-8716 Cell: 202-270-7253
Pet Loss Counseling and pet-related relationship Licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC.
issues. email:
Focused Therapy: Don Zuckerman, MSW 202-
483-2660, x6 Work with an active and engaged Dan Metcalf • 240-497-2721
therapist who will help you identify and resolve Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. Specialist in
the barriers to your fulfillment in love and work. expert buyer representation. Licensed in MD and
Woodley Park, DC & Takoma Park, MD. www. DC.
Jim Mulrooney, Buyers’ Agent • 301-613-0940
REAL ESTATE Local resident with more than 22 years
experience helping buyers. Learn my background
Kay Baer • 301-445-5900 W • 301-493-4114 H or search the MLS at Re/MAX Excellence:
10230 New Hampshire Ave., SS. Certified buyer/ Patricia Vucich -301-652-0400 x4135
broker in MD/DC. Takoma Park Specialist. RE/MAX REALTY SERVICES • Associate Broker
Twenty-seven years matching sellers and buyers
Dodie Butler, Realtor • 202-409-4961 and the homes they love.
Long and Foster Real Estate • 202-895-7269
21 years in Takoma, DC.
Gail Young • 301-388-2620 / 301-622-6855
Debbie Cook • 301-587-3528 “The voice of success in Takoma & Silver Spring” by Amy Rogers Nazarov recording. “I’ve been a fan of western
Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc. Selling Silver music since I was a little girl, and I grew up
Spring & Takoma Park since 1986. The more gail.young@long&
Dede Wyland can’t walk through a hearing people who could yodel like Elton
wrinkles in the face of your realtor, the fewer
wrinkles in your real estate transaction. We know RELIGION / SPIRITUALITY grocery store or roll across a radio dial Britt,” one of the writers of “Chime Bells.”
Silver Spring/Takoma homes and neighborhoods. without cocking one ear, listening for the “When I first heard him do it, I thought, ‘I RELIGION: Christian next song to interpret. can do that, too.’”
“When you’re a singer, [finding new Backing Wyland up on the new
Carol Cutini • 301-570-5111 First Church of Christ, Scientist • Silver Spring • 301-585-3939 • 9100 Georgia Ave., SS.
material] is a full-time job,” she says. “I am recording are a number of bluegrass
Takoma Park/Silver Spring specialist All welcome. Sun service 11 AM, Wed meeting always on the lookout. Sometimes I hear luminaries who make their home in greater
Award-winning realtor since 1983 8 PM. Reading Room 8714 Georgia Ave, M-F a song I just love, for the way it is crafted, D.C.: Barrett, Dudley Connell, Rickie and
Long & Foster Real Estate • 301-588-1000 10-4, Sat 10-2. 301-589-3015 • sscsrr1@ the melody and the lyrics.” Ronnie Simpkins, and others. “I love the
Meg Finn • 301-270-6515 For her new recording Keep the Light female harmony sound, but I decided I Silver Spring Presbyterian Church On (Patuxent Music), Wyland, 59, found wanted male harmonies to complement my 301-439-4646 • Come worship in the round at what she believes to be the right mix of voice on this record,” Wyland says. “It was
Long and Foster Realtors. Celebrating 20 years our multi-racial, multi-cultural More Light Church. songs for this particular snapshot of her like being a kid in a candy shop to pick
of expert, enthusiastic service to the Takoma We welcome all to our inclusive and
Park/ Silver Spring Community. long career. From the bluegrass rave-up of among all the wonderful musicians in our
diverse worship service. Sundays 10:45.
580 University Blvd. E. Dave Alvin’s “Long White Cadillac”—a area.”
Tom Hanson, Realtor, Northgate Realty LLC song about Hank Williams—to the tender Dozens of students study voice with
Honesty Integrity Dependability RESULTS! Takoma Park Presbyterian • 301-270-5550 ballad “Devoted to You,” a little known Wyland. “It was a wonderful thing to
#1 Northgate Realty Agent 310 Tulip Ave, TP - A Church For All People
Cell 301-996-9634 • Office 301-585-3440 chestnut by husband-and-wife songwriting discover that teaching was something I
We invite you to worship and live your faith
with us. More info at team Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, best had a passion and a joy for,” she says. “I
Theresa Immordino, RPCV/Tanzania known for “Rocky Top”—Keep the Light have standard techniques I use to help my
LCSW-C • Long & Foster Realtors RELIGION: Humanistic Spirituality On is chock-full of songs that showcase students deal with their vocal challenges,
home ofc: 301-270-2150 • Wyland’s crystalline soprano to its best and as we experiment in developing
Washington Ethical Society • 202-882-6650
Historic Areas Specialist since 1989. A Humanistic Religious Community Eliciting
advantage. different areas of their voices, I learn so
Licensed in MD + DC. the best in the human spirit. All are welcome. A multiple Wammie winner who toured much, too.” As a bonus, “singing every day
Sundays at 11 am. 7750 16th St., NW. the world throughout the 70s and 80s with with my students keeps my voice toned,”
Robbi Kimball
Accredited Buyers’ Representative and bands like ‘Grass, Food and Lodging and says Wyland, who takes great pains to
Senior Housing Specialist the renowned Tony Trischka and Skyline, protect her instrument: she avoids cigarette
RELIGION: Interfaith
Realtor, Licensed in Maryland and DC Wyland has lived in Takoma Park for the smoke at all costs and runs a humidifier
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. past 19 years, teaching voice, performing round-the-clock at home.
Interfaith Minister for Life’s Rituals
8701 Georgia Avenue, Suite 100
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Weddings, baby ceremonies and more. and contributing vocals and rhythm guitar “I have a very nice sense of anticipation”
Unique or traditional ceremonies created! work to many recordings, among them in the run-up to the recording’s release,
Long & Foster Office: 301-650-4400 ext 2277 • 301-270-0514
Takoma Park Home Office: 240-487-6400 Randy Barrett’s Lights of Home (Falling Wyland says. “It’s really important for me
Email: Mountain Music.) to give something back, and my music is
Internet: RELIGION: Judaism
Your Neighbor and Your Realtor® “Dede is one of the great bluegrass what I have to share.”
Fabrangen Havurah • singers of her generation,” says Barrett, Keep the Light On will be available
Arlene Koby • 301-587-0534 Join us Saturday mornings for a spirited and president of the DC Bluegrass Union and this month at House of Musical Traditions,
Expert, attentive real estate service musical Shabbat service with a thoughtful Torah
discussion. Mix of traditional and innovative one of the guest artists on Keep the Light 7010 Westmoreland Ave.; a concert
Pace-setter for real estate marketing trends
Licensed in DC, MD, VA egalitarian worship, led by members, in a relaxed On. “Her wonderful voice, her delivery, the celebrating the release of the CD is atmosphere. Vibrant, supportive community, choice of material on this record—these are scheduled for April 13 at Saint Mark
open to Jews of all backgrounds. Free High
Holiday services for everyone since 1970. her strengths.” Presbyterian Church in Rockville through
Weichert Realtors 301-656-2500 Childcare available. Metro/bus accessible. At least one of Wyland’s signature live the Institute of Musical Traditions (www.
7750 16th St., NW, DC • 202-595-9138 tunes, “Chime Bells,” which features her Learn more about Dede
accomplished yodeling, made it onto this Wyland at

52 VOICE • April 2009

Vox Poetica • Anne Becker Hometown r e s o u r c e S
April is National Poetry Month. An Temple Shalom • 301-587-2273
opportunity to take time out of the busy The Language of Love Grubb Road at East • West Highway, SCHOOLS
activity of daily living to listen to that Chevy Chase, MD
Takoma Park Child Development Center
which is always singing beneath the skin of
How not to laugh? We work so hard at 301-270-6824 Est. 1981. Licensed. 18 months-12
our days. years. M-F, 7:00-6:00. Full/ part time. Before/
Charles Simic, Poet Laureate of the words Tifereth Israel • 202-882-1605
after school care. Summer program. NAEYC
Egalitarian. Participatory. Conservative
U.S., in an introduction to a book by the but maybe all the language that’s true 7701 16th St. (at Juniper), NW • WDC accredited.
German poet Ingeborg Bachman wrote: is in the tender smile that glides out of
“One could go so far as to claim that the me RELIGION: Mindfulness STONEMASON
sound of a living voice is all that lyric
poetry conveys . . . the world is a strange toward you and you and you – the way Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center Tillerman Gardens, LLC • 301-270-6860
place, and what is even more strange is that it widens
301 270-8353 Cultivating mindfulness and A Design & Build Company. Stonework: Patios,
compassion in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Walls, Walks, Steps, Veneer.
I should be alive in it today! No grammar
as I see our eccentricities Offering programs in Takoma Park, Silver
of that sensation is possible, as Emily Spring, and Columbia, Maryland, and Chevy
Dickinson knew. She also understood that as no more or less than that, stones Chase, D. C.
poets aim to recreate in their poems the feel TREE SERVICE
of that something which cannot be put into around which I pass with ease if I abjure RELIGION: Quaker
words.” words, phrasing, grammar, all the rules Takoma Park Friends Meeting, 301 270-4239
Adirondack Tree Experts • 301-595-2827
MD Licensed Tree Experts - Certified Arborist
And Ruth Stone, Poet Laureate of and habits of a win-stuck world; the Quaker worship in silence, 10:00 am, Sundays
Removal, Trimming, Crane, Bucket, Emergencies
Vermont, invites us to deep listening in her way a smile
at Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, 7117 Maple
Coupons at:
Ave., Old Town Takoma Park, Handicapped
poem “The Talking Fish,” “There is no accessible.
choice among the voices/Of love. Even a Branches Tree Experts • 301-589-6181
settles inside if I inhale it and let it stay; Certified Arborist: Pruning, Removals, Fertilizing,
carp sings.” RESTAURANTS
After listening to both the words and the way it deepens in pools of listening Lawn Treatments, Diagnostic Tree and Shrub
silences of Ruth Stone’s poem, Betty
Thompson of the Writing a Village into which you can pour whatever RESTAURANTS: UPHOLSTERY
workshop created her own, “The Language worries,
Furniture Works • 301-646-8200
of Love,” which both acknowledges and questions, or wonderments occur: it Mark’s Kitchen • 301-270-1884 12846 (rear) New Hampshire Ave., SS
reconciles the paradox of human speech. holds 7006 Carroll Ave. TP. Vegetarian and carnivore Recycle old furniture through reupholstery.
The perfect blessing for this month them all, this smile, this overflow
American and Asian specialities. Fresh fruit and The possibilities are endless when you are the
vegetable juices, vegan desserts, ice cream
comes from an essay by French Canadian sundaes, thick milk shakes, & gourmet snacks.
decorator. Quality fabrics. Custom cushions,
pillows, foam, etc. Sat 9-1, or by appointment.
poet-playwright-novelist Anne Hebert, “I
believe in the virtue of poetry. I believe in of a deeper wellspring; and when we RESTAURANTS: Delicatessen
the salvation of all right words lived and
expressed. I believe in solitude broken like in the powerful syntax of silence Parkway Deli & Restaurant • 301-587-1427
Moren, Inc. • 301-588-5548
8317 Grubb Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20910.
bread by poetry.” I listen with ears, eyes, skin; I listen like Dine In & Carry Out. NY Deli open 40+ yrs
8421 Georgia Ave (Georgia & Thayer)
an animal, Large Full Service Menu, Party Trays
Betty is a 5th-generation Washingtonian Your Neighborhood Watchmakers and Jewelers
Expert sales, repair and restoration since 1930.
who retired in 2005 from 34 years of public RESTAURANTS: Middle Eastern
with my whole body, using all the clues
service as a field rep, analyst, and manager WINDOW CLEANING
at HUD. After college in the Bronx and until I know really Know the scent, the Middle Eastern Cuisine • 301-270-5154
7006 Carroll Ave Takoma Park
a few years in Milwaukee, she and her moves Serving Ethnic Vegetarian & Non • Vegetarian Dr. Glass Window Washing, Residential
husband Andy came to Takoma Park in of what’s in front of me, the actual Dishes; Kebobs, Dips, Falafel and More. Catering Specialists • 301 588-0029 • Native to Takoma
Available. Open Seven Days a Week. Park. Favorite of Meg Finn. Many happy TP & SS
1974, raised their two children, and now customers/references. Same-day email estimates
play with grandchildren, enjoy learning, Other who’s as real as I; and, in the Mosaic Cafe • 240-297-9874 • 8145 Baltimore (based on your information). Wayne@DocGlass.
and stay alert for what comes next. A wide quiet Ave., #N College Park. Lebanese Cuisine & com •
range of poetry has mattered to Betty, from of listening, I am speaking Love.
Shisha. International programs, coffee house,
belly dancing, catering.
childhood rhymes to her daily reading and
writing now. Writing poetry is a form of
meditation for her, and a fine way to grow — Betty Dunnington Thompson
synapses as she learns the craft.

The next monthly Writing a Village workshop meets April 20, 7:30-9:30pm, at the
Takoma Park Community Center. Poets of all levels are welcome. Bring a poem and
ten copies to share with the group. You will be rewarded with deep listening to your
words. If you have questions or need more information call or email Sara Daines at or (301) 891-7224.

Support the local business community

Use your Hometown Resources
here and online: Got hometown spirit?
Vote for a hometown hero Enjoy a fun and heart-warming award ceremony
on April 25
see for details
April 2009 • VOICE 53
House and Senate prepare to debate driver’s license bills
byMICHAEL FROST status in the country. The final legislation is expected to be extension to May 11, 2011, according to the
Capital News Service The chambers’ differences boil down to hashed out in a conference committee in U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
one key issue: what to do with immigrants early April. Gov. Martin O’Malley has Maryland is one of only four states that
The House of Delegates and the Senate who received Maryland licenses under said he will sign either bill, although he have yet to meet the standards, along with
are headed for a showdown over how the old rules but do not meet the stricter has indicated that he favors the House Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington.
to bring Maryland driver’s licenses into requirements. version, calling it “a more practical and Currently, the Maryland Motor Vehicle
compliance with Real ID, a federal law that The House passed a bill in March reasonable solution,” said Shaun Adamec, a Administration requires that applicants
requires applicants to document their legal that would allow those drivers to renew spokesman. provide documents to prove Maryland
their licenses without the documentation. The Real ID Act was signed into law by residence and proof of identity, which can
However, these new licenses could not be then-President Bush in 2005 as part of an be done via a passport or birth certificate.
Voice Mail, continued from 5 used for federal purposes or airline travel. emergency supplemental appropriations The House passed its version of the
New applicants would have to meet the bill that funded operations in Iraq and bill in March by a 77-60 vote, approving
Speed Bump City stricter standards, for which they would Afghanistan, as well as relief for victims of amendments offered in the Judiciary

  receive a federally-approved license. the tsunami in Asia. Committee by Delegate Kathleen Dumais,
he proliferation of speed bumps The Senate, on the other hand, passed its It went into effect in May 2008, but D-Montgomery, that would “grandfather”
in Takoma Park described in the own bill on March 30 that would require states were granted extensions until in those who currently hold a license but
March issue of the Voice (Granola documented lawful presence in order to get December 31, 2009. States meeting certain do not have the documents to meet the new
Park:  “Bumpity-Bump, Bumpity-Bump!”) a license. benchmarks can apply for an additional continued on next page
is becoming quite aggravating.  They play
havoc with car suspensions and increase

auto emissions, yet now it is virtually
impossible to drive anywhere in the city

Progressively Speaking
without encountering them.  Why is this,
if experts now agree they are not the most
effective way of traffic calming?  I would
submit it is because they have become a
sub-species of the NIMBY phenomenon— by Mike Tabor And then, the NRA and Farm Bureau of us in Takoma Park/Silver Spring will
NOCOMS (“No Cars On My Street!”). got involved. Support began to wither: have an opportunity to vote in the April
 I can understand having a few smooth Ban leg traps in Maryland noticeably, Senator Rob Garagiola (D15) 12th primary. However, the outcome

20-mph speed “humps” to reduce speeding, and Senator Jennie Forehand (D17) backed will affect the entire county.
such as those along Flower Avenue off. While the final vote is not in, passage The Council is divided on most
ack in the day when I first started is now questionable. If you would like to issues. On the side thought to be
between Franklin and Piney Branch, but
farming—1972 or so—I decided support the legislation or want to know the the more progressive on most issues
the 5-mph speed “blocks” in Takoma Park,
to raise sweet corn. Somehow, outcome, contact Ellie at bantrapping@aol. – Councilfolks Marc Elrich, Duchy
such as the ones used every 20 yards on
only a few days before it was ready, com. Trachtenberg, Roger Berliner and Phil
the Maple Avenue hill, are designed not to
the raccoon community got the word Andrews usually vote together. On the
calm drivers but to deter them. 
out and I was besieged by the critters. more conservative and pro-business side,
 Takoma Park should use some of its
I asked my neighbors what to do and Anti-spying bill passes

stimulus money to remove these pests on many issues, Michael Knapp, Nancy
they suggested I use leg traps – which I Floreen, Valerie Ervin and George
and at least replace them with the 20-mph
did. After baiting and setting the traps, n a more upbeat note, both the MD Leventhal usually vote together. (To be
variety.  Otherwise it should consider
I checked the next morning and found, House and Senate have approved fair, Ervin and Leventhal are involved in
changing the city’s nickname from Azalea
sure enough, one was caught. He, or a bill to prevent state police and socially progressive legislation).
City to Speed Bump City!
she, was in the process of chewing it’s law enforcement agents from spying on The problem is, those last four
leg off – and when it saw me approach, peaceful protest groups. And both Houses councilmembers have declared
— Jeffrey S. Lubbers
put its 2 prehensile hands together and have also passed legislation to reduce their support for candidate Nancy
Takoma Park, Md.
appealed for mercy!! I tried to release it greenhouse gases. Plus, undocumented Navarro which, to me, trumps all
but it snapped at me and I had to shoot immigrants will be allowed to keep their discussion on issues. If she is elected,
it. But, I resolved not to ever grow drivers’ licenses (but not allow new the assumption is that she will align
Thank you, governor sweet corn again.

applicants). And, local disclosure and with the conservative/pro-business/
This year, a group of upcounty campaign finance legislation HB 825 socially progressive interests. And
he recent announcement by residents decided to band together to was voted through the MD House 135-0. Marc Elrich, Phil Andrews and Roger
Governor O’Malley and County get state legislation passed so that the Unless Senate President Mike Miller stops Berliner lean toward favoring Kramer
Executive Leggett that Montgomery County could ban the cruel practice. (I it, it should pass the Senate. but will not publicly endorse him.
County will be the new home of had thought the damn traps were already All of these bills were part of the Duchy Trachtenberg, and County
Maryland’s Clean Energy Center is really illegal!) In addition to animal cruelty Progressive Working Group’s (PWG) Executive Ike Leggett have announced
wonderful news for our County. Located issues, the traps also catch, maim or kill legislative agenda. The PWG is a broad their endorsement of Delegate Ben
at the Universities at Shady Grove, the pets. coalition of peace, environmental, Kramer (D19) along with Don Praisner’s
Center will soon put Montgomery on Marketing consultant and Dickerson community and gender focused groups daughter.
the global map as a leader in renewable resident Ellie Trueman, helped pull willing to work together to pass progressive The decisive vote probably comes
energy and energy efficient technologies together the TLC Initiative (Trapping legislation. from the residents of Leisure World.
and reinforce the County’s already stellar Legalizes Cruelty) and they got the Currently the money’s on Kramer to get
national reputation as a pioneer in the backing of the non-profit Countryside
“green” economy. Congratulations to the Alliance along with horse and hay Leisure World may choose that gated community’s favor. (If you’d
like a more comprehensive view of the
Executive, the County Council and the farmers in the upcounty ag reserve area. new County Councilmember

response of the 6 Democratic candidates
state legislators, and thank you Martin They got Delegate Brian Feldman, Chair and the Green Party candidate , go to
O’Malley. of Mo. Co. State delegation to introduce egarding the District 4 Council race
HB 831. And the backing of most of the for the seat vacated by the death of and reference “Audubon Hosts a Horde
— Alan S. Bowser upcounty senators and delegates. Councilperson Don Praisner. Few of Candidates” by Sharon Dooley.
Silver Spring, MD

54 VOICE • April 2009

Driver’s license bill, Voice Classifieds

standards. BABYSITTER AVAILABLE Director of Sales. 110K-215K First Year Potential. JANITORIAL SERVICES
No Travel—International Company. Call for
Dumais said the House bill consolidated
Need a babysitter this summer? Experienced interview: 1-888-454-2057. R & H Professional Cleaning & Janitorial
five separate bills and tightened their college student available for full or part-time Services. Specializing in cleaning for health and
language to directly address the Real ID babysitting. Excellent references. I can provide HOME FOR SALE safety. Quality service, free estimates, references.
statute. The amended bill clearly defines any necessary transportation! Email me at hannah. Licensed, bonded, insured. Ron Haley: 202-431- Takoma Park $640,000. UNIQUE Property: 1236.
“lawful status” and what must be used to
Great opportunity to live in 3-4 BR, 1 ½ bath
prove it, she said, while the Senate version CAREGIVER FOR ELDERLY house with huge great/living room (54’ x 20’ + MOVERS
used “lawful presence,” which is not a 16’ ceiling), stone fireplace, and rent the other 3
legally defined term. Retired nurse will care for the elderly. 4-8 apts. Or can rent all 4 units. 2 one BR, and 1 two CONTINENTAL MOVERS. Local long
hours per day. Call 301-774-4710. Excellent BR, all attached to house. Well maintained. 6805 distance. free boxes. $75.00 per hour for two
“For what it’s worth, we did a lot of references. Red Top Rd. Call Re/MAX Excellence/Kay Baer men. Licensed, bonded, insured. 202-438-1489
work,” she said. 301-445-5900. or 301-340-0602.
Judiciary Committee Chairman Joseph CLASSROOM SPACE FOR RENT
Vallario Jr., D-Prince George’s, found the HOME/APARTMENT FOR RENT
Hillandale/Silver Spring Church Classroom PAINTING
bill an appropriate compromise that would Space Available For Rent starting July 1st. 5+ Takoma Park—SFR House for Rent. 4 Bedroom,
allow those who had licenses to maintain Rooms appropriate for Small School, Summer 3 Bath, hardwood floors, fireplace, three levels M. T. Rupard Painting and Drywall. Work done
the privilege they had already acquired. Day Camp or Before/After School Childcare w/ living space; washer, dryer, refrigerator. Finished with honesty and proper ethics for 30 yrs. Exteriors
large yard, fenced playground & large parking basement—rec room, family room, storage. my specialty. 301-674-1383 or mtpropaint@live.
He cited the example of an adult who had lot. Great location on New Hampshire Ave., Detached garage, driveway, large yard. Just off com. Ask for Mike. Fully licensed, bonded and
arrived as an undocumented 2-year-old and convenient to Routes 495/95/29. Please contact Sligo Creek Parkway. Safe, quiet street; charming insured...MHIC#97309. Free estimates.
was already established in job and family, our Church Administrator at 301-434-4050 or neighborhood. $1,995/month, plus utilities. Call 310-265-1153; PARTICIPANTS SOUGHT
both of which would be severely disrupted
if he lost his driver’s license. DANCE Takoma Park Historic District. Near metro. Seeking normal-hearing individuals ages 60-75
On the House floor, several Republican 1st floor apt. in renovated Victorian house. for study at University of Maryland, College Park.
delegates voted “no” after approving the ZUMBA at RODA Movements, Takoma Park: Park setting, 5 rooms, 2 baths + kitchen, porch, American English must be your native language.
Start the week off with a Latin kick! Sweat to salsa, washer/dryer, A/C units, w/w carpeting, and two Paid $15/hour, plus travel. Call 301-405-7715.
bill in committee, including Delegate J. B. fireplaces, No pets. $1575.00 + 301-868-6236
merengue, samba, and more! Evenings, weekends,
Jennings, R-Baltimore County. Jennings and Monday Morning Express. 8:10-8:55am PIANO LESSONS
said he felt he had been misled to believe FREE to try April 6. HOUSE CLEANING
that the Motor Vehicle Administration 202-679-5149 Openings for new piano students are available
A Cleaning Service. 15 years Experience. at my Takoma Park Studio. Lessons focus on the
supported the “two-tier legislation,” when Insured & Bonded. Quality Service at a fair price.
EXERCISE DVD fundamentals of music and musicality in piano
in fact it had not taken a position on it. Satisfaction Guaranteed • 703-892-8648. playing and are tailored to your child’s particular
Sen. E. J. Pipkin, R-Caroline, voted for Enjoy this one of a kind exercise DVD designed strengths and needs. Enjoyment in playing
by a physical therapist and fitness specialist for House Cleaning. 30 years experience. Good the piano is one of the main goals! 25 years
the Senate bill, which passed 36-11. references. DC, MD, or VA. Call 301-937-1844
senior citizens and beginner exercisers. Endorsed experience. Call 301-891-3535.
“Right now, we have vanloads of by prominent area physicians. Comes with FREE or 301-928-5912.
people coming from New Jersey and other resistance band. Great for home use. Easy to VOICE & PIANO LESSONS
follow-$24.99 plus tax and s/h. www.draFitness. JK Cleaning Services. Residential and
states to come into Maryland every day.
com 301-439-3274. commercial. Excellent references. Great rates.
They go in through our MVA, they get a Voice and Piano Lessons. Creative and innovative
Weekly • Biweekly • Monthly. Daily or one
teacher is accepting a few students. Jazz, R&B,
driver’s license, and then they go back to GRASS-FED MEAT AVAILABLE time. Move-ins and move-outs. FREE Estimates.
gospel, classical & neo soul, etc. All ages and
New Jersey and swap it for a New Jersey Licensed. Service provider in DC, MD, Virginia.
levels. Specials available. Call 301-946-0877 or
All Supplies and equipment are furnished. 301-
license,” he said. Grass-fed beef, chicken, and pork. Antibiotic/ email
613-8748 (office), 301-806-4919 (cell).
hormone free! Back Creek Bend Farm in
Immigrant advocacy groups saw the Hedgesville, WV. Just 1.5 hrs. from DC. Save
Sister & Sister House Cleaning. We’ll clean STEEL BUILDINGS
competing bills in rather different terms. 5-10% on deposits by April 15th. Call or email
your house or apartment for 1 or 2 days a week.
“The House version is only barely John Gonano: or 304-
Monday thru Friday. Good references, own Steel buildings #1. Recession discounted. Some
more acceptable than the Senate’s,” said 876-8283. below cost to site, Call for availability. www.scg-
transportation. 14 years of experience. Call Aura
Arias, 301-434-3954. Cell: 240-687-0758. Email: Source #19L Phone: 301-859-4050.
Kim Propeack, director of community HANDYMAN/COMPUTER HELP
organizing and political action for CASA of
Maryland. Mr. Fixit, experienced handyman & computer/ You deserve an immaculate house. 13 years of
Propeack said at least 150,000 people electronic support. Insulate & repair doors, experience. I’ll make anything sparkle. Attention
Use your Voice
windows; install lights, fans, railings; assemble
in Maryland will lose their licenses if the furniture; customize closets; repair walls, ceilings,
to detail. Punctual. Hardworking. Also available as classifieds
handyman and for yard work. Excellent references
Senate version of the bill becomes law. faucets; paint; renovate your basement, kitchen, available. Call Chun: 301-270-4872.
Undocumented children who have yet to bath; spruce up your home for quick resale. Help
with PC, stereo, DVD, TV, or phone. 301-589- $25
reach legal driving age are “going to be 0034,
HYPNOSIS for an ad of up to 50 words
sunk under either proposal,” she said. ($1 for each additional word)
Hypnosis Silver Spring, Donald Pelles,
She said others possibly affected by HAULING & DELIVERY Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis for weight control,
the legislation include victims of natural smoking cessation, stress, phobias, pain, To take out a classified ad,
Moving/hauling & delivery. Living room, dining pre-surgery, Fibromyalgia, IBS, allergies.
catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina. room, kitchen appliances, trash. Contact Mr. Andy d o n @ h y p n o s i s s i l v e r s p r i n g . c o m , w w w. e-mail:,
Sen. Brian Frosh, D-Montgomery, Bradley 301-204-6309 for estimate. Call today!! Call for free
and chairman of the Judicial Proceedings consultation: 301 608-0992.
HELP WANTED call: 301-891-6744,
Committee, voted in favor of the Senate
version but said the future of both bills was Office assistant needed. Bi-lingual, Spanish or fill out our form at
uncertain. and English, write and speak, computer literate,
“I’m not sure what will happen, but telephone skills, light typing, light filing. Good
pay. Call 202-829-4744.
whatever happens will happen next week,”
he said. Looking for a local professional?
Delegate Henry Heller, D-Montgomery,
Try Hometown Resources on pages 44-51 and on the web 24/7.
agreed. •
“That’s going to be a hell of a
April 2009 • VOICE 55
56 TAKOMA VOICE • April 2009