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Online recruitment process

Online recruitment, involves using the Internet or online technology to attract job applicants. For
recruiters, this could be executed by using the company website, a job board or third-party job
website or a resume database search engine to administer the process. Itis a web based tool and
reduces the time and cost.
Online recruitment can offer significant cost savings for employers and reduces the time
taken to fill vacancies.(But most are worry of missing out on potential candidates by using the
internet to exclusion of all other media).Traditional recruitment advertising is therefore set to
retain an important role particularly when recruiting locally (or) for head-to-fill jobs. Many
organizations have found a considered combination of both online and traditional approaches
maximize their chances of securing the best candidate.
An online recruitment presence shows organizations to be forward thinking and therefore
more attractive to potential employees for candidates, online recruitment offers great flexibility
and ease of access to job searches. It provide recruitment services through internet for graduates.
When graduates register this website they have to give their complete personal details and
skills they possess. Thus a resume is generated by this details that is seen by company. In the
same way the companies have to give complete details of jobs they are providing. By this the
employee and job seeker can communicate with each other.

Method of online recruitment in bank:

While we haven't attained the "paperless" office, employers continue to recruit top-notch talent
online, straight from their computers. According to Monster's May 2010 Employment Index, the
growth rate in online job demand increased to 14 percent in May, up from 11 percent in April, the
highest year-over-year growth rate since 2007. Online recruiting can reach a global audience,
screen applicant resumes and drive increased traffic to your company website even when you're
not recruiting. job boards and a rsum/curriculum vitae (CV) database is important. Job boards
allow member companies to post job vacancies. Alternatively, candidates can upload a rsum to
be included in searches by member companies. Fees are charged for job postings and access to
search resumes. Websites capture candidate details and then pool them in client accessed
candidate management interfaces (also online). Key players in this sector provide e-recruitment
software and services to organizations of all sizes and within numerous industry sectors, who
want to e-enable entirely or partly their recruitment process in order to improve business
The online software provided by those who specialize in online recruitment helps
organizations attract, test, recruit, employ and retain quality staff with a minimal amount of
administration. Online recruitment websites can be very helpful to find candidates that are very
actively looking for work and post their resumes online.

The stages in recruitment include sourcing candidates by advertising or other methods,

screening potential candidates using tests and/or interviews, selecting candidates based on the
results of the tests and/or interviews, and on-boarding to ensure the candidate is able to fulfill
their new role effectively

Advertise on Banking own Website

Post job vacancies and the process for an applicant to email (or snail mail) a resume and
cover letter on your company's website. Or, for a more in-depth electronic platform, ask a
webmaster to build a dedicated section of your website to provide details of the vacancies
advertised, including qualifications, salaries and benefits; the application process; and
form fields for a prospect to use to submit a resume and cover letter through your site.
Advertising jobs and accepting resumes on your company's website adds functionality,
enables search engines to index the position announcements and advertises your business
to a global audience, says the Job Shout website.

Advertise on Job Sites

When companies advertise their jobs online, they have a better chance of tapping into a
larger pool of candidates. Online recruiters can successfully locate skilled candidates
through job advertising and company marketing. By using these online portals to find
suitable job candidates, companies can also tap into the international market, thereby
refreshing the stale market with new skills and talent. With a wider reach for skilled
candidates, regardless of their location, recruiters will better locate the most suitable
employees for their companies.

Common advertising website in Bangladesh

Advantages to a commercial job board include being able to filter resumes for the most qualified
applicants and advertise to specific locales or industries. Prices vary depending on specific
services. For best results in finding qualified employees, use both a commercial job board and
own website, and actively search the commercial site for prospects who may have posted
resumes but who may not have seen your advertisement.
1. Bd jobs
It is the first and leading career management site in Bangladesh. The vision of the company is to
try bringing Internet technology in the mainstream business and economic life of the society.
The most dynamic jobsite in Bangladesh. Employer Can Send Message & Instructions Directly .
Jobsbd is a unique job oriented web site and the first professional online job machine
Prothom alo jobs has the mission to connect the job seekers directly with employers by
shortening the job seekers employment search and lowering the employers cost per hire.

Submit Press Releases

Sites like PR Web give you the opportunity to write your own press release and submit it
online to news sources to get the word out that you're hiring. Prices for such a service
vary, depending on the scope of your distribution. Such resources are particularly useful
if you're adding new departments or divisions and you want to hire multiple staff. Web
visitors will continue to see your announcement even after you've filled your vacancies,
which further advertise your business and sends more traffic to your company site.

Let's face it; even in the digital age, prospects still read their local want ads when looking
for work, write a classified ad and submit it to newspapers and magazines. You choose
specific newspapers in specific states and provinces to publish your ad, and see the
circulation of each printed medium and the price per advertise.. Cost per ad campaigns
vary depending on the length of the advertisement, the number of newspapers and
magazines you publish in and the price each classified source charges to run your

Submit Classifieds Online

Activates of human resources department and IT department of bank:

Online recruitment process is combination of HR and IT department. When recruiters use the
many technological tools available, the entire recruitment process is simplified. Online
recruitment can quickly cover the pre-screening questions in job posts by requesting candidates
fill out applications or answer questions online. This hastens the hiring process. The manual
process of filing application forms and other documents has been replaced by a method. After
initial scheming, interview will conduct with representative from organization that use online
recruitment method. Then the primary selection occurs.

Activities of Candidates who are interest in online recruiting in banking sector:

From candidates' perspective, online recruitment allows them to fill out applications, post
resumes, and take qualifying tests from the comfort of home. They can enact job searches any
time of day or night, not just during business hours. Additionally they can go back to review the
status of an application on many job recruitment sites.
However, some job seekers find the Internet job search too impersonal. They prefer to go to a
potential place of employment and meet one-on-one so there's a face to put with a name. If the
online recruiting software takes a long time to fill out, or if it's not user-friendly, that will also

deter some job seekers. As a general rule, the e-community wants speed and ease, not an hour of
grueling steps for an interview that may never come.
For the job seeker, an effective online recruiter will want to see resume and may even have a
special resume tool to make paperwork look better for possible employers. Depending on the
position for which applying, there may be tests to prove your proficiencies. Youll also likely be
asked to provide personal and professional references. However, you should not pay anything to
apply for a job. Companies that require upfront money from job seekers are often scams. Also be
cautious of blind recruitment ads. These can be placed by bots that are simply collecting personal
information that's used for spam. Finally, realize that the online service can only do so much for
you. Keep pounding the pavement, networking and reading ads.

Result or response to online recruiting:

Online recruitment is growing in popularity among job seekers and employers alike. In the face
of an employer's market employment wise, as of 2010, both employers and job seekers have
begun to use online recruitment far more than in previous years and the popularity are
continuously increasing. The whole concept behind Internet recruitment is finding the right
people for the right jobs by using a variety of online tools. Generally online recruiting produces
far more applications than other forms of advertising. That response, however, doesn't mean the
effort was successful or without any inherent problems. When you have a good online recruiting
system it includes enough technology to both attract candidates and then interact with them
through the entire placement process. Many of the best systems use screening and tests with
specific questions that help categorize and qualify the candidates, followed by ranking.
The possibility of filling a job opening in as little as a few hours. The financial benefits
extend beyond the speed of online recruiting to the pre-selection element that gives human
resource departments a huge advantage over companies using more conventional methods. If a
company chooses, pre-selection may be custom-automated to narrow the field of candidates for
interviews. By having this type of system in place, you handle each candidate exactly the same
way. Consistency counts. Once finished, the data from that process becomes a ready, searchable
database that you can keep for several months (most companies maintain it for six months as
they would any application). When you're working with an Internet recruiter, keep your resume
or curriculum vita up-to-date. Also keep the recruitment company apprised of jobs that you
personally apply for outside its service. This way your material won't be presented twice to the
same potential employer (this can cause a conflict and leave you out of the running
altogether).The recruiting response of PUBALI BANK LIMITED are given in 2 years. It started
its online recruiting in 2009.After that they give huge response. The statistics are:
So the popularity are increasing day by day.

Approximately 20,000
Approximately 55,000

Headhunter really a media of time consuming.

A "headhunter" is an industry term for a third-party recruiter who seeks out candidates often
when normal recruitment efforts have failed. Headhunters are generally considered more
aggressive than in-house recruiters or may have pre-existing industry experience and contacts.
They may use advanced sales techniques such as initially posing as clients to gather employee
contacts as well as visiting candidate offices. They may also purchase expensive lists of names
and job titles but more often will generate their own lists. They may arrange a meeting or a
formal interview between their client and the candidate and will usually prepare the candidate for
the interview, help negotiate the salary and conduct closure to the search. They are frequently
members in good standing of industry trade groups and associations. Headhunters will often
attend trade shows and other meetings nationally or even internationally that may be attended by
potential candidates and hiring managers.

An example of online recruitment in bank :

To better understand the recruiting process here is the example of advertisement and recruitment
form: Prime Bank Limited Jobs: Management Trainee (Audit).This post was published 1 year 13
days ago which may make its actuality or expire date not be valid anymore. This site is not
responsible for any misunderstanding.
Prime Bank Limited, a leading private commercial bank, has been consistently supporting the
economic activities of the country with a proven track record since its inception in 1995. As a
fully automated commercial bank, Prime Bank covers all the areas of Corporate/Commercial,
Islamic, Retail/Personal and SME banking business. The bank has also expanded its business
across the border and has been awarded Best Bank Award from ICAB and SAFA Award in
recognition of its diversified services, management skills, corporate social responsibility and
Prime Bank Limited is looking for young, energetic and talented professionals to pin our
winning team.
Management Trainee Audit and Inspection
Conducting regular, periodical risk based audit in order to Cardinally assess the level of risk
exposure of individual and group of customers; branches/SME branches of the Bank Also to
undertake special audit and inspection on specific issues of banking operations at branches, SME
branches and Divisions of the Head Office of the Bank and reporting thereof.
MBA with four years BBA/M.Com Accounting/CA part -11 CA CC from any recognized local
and international university with all first division/class or CGPA of 3.50 and above on a scale of

4.00 & CGPA 3.75 and above on a scale of 5.00 in any public examinations.
The candidates must have `Marketing Research course included in major courses.
Dedicated, flexible, organized, stress-resistant, self starter and enthusiastic team-player
Attractive salary package and excellent learning environment await the potential candidates

Online recruitment form for candidate giving in different bank for online
Apply Online
Personal Information
First Name

Last Name

Date Of Birth

Marital Status

Career Objective

: (Must

Area of Specialization

Type of position you seeking:


Contact Info






Address *

Phone Number *

E-mail Address

Educational Information (Ordered by most recent)

1. Educational Institution


2. Educational Institution


Achievements (if any)

3. Educational Institution



Achievements (if any)

Working Experience(s)




Date of Joining

Date of Release

(2) Previous Employer



Date of Joining

Date of Release

Other Information

Other Activities



Passport (optional)

Issue Date

Are you willing to relocate?





Here is the overall process of online recruitment in banking sector.